From Overwhelmed to In Control in Just 6 Weeks

Agent Systems 101

Hi Realtor friends! Are you burned out and wondering what to do to get your time back? Or maybe you are brand new and can’t imagine being so busy you don’t get a day off?

Either way: systems are the answer! Systems will build your confidence if you are new and systems will get your time back if you are buried under work!

The journey through Agent Systems 101 is the A to Z on exactly how I run my business instead of letting it run me. Come join me and take control of your biz now!

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Most Realtors feel a strong desire to figure out the secret to consistency without working 24/7. Systems are the key to feeling confident and ready for your next buyer or seller.

Having set systems in place will not only save time, but also produce repeatable client experiences that lead to repeat and referral business!

Learn how to save time and produce repeatable results

Ready to see big changes in your biz?

How to ask the right questions in your buyer intake process, how to set solid buyer rules and how to prepare a killer buyer presentation for your first meeting. 

How to get from the first call to listing appointment in under 30 minutes and how to show up with confidence and win more listings.

Here's What You'll Learn

Buyer Systems

Seller Systems

Included in the Agent Systems 101 course you will find all of the workflows and checklists ready to use in a Trello template. Grab the free version of Trello and jump right in to tracking your prospects, clients and transaction management in one easy to use place!

Trello For Realtors

Bonus feature

How to set realistic goals, track business for repeat results and transform your mindset for sustained success and happiness!

Business Tracking, Goal Setting and Mindset


“I seriously just have to tell you how happy I am with this systems course!!! Your style of systems is the absolute perfect middle ground between tech and paper. I am such a visual person and with everything being so techy these days it feels so good to have permission to have a few things on paper still, but yet the tools to also stay digitally organized! Every new agent needs this kind of support!!!!! Love love love and will be spreading the word to all my agent friends!
P.S. I’ve been in the business about as long as you have and this is still JAM packed with so much value!”

— emily l.

Jam packed with so much value!

Over the course of my 15 year real estate career I have developed a system for just about everything and the truth is I DON'T work 24/7 or feel like I need a whole team just to make it through the day. My love for learning has made a natural transition into teaching and watching my students get results is THE best feeling!

I am a wife, mom to 2 school aged kids, full time Realtor, book shelf styler, podcaster and educator. I love a good sweet tea and a well-made mojito and can't get enough of warm chocolate chip cookies! I can't wait to get to know you and see you transform your business and your life!

I've been exactly where you are!

and guess what...

Changing the way Realtors view their lives and business is my passion.

Answer new buyer and seller calls confidently and know exactly what to ask to guarantee success.

How does this sound?

Have a system that gets you out the door to a new buyer or seller consult in under 30 minutes.



Let's talk results:

Have a set business plan with legit numbers, a budget, data informed goals and a clear vision.


The confidence to show up for your clients in a way that they know you are a professional with great value.


Enjoy days off, business hours, boundaries and a life you envisioned the first time you heard someone say Realtors have flexible schedules. 


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"There is a lot of “noise” out there and it’s hard to know what’s worth the money and what isn’t. As a new agent I’ve been distracted by a lot of coaches and other products and such.

For me, Agent Systems, Hustle Humbly podcast and the templates works and is all I need (with my classes offered at my association and NAR).

I ordered the templates before Agent Systems 101 and just reading the templates gave me a better understanding of the process"


Has learned a ton


"Thank you so much for this! This has been tremendously helpful in getting me started as a newer agent!

A seasoned agent met me for coffee before I got my license, and she recommended your podcast. So far, I have listened to every episode up to Episode 64, and am still going, and I have learned SO MUCH.

To have all your years of expertise wrapped up into neat little email templates, is seriously worth every penny! My career is just starting to ramp up, and I thank you for sharing all your wisdom and advice!!! I appreciate you both SO much!!!"


started off on the right foot


I absolutely loved this course. If you are looking to streamline your business and take your communication and organization to the next level I would highly recommend it. The resources that you receive and the ideas to make your business more professional are a game changer!!!


Changed the game


As a brand new agent, Katy's willingness to share her knowledge and years of work she put into creating business systems that not only help you be a better agent, but be more available to live life, I highly recommend this course! It will change your business!

Yes, It Really Works

Katy has a way of simplifying buyer/seller systems to assist you with automating your business so you will have more time doing what you love! She gave me a good base to keep me organized and not guessing what the next step should be. Loved working with her!



How long do I have to complete the class?

Good news! The course is "go at your own pace" with lifetime access. I will be live for the first six weeks in the Facebook group with replays available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new or still working to get my license. Should I wait to take Agent Systems 101?

This course is perfect for beginners! You will be able to set up systems from the get go and really cut out a lot of trial and error in the beginning of your career. However, if you are still studying for the licensing exam, you may want to wait until the next offering of Agent Systems 101. The course is available multiple times per year and we certainly don’t want to steal your focus away from passing your licensing exam.

I have purchased other online courses that did not actually provide resources. What does this course include? 

You will get my entire buyer folder with docs and canva links to personalize to you and create your folder. You also get the docs and canva links for my seller folder(which is what I use for my listing presentation). You will learn the "from first call to listing appointment in under 30 minutes" system, as well as what is in my listing binder I leave in listings.

You will receive all workflows and checklists from contract to close on buyers and sellers. You get the spreadsheet template to do a business plan, business budget, etc. On top of that you will receive my Trello templates that will have all workflows & checklists ready to go!

Why don’t you release the whole course at the same time?

Due to the volume of information, breaking it up by topics over 5 modules allows enough time to actually complete homework and start implementing each system as we go. 

What is the hourly time commitment?

Each week I post the timeblock depending on the lessons and homework for the week. On average you can complete all the lessons and live Q&A in about an hour and a half. Homework each week ranges an additional 1-2 hours.

I already have templates and checklists. What is covered in Agent Systems 101?

Agent Systems 101 is an open and shut on my business. We go through my buyer process including the intake call, buyer folder, and contract to close workflow. We do the same thing for my seller systems including my "from first call to listing appointment in 30 minutes or less" system. We cover the seller intake call, seller folder, and the contract to close workflow.

We even cover my tips for completing a CMA. In the business modules we go over goal setting, business plans, business budget and how to track your business. I provide docs, templates, and ready to use spreadsheets for all of the systems covered. We cover A LOT of ground and that is why it takes 6 weeks. If you feel you have your biz under control and all of your systems already in place, then Agent Systems probably isn’t for you.

Do I need any additional software to use the systems taught?

Are the systems you teach all prior to agreement of sale (buyer intake, drips. etc) or do you have them that take you through the whole shabang?

Can my assistant take the course with me? What about my team?

The course is "go at your own pace" with lifetime access. There are two lessons per module released every Sunday and each lesson is 20 minutes or less. Homework is assigned with each module, but there is no deadline to complete it. I will be live in the Facebook group on Wednesdays at 1pm CST for Q&A with additional visual aids for that week's lessons. Those will be recorded and you can certainly watch the replay anytime.

Are there specific class times? Do I need to block off a certain time on my schedule?

When we think of systems we often think of the vehicle that is doing a job or the tech that does the function for you. IE: A CRM is the system that can be used to keep in touch with your database and typically it costs you money to obtain/keep.

Agent Systems does not require you to purchase or pay for any technology. We do use canva and trello in the course, but the free versions of both of those will work for what we do. If you aren’t techy my systems can all be used from good ole printed up paper. 

It’s the whole shabang! Agent Systems 101 is the open and shut process on my business. We go from the first phone call/client intake for buyers and sellers all the way through the closing and beyond. 

There is not a group version of the course at this time. If additional agents on your team wish to participate in all of the lessons and Facebook group they will need to purchase the course. Unlicensed assistants are welcome to participate in the course with the purchasing agent.

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Have questions that didn't get answered here?

Still on the fence?