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One of our favorite things to do is motivate our listeners and we’ve been getting requests to drop another motivation episode on you. So grab your pom poms and let’s GOOOOO! We will try to keep the “tough love” to a minimum while pumping you up for this crazy real estate career. Dealing with negative self-talk? Stuck in a funk? Want some ideas on who and what to listen to? How about 6 high performance habits as studied by Brendan Burchard? It’s time to refill your motivation cup!

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My tendency is to just pretend like it’s not there. Right?

Or I just, you know, I default to the Jay Z band.

Everybody wants it now though, Katie. Well, bad news for everyone. Oh, Katie, she’s

always working.

Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths.

Hi, Alyssa, Katie.

It’s episode 131. Okay. New agent motivation.

It’s kind of funny because we were talking about needing a good motivational episode. We haven’t done one in a while

uplifting for the people. I don’t think it’s going to be specific to new agents at all. No, I think it’ll be just just get all motivation, right. But we did have a request. So do you want to read us the email?

This is just one email that we have gotten. But lots of people asking for? Yeah, motivation. Always. I was wondering if one of your future episodes could be a motivational one for new agents just filled with inspiration and reminding us to get better? No, no, that’s not what it says. But that’s what it kind of should say, Oh, are you added in? Reminding us It gets better? It

gets better? Yes. But I was gonna say reminding you, you

get better, you’re gonna get better. I have listened to all the episodes so far. And I could use some motivation. Hearing no, nine times out of 10 is so depressing. And I would love a new episode of encouragement. Love for you, too.

But you heard Yes, one time. So that’s all about what do you focus on? Right? half empty, half full, right. Did you hear nine noes? Or did you get a listing? You got a listing?

What’s so funny is that when I was interviewing brokers, yes, my broker told me expect to make no money in your first year. And I was like, what? Right? It blew my mind that she said that. Because I had also just come from another interview at another company that was like, the six figure salary. It is attainable. You make your choice. Go go go. It’s up to you. And I was like, Wait, he HYPEE like I was like, ready. So she was a very different direction. But it made me go, wow, I have got to make a business plan. I got work to do. Yes, I have got to figure this out. We can’t rah rah our way to a six figure career. No. And so then I had my first sale after five months of being in the business, right? And I was like, Yeah, because she said six. She said a year. Oh, she’s and I went to her. And I was like you said like, no. And she said, Yes. So that way, you’re happy, right? When you do, right, instead of depressed that it took me five months to get my first paycheck. And the first paycheck was not very good. Like, at least I have something. And then after I got that first one under my belt, it just motivated me. And I understood and I had some more confidence because I’ve finally been through a transaction. Yeah. But I tell you, like I have talked to agents that are like, it took me three months to get my first closing and I’m like, that’s way better than me mindset. Yeah. So just you know, we haven’t done a mindset episode in a while. But it’s so important, and something that you really have to work on every day,

every day. BP BP BP BP breaking in today do

the flipper. flipper force a short update for you today. The house has done really bad to break in they’re like wait, we haven’t done the house is done. It looks great. I am getting the pictures back soon. And then it’s going on the market. I’m like tomorrow excited. So the photographer said that it looked wonderful. Hey, Dad, you did such a great job. I’m constantly taking photos of flip houses and houses people have read done personal touches so just some some more good positive affirmation. Yeah, it is feeling like more real I have to sell it now.

Are you sad to sell it? No.

I’m not I’m not emotionally attached. You’re like get out of here house. Yeah, I’m ready. I just it’s no fun being a seller and then what if you get negative feedback and nervous I’m nervous. I don’t like being judged or Are? Nobody does it’s not like the moment and I can remember selling our personal home five years ago. Yes. The moment that it was on the market, I just thought, oh my gosh, I feel so exposed. Yeah, I’m nervous. Yes. What are people going to say? How are people going to react and it went fine, but it’s always good to remember what our sellers are feeling and going through your right. So this has been a good reminder.

Okay. We can’t wait to hear how it shakes out. Yeah, we’ll see. Cuz I’m just so glad there were no more issues. Nope. All good.

I think issues are done. Done. Check, check. Knock on wood. Okay, great. Okay,

I’ll not for you to that concludes

the flip report. Baby. You did it. You do?

I really am going to miss it. I know we’re gonna have to think of some other type of report to put in there. Okay. So back to rah, rah, rah 2468. Who do we appreciate? New agents, new agents go new agents. I did not put down the to the, to the one number. But I do know I just read this article. New agents remember, I think we’ve talked about in 2020. There were 80,000 new agents. Oh my gosh, in one year, which was a record. Do you want to guess how many there were in 2021 50 100,000? Oh, there have been almost 200,000 brand new spanking realtors in the United States. In the last two years. Holy moly. Okay. And I know a lot of US veterans maybe haven’t really noticed, or maybe we have noticed, because you’re getting a lot more of these names you don’t recognize on the other side of the transaction. But it’s been soaked. The markets been so busy that I think we’ve sort of glazed over the fact that there are a lot of people out there that need training, yes. And motivation, and advice and mentoring. So if you know a new agent, you probably do reach out to them. How’s it going? And to all of the not that they’re all listening, all 180,000 of you.

I mean, this is work. It’s a lot of work. You couldn’t go

back and listen, we’re gonna we’re gonna give you some motivation and some ideas to motivate you. But ask yourself, do you need motivation? Or do you need tough love? Well,

I was just about to say motivation is great. Yeah. But taking action, having a business plan holding yourself accountable is more necessary than motivation? It’s required. Yes. But okay, I’m doing my best. Okay. To not go the tough love route, because that’s me, my. And that’s why I ended the coffee dates, because you were getting to like Stern. No, I just was get it. I was coaching. It turned into me, pouring into them, and giving them practical tips. And they would leave motivated. They took the motivation, but they didn’t take the work. Okay, and so nothing ever happened. And then they would reach out again and want more motivation? And I would say, Did you do the work? Did you write the letters that we talked about to all those people from that we talked about? And they were like, Well, no. And I’m like, Well, I can’t help you. And more motivation, more motivation? Well

as drive, yeah, do the work. And then I’ll put some more motivation in the well,

and then the podcast was born. And I thought, This is great, because Take it or leave it,

right. You can’t get your feelings hurt when people listen to the show. And don’t do it. Because you don’t know they listened,

I struggle. Because I want I want it more than they do for themselves. Right? Like, I want you to make the money, support your family, change your family tree like, but I know that it takes work, not motivation to get there. Motivation is very helpful when you have a plan that you’re following. And you know, so if you have a plan, and you know what you’re supposed to be doing and your goals are to do open houses or to write some letters or to do phone duty and write letters at the same time, or to join some groups. So motivation is good to implement the plan that you have in place. Well,

I think it’s needed. Yes, motivation is 100% required and needed to do those things. Yeah, you’re not going to do any of them if you’re not motivated in some way. Right. So I did have that. Well, we’ll get back to because you want the coffee date. So I had some questions to ask the people and you about motivation. So ask yourself, Who do you surround yourself with? So at least the agents that reached out to you and said will you go on the coffee date? They are trying to surround themselves with a positive role model a good influence, but who? There are 180,000 new agents? Probably best you don’t spend the majority of your time hanging out with them.

Yeah, I mean, it’s good to have like an accountability partner that you’re figuring things out with finding people that are where you want to be, and that are in the hustle. And I think I’ve shared this before, but I had someone say, I just haven’t, I can’t do it, how you do it? And I said, Well, you’ve been in the business one year, right? And they were like, Well, how long? Have you been in the business? I said, 11. And she went, why? Right? I said, I know. I look like I’m 20. But I have been in the business 11 years. And those first three were hard, super hard. They want to just be there.

Oh, you know what I see all the time online. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Or like someone else’s in or whatever, like, you can’t, it’s not apples to apples. So like, I’ll never be like that. Someone can’t look at you and say, I’ll never be like that. Well, you’ll not be like that today.

Yeah, it’s funny, because there’s an agent in my office that I look up to a lot. And we’re pretty neck and neck on volume each year, but she does about a third of the houses because of her price point. Right? And it’s funny, because I have found myself saying like, that’ll never be me. And then you’re like, Well, maybe, maybe, yeah, whatever she

was 10 years back,

right? Was she right? So even I have people that I look to and think could that happen? Or you know, maybe I don’t want that to happen. Or maybe like maybe I don’t want to be the luxury agent more that you’re not your jam, you have a you know, it, it just goes to show comparison can definitely make you feel like you’re failing.

Yes. 100%. So is are there people in your life that you when you’re lacking motivation? or feeling down? Do you know who those people are that you need to not talk to? Do you know who they are that you want to talk? Like, who do you want to be around? Like what makes you you personally? Do you have that like awareness? So what’s

funny is that whenever I’m feeling like I’m failing, or that something’s not going, right, the people that I reach out to maybe are the top producing business people all the time, right? For example, just yesterday, I’ve been, you know, feeling stressed about the flip house and the baby’s got an ear infection. And I’ve been busy at work and I just feel like maybe I should be doing better at work but also need to be taking the baby to the doctor and rang us up. And I just needed some fresh perspective and like encouragement. So I texted like my really good friend, Christy, and said, Do you want to go walk the LSU Lake, and Christie has been with our company, like for about as long, okay, like we she was, she’s been there about a year or two before me, okay. But what I love about her is that she her goals are what she needs for her because her goals involve not missing a baseball game, right? Being active at the school, being able to pick them up from school on Fridays. And so it helps me walk the legs with her and say, This is not what it’s all about. And you we do the best we can and you have to give yourself grace and like as long as you’re taking care of the people in your life. And that involves being diligent at work, right? She even talks about that, like if I want to take care of my family, this is what I have to do. Right? And you have to know what you have to do. Yeah, so it’s funny because sometimes it’s not always looking for people that are above me financially or production wise, but just like she’s like the mom role model. Well

that how do you measure success? Yeah, that’s the question you have to ask yourself if you want to get motivation, how do you measure success? What is your why? And not just like Frou Frou like yeah, what is your why should we get you up in the morning? Because you want to take a nap in the afternoon? That’s fine, but like get out there and do what you got to do and get it done? Or do you want to be able to pick your kids up from school? Or do what is the why? Or what is the big why? I feel like they’re a little wise and big wise. What’s your why the day maybe today was hard. Yeah, maybe you didn’t sleep? Well. Maybe really? Sometimes I get myself out of bed say okay, if I get up and get this stuff done, then I can take a little nap. That’s great.

I mean, like well that day my why isn’t nap today?

Isn’t that it’s that simple. Okay, so how do you get out of a funk is one of the questions that I think helps us figure out our motivation. I did ask on social media, how people get motivated and there was a myriad of answers and I’ll have to pull some of them up. But my number one was focus on your why is it family? Is it financial freedom? It’s the three F’s family financial freedom. flexibility. Isn’t one of these things, maybe usually are all of these things. It’s typically it’s all of these things. You know, what is the why? And then I brought I brought a visual aid for you and YouTube. So when I get funky and need some motivation, I get out my book.

Oh, my look at this thing. Have you seen this before? I think so. Is this your testimonial? Yeah, this

is my brag book. Oh, wow. client sent me a card or a review, I’ll like print up the Zillow review, I’ll print up the whatever review like a Facebook, they’re all in here. They’re all since the very I mean, it’s 16 years, how

many people you’ve helped, right?

So if I’m feeling like, oh, this is not going well, I’m having a bad day, my last this transaction, whatever, I just get the book out. And I’m like, Look at all these. And I’ll read some of them what they sound like, I can do that. I am good at this. I can do that. Yeah, these all of these people in the big giant binder. They, they said nice things, and they needed me and they were happy with the service. And it was just, it’s huge. So that’s awesome. How do you get out of the funk? Figure it out and then have a system may have a system for getting out of your funk. Get out the book, if you’re in a funk, get out mentor another agent, no matter what I mean, if you’re brand brand new, probably not. But if you’re in a funk further along, you just saw was working for you mentor someone else, give them all some advice, do some kind of teaching or coaching or something. And that’ll kind of reinvigorate you the way seeing the world through children’s eyes does

Yes. I mean, if you’ve been in the business a year, and you’re struggling, find someone that just got licensed in your office that is even earlier than you are, you know, there is always someone that you can tell better than somebody you are. Yep, you are and and go to them with a good mindset. Don’t go to them and bring your pity party with you and tell them how hard this is. And they weren’t ready. But you know, share that one? Yes with them. Tell them about your yeses and how that happened. I mean, I got so many nose, but I think it made me better. Right. Okay. So it’s funny because we have talked to people from all around the country because of this podcast. Yep. And I have seen it with my own eyes and our marketplace as well. The new agent today is much different than the new agent a decade ago. Right? A lot of that has to do with social media, generational generation changes. But we are hearing brokers say that they think you can just post on social media, and you don’t understand why you’re not getting the results or there is a lack of resilience, right? And so figuring out why that is happening. Because my thought is if your goals as a new agent, I do believe, especially in real estate, where you can’t always just pick a number and say, I’m going to sell 50 houses. Right?

I really you know, I hate that method.

I know you can’t just but you know what you can do? You can write letters. Yeah, you can do open Hell,

I’m going to write 50 letters is a is an action, I’m going to sell 50 houses is a

goal, right? a lofty goal. And I think when you’re new setting action goals is key. Right? Because you can’t just pick a number and wonder every day why you’re not reaching it and why you feel like a failure, right? Whereas your goal if you step one before motivation is the plan right? Things that are your non negotiables Yeah, three Sundays a month I’m going to hold an open house every other Sunday or I’m going to do phone duty or I’m going to ask an experienced agent if I can help them for free. There are so many things that you could do to I’m going to attend this many classes at the board because they’re free and I shouldn’t be spending money right now because I’m trying to make money Yeah, I’m real goals and then after you have in writing the plan of action goals, now you can use this episode motivation to get you through your goals. Yes, but if you are trying to just live off of motivation and hype, you will never arrive hype alone will not it will not No it will not do no magical quote out there. No, it will inspire you enough.

I’m so glad that you mentioned quote.

I love quotes. I love quotes.

I bet you brought a few to that. And not only did I bring quotes I brought a tiny visual aid Oh, I have this

slick how old it is this

so I just got a new wallet. Okay, so I changed my wallet last night. I have had the same wallet for 10 years I have had this piece of paper since POS Sibley before I started my real estate career, so let’s just say that this post it note is potentially 20 years old, okay? Okay. And I’m gonna read you the quotes on it, okay, in my wallet, like seeping into my, my being as a cosmos is. Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that ensures the successful outcome of our venture.

So if you start off feeling like you can’t do it, then you can probably can. Yeah, it was really save yourself some time.

Some time. All right, how about this? I am bigger than anything that can happen to me. Hmm. CF Loomis. Okay, here’s the you’re gonna love this one. Be not afraid of going slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.

Oh, that’s really good. Chinese probably know what’s so funny is while sometimes when I get overwhelmed, my tendency is to just pretend like it’s not there. Right. Like with the flip house, okay. Yeah. And so we got the photos back. Oh, shucks, well, don’t tell me. I know. But I just said that. Oh, tell me. Okay. Like I just said in the beginning of the flip report that I haven’t gotten the photos. They’re here. They’re here. They’re here. We were just kidding. Anyways. And then I thought, yeah, it should be on the market today, you know, because you had the photos because I have the photos. And then I thought, Well, no, maybe I’ll wait till Monday, because I’m going on like this little retreat this weekend. And I know. And then I thought, well, then I’ll just and then just take steps, right. And you’re like, at least in the next just do just put it on the market? How I feel about it going on the market. It’s gonna feel the same. today. Tomorrow, Monday, right? Just do it no matter how you feel. Yeah. And just sit and let it you know, let it be. Right. But it’s, I do tell myself even with the kids sometimes just keep moving. Yes. Keep moving one thing at a time, right. You know, just don’t don’t zone out.

Yes. And here. Here’s the final one. He that can have patience can have what he will. Oh, Benjamin Franklin.

Everybody wants it now though. Katie,

well, bad news for everyone. If you’re not willing to be patient, you’re you’re not going to get what you want. You’re not I mean, no matter what you do, consistency is the key to building a business. Well, you can’t be consistent. You can’t have consistency from one day, right? It has to build on itself. And every day you do the thing. So those are my those are my quotes. How do you get out of negative self talk? Do you have negative set? You do?

I do? Everybody does? Sure.

How do you bust out of that

I do if there’s like a certain person or thing that I’m seeing on social media that I find is bringing me down? Or it’s just not my jam, or I’m feeling less than I do? Just mute them? Yeah. It’s not that I’m hating on you. It’s just that, don’t worry. They don’t know you muted them. Right. Right. And I think that’s a big thing. If you find that something is entering your head as a negative, yeah, that thing needs to be eliminated. Not just on social media. But if there’s a friend that’s always bringing you down, or, you know, maybe you need new friends. Well,

right Gary Vee would say, even if it’s your mom, yeah. Don’t talk to your mom about real estate, right? Or don’t spend as much time with your mom. Like, don’t give up on your mom. But right. But maybe if

there’s a trigger conversation with that person, don’t bring it up. Yeah, just don’t talk

about it. Who you surround yourself with is extremely impactful on your motivation and your mindset. Yes, hugely. What are they doing? Is that person excited about? And also, are they happy with what they’re doing? Not just are they successful? Are they happy? Do they make you feel happy? Do they make you feel like you will? I would love to work with like that. Find those people?

I was listening to something that was saying how to overcome. How did they word it? Comparison and feeling less how to be happy for others. Okay, so that way you’re not muting everyone that’s more successful than you. Yeah. And the only way to battle negativity is with gratitude. Yeah. So if you see somebody else that had a great accomplishment, messaging them and saying, Hey, I’m so excited that this happened for you. Congratulations, right. Or even if you have to force yourself to do it, yeah, just do it. Or I’m so thankful for my one. Yes. Yes. That the I don’t have room like you can’t be thankful and upset at the same time. No. So while you’re living off of your thankfulness for the one yes, you don’t have room for the negativity of the other nose. Yeah. And also really taking so I heard something about failing mindfully, oh, let’s hear that thought mindful. You know, I love that word. He likes that word so much. But it was about not letting your failures be a waste. And if something happened, say a transaction went wrong, and it was a fail, really humbling yourself here at hustle, humbling. And asking yourself, What part did I play? Why did this happen? Did I present myself as a professional, maybe instead of a friend? Or did I use email templates to really set the stage for what was about to happen in this transaction? What happened that made this go so wrong? Or why did I get a no? Because if we’re just failing, failing, failing and looking at them as a negative, right, we’re never going to come out of it. Well, they’re an opportunity to learn Mm hmm.

Hey, Alyssa, hey, Kati, guess what? We have updated the email templates. Finally? Hallelujah. They are updated. And they’re more of them?

Yes, we have 10 Fire template, right 15, seller templates, as well as a checklist for when to send all the emails at what point in the transaction? Yes.

So you don’t have to guess when they go. It’s very specific. This happens now. Then you send this email says what they need to know says what they need to know right now. Also, there are six attachments that go along with some of the seller side. So like move out checklist and showing prep or all that stuff. So there’s hope the information you will ever need to tell your clients in one of these templates.

Yes. And if you still aren’t sure, you can go back and listen to episode 31, where we talk about the importance of the templates and why we use them like what are we even doing so we hope that they help you because they have helped us so much immensely. And we have gotten so many wonderful reviews about how they have helped others. And so now they are up to date and ready for you.

And you can go read reviews and all the information at email templates. One Oh one.com

Lovely. How easy is that? Great.

Okay, y’all enjoy

my another thing that they said is when you fail mindfully, you do it’s not just about being like it’s okay that I’m a failure. Like, oh, so apparently I didn’t know this. But there’s something called Rapid failure culture. Oh my god. And it’s about people who are like seeking to fail so that they can say it takes 100 noes to get to one yes. And they almost like put in jail. They’re just like, when they do fail. They’re like, this is a good social media post. I’m gonna go remind everybody, yeah, that I failed to and yeah, but you have to ask yourself, you don’t want to take failure lightly. Okay. But you want to learn from it. Okay. So kind of like how I’ve noticed that mom world, sometimes it’s cool or trendy to like, post a picture of your messy house or be like the kids are crazy today. Just wanted to let you know, I’m a real person with right, which is fine. But it is a trend. It is a trend right now. It’ll trend. So same thing with business, like oh, I went on a listing interview and didn’t get it. And I went on for more and failed those two, like, but at some point, you have to say, I need to it’s not funny, and I need to learn from this. So what are my lessons I’m learning from this? And also, who is it impacting? Right? So when you have a year, that was just, let’s say it was a fail? Not because everybody said no. But because you didn’t do what you were supposed to. So you never even got me? Yes or No, you didn’t lift up, you’re making the calls or writing the letters or doing the open houses. I weren’t doing anything. You didn’t get yeses or nose right. Nothing happened. At least when you’re getting nose, you’re doing some you’re putting yourself out there. You’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. And you just have to give it the time. So failing mindfully is about saying, I’m a single mom, so I have to make this work for my kids. And when I fail, it affects the family. Right? I heard a business woman talking about when her business that she started, failed, failed. The hardest part was that it impacted so many people that worked for her right, like failures do have an impact, either on yourself or maybe your parents like if you’re still being supported by your parents and trying to get become financially independent. Yeah. When you don’t do what you’re supposed to be doing. It affects your family that still has to continue to support you. Right. So just thinking about

and what you’ve what that mean, focus on grows. So just like if you’re being you know, appreciative or feeling gratitude, there’s no room for the other negative part. If all you think about are your failures and in talking about then that’s what grows that’s what comes to you if you spend all your time obsessing over the net owes, there won’t be any yeses or definitely less of them.

It does take a lot of humility to look back and say I did this wrong in that transaction. Yeah, I would have sent this email, or picked up the phone and had a conversation, or whatever the case may be. Those are hard things to come to terms with yourself. And I’ll tell you the hardest things to come to terms with with yourself are things that you’re probably not going to post on social media, right? Like, it’s one thing to say, a failure, that is a noble failure. But there are some times when you’re like, Well, that was a mistake I made and I’m not putting that on social media, you don’t need to, but those are the ones that you need to take the biggest lessons from and really hold yourself accountable.

Right? I’ll tell you how I handle the self talk sometimes. Well, you know, I get up in the morning and I write my goals every day. i It’s working great. I’ve been doing it for two years, I added my affirmations so if there’s something particularly nagging then I added an affirmation for that. It’s half a page. It takes me five minutes. I do it before you add things. Oh, yeah. Okay, I changed up the I change up the affirmations based on what’s going on. Some of them are always there, and some of them change. And then if you go Google and look up, just visualization and what that means that is filling your mind with a positive, very detailed vision of what’s going to happen. So you never close the sale. Well picture yourself at the closing table. What kind of chair you sitting in? What kind of drink? Did they serve you? You know, what type of buyer Did you work with? Picture yourself in your car with the check on the seat of your car, and you’re going to your office to get your commission? Like, how does that feel? Picture the steering wheel like they do athletes do this? Okay? Pictures and the picture, the actual outcome that you’re trying to achieve? Because then your mind believes that had it has happened. And then your mind makes it happen. So one

of my quotes was, I became free the day I realized that the cage was made of thoughts. Right? That’s so good. Yeah,

I mean, that’s so good. But it’s true. Your mind is so powerful. And if you’re, if you’re seeking motivation if you came to this episode, because you’re like, Yeah, I need motivation, you know, build me up, rah, rah, let’s do this. Remember that? The what those simply the words that you choose to think or are what will motivate you or not motivate you, you know, just listening to us? It may help you today. What did you put in your ears? That was my next thing on my list? What do you listen to? Yeah, what do you listen to? How do you motivate yourself?

I have a few pots. I listen to us sometimes. I like Joyce Meyer. I mean, I have a few that whenever I’m in a funk, depending on the topic. And sometimes what I like to do just for fun is I’ll google podcast on patience, okay, or whatever it is, I’m struggling with. Sure. And I just kind of read that. And I that’s how I find new podcasts. I just, I might just listen to that one episode these people did on that topic, but anything that will just help me change what I’m thinking and pull myself out of the negativity. And another reason this is so important. There was a psychologist who was talking on a TED talk, okay. And she was saying that failure is way more common than success. Okay, in this world, like statistically. But another reason too, is that negativity was built into us as humans to survive. Okay, so for example, back when we were living in the wilderness, you couldn’t be enjoying the beautiful sunset without always being on guard that there might be a tiger or a wild animal. Like you couldn’t just naturally take a break and enjoy something without always being on guard. Right? So it was in us for survival. In today’s modern world, you know, don’t have to worry about the tiger all the time. No, you can just sit and enjoy the sunset without any fear of what’s going on for a minute, right. But it takes practice and it takes training. I can totally agree with that. But it’s just nice to know that you’re not broken. It is more normal for humans to err on the side of negativity and worry, especially in America, where everything is measured by your success and pressure to be more and more and more activity so much.

Yeah. Oh my gosh, here are some of my favorite podcasts. Everyone knows we’re gonna go through them. Okay. Gary Vee. Yep, always. Love my Gary Vee is very motivational and practical and tough love. Lots of the tough love. Yeah. Which works for me. I guess. I also if I’m in a funk, maybe I don’t want to hear about business. Maybe I would like to listen to a little smartlace Yeah, smartlace is funny. Have you listened to Smartlist? No. Okay, I’ll tell you about it later. It’s really good. All So if I want to get back to business, I love gold digger. Get sometimes it’s good to just get out of real estate to like some more general tips about business will really help you think outside of the box. Don’t be just doing it

reminds me that everybody’s going through this. It’s not my industry.

Yeah, yeah. I like our friend Anna, it’s about time if you’re looking for like, Okay, I’m feeling like I’m not getting stuff done or you know, anything that’s like, feeling is weighing on you to do she’s got an episode for everything. Literally. How do you make to do lists? There’s a whole episode. Well, how do you do that? And then I’m going to share in a minute, I listened to an episode of Amy Porterfield this morning, online marketing made easy. So her podcast is very specific. However, she covers all kinds of topics and they’re very, she’s very upbeat. She’s very transparent, like things are not always perfect for her. But she has a very good business and and I listened to an episode today that I’m going to tell you all about with Brendon Burchard. It was episode 429. And I’m gonna tell you what he told us. Okay, six high performance habits. Oh,

this is good.

I like that. You perked up for that? Because you’re like, tell me about an item. Tell me about the high performance habits. Do you want to hear now? Yeah. Okay. Well, first of all, he said in this episode, that you need to adopt a solution mindset. Okay, so if you’re having a problem when you get discouraged, what’s the solution? Like, how are we going to get through this is there’s got to be a solution. Right? Okay. So adopt a solution mindset. And then when you get discouraged, that’s your signal to learn or to reach out for help. So if you get discouraged, now that’s the time to learn. Just like what you’re saying, Did you fail at something? Well, what can you learn? How can you reach out for help? Okay, here are your six high performance habits. Oh, I thought those were two. No, that’s just as that was the pre talk. Okay. I was giving you the pre talk again, y’all. Episode 429 of Amy Porterfield, online marketing made easy. And Brendon Burchard is the guest who’s doing this. Okay. And he wrote a book called wait for it. High Performance habits. Okay. Okay. I haven’t read it to be honest. But it sounds very good. And it’s not new. It’s an old book. Number one, get clarity. You’re like, what does that mean? What are we trying to do here? Ask more questions in meetings, like, try and figure out what is the point of whatever it is that you’re doing. Get more clarity, clarity on your business clarity in your life, like knowing your purpose, right? And then this quote, blew my mind. Momentum is always preceded by clarity. Figuring out what you need to do while you’re doing it will precede you feeling the momentum and motivation to do that thing. Like what are you trying to do? Number two, generate energy. Okay. Okay. So what does that mean? Well, you have to make energy. How’s your diet? How’s your sleep habits? Do you exercise? He said, 60% of high performance. People exercise four times a week.

I believe that I am so sluggish. If I can’t just like go for a walk. Right? Move, move. physically move. Yeah, move.

So you’re created but because you’re creating energy, okay. Alright. Next high performance habit? Raise necessity. You talked about this already in the show. And I was like, what does that mean? Put positive pressure on yourself? This is your why why am I going to this listing appointment? Why am I sending the 50 letters? Why am I doing what is the point positive pressure, he used the example of an Olympian at the start of a race who he was, he does coaching like high performance coaching. And he was like, well tell me at the beginning you know, this race is going to be decided by a couple of tenths of a second Can you tell at the beginning of the race who’s going to win? And they said well, the person who needs to win like my I’m doing this for my mom I’m doing this for my kids like who who meet like you have to have so basically raise necessity do you need to do it? Number four, learn to be more productive. I mean, it’s a high performance habit. Yeah, what are you doing that’s not productive in this is Oh,

I think that’s a great we’ve talked a lot about things that you should be doing. But there’s so many things that people are doing that are just time consuming that are gonna get them nowhere, right

waste be more productive. Oh, and but here’s the key for your motivation. Take breaks. Yes, you cannot. Like they’ve done the studies. You cannot work more than four hours in a row and be productive. So at four hours is the max but the the actual most effective is to take a break like 10 or 15 minutes, every 50 to 52 minutes. Okay? So if you’re writing the letters or sitting at your desk or making the phone calls or whatever it is that you’re doing, you know, engaging with your database on, you know, social media set a timer.

I think that’s why I like Office days, too, because I stay home. And I do I catch up on laundry those days. And when the dryer goes off, I’m like, trying to take a break, you’re being and I go full clothes. And while I’m folding clothes, I think of things and remember, oh, yeah, this that, and I come back and I have like you, then you’re renewed? Yes. Yeah. Isn’t that amazing? Just a little mental break, right. And the way

Americans are not taught to break, they’re taught to push themselves to the extreme and, and what he was saying in this episode that I thought was fascinating is like, you have the stamina to work longer than four hours, you have the stamina to work 1215 18 hours, what, like, your human body can do that. But you’re, you’re losing productivity, you’re losing creativity, you’re losing. Like, if you just had taken a break, you would have gotten more done, right. So just take the break. Number five, develop influence. These are high performance habits. Remember, developing influence is like teaching people how to think so you know, you let’s just say you have a social media plan for your real estate. And instead of just, you know, telling them how bad your day was something that went wrong, teach the people who are following you how to think well, this is what you do. As a first time buyer, this is what you do as a seller this, like,

had this one pertaining to social media. No, it wasn’t because my first thought before you talked about it was like, pick a committee at your board and serve on it, and then meet other people in your industry to where you’ve become a leader among your peers. Like you can join a volunteer group and asked to be the secretary of that group. And now everybody knows who you are, because you’re taking notes at the meeting. Like to me influence is so important when it comes to working with your peers.

Right. And that’s, I guess that’s what they’re trying to say. Having influence is a high performance habit, and focusing on having influence, right. While we’re on that. We have a listener who is in a smaller town in Arkansas, I’m pretty sure Yeah. And she is not a very, she might have been in it a year when she started listening to the like, she’s not an experience. She’s the president of their board

this year. Wow. That’s so nice.

She’s the president of their board. Like I remember when the like, she’s been listening to the show for a while and like, it’s to me, she’s just a new agent, right? Like, I remember her being brand new. And now she’s the president of the board. That’s amazing. So great. But you know, so like, get out there. You don’t have to be old and a veteran and done 1000 transactions to get involved. Okay, last one on a high performance habit. demonstrate courage. Okay, so take action, even if there’s risk, stand up for yourself. And for others.

I think two that can go along with just resilience and pushing through and humbling your y’all when you are not killing it in the business or you don’t meet a goal. It is embarrassing, right. But nobody knows. Yeah, but you know, and I just think that the people that I have talked to you on coffee dates and whatnot, they’re like, I’ve had this goal, and I never meet it, but they’re too stuck in embarrassment that they don’t have the courage, right to actually take action push forward. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s, but I do think a lot of it has to do with is that, remember when we talked about over motivation, right. I love that term. And they were like, people get over motivated. They listen to a podcast, and they’re like, Yeah, I could do all of them. If you’re listening to this podcast, and you’re like, Yeah, this is what I needed. Because now I’m gonna do an open house, and I’m gonna join some things that I’m passionate about. But then the episode ends, and you go to lunch, and then after lunch, you’re tired, and you don’t want to do those things. Write them down right now. Yeah, and your phone. And then when you get to your desk, write it on paper, whatever you’re thinking, I need to do this. I need to do this, put it on paper, because you can’t survive off of the mental hype. No, but you know that there are practical things that you were supposed to do that you did not do. Right. And they need to be written down so that you can follow the plan. Yeah. And until you follow the plan, that’s why I had to tell people, did you do all the ideas that I gave you right now? Well, don’t come back until you’ve done yeah, yes. You need to take accountability and have the courage to just push through.

Yeah, agree. I love that. Do you want to hear some of our listeners motivators? Yeah. What motivates them? The reward of traveling with my family? Oh, yeah. To Do lists. Well, that’s true. I am motivated by a good to do connecting with other people. Okay, okay. I m o n also humbly. I didn’t know that was gonna be there. That’s funny. Okay. What else motivates you supportive people doing the thing and music, music have music? Good to you gotta have a playlist. What is your, you know, happy playlist mine just says happy, okay? Or I just you know, I default to the Jay Z Pandora. But whatever like works for you. Like, okay, for instance on the weekend, you know, my son is in basketball. And in the car, you know, sometimes we’re listening to some low key stuff with the kids in the car like Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews. It’s just chill. And then I’m like, wait, we need to hype you up. Yeah, you’re going to a game you need a hype music. So now we get hyped music. Oh, good. Which is fun. Okay, here’s some other motivators. Music, always my focus co working sessions. But my mom, I love co working. Yeah, but my morning routine is key. So having that morning routine. Okay, let’s see what else. We got another four you do? What motivates you?

You do the do the podcast? Yeah. Okay,

how about my children watching me succeed and work hard. See, I

think that’s so important for moms to hear. Because I was talking to a mom the other day that said, I just don’t want my kids to just think that I’m, but it’s okay for them to see you working at times or to figure it out is it say positive it is you don’t want to be the mom that’s always on their phone or computer. But on the days that I do have to pull it out while they’re there. I say, Haven, I have to meet a deadline today. So I’m going to work on my computer for a minute. And then I’m going to come back but I have to get this done. And she knows what that means. Let me

tell you, my kids are older now nine and 12. That I think I’ve told this story before when Ainslie was about three, we went to a birthday party, a few doors down from a house I had listed. Whenever we drove by the house, the sign had like tilted over. So I’m like, hey, just pull over. I’m gonna pop out and fix that sign. And at least when I got the car Oh, Katie, she’s always working. But it’s, it’s like being away. She was aware. It wasn’t like I didn’t go to the birthday party. I was in the car with her. But like you can marry those things. Yeah, it’s not like it’s all one or the other. You can do both. I just think that’s so funny. Oh, Katie, she’s always working. But also, what is your support system? Yeah. So if you feel that guilt, or like maybe that you don’t think your family is getting enough, maybe it’s time to bring in some help. Like, maybe you need to have a grandparent come over. Or maybe you need to lean on your spouse more like, we are a team over here like, right, we have to figure it out. Okay, now, let’s go back to people’s motivators. Podcast music. Oh, I have a playlist that helps me boss up think Beyonce a 90s Rap, ah, I want I want this. I want this playlist planning. Oh, writing in my planner and calendar helps me see what I’m moving toward. That’s good. That’s a good one. And reflecting on what I’ve done already remembering what I’ve overcome. That’s a huge,

huge instead of looking at it like Well, that’s all I’ve done. I’m such a failure. Like, look, look at what I’ve done, what I’ve done,

you know, I’ve posted recently, you know, people do a lot of times on social media, they post their their to do list for the day, like all the things I’m going to do today. And sometimes that makes me feel overwhelmed. Like, oh, that’s a lot. They’re doing much more than me, and maybe I’m not getting it done. I said forget this. On those big days that you have, then you feel really full and you’re just impressed with yourself for getting it done. Make yourself a stuff I got done today list. Yeah. What did you do? Cross it off post great, like it’s done. Okay, someone else loves the podcast for any podcast. Okay, what else we got? Okay, this person is working on leaving their current full time career and replacing their income with real estate. And the flexibility to be able to attend my kids school events is a huge motivator. So getting out of that nine to five. Yeah, that’s the why. Okay, and then I had one that said, I’m a big believer and Mel Robbins thoughts that motivation is largely a choice. I mean, I would agree with that. Yeah. Okay, so those are some of the responses on what motivates

Well speaking of like, it’s a choice and you have to make the decision to say, I’m not going to feel this way and put forth the effort to find a podcast to schedule a lunch date with a friend to go for a walk. Like you have to make the action decision to do that to motivate

yourself. Those are easy, no one’s gonna know it doesn’t hurt you at all to find a podcast to listen to right to go to lunch with your friend like the things you just listed are fun. Yeah, just just go on and do them and do them with intention. So some intention is good. And then I just had books so I know a lot of people love to read. I have been we were talking about in the previous episode atomic habits. So I started it but With a more like, mindful approach, so I have a notepad because I’m listening to it in the car. But that’s turning out not to work, right because it made it I wanted to make so many I literally want to rewrite this book exactly as it’s written. Not that there’s something wrong with it. It’s just that good. That’s all the notes you want. I

want all the notes and write it down. It is it is riddled with you waiting it without our book club. We’re gonna start a future book club.

I know. Well, it takes me a long time to read up. So I should start now. Okay, gotcha. The book club will catch up to me. Yes. And then we’ll that’ll be our first book. It’s so good. Okay. But I also I like Gary’s crushing it crush. It is good and crushing it. He’s got a bunch of really good, practical, motivating books. Okay. Okay. I think that’s it for my motivation notes. It’s a really lot. So long episode, huh. We really like motivation. Yeah. I hope that it actually brought some maybe some practical ideas, a little bit of joy. You know, you can do this, you can do the best to do it. You can do this, but

you have to do

remember, the most important part of tough love is the love.

We do struggle to just give motivation without tough love. Because I think that you have to think that we’re doing things practical people.

Yeah. So it is impossible for us to just be like, you can do this here. Aha here. 100 quotes, you can have a

six figure salary. Don’t make a six figure salary. It’s your fault. We’re not those

people. We’re not those people. You can do this at your level, whatever that level is. Okay, Christ. Oh, yes, I do. Oh my God, that’s the most motivating thing that we do. I love it. Here’s the toasts people. Today’s toast comes to us from demora Bolton. I don’t know if you remember Tamara. And I was surprised we haven’t toasted her before. But she left her full time corporate job after listening to the podcast. Oh

my gosh, I remember her email.

We were like, What are under that was early on. I’m like, Oh my God. We were in New York and she wants to toast to Kelsey Gasteiner Oh, God, that probably isn’t right. Maybe so and Sarah Reed. They are the most supportive colleagues and really embody the community over competition. We just had our 2022 business planning brunch together and they always helped me feel wait for it motivated and supported. Wonderful. They are all agents with shorewest realtors in what? CATIA, Wisconsin? Oh, okay, well, CATIA, okay, yeah, well CATIA, sure okay, this Wisconsin words

get me our hard names. Cities. They’re all hard.

Chelsea losing a condom walk.

Oh my god.

I don’t even know if I did it. Right. Okay, so cheers to Kelsey and Sarah and thank you to dimora and y’all just go out there and make it happen.

Yeah. Okay, good. Get some good plans together. Yeah, there you go. Good. Bye bye. You’re gentle bye. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be

sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode, topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. See you next week. Bye.

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