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Soooo, everyone you know knows 5 agents. How in the world will you ever get your business off the ground? It’s time to talk about exactly how you can sell yourself as a new agent. What are the activities and mindset shifts you need to grow your new business? What are the things veteran agents aren’t doing that you should do to stand out? Let’s talk about why trying to learn everything all at once isn’t practical or productive. In this chat we take you through some resume writing tips and talk about why having a niche early on might not be such a bad idea. Only about 15% of new agents make it to year 3 and we are here to make sure YOU are in that number!

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That kind of makes sense. Sometimes toes are distracting I’m in real estate real estate all the time clients all Yeah, like oh, we got another client don’t say realtor Hmm. But then I wouldn’t have all these Funny Fail stories podcast. It all worked out. Do I know how to sell foreclosures? Yes. Do I want to know? My dad rejected? You’re not ready. Hi y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hey, Katie. How’s it going?

Just fine. Great. It’s

episode 164. Okay, selling yourself as a new agent.

This will be a good one. I think tough sell themselves. It is a tough sell. Yes.

Okay. So I think we actually have this requested from Natalie a listener. She said that she was new and everyone that she knows, knows five agents. That’s true. Like, what am I going to do now?

Yes. How do I stand apart? Right. So that was the the impetus of this episode. But first, let’s first do doo doo doo doo to beat the flipper. Poor flipper board. I am showing it to my buyer this morning. Oh, I know. Okay, I’m still not quite ready. Um, the like bedroom floors aren’t done and like the baseboards and trim but it’s all the gross old stuff is gone. Now. It’s all just construction dirty, not old, dirty. Okay. She had messaged me, we were going to look at another house in the area. I see. So I was like, well, we’re out and about, but you also don’t want to lose her. Yeah, just give her give her an option. Maybe get some feedback. Any requests?

Is she in a hurry? No. Okay.

I do think that the interest rates are making her feel a little like, well, you know, maybe I should sooner than later. Yeah. But we just really haven’t had a lot pop up with what she’s looking for. Got it. So I’m just excited to see what kind of feedback we get. Right. That’s all.

Do you think she’ll be honest with you?

I do, even though it’s yours? Yeah. Okay, great. I told her I’m like, Look, this isn’t my house. You can’t hurt me. I don’t live here. Right. I didn’t design it. Really? Yeah. So

oh, if she likes it, would you let her make an offer before you’re done?

I think so. Okay, yeah, that wouldn’t hurt. It’s not like it’s on the market anyway. Well, so how will

you handle that as the dual owner agent, like, will you give her comps and just be like, You tell me.

Yeah, so I, whenever I flipped the house on LaSalle, back in 2017. I ended up I’ve listed it Yeah. But I ended up having the buyer for it. Okay. And I just told them like, look, this is what I have in it. This is what I need to sell it for. This is kind of where I’m at. Here’s some comps. You’ve been looking so you know, like prices and houses what they’ve been looking at why? So you tell me? Yeah, you? Yeah, you just let me know. I’m very easy to work with. Great. Well, good for your buyers. Yeah. Okay, I love it. So um, so yeah,

how much more to be finished though.

It’s it’s almost like you know, at the end, there’s final details take the longest like, baseboard? Yeah. You know, framing every window and door and the refrigerator is not there yet. And we are putting one in because of where the hole is. I don’t want it to be empty. Got it. Um, so yeah, I feel like it really maybe. Maybe in a week or two, we’ll be doing like a punch list to get it. Got it. Yeah, the screen porch isn’t done yet either. But he’s like, I do that so fast. I’m like, Okay, if you if you say so. Right. To me. You’re telling me right looks like a long time but right. I really liked this house though.

I’m so glad. I want to see he hasn’t done the front part though. With the wood. No, I’m dying to see this.

Yeah. I’m also curious to see how it is like compared to the inspiration photo. Yeah, to real life. And also figuring out these like bushes in the front. Right. There’s these bushes that we removed the bushes in the front of the house. Okay, but there’s these bushes that curve around the curb sidewalk to the front door. That would be horrendous to remove. Oh really? So I’m hoping they will look okay, but we’ll see. Okay. We shall see great day. doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.

Okay, new agents, you said you

had stories I want to hear your story. Well, I just whenever we got this request, it kind of brought me back, taking you right back, brought me back to 2011. And keep in mind during this time I am in my MBA program, okay. And I was actually even taking one of my classes was about interviewing, working in a corporate environment. Like when we went to class, we had to dress as if we were going on a job interview for your MBA class for this one class of how it was okay. Okay. And to make sure the teacher would critique you on how you were dressed. Yeah. Like certain things. One thing that always stuck with me, which is funny, is she said, and I really liked this teacher, but she said, it’s really hard to be super professional if they can see your toes. Oh, I know. So she was a big advocate of like, if you’re close toed close toed shoes if you’re interviewing or if it’s like a more serious situation like close toed shoes. And I thought that kind of makes sense. Sometimes toes are distracting.

Okay, I’ve never thought about this before.

So just know that’s what I’m being taught at this time about professional so this is how you’re dressed. So I just thought when I do open how like NATO’s noticed, I was like close toed shoes. I was a big fan of blazers, I I did have a few like suit pants and some skirts and just, I don’t know, I just always was Yeah. And I think that’s fine. Like there’s an agent in our office that is always dressed so professional, and I love it. But it’s not really me. Yeah, naturally. But those first few years, like every time I did an open house, I was feeling like I needed to up my game. Yeah, like I’m meeting people for the first time. But what I didn’t, it took time to realize was I wasn’t really having the best success. I was having trouble connecting with people,

right? Because you were uncomfortable in your attire, and they were uncomfortable. They were also like, why is the 16 year old wearing a blazer

exactly like this is just this doesn’t feel right. No. And then I think I’ve shared the story before in the open house episode. That one day I was just super late. I had gone out the night before I didn’t have kids like I was just did not want to go to this open house. I had gone to brunch that morning with friends. I was late. I just I had intended to go home and chase down your blade and get myself together and get to this open house with all my flyers. And it was the first open house that I had no sign in sheet. No flyers I was dressed fine, but not like you know, like I had just gone to brunch. Yeah, maybe your toes were out. Yeah, I probably had on sandals. And I had asked the people for like a coffee to go. Yeah, before I ran over to my open house. You were like I’m here with my coffee. And it was the best most successful open house I had ever had. That was a great accident that you it really was an experiment you didn’t know you were doing I know. And I think I noticed this weird, but like after that I always wanted to have like a coffee in my hand. Yeah. Just because it made me feel I know what to do with my hands. Right? This is a casual environment. Welcome. I like coffee, right? Do you like coffee? Right? Probably have something in common? I serve you a coffee, right? So it just became the flow just just started really working. And that is when I started having conversions at open houses of people asking me to be their realtor and you’re like what? Yeah, and it was so it was such a great revelation we’re

supposed to be doing Yeah.

And then um I remember I had I was still struggling winning listings, like listing appointments and things like that. Family friends were like, well, you’re just like little Alyssa like we just feel like, you know, right? This is cute, but this is what you’re gonna do. And I want to pause there and say there are so just like, how are who requested this Natalie? Just like Natalie said everybody knows five realtors. It is the truth. Oh, yeah. And when I was new people that I was very close with. Already had Realtors Yeah. And they weren’t about to let me do it and you always see even us as Realtors always see people announcing yeah I’m in real estate real estate

all the time clients all yeah from like, Oh, we

got another client don’t say realtor. Hmm, I’m gonna

go kill them one time.

Yeah, and so It like, you’re right, everybody knows somebody. So at first they weren’t using me. And there were times a few times I got my feelings hurt, I was feeling very discouraged, right. But it just took the time to prove that I’m here to stay.

The note I made was, it’s just going to be easier to convince strangers than your friends and family in the beginning, right? The Strangers have no point of reference. You’re not little Alissa to a stranger, you’re just the nice girl with the coffee at open house. You seem knowledgeable about the house and the neighborhood and the market and you know, friendly, and I’d like to talk to someone who’s friendly. So I think the more we resist, or like try to force it being like, Oh, well, my friends and family, they’re already my friends and family, they’re in my sphere, I’m gonna make them and then when they don’t, it really crushes you. And it really messes with your confidence. And so it’s just easier if you’re like, that’s not my focus for the first two years.

And you know, we have that episode, what things I wish I knew before I started out. That is one of the big things because I do think people told me, Well, you know, so many people, you would be great at real estate, which eventually is the truth. Yes. But at first, I was like, but all these people are rejecting me. Yeah. And they don’t feel comfortable working with me or using me. Even my own grandfather was like, I have a realtor. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, my God, you’re gonna

be rejected by strangers, too. But that hurts a lot less.

Yes. And so I went into it as a new agent thinking I have a great sphere. I know a lot of people. But you know, a lot of those people did not use me initially. Right? And so I was practicing on open houses, I was learning how to talk to people through phone duty sign calls, because it didn’t matter if I messed up, because I never told you to show me

yours. If you lose a sign call, there’ll be another it’s going to be fine. That’s I had open house sign calls, even online leads, you know, it’s someone you don’t know these people, right? And then overflow leads from like a veteran agent, go find an agent who doesn’t want to do their sign calls? Who doesn’t? Because you’re not going to have sign calls as a brand new agent if you don’t have any listings, right. But maybe there’s someone who does and is like, I don’t have time for this. Yeah. What like, where can you and then of course, your social media leads. If you do have a social media strategy, you can get strangers as leads.

I do have thoughts on social media. I do think it plays a lot into what people perceive of you, for sure. Yeah. That’s why I say 100%. So I do believe that if you make your biggest real estate announcement, the ones that I know probably aren’t going to last too long are the ones that make this big announcement. Call me if you need to buy or sell that whole spiel. Yeah, the one time then it’s kind of like Silent crickets. Yeah. So you don’t really hear them out about them doing things. But the ones that and Okay, so here’s the other thing you can post about real estate, interest rates or information. Yeah. But the what whenever they post, like, come visit me at my open house, or like wing something. Yes. What are you doing? I always kind of judge Yeah, on social media based on the ones that are actually out there. And then if you post every Sunday, or every other Sunday that you’re like, I did every I did. 52 in a row. It was my goal. That’s amazing. I know before kids, man,

wow. Your goals are also very lofty. I’m gonna call 100 for 100 for sale by owner. I’m gonna do that. 50 to open house. Yes. Maybe just 40 would have been okay.

Yeah, mate, probably. So I enjoyed open houses at that time. It was pretty good right now. I’m not so much but, um, I do believe that if you can post that you’re out doing things. Yeah. So like our office always did tour of new listings after our Wednesday meeting. And so I had nothing else to do. I was posting content of look at this house. I’m showing this is where it’s located. This is the neighborhood, but it just took consistency for people to go. Wow, she’s actually like, you have to prove yourself she’s here she’s doing it. She’s not just making pretty graphic quotes. Right?

Well, you know what it may be just realize you’re everyone in your sphere. Because you know, here’s Natalie with her. Everyone knows five agents. Everybody knows five agents. everyone also knows five agents that failed. So nobody believes you when you make one post and then you you fade away and we don’t they just assume I’ll didn’t work out for you just like it didn’t work out for Bob. Right. You know, like, it’s not worked out for just as many people actually, what four times more people it hasn’t worked out for then it has Yeah, so if everyone you know, knows five current realtors, they probably know 20 People who didn’t work for Right, right.

One thing that I think is a great thing to do to start built so if you’re new So, step one is start building your database. You’re nothing without your people. If you don’t have those people, you have you, there’s no way to grow your business. And so I think reaching out and saying, Hey, I’m a new agent, I am learning the software for subdivision reports. Would you mind if I set you up on your subdivision to get this email once a month? Yeah. The end and then add those people to your database, get them on a good report, see how many you can get start with, like, 25? Yeah, work your way to 50. Work your way to 75. See how many people you can get. And that’s when like, I when I hit my plateau, when I was building my database, that’s when I joined one of the women’s groups, yes, and became the secretary. And they had a directory, and I realized, Oh, look at all look at all these emails and addresses and just set them up on a once a month report. I did not spam them with anything else I did not want to be in you ask them first. Yeah, yeah. Or just like, let them know, kind of, hey, listen, I’m gonna send you in this report. I Yeah. Okay. Um, but I think start finding a way to build, build your clientele. We’re approaching Christmas. Yeah. So getting addresses for Christmas cards, really making sure that database is like, good to go.

Yeah. And then maybe, as you’re filling it, you’re also doing at the same time, we’re not expecting these people to turn for us yet. But we’re building our presence and working with the strangers and you know, leaning into those things. So that once you’ve got a couple of transactions under your belt, and you’re feeling a little bit more confident now these people in the database, who are also getting the report for you, when they do reach out and ask a question, you don’t feel nervous and come across as new or awkward or, you know, not confident. Yeah. Okay. I think there are also some strengths for new agents that they really need to keep at the front of their mind and be sharing with people who ask them about their new career.

This is great for embracing your strengths. Yeah, well, this

is right. It’s right in line with that. Yeah. What is your strength as a new agent? Well, I’m not busy with a bunch of real estate work, I got time, I have lots of time. So I think I would be very mindful that you could say, look, I’ve got time for you, I’ve got time. You have time for your clients, and you have time for building your business. So you have plenty of time to make a social media strategy. It takes very little time to post

I kind of wish when I was new, I had someone telling me all these things, thing, because I didn’t really start implementing my systems and things like that until like your five,

I wasn’t even on Facebook until 2008, and nine, and that was because every real estate class I went to said I needed to do it. And I’d already been a realtor.

Are you? Are you on MySpace?

No, I’d every no one to old? MySpace? No, I got on Facebook at heavily resistant to it in 2008. And I’d already been a realtor for three years. Wow, that I did buy online leads. So I was working with strangers. I was nervous. Like I wasn’t using a computer. I mean, I’m not sure you just I just wasn’t on social media. But now I just see it all laid out in front of me like Oh, my God, like it’s so obvious, it would have been so much easier, right? Like, please, friends do this stuff. It’s like, things we wish we knew when we started, you wouldn’t have had to call those 100 For sale by owners. No, you could have just had a really nice social media presence, plus all these new and slow activities.

But then I wouldn’t have all these Funny Fail stories for a podcast.

It all worked. It all worked out. So time is your like, number one strength, right as a new agent. I think that also if you’re having a social media strategy, and you’re building your database, do not skip the step of friend, everyone in your sphere and on your database. Are they your Facebook friend? Do you follow them on Instagram? Like, what are you doing and how to make sure you follow them and you engage with them. So I think building your database, you can build it there too. Oh, and my other note on what are your strengths that you’re new, you have time to do the things that other agents don’t want to do? Yeah, maybe other agents don’t have time to reach out to their database and send them a market report or an updated CMA do that

great do that. And that’s something that’s valuable. So it’s not just I always struggle with you know, if you know anyone that needs to buy ourselves and on my way, that’s what everybody says and like why what you have to show why they’re going to send them to you and not the five others so that they know I have time in my schedule. I would love to help any of your referrals. I even noticed like as a seasoned agent, I went through a period and like your six seven where people started asking like are you taking new clients? Are you to believe that and I liked saying like I like posting Hey guys, I have some openings for some new listings or for some new buyers, whatever one you’re targeting them Post, and just letting people know like I have opening.

I’m available. Yeah, I think that’s great. Hey, Alyssa, Hey Katie, what do we mention almost every episode, email template, you’re right, we sure do. And after every time we mentioned an email template, do you know what we get

emails asking if they can have copies of the email template,

send me a copy of that template. I would like that. That sounds great. And you know what the good news is, you can get all of our email templates from our course, email templates, one on one, tell the people about it, our

course has all of the email templates you would need to send to your buyers and your sellers and your clients that are buying and selling at the same time. Exactly. To get through every step of the transaction and giving them information that they need for where they are in the transaction. It’s great, because you never forget to tell them something. Yeah. So we’ve already done all the work for you. Yeah, we wrote them. And you can personalize them. Yes. And just feel organized, knowing that you have all the information where it needs to be.

And if you purchase email templates, 101, you do get lifetime access. So occasionally, we like to go in and make updates based on the market or if we find a new best practice. So we put that right into the template and you get that updated straightaway. It just

goes straight to your core. Yes.

It’s already there. It’s just already on there. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ll

email and we’ll say updated. That’s great. Where can they find these email templates? You

can find the email templates at email templates within s one. Oh, one.com

email templates. One. Oh, one.com. Yes. Head over for reviews and all of the specifics. Wonderful. Okay, enjoy.

Okay, I also had some thoughts on resume. Yes. Okay. So in agent systems, I teach resume tips for new veteran, any type of agents, you will find in your real estate career. Most agents do not have a resume. They just it’s not required. There’s no like, it’s just but if you have a resume in your buyer folder, and your seller folder, when you’re going on these presentations, or these new, you know, client consults, it really stands out as Oh, this is very professional. And it doesn’t have to be like a stuffy real estate resume. So I’m sure everyone who’s new this listening is like but I don’t I don’t have anything to put on a resume, like but you do like, what was your job before? What are your strengths? What are your education, any type of class that you’ve taken

designations, you could fill that resume with designation, you can

easily just put on the stuff that your your clients wouldn’t know, I took 90 hours of pre licensing education, yeah, wow, that sounds

to be on your resume, put it all in there. And then 45 hours of post licensing.

So all of your education needs to be on there. I also think that it’s important to list if you want to list some of your office stats, I know you use this method, or if you’re on a team, your team stats, so you don’t have any past clients or past business to use for stats, but you certainly work for an office or on a team use some of those. I mean, you can even use, like, overall brokerage that’s like, yeah, for a franchise. I mean, like you can use any type of set you want.

We had a way of market report for you could do the zip code and show like where your brokerage was in that zip code. Which is why for me starting with, like a bigger, well known established company in our market was needed. Yeah, you know, because I was using that ally,

you use that those stats, I think that you also on your resume, need to have your bio as if you were you know, putting a bio one whatever, you know, platform LinkedIn, or Instagram or whatever. Put your bio, tell your story, and then tell us why you’re in real estate. Like, Hey, little bit about here’s a little bit about me. Yeah, I got into real estate because I, you know, really enjoy design. And I love the staging aspect of preparing a home for sale. And I’m really excited to learn more about that. And I’m taking this class. Yeah, like, what just tell us some stuff about you. So I think that you could put that on there. And if you get an online lead or some other type of lead with an email address, you can email your resume. Hey, I’m brand new. I have lots of time on my hands. Here’s my resume. So you can learn a little bit about me, but I’d be happy to help you.

I can remember I had lost so many that I just like didn’t care anymore. Yeah. And I walked into one and I said, Listen, I am a new agent. I have been on several interviews that went wonderful. And at the end, I received an email or text that said, Hey, we really like you, but you’re just too new. So I’m going to tell you now I am new, right? And I have so much time and energy and I’m so excited to market your home. I need someone to just trust me. I love this. And if you would do that, I will not let you down right?

Did this work? Yeah. Because it’s honesty. Yeah. Like,

what are we hiding from the others? I was like, just trying to, like fake it or seem like I knew it all. Yeah, when I didn’t know it all, like I was just trying so well,

I love if you ever take some classes, I feel like I’ve learned this and Brian Buffini, you know, you always as your new one to have that kind of scripted dialogue ready that if they’re like, Oh, well, you haven’t sold very many houses or you’re brand new? Oh, yes. But my mentor Suzy is great. She’s been in the business for 25 years. And she’s one phone call away. She loves answering my questions. Yeah, she’ll review all about paperwork. I mean, whatever you need to say, like, whatever is the truth. But I mean, just be prepared with a rebuttal, I think to that objection. Yeah. The other thing I like on your resume, the last thing I wrote on that is, list your specialties or, you know, your area of expertise. Are you really into a specific zip code? Do you work with first time buyers? Are you, you know, working with, you know, Agent place? You know, downsizers are? What are you doing? Right? It doesn’t even mean you have to have already sold these people anything just

funny whenever I was redoing my resume, because I made a resume actually very early on, because I was in my MBA. And that’s where to where I was like, I need my closer choosing my blazer, my resume, you know, well, a few years later, when I’m realizing that this is I’m more comfortable being myself. I’m updating my resume. And I realized at the bottom, because I had used like a resume template. Yeah, it said just skills. And you you just list you know, all the bullet points. And so I remember, I like pretty much Googled anything related to real estate. Yeah. And as I was reading it all these years later, I was like, I don’t want to do any of this stuff. I had things on there like foreclosures, like no, no, I know how to sell foreclosures. Yes. Do I want to know if I’m gonna like delete, delete, and so it kind of reminded me like, at that time, I was thinking that I’ll take it all, I’ll take it all more is better. I just want to look really smart. But I almost think the more specific that you are, people are like, Oh, you’re my person, because I’ve had people call me to say, I know you love trees. And we have this giant tree, in our, in our backyard, and we want you to sell our you’re gonna love this.

I literally wrote the exact same thing. As I was thinking about this topic. I was like, I feel like being more heavily in a niche when you’re new, is going to be better. Because, first of all, you can’t learn every neighborhood. And everything about real estate, when you’re brand new, it’s going to take some time. So why wouldn’t you hone in on I’m gonna learn everything about this zip code or this neighborhood, and then I’ll be an expert on that. Then I can add on another one. Once I feel like I’ve got that but if every thing that you put out into the world says, I know everything there is to know about seven or 808, or first time buyers or downsizing or whatever it is that you picked, all of a sudden, you’re like gonna get those people and they’re like, Wow, you really know a lot about whatever. Yeah, because you do so I think becoming an expert in and then you just add to

so I we live in Baton Rouge, it’s a college town, we have LSU. I was in LSU. You don’t say I lived on campus, like I’ve been gay. I lived very, I still lived in the house I lived in through college. So I was very familiar. Well, I started going to some of our company wide events, like in New Orleans and things like that, and telling people look, it started off by just saying, if you know anyone coming to Baton Rouge, I’d be happy to help them. Right? Well, then one agent was like, hey, some really good friends of mine are trying to buy a condo for their daughter, right? Gonna go to LSU right. And I was like, awesome. I was genuinely excited. Because if they’re that I know that I’ve lived in like four of them. So I know the complexes I have friends that live in all of them. I know all the gate codes. Right. And it was it went so well. And I started at that time, specifically. Yeah, saying because I was young and a lot of our agents in my office are like seasoned agents that have been doing this for a long time and are very respected. So that’s probably who they’re working with, like people buying stuff for their kids. Yeah. I cannot even I would really like to go back and count it was a lot how many in my career? Yeah. LSU condos the use I have sold right from really from realtor referrals. Yeah, I had one this month. Right. Like it’s still Yeah, it’s very specific, but it was something that I knew I was very comfortable with. I understand it and anytime and it’s always from like other agents, but it goes to show Yeah, something like that. If you live in a college town reach out to some of the surrounding area. I

mean, especially if you’re young, in the start of your career, like you really feel like tapped in to what are my What do I know? Like if someone sees young Alyssa, you know, in her early 20s, and they need to learn about LSU and you’ve been living in it and they’re and know it, why wouldn’t they trip you’re gonna know more than the agent who’s a veteran from across town who does go over there and doesn’t live there. Like, I think that if you’re especially if you’re fighting the age situation, as a new agent, then lean into where are the young people buying?

I also think that’s why farming is so good. Yeah. Because it’s where you live. Now, even if you’re not a homeowner, even if you’re a new agent renting somewhere, you know, your area, or you know, the area that you want to live in one day. Like there’s a reason that you like that spot. Yeah. So what can you do to make that your spa? Yes, I have a friend and that was in my office. And she’s so funny. And she could just go anywhere and just, like, make friends so quickly. And we always would meet at this coffee shop. It was a local, it was one of the PJs back when there was a PJs on essence, okay. It’s not there anymore. But we would always meet she became like, the coffee shop. Like she was friends with all the barista. And she had her cards like on the little bulletin board. Yes, you know, all those things. But one day I walked in, and she like, wasn’t at our usual table. We met once a week just to like, hang out and drink coffee. And she wasn’t at the table. I’m like, where is she? She’s late. I look up. She’s got an apron on. And she’s behind the counter making coffees. And I’m like, What are you doing? And she said, Oh, they got really busy. So I just jumped on back here, whatever. But I say that to say when I think of like the areas that I like, it’s like mid city, you know, the area, those are the with all the artsy stuff and the restaurant, the local restaurants and yeah, getting known in those places, right? by tagging restaurants, or, you know, saying I’m working today from this place, right? There. Wi Fi and coffee is awesome. Yeah, well, there’s

a local agent who does the coffee tabs, but only at local, I love coffee shops. So it’ll be like posted on the social media, like there’s $100 Coffee tab just to say by name at the register. And when it’s gone, it’s gone. But it is a kind of nice way to partner with a local business. I love that. Yeah. So that’s pretty neat. I like that a lot. She’s still in the shoes, nice

call. She’s like, I got this, I’m

here all the time, I can help you funny. I would like to also say that sometimes I find it, you’re also going to be fighting against a lot of other agents when it’s a popular market. So if you pick the mid city of your area where there’s a lot of agents who want to work in there, you will quickly see how many people are marketing that area, how many people are posting about that area, you can also find I always lean into where you live, like where do you live where I mean, that’s fine. You can also target an area you don’t live in, but where do you live, or maybe find a pocket of an area that isn’t so heavily targeted and become an expert in that like, I never see anyone posting about this, like the orphan neighborhoods, we talk about the orphan neighborhoods. So those are the new construction neighborhoods, like in years three through 10. Who maybe you know, the sales office isn’t there anymore. These were like a first time buyer type of house. And now these people are gonna get ready to move, but they’re sort of like an orphaned there’s no agent involved. Maybe they didn’t use an agent at all Dubai. They just bought from the builder. Go there, like, you know, start posting about that area or postcards to those. There’s a lot of stuff you can do. That’s just free. Yeah. So I think that’s good. Do you have any other tips for us when we’re brand new?

Did you have any like situations when you were new that might cause you rejection? Or?

I mean, for sure, but I will tell you, repetition will get you confidence pretty fast. Right? Just like doing an open house every weekend will get you competent, pretty fast. Well, I did online leads and at some point it was it was before Zillow, y’all. So it was market leader was the company I was using. I was one of maybe two or three agents in the entire city that was using the service. And they were advertising like on for this website on CNN or you know, whatever. All the news shows, they had ads on the TV where people were still watching TV back then. So they had lots of leads coming in some months I was getting 5070 100 online leads so I was quickly getting to get some experience on setting up mls search calling in, you know, getting more information from people, it’s just sort of like trial by fire, but so quick that you’re like, I don’t care if I was rejected, there’s 50 more, like, they’re just constantly coming. So I think but you’ll also find that I think people who are just listening to the show, we’re gonna have such a leg up. Do you know what I mean? Right? Like, I didn’t even have a clue how to do a buyer appointment, or how to, you know, do a listing appointment. And so when people start asking you questions, like, you know, well, you’re new. How can you help me? Or you’re new? Like, what if we have a question? You don’t know what to say? Like, yeah, but we’re telling you what to say.

But that’s whenever I hear agent be like, Well, that didn’t work out again, I just wasted all this time. And I’m like, You didn’t waste anything, right? This is all excellent experience. And now if a client goes to, you know, things to try to text or Yeah, to call or to figure out, like, I get better at knowing what to say, when people tell me

how to avoid this next step. I’m gonna figure it out. I will, because it feels like you’re solving a mystery, like, how can I get this done? But mindset is pretty much everything in this business. So if you’re new, and you feel like you have nothing to offer, then you’re gonna have trouble, right? If you’re new, and you think that having time on your side is an asset, then you’re going to be okay. You just have to learn how to speak to that. And so it’s really a matter of having those kind of few phrases are things that you can like lean into when someone kind of has pushed back where you can say, Oh, no worries. Yeah. Like, I have lots of time. I have a mentor that can answer my questions. I have a great office, I have all this education, you know, that I’ve done. I just think there’s a lot you can easily say to deal with those objections. Yeah. Okay. I had some other quick tips on being a new agent and selling yourself, okay, and you can sell it with your actions. So maybe you just simply answer your phone. Wow, I know. Wow. It’s amazing. answering your phone can get you and a client that tried to call another agent and they didn’t answer period like it happens. Also being available, like having some more available times, and not being like, Oh, I can’t show after five or I can’t show on the weekend, you’re gonna beat out quite a few agents, if you have a little bit more flexibility with your time. Any other like, activity actions you think can help?

I think our whole episode what to do when you’re new or slow. Totally. Whoo. Oh, my God, the big thing I think is focused on the free things that cost you no money because we don’t have any money because you’re a new agent. Right? And so don’t be spending money trying to like do fancy things. Yeah. Be getting free education. Utilize your board, that in the free things that they may be offering. Utilize your office, anything that’s available to you just explore it. Yeah,

I think in those episodes, we talk about, you know, going to a veteran agent and asking them if they have overflow or leads are they need help with something? Or do they need help, you know, opening a house for termites or inspection or whatever. You also aren’t just trying to sell yourself to the public and to your sphere into the people you want to buy and sell. But if you can sell yourself as like a go getter ready to work, new agent to a veteran agent, I’m going to tell you right now, you could do very well, helping someone out who’s then going to be like, You’ve been great. You’re learning you’re so motivated. You’re obviously serious about this, here’s a lead that I can’t handle right now. I’m going on vacation, will you take my sign calls? Like, I don’t know why more new agents don’t use this method. Yeah, just sell yourself to a veteran agent. Be like, Hey, I see. You’re really busy. I love your business. Would you mind if I shadowed you for a day? Or do you have anything I can help you do this week?

I think too, that a lot of new agents, from what I have seen, and from the times that I have needed help in a situation where I couldn’t be somewhere is that because they have time? They fill it with personal stuff like, hey, stuff to do. I’m just busy all day, but it has nothing to do with work. And that’s fine. We all take personal days, right? But it is hard when you’re new and you don’t have clients to just find structure in your day that makes you available. Instead, people are like, well, what am I going to do all day? Well, I’m gonna go to Target and I’m gonna like just hanging out around my house and have lunch with all you know, no, like, you need to figure out a way that you can be productive because like we always say, years one through three is like your make it or break it years. Yeah, but the clock doesn’t start until you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Right, right. So if you’ve just been like twiddling your thumb for the first three years, your clock hasn’t even started. Yeah, so you gotta get to work.

I know. I know. Yeah, you gotta, you gotta get to work. I just think that there are a lot of little things that maybe we don’t do because we’re paralyzed by the fear of loss losing them. Yeah. Clients, right? Don’t it’s really mindset. So go back and listen to some of the mindset episodes too. Because when we were talking about mindset, and you just tell that story a minute ago, I was thinking last night, Jay and I went to parents sign school. And it’s, it’s frickin August, it’s Louisiana. It’s really hot, right? But as we’re, as the sun went down, and we’re walking from like, class to class, I said to him, like, you know, it’s kind of pleasant, you know, it’s not miserable, right? Yeah, it’s kind of pleasant. Then, like we’re leaving, like a little bit later. And this couple is walking behind us. And the weather, Jay and I are like, it’s just so pleasant. You know, whatever. It like, we’ve already mentioned it these. We hear these people behind this car was so hot. It’s so hot. I’m like, This is so not bad. Yeah. Jayco looks at me. I’m like, I don’t know. I think it’s all perspective. Trying to be like, it’s not as bad as it was three hours ago. So I’m like, it’s really it’s just not so bad. And these people behind us are like, Oh, it’s all how you look at it. That is so true. All how you look at it. Okay, any other ideas for selling yourself

as a new agent? No, but I think I shared the story one time, but I think it’s worth resharing, please. So when I was brand new, had never had a listing was newly licensed. Before it was a realtor. My dad had a few. He’s an appraiser, right? So he had a few realtors that he referred things to. If somebody asked, well, this lady called him who was actually my grandmother’s cousin, okay, somehow, so she’s like, somehow related to me in a third second or third kind of way. Okay. And she’s like, I need to sell my house. It’s a really great house. I need you to tell me like the best agent, like who’s the best of the best. They’re asking your dad. They’re so my dad. Yeah. Who, like I said, was like, well, that’s not Alyssa. Right? Do so my dad came to me and was like, listen, so and so just called you remember her? You’ve met her like, once or twice at Christmas. I’m like, Okay. He’s like, she’s gonna list her house. But she said she wants like the best of the best. And, you know, I didn’t want you to be upset. And I was like, No, I understand. I understand. You know, I’m not ready for this. Thanks, dad. So he did call the best of the best right in my office, and she’s in my office. But she is the bet. Like, she’s so good at what her numbers are always like at the top. And you would never know it when you meet her. Right? She’s just so laid back and kind and like, Cool as a cucumber always right. So my dad called her. So she kindly invited me to come on the listing appointment with her. She was like, Hey, you can shadow me, we can co list it. Right? And I was like, Oh, my gosh, we’re gonna co listen. Yeah. Wow. Like, this is a huge opportunity. Right? And so we show up to the house. And she’s like, Well, hey, Alyssa lady, you know, the seller, right? And when he’s a family, like, yeah, like she has met family friends, or but we weren’t like, you know, right. And so, Anne, does the whole walkthrough, take some notes tells her to tweak a few things, right? It’s going very well, I thought I’m very impressed with this was the first time to I had ever watched anybody tell a seller what to do what to do. Okay, so I was like, Oh, this is very good, good. Good, you know. And there really wasn’t a lot to say, because she this lady had the house ready. Yeah. So that kind of made it even more impressive that Anne was like pointing out things. So we sit down to do the paperwork and has her folder, it has all the listing documents in it. And she’s going through it with the seller, and I’m just watching and all of a sudden, the lady just puts her pin down and says, Before I sign this, I just have to say something. And I’m kind of like what’s happening? I have, I had no indication at this time, that there was anything wrong. Right. Okay. And she says, I just have to say that. I called Johnny. And I asked him for the best of the best. And I’m like, in my mind, just I’m just, I’m embarrassed. i She’s like, and then I was hoping, you know, for an honest opinion. And I wanted to be like biatch my dad rejected. You’re not ready because he valued what you said. So she’s like, I asked him for the best of the best and then You know, little Alyssa shows up. And I think that’s why I always say, right. Because Bernie said that. And I just felt like I was on fire. Embarrassed. I was sitting there, I had tried so hard to get ready. I had on my blazer, like, I put so many photos were no toes were out, I have put so much effort and thought into this meeting, right? And then she just totally put me down. And she was like, and you know, I, I have a lot of friends in real estate. And I could have called any of them. But I was just hoping for our honest opinion. And I was like, Oh, God. I’m like, inside trying not to cry. And I don’t know what to I don’t know what to say, what do you what would you even say so and just closes her folder and says, Well, I think you should call one of them. And I just thought, well, he like stands up. And I’m like

we’re walking out of the kitchen. And the lady’s like, well, hold on, hold on, you know, and I’m like, and was like, I will i am just turned around. And the lady was like, I mean, wait, you’re already here. And we’ve done the whole thing. And we’re in a hurry. Like, I’m fine with listening. I just wanted to say my piece. And so I am never really said anything. She was just like, here’s the documents. She was just like, okay, like, never we’re not going to we’re not going to do this. Yeah. And so she signed and we left, like, we were out pretty quick. And we were in the parking lot and and looked at me and said, Well, that was weird. I said, I know, I’m so sorry. And and was kind of like, you know, I was hoping that we could like, cool. I was like, no, no, no, I don’t want to Colace it right anymore. Like, you just take it all, like it’s not a big deal. I was just really happy to be able to come like what a learning experience. Yeah, like, wow. And so and listed it and it sold immediately. And it was like a great, you know, transaction. So at this time, I have never had a closing. And I’m still waiting tables, and I’m trying to get my savings account up to like, your your my threshold $3,000. But yeah, so if I could be at $3,000 I could quit right waiting tables, because I could live off of that for like a very long time at this point in life. And it was dwindling. Okay. It’s, uh, it would get close. And then it just yeah, what you get close right now. And so I’m like stressing about my bank account. And then one day, I look because I didn’t really talk to and after that I didn’t follow the listing, right. I didn’t know like an answer, not the type to call to be like, Guess why we got an offer? No, no, she’s busy. Yeah, she’s just like stuff to do. Whatever. So I never followed up with it. I just let it be. Yeah. Right. And I’m just trying to forget about it. Yeah, I’m like, Well, that didn’t work out. So um, one day I checked my bank account. And there’s like, $8,000 in there. You’re like this is and I like, oh, no, what happened? Like, what is this? And so I saw it said, like, you know, our company name. And so I emailed our secretary, I was like, Hey, y’all made a mistake? And she’s like, Oh, well, let me email accounting and see what this is. And so they had to email accounting and accounting said, No, that’s your commission check. I said, I’ve never had a transaction before. So I don’t Yeah, I don’t, I don’t know what it is. And so they were like, well, let me check the address. And they said the address. And you were like, and I went, Oh, my gosh, yeah. And it was

all of it. She gave us a whole commission, all of it. She was like, I’m gonna show that lady.

I did the math. And it was not a referral fee. Why

was I don’t think all of a sudden, the last time you told this story, yeah. And so

all of it. So I’m emotional. I’m just like, fair, I can’t let these more Monday’s ever had in my life. Right. That it was a bit it was a big nice house, you know, and I was just like, oh, my gosh, so I of course try to like call her and be like, hey, and like, Are you sure? And she’s just like, yeah, yeah, thanks. You know, whatever. Yeah, you deserve a those years anyway, blah, blah, blah. By like she she’s talking about she’s just like, No, no, but I couldn’t even let it go. I just, you know, she was like, very kind and was like, you know, you deserve it. It’s here somewhere. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. Yeah, just need to say thanks. Just

like $1,000 Yeah, that’s a lot of money.

Like, you know, don’t cry. Don’t cry. She picked up the check. Yeah, it’s fine. Yes, that’s exactly how it was. So I like it. even like a few weeks later, I couldn’t get over it and I wrote her a letter and I just like left it on her. It was like, I just need you to know right how much it meant to me.

Oh man and that’s my gives me a little tear. Yeah, I know I still just like can’t even believe that’s also interesting that that was your very first money that you made in real estate. You actually didn’t even do anything. No. Only to say you never know what’s gonna happen you

never know. You never never know. But anyway, anytime I think of my new days that is the best think of it. I just always think of it and I always had an open houses like I was that to whose houses I held open.

Perfect. She she had held many open before that. Like you had done some for her before that. Yeah. See? Go to the veteran agent. Yeah. Do them the favors. Yeah. Yeah. It might work out in the end, right. Love it. Okay, that’s all I got. That’s all you have. That’s my favorite story. Okay, are you ready for this toast? Yeah, I found out this is from Tammy McKinney. She’s in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Okay. Okay. Tammy says, Okay. I was an appraiser, then a construction project manager before I finally became a realtor. It took me a long time to commit to this career path because of the stigma that some real estate agents had created. Yep, I finally embraced it. Knowing that I would do it in a way that suited my values and surround myself with a community of people that share my beliefs and vision. If you were ever in need of a toast Oh, please toast my broker and owner of lair Realty partners. Stacey Elkhorn, she is a beacon of light that has grown her business with wonderful values and is an inspiration to better myself and my business every day. Wow. Nice. That’s so nice. So cheers to Stacey. She sounds like a good broker. Yeah. Thank you to Tammy, that was so glad that she made it past the stigma. Yeah, kind of a good one for a new agent. It is. Yeah,

you gotta get over those stigmas. You just got to prove yourself because look,

people might say that you don’t know what you’re doing when you’re a veteran because people have a stigma about agents. So it has nothing to do like you can’t take it personally. No, if you’re just because you’re it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re new. Some people are gonna be salty about real estate agents regardless, right? Yeah. Okay. I love that. That’s it.

It’s a good one. Goodbye, y’all next week. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure

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