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As we welcome in a new year, it felt like the perfect time to take a deep breath and remember you can be successful in this business while keeping it simple. Streamlining systems and processes will help you reap the rewards in your business and life year round. We talk about how to create a new habit and make it stick as well as some practical advice on how to keep things simple in your real estate life. We also have some real talk around our words of the year and why we choose what we did for 2022. Can’t wait to start this year off right with all of you! Don’t forget the doors to Agent Systems 101 are open NOW! Jump in at agentsystems101.com. Looking for Email Templates 101? They are always available at emailtemplates101.com.

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bachelor Yeah, bachelorette we’re just support the housing market. Yeah, I don’t do well change. Oh sweet. That’s good to me it’s okay if you only have a five week plan.

Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alisa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market. We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa, Katie. It’s episode 126. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. 2022 is here. 2022. This is wild. I think it feels wild. I just remember being a kid. And like 2020 whatever would be like, cars are flying. Right, right. And then you have to stop and really think about technology. I mean, cars can drive themselves. I mean, you have an entire computer in the palm of your hand all the time, all the time. I mean, even when I was a kid, there was no not even like a cell phone at first. Yeah, like, I’m older than you. But still. I mean, so it is pretty futuristic out. There it is. We’re just used to it. Right? Because it comes in small pieces. Right now. That has nothing to do with anything but it is 2022 Welcome everyone to 2022 Right. It is the first hustle humbly of the new year.

We made it we made it. I don’t I’m good. Sorry. Are you gonna sneeze I was waiting. On thought I had to but it didn’t come up.

Do you wish that we wore headphones? Like you were on a radio show like Big Joe Rogan does? Right? I don’t understand the logistics. I don’t either. We don’t need that. So either our producer is really good or really bad. Right? I think he’s really good. It sounds fine. I like how it sounds. I think it sounds fine. And I also like being unencumbered. But there are a lot of podcast shows that were headphones as they were on the radio, you know, like I was picture like Kidd Kraddick like they’re all in the room and everyone’s wearing these big huge headphones. Yeah, for the record. If you’ve not watched us on YouTube, go check it out. No headphones, no headphones here. No headphones here. Alright, today we’re going to talk about keeping it simple. Which is really the theme of the whole show when you think about it. But before we do that, should we do doo doo doo doo doo doo doo the flip report the flip report. It should be finishing up. At the point we kind of took a little break over Christmas. Okay, I’m just not Well, we were waiting on things. We were waiting on things were coming bands and doorknobs. Yeah, we were just kind of in a holding stage. And it was Christmas. So I was just everybody just about shipping everything. You’re just in line with everybody else. Right. Okay. And it doesn’t matter if it’s beginning or end of January do Are you starting to look at the market in that area and pricing I’ve been I think I’m gonna be able to really push this price the things that are selling Yeah, I’m like, but but how ugly. And mine is not ugly. Like, like, based on what I’m saying. I should be like 400,000. I mean, like, have you ever wanted to just be like crazy and just like, like, really shoot, like, aim for the fences? Kind of then why not? Yeah, if it wasn’t a two bedroom, I will be really, really confident about going up as high as like 330 to 345 the two is what’s scaring you? Mm hmm. Okay. So but there have been some some most of the two bedroom homes out there are in that area are 1400 square feet. 1200 square feet, mine is over 2000 square feet. So based on price per square foot, I could be mid threes like 350 all day long do it. I don’t think the price point with two bedrooms though is so different. So I’m thinking 315 Whitney’s like 325 all day long. Then do then then split the difference into 350. That’s not the difference. That’s just the that’s swing for the fences. She’s saying I think I feel like free 25 would be swing it like I don’t know who would pay that much for a two bedroom. But it’s but the numbers were other I know. I know. Somebody’s scared. Don’t be scared. Well, a lot of people are like she’s crazy. And so cares. I mean, honestly, who cares? What is the absolute worst case scenario? You change the price, reduce the price, you keep it as a rental like I mean, what’s the worst there’s another bad that could happen which is why I bought bought it because there was basically no risk involved because so just worked out waiting for the events, right? Or you do the 325 and see if there’s a bidding war, I get where the two bedrooms are problem. I feel like you’re going to have to post that in the local Facebook group to be like, Hey, y’all, if you have a client that’s restricting by bedroom number, this is a 1000 square foot house, but it’s only two bedrooms. Great sunroom if you’re not really needing a true record bedroom. Here it is. Yep. I think that would make a difference. It would I think, Okay, anything else going on that we need to know about? I really liked the front door. Original. It’s kind of mid century modern metal door. It has these metal grates and plastic in the window holes. Okay, so we’re taking those out and replacing them with glass, sanding and refinishing it find a way to see it. It’s really a great style. We thought we could just leave it would uh huh. But when we sanded it, it’s it’s like a weird type of wood. Oh, it’s not sustainable. No, no. So we’re gonna have to paint it. But I think it’s okay. We’re gonna go with like a white. Yeah. But we’re also going to have the wood columns. So those will be wood. Yeah. And this week, the brick patio. Front Porch, right front porch, because right now it’s that old. brown brick. It looks like broken mosaic. Together. Yeah. So that’s coming up and we’re doing a brick. So that’s the front porch is something I kind of added. Oh, the numbers were just looking really good. And I felt like and you hadn’t dove into your 10%? No. So it was in the budget to kind of spruce up the front porch. So new columns. New light fixture, refinishing the front door and a brick front porch. Beautiful. Yeah, I can’t wait to see it.

You don’t want to be more frisky with your front door color. Well, the house is Navy. I know. But Navy is a neutral. I don’t know what would you paint it? Yellow. You would do paint? No, no. I wouldn’t say no. Pink all day or even turquoise? No. I would paint. Orange. See Orange, orange and blue. Bright orange. The right orange could work the right I think yellows wrong. Orange would be cool. Can’t do red. Maybe a cool green though. Like a cool green. Yeah, I’m gonna paint it white though. I know. Like you have a moment you’re like, Yeah, let’s if I don’t like it all. That’s just based on that one. Yeah. But the door is so lovely. That’s fine. Okay, anything else? That’s good for now. D to D to D. Do do you flip record? I’m gonna miss the flip report. For the record. I know. I was really hoping to buy another house behind it. I know. I don’t know that. It’s gonna work out though. So we’ll have to just see, well, you know, these things happen. Okay, so today we’re doing keep it simple. What’s it kiss keep it simple, stupid. And we’re gonna cover a few things. One, everyone, you know goes though, gung ho, right. It’s the new year, new year, I’m gonna add all these things. I’m gonna do all the thing do everything this year model hearing this year is my year. I’m gonna work out every day, every day. And I’m gonna do this and that and this and that. And oh, you’re burnt out before. It’s January 5. That’s right. And we’re on the third. So. And here’s the funny thing. It’s still a holiday to me until my kids are back in school. So I’m like, as of this airing, I’m probably still in holiday mode. Like they’re not they’re not gone to school. No, we’re still eating the leftover candies and cookies and all the things. But everyone is going to buckle down here in shortly weary and like, start getting it together. So I looked up, I found actually a life hack article about how to make a habit. Okay? Because I mean, we’re all going to make an attempt at it. So what what helps us get there? Don’t you kind of feel like this year is really important to when making your schedule, because the last two years with COVID We’ve just been really eliminating a lot. And now that it’s time, it’s, you really need to be evaluating what you want to add back. Yeah, you don’t want to just overload your schedule. Yes. I just, I want to say to the parents, especially, who have school aged children, and then just kind of get sucked in from one thing to the next or multiple, you know, you’re constantly being bombarded with what’s your child like to join this club or this group or this sport? And then they start to overlap or this instrument or this dance like what hobby hobbies, hobbies, hobbies. My kids play outside. Yeah, like I’m not even worrying after school. Yeah, I play out with the neighbors. They each get to have one thing at a time, right if they so choose. I mean, Ainsley is not currently in something but Jack likes to do basketball. That season is only what three months at max right. You know, do I feel like I need to push them harder to do more? Nope, I sure don’t. That’s great. Like, because also I don’t want to put that’s pushing myself to do things Maybe that I don’t necessarily want to do. So point being we’re under schedulers. That’s great. We keep it simple in the scheduling department, which is a great model to have for your business as well. Yeah, I would think so. Yeah. Don’t don’t overcommit do just do not over commit. I thought one of the tips in this article was hilarious because it gave you 18 tips for how to make a habit, I’m not gonna read all of it. Okay. Number one, there was commit to 30 days, and one of the other ones was run it as an experiment. So let’s say you want to implement an office day, okay, which you and I both agree, is not negotiable. But let’s just say you’ve never done it, and you’re gonna give it a go. Do it for 30 days, schedule it. The other thing was, make sure that you, you do it like the same every time. So every Tuesday, schedule it in your phone calendar, it’s every Tuesday, and commit to it for 30 days. And when they say treat it like an experiment, they mean at the end of 30 days, decide, is this something that you liked, don’t judge it as you’re doing it. Right? I was gonna say, the 30 days, try doing it

don’t yet don’t judge it as you go, don’t go into with a negative attitude. Just say, You know what, I would like to try x, right? Whatever it is, working out office day, I’d say your big day or like whatever it is, give it a try for 30 days, set it up, and then look back at it and say, Okay, did that work for me? Then you can try a different thing, or you can keep it there. But one of the other tips was start simple. And then it said, don’t get over motivated. Oh, had never heard that word. But Me neither. Don’t get over motivated and take on too much. And I thought the I have that problem sometimes over motivated. Like there’s no middle ground. Right? Right. Like fully, like, motivated or over motivated. So if you like start to pile on, like, I’m feeling so good. Today, it’s the beginning of the year. I’m gonna do a and b and c and d and e and yay. And then all of a sudden, you’re like, I can’t I’m a failure. I never do what I say I’m gonna do. Yeah, that’s over motivated. And I thought, what term what a greater I feel that motivation is very based on feelings how you’re feeling in that moment? Yes. It changes. It fluctuates. Yeah, you feel like you can do it all one minute. And then after one bad night’s sleep, you’re exhausted and can’t do anything. Right. So just setting something that’s attainable. Yeah. and enjoyable. Well, right. And I also one of the other tips, do it for yourself. Don’t worry about what you should air quotes y’all have as a habit, just because everyone else said this is the year they’re going to run a marathon. And they’re going to eat, you know, no carbs and whatever other you know, I’m going to drink five gallons of water a day, whatever silly things someone else is doing. I’m not saying those things are silly. But you understand I’m saying Yeah. Don’t think about what you should have. Maybe all you want to do is not watch three hours of TV at night. Maybe you want to watch two and read a book, right? Maybe you want a baby step like what you’re just because someone everyone else seems to be doing these things. Not everyone, you know, all the people are about to join the gym, right? Yes, I buy their peloton, yep, or do the things and then they’re going to get 30 days into it. The people who go to the gym all year long. At the beginning of the year, I’m feeling that way already. We have to log our classes like you have to sign up for the class. And they’re like, Okay, regulars. Don’t, don’t forget, like so you need to schedule like two weeks in advance. If you want in your classes, they’ll come take they’re like, Don’t worry, by February, it’ll fizzle down. But you need to get in for January, right? Because we don’t want to lose you. Yes, out of annoyance, right? Crazy. So it’s so funny. But do it for yourself. Why are you even making the habit? Why are you making the change? What’s the point? And then the other ones were? No the benefits? So what’s the good that’s gonna come out of taking a day off or having an office day? Well, now I’m like, why am I trying to do this at all? Why am I doing it and know the pain? It probably means you’re gonna have to say no to some stuff. Maybe you’re going to lose a client on your day off. might happen. That’s okay. But is it worth the game that you’re going after? Yeah, no, no, the benefits? No, the pain. Okay, that’s good. I thought that was really good. There were all kinds of interesting other ways to keep it going. But I felt like those were some linear talking about feeling like everything you should be doing and made me remember when we said Don’t let anybody should on you. No doubt. Don’t Don’t let them do that. Well, there’s a lot of pressure. It’s really easy. And everyone’s going to be talking about what or it’s already started in December, we’ll start what are your goals? What are your, you know, aspirations? What’s your five year plan? I mean, it’s okay, if you only have a five week plan. Yeah. Like just what do you want to do right now? What Are you burned out from from the holiday? Like what are you trying to eliminate? It’s pretty easy to eliminate stuff I think at the beginning of the year, because Because everything’s it’s time for renewal. Everyone’s burned out on are you signing up again? What are you doing? Oh, yeah, it’s time for renewal. What? What are we canceling our credit card for? Right? Libra? Just cancel that credit card and see what shakes out?

Yeah. Okay, I did also check the number of days remember to make a habit. Okay. So it takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days, Oh, my word or three hash. But don’t worry, the average is 66 days. Okay. And better yet, I had never read this, there is a 2190 rule. Have you ever heard this? No. Okay. So the 2190 rule says, you for 21 days, you can create a habit. So you just have to do the thing, whatever it is, drink the gallon of water for 21 days. After the 21 days, it should be a habit. And then you want to go for 90 days to make it a part of your permanent lifestyle. Interesting. So 21 will get you in the habit frame of mind, then you do 90 more days, and then it will be a permanent part of your lifestyle. Interesting. I like that. I was like, oh, that’s genius. It is and it makes sense. Okay. Other thoughts on habits? Okay, do you have any things you want to add? Take away habit wise for 2022? Um, not necessarily. I feel like my habits that I have in place are pretty good. Just as far as like, drinking water working out going to bed like those are things that are just easy for me. Right. And I require it. Right. So quiet? I do. I know. I really do. And did that 90 day workout program back in 2018. And it’s true after the 90 days I did, I would just do them consecutive so that I would start another and another the last couple of months have probably not been as good. But I got into the full habit of like I got to work out Yeah, every day would do 20 minutes, it’s good to move your body. On the days when maybe I didn’t have the time or you know, whatever to do it. As I got further along in that because it’s been a couple of years now. Right easy to lose them after a while. If I at least do the five minutes of stretching, like the warm up part exhibit different totally. And then I feel like I’m not a total, you know, failure. I did. I’ve moved, move. Okay. I also want to really read and I’m sure lots of our listeners have read atomic habits. Yes, we were talking about that we want to read that I are gonna read this and have our little mini book club. It is this is how they describe it, the guide for breaking bad behaviors and adopting good ones in four steps. Okay, that’s what atomic habits is about. And it also says, focusing on the overall system rather than a single goal is is the theme. So you do not this is my favorite part. Get ready, everyone listen. You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your system. That’s genius. So good. Yeah, what is your method for getting to that goal? Write it right, because it is not about the actual goal. It’s about the system and the process and the habit that you’re doing every day. The goal will come later. Maybe it doesn’t, but maybe the close but you got to have the process. So we’re going to you and I will read and then maybe we’ll come back to this. Okay, and have a little update for everyone. Okay. Here’s a really good one. So let’s go back to simplicity. Okay. Good old Gary Vee. Yeah. In his one of his December newsletters. He has. I also really love this for a newsletter idea. It’s five things I’m thinking about right now. So he labels them as five things and then he’ll be like, in his case will be like, jump on Twitter and tell me which one you agree or disagree with or like, like comment basically like five conversation starters. Okay, okay. But this one this, this recent one said, as he gets older, he has begun to realize simplicity confuses people it does. I can tell you that all day long. Yeah. Like it bothers people bothers people. Well, it can’t be that easy. You must be doing why are you sad? Oh, agent. Right. Something’s not right. Well, I don’t understand. Because I don’t know how to do that. And it must be very difficult because right. i People overcomplicate things, almost, I think is like a defense mechanism. And you’re percent right, like, oh, well, there’s so many parts to it. I can’t do that. I don’t have time for all of that. But I’m like, It’s not that complicated. It’s actually more simple, right? Just just break it down. Right? Break it all the way down. Again, when people are like, Well, can I get the database spreadsheet? I’m like, sure, but it’s just It’s like five columns that say name and address. Yeah. How I last contacted you? Right? Where? Like,

are we Facebook for it? Like that’s it? Yeah, it’s not nothing crazy. There’s no rocket science happening over here. Right. But I think that that’s a mindset thing. It 100% is, and I think that, like, even the other day someone was. So I do feel not necessarily habits related, but just talking about simple, simple and not over scheduling and doing all of that while I do feel like I’m at a place in my business, even with the podcast, where the podcast has become so much more than I ever thought it would be. It started out as just like a fun hobby. And it really is turning into, like a business. And it’s growing without really having to do anything. But it’s made me have to evaluate, and what all can fit in a year. You know, like, I’m obviously not going anywhere with the podcast, right? But with two little kids and unrighteousness. Like what’s worth doing? And Tanner, my husband even said, would you ever want to get to the point where you hired agents to work your buyers? And I said, No, because then I’m instead of managing clients, I’m managing agents. And it’s the same amount of work, I might as well just work the clients like it’s I know how to do that click name. Yes, that’s the same, like whether you’re managing this or that it’s whether you like it the same me over 100 hours to teach agents to be agents, right? They can go listen to the podcast, and they love to do Yeah, yeah, it’s just, but it’s just how you think about it, ya know, it’s it’s not that that’s the adding more isn’t always the answer. No. And I feel like the friends that I’m with that have big teams, they’re always like, why don’t you have buyer’s agents yet? Why aren’t you doing that? Why are you still going to your home inspections? What I like because that’s all I do, right? So simple, right? All I do is show up and be there with my clients. That is my business model. My business model is not making fliers and getting balloons and ordering cookies, like I’m not doing anything else. So I am fully focused on my client. And that’s all I do. I think that I think the fear also of just doing that and not doing all the and it’s so funny, because last episode was a little something extra. So now we’re talking about the bare bones again, which is one of our favorite things to talk about. It doesn’t mean you can’t provide good service. But I think we overcomplicated in ways that our clients don’t see like, like, we were just before we did this episode that I really want to talk about simplicity in you’re like, okay, and then I had this whole sheet in Israel, you have a whole sheet. Who knows? I mean, I do. And I said, but just talk about what you do. Like you don’t go to an open house with a handful of balloons on a plate of cookies, and some fancy speaker to play music. You just literally showed up with your laptop and your coffee and open the door and said, Hey, welcome. Glad you’re here. Yeah, here. It’s the open house. Right? You came to see the house, right? You didn’t come for finger sandwiches? No, they don’t care? No, they don’t notice no. And honestly, the seller would probably appreciate you not bringing all those crumbs into their house. Right. So I just think it’s funny because the things that we overcomplicate are also, things that make us air quotes ready. Look like we’re successful or harangue look like we’re busy or look like we’re marketing like you don’t mean some of these things. I have fallen victim every now and then to seeing teams post certain things and getting down on myself and thinking I should do more like I should. I should have what I don’t know. Just just in general. Yeah, yeah. When they post that they did this big outreach for Thanksgiving, or they did this big client event or it sounds nice. Yeah, that was yeah, that felt like but then like, same said team falls apart like three months. You’re like, Well, what about that this is just based off of a real life example. Like I’m not this isn’t this is maybe identical, like I’m not making this like, but it reminded me that hey, three months ago, when I saw that post you I was kind of down on myself because I was comparing myself right. I was don’t I was looking at them and going I don’t do all that and you know, I should probably step up my game. And then three months later, the team is like, not this assembled. And it made me go well for 2022. Right. Stop following agents. Yeah, I mean, perception versus reality and comparison. It will always make you feel less than Yeah, but I think less than is the secret happy place to be living. Yes. It’s the secret. I think

I’m finally getting to be okay with the guilt of not doing things like me like, oh, you know, are your kids and all the things new? I honestly they’re not unhappy. Right. But also my clients are unhappy like, you know, right. They’re following the clients didn’t need the cookie. No, they Also when people ask, well, what is your favorite seller gift? I’m like sometimes I don’t give them right. Most of the time. I don’t give them I provided excellent service. And did the thing they hired me to do? Yes. To the best of my ability. They didn’t also need a bottle of champagne. They just did it. No, they got what they wanted, which was they sold their house probably for more money. So buy your own champagne. Yeah. What do you need it for me? You don’t need it for me, because that’s so I can take a picture on social media and tell you that I bought the champagne will? Fine. I don’t need that. But here’s my thought too. I know last week we talked about extra. Uh huh. But our extra is simple. Our extra is not coordinating large events. No, no, not paying for extraordinary marketing. No. It’s simple. Yes. Your vendor list? Yes. I already have it. You may have it. Also.

Would you like to borrow my combo lockbox? Sure. Like is that is that good for you? Great. Okay, great. I mean, ya

know, like, I know, it’s, I think that, especially when we get slow or worried about our business, we’re like, Okay, well, how can I fluffed this? Yeah, what fluff Can I add? And then when you get busy, you’re like, used to doing all this fluff. And then you’re overwhelmed. It’s like, now’s the time to remove the fluff. Right? What is rip? And if you aren’t keeping, we talked about this in the urine review. If you’re not keeping track of how that marketing thing made you money than stopped doing it, right. You have to actually know postcards that I sent out XYZ times brought me in this much money. If you cannot tell me how much the park bench made you then it’s a waste of money right and time because you had to design it. Right. And every time you drove on, you wanted to like clean the bird poop off. Right? Waste of time. Yep. Waste of time. Hey, Alyssa, Hey Kati, guess what? We have updated the email templates. Finally? Hallelujah. They are updated. And there are more of them? Yes, we have 10 Fire template, right 15, seller templates, as well as a checklist for when to send all the emails at what point in the transaction? Yes. So you don’t have to guess when they go. It’s very specific. This happens now, then you send this email. So this is what they need to know says what they need to know right now. Also, there are six attachments that go along with some of the seller side. So like move out checklist and showing prep or all that stuff. So there’s hope the information you will ever need to tell your clients in one of these templates. Yes. And if you still aren’t sure, you can go back and listen to episode 31, where we talk about the importance of the templates and why we use it like what are we even doing so we hope that they help you because they have helped us so much immensely. And we have gotten so many wonderful reviews about how they have helped others. And so now they are up to date and ready for you. And you can go read reviews and all the information at email templates. One Oh one.com Lovely. How easy is that? Great. Can y’all enjoy nice? Okay, so I think that the beginning of the year is the perfect time to cut out and simplify. Yes. Now. I’ve even had simplify as my word of the year before. That’s good. That’s a great reminder one, like, simplify simple. What would make this easier? Would an email template make this easier? Right? Do that. Do that thing. Okay, what do you think are some of the benefits to keeping your processes simple? Gosh, I mean, I think just my brain knowing that I have gotten things done. Yeah, if it’s too many steps. You never finish. Yeah, thing. And then you get really down on yourself confidence that I’m not good at this. I don’t finish what I start overwhelming yourself. I always say I’m going to do things and I don’t so kind of like some self doubt starts happening if you set goals. Yeah. And systems that are so complicated, right? They’re basically unachievable. This makes me think of something. I saw. Some other agents were advertising a product that they were selling, and it was the I’m not gonna give the exact number but it was, this is not an exaggeration. It’s not a joke. It was over 100 steps for the listing to do your listing system. 100 marketing steps, I don’t know. But I thought 200 Step 100. Stay at home. For other agents, the 100 things you need to do for your, for your like God. You could have like one listing at a time was like 100 Plus steps. No, huh? See, that goes back to you want to if you want to be ahead, pick up the phone and call your seller and say hey, I’m just checking in to see if you had any questions right. Step one. I don’t like well, I just thought that was really interesting though because that is a toe Will realtor frame like mindset? Oh, we need more steps? Yep.

How many steps? Can we do this in? Yeah, I’m like how have we more steps? Can we do this in? Yes, exactly what else? I think we’re smarter, we’re work smarter, but also I think this is it when you when you boil it down to the least amount of steps there are one just like you said you will finish your to do list Yes, it will be done completed totally over. And too you will have this increased feeling that I have this under control. Right? I know what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I can I have timed myself with a stopwatch doing my listing procedure, it was under 20 minutes, right? I have timed myself with a stopwatch preparing to meet a new buyer, it was under 15 minutes. Like they are not supposed to take all day. No. But you if you don’t have a system in place, if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re reinventing the system, every single client, then you’re like, Whoa, now I’m going to add this in or now. Oh, I forgot something. Let me run back and do that. It just doesn’t help you get it done. Because you don’t remember what you did last time or there were too many steps to remember, right? You’re never gonna live up to that. Never, I always tell people you cannot be asking for more business. If you do not have a system in place, handling your current business. People lose sight of their current business and are always looking forward for more. Yeah, more, I need more business, I should be doing more I should be selling more. And they just don’t. But you don’t have a right. If you got more, you wouldn’t handle it? Well, no, you would just toss it with the others and be wishing for more than ever highly having a system in place to feel like you have it under control and that you’re serving them well. Right. That’s when I got this advertising email from I don’t remember what kind of whatever it was coaching or something. And it was how to get 100 leads in a day. Oh my gosh, why on earth would you want? Oh, what in the world? Would you want that for? Oh, no. What would you even do with that? But you know why? Because 100 Bad leads that you think you’re trying to spin your wheels and follow up with when you could have just gone to your five best database people have been like, Hey, how’s it going and get more referrals from them? It just, it doesn’t have to be that hard. No, I think that someone needs to shake agents and be like, it doesn’t have to be that hard. No, you don’t need 100 leads today so that you could close one sale in six months. I do think that’s what makes us different, though than other real estate podcasts is that we’re not here to over motivate to say hi, you can do that. Yeah, like we’re using remote. Yeah, yeah, we’re not we’re not over motivators. We’re like realistic, motivated. We’re like, just right, we just need just the right amount of motivation right now over to be practical and not set yourself up for disappointment. The practical also your life is not real estate. No real estate is facilitating as much as you may or may not love it. I love I love real estate, but it is not my life. No, it is a facet of my life. It is the thing that provides, like, you know, financial means for me to live a life. But I mean, it is not your life, you know? And if you’re but we are in the type of industry that it’s very easy to let it take over your love if you have no boundaries in place. And you don’t have a system in place to shut it off at a certain time. Yeah, it can very easily and very gradually to you don’t realize it like Tanner’s hunting this week, and I found myself just oh, I’ll just do it. Just do it after the kids go to bed open the laptop last night. I did have some emails that needed addressing and I was like, I’m not doing it. I’m watching The Bachelor not doing it. I’m putting it away for you. I’m putting it away. I can’t do it right now I could because Tanner wasn’t home and the kids are sleeping, but I just I know that that’s the first step that’s building a bad habit. Well Riis, you can build a bad habit just as quickly as you can build a good one. So you make your choices wisely. Right? You know, oh, well, I’ll eat the dessert today. And then tomorrow. Well, I get it yesterday. Yeah. So. Oh, I didn’t even after the new year. On Monday night. I might as well do it on Tuesday night. Right. And you just don’t even realize you’re doing it at some point. Right? You just don’t realize you’re doing it. Okay, I have questions for you. Oh,

okay. I’m ready. This is because I feel like you are the queen of simplicity. You’re very if I had to describe your business, I would say what is incredibly efficient. Okay, so I just don’t think you’re adding in fluff. There’s no fluff, no fluff. And when I’m like, oh, geez, how did she get it all done? Then I’m like, Wait, she really is like, I don’t do anything else. very bare bones. Yeah. This is what I want to know. Okay. Because this is what you do that I can’t figure out personally. Okay. How what is your process for working on the go when you were working? Hang in a five minute pocket or a 10 minute pocket or at the coffee shop in between appointments. Tell me literally besides cleaning out your email, what do you do? Whenever I have five or 10 minute breaks before, like, if I’m at a house early or this, you know, I have 30 minutes before I have to be somewhere. The first question I always ask myself is, is it enough time to pull out my computer? Okay, or should I just do it on my phone? Got it. Like I can just quickly skim through the email, delete, delete, respond, delete. That’s pretty much all deleting delete, delete, delete. It’s mostly like title company saying hey, everything good title commitments complete. Great, delete, delete, I’m not going to email back thank you so much for doing this title commitment. That really means a lot to me. I can’t wait for okay, though that much. But I would probably have said thank you. You’re like, No, you’re just delete. I’m just like, good to know. Thanks. Delete peace out. You literally don’t respond. No. Okay. It’s like me and like three other people copied on it, you’re like, fine. Yeah, they’re just telling everybody. Okay, hey, just wanted to let you know, this is done great. Good to know, my brain knows, delete. So I can pretty quickly on my phone, like clean out things. Okay. I really only like to pull up my computer when I’m on the go. If it’s an addendum that needs to be tied, or you know, something that I have to do electronic signature for then I can quickly pull up my computer and just Okay, do it. I love to see see whoever it’s going to. So once it’s signed, it just goes to the person that needs it back usually the other agent, okay, so I don’t have to do that step. Do that step later. What system are you using? authen assign and our board. Okay. It’s free through our boards. So I really like it though. It’s very easy. Yeah. Super quick, clean looking. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, I’m just but when I’m on there, it’s really just seeing Does anything need my attention. Now is anything time sensitive, okay. Yesterday, I was on the way to pick up my kids. It was like 330. And the agent said, Hey, I just emailed you an offer. And my client is a talker. Okay. And I knew that was going to be this long thing. Okay. So I said, Thank you so much. I haven’t she called me on the phone to tell me I just email it to you. I said, Thank you so much. What is my response time? It was 330. She said 10am. I’m sorry. It’s so short. I’m like, That’s plenty. Thank you. So I did not call my client until the kids were in bed at 730. That’s when I rolled him. And I said, Hey, and we talked for 30 minutes, you knew you would. And I had her counteroffer by 830 done. Great. Perfect, but a lot of agents feel like must do I do it. Now. I need to wait to get the kids I need to pull over in the PA and do this. And it just depends what it is right. But you can’t label everything is urgent. No, no, you really have to just say okay, great. How much time do I have? Okay, good. I can do that. Yeah, it was your seller wasn’t upset. No, they didn’t know the difference? No, I just called him at 730 and say I was an offer. This is when I could see you right we have to see you now. Yes, not not right then right. Okay, I love it. All right. What about how are you keeping up with the transaction? So I know that you’re cleaning out your email How do you keep track of them? Do you go you don’t just sky slow? What is it? What is the system? Well, like I have dotloop like where how do you keep up with your transactions? So Trello is like how I know who’s where, where what they’re doing timeline when things are closing. Our office uses sky slope which is basically just the online storage cabinet a file cabinet you know, whenever you have an addendum you copy the sky slope email and it goes in that folder. Okay, you will have one line I’d have never opened sky slope sky slope so you just look in Trello Well, I’ve sky slope is just to keep copies just to to agreements are okay if I needed to check a purchase agreement to see where the deposit is like if I can’t remember that my office or is it at the title area? Where do you do that? I just go to my sent mail and type in the seller’s name and pull up where I sent him Your house is now pending. And here’s the thing Yeah, and because the purchase agreement is attached there so anytime I need to find a doctor

their email basically is your transaction management. Well if I need to find a document that’s where I go to get it because it was emailed at some point so it’s in my email. Okay. That makes sense. It makes sense like I need to see the purchase agreement where is it? Oh, I sent it to that guy. Mine is in dot loop and I like it there because the home screen of loops shows me all of my current transactions which means an active listing so anything that is a contract and active listing would have a listing contract and then all my pendings so that’s gonna house guys like this. I could totally be do we could do it guys. That’s fine. You don’t need to because this is what works for you. But that’s why I’m asked Getting Yeah. So I go to dot loop once a week, it usually takes an hour or less. And I look at all of the transactions and I think about my mental checklist or I pull out my physical checklist and or I go to my Trello where the checklist is, and then I check it off. Where am I in the process? Okay, do I need to order a warranty or schedule an inspection? Or what? What where are we, right? They’re all right there, I can boom, boom, boom, look down the whole list. Like I said, never more than an hour, close it out. Done. And I do that once a week. Yeah, I think that’s great. Okay. The key is that you have somewhere, right? Everything is right, one place, right? So it’s easy to get to all of the documents are there. And that keeps me from having to dig through email, which can get me kind of distracted. Oh, it’s just like, my brain will be like, around or whatever. Yeah. Okay, how often do you update your Trello? Every time I get someone that’s like, hey, I need to buy How can I be your buyer? Or like, so people who are in transaction? How often do you get in there? And like, once or twice a week? Okay, just checking to see where everything is. Okay. What about database? How often are you opening that sucker up? Probably less than I used to. Yeah, just because keeps coming that people are coming. So I’m not having to work as hard at this stage in business. But I do reach out to them all three different times a year, right, where they all hear from me. But I also make sure that if they have a social media, we are friends on social media, so I can have the comment on their thing. Yeah. So that’s it. And that’s the thing too, is people are so hard on themselves, because they’re like, Oh, I haven’t worked my database. I’m like, Are you friends with them on Facebook, then they? They say you see them, right? Are you liking and commenting on their things? Then you’ve done your job. There you go. Simple, simple, simple, so simple. But it’s just not like Christmas cards. LSU football magnets, which only do because they still ask for them. They’re like, where’s my mouse? Totally cut that out. I did one year and it was an uproar. They were like, where’s that magnet? Right? And then when the game is right, right? What is the LSU? Game? Tell me? It’s about to be Saturday. So I do the magnets, okay. And I have some people that request like two or three. They’re like, can you send me three or any one for my office? And then a handwritten note. So three times a year I’m doing a big overhaul. Alright, here’s my question. The handwritten note comes at Thanksgiving. Yep. The Christmas cards towards the end of the year. I guess it’s all at the end of the year. But so I do send the football magnets out as early as I can. So those of you sound like August, okay, August, then you get like sometimes end of July, early August, fine. November, they get a hammer and they get the car and then they get a Christmas card. So I guess I’m kind of slack in January through July. Hey, they know where you are. You’re always on the social media liking and commenting. Sure. There you go. How often do you get on social media? So because I have the baby still, you’re like more than I should up in the middle of the night? Yeah. And I’m like still nursing and not have to like sit there for testing yourself awake? Yes. I am. I was like, I need to find a better way. So I kind of go through phases. Sometimes it gets a little overload. And then sometimes I decided I’m gonna read on my phone. Yeah. It kind of just like pins, but like a book, but probably more than I should. Okay, no, don’t let anyone show on. You’re right. You’re right. You do whatever you want. It’s fine. Okay, during the day, I’m not there. Like, right, right? I find that it’s the same. It’s just like you cleaning out your email. Like some days I’m, it’s weird, because some days I’ll get in the social media early. And I’m posting more and creating more content or being on my stories. And that is helpful and important. But it also means that I’m getting more DMS and more common response, and then I’m responding and then I’ll just find myself in this social media vortex. Right, right. And then some days I’m busy and I have stuff going on, right? I never really look at it, you know, certain periods of the day, I could go all day, and then the things are there. And they’re easy to knock out like it. Yeah, one minute it’s easier to knock it out at one times. Then continually Yeah,

yeah. So maybe for 2022 I’m going to try more of like a timer system. Yeah, we only go to social media three three times a day or and like I don’t get any notifications on my phone of anything. Yeah, like if I want to see if I have a message on Instagram. I have to go right it’s not like it doesn’t feel it’s not feeling pressing. Well, that’s a good point, too. Is that I have to pretty much have every notification turned off. Yeah, for everything. I mean, I have you have PML you have an LFO Yes, all of its off. If I want to check my email, I go to my email. The only thing you’re getting his text right and phone calls, right, which I’m doing my best to direct write the email. If it’s work, please email. Yeah, okay, I like that. Do you have since it’s the big Getting of the year and I think simple is or simple or simplicity are great choices for word of the year. If anyone’s feeling inspired by this episode, what does your word of the year, my word of 2022 is going to be? Focus? Okay, tell us why. I’m like leaning in. Tell us why tell us why I am podcast therapy time. Oh, can I already kind of know this? But shoot. Okay, I have so enjoyed the podcast, and we are doing more with it. Yep, more more. We are doing don’t do more, more, more more. And I love it. And I’m also realizing that it’s more than a hobby. It’s becoming like a business. I like that it only took you two years to discover it was more than I know. And it’s not that I’m resistant to it. It’s just very foreign to me it and I don’t know anything realistic. That’s right. That’s true. And I’m having a hard time mentally understanding right? What this will look like. Got it. Because I think you’re gonna have to be patient with me. I’m very patient, you are very patient, because I’m trying to figure out like, for example, we decided that a full day of the week, preferably we’re looking at Thursdays, we I’m going to try to take off for the podcast, right. But that doesn’t include a day off and office day. All right now you’re down to only four days left of the week. Yeah. And then two of those are the weekend when the kids are home. So you better be one of those better your day off. I know. Well, the weekend is always trying to be more of a day. Like if I do have to run and show a house. It’s fine, but I’m not going to work all day. All right, but what are you folk? What is the focus? When is it Scopus is just trying to make? So I feel a little unorganized at the moment. Okay, but we’re gonna fix that. Yes. I feel like I’m in the weeding out phase. We’re like in a transitional period. Yeah, I don’t do well change. Oh, sweet. That’s good to know. Yeah. It’s not that I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. It just is hard for me to do. Well, you have your system. Yes. And um, and you have your like habits and your routines, and it’s disrupting those. And you also comfort baby. Yes. I just have a lot going on. Between the PI cow come to life. Well, okay, well, between the podcast fair, and between real estate and between the kids. In addition to that, I am super close with my grandparents and both grandmother’s right now we’re not doing super well, ma’am. And I was taking so one day, every other week, I was driving my grandma around Oh, just for like, we’re go run errands and she can still drive. But it’s just easier. Like she enjoys the company. We do this we do that we go to lunch, have a cocktail at lunch, continue shopping, go get her glasses, whatever. It’s just kind of like one one little thing. If I’m still doing that every other week that week, I’ll have one day. Oh, good point. You know what I’m it’s starting to they’re building things are bad things are building, I’m trapped. But they’re all important. You don’t want to eliminate any of them. I used to always say like, try to pick your top priorities. Yeah, stick to those. But now I’m having more that are all pretty much like these are all important to me. Yes. And I’m just trying to, to concentrate so that I can I feel like I’m not thinking clearly. I feel like it’s not that big of a deal. But it feels like a big deal because that is a big deal. If it feels like a big deal. That’s okay, I’m just trying to sort it all out and see where what it will look like. Yes. And figure out and you know, it may be it’s gonna be trial and error figuring out always like what works what does not work, right. So yeah, I think we’ll just have

to see how I like that. And, and the reason I think focus is because when I actually just sit down and look at the calendar when you feel better and put things where they belong. I do feel better. Okay, well good. It requires me to just stop feeling so overwhelmed and sit down and focus. This is so funny. Your schedule to me is a lot like being an air traffic controller. Why? Like there’s a lot of things a lot of planes coming and going you’re like they can all get in here. We Yeah, we can land all these flags. That’s but I just have to have a moment. Maybe you need a headset. Yeah, yeah. And like a really like I’ve got to have a system Yes. And we’ve got to okay, you land here and now you take off and like everything’s fine. And I think you know, I’m normally the queen of this. You are really good at this. So I think it has bothered me that I’m struggling to to make it work. I will We haven’t fully started it yet. So I think I just need to see you just don’t know what it’s gonna look like. Yeah. Also, how old is tape? Nine months. I mean, your second child is sort of this thing where you’re like, Wait, I thought parenting was sort of easy. Yeah. But now two people want me at the same time. It’s been an adjustment like we’re super enjoying him. But it’s been harder. It’s harder for sure. It’s funny because the agent told me one time just have the second the second so easy. Like it’s not like false false. A lot harder lying to me. Yeah, this is not easier. No, no, no. But it is also like we had this episode before it is a season, you’re in a season of build up. And maybe also will need to just like remove will kind of like came to your house today. And you’ll have all the neighbors, goodie bags out and things that y’all made from the neighbors because your kids are at an age where you can do I cannot wrap a president you’re like, I can’t do any of that can’t do anything if he’s awake. No, because he’s just like, been there. Yeah, little tornado. I mean, this is the good news. In not so the not so distant future, it will be so much easier, right? Like my kids are? Yes, are nine and about to be 12. Yeah, it’s an I do less than a third of the business that you do. There. So I get to wrap presents, right? And I get to make cookies. And these are choices that I’ve made. Sure. That’s okay. Like, either way is fine. It’s just we can’t expect to do like I just like I can’t do the thing where the mom takes the kids to every after school activity, right? It just doesn’t working? No, because I want to wrap the presents. Yeah, and let them play outside. Like, you know, maybe I just want to sit on the outside couch and look at my chickens and drink a cold beverage. And like see like that though? That’s what I’m doing. It didn’t I didn’t come here easily. Yeah, like it took time. And it also meant I had to make decisions. So I like teaching agents that’s working out well, for me. It’s it’s replacing a lot of my real estate income. So that I mean, quite transparently, I don’t need to sell real estate at the level I did at one point in my life. Sure, because you have another stream of income. It’s working, and I love it. And it’s fulfilling, because the way you always wanted to teach. I guess I did. So here it is. I’m doing it. Yeah. So I think that you’ll find the pieces that makes sense for your puzzle at your season. Right? Like it’s not all you know, it’s fine. Yeah. And then somebody’s like, oh, you know, I don’t want my children to see me working or not being available. No, I for sure what my kids to see me working. Yeah, this is what I do is what Mommy does this is this is good for you to see. So anyway, well, what’s your word? Oh, yeah, let’s do mine. Mine is inspire. You are inspiring. Thank you. It comes with a sentence though. Okay. Okay, cuz I was like this, I started focusing on this sentence, like maybe a couple months ago. I’m like, Ah, it’s gonna be my word. Be inspired, and inspirational. So I want to feel like that created like being inspired by others. But also passing that along in the way of inspiration. It reminds me of that quote, Every day make someone smile. No, I like that. Don’t forget your someone to that’s perfect. Yeah, just back around. Yep, I did that. So I also brought my old words in case anyone wanted to hear. Okay, they’re in my in my grill diary. Okay. Okay. Word of the Year in 2015 is when I started lying. Do you want to hear I’m gonna tell you I want to hear more. I don’t have any my last word. So simplicity was one year but I love it. Well,

I just I started in 2015 2015 was balance. So think about that. That was seven years ago with my kids radio. Anyone with focus? Right? It’s just like it’s really hard having this little bit ease. Oh, 2016 You’re gonna love it. Focus. Great, right? 2017 simplicity. Okay. 2018 Connect. That’s when I was really trying to focus on my social media and like building like those connections with by database that when you met Chelsea, that’s when I started significantly use it. Yes, it is. Okay, so 2018 was connect 2019 was Grace. Just like it’s okay. Let yourself be okay. 2020 was vision because I felt like that just need to 2020 Yeah. Right. 2021 was elevate. Okay, and so now we’re on to 2022 I’m gonna write it in here. Do it gonna be Inspire. Beautiful. I’m so good. So fun. Yeah, so you guys make a word. Whether you use it for something or not, it’s just kind of nice to like, think through what are the what are the things that might help you get where you want to go? Yeah, you know, it can be as easy as simple or as not easiest elevate sure that could go either way. Anything else? I think that’s it that was a great one it was I simplicity makes me happy. I just think that we all have room in our lives to cut and be in simplify and just like and also that’s all everything that’s overcomplicated in your life typically comes from an outside force making you feel like you have to do that thing. Yes. Right or you not having boundaries in place to protect yourself, judge yourself and I promise you, you will be able to cut all kinds of things so many, just like nobody’s judging you. Yeah, you’re you’re your worst critic, for sure. Okay. Let me get you a test my friend. Okie dokie. For the new year. Okay, hope this is a good one. I want to see if I know. We’ll see if we know where she is by the end of this. Okay, this is from Mandy gold. Oh, we do know where she is. Thank God. Also, thanks to each and every one of you who write a toast and tell me in the message where you are. We’d love to know where you’re at. It makes this so much easier than me having to figure it out. Okay. Hey, ladies. Mandy gold, Sierra Vista, Arizona. Cool. I love it. I’ve never been to Arizona. Me neither nine rays moving there. What? Yeah. Oh my god. It has this really cool place. I want to go visit. Well, let’s go there. Perfect. Maybe we can hook up with Mandy. Okay, she says I adore you both and love every single episode of your podcast. I would love to toast my exceptional office staff and broker at my brokerage. Hey, more Real Estate, LLC, Gary. Hey, more. has been in the business for 40 years. Oh man is just a wealth of knowledge and support I can imagine. Yeah. Right. I have learned so much from him. Nicole Hall is out is our office manager previously an extremely successful realtor. Well, that’s got to help. Yeah. And in her own right. She keeps everyone everything in the office running smoothly on track. And with the most encouraging attitude you can imagine. She is one hell of a cheerleader for myself but also everyone else in our office. Michelle, she is also administration in our office and make sure the stuff gets done. Brought Michelle to our hay more family and I’m so grateful for her organization and willingness to help all the time. Oh, good. Cheers. Cheers to all those people. Cheers to Gary. He’s been around a minute Nicole and Michelle Perfect. Oh, from AMD Mandy. That was also was a good one. That’s like a great office. Does it sound really a beat? Yeah, I love it. Okay, cheers y’all and cheer Happy 20 Happy New Year. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode, topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. See you next week. Bye. This is the goodbye

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