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Back again with more love for your database! This episode is a follow up to episode 9, What’s a Database and the How and Why You Should Work It. We keep the “touch” talk down to a minimum and dive into ways you can CONNECT with your people during the holiday season. We cover some of our methods of contact during this fun time of year while talking all things pie, Christmas card and much more. Tune in to hear some easy ideas to reach out and get your creative juices flowing!

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All right, thank you so much. I’m gonna start again because that was like, Alright, now he’s gonna be like this is hard to edit. Sorry, Jay.

Hey friends welcome to hustle humbly.

It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are to top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market working for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business.

So stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. This is episode 15.

Episode 15. Keeping in touch with your clients and database around the holiday

holidays, love the holiday do too. It’s so fun. Such a magical time of year just makes

me want to like rest and do nice things for people. I know. Just take it easy. We should

lean into that. Let’s bring all of them blankets and tell them to nap and call it a day. Right? I like it. Well, okay, so we’ve had a database episode previously. And we talked about how we communicate with our database because Alyssa doesn’t want us to touch them. Right? And we’re going to try. So we’re you’re going to communicate with them maybe specific to the holidays in this episode. Yeah. Okay. I like it. We didn’t think of any fun stats. There’s not. There’s not a lot of built up to those

not really any stats today, just good ideas to give you some easy option, right? Because you can do

I think number one is the holidays are busy for everyone. Oh, yes, it’s busy. For us. It’s busy for other families. It’s just it’s a busy time, a lot of events and things. So we’re not suggesting you have extra time for all of this. But pick a few small things that will at least let your database know you’re thinking of them. So it’s not really it doesn’t take much and neither you or I do like a big elaborate.

No. And you know, it doesn’t have to be this big, huge commitment. I was talking to an agent in our marketplace last year, and she said that she used to deliver a ham to her past client. Holy smokes. That’s awesome. Yes, but it just got out of control. Because there were too many there was too many too much time drive time pickup delivery. Sometimes people aren’t home. And so she just didn’t do it one year. Yeah, everybody was so disappointed because they were used to it. So how did she handle that was like I just felt bad because I started something that she couldn’t fit that I couldn’t finish. And now I’m hesitant to do anything because you don’t want to feel stuck. What if I do it this year and next year I get busy and don’t do anything so dang. That’s why we wanted this episode to give you some good easy to do idea. Yes,

that it doesn’t take much for much time. You know, there are lots of different things. I did the same thing. But now with him. When I first started probably a year or two when I had a decent number of closings that had happened I made cookies and I put them in like a kind of fun little vase and I let’s just say there was 12 past sales and I went to all of their all over the creation because there was some in Baker and southern Prairieville. And you know, I drove a good 45 minutes in either direction to deliver the cookies, but it only happened one time because as you get busier with business there’s too many of them just like the ham situation. And it’s just you don’t physically have the time I know

to get there. I did chocolate bark. Okay, here did you make the bark? I made the bar that’s amazing bark making party. Bark. Pardon. I delivered them all. And then the next year my business had doubled and it was just so much and

the logistics for the barque just didn’t add up.

I would have to retire for real estate during the holidays to make each client feel special. But right.

And I have had to have my busiest months, not the same year but it was a December 7 closings and I had a January with seven closing so you know if the January had all those closings all the work was happening in the December Yeah. So somewhere alongside my 14 year illustrious career, two of those years, there was no way I was so busy with work. I couldn’t have done anything. There is one thing that I have stayed committed to from the beginning and it is the Christmas card. Yeah, I love a Christmas card. But my system for it has changed in the beginning. I bought you know standard like a picture card with a little message inside and I took my pin with my hand and I wrote Merry Christmas or whatever. It was a client in hope you’re enjoying your first Christmas in the house. And I would sign them all and that we went that way for years probably and then I started to find I was adding more and more people to my personal Christmas card list. You know where I had my family photo? Yeah. And you know, that list started to get longer and longer. And then it started I think one year maybe I dropped the ball and nobody got a card and I felt miserable about it because that really is is the one of the things that I do for my database every year. So I’m like, now my database hasn’t seen or heard for me and a whole year maybe. So then I got on to Vistaprint maybe, and found a very nice card, but that pre printed in my, you know, signed name. And that way, it was super easy to have someone else or even myself says your family picture or No, no, this was like a business card. So okay, thanks for your, you know, business this year, Merry Christmas, or happy whatever it was, and then it had my name already on it. So I could just stop stuff. Because I mean, the list had gotten pretty long right now, this past couple of years, there are so many people, I think I will transition to what you do soon, where is either comfortable with everyone who’s on the list, and they all get the family card, or I just don’t know that I’ll keep doing the business card. Or I’ll save those people. Maybe for a New Year’s card.

I will say those are the ones I throw away. The ones that are nothing. They’re nothing. Yeah, you want you you want a picture. They’re just a generic, right? I don’t feel bad throwing. I can’t

throw away any of them. I still have every year not mine.

Okay, so that was on my list to talk about, okay. Every year, I keep the cards in a box. And when I hang them on my mantel or around my doorframe, or whatever, inside my house, and when I get to them, I text that person a picture of her card from last year. I love that and I say look what I found Merry Christmas, and it just let them know that you I’m still here. I’m in your life. I still have your Christmas card. I hope that you’re writing well, all this thing. I love that they’re excited because you don’t remember what you did last year. Now sometimes I go back two years, I have them all to Yeah, the photo ones. Right? And how easy is it to just send a text message real quick.

You’re right that you have. That’s a great tip. I love that. I love keeping there. But what do you tell us what you send out on who gets it in my database, which

has about 500 people and it includes all the past clients that I want to communicate with and do business with again, right? Because what have we learned? We take them off now if we don’t like them, right? You don’t have to be everybody’s realtor. No, if it was a personality clash, or someone made you cry, please take them off. They don’t need to hear from you. And you don’t need to hear from them. It’s okay. And it’s Yeah, it is 100%. Okay, and these are all people that I know. So them getting a Christmas card of my family doesn’t make me feel weird about privacy, or you think it’s fine. I think it’s totally fine. It reminds them that I’m a human fair and I have a family. It makes me relatable. They like me, they want to support me. Yes. So I send out one Christmas card. Okay, that has my family on it right? And everybody gets it. It’s one big mass mail out 500 ish ish. And my realtor friend like I have a group of realtors that I have become friends with just around the country that are in my database. Hey, get it. Yeah.

That makes sense. Yeah, everybody, anybody that I

would want to say Merry Christmas. They all get the car if I don’t want to say Merry Christmas to you, then you shouldn’t

you shouldn’t be on the database. Right? It’s okay, let those people go. What do you get good feedback from that? Yes. Always. Always. People are excited about it forwards Yeah, yeah, I think 123 years ago I like you dropped the ball on the ball and

felt so bad about it. And Christmas came and went and the text messages started rolling. Were like what happened? So I did a Happy New Year call you did that we like quickly scheduled family pictures. That’s amazing. And did a happy 2017 card. Love it. Happy New Year.

Yeah, that’s good. I like cards. I think that’s easy. We should all

well not doing it made me realize how many people do enjoy them. Yeah,

I know. I mean, really. It is an expense, but I just I just do it. I think that I I mean I probably send out 150 It’s not cheap. Let’s just say postage is 50 cents on the card might even be 50 cents a lot. It’s a lot to write off.

I think a lot it’s a promotional write off. It’s

fine. I think it’s important. It means it’s a cost of doing business. Yeah. Okay, so we both do a card and then you sort of that’s where you draw the line there but the buck stops there for you.

You know that I keep it simple.

I now I don’t do a lot.

I love your idea about the coffee

car. Okay, you may tell you that when okay. So probably two years ago two or three i somebody else posted this in a group I was in on my what a genius idea. You can buy a Starbucks gift card online, and it gives you like a basically a printout. It’ll have a barcode don’t want it. And you can put you can reload it too, so you can put however much money you want on it. So my Facebook friends who are past clients are sorted into a group called clients on my facebook so you can post the status that only they see. So I would post a picture of that gift card and I would say I actually did it on Black Friday, like, hey, you know, client friends, whatever. Hey, friends, if you’re out today shopping and you need a little pick me up for the holidays. there here’s a Starbucks card, you just take it to the register, they scan the barcode, there’s $100 On this card, when it runs out, it runs out so you know it’s first come first serve Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, y’all go enjoy. And you said post a picture I said, post a picture of your drink in the comments. So we can all enjoy it with you. That is probably I think Facebook alerted me and said this the other day, it was my most commented on post of that year, because they did take the pictures. And I cannot tell you the amount of joy that I received that whole day from $100 Starbucks gift card, a five minute Facebook post, it did not take me any time at all. And all day long. I kept getting these pictures of my past clients and my sphere who were in that list. Going to get a coffee and y’all they didn’t even spend the whole $100

in that so cool because they just brought their phone to the Starbucks, hold it up, scanned it. Yep, scan the barcode, we’re sure charge your car.

I still use the same one. That’s I’ve done it I think on three separate occasions. Yeah. But I think for the holidays, it’s a great time to do it. Pick a Friday, you know, a lot of people take off on a Friday go and they’re doing the Holiday shopping or do it on a Saturday morning or whenever I mean, you can do it for you doesn’t have to end you could do it for a couple of days work on your part zero. That’s what I’m about? Well, you should try this one out. Because it really it really was great. And you know, people just start to comment later in the day, Hey, is it still available is it used up and I kept an eye, you can go on the Starbucks app or online and find out what the balance is. You can see where it was used. So I could see what you know, where they went, how much they spent. I mean, I don’t know who it was. But you know, you can see if anyone was abusing it. Anybody’s like, hey, well, I’ll let you too well, right. So they do tell you to wait out the actual numbers, because I guess if you put the numbers out there, they can drain the whole balance onto theirs. But I don’t think anyone would do that. But you never know. If you just put the barcode on there. You know, they can only scan it the register. And it’s I love that and whatever but good techie idea.

It was so great. So you could do that in a Facebook post or an email. Yeah, you could

do an email. Yeah. Yeah, email, you could send it in a text message. Honestly, you could just be like, all they need is that barcode. Yeah, you could do it in a text message. You could pick your last 10 closings or right the people who bought a house in the last year. We don’t have to do it that way.

Like the Facebook thing, because it makes it interactive for them. For sure.

Yeah. Well and then everyone else is seeing the pictures of the other people with their coffee. Yeah, like that, though. It was really fun. I do like that one. And that’s an easy one to implement. And then a lot of people like to do the pop buys. Have you ever done any pop buys? I like that you said though why?

What are you saying right though? Why a pop buys?

Can’t right now you don’t know what to pop by is pop by like you pop by someone’s house

like to deliver cookies. Sure. Well, I did that fit the bark.

Well right here. I’m gonna give you some pop. I think that’s real estate jargon. Maybe you don’t know it because it’s also considered touching. You’re saying

I don’t show up in your space. I

don’t. Okay, so potpie for instance would be you go to someone’s home. And a quick we’re not even trying to go inside. We’re trying to go to the front stoop and hand them a little happy. Say hey, how’s it going? And then I mean, like they even tell you like there’s a whole system in place for Popeyes. Brian Buffini is big on this. Okay, so if you ever want to go look up some Popeyes, but you leave your car door open in the car running because you don’t want to also get stuck in a 30 minute to an hour stop. Just say Oh, my car’s running. Hey, I’m running around the whole area. You know, you could organize them by ZIP codes just like you when did you organize by ZIP codes? What

were you doing? That’s when I just did like wind drop offs. So this is the that’s a pop by time I’ve ever done a drop off. I’ve never knocked on the door. Okay, I always just left it this works

for this. That’s a pop by okay, you can either knock and or not not irrational. It’s it’s quick. It’s gotta be quick. You could do champagne for New Year’s so you did wine that was good. You champagne for Nick because look, here’s the other thing if you’re swamped busy through Christmas, you’re traveling you’ve got events, you’ve got kids, whatever. Well, I mean New Year’s finally like things are slowing down a little Yeah, go the day or two before New Year’s drop a bottle of champagne to your last, you know, clients or whoever. I like this one, a roll of scotch tape and a All of Christmas paper Q and you put a little cute tag and I’ll say something like, thanks for helping me wrap up another great year. Oh my gosh, that’s so cute. Oh, there’s a plethora of cute sayings for a Popeye there is you can go put like little like a scratch off lottery card, you know, they have holiday themed ones. And you put a little tag on it that says something like, you know, here’s a little holiday cheer for you. You could do Almond Joy, like a candy bar with the tags that may your holidays be filled with joy. What else i Oh, hot cocoa and like little marshmallows. And it just something like home for the holidays like just something warm and fuzzy. Oh, they also make those hot chocolate, the spoons with the chocolate on the spoon. Those are cute. And then they look those go on and on and on. You can eat those you can drop by with any number of things. Yeah, and they’ve got those for every season of the

year takes it a little bit to the next level. Because it requires you to deliver that look

that’s going to take some organization, you’re going to have to produce the item you can hire like

a high schooler that’s out for the holidays and just tell them to go give them up to all these lists of addresses on at the front door for sure. Yes, that’s all. That’s what I’m all about.

You could do that. The other one that I have done one time. I don’t know. Maybe one time I think maybe two. I did the reverse by Oh,

I love this idea.

This is the Thanksgiving pies. Yeah. So now you there is about a three week, at least maybe two week at the minimum build up to this because you have to email your database, you have to say I am going to be giving out pies to all of my past clients. You need to specify what pie you want. And it would be Apple pecan pumpkin or whatever the heck pies you want to do. But I think the key is to say you have to pick because that way you know for sure what everyone is coming to get. But can’t just say I’m having apple and pumpkin pies. Or I’m just having pumpkin pies show up on this day. Well, first up, yes, they pick a flavor. You know they’re coming. But you made them come to you. That’s what was great. It is a one afternoon two. And this is again a Brian Buffini I followed his plan. And Brian Buffini you guys has all different types of systems and processes. And he does coaching now for realtors. So it’s a huge company, you can go look up Brian Buffini and you’ll see, but his was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, you would be at your office from whatever one to 7pm, three to five, you got to cover after work hours though, you got to be there at least till six or seven. And you would say I will be here during this time block. You tell me what type of pie you want. You show up and pick up your pie. I don’t remember how many people I had do it. But it was upwards of 20 to 30 people

amazing because you can sit at your office and be productive and work and then a past client walks in the door. Yep. And you’re like, hey, you hand them a pie. Here’s your pie. Like yeah, what better way to reconnect with your past, it was so great. They even the ones that can’t make it, they appreciate that you well know,

a couple of weeks out, you gotta send the email. Sometimes people send it in a postcard form or a card like we’re gonna have the pies. It’s a great way to touch them during the holiday. Did well I know it’s a great way to contact your database, whether or not they’re able to participate in the pie. I only had probably two or three stay they were going to come and not come so those I just took to their house. Yeah, even like, look, there’s not that many. I’ll just ride them out there. Right. You know, it wasn’t a big deal. I’m going

to have to deliver three versus 35. Done. It does

this so much easier. So it really That’s it. But look, that one requires preparation, purchasing. I mean, like there’s more to it.

I’m doing one right now. Okay, that requires a little bit of preparation. Let’s hear it. Starting in September, I start writing handwritten thank you letters to every single past client of all the years of all the years. Oh, November 10. I mailed them all. So it’s like, I’m thankful for you for Thanksgiving doesn’t ask for anything. Okay, just as you know, when we approach holiday time, I just reminisce on my business and how power Oh, um, and thank you. Yeah, heart of that. And I’m just thankful for you. And I hope your holidays are

wonderful. I love that. You physically write that on everyone. Yes. I love it over and over and over 500 ish times. That’s awesome. That’s great. So you’re working on it slowly, but you send them all out. Can

you imagine trying to do that in one week? It would be impossible. Oh, no.

I mean, I would fail. Just sort of like my birthdays. I would

not be thankful. Right? It’d be like I hate it.

But do you find that it puts you in a thankful place? Yeah, it’s so nice. Really nice. I like that. Okay, that’s a good one. They’ll just all be mailed on one day. Well, that is technically contacting your database at the holidays. Yes, you acted like you weren’t doing anything.

I forgot about that.

I forgot Well, you’re doing a great job. Okay, I like that one. All right, what else we got on here? See? Oh, now look, neither of us are like those. That’s all we’ve done. But there are some things that I think would be good ideas for some good ideas from people that I would like to try. Or maybe someone else can try and tell us how it goes. Okay, the like a cookie exchange. Yeah, you gotta keep this to a certain number of people, though, you probably can’t do this with more than 10 or 15 people. But if you have some top referrers people who are either in your sphere, or were clients that are always sending you additional business, those are the ones that I think you want to like, put it out there to do something special for them. And this has really been on my radar for the last couple of years that I really want to do. And I need to just like do it

would be kind of like a client appreciation party, but it’s not. Yeah, appreciate you. It’s just for the holiday.

Well, right. And so you could do a cookie exchange, everyone brings them you mix up and that’s kind of fun. I mean, you could do any kind of number of you could do a kid party, you know, something for their children you like, you know

what an agent in my office did what? I’m gonna give her a little shout out, do it. Chelsea Manning, a high office. She’s just really crafty. And she has really good creative ideas and whatnot. She did a Facebook gingerbread house competition. Oh, I like this. And she said she I forget what the giveaway was was like a gift card right or whatever. But um, you had to submit your family’s gingerbread house. And then they were voted on by the other people by Facebook. Oh, I love it like her Facebook sphere. Oh, wow. The winner got the gift card, but it required no effort. No, you know, no delivery. Yes. You didn’t deliver gingerbread Health niche. She just said you show us yours. Yeah, and we’re gonna do a big competition. That’s so cute. People were submitting their idea. I mean, it was so cute.

I love it. Great idea. Okay, well, that’s a good one. Yeah, I have another one for so anything social media is love. These are not they’re not hard things you can do with social media. You have tons I just wrote down do a 12 day of Christmas giveaway. So if you had the budget for it, it could be something small, like a magnet for your fridge. Or it could be something big, like a soft very blanket for your couch.

But if every blank for 12 days, you gave away something homey. Yeah. To stick with your home Brand Book.

What a you know, something like that an ornament. I think that would be kind of fun. And then you’re out there, you know, every day for a few days saying hey, this is it. Maybe it’s a contest. Maybe you got to enter in some way. Or maybe it’s just like, you know, we’re giving this away. And yeah, well, you know, whatever. But I think that’s good. I’ve always wanted to give away an ornament for my clients like for their new home. That’s cute, but I’ve never done it. Yeah, I think there’ll be fun. Like, there’s something Yeah, something with the year that they bought. That’s cute. I bet there’s people out there doing all sorts of creative things. Yeah,

well, they do have people that are like paint your house on an ornament. I like that. So cute.

I know. I’m so burnt out in the holidays, though many good. Like I love it. I know. But I’m a big gift giver. So I’m like shopping and yes, there’s a lot of people on my list. That’s why

this is good. Because there are people that will thrive in delivering they like that and there are people that will thrive in the social media space. Yes. I love the pie idea. Yes

this right.

And you mentioned creating like a Christmas list of house that

yeah, like a home to people are always like, what the heck do I buy Christmas

person? I don’t know what to get. But you could do a post that says Hey, guys, I made a good Christmas list for the house. Yes. Top 25 things for you know, for that hard to buy person. Yeah, for the home. I think that’s really good. He lives somewhere.

They gotta live somewhere. They need these 25 things right. And you gotta think due to her to buy for but I mean, you know, like, a blanket or, you know, some like tchotchke technology thing and, you know, the Amazon Echo. Like, there’s all kinds of things you could put on your home gift list. That would be good. And I think you could even separate that by price you could probably highlight you know, where you’ve got an item or you know, you could do an Amazon list an Amazon list would be killer that would be off like do a wish list and then just share it. Yeah, like message me if you want to share if Yeah, I think that’s great. Because I do a lot of my Christmas shopping on Amazon as well. Yeah, comes right to your house.

And sometimes I’ll wrap it right sometimes you wrap it what happens if you don’t run? They wrap they will wrap it I mean they charge you but I’ll pay for it. What What color do they wrap it? It depends it comes in a bag that with like a bow on top. Okay, so even if it’s a box it comes in a bag with a bow, I like it. I think it’s you.

Well, that’s fun. Yeah. Oh, that’s interesting. Okay, so we talked about social media, maybe doing some popping by and Christmas cards. So some Snail mail I want you to talk about because you know, you’re like, oh, I don’t really do anything. But tell us about social events for the holidays. And how does that work in conjunction with your thinking about your your keeping your database in mind? I love Christmas

parties. Yeah, I will go to all of them. Right? If I can. Yeah, if you invite me to your Christmas party, I will likely show up. Yeah. I’m there likely be the last person to leave. Oh, I love it. I just enjoy it. I just feel like it’s a festive fun. They’re my favorite party.

Yes. Okay. Well, I mean, it’s good to just be out there. Yeah. But you can put yourself out there that way. Or you can put yourself out there on social media. But just don’t, don’t be invisible. Don’t be your secret agent during the holiday

agent. If you get invited somewhere you need to go. Yeah, you need to I mean, if you could do a Christmas party, think about how many people you just saw. Right? And I think it’s good to like if you take a group picture or something like and get tagged on Facebook friend requests the people in the picture that you weren’t friends with? Interesting, I do that a lot. Like really? If I get tagged in a group photo, obviously, I was with this person at that event. So I’m going to add them as as as it Yeah. Oh, and it’s just a good way to like grow your social media network. Grow your database. Yes. Make new friends. Keep in touch with all Yes. So I love the social aspect of it. I like that. I

think that’s good. That’s helpful. I remember. Lee Brown had one. She’s got good, like, pop eyes. Yes. She has like a really tight. We’ve talked about this on a previous episode. She has a really tight refer database like yeah, you’re Yeah, it’s like 130. I think at the time when I took the class she gave who I don’t know what it is now. But she would keep it there specifically. So she was trying to add people on she would not people off that hadn’t referred or engaged in a while. But the 130 they were on the list, she would do live REITs like a greenery wreath for the for Christmas, like for the holidays. And she would go to their house or have her team. I mean, they couldn’t, maybe they would split it up. But they would get a wreath and people would be like, Why didn’t get my wreath this year? And she would say, Oh, I’m sorry. You have to like actively be sending

someone who sent me two referrals or more

well, like you have to participate in the business. Like it was a perk of being a part of her business.

You were my referral partner.

Right? Which I mean, like she was an ugly about it, but just it was just like, hey, look, if you send me an ad badness then and it wasn’t even that she had to close your referral. If you sent her an at bat, if you sent her a name or someone who said they were going to move or if you you know, then she would keep you in the loop on the reads, but I thought REITs were great, but she’s in I think North Carolina. Yeah. So that’s like the home of the Christmas tree. Right? Right. Like it’s probably easy to make. But y’all Trader Joe’s has a very nice oh, yeah, library option and they’re cheap Trader Joe’s stuff is all right time. Yes, they do the little swag with the greenery they’ll do the greenery wreath. But those are great Popeye thing.

What I like about Lee’s method is that it requires you to track your business. Well, yeah, that’s true. You know, at the end of the year, every year, I do my big chart, right media, and it’s a chart that says how many homes I sold. How many were buyers? How many were sellers, and then it’s a graph chart of where it came from. Right. So how many were referrals? How many came from sign calls? How many came from open house how many came from my website right? Just breaks it all down? Yeah. And I love tracking it every year I’ve been doing that chart this will be my fourth year I actually just had someone from another company call me and asked me if if I they could have a copy of my last three years of charts to show my sources because he was doing a presentation on Zillow at his office. I wanted to show that I didn’t have any

right all those all the transactions knows.

Yeah, it was used in a presentation

I’m not gonna lie I have saved your chart every time you’ve posted it because I think it’s nice to also compare side by side like How was your business changing did that match up with how annoying is it well and where did they come from? Is there some some side of my business I’m not looking into? Were for sure off on a tangent with this. Fine, keep going.

But last year I was surprised that how much of my business came from church Oh like what all my church people

come in through where you’re like you better spend more time at church. But it’s a good to evaluate at the oh my gosh, yeah.

Where’s it coming from? what’s working, what’s not what groups do I need to cut out? What groups should I be? Have you joined right are in a new phase of life? Yeah, yes. Oh I fully plan this like during the holidays I if the school that haven goes to needs volunteers I’m there. Yeah, I will be there for the Fall Fest. Yes. Meeting other parents for sure feature I

think that’s good. It’s just an a great opportunity to be social. Volunteering is the best because you’re in a very non salesy role. You’re there with your kids what you want to do anyway, you get to meet a lot of different people that you did not know before. No downside. There’s no downside to volunteering at school. Okay, I wanted to say something else that you while you were talking, I thought of it and now it has, like just flown right out of my brain. Mmm hmm. Do you have any other thoughts about the Oh, I know what it was. I know what it was. Don’t forget New Years, everyone, like just sort of big they spend all their energy on Thanksgiving and Christmas and buy new year’s are so burned out with everything. But the one year when I sent out family cards, and then I bought new year’s cards, yeah. For like, you know, my other part of the database, I decided I was going to put in a CMA like a market report for their home and be like, hey, you know, it’s a new year can’t believe you’ve been in your house for five years. This is what it’s worth to you. And maybe that was it. It wasn’t even like maybe anything was just like, here’s what your house is worth this year. Right? I like that. I think that’s a great way you have to think people are really starting to get that thought in their mind and December and January, even though they’re not going to list until March, April, May, June, whatever. That’s really when that seed is being planted when they’re spending time with family when they maybe their house is feeling a little crowded because there’s so many people there. Like that’s a trio that New Year’s is a great time. It doesn’t have to show up on the New Year’s Day. But sometime in January, Hey, happy new year, this is what your house is worth. I mean, because you’re typically slower in January February in real estate, that’s a great month for you to send out a mailer if you just couldn’t make a Christmas database contact work then do it in January don’t feel like that’s a great way to start the year

and 2014 I had a client who was a requirement on her house that it had to have a first floor closet where she could roll her Christmas tree in and out of whoa no decorating and and decorating the tree just roll your right l it out. Keep it out. Would you believe we found it we found a house that was a two storey house that under the stairs had a huge a bigger than your typical under the stairs. Wow. It was like a big one because the stairs went to a landing. Okay, so it was just a really big under the stairs closet. And it rolls that house just for that every year she rolls her Christmas tree out really specific by her name is thinking, Well, I have no way to search for that. No, no. And yes, it took a lot of digging and phone calling because she was serious. Like you think people say thing and then they’re like that’s not real. Yeah. It was a non negotiable. Right. And we That’s amazing. We found it. Oh, wow. I feel like these are all wonderful. Easy. Yes, yes. And very costly. Not now I’m costly. I like to bake stuff. You do? You’re a baker.

Yeah, I’ll bake with the kids know this. I don’t know what my goals are for this holiday. I’m gonna try and slow it down a little. Yeah. And like, maybe do more of that. And then I’ll have all these cookies that I can

then I’m gonna slow it down a little and do more.

But you know what I mean? Like, like slowdown? I don’t know what I mean. Yeah, I’m gonna do more. That’s all it is. I

just want to do more. I’m sorry. Are you having a mindset meltdown? I might be. It’s because the holidays are coming. I’m overwhelmed. You want to slow down your bids, like

my bid? Good. Maybe I don’t have to do some of the tasks I normally do with my business. But I can do some more enjoyable thing. Fun things. Yeah. But but you know what, then I’ll deliver them to my clients and they will be business things.

Right. Exactly.

You were delirious. This was wonderful. It’s so great. I love the holidays. It’s going to be really fun. And we would love to hear everyone else’s. Yeah, holiday strategies. Like how do you contact your people? Do you just hibernate? Are you in a hole? Do you not do anything?

Tag us in your Christmas cards? Ooh, yeah, that would be great. I want to see everybody’s Christmas cards. Yep. Or if you do a client gift or delivery or pop by Yes, I guess in the picture because we want to see it.

Yeah. Hashtag hustle humbly podcast, and then we can see it. Oh, yeah, that’d be

perfect. Yeah, I love it. Awesome. Well, we are going to toast Yep. today. We are going to toast to one of our loyal followers. Yep. They post about us a good bit on their social media and they tune in on Monday. Yes, so Blair root. Yep. Is a newer agent. She’s not so new anymore. She’s in her second or third year by this portal. She’s

making it happen.

She’s making it half. That’s awesome. She is hustling, and even humbly because she will do. She started off just hustling with some of the rentals that nobody wanted. Yep. And she’s killing it. That’s awesome. Like, she just works really hard for them good and can even convert them. So wow, she’s taking. She started with the things that the people were like, I don’t want that. And I was like, rocking that space.

You know what her business that’s totally mindset. That’s so awesome. Good mindset. That’s so great. Well, I’m so happy to toast to her. Yeah, so you guys choose to blaze your sublayer and we’ll see

y’all next Monday. Yep.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle hungry podcast. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcasts. If you

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See you next week.

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