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It’s Thanksgiving week and we are ready to talk all things thankfulness. Who doesn’t love spending time thinking about all the amazing things in their life? On this episode we each talk about some of the things we are most thankful for and talk about the importance of gratitude in general. It will put you in the right frame of mind to enjoy this holiday season. We even throw in some fun stats on Thanksgiving! Come hang out and know that we are so thankful for you!

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I have to hit I’m afraid to hit any button. Do I hit stop? I would or pause. Hey friends, welcome

to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market working for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business. So stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. This is episode 16.

On thankfulness.

It’s Thanksgiving week, it is. Yes. Okay. Well, you just gave us away.

We record early but I have to say so it’s October as we are recording, but this release is Thanksgiving. We it’s the Monday of Thanksgiving, we and I have thoroughly enjoyed preparing for this episode. Because I feel like Thanksgiving is here early.

Right? Because you’re preparing for it a month in advance. Yeah,

I mean, I just feel like Thanksgiving. You just want to reflect and just get all the warm and fuzzies Yes. And be thankful where the sweaters No, yeah. Eat the gumbo, right. Love people. Yes. No room for negativity. Yeah.

That’s what’s so great about the holiday season in general. It is just so positive people are nice to each other. You know, people say yes, yeah. Do you need to get a yes. On that listing? For that price change? Yeah. Or that offer Christmas? That’s giving? Yeah. Okay. Because people are, you know, a little bit more generous. Yeah. It’s about the generosity here. Right. Okay. Tell me what you were reading about? Well,

I listened to a podcast and I thought that it was really perfect, because it talked about how you cannot be thankful without first being humble. Okay. It’s an attitude and a mindset. We talked so much about mindset. Yeah. But it’s an attitude and a mindset decision, right? You have to decide to be thankful. I agree. 100%. It’s not something that just comes natural. If you can train

yourself, though, right? In your mindset to make it more natural, your life will be a million times happier.

Yes. 100%. Because, you know, it kind of goes back to like, what you speak is you speak into existence or reality. Yeah. And if you’re always negative Nancy, and just complaining about everything, you’re only going to have more things to complain about. Oh, for sure. But if you are always expressing thankfulness and you’re looking for it, like that’s the thing that kept coming back, sometimes it’s like a game, you have to look for it and find the little things Yeah, thankful for it’s not always these huge, big things

well, right. Oh, for sure. There, it’s not always the big things. Sometimes it’s better to even be thankful for the small things because you’re surrounded by those, there is even in the worst of times, a sunny day a pretty flower. Like there’s so many things that you can still be thankful for. And just put yourself in that frame of mind. You know, you always meet those people that have rough life circumstances, and they’re so happy and they’re so like, joyful and thankful. And I really think gratitude in your heart really leads to that. Yeah,

I mean, it is a mindset, you have to decide that even though this is happening, I’m choosing to be thankful. How many times have you found people or yourself complaining about things that you want wanted? Yeah. Like, how many times have we met with people that have said, I just want to get into real estate, once I get into real estate, I’ll be happy once I finally quit my job and pass the test, then I’ll be your realtor, and I’ll be happy. And now they’re a realtor and all you hear is negative, right? And you know, the things that you want to wanted are now the things that you have, and you’re not happy, right? So you really have to make the decision. Yep. What do you want? Yeah, for sure.

I saw some tips. That was the five essential tips for being thankful. Yeah. Let’s hear it’s all right. Here are your tips. pause and look around yourself. Okay. Okay. Number two, express your thankfulness. So like, put it out there. Say it write it. Oh,

on that night, there was a difference between being thankful and giving thanks. Oh, well, let me hear it. If you do not express your thankfulness, then they do not know you are thankful. That’s fair. So like your spouse or your clients or your broker or whoever like you’re thankful for them. Yes, but do they know that? How do they know that? Oh, that’s what says V thankful versus Thanksgiving. Yep. Two different things. This says don’t stop it just coming up with people for whom you are grateful to have in your life. Take a few seconds to tell them about it. Hmm.

I like that. That’s nice. I like that too. Right. That was number two, three, look towards yourself to it is not only things that are important or other people you are important and valuable to you I like that. You know, people are thankful for us. Yeah. And the job that you do, yeah. People are thankful that you help them. Yeah, in this phase of life, for sure. I like that. Number four was be thankful for the things you may take for granted. You’ve already said this. I think that’s a good one. And then five is start. Or in your day with thankfulness. Perfect. Those are the five. Yeah, so everyone mostly is in a thankful frame of mind this particular week, because it is Thanksgiving. So really in your face, but these are great practices to take on into the world. after Thanksgiving. I think these

practices are necessary in our business, right? There is so much room for discouragement. Yeah, people let you down. Deals fall through faulty pre approval letters. Just so many things that can be disappointing. Yes. When you’re in real estate, when you’re starting your own business. It’s just it can be hard to just naturally go to gratitude. You’re right. Sometimes you want to go the dark place, you have to be intentional about oh, for getting out of the dark place. That’s

my all mindset. That’s the best way to do it. Okay, so I know you were a little bit nervous about this episode and feeling like you were going to leave something or someone out if we started listing and I wanted to just do like, Oscar style acceptance speech, like just start listing people I would like to be done. Yeah, like it’s super speed, right. But we agreed that that was going to be too much pressure. Plus, a lot of people forget the weight most we would have taken us longer than 45 minutes. I know. And then we’d have to do that thing at the end where you say now if I forgot anyone? Oh, yeah, you’re still in there. But really, those people are gonna get their feelings hurt. Yeah, that doesn’t help anybody? No. But I did find some interesting facts about Thanksgiving that I wanted to share mixed in with our thankfulness. items ready. Okay. The very first Thanksgiving menu included wild goose or duck. Makes sense. Wild Turkey, deer, Flint, corn, fish, shellfish and eels. eels? Yeah, I

don’t even know where did they get these things? Like

there’s some sources down at the bottom of this infographic I’m looking at. I’m not gonna quote them all. But I think that’s hilarious. Modern Thanksgiving menu. We can do this. Right. Okay. Turkey mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, corn. I mean, there’s some things that are still there. Yeah. From the original. I think that’s funny. And it took Sarah Josepha Hale 36 years of campaigning to convince Abraham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. Now, was she talking to Abraham Lincoln for 36 years or whoever was president? She was in their ear. She’s like, I’m gonna write him a letter every day. I think that’s like the the advocate for thankfulness. Yes, I

want to make it a holiday.

I think that’s all I’m so glad she did that. So I would say I didn’t even know there was a person like fighting for it. Wait for it. I’m so thankful for her. Oh, we’re thankful for her. That’s so funny. of 96% of American families gather for Thanksgiving feast, and the average amount of money spent was $50 on that dinner. And these stats, I think are from a couple of years ago, so it may have gone up.

I think it’s gone up probably. Turkey is now like turkeys are expensive, expensive. Oh, hey,

here’s a good one. The weight of the largest Turkey ever raised was 86 pale. Oh my gosh. That’s pretty crazy. That is crazy. Okay, now what do you got? Oh, my turn yours? Absolutely. No, it is not your turn. Okay, good. Do you have room for pie? It says

Do you like pie? Ah, it’s not my favorite. I

don’t like it either. Just don’t just say it. Be it. Be proud. Yes, I

love pie.

You do love pie? No, I don’t either. But here are the percentages of pies eaten after Thanksgiving dinner and I’m gonna give you the breakdown. It’s pumpkin pecan, sweet potato and other Do you want to tell me the number one

con? Nope.

It’s pumpkin and it’s 57% What? Yep. And you know why you say pecan? Because it’s so South Louisiana. That’s like all we have that’s and I don’t like it but I don’t either because I don’t I don’t love pecans. I kind of wanted to whisper that but don’t love them. 14% Pecan 9% Sweet potato because I mean really? Yeah. And then 20% Other What do you think the others are? My dad chocolate pie. Chocolate Cherry pie.

Oh apple pie.

My dad loves cherry. My husband loves apple and my mother in law and in Jays. Granny make the best chocolate chess pie ever. When

you did your pie giveaway for your clients? Yeah, five flavors did they choose from

um They got to choose pumpkin. Or pecan or Apple. Okay. And they? I don’t remember. I feel like they mostly chose pecan. pecan pies are more expensive too, because pecans are more expensive, right? And we cannot even start talking about the pronunciation of pecan. Yes, we’re in South Louisiana. I’m gonna leave it at that. You know how other people say it

became a P can

just can’t do it. I know. Okay, that’s alright. Because we have listeners from all over and I bet

this pecan because it’s nobody wants a P Hana. That’s like Plumbing. Yeah,

that’s right. No, thank you. Let’s move on. I think that’s it. We can get away from the fun facts. But I mean, like, Thanksgiving and the holidays to fun time. And we’re so thankful in all seriousness for so many things, but we needed to also have some

fun. Yeah, fun is good. Fun Facts. They’re fun facts. Um, one quote that I had written down is the secret to having it all is deciding you already do.

Whoa, I love that.

I know. Just being like, you know, what? Am I where I want to be? Yes. Maybe not. But I’m so happy. I’m on the way. Yeah, I’m

here. This is what I do have I’m going to make this decision. Yep. You gotta be thankful for the journey. Right? Right. The actual if you’re not thankful for that part, you’re gonna feel like you’re constantly searching for the next thing you’re constantly on.

On well, then you get there. And then finally license. Yes, this is what you’ve been wanting for years and years, years, you never had the, you know, the bravery and courage to quit your job. And now you’ve started your own business. And you’re have nothing but negative things to say and be stressed and right. It’s not worth it. No,

the journey is important. Okay, so I, I guess I’m ready to just tell you some of the things that I’m thankful for. I want to hear it. Well, you know, since we’re here together, we’ll first and foremost, above all the things is family, and I just, I’m not like trying to brush that under the rug. But I am obviously very thankful for all of my family. You know, my immediate family, my extended family, my friends, like I’ve have awesome people in my life. And I’m not going to list them all asker style. But there’s a million of these wonderful people who I’m thankful for. And they say they’re so supportive. Yeah. Do you get good support in reference? I know you do. But like with the podcast, and yeah, just your business in general.

I have loved how much my dad loves it. Oh, yeah. It’s just been like cracking me up. Q I guess because you know, he’s a real estate appraiser. So yeah, his car a lot. So he can really dedicate the time to listen, I

love it. But he told me what his favorite part was his favorite feature.

He thought it was so cool that we mean you installed the 15 second rewind or fast forward button. I think that’s amazing on on the phone. He was like, that was a really good idea. And I said, You’re welcome.

You’re welcome.

Yeah, you are welcome. But he’s always up to date on our content. And I’ll be like, Oh, I didn’t think he would like that episode, because it doesn’t really relate to you. And he’s like, Oh, I thought it was great. He’s just so supportive. Yeah, I love it. I see. That’s what my sisters Listen, even though they’re both nurses. So that’s pretty good. Yeah, I think it’s awesome. I have been, you know, I was scared to do this very, I just had, I just felt like it. I don’t want to do anything unless it’s going to be right, right. That’s tough. Number three. It is hard. It is hard. But we have just gotten such a tremendous response. Oh, my gosh, yes. I mean, even look, we sent out a call for action. Not enough notice. We’re

fair. We’re not perfect. No, we’re just trying before

the show. Before we aired. I thought I should probably ask Instagram what they’re thankful for. I should have done this a week in advance. So we could have tons of answers. Yes, you should. You should. You should. You should. You should do your best. You should do more. You should do more. But the best I could the day you know, the day of a few minutes before we like. No, that’s fine. So I want to read some of them. Yeah, responses. So Britt from Las Vegas. Yeah. Is thankful for her brokers who are so kind. They hustle. Oh, and they’re just good. People love it. She’s also thankful that she can be somewhat of a stay at home mom and raise her son love it while still doing well in real estate. Goals. Real estate is so good for that. Yeah. If you want to just you can do both. You can do both. Yeah, absolutely. Cassie from Oklahoma. loves working at her boutique brokerage and she has a husband wife. Broker. Oh, yeah. And she said it’s just been amazing. She loves working there. Love it. She’s so thankful for them. Yeah. Annie from Wisconsin. I love her. She is thankful for caffeine. Well, that’s fair. I bet a lot of people off are so many people are. But it’s just I can’t believe we have people from all over the country listening in on our Baton Rouge Louisiana podcast

I look, it’s it’s bigger than where we are. Because the topic transcends, but I’m so thankful for them. Those listeners and every time someone posts, you know themselves in the car listening or post, this is my new favorite podcast every time they share that it really I’m so grateful. Like it’s just, that’s such a nice feeling that you did something that you wanted people to benefit from and that they really are. Well, I

know you’ve gotten it to how many times the people ask. I mean, do you make money? Do it? What are you doing? Why you work? You have children? Right family? Like, why are you dedicating yourself to this podcast?

And that’s the reward? Right?

My answer is always I love helping people. I mean, for our industry. Yep. I’m so thankful for the realtor brand. Yeah. And what we do, I’m thankful for the ones who treat it like a profession, like a career. And they are the ones that, you know, I want to reach the most and what better way to help the masses than through a podcast. Yeah,

you know, the truth is, I am thankful not just in podcast life, but in my life. I am thankful for anyone who wants my advice and listens to it. Yeah, like, I just love helping people. So when you ask me, and I’m able to give you something like that, this is just such a bigger scale. So if you if you ask for advice, and I’m able to give it to you, and you it helps in some way that is huge, and huge. So nice. And I am super grateful for that. I just, I’m so excited to see like where else it goes, like how many more people will get to listen. And the more you know, we all share it, then we can help some more people. Right? Yeah, well, it’s it’s spreading. It’s spreading makes me happy that people like it. I like it, too. Okay, so can I tell a little story? Because you’re asked me about this whole time? No, I didn’t. I also didn’t tell you all those weird facts. To be fair, I am thankful for you. But I’m going to tell you why. Okay, I am thankful that you put yourself out there. And you sent me that text message when we had been talking about at the beginning of this year, it’s a lot. It’s been a long time. It wasn’t, you know, March or April, it was probably Yeah, March or April was Spring. And I had been saying that I was feeling a pull, like to do something more to do something different to like, you know, add to my business. And you know, we talked about it quite at length, and then that one day, and I said, you know, I think I want to do a podcast and that one day you sent me that text and you said, if I don’t do this right now, I’m gonna lose my nerve.

It was like 730 in the morning. Yeah, it really was. And you’re like, I’m just gonna text it and send it to her.

You did? Thank God, I’m

so thankful. I wouldn’t have done it later that day, guess what,

if you hadn’t done it then and said, Do you want to do a podcast together? And then you’re like, I totally understand if you want to tackle that. If you want to do that alone, fine. No, I do not want to tackle that on my own. And if you hadn’t have done that, then this would not happen. I wouldn’t have done it on my own. Just knowing how much work it is now. There’s no way to work. It’s so much work. But it’s so fun. It is it’s so rewarding. I’m so thankful for you, not just that we are friends and that we get to but that you put yourself out there and I’m proud of you. Well,

I am thankful that you are so good at putting yourself out there on social media. Because you know, I am still growing in this department and learning how to do it properly and do it right and not take it personal if Yeah, the response when you ask a question.

It’s okay. You know what’s funny, though, and they tell you this day, I’m doing my air quotes people. It makes me feel old, but it does come with age. Like I’ve always kind of been put myself out there sort of person. Yeah. But really, as you get older, you realize more and more that it it just doesn’t matter. Like and it’s okay. And you’re being very brave, because you’re still so young. You

know, our ages, they now they think you’re an old lady. At the same age,

okay, but there’s a big difference in 30 and 42. Okay, I’m 30 and I’m 42. Okay, but I mean, like, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong. I’m just saying your mindset

may in 12 years, I’m tougher

in 12 years do you might be like what was I ever worried about?

I hope so.

I hope so, too.

i It’s already getting better. This podcast has forced me because I’m Yeah, putting myself out there on a public platform. I’m

so proud of you. Thank you. I’m so thankful that you tried and that you didn’t give up. You could have been like, Nope, I can’t do it. Like I just I can’t handle it. So I mean, that’s one of my big thing. Foals, do you want to? Do you want to share one? Do you have someone your list? I mean, you know,

we already talked about family. Yeah, I love my family. I love my real estate family so much. Yeah. And I have been I started real estate in 2011. I’ve been with the same company, and they have truly just become my little fit. Yes, I love you know, people come and go out of the office. But I would say there’s like, eight or nine of us that like a little core. Yeah, that’s like the core group. And we just kind of sit back and watch people come and go and yeah, see who will stay and who will make it and we encourage them along the way. Yes. It’s always fun when someone sticks. Yeah. Do they get to be in the core? The core group? Yeah. When they watch Yeah, if you make it past like year three, we think you’re here to stay. Yes. But um, a few years ago, we did a friend’s giving you did did with just our work. Pete. That’s so cute. It was just we have the funniest pictures. Oh, I love it. It was just such a fun time. And it’s like, these are the people that relate to me that no, they understand like you love your family. Yeah, love your friends. But your work friends are the ones who understand like the grind, you have to go through and rejection. And so I just I’m so thankful for them. Yeah, that I have those people that just understand and you don’t always have to be positive and perfect. Do you? Right, have your landing place? Yep, get it out, but then get re encouraged. Yeah,

I like that, you know, my office is very small. So it basically is like a core group. But it’s very family. It’s very much like a family when you’ve been there a long time. And we you know, you get to cheer each other on. And it’s not a competitive environment. And it’s very nice. That is, I mean, I’m thankful for my office for sure. My broker is a gym. She would fight for you if something was going on. Yeah, like it’s just very nice. So that is good to have a good work environment. Yeah, it’s so important. Yep. For sure. Okay, I have a funny one. Okay. I am thankful that that LSU has a Heisman candidate, quarter quarterback right now. Okay. I have never enjoyed our offense so much. Okay, I am, I am just I’m so happy to have good football year. And now I’m a month out. So let’s keep our fingers crossed between going well, between now and the airdate of this. I still feel the same way, right? Yeah, I’m all I’m all for a good quarterback. Good Old Joe burrow.

Something about like the weather changing makes me want to go tailgate. Yeah, be out there.

I’m so thankful when the weather changes to me really. You can’t even put on a long sleeve until almost Thanksgiving. We’re just there. Yeah, we’re just getting there in October, but for sure thankful. I’m so jealous of people that have seasons. That’s pretty awesome. Like, you know, changing leaves. You know, some fall, some winter, some spring, we kind of go from like summer to winter, summer to winter, or like I call it summer, what people call fall is our summer, too. Right? And then there’s three weeks of winter. And then there’s two weeks of spring and then it’s summer again. Like it’s just so ridiculous it is but I’m still thankful for the change in the weather.

Yeah, it’s nice, wonderful. One quote kind of going off of this that I found on Thankfulness is when you love life, life will love you back. Oh, yeah. Because it just follows you. You know what you say? Is what will happen? Yep. If you’re constantly complaining, yeah. Oh, man, you’re gonna have a rough road. It’s gonna be tough. It’s gonna be tough. It’s gonna be really tough. And I think you just have to watch yourself. I think you have to surround yourself with positive people. Yes. And positive messages via podcast via music via books. Yep.

If you put out thankfulness to people and tell them how thankful you are for them, or just thank you, thank you for opening the door. Thank you for handing me the paper. Thank you for doing whatever it is that you’re doing. You’re gonna get more of that back. And it just sort of is a nice positive non vicious cycle.

It’s a it’s a cycle of happiness, right? So like you put up with thankfulness. You’re gonna get it back. It just catches people off guard. Yeah. When you thank them for something random and small, right? They’re like, Oh, you’re welcome. Yeah,

I love and I listen in a thank you note for all sorts of weird stuff. People are really caught off guard by that when you took time to write it down some of the smallest things. So yeah, that that was one I think it was kind of in this list. But writing down what you’re thankful for is sort of a really great activity when you’re in a funk and just get a piece of paper and write down things you’re thankful for and I don’t care how small and insignificant they seem. I’m thankful for the color turquoise because legit I am. But I mean, like just write down all of the things, all the things that make you happy and bring you joy. You can’t at the end of that activity still feel bad, right? You just can’t. So I think Thankfulness is so super powerful in that way. It is powerful. Yep. And it kind of goes back to another quote was, we don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are. Yep. So if you’re in a bad mood, and your kids come home and are loud, it annoys you, and you yell at them. Yeah. But if you’re in a good mood, and your kids come home and are loud, you’re on the floor. Laughing. Yeah. So it’s all about perspective perspective, where you are, do you have an attitude of gratitude? Or do you still have stinking thinking? Yep.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, oh, my gosh, I have a client right now. And they’re so annoying. I’m like, remember when you prayed for a client? All right. Remember when you’re like, I really need someone. Yes. Use me as their realtor. Now you have it. Yeah. Yep.

I agree. That’s all in how you look at it. That’s so nice.

It is nice. But it’s not easy. And it’s not natural. Oh, that’s true. So it’s like the habit, like you said, has Yeah, formed and then it will become easy and natural. Yeah, for

sure. I think when I started doing a lot of mines that work, you know, way back in the beginning of my real estate career when I was in the dark place, when I was crying when I was feeling like I was never going to, you know, get consistent business when I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills. Like when I was that place. Somehow I stumbled into mindset work. And it really made a difference. I would just get up from my desk, go off the dog. Think about what I was thankful for breathe in the you know, air Look at this guy like, you know, just appreciate what was around me. And that makes a difference. It does. It really does.

It makes me think back like two year one and two, when I was just so thankful for anybody that wanted to be that wanted to be my client. Yeah, like anybody, right. And I shared recently on my Instagram that I was going through all of my past sales. Yeah, I came around the second house I ever saw it. It was so horrible. And it was a sign call. And I didn’t know where it was. And they just gave me the address. And like we had a good phone conversation. So you showed up. And so I jumped in the car. I told him, I’ll be there in 15 minutes, you pop tart it on, over up started on over, I jumped in the car, put it in my GPS, and it said 54 minutes. And I was like, Where is this? So I had to call the number back. And I said, Well, I know I said 15 minutes, but it says I’m 54 minutes away. And I get there. And you can’t go inside of it because it’s falling down. No. And they bought it for $9,500. And this was before electronic signatures and I had to get I had to fax and scan and then they would tell me because it was a foreclosure that I had like 54 Page addendum, oh my word. And it was just crazy. But I was so thankful. And it kind of is like a good reality check eight years later, because what happens is, you get successful Yep,

it’s easy to get entitled, right? And to feel like you deserve all these jobs. But you have to go back to being humble. Yeah. You can’t feel annoyed by the work. No, because it doesn’t change. And what’s always been funny to me about this business is you’re paid on a percentage. But the work is not different from a low priced property to a high price property. In fact, sometimes it’s the total reverse, you may work much harder on a low end property than you would on a luxury home. And it’s feels confusing in your mind when the paycheck shows up. And you’re like what, well, I did all that work and there wasn’t a big paycheck. And then maybe sometimes you did very little and then it’s like this. It’s so weird. Like, that’s a weird experience. It is because you’ve got to do the work no matter what it you can’t tie the money to the amount of work you’re going to do. Just like you can’t tie it to the service you’re gonna give like everyone should get that same level service.

It’s a heart set. Yeah, for sure. Heart has to be in the right place.

Yeah, I mean, it’s the same thing when you go look in the MLS and see these like discount listings. I try not to even look over at the Commission number because the important word matter what we’re gonna get right it. Are you getting the client what they need, right? It’s the house for that. Is that is that the right thing for them? It doesn’t matter that the number doesn’t matter, right somehow will even out in the end, right? Very interesting. Yeah. Okay, I have another one. I’m ready. I know we’re not trying to like list out people separately, but I am really thankful for Jay because he has learned how to edit the podcast. He has built us this quite nice wall with his carpentry skills so that we can do this and he makes it so that I can do what I do every single day like he’s awesome with the kids. He’s awesome with that stuff like he is actually like my I partner and if I want to try something, he will be there to help me do it. And he’s also very talented and can just learn anything. So I am so lucky to have him and I’m thankful for him.

I’m thankful for him. I have loved getting to know you all together. And that’s funny. It’s funny because he’s here helping us with our setup through everything. So it’s just nice. Yeah, it is nice. It’s good. There’s so many good people around us. I now. Love it.

I love it too. Do you want any more weird stats? I mean, if you’re asking I’m gonna give you about this. There are five pot most popular ways to serve leftover turkey. Can you give me one turkey sandwich? Yeah, of course. Can you give me a second Turkey omelet? Oh, that’s a good one. Not one here. Oh, I have turkey stew.

Okay, like a gumbo? Yeah,

I mean, you do see people do the gumbo. Like the whole all the bones in the whole operation. turkey chili.

Okay. I mean, do you have to grind it? Yeah, like that

doesn’t make sense to me. Are you just putting chunks in there? That’s what that’s where casserole I can buy? Yeah, that makes sense to me. And then burger like, are you going to honestly make a turkey burger? Like, how are you gonna do that? Like, again? Are you gonna grind it up? These are weird. These don’t make sense. But 79% of Americans value their Thanksgiving leftovers more than their Thanksgiving meal.

We have lunch on Friday after Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house. Okay. And we have BLTs with Turkey. Yeah, turkey sandwiches with bacon. Oh my gosh, I was so good to it. So

you love the lunch? I do. Is it all the same people that came to Thanksgiving? Yeah. So come back for lunch. Yeah. So y’all have a two day event? Yeah. I love that.

This is my Monday night dinner crew. Okay, so if you don’t know me, well, every single Monday night for my entire life. Yep. My grandmother cooks dinner for the family. This is on my dad’s side. So it’s your dad’s mom. Yep. And we still do it. She my grandfather passed away. In 2010, it’s been eight or nine years. Okay. But she has still continued cooking. Love it growing up when we were kids. It used to be every Monday and Tuesday night. Whoa, she was committed Tuesday night was leftovers from Monday. That’s fair. Plus hot dogs or something easy. Okay. So it was always a two nighter? Yeah. It was easy when like, I’m sure our parents appreciate it when we were like when I was a kid. Yeah. And my sisters were kids and the parents are like, thank God. dinner Dinner Monday and Tuesday night. That’s like, amazing. I know. Wow. So I’m actually I’m very thankful for my Monday night dinner. Yeah, true. Love that. One. My cousin owns a salon in Baton Rouge. And she’ll cut Haven’s hair at dinner. Yeah, like I can bring Haven get a haircut, get dinner. They watch her while I eat and then I’ll watch my sister’s baby while she? It’s just a good.

I love it.

I love it so much. Oh, that’s so fun. Oh, and if it’s your birthday, you get to pick what’s for dinner. Ooh,

what do you pick on your birthday?

I love her chicken fried steak. Yo, we just had my mom’s birthday and she had red beans and rice with chicken wings. Okay. Sure, whatever. Whatever. Every time. You know, she’ll it’s your birthday. You pick. Okay, that’s fun. And with that many people it’s always someone’s birthday. Yeah, that’s true. How

many people is is it that’s normally at dinner ish. Let’s see. I would say around 15 Yeah, that’s a good number. Uncles cousins. Yeah, babies. Wow. That’s cool. We used to do it every Friday night with Jays Nona before she passed away. Wow. So and he had done it just like that since he was a kid Friday nights were dinner, Nanos. And that was his. It’s his dad’s mom. Okay, that must be a thing. The other thing I guess, I don’t know. And so they would go on Friday, I started dating. I started going on Friday night. And it was so great because it really allowed for me to get to know his grandmother who I mean, you would have seen occasionally but you know, when you’re older like that, and you get marry into a family. You don’t necessarily get close to them. Right. So that was really fun. And Amistad we don’t do those anymore. Family dinners are nice. They are nice. Yeah. And Thanksgiving is just like the ultimate family dinner. Yes.

I laugh we don’t have drama. Do you have do y’all have drama? Yeah, you do. Our Monday night dinner crew. There’s drama. Always. We always have something going on. And that’s what’s funny is my grandma knows when there’s drama. No way who’s fighting with who? Who’s you know? And she’ll be like, Okay, I don’t care what’s going on. Y’all are all coming to dinner. Get your butts over here and sit down for dinner and love each other. Oh, well. That’s good. That probably fixes the problem does. I love it. Yeah, I don’t I don’t mind the drama. It’s just you know, part of life, for sure. be boring. family drama. Mm hmm. That’s why I was thinking when you were talking about you know, The holidays, everyone’s in such a great mood. And you were like, I’m thinking like, I have seen Turkey thrown. You know, I mean, not not everybody has the there’s a reason there’s memes out there about putting Xanax in the turkey. Yeah. Okay. Like, there’s a lot of families out there Turkey itself will put you to sleep. So I would like to encourage you this, this Thanksgiving, if you if you if it’s not the most peaceful. Yeah, we all have those family members, right? Just got a smile. I just encourage you to smile and look around at the table. So okay, I read this book in middle school that’s here. It has really helped me with my perspective on life. Okay. i Oh, I don’t remember the name of it. And I have been trying to find the name of it for three years. Maybe

someone is going to hear this and tell ya, what will be so thankful

for my gosh, if I even message all of my teachers for middle ascribe it to us for heaven’s sakes, okay. So this book, the guy dies in the book, okay. And he goes, I guess to heaven, okay. He’s talking to an angel. Okay. He’s asking the angel, he’s like, please let me go back and just see some memory, I just want to go back and see a memory. And the angels like, I can’t let you do it. The memories are too powerful. Even the most ordinary day will cause you to be just so emotional. Okay, that it’s just too much that you can’t handle it. So he begged and begged the angel finally the angel said, Look, I will let you go back. But you cannot pick some like emotional event. I’m going to send you back to like the most ordinary day ever. Okay, no emotions, okay. So he said, Fine, I’ll go back. So she sent him back to when he was a little boy, okay. And he’s sitting at his kitchen table, and his mom is making breakfast, okay. And he’s sitting there and he is like, about to cry. Okay. And he’s like, looking at his mom going, Oh, my gosh, she is so young. Oh, no way. Look at this kitchen table. Oh, my God, like, I remember this table. And like my doll. So he’s like, freaking out, right? He’s just like, but it’s like, this was just an ordinary day that he lived 100 times. Okay. And it just made him go. Wow. And so then it like, zooms him out. And the angel is like, are you okay? And he was like, No, that was so powerful that God and it just makes you go life. Like, what are you looking at right now in a day to day life? That is if you had to come back to it in 30 years, like, sometimes when I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, I’m like, Look at my Roscoe doll. Yeah, like dogs that are here. And like, Look how little haven is? Yeah, one day, I’m going to be looking at it like, oh my god, right. Look at how young we are. Yes. And like, it’s just crazy. If you if that. If you know that book is it? Isn’t the boy who came back from heaven? No. Okay. Well, that it’s not. It’s not a real book. It’s not like it’s not a real not a fake is fiction. I love you. It’s fictional. It’s a fiction. Yes. It’s a novel, right? Fictional, right? It’s not an autobiography or written by somebody who somebody has that. Great. It was just the story. And it was not a long book. It wasn’t I mean, I read it in middle school. Alright, well, we’re gonna look into this. Okay, please people out there. I want to find the name of this book. Do you happen to know what we’ll have to figure out? What year were you in middle school? Yeah, whatever. It’s fine.

I think that’s great, though. But you know, it points out to you that everything around you is you can take it and love it and be so thankful for it. And it will really change how you look at every single day.

Well, they say gratitude is supposed to help you see what is there? Yeah, not what is not there. I love that. Yeah. Well, that’s

a good one.

We should really stop with that. You think? I don’t know. Do you have some more? No, I think that’s good. Say it again. Gratitude helps you see what is there. Not what is not there. I love it. So focus on what you have. Yep. Be thankful for the two measly clients that you have right now. Be thankful for your listings that are slow. Be thankful for your sellers that are anxious. Yeah, thankful for your buyers that are difficult. Be thankful

I had this happen just this past weekend. Last week, you know, it was pretty busy, and I’m having a good year. And then in the last two weeks has gotten very slow. And then all of a sudden, I realized, you know, before I was leaving on vacation last week, I didn’t have anything going on. And instead of being like panic stricken about that, I was like, I get to go on vacation with nothing going on. That’s amazing. Nobody needed me know, that law in my business was good. And so we’d have to look Got

it that way? Yeah. Yep. Perfect. I love it. Well, we do have a toast. Oh, yes, we sure do. Um, Abby, Abby. Yeah, who is one of our fellow listeners, laddie. laners. Abby Lee is from Arkansas. Yep. And she wants to toast to John Moore. Yes, John Moore works at REMAX in Jonesboro, Arkansas, okay. And he always helps her keep her deals from sinking. So he’s given her all the good advice. Yeah, sounds like he’s a mentor. Oh, I love it. So we are going to cheers to John more today. Hey, here’s to you, John. Cheers, John. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

I was drinking my toast. That’s Yes. Happy Thanksgiving.

We love guys.

We love you all. Hey, guys.

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