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Realtor friends! Do you answer the same client questions over and over again? What about writing the same email or text for the millionth time this year?

Maybe you find yourself forgetting to tell your clients vital information or wishing there was an easier way to get them to do what you need them to do.

Email templates are the answer to saving your time and your sanity! 


We start with a quick explanation of what email templates can do for your biz. We also share how to store the templates and use them quickly and easily.

12 Templates Included:
  • Buyer Pre-approval Needed
  • Buyer Rules/Congrats on Being Pre-approved
  • Explaining Offer Terms to Buyer Before Signing
  • Buyer Offer Delivery to Listing Agent
  • Buyer Under Contract
  • Buyer Under Contract Intro to Co-op Listing Agent/Lender/Title
  • Buyer Repair Request Draft
  • For Co-op Listing Agent: Utilities Transfer and Receipt Request
  • Buyer Approaching Closing
  • Buyer After Closing

What Will You Learn?

How & Why to Use Email Templates

Buyer Templates

19 Templates Included:
  • Pre-list Appointment Set
  • Pre-list If Interviewing with Other Agents
  • Scheduling Photo Appointment/Photo Prep
          - Listing Docs
          - Just Listed
          - Open House 
          - Agent Invite to Open House 
  • Updated Market Analysis
  • Seller Active Listing Check-In
  • Lender Letter(Offer received)
  • Seller Offer Received 
  • Seller Under Contract
  • Under Contract to Co-op Buyer’s Agent/Lender/Title
  • Seller Inspection Scheduled
  • Delivery of Repair Request to Seller
  • Info for Appraiser
  • Seller Approaching Closing
  • Seller Post Closing
  • Buyer & Selling at the Same Time

Seller Templates



These email templates will most definitely organize your business and keep everything running smoothly. You can use them as is or edit slightly for your voice and market. 

“I just told my husband that these templates were far and away the BEST investment I've made in my business. I feel like I sent similar emails throughout my transactions but I literally wrote almost every one from scratch, lol. I only had my under contract templates saved.”

“If anyone hasn't done the Hustle Humbly templates they are so worth it. I just sent the buy/sell letter out twice today. There is so much valuable info in this package I can't keep up with it all. I have NO DOUBT I am implementing them all and shame on me for not having done this sooner...Just sayin....worth deal will recoup your cost with the referrals you will get off of being this professional.”

— emily l.

— Jennifer r.

Jam packed with so much value!

Alissa & Katy, two top producing Realtors, have sold over 1000 homes combined in their 11 and 17 years in the business. They have developed best practices over the years to keep their businesses running smoothly while not taking over their lives. 

When we aren't loving on our database or being client employed we are spending time with our families. We have learned systems, processes and efficiency lead to a more balanced and well rounded life and are passionate about sharing that with our Realtor community.  

We know what it's like to keep a transaction moving!

and guess what...

Respond to new leads with confidence and a clear set of next steps.

How does this sound?

Make sure your buyers and sellers are never left wondering what they should be doing.



Let's talk results:

Answer your clients questions before they even have them.


Keep yourself from receiving the dreaded texts and calls asking "how did it go?".


Have a clear checklist to make sure you have completed all necessary communication for buyers and sellers.



"There is a lot of “noise” out there and it’s hard to know what’s worth the money and what isn’t. As a new agent I’ve been distracted by a lot of coaches and other products and such.

For me, Agent Systems, Hustle Humbly podcast and the templates works and is all I need (with my classes offered at my association and NAR).

I ordered the templates before Agent Systems 101 and just reading the templates gave me a better understanding of the process"




"Thank you so much for this! This has been tremendously helpful in getting me started as a newer agent!

A seasoned agent met me for coffee before I got my license, and she recommended your podcast. So far, I have listened to every episode up to Episode 64, and am still going, and I have learned SO MUCH.

To have all your years of expertise wrapped up into neat little email templates, is seriously worth every penny! My career is just starting to ramp up, and I thank you for sharing all your wisdom and advice!!! I appreciate you both SO much!!!"




"So I purchased the templates a couple months ago, and spent a good amount of time updating them so they fit my market and sounded more like me. I work with a ton of buyers and have been using those for a while now.

I just had a seller referral call yesterday who I had been waiting to hear from for a couple of weeks. We spoke for about 20 minutes, and by the time we hung up I realized I had to be on the road in 10 minutes or be late for my all-afternoon showings.

I copied the pre-list email, changed the name, attached the docs, and sent it in about 30 seconds. Was on the road right after that and went back to listen to a couple of your listing episodes. Y’all are the freaking best! I feel like I need to send y’all a bottle of wine or something when I close this one out lol! "




"LOVE these templates! I've been an agent for a little over a year and have done quite a bit of business but this was my first time using the email templates from start to finish through a listing transaction. It made it SO much easier and I feel so much more organized with these systems in place.Thank you!"

“I feel like I’ve written these myself over and over , and always from scratch 🤣. How time consuming!!! I am obsessed with these templates! Slightly mad at myself for taking this long to streamline stuff.”

Just wanted to say I’m working a deal with my broker, so he’s copied on all my emails I’m sending (which are all from the template course) and he has been BLOWN AWAY. The feedback he’s giving has been amazing. He said he’s never seen or done anything so professional and thorough. I did tell him, I couldn’t take all the credit because of the template class. Thank you so much for sharing this! As a new agent, it has really helped me start my business off right!!! Love y’all & your show. I wish it was a mandatory class 😂 so many realtors need to know the things you teach!

Niki R.

Kayla A.

Robin G. really works.

"I have been wanting to put something like this together for so long and never can seem to find the time or be organized enough to get it all together! Thank you for offering this! I already feel more organized & know I am going to save tons of time! You girls are THE best!"

Shannon G.

All of this for just $297!!!

3 modules with video

12 buyer templates

17 seller templates

6 attachment docs

2 when to send checklists

1 payment of $297

Build Your Own Business 101
 & Email Templates 101

All the Email templates 101 goods

5 modules of database info

prospecting template pack

1 payment of $544

bundling both
(Regular price $644)

save $100

***If you are looking to use this course/product with your team or office. contact to set up a multi use discount.***

Can I download all of the templates right away?

Yep! You will have access to all buyer & seller templates as well as the attachments right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new or still working to get my license. Should I wait to purchase Email Templates 101?

The templates are perfect for beginners! You will be able to set up this system from the get go and really cut out a lot of trial and error in the beginning of your career. However, if you are still studying for the licensing exam, you may want to wait to purchase Email Templates 101. The course is available to purchase anytime and we certainly don’t want to steal your focus away from passing your licensing exam.

I am on a team, can I share the templates with all team members? 

Currently there is not a multi person license for the templates. Each agent on the team will need to purchase the templates separately. Unlicensed assistants are welcome to use the templates on your behalf.

Will I need to do a lot of editing to the templates? 

No. You can use much of the wording in the templates exactly as written. You will need to make edits for your market and documents, however we have highlighted those passages so they are easy to find and change. 

Will the templates be useful to me in Canada or are they US specific?

If you enjoy the podcast and find it translates to your market then we think the templates will work too. We have had agents in Canada purchase the templates and utilize them successfully. We highlight the sections of the emails that need to be edited for your specific market, so they are pretty easy to adjust. You should only need to edit the templates once to change any terminology or process differences and you'll be good to go!

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