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It’s time to celebrate that thing that we LOVE the most in our business, referrals! Today we talk about the best way to get referrals and why we love them so much. We share stories of our favorite referrers and that sometimes referrals can come from unlikely places. What do your clients need to do if they have a referral for you? What should the letter to your database say that asks for referrals? We have you covered. We also dig in on reviews/testimonials. When is the best time to request them? Where is the best place to post them? How should you share them? Reviews and referrals are like sweet love letters to your business and we want to celebrate them!

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We went through the drive thru daiquiri place on the way and like spent the day looking at River property. It was the best day.

Boy, it looks like you really swallowed your pride with family, not your family, a family we’re taking this Valentine’s episode into stalker vote

Hi y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. I Alisa Katie, I think we’re gonna start this I’m ready. Happy Valentine’s Day. Time. Hello, and I love you love you and we love

our people. And this is episode number 132. Okay, I feel like I want to talk like Delilah on this episode. Lila, and then we could have people requests love songs, or love stories.

Today we are going to talk about referral love, yes, love working by referral love from our referrals, database, love love letter to your database, whatever you wanna call it, love, love. It’s all about love. And the people. You know, all the people that get into the real estate that say, I just love people. People will test you on that. Yeah. But we did. We just love our people. So we’re going to talk about that today. But first doo doo doo doo doo the flip report. We’re getting good at that. We are

now that it’s over. It is officially on the market. Oh, hooray. It got off to a slow start. Okay. Um, I think I knew that. That’s how it was going to be

you seemed really worried.

Yeah, because I was pushing the price higher than I thought was, okay,

tell us that you thought it should be at x what?

I was gonna list it at like 319 ish. Okay. And then Whitney and others when I was a more, more more Yeah. And I’m like, but it’s too bad round. It’s a two bedroom. Like, I know it’s hustling because price per square foot. It could have been like 415. I know. Because it’s so big. So important, the bedroom, but the two bedroom thing I knew because I’m that way. Like when I’m working with buyers, I take that into consideration. So anyways, we listed for 329. And it took a little minute to get up showing. When I say a little minute. I mean, like a couple of hours a couple. Well, you know, in this market, when you list a good house, right? It’s like boom, boom, boom, you were like, Oh, yeah. Overlapping showing like, no, boom, no, there that did not happen. Right? That did not happen. off to a slow start. Okay, I had a showing scheduled. And then I had a second showing scheduled, okay. And then the second showing canceled neuro and they decided it was more than they wanted to spend was the feedback. So I was like, oh, no, they saw the pretty pictures in the back. Yes. And then they’re like, No, we can’t do this. Can’t do that. Not the first showing canceled. Oh. Oh my God. What happened?

What is happening that

her buyer really needs there to be gas run to the house. This house does not have gas Street. Yes. He has a gas generator, which is important in Louisiana who likes a gas stove. Okay, so I told Whitney, because I was like, wait, they you nobody lives higher. Now this is happening. Nobody wants to house I like that you blamed I did I blamed Whitney. So I told Whitney they canceled because there is no gas to the house. So Whitney is like, I’m going to call the gas company right now. I love it. So Whitney like bullied the gas company into agreeing that to run gas they need to they will certainly run gas to the house on their expense. What? They will do it and then they will run it all the way to the house and then once it’s to the house, you are responsible for getting it to where you want it to go. Fine. Great. So I called the agent back and it was funny because Whitney emailed me like a reference number who she talked to like all the information so it could never be debated. Okay. So the agent rescheduled Oh, good Whitney. Like hustled that appointment back on the book. Love it y’all take note. Yeah, I was very impressed. I was just gonna cry about it but when he was like, do something about it we’re gonna show show them we’re gonna get gas at that house. So they loved it. But she said her buyer is a slow decision maker could not make an appointment. Then I got to the next day so then it was like nothing crickets. So then the next day I had an appointment. Oh, I know

cuz I think I texted you that night. I’m like, How’s it go? When

you’re like nothing like it’s nothing I’m gonna send no showing. So then the next day, I had a showing schedule,

which was a Friday, Saturday, Saturday,

Saturday. Okay, so I after, like 12 hours passed, and I didn’t hear from the showing I texted him or email them and was like, Hey, how did your showing go? Oh, it wasn’t for a client. I just live in the neighborhood. And I’ve been watching that it’s been renovated. So I just wanted to go see it and knife in the heart. And I was like, thanks so much. Even real, even real,

then at least Mark agent preview in this showing. Yeah, that’s an option. Yeah, y’all know that? Right? Yeah. So that they don’t Okay, go on.

So then we have another showing. Okay. And it is the buyer that the second showing the HUD canceled that was like, no, no, I don’t want to spend that much. Black. Yes. was like okay, okay, like, let’s go look at it. i There’s nothing else like I like it. I do really like it. So here’s this funny, the agent like couldn’t get there. So Whitney, I went showed it. And it was perfect, because she was able to answer all his questions. Absolutely. Um, and then Sunday, we had two showings. So it started kind of picking up a little Okay, great. One of the showings was like, No, the feedback was not interested, beautiful home, they really wanted to add a third bedroom and did not feel it was possible with the floorplan which is not. So they were a no. So yeah. But the one that Whitney showed is supposed to be sending me an offer.

This friends, we learned so many lessons out of this flip report. One, if there’s a problem for a buyer, and they tell you what their objection is, try to find a solution. Yes, if you can find a solution, then you’ve solved the problem.

Yes to

when you show your own listings, especially when they’ve been renovated or there’s a lot of amenities or there’s just a lot of things to net. Regardless. Every time I’ve shown my own listing those buyers buy the house. Yeah, because you are able to

shoot through sales. I know

salesmanship. So y’all, if you’ve got a listing, it’s having trouble getting sold. Maybe it’s time for you to pop into some showings. Yeah,

maybe now the listing agent needs to be present. And you can just give the tour and then leave, right and give the buyer that you don’t need to lock up your client. No, no, no, you

just need to present the property. The truth is, the buying agent a lot of times is not presenting the property. They’re just opening the data. Oh, they’re seeing it for the first time, too.

I do think Whitney was so excited about the house and was the perfect person to show it. She loved all the changes. Look at this look. Yeah, look, she did this. And this used to be like this. And this used to be here. Yeah. This beam wasn’t here. I have really you’re like, really? You’ll

take note. I know that sounds silly. And, and maybe like, Oh, we don’t step on anyone’s toes. In our market. It’s super common for buyer’s agents to ferts listing agents to be there for luxury listings. Yes. Like they’re always there for the showings. But this is just a, you know, mouth. Yeah. But it’s happened to me on run of the mill houses when I had to go do the showing for some reason. All right. That’s it do to do today today, do

that flip report.

Okay, back to the love letter.

Repeat? Well, I had it kind of as a repeat and referral. Tight, right?

Perfect. Yeah, tell me. Before you get into what you’re going to tell us, we’re going to truth be told, we were going to do a love letter to our database and realize that we had just done a database revisit on 107 Y’all know that we’re database people. But we also are getting a lot of new listeners. So we don’t want anyone to miss the importance of working and in and setting up and, and everything that has to do with your database. So here are the episodes that you need, Episode Nine, what’s the database how to use it,

that also is where we really talk about the database template that we have. And if you need a blank copy of that it’s free. It’s on our website,

you just go to hustle humbly podcast.com/database

And you can just get the free spreadsheet that we talked about, but you need to listen to that episode to understand these two.

Then there’s episode number 15, which is keeping up with your database for the holidays. But y’all regardless of if it’s holiday season, it gives you ideas on how to reach out to your database. Yes. Okay. Then there was a number 107 So not too long ago, database revisit, okay, we kind of talk about cleaning your database, how to add people to it, what are the qualifications so that episode revisits database again. Yes. So today we’re going to talk about loving referrals,

because we because you have loved your database, so well should be getting done. Now. You are getting referrals and repeat business.

And my number one note is the best The way to get referrals is to provide excellent customer service. Very, very simply, you have clients now while them if you don’t have any clients and you only have one client, you better really well them because you don’t have a lot to work with. Right, but that’s the number one for me. Okay, what do you what are your thoughts on this referral? Because you work by referral,

repeat and referral are my top two? Me too every year every year? Apparently, according to Nar 82% of all real estate transactions are either repeat or referral business 82% 82%. So only 18% are internet leads, sign calls, right? Maybe Open House leads. Yeah. And not only that, but that 18% is the hardest business. That usual hole. Yeah, cold, cold world building a relationship from scratch. They don’t know you at all. Who knows how many times you’re having to follow up with them. Right. But you know, it’s funny to my third highest source is realtor referrals. Yes. So it’s still a referral. Yes. So I do a lot. So our company is in all of Louisiana, right? And we do a top 30 trip every year. Okay. So I have become good friends with agents in New Orleans and Alexandria, just all around. And I was always very intentional about those relationships wise, because those are top producers. I will tell you this, though. It also made me realize that the realtor referral business, I make less money. Yeah, because I’m paying a referral. Yep. And when I give a referral, I usually ask the agent for 20% Oh, I do just because I feel like it’s so much work. I’m just making the introduction. I don’t want a quarter

that years and just pushed you over the edge. Yeah,

I just feel like if I’m gonna do it, well, if you’re closing 15 to 18. Realtor referral transacted extra 5% Yeah. Makes a big difference. Right. But I actually got a realtor referral this year and asked for 20. And they were like, not pleased. I got pushed back. What how much did they want? 25? Oh, right. Yeah, they want it seems pretty stay at it standard. But I always did 20. And I thought 20 was fair. But they’re not thinking it’s fair. So I’m kind of rethinking like I want I like those that business because they trust me, right. But that is 15 transactions a year that I’ve made a quarter, like a fourth of the fourth less than a normal transaction. Right. But I appreciate the referral. So this is the first year when I was doing my evaluation that I was going. It’s great business, but you make less so I’m just trying to decide,

well, that would be the same if you were paying for a lead service, or you know, some of those like Redfin, do it that way. Were you paying a referral at the end, you’re not paying per lead, you’re paying 30% back. So you’re right, you have to like wait, because an extra transaction also means extra time. Yes. But that’s great. I mean,

I enjoy it. And I’m not, I’m not against working the referrals. It just kind of, I think it’s always wise at the end of the year, to look at your money and to look at your business and to look at your time and evaluate. Do I need to do something differently? evaluate

them all together? Yes. How much time did it take? What was the money? Like? Where did it come? That all make sense to me? Right? Okay. Well, I’m glad that you brought up agent referrals, because I also think you need just the way you said that you’re in you were intentional with those agents who were on that trip with you and building relationships.

And what I wrote, I hand write them letters. Okay, saying like, Hey, I had so much fun with you and Charleston. Don’t forget, I’m in Baton Rouge. If you ever have Baton Rouge people coming here, I’d be happy to help that, like I was very I wasn’t just being their friend. I also reached out after the fact these agents are in my database to get Christmas card. I love that they’re in my database to get the LSU football magnet. So I was really treating these agents like regular client. Yes.

As a client. Yes. And your database. I think that’s great. I, I see a lot of recently, agents, forming relationships with other agents, especially because of social media that could be anywhere and then they you know, have this referral network. I think that’s great. I also think it’s good to be mindful of your market and where do people move into and out of from, if I had to go to any market and like schmooze realtors to try to get referrals I would go to Houston all day every day, people look constantly coming in from Houston going out to Houston. Like I’ve sent lots of referrals into lots of different markets in Texas, honestly. But then you’re right. The other one would be probably New Orleans back and forth from Wyler’s to New Orleans all the time. The other

thing I realized was of these realtor referrals, the 15 it, it’s funny because it was 15. It was in sorry, in 2021. It was 15 and 2020. It was 15. Okay, in 2019, it was eight. Oh, it was so it’s growing each year. But a lot of it too, is people buying condos for their kids to go to LSU Yeah. So that’s a lot of the business that I’m getting is that they want to invest in condos or housing for their kids coming since. Yeah,

that’s a lot of industry,

I would say of the 15 I think like seven or eight was was a real issue housing for their children. Okay.

Makes sense. But knowing your market I think is key to getting Asian referrals and to working appropriately.

Yeah. Okay. And I’m still like, want to work that business. Yeah, but maybe this year, I don’t hand write all those letters. Okay. Like I just kind of if it comes great, right, you’re gonna maybe I dedicate that time to handwriting to repeat and referral to your to your top peeps. Yeah, like my clients that are ages. And then I still work the realtor referrals. I’m just dedicating my energy. Where’s your focus? Right where I am. What you focus on grows? Yes, these transactions make 25% more money. Right. So I’m gonna dedicate my handwriting letter time over here. Right, the Lisa. And then when the realtor referrals come, I work them. I appreciate them. I love them.

I love it. Okay, let’s talk about since you’re on numbers, I took down what percentage of my business by percents were referral past client and personal sphere? So basically, your database people, right? Yes. client or referral from someone on your database, or someone that’s in your personal sphere? And would be on your database? Right? Yep. Okay, and 22? Let’s, we’re gonna go back one, two to five years. In 2017. Okay. 72% of my business, were those people 72 of database people, we’re going to call them 2018 88%. Whoa, 2019 73%. So we’re back around the Yeah. 2020 91% of my business was referral past client, personal sphere, y’all remember now by 2020? I’m in the business. 14 years. It’s just a lot of buildup. Yeah. past client and all that. And this, they’re turning right. 2021 95% of my business was referral past client personal sphere.

Very interesting. So almost 100% of it. Yeah.

And I don’t, because I also am not focused on any other type of lead source. I’m only focused on that type of business. So now as a as a control, if you will, let’s go way back to the beginning. Okay. 2006. Okay, my first full year, so I got my license in 2005. At the almost end of the year, the first full year I’m in business. Can you guess what my percentage was a personal sphere and referral, because I couldn’t have any repeat yet. 3056 Wow, that’s pretty good. 56%. So it’s grown, obviously, incredibly, but there’s so I guess my point to say, even to the new agents, you can’t just say, Oh, I can’t do that. I don’t have any past clients. You still have a sphere, you still have a personal sphere, and you still have people who can refer you out of that. So referrals are still a thing that you should be focused on. Okay. What else you got?

Well, from that when I was going through, like the sources of where everybody came from, church was a huge a lot I’ve sold, I’ve sold a lot of people from churches, their houses that they’re in now or when they’ve bought and sold, but it’s just because I show up like they know me, I go to Bible study, I go on retreats and things like that. You have to be present. Yeah, you have to be present with the people. And that’s fun, because it’s like, I know them and then I just get to hang out with my friends more, right? I had a client that was a teacher. And the lender that that she used was a teacher before she became a lender, okay, and she just had like such a heart for helping this teacher. And then this client referred us to another girl that she works with at the same school that was a teacher, right? So the lender was like, why don’t we put together like some little goodie bags and send it ask them how many teachers it was a small school. Okay, so she had there was 15 teachers in this little elementary school. Okay, so we went and got 15 little Tupperware chairs. Yeah, and filled it with Expo markers and sticker. Just things that teach was nice and brought them to the school and they did have our business cards in them, right? But it was just fun. Like, that was fun business and we ended up selling houses to like four or five teachers from that school. I love it. You could do the same thing with nurses. Like if you have a client that’s a nurse ask her when she’s working next and like bring a Chick fil A tray or have like food delivered for her shift run for the for the worker, you know all that?

Because then you automatically have built in street cred. Yes, social proof, because

oh, this is my realtor. She sent us right in or

she’s there, the client is there. So anytime you I guess you could reach out to a client in their place of work. They can vouch for you, they guess? Yes. Oh my god, this is so nice. Surely they’ve never had another realtor, send them a tray of sandwiches. And they would probably be like, Wow, yeah. And she’d be like, That’s my realtor. Oh my gosh, she’s so great. I love my house, blah, blah, blah. I think that is amazing.

I have also like always been intentional about the people that the buyers bring with them.

I have that in my notes for you to talk about. Okay, so

tell us why I encourage buyers to bring mom dad friend’s sister, whoever, to either the home inspection or while we’re house hunting. And when the closing is over, I ask them for that person’s address. And I just tell them, I just want to write them a thank you note. Yeah, I’m not trying to do any do anything. So if it’s a mom or a dad, you know, hey, thank you so much for all your help during the process. I know that you are so proud of Megan for buying her first home, right? I know that your opinion and input meant so much to her. So thank you for being there to help guide her through this process. If you ever need anything, let me know. Right? And I put one business card in it and that’s it. Yeah. And then I add them to get like a Christmas card or right anytime I do a mail out. They’re just on there. Okay, but

you only ask for their address. Yes. Do you go and like friend these people on social media?

Yeah. Okay. So like wherever you would need to keep up with them. Okay. But it’s but yeah, just ask yourself at the end of a transaction who did I meet during that transaction? Because now it’s no longer a cold lead right. And they were ideally impressed with you because you made it through the closing table. And they did not recommend that this person use someone else right. So it’s not like my best friend encouraged me to use her realtor like they don’t they don’t know a realtor. Right. So or they didn’t really making those relationships that are naturally people are so focused on I need new business. I need new business. They have so many people right in front of you. It’s just right in front of you. Yeah. And they’re missing I also made a note that it’s okay and probably wise to ask your client for referrals during the transaction. Yes,

these people will never talk about real estate more ran while they’re in the process seller buyer, no matter what they are talking to their friends about getting ready for showings, or they’re talking to their friends about getting offers or talking to their friends about their home inspection. They’re talking to everyone about buying a house at that point in time. So don’t now I love what you’re doing because you’re sending notes to people who were there during the process. But don’t forget to ask your clients for referrals during the transaction. Hey, when you’re talking with your friends about real estate would love any referrals? If they’re as great as you I’d love to work with them. Yeah, no good, like, just make it feel like

you know, and it lets them know that you’re open for more business. I know that sounds silly. But people think like you’re so busy. They don’t know, they don’t know. But when you’re intentional about asking, they’re like, oh, yeah, sure, I could definitely let them know or stager information out

tell you how many times sometimes have like, Okay, well, we’ll just have a fake example. My buyer client writes an offer something happens the inspection they cancel, they feel bad. I’m like, Don’t or like they buy for sale by owner and I don’t get involved. And they’re like so upset. I’m like, don’t worry, you’re gonna send me those referrals though, right? Mm. Right. Like, that’s how you got to ask for the referral. Honestly, the public doesn’t automatically know that something that you do or want and if you say things like, I only work by referral are the safest businesses by referral, then your clients want to help you? Well, Oh, you’re right. I don’t want you to work with some random stranger off the internet. I will send you my mom or my sister or my friend, my best friend. They just had a positive experience with you. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t send you a referral, right? I mean, they’re not typically going to do your review, mid transaction. I think some agents do this, but I’m not going to ask you to review my services till we’re done. But I can certainly ask you to refer someone while we’re in progress. Yeah, my man.

One of my big so one of my first closings. I think it was year two too. And it was a friend from college and his dad was very much like, No, you need to use this agent. She’s been our family agent forever. And he’s like, Dad, I just feel more comfortable with my friend, right? Well, Dad was there throughout the whole process. He’s an engineer. He’s very intelligent. He was, I always felt less than like, I wasn’t, I didn’t know certain things. And he was like, did you know that you can look this up on this website at the city Parish, and it was just always so much more than I knew about. And I just knew that this dad was furious that that his son didn’t use me, but we made it to the closing table. And afterwards, I wrote the Dad, thank you letter saying what I already told you. I say thank you for all of your help. I know that your opinion meant a lot to him. I really appreciate that. You were there. And you taught me a lot.

You bought, it looks like you really swallowed your pride with

it. I did because it was like, I don’t even know if I want to do this. I don’t want to send this I don’t know. But then he called me and said, Alyssa, me and my wife, we want to buy this condo on the river. And I was gonna see if you wanted to help us. And I was shocked. I bet you were I could not believe it. And so it was about 45 minutes away. So they were like we can ride together. We went through the drive thru daiquiri place on the way and like spent the day looking at River property. It was the best day and they bought. And then he sold the River Condo a few years later and bought like a river how Oh, and then he referred me to my biggest sale to date house on the river. It was like one and a half million now. And there were many more that he referred me between that one and that one. I mean, overall, I’ll have to go look at my notes. But at least 10 good leads that I closed from him. That would have never happened if I didn’t write that note to him.

And you even knew that he already said he had an agent. Yeah, that he was pushing. And then I’ll

I really wasn’t writing the note to get business. What were you writing it for? I was kind of writing it for closure for myself too. Just because it was a hard experience. It was a hard experience. And I always felt self conscious about how it went. And that was a good way for you to like I was doing it for myself to just like, close that chapter and be the bigger person and say, thanks for everything karma worked out great for you. Yeah, I never thought he would have called. That’s not why I wrote it. It was just to sit and I don’t even think I asked for business. I just have to know because I was

probably so impressed that after he gave you such a hard time, you still wrote a

hang in there. He has sent me more referrals than his son, my friend. him and him and his wife are like, you know, I don’t know, we just we still I love it. It’s fun, but you never know what is gonna lead to. Okay,

I have a note here also about referrals. You never know. And I wrote. And I quote, referrals can come from surprising places. They truly truly can. You can get a referral from someone that you like, obviously, they don’t need an agent home inspector. The the real estate photographer sent me a referral once and I was like, why, you know 100 realtors, you know all the realtors. I’m like, okay, but, you know, title attorneys or any like, just because they’re in the industry, they know all the agents doesn’t mean anyone is even attempting to get their business because they’re probably all thinking the same thing you are, or like just thinking about where you can help someone in their business like IE, maybe you know, a divorce attorney or an estate attorney, instead of trying to get business why don’t you say Hey, can I prefer provide, you know, free market reports for your client? Like if you need to know the value of a home while you’re working on a you know, property like a settlement. Let me know. It, it adds up and it matters. And then like I said, you can get those referrals from some surprising places just because someone says they have an agent doesn’t mean they’re going to use that agent forever. Right? Hey Alyssa, Hey Kati, guess what? We have updated the email templates finally. Hallelujah. They are updated and there are more of them. Yes,

we have 10 Fire template right 15 seller templates as well as a checklist for when to send all the emails at what point in the transaction

Yes. So you don’t have to guess when they go it’s very specific. This happens now then you send this email so this is what they need to know what they need to know right now. Also, there are six attachments that go along with some of the seller side so like move out checklist and showing prep or all that stuff. So there’s hope the information you will ever need to tell your clients In one of these templates,

yes, and if you still aren’t sure, you can go back and listen to episode 31, where we talk about the importance of the templates and why we use like, what are we even doing. So we hope that they help you because they have helped us so much immensely. And we have gotten so many wonderful reviews about how they have helped others. And so now they are up to date and ready for you.

And you can go read reviews and all the information at email templates. One Oh, one.com Lovely. Oh, easy. Is

that great.

Can y’all enjoy my

I talk to iPad class back in the day back in the day in 2014. When they get our office or Florida? Yes, it was for agents to learn how to write purchase agreements on their iPad, and how to do paperwork on the iPad. So when I hosted it, it was mostly older agents that attended the class. And there was one in particular, looking back on this day, it still makes me smile fancy, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy was in that class. And Nancy was older. I mean, I cannot believe she was still in the business show and the iPad class. I mean, I was super impressed. But she was struggling in my bag class. And so she stayed after me and her just became friends. When I started talking to her. Something about talking to her was not like talking to an older person where there’s this huge age gap, right? She was just on my level, she related to like starting a family and was telling me how she was a single mom back in a time when that really wasn’t embraced or acceptable and how she had to use real estate to basically save her family. Anyways, as Nancy got older, she said, Look, I don’t know if you’d be interested. But I have this buyer and I can’t show them all the houses like I used to, but I want to be involved. So I started helping Nancy, right. And anytime she had a buyer or even a listing, we would co list it. And by the end of the day, I mean, me and Nancy did seven or ate together, transactions together. Nancy passed away last year. And I have people that are like I need you because you knew Nancy, like Nancy was my agent, and she loved me. And she loved you. And so I have to have you because you knew her I love it. So it’s just it’s just interesting. I even closed one after she passed away did and I was like, This is so crazy, because she’s like, still here.

These are her people. These are her people. But that

being said, like agents that are in your office that are maybe wanting to retire, like asking them like if there’s anything but here’s the thing about that. They are not just gonna give it to anybody. They are looking at you at our work work ethic. Yep. At your professionalism. Yeah. At how you appear in the office, right and how you speak.

We’re gonna cover this in the coming episode. But you can go to those top producers, those, you know, people that are getting closer to retirement age, and offer to help them for free. Yes, offer to do you know, whatever you can for them, so that they then remember, Oh, she was willing to work, right? And now I don’t want to work. And so I’m gonna send my clients to her. Because she wants to work. Yeah, it’s really quite simple.

There was an agent that moved away, and she was referring her business to a certain agent in our office, which I thought was fine, right. But then she reached out to me and was like, this is a different kind of referral. Like it’s a little bit more high end. This buyer is a little bit I mean, this seller is a little bit more analytical and tough and like, I just feel like you could handle it better. Okay, so I was like, okay, so I ended up closing it, but it goes to show like I even had kind of counted that all like them. I don’t Yeah, they have someone helping them. That’s fine. But so I was even surprised that they called me for this one. But it was just a harder one. Yeah, I can remember. So there are several agents that were new with me when I started that are not agents anymore. Right. And they refer me. Yeah. And there is no referral fee because they’re not agents anymore. Yeah, a lot of them.

I’ve had this happen to like agents that I have, you know, helped a mentor to my office is a lot smaller than yours. So there wasn’t a lot of people constantly coming in. But there was one agent in particular that I liked. She was like, can I follow you? I’m like, Yep, I was mentoring her. It didn’t work out. Like she ended up actually moving away, and it wasn’t working out. And so she had clients or people she knew here and she would refer them all to me. Yeah, yeah.

I had a I had a client one time that bought a house and his parents were very involved. And I wrote him parents letters after and I added them on Facebook and I sent them Christmas cards and then he became an agent. Oh, right. So out of respect. I deleted them from my database. I was still friends with them on Facebook and stuff. Did he just do Yeah, then he didn’t stick. So I put them back in my database. I had to go back and find their passion. Yeah, I was like thing and I deleted. So I put them back and I put him back. He became an agent. I was like, Well, you’re not a past client I’ve had

so many past clients become agents is ridiculous so long. Like, clearly I’m making this look too easy. Okay, so I think that’s funny. Let’s talk about how do you get your database to refer you so we talked about in the database episodes, you know, dividing, you’ll hear this from all the like gurus and coaches and stuff. How do you divide your database, you gotta divided N A’s, B’s, C’s, DS, whatever, you’re gonna label them. But not everyone is the same. Right? Right. A plus is the people who know you like you trust you have probably used you before what always use you again and would advocate for someone else to use you. So like, oh, wait, you’re buying a house, you have to use Alyssa, you have to use her like not just they will use you. Those are like maybe the A’s or B’s? The people who are like telling everyone they know from the top of the mountain? No, you must use Alyssa. She’s the best. Okay, so those are a pluses. But you have to teach everyone no matter who they are. How do they refer you like logistically? So you’ll get a lot of these. Hey, I told my friend, I gave my friend your name. Immediately. I’m like, Oh, my gosh, thank you so much. That’s wonderful. Do you by any chance have their email? I’d love to swit send a quick hello, no pressure. Great, great. But ask for the email. Because there’s a lot of times the friend doesn’t remember your name doesn’t know how to contact you is not quite sure if they’re ready to start the process. And then you send one email that’s like, Hey, I’m Katie. You know, Susie told me that you might be looking to buy or sell, and just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself. Let me know if you need anything. Like the end. Yeah. Open the dialog. If that works, every time yeah, just open the dialog. It’s not salesy. It’s not Don’t be over the top. I’m an agent and I can help you just hey, Susie said you might need an agent to help with the purchase. Just let me know what I can do. Maybe you want to attach your reviews to that here, my reviews. If you want to know how I work, that will be a good one, you know, so do that. And then get your clients on your database. Interested in your business? I love the way you do the letter, the mid year or the Thanksgiving Thanksgiving letters. Like I’m still working towards my goals.

Oh, yeah. No, that’s giving letter. It’s just thank you, right. I’m here if you need me, but you could do a six month I haven’t had to do it in the last two years at this point in my business. Yeah. But at the mid year point, writing a letter saying, we’re halfway through the year, I have some big goals for this year that I am almost meeting if you have anyone looking to buy or sell I would greatly appreciate if you would pass my name along. Here are a few business cards I am working and hope you’re doing great. Yeah, that’s all it has to say. But you have to be intentional about asking for it. I’m

looking for you to send me referrals. That is what I need for you to do.

Yep, people love to help they love to and you’re not asking them to buy anything or attend a Tupperware party? No, or to put your credit card and you’re not asking for anything right except for them to help you and think of you and people love to do that. When you ask from a place of humility. Yeah, what they don’t like is seeing you post 100 times on social media in a fancy blazer that you’re a realtor now who do you know looking to buyers looking to buy or sell send on my way? They’re not gonna do it. I did not join anyone

any value to the person looking at your social media either. It’s not entertaining. Nope. It’s not helpful. It doesn’t add value. No, thank you. Right. Okay, I love all that. I also want to talk about as a method to sort of that you vouch for you. Getting reviews is a great way to also get referrals if you will, maybe the people that see the review know the person maybe they don’t, but having that person post their review. My lender always does this when she gets the review, she’ll then tag the person or tag me if I was the agent. Now all these people are saying oh look at this review. I see that you know so and so use this agent and they had a great experience now reviews to me, we’re gonna take our Valentine angle or like love letters from your clients. Yeah, you receive back from your client. So these are the nice things they want to say about you. You need to know where you’re gonna post them and you need to ask for them every single time

I’m in a better plan on like sharing mine let me try to get them but I don’t really do a lot with them. Okay, so what are some things you

do you tell you exactly what I do? Tell me. I’m gonna tell you what to do. First of all, I have gotten them on Zillow. I have a link from Zillow. I have gotten them on realtor.com I have gotten them on Facebook, you can. And I’ve heard great success stories about getting them on Yelp, although I’ve never done it. Currently, my plan that is working and I am loving is Google, you need to get them on Google. If someone Google’s your name, they’re going to pop up first. Because it’s your Google business like it’s linked. But you have to set that up. It’s not

that hard. And you need to do it. Because when people Google a business, you know how it comes up on the right as like a separate thing, and it’ll have your logo on it. Yeah, you have it showed up, it is not hard to set up. It’s not hard to set, I make sure it doesn’t say open 24 hours. Now. That’s what a lot of the realtor Wednesday, give you business hours, office hours,

but I have shared the Google link for just the last maybe just over a year, a couple of years. I’m like, Why do I keep sending these people to a website, I don’t even want them to go to right, I’m gonna send them to Google. And then when they post it there, no matter where if you’re using a link from realtor.com, or fate, those, those websites always email you and say you have a new review. That email is what I typically then would print up and stick in my brag book. Sure, because it makes me happy. But also I cut and paste the words and I put it on my PDF, like my actual document that’s got all my reviews on it. Yeah. And then I print up the reviews and put them in my client folders. So now you can see it. So if I go to a listing appointment with you know, I’m being interviewed with other agents, the reviews are in the folder, it’s really good. The reviews are in the folder. It’s not just like you have to go find them somewhere. And then of course, you want to cut and paste them and put if you have your own website, get them there. Okay, you’re probably not going to get them. I don’t think I would even recommend that you have them automatically do it there have them do it in a place where the the power of Google or the power of Zillow or the power of realtor.com is putting those those in front of more eyes. Okay, yeah, but Google I love And lately, I’ve gotten a couple of actual clients who called and I’ve been like, how did you find me? And they were like, just Google? Yeah, like I failed on the internet. I’m like, these are these reviews, I’m sorry, you’re

popping up more, because you actually have your Google profile set up and have content, you will

have to have a office address, because to set up a Google you have to tell them where your business is. So then they send a postcard to your office. You get the postcard and you sit and tell them what I did that. I don’t know. But so like when you go to search my office, it also pops up that I’m there. Other agents can do it in the same office. Yeah, like their address can only be used once. But that’s how it works. And I’m telling you those reviews, they are inferred referrals. It’s like someone else in the world is saying, Katie did this. We liked her. This is the type of client we

were and y’all know how much money this costs. Oh, right. Nothing, nothing. All the new agents out there, stop spending money trying to get business there’s so much good free stuff right in front of you

provide good service, ask for review the end. Buyers and sellers. That’s it. That’s it. It’s quite quite simple. Alright, so those

if you don’t have past clients to ask for reviews, ask for referrals from people that you know, yeah. Right. I wrote letters when I was a new agent that said, I started real estate I am with this company. They are a great company. They’ve been around since this time. Yeah, training has been amazing. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell, I’m ready.

I love that. Do young people are gonna ask you can you do it again? Get your pens get your parent pen Japan

getting ready. Don’t message me asking for this. Okay, she’s gonna do a real slow do URLs URLs bow. Hey, I just got my real estate license. I am working for this company. They have been around for this long and they have amazing training. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell. send them my way. I’m ready.

I love thee. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready.

I’m not in training to do this. I’m not timid. I you know, I’m ready. And then have some really nice pretty business cards that you put in there.

I love it. I love it. Okay, we talked about your best refer. And before we I guess in this because it is going? No, it’s going so well. This is our fan. Favorite thing to talk about. Okay, you can do more we can do more. Here’s my note on who’s going to refer you the most family, not your family, a family. Your family may not be the one I have a few families

that could name right now that I’m the family real data’s I’m telling the mom and dad told other kids I told Aunt Mary Yes, I’m the family realtor. Yes.

Please pay attention to the fact that your clients who have children, even teens, you’re going to be around a minute but let’s just say they’ve got kids in college. Those people are going to refer you to their children. I’ve done so many parents than their kids and the kids friends. And then

oh my gosh, I never thought about the fact These families that have kids, yeah, that are in high school, like, I’m going to be their realtor one day, because I’m still gonna be here in 10 years selling real estate.

Yeah. Wow. And that’s also kind of a, you should tell

them that when they’re at shows, we’d be like, listen, one day, I’m gonna be your realtor and you’re gonna buy a house. Yeah, you know, it’s funny when I was younger, even freshman in college. I never thought about buying a house. No, but you shouldn’t nobody ever even mentioned. And you know what, I’m the type of person because I was working and I made a lot of money working in college. Yeah, I was the type of person that if somebody would have planted that idea to I would have done it and you’d have been doing it. I would be like, how much do I need? Okay, and wait, my mortgage will be how much like that’s way less than my right. And then I could my roommates that I have now. Mortgage. Your little retirement brain would have been so excited. I know. I’m kind of upset that I got a late start on figuring it out. You know, I ranted for so long.

I did too.

But I think if somebody would have planted that seed, I would have totally figured out a way to make that happen.

Well, right. I know. Isn’t that crazy. So pay attention to your clients in their children thinking of

working through college. I worked at this restaurant in college, and I had regulars in particular, I had this regular Mr. Mark, Mr. Mr. And his friend. And every Thursday, every Thursday, they came in and ate lunch. And I waited on them. And then we figured out that his daughter went to school with my middle sister and we kind of just started making connections. And every time they came in, we talked like friends and learn more about each other. Love it. Well, after four years of seeing them every Thursday, I came to them and they knew that I was working on my real estate license when it came time that it’s like my last shift with them. I have my business cards ready to go. I said y’all, I’m not going to see y’all anymore because I’m not going to work here. And I’m going into like it’s happening like y’all have y’all know that I’ve been working on my license, and now it’s here. Wow. So I gave them a business card. And they left me a beautiful tip on my last lunch serving them. And then in my first year of real estate, Mr. Mark called me and said we want to move we need to sell our house and I was like okay, so I show up and it’s like a $400,000 Holy smokes and we want to buy in the country club.

I know like smokes what you like me the 60 year old you want to I can help

you. And so they sold that house, and they bought with me and they have sent me referrals. I’ve sold their kids at home. I mean, it’s just funny how that worked out. And I did not want a lot of you asked. Yes. And I was not just intentional with them. But I was intentional with all my regulars. people that knew like trivia night people I’m like, Y’all, I’m not going to be here next to me now because I’m selling real estate. And y’all need to buy

houses, right did and they did.

But you I had to ask felt like gives me chills. That’s so good. I could name so just last year, I sold two houses that they had bought with me from my so I worked with them. They were my fellow bartenders. Yeah. And in my first two years they bought little condos with me. Well both of them are getting married now so we sold their condos and they both bought so I mean I haven’t been a bartender and however long and it’s weird because it happened in the same month. So I told like one of them I was like you’re not gonna believe this but guess who I’m closing tomorrow? Oh, no way and she was like, No, the other the other girl and she was like what I said I know it’s weird that y’all kind of both came back at the same time. I feel like I’m I’m having like my flashback days because I’m seeing y’all I’ve seen y’all both so much in the last six weeks. I’m just remembering right back there. Yeah, maybe you miss it so much. Oh my god, but it’s really just about being intentional staying in touch being nice with the people that you’re working with now. Yeah. And do people like you and are did they know where you’re going and how to reach you and what you’re doing

Don’t be a secret agent Don’t be a secret especially not in the beginning. I know you feel nervous but just at least let them know let them decide

all the moms out there all you have to do is like be a good mom that shows up when they need volunteers it’s your job yeah to be the volunteer like what other career is it your job to be a good involved parent most jobs like corporate America they don’t You don’t get to go to anything you you have to like do all the aftercare and and not and you miss all the school things and field trips and now it’s your job. Yeah, to show up right? That’s what I love about this job. I know I get so fired up because people are like, but how are you not burned out because I like it. cuz I go to Bible study on Tuesday, and then I go on the kids field trips, like it’s our job to do the thing, just like

love Yeah, not to do something that’s contrived, and that you’re uncomfortable with just to do your life.

I’m not burnt out, because I’m not doing things I hate and cold calling in right doing, you know, talking to people I don’t want, if I don’t like you, you’re not going in my database. If you’re someone that I closed, and it was not a good transaction, because you’re not a nice person, I don’t want to work with you. And I don’t need you. I don’t need you. I’m not putting you in my database. I

need that in my life. I know. But you have to, again, be intentional with how you’re getting through, like, who is on the database. And so

it’s funny that you say that, now that I have decided at this point in my business that I don’t want to go that far. Right? I am not reaching out or writing letters to the people that I mean, if they call me great, I will be there right to sell your home. Now, if you’re looking to buy I am referring them, because I cannot make that trip so many times. Sure. But I am not heavily marketing, right, everybody anymore. I am like, oh, wow, I loved working in this zip code with these people like you start and now there’s hundreds of people because I’ve been in the business for 11 years, right? So I’m narrowing it down to the location that I want to work in the people the price range, like really narrowing in on where I want to be. I love that. And that’s okay.

Yes, it’s totally okay. And you don’t have to be deep in your career to have that. But it’s going to take a little bit longer. Because as I have here in my notes, working by repeat, especially and referral is a long game. Yep. It’s like compound interest, it will grow exponentially. So once you get 10 years in, I had an agent in my office. I think before I even hit five years, I remember her so vividly, she was a top producer, saying, Oh, at year five, that’s when the referrals was like really like, it just turns on like a faucet. And I was like, Oh, that’s very interesting. And it’s true. The longer you’re in the business, the more you will get as far as repeat and referral. But you can also train people early. And here’s the last thing that I really want to say, if you get 100 people on your database, which should be your goal 100 Should that’s

a good solid call you can get more is not better. No, like the people at these conferences I go to they’re like, I have 11,000 people in my database. I’m like, you cannot have 11,000 relationships with people that you want to

work with no, no. So Right. We want 100 intentional 100 relationships with people who you could text Call, write email, anytime, and you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable about it. Okay. And remember, those? Only, I don’t know the percentage, I think it’s less than 15% of those people would actually buy or sell that year. Okay? I don’t it might be less than that. But each of those 100 people on your database knows 100 people. And those are the people that they can refer to you when they are go and then all of a sudden look how you’ve exponentially increased your reach. Your reach is huge.

We could I could do every episode. I know talking about this because it is the quote unquote, secret. This is the real estate right secret. Where do you get all your business? How do you not burn out? Right? What if you get tired of being treated like trash? Well, you should be working with people that treat you like trash. This is how it should be because you are you are dedicating your effort where you want to go, right? And it’s not going to be on a billboard, right? Because you don’t want to work with everybody. You want to be selective. What do you love? Right? Go there.

You know, it’s funny, you just said the person at the, you know, conference with 11,000 people in their database. If you have 100 people on your database, and those 100 people no 100 people that’s 10 That’s like having 10,000 people in your database. Yeah, but you only have but here’s the good news. You only have to build a relationship with 100 of them. Right? That’s it and then tell them how to refer you. Mm hmm. Okay, anything else on your notes? Um,

only 21% of agents get more than 50% of their business from repeats and referrals it’s a small number these smokes I thought that was interesting that should be way higher

considering from jump I’ve been at 50%

Oh, you know what, I’m not good at this but I think it is. So only 50 55% of buyers share their agents name on social media in the posts you know, they usually always post just bought a house but they don’t always share that you know why? Because we don’t ask them to agent didn’t freaking ask. Yes. Hey, would you mind tagging me in that post? In front of your front door? Yeah. Hey, make it even better. I need to be better about that.

There was an A lender I worked with and they the whole office did this. Like a, I guess it was a contest. I think they gave stuff away but for their lending clients, it was a hashtag and they stood on the door and it was like hashtag whatever front door like that. And that’s how they would run the contest through the lender. Do you know I’m saying maybe, I don’t even know what you want. But I really seeing and thinking, that’s a good idea to do that for your clients. You can be like, hey, when you take your picture in front of the house, don’t forget to tag me and wait to see it. Tag me and I’ll send you a special treat. Okay, the front door could be something like a wreath. It can be something for the front door. Oh, that’d be cute. a doormat. Yes. I’d be cute. tag me in your front door picture. Yeah. I’ll send you a good idea. How cute would that be? Yeah. Y’all, there’s a limitless amount of things you can do in this business. And that’s fun and do the things that are fun. Yeah, please, for heaven’s sakes. Okay, are you ready for a toast? Yeah, I know. We could keep going. Let’s cut it off these people that we’ve heard enough today.

I miss all my, my people now, like the ones that I miss, Mr. Mark. You know,

that is kind of funny, though. When you get deeper in the business and they just come automatically. Like, I don’t have to reach out as much, but I also miss them. I know I do. Because you’re like, shoot, I love talking. I actually had a client. I don’t remember why she texted me a week or so ago. And I’m like, Hey, we send me pictures of your family. She’s like, please don’t please send me photos of your family shoe. I just I love you so much. Okay, so sorry. We’re taking this taking this Valentine’s episode into stalker mode. We’re like we really love our database so oh my god, I love it. Okay, moving on to our toes. This test comes to us from Oh god. It’s always the finding the person who it’s from. I believe it’s from

I might need to start doing the toast you’re gonna do what you don’t like the way I do it rude to Cuba. Just be nice to me. Valentine’s Day. Sorry. Gosh,

this is from Jill walls. Okay, okay, to be fair, she did. Link you into this message. She messaged both of us. Jill walls. Oh, yeah. Yeah, Jill isn’t fly Tonia,

Texas. Okay.

Okay, she says I discovered your podcast because it was recommended in a Facebook Mastermind Group. Shout out to all y’all who always share the podcast in your Facebook groups. We love that we so love that because people don’t

they don’t know. They don’t know we’re here. We don’t do a lot of we don’t do any paid marketing. But hey, guys, we need to ask you for referrals.

Oh my god, dog.

Yeah, we never thought about

that. Did you refer us that would be great. Yeah. Anyway, she found us in a Facebook Mastermind group. I have never found more relatable and doable ideas for real estate. This

was perfect for this episode. Yeah,

she said I ordered agent systems and it is life changing all caps. Between agents systems and the podcast. I am learning and tweaking so much. I can’t wait until iron out all the little details and get it flowing. I binge listen to the podcast and feel like you two are good friends. love it so much.

Friends. I don’t Oh, she means like we’re her good friends.

We were her friends. Like we are good friends. Thank God. We love each other. Okay, she is toasting to her best friend since junior high Oh, business partner and Samsung. She is the legal and administrative guru to my marketing networking extrovert itself. What a great team. Yeah, there couldn’t be a more perfect match. I am literally living my best life and couldn’t enjoy it more. Oh,

that makes me so you don’t hear that often. I couldn’t enjoy it more. When’s the last time you said that about your job? couldn’t enjoy it more and enjoy it more? Love that right? And we’re in

our third year and rocking this business? Yeah. Okay, so cheers to en and to Jill. That is amazing. They love each other.

That’s a good one’s a great one for today. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day

would you refer us please and you share us

go give some love to your database today.

Yeah, go love it.

They need the love show them the love really bring them something? Yeah, go

do be send a few text messages just with dollar Starbucks gift cards that you can text them and then they even let you pick the design. Yes, Ryan I bet they have one Oh, that’s a good idea.

I love what you’re so proud. You’re like yes,

I’m gonna you get 20 People in do $5 You spend 100 bucks on Valentine’s marketing and I

love Oh my god pick out the single ladies. Yeah. Oh, Have a single ad are so good that take it you know what they call that taking it to the next level. Okay, I’m

writing all this down. Okay, well goodbye. Okay. Say bye bye sorry. Writing all down like thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure to follow

us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. See you next week. Bye. This is goodbye

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