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Take a look around you. Are you in your car? Chances are as a Realtor either the answer is yes or about to be yes. Lol! Jokes and memes about what Realtors’ cars look like abound. Can you say mls sheets, sign riders and water bottles for days? We all know being able to work on the go is a trick of the trade. In this episode we discuss some of our favorite mobile office tips and best practices for getting it done while you are on the go. You can even head to hustlehumblypodcast.com to download our full car kit ebook for free! And while you are running from here to there don’t forget to pull over and request the FREE first module of The Database Course!

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If there’s something in there Do I have time to handle it right now? Okay, well let me know who your home inspector is and when he’s coming What if it’s like right? The worst time that oh I guess I need to delete y’all from this the searches so you don’t houses anymore? Stop crying for new business when you’re not handling your current business right Hi y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are to top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcast is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hey, Katie. It’s episode 174. Also, why what episode? Johnny 46.

Okay, guys, as we approach Christmas, we thought it would be fun to replay some of our favorite episodes. Right? Well, we

have a lot of friends who are new. Yeah, who maybe haven’t made it all the way back through the archives are just can’t I get overwhelmed when I’m on a new podcast? Yeah, like, I can’t look and be like, Oh, 400 episodes, I am not the type of person who’s going back to Episode One. And like listening to all 400.

Now to all of our binge worthy fans that let us know that you do binge listened to all of them. Maybe while you’re driving from Alaska to Florida. i We appreciate you so much. And we love that you’ve listened. I’m

just impressed with the commitment. I’m impressed with like, also, I hear my voice all day. So I guess I wouldn’t. I’m like, wow, that’s a lot of Katie and Alyssa. Yeah, it’d be like listening to. But the point being, we’ve pulled out some episodes that are time appropriate season appropriate. Yes. And we wanted to reshare them, but Well, I guess do you want to tell like we’re gonna do this for the rest of the month?

Yeah, through December and then January, we’ll be back with like fresh new content. Yeah, we want to practice what we preach to we want to spend time with our families. That’s right, but still want to pop up. And the ones that we have chosen, I think will really help you for the week that we have chosen. Yeah. And we’ll do like a

freshie. Five or 10 minute chat in the beginning. So they won’t be just a replay. Right.

You’ll still hear from us? Yeah. In our current voice. Yeah. Because the sound is different because we’re sharing some oldies

is the sound is different. That’s I know, and you just never know what you’re gonna get. No, we’ve we’ve upgraded our equipment quite a lot of times. Yes. The other day, I posted a picture of our behind the scenes, like our current behind the scenes. And Chelsea sent me a message and was like, Wow, looks intense. And I’m like, okay, yeah, we did just record like the course. Like there was a lot of stuff happening. Yeah. And I’m like, we we have a lot of we have a lot of stuff going on.

Yeah. And also a reminder, if you are one of the ones working through the database course, you can go get it today, if you have not gotten it at the database horse.com. It’s not too late. I mean, it’s available to you. But it’s still a really good time of year to getting your database in order so you can hit 2023 with a fresh start and an organized database. That’s right. If you feel like you dropped the ball on a holiday card, I get plenty of Happy New Year’s card. Yeah, it’s not too late. Not too late at all. Not so late going, you can

do it. I know. In this episode, we are going to do life on the go. Perfect. I mean, look, I do want to share a story. So in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we have bad traffic. It just is the case. Yeah, but for some reason I have my theories. I’ll tell you my theory from basically Thanksgiving through the end of the year. You should not try to drive somewhere on Friday. It is doing lately unbelievable. I think people are trying to burn through there like paid time off before the end of the year. And so like we’ll just do three day weekends. Right, right, right, though traffic. It is. I’m like where do these people even come from? But it’s every Friday of December. Do not go anywhere especially not across town. If you can’t help it, right, right, you can help it so I just think that’s funny but we’re going to talk such

a busy time we have everyone’s busy holiday party school parties every that people just try out for family gatherings. So here’s just a little life on the go on the go refresher

I know and you can go to the website hustle humbly podcast.com and get the car kit ebook because we are going to talk about my car kit in this episode. Yeah, and so you can get like all the stuff and then there is a

free resource

free yeah free resource a

resource yeah kit and

I think I actually have a link now to to like the whole Amazon shopping list if you want to make yourself a car kit for your car. Yeah. Go get the whole list. You’ll be ready. You’ll be ready to go. Anything else Alyssa.

We are going to do a little toast refresher please let’s have a fresh a new toast. Okay, so Stacy Charmin okay. Hi Stacy from Corpus Christi, Texas. Okay, love it. I should I’m gonna read her toast. I am a new agent and I would love to toast my broker Trey teittleman. Okay. He has taught me so much in these last six months since having my license. He sat with me and another new agent four days a week for three weeks teaching us the stuff they don’t teach you in real estate school man. Now I go in or call him whenever I have a question. His help has been extraordinary amazing. Also a toast to Khalida fields. She has let me come to her house and help me write a contract in an amendment or two. These two have been such a blessing to me as a new agent a blessing. So cheers to Trey and to Khalida. Oh, cheers, y’all. Desi.

I love that that’s a good one such they do not teach you everything you need to know in real estate. No, no, they don’t know inter agent systems. Okay. You guys go and listen to this is episode 46. Life on the go. Here you go. Goodbye. Hi, everyone. Welcome to

Episode 46 life on the go live on the go. It’s funny that this is the episode we’re doing because right now we’re still zooming because we’re home.

Because we’re not exactly on the go. But we’re talking.

Yeah, by the time this episode airs, you should be kind of back on the go or easing back into life on the go halfway on the go. I don’t know, y’all, you were on the go. At some point. You will for sure be on the go again.

I mean, honestly, I was just telling you, every day this week, I’ve had showings. So I feel like I’m on the go again, it’s just not as much out of the house. Like I’m only out when I have to show a house. Right? Right. Okay, so life on the go you, I would like to start by saying you are a master of this, you are Uber efficient, your computer is always with you, you can get work done in any location at any time and for five minute intervals and actually get stuff done. So I fail miserably at this. I like to be in my office fully focused on my computer when I’m doing stuff. That’s why some of your really good systems are hard for me to implement, like the inspection repair draft. And like I just because that’s a time sensitive situation. I’m not so good about working on the go. I mean, I can do the appointments. But it’s all of like the admin stuff. I just really do like to be at my desk. So tell us how and why you’re so amazing at life on the go.

Well, I do feel like that’s one of the biggest questions I get is like, how do you do the volume, and have your family and have fun and see your friends and all those things. And I was trying to also I knew I had a lot to speak on to this. But I also wanted to do some research to Owen, you know, being efficient and life on the go and what balance even means. Yeah, and it’s so funny, because everything that I read is all about the mindset. Oh, I love it. Like it’s like it’s a mindset and you can make excuses about it. And never change anything. Or you can decide I’m not going to make excuses anymore. And I want my evenings back and in order for me to get my evenings back. If I’m 10 minutes early for an appointment, I’m going to make myself pull out my laptop in the car and answer emails or I’m going to make myself stop doing this this way because it’s too time consuming. Yeah, it’s really about just having a mindset change and understanding that if you do it once, it’ll just get easier and easier. So whatever that looks like you know for like you said, you know the inspection repair repair requests when you have the buyer so you know that my email is my to do list. So when I get the inspection report from the home inspector, as soon as I can I just go through it highlight the things I think we need to ask for type of a draft repair request, email it to my buyers and say, Hey guys, I got his report. I read through it. I have attached the report with things highlighted showing what I put on the repair requests as well as a copy of the repair request. If everything looks good to you, let me know and I’ll send it to you for signature. Right. And if you do it once you just become hooked and I always get stressed if like they’re quicker than me and send me this like laundry list of things. Oh no. Then I have to explain why we don’t ask for that. Or yeah, what’s important or or this or that, you know, so yep, it’s really just about making the most of your time. And I think that I see so many agents that are just so stressed out about things that I don’t understand.

And, or instance, give me a for instance,

like someone is spending, so, so much time on doing a repair request draft or doing market analysis, or making flyers or just things that they have been at the computer for two hours, and it has sucked away all their time. Yeah. And now their email is out of control. And now their text messages and phone calls are out of control. And it’s time to go get the kids. Yeah, and you haven’t done anything. Right. And you have a really pretty flyer, but you have a really pretty flyer. And those are just things that I don’t understand. I do think social media is important. Yeah, but I think that your work needs to be done first, I think your priorities need to be in order. Yeah. And if you’re early to a house for showings, I do think it would be a great time to do an Instagram post to your audience, but maybe check your email first. If you have time afterwards to do an Instagram post or before you leave the house. But right always checking like the time sensitive things first. Yeah. When I was doing my research, there were two things that kick that came up as being important with being efficient. Okay. One was self awareness. Okay. And this is always the hardest thing. Of course, it’s hard to look at yourself and say like, Where, where is it my fault? Where? Where am I not being efficient? Where have I dropped the ball? What is sucking my time? Yeah, at the end of the day, you should be able to turn it off or off and be with your family or watch your shows or take your bath or go out with your friends or go work out? Like they’re you there’s nothing about our job that doesn’t allow these things. Yeah. So it is kind of about like, what is my mindset telling me that’s a lie? What’s not true? Can I email this person back and say, hey, I’ll work on this first thing in the morning. Right? Or just don’t respond until first thing in the morning. If it’s if it’s after a certain point, they’ll it’s okay for them to wait. Yeah, I have stopped even checking my email after a certain time because my question before I even check my email is, if there’s something in there, do I have time to handle it right now? Right? If I’m about to do bath time with Haven or something, I can’t handle it right now. So I’m not going to look at it. Yeah. But it’s just about knowing how you operate. And you know, maybe you enjoy doing some things, but maybe at the same time, it’s not efficient. So understanding that, it doesn’t mean you can never go back to whatever again, it just means how I’m going to try doing this for like a week. Or maybe sometimes you do it this way. And sometimes you do it your old way, depending on how much time you have. Right? But I think once you start saving the time, it feels redundant to do things your old way because you realize, you know, it’s more efficient. So like when I’m in the listing interview, I am in my notes section in my phone writing their to do list. Yeah, when I leave their house, sometimes even in the car before I have left the driveway. I hit the arrow button on the note section and email it to them. Yeah. And it says Hey, guys, thanks so much for the interview, see attached list of notes that we made. Let me know if you have any question right? And it’s they don’t have to go home and type this long email and do this. You can see that like it’s, it’s done. I left their house, I sent them the email. So I don’t know my brain. My brain just works that way. And I do think it can be learned. Good. I think I do I think it takes practice and there are times where like, I’ve changed the way I do things or update the way I do things. Yeah, like I like this is 2019 was the first year that I implemented the repair requests where I wrote the draft and now I can’t go back like I I’m like I can’t even imagine just giving the buyers free rein to come up with the list on their own for me. Now it almost seems unprofessional. Like it seems like I dropped the ball I should have been the one that guided and directed and gave them a draft a suggested suggestions. I’m not here to say like I’m the slave driver and I will tell you what to do but I start really feel like when you’re guiding urge, guidance is key. It is key. It’s so important. So, right, because they don’t do this every day. And you do. Exactly. And I feel like they feel comforted when I say, Hey, guys, here’s the draft, let me know what you think. Because now I feel like they’re like, Well, I don’t have to go through this and like, decide, based off of my own judgment when I’ve never bought a house before, what should be asked for? Yeah, but you know, my schedule is like, super important. And so that’s why I tell buyers. Hey, the inspector has Monday at 11am or Friday at 1pm. available, what what works for you? Because those are the two times that where you could be me yeah, that the inspector is also available. So yeah, I might list two or three times, and then they pick instead of, okay, well, let me know who your home inspector is. And when he’s coming, what if it’s like, right? The worst time? You know, right?

No doubt. I also like I remember in a previous episode, you talked about being in the daycare parking lot and catching up your email before you like shut it down. So you’re just like getting it done in the parking lot or in the restaurant before someone shows up. Or just like, wherever you are, during the course of your business hours day. You’re not like doing that all the time. But like whenever I’m working,

right, that’s the thing is that if it’s within business hours, I’m being efficient. And I’m working because I, I want that quality time when I picked her up from school, and I haven’t really even throughout this quarantine, where I’ve spent so much time with Haven. It has made me evaluate some things and like, should I send her to school less. We’ve been spending so much time together. But then I look back on some of the time and some of the time was really hard. I mean, yeah, I’m trying to work while she’s in there. And she wants me and when we’re together, she wants me. And that means we have an hour after school have really amazing time versus two hours after school where I’m stressed and trying to answer phones. Mommy has to take a call Hold on. And yeah, also trying to check my email. She would rather the one hour of quality time quality time. Yeah. And so it’s just, it is a mindset thing, knowing like, what’s really important. When is it really important? What Yeah, come first, what can wait, what can come later? And I also try not to over schedule. Yeah. Okay, tell me a lot of free time in my day.

What that means, like, where do you cut it off? Is there a certain number of hours you’ll schedule appointments? Are there certain number of types of appointments like what is the

I was rule won’t start, and I won’t schedule anything until at least nine. And then I won’t schedule anything. Usually after 330 or four on? Yes. It’s like my evening that I’m working and Tanner’s coming home and I’m leaving to go show houses or whatever the case may be? Yeah. But I know how things can build up an email. I know how things can build up if you don’t check things. Yeah. So if I am showing houses all day and have a listing appointment and an inspection or whatever the case may be, I make sure that I can eat at some point, because you’re an ij during the day, so like when I can stop and eat. I’m checking my email while I’m having lunch with myself. Yeah, if it’s a home inspection, I’m telling my buyers to come at the end. And I’m working while the inspectors doing his thing. Yeah, I’m not just sitting at the home inspection, like scrolling through Facebook the whole time. Like I’m being efficient with my time. Yeah, but but I’m like really serious about lunch? I feel like I know you are. Yes. If I for my brain to function properly. I have to eat I have to drink water. Yeah, I have to schedule times. Like if when people are like, Can we meet at 12? I’m like, Can we meet at 1230? Yeah, like I’m gonna have to refuse to eat before I meet with you. Yeah. So I think it’s the self awareness part is huge. You have to know how you operate. Then also like what your goals are like, Katie, if you love to write things down and then type them later and you’re doing the level of and it’s and you’re not overextending yourself. Yeah. That’s just part of who you are. And that’s how you do your business. Right. The the self evaluation comes when you feel like you’re constantly stressed. Yeah. When you feel like you constantly don’t have enough time. Yeah. And you feel like you’re not responding in a timely manner to people. Right. And it’s time to say, I may have to sacrifice rice things, my pen and my paper. I’ve got to go sometimes, you know, but I can come back later. But it just depends on and it also depends on like, how much growth Do you want? Yeah, if you’re like, oh, I want more business. The question is more how am I handling my business now? Now?

Yeah, for sure.

I mean, why even have room for it? Right? Am I even treating the business I have now well enough to do that more and more. Yeah. So self awareness and being honest with yourself was the first thing. Yeah. But the second step was intentionality. Okay. And that’s really about now that I’m aware that I am this way. How can I make better decisions? Yeah. So don’t feel like you can change your whole life in a week. Maybe step one is utilizing your Notes section of your phone at times when you would have been using a pencil.

Okay, I like that. And that makes sense to me. But I want you to tell me what the words you use, because you just did it in the listing appointment episode. But the words you use when you get your phone out in front of a client to make them understand you’re still present with them, like you say, do you mind if I take some notes on my phone? Yeah, about your home? Or do you like I mean, you have to address it. Like what about? I know, you said in a previous the closing episode, at the closing table, you get your phone out and you are putting in their database information, or requesting the review or whatever it is that you’re doing and your list of closing things? That’s genius like I because that is a wasted hour when you’re just sitting there. Yes. But I’m super self conscious about making sure they don’t think that I’m playing on my phone or reading someone else’s email or not totally there with them, because that’s just who I am. And I don’t want them to feel like checked out. So I tables

totally addressed it. I do so like at the closing table while they’re signing papers, I’ll pull up my phone and say, I need to update you in my database. Now that you have this new address. And I’ll be like, what’s today’s date? Okay, good. I’ll be sure I put that in as the close date. Like just kind of talk out loud when you’re doing it. And then yeah, when you are checking your email, and it’s other people’s email, they just assume you’re still doing stuff for them. For them. Yeah. It’s okay to when you are not in use to be doing something, something else as long as you are somewhat present and aware of what’s going on and maybe explaining to them that you’re updating your database that you’re taking notes for them at the closing. So like, Oh, don’t worry, I wrote down that you need to file for homestead exemption? Yeah. Oh, don’t worry, I wrote down that your termite contract is with ABC Company. When really I’m just sending the after closing email that says, yeah, that has all that set. Yes. Yeah. So then after the closing, I don’t have to go sit at my desk for 30 minutes and update my database, delete them. And then I might even say, Oh, I guess I need to delete y’all from the the searches so you don’t houses anymore? And they’re like, oh, yeah, we thought you know, it’s just, they don’t really care. But if you feel subconscious, I say what I’m doing. So tell them what you’re doing, what I’m doing, and then it’s all done. And I don’t have to do anything later. Yeah, it’s all done. Yeah.

I mean, that’s very smart. Hey, Alyssa pKb. What do we mention almost every episode, email template, you’re right, we sure do. And after every time, we mentioned an email template, do you know what we get

emails asking if they can have copies of the email template,

send me a copy of that template? I would like that, that sounds great. And you know what the good news is, you can get all of our email templates from our course, email templates, one on one, tell the people about it,

our course has all of the email templates you would need to send to your buyers and your sellers and your clients that are buying and selling at the same time. Exactly. To get through every step of the transaction and giving them information that they need for where they are in the transaction. It’s great, because you never forget to tell them something. Yeah. So we’ve already done all the work for you. Yeah, we wrote them and you can personalize them. Yes. And just feel organized, knowing that you have all the information where it needs to be. And

if you purchase email templates, 101, you do get lifetime access. So occasionally, we like to go in and make updates based on the market or if we find a new best practice. So we put that right into the template and you get that updated straightaway. It just goes straight to your core. Yes. It’s already there. It’s just already on there. You don’t have to worry about it.

Well, email will say updated. That’s great. Where can they find these email templates? You

can find the email templates at email templates with an S one Oh one.com email templates one Oh one.com Yes. Head over for reviews and all of the specifics. Wonderful. Okay, enjoy. Even just like doing Net sheet in your notes instead of having to I’m a writer, why do I do it? I know there are people that are with me, I know I’m not alone in this. Like, I just like to write it. But it’s not that I can’t do it in my phone. I

just there’s no better feeling than getting home after listening interview and not having to immediately open your computer now and type up everything that you just wrote down. Yeah. But I think it’s just important that you have to try things that I certainly struggle with or need to, like, try harder, like when I get invited to lunch, and I know that I’m super behind. But I’ll try to say, Would you be able to go another day or Yeah. But if I’m all caught up, I can go go. So that’s just, you know, it’s okay. People aren’t using their time super wisely during the day. And then sure, nothing comes and they’re like, I can’t sleep. I’m anxious. I’ve just got to do what you do today. Right?

Right, exactly. Okay, so you plan your day? Yeah. And you try to keep your appointments to whatever amount of time you gotta get your lunch in there. Do you carry snacks in your car? I never usually, I have usually, because we’re in the south, right? And you can just keep anything in your car. It’s really super hot. And so I keep a bag of nuts typically, like a decent size, like where there’s several handfuls in there, but like an nuts will fill you up if you’re in a J home. Yeah. So I do keep and they can withstand the heat. So I do keep that in there. I mean, I also try to like, keep time for lunch in my schedule. I mean, you’re making your own schedule. Yeah. If someone asked to see 10 houses, tell them you only show five. I’ve never had anyone tell me? No, I’ve got to see all 10 It was always me who allowed that to happen. It’s not them. In fact, I sent I just have a brand new buyer. And I sent them the you know, your pre approved email. Yeah, no buyer rules, and it had all the buyer rules in it. And in the buyer rules. It says, Five showings is like the max for one outing. So she sent me her list of top five houses. She even had a list of like 10 or 15 houses, she narrowed it down to five, and she’d said, we these are the five that we’d like to see. And I said, okay, is this a good time for you? Yes. Okay, we schedule them. And then she emailed me and she said, Hey, what about this house? I’m like, Well, we’re gonna do you have a question about it? Because we’re gonna see it along with the other four. And she’s like, Oh, my God, I didn’t even realize we would get to see them all at the same time. Like she thought I was gonna make her go one at a time. But the point is, you drive that shifts, they don’t make the rules, you make the rules. I mean, I’m not saying you should be crazy and non flexible. But they also they don’t know if you know, and you’re like, hey, guess what? You got to get that list down to five. We’re not going to see 15 houses tomorrow. I mean, like, you make the rule.

And sometimes like, if someone’s like, can you come to my house today? Even if my day is wide open? I feel like I need to say, I’m so sorry. I’m totally late today. Can I come tomorrow? You have to

set that tone. I think you’re right. And I have jumped up many a time and run out to do a showing because I knew that I didn’t have anything going on. But you’re right. That’s just like saying I’m available to you all the time.

Exactly. And of course, it depends on what it is. If it’s a listing view or if it’s a just a someone that wants an opinion, it can wait if this is a buyer that you are working with, that has lost houses and is like riding by and ready to write an offer. You might have to be a little bit yeah, well call for that person.

I think there has to be a sense of urgency assigned to the situation. Yes, like, way or right, because I’ve had buyers who were in the hot areas in the hot price range and the brand new listing came on and I’m like we have to go now like now. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Yes. So I mean, but that’s not every buyer. No, it might be what every 10th or 20th buyer. Yeah, not all the time rare. Very rare.

Another thing I do is if I see that my day is crazy. I will in the morning or night before whatever go into my settings and change my auto reply text message yes to say, Hey guys, I’m super slammed today but I will be checking messages at 3pm or 5pm or, or 7pm whatever. So that way if the phone rings, it can go there. You can change your voicemail to say, hey guys, today’s Wednesday. I just want to let you know I have several appointments today but I will be checking all voicemails at 5pm It would also help if you emailed me and staff but regardless or else you could do it in your email but that way my brain isn’t getting stressed out every time you ding every time I ding and every like Sometimes I’m like, Oh my gosh, I haven’t checked my email in three hours. It’s probably got so much email. Yeah. But then I can rest easy knowing they have heard from me and they know they’re gonna get a response before I go to bed tonight.

You do that on your text, email responder and your voicemail.

Yeah, if it’s like a busy day, it’ll be a speech or if I’m going to like a real estate conference or work conference or whatever, I’m all set, set it for that if I’m on vacation. Yeah, like you can change your voicemail every day if you want. But okay, if you feel like you know, it’s going to be a busy day. Let it because all they want, all they want is to know that they’re going to be taken care of. Yeah. So your care? Will you call them back as long as you tell them when? Right, exactly. And that’s a lot of pressure off on the days where I know, I’m not going to be able to check the email match.

Okay, I had on my list to keep travel in mind while you’re scheduling. Yes, like you can’t magically get from one end of town to the other, especially not this tail. No, really quickly. So you have to keep like, you can’t schedule in two totally different locations and not expect some travel

time. Yeah, for sure. And,

I mean, you have to keep in touch. You have to keep in mind traffic times to like, I wouldn’t go certain places at five o’clock on a Friday or any day. I mean, like you just have to be mindful. That’s a problem we have here. But everyone knows you gotta travel time. Yeah, I

mean, but I have buyers that are looking in different parishes. I guess other states have counties. Right. But, you know, I have a lot of buyers sometimes that are conflicted between Livingston or ascension, because they both have great public schools. And what yeah, I’m like, Hey, guys, we’re not going to go all over the world. And one day, no, this day, we’ll do ascension and see how it goes. Or this day we’ll do Livingston. Yeah. And I’ll try to schedule other ascension things on that day that day. Well, if there’s anything I need to do out there, that makes sense. Okay, I have a question for you that I wrote down. What is it? What do you feel like? Balance looks like? With with my life on the go with your life on the go with kids with work with the podcast with making courses? Like what? What is balanced to you?

As long as I don’t feel like I’m neglecting anything, any portion of it. And as long as I’m not stressed, then I would consider it to be imbalanced doesn’t mean every day is all have kids have work or have like, if I spent all day yesterday on a slow day and had kid time and made the lunches and like, you know, did whatever. I think it’s a sum total. And I think this is a question that only women ask themselves. I mean, I just happen to be the breadwinner in my family. I have like, but my kids are are attended to by my husband if I’m not if they need me Do you know what I’d like? They’re not alone and or they’re at school, if they’re it’s been I tried to schedule appropriately for when I know that they’ll be there. But just like right now, I have a lot of buyers and they maybe need to be addressed after five or on the weekend. And I just try to keep it like a sum total of the week, I think is what I think balance is like I’m not not going to be upset if one day is heavier in one thing than the other. But I tried to make sure there was some kid time or there was some me time or what you know, like, every week is different. Yeah, but I don’t I also do try never to look at my phone during a lunch. Like if I’m out with a friend. I try to like, you know,

keep it like, you know, friendly or? Yeah, I

don’t know, I’m not so great at night. It just kind of depends. There is a cut off for me, but it may not be until six some days where I’m like, Okay, well, it’s not bad, but it’s not like my kids would get home at four 430 typically from school. That means I’m still working while they’re in my presence.

And I think that’s okay, I mean, it’s fine. I think it’s healthy to for your kids to understand mommy and daddy work and yeah, to pay for things and things are free. And then when I’m done with work you have me

you know they’re fine. They’re gonna be fine. There are a lot of children see their parents a lot less than mine see me? I mean, they’re okay. Yeah. But the balance is weird. You know, it looks weird

because there’s it doesn’t super exist when I was doing my research on this topic. There was there’s an actual study about it of course and they course with the progress principle, oh, and the progress the progress principle basically means that you will feel at peace, low at lower anxiety and imbalance if you are making progress. somewhere. I totally get that. Yeah. So it doesn’t matter if you completed it or if you totally cleared out your email today. Yeah. But if you made decent progress and you can resume tomorrow, yeah, it psychologically is enough.

Yeah, I don’t see I don’t struggle with because I believe all that and I don’t struggle with sleeping at night, my head hits the pillow. I go to sleep. I wake up in the morning, I’m not going over my to do list all night long or thinking about all the work things. Like I’ll shut it. I’m maybe I’m good at compartmentalizing, sure. Like, I’m just not. I’m just not worried when I’m outside of work time, but I’m also not super good at working like 40 hours. I mean, let’s be honest. We were talking on the other day, they said if left to your own devices, you would just work all the time. And I’m like, Well, if there was no one else here, and it was just me, I’m sure I enjoy my work. Like I’m not doing something that I’m not having fun with. So like, right? It’s okay if I work more than 40 hours if, but if I hated it, and I was always complaining, I mean, that’s totally different. So I just, I don’t feel a Trump trying to learn not to feel bad if I work a lot, because I’m not unhappy, right. Now, if the people around me are unhappy, that is a problem. So I just have to kind of take the pulse every once in a while.

So I was listening to this TED talk. And it was this lady. I think her name was Meg Robinson, but she

I think I’ve watched this Okay, is it the 12345 thing? Okay, tell me what it is.

This is about how when you turn 18 you become your own parent. Okay, right. If you never told your kids, fold your clothes, eat your food, brush your teeth, like,

would they know?

So when you turn 18 Nobody is coming to tell you make your phone calls, follow up with the clock out your database, answer your email, like you become your own parent. I think we’re their parents. Now. Yes, we here at hustle humbly are here to be the angel on your shoulder that says hey, go clean out your email and responsive. Write it out. Go and lunch friends when your work is not handled. Stop crying for new business when you’re not handling your current business. Right.

Okay, it’s the end of Meg’s what was the story, you became your parent and then what?

You have to become your parent, no one else is coming. If you only do the things that you feel like doing, you’re never going to do it. So it’s all about acceptance. It’s about Okay. I have to accept that sometimes I have to do things I don’t want to do. What are the things and just do them? Right. And um, the biggest thing lately is that that I heard that really made it was like a light bulb moment for me was what the quickest way to get rid of anxiety is through action. Oh, yeah. So if you’re like stress, oh, my gosh, I haven’t talked to my sellers in three weeks. Pick up the phone. Yeah, it’s gone instantly. You will sleep at night knowing you called every seller you had. And that anxiety is gone. You know? Oh my gosh, I just feel like my email is out of control. Guess what answer the first one.

Yes, just but that’s a lot like the momentum we talked about recently.

And it all it’s great. Because it all goes together. Yeah. And all together? Yes. And it’s like, how do you balance it? You don’t really it? You know, it’s about priorities, knowing what’s important to you. Yeah. And they’re saying that like, the attitude that you have towards being flexible, separates those who are successful from those that aren’t. Oh, so if you have a good attitude about being civil, and you can be on the go and you can answer things as they come you’re so good at this, you’ll just you’ll be successful. And if you you get upset every time someone needs something at the wrong time. Yes, it’s just gonna, this is me. It’s a downward spiral. What do you mean?

I just get like it you know, it’s, I’ll tell you where it is. It’s the one part of me it’s the part of me that pulls to perfectionist it for sure. And there are a lot of perfectionist out there there are just really tough to get it done and to be focused on Done is better than perfect and not the other way around. Like I want it perfect and then I want to do it right you know, I want to sharpen all the pencils at my desk before I study for the midterm

that in the question is like, Okay, what if you just sharpen one pencil?

Great. I know I like it. No, no, you’re helping it. I’m saying

yeah, it’s not saying don’t sharpen the pencils. It’s just saying forget a good one that you need and sharking it right.

But I literally remember this from high school. I would sharpen every legit pencil in my room before I would start Studying. It’s just like menial tasks. Like when you’re trying to put something off or get something done. I don’t know. It’s all very, you know, we need to send them to now, back to our friend Anna core next podcast. Yes. Because she’s got all the good information on this. It’s about time. It’s about time, you know, I’ll go check that out. Okay, so I also did have in my notes, I do have certain things in my car though, like when I’m like on the going, do you have certain things that are always in your car?

Not much. Really. Okay. I mean, I have like a measuring tape and I have a notebook of graph paper. Yeah, I have my laser measure. Yeah. And that’s all

okay, I have a crate in the back of my car. And it is my agent car kit. It has those things. It has some light bulbs. Some forever need to change a light bulb during photos or staging or whatever on a showing it has some batteries for beeping smoke detectors. I have a small broom in there because I have needed to sweep a vacant house or why I really got it I pulled down a ladder and an attic stairs and a showing and then we couldn’t get it back up because of the height of the ceiling. So I needed like a tool. I have a lockbox because I don’t want to let you know like yeah, sometimes I need you didn’t know and go.

box in there. Yeah,

I have a lockbox. Like key tags if I need that. It all fits within a single crate. Okay. I have a roll of toilet paper. For the vacant houses. Yes. Um, I have this is not in my agent Karkat. But I have like a to go dog leash that was like from the vet one time. And it was stuffed in the back of like, the kids were playing with it or something. And I actually had a client who had her little dog with her. And she’s like, oh, shoot, I forgot the leash. And oh, my gosh, that’s like, guess what? Your girl? Got it such a mom. But I do have like some tools. I think I keep the I don’t keep a lot of knot signs. But I have the one open house writer. Yeah. In case I’m going to put up a new sign or something like, Oh, we’re going to do and like just, you know, something in the car. But there’s like a handful of things that I have needed and been like, I don’t want to go back a second time. And that having that kid in my car keeps me from going back and double working.

Well, you know, too. I love to travel. Yeah. And that’s on the go, of course. And I don’t do this big announcement that I’m leaving, right? Like, that’s kind of just I know, I’m going maybe I don’t tell anybody else. And then when the client needs me if I’m gone, I tell them hey, I’m actually out of town right now. But I have someone that’s helping me. So show you the house at two o’clock. Yeah, that’s good. I’m not going to send this mass announcement to every client that I have. Because then they would think I’m never I mean, if I do one thing a month or every other month, and you tell the same client, they over and over again, yeah, over and over again, who never actually needed anything when you were gone. And whenever I ever even asked, but I have no problem like checking my email in the morning on vacation. Why? Because I see the beauty of the fact that I can go on 12 vacations a year, if I want to. Right, all I have to do is just make sure everything is handled. Yeah,

I think that’s fair. I’m the opposite. I don’t go on a lot of vacations, it might only be two or three a year. So I sort of, I really want to try and check out as much as possible. So I will contact my really No, I don’t contact every buyer I’ve seen in the last six months that hasn’t bought but if anyone who’s been kind of recently active, I will be like, Hey, I’m leaving. This is who you can reach out to if you need a showing. I will be back on this day. Bye bye. And then especially sellers, all of them but they are so respectful. They just don’t bother you. Hey, I know you’re out of town right now called your broker and got help with whatever I mean, like they don’t they just kind of like put it off. They’re like, Well, wait till you get back. I’m not gone for shirts. I mean, it’ll be fun. It’s usually like a week or less. Yeah, I think that’s good. I like it both ways. I think you can not tell them or you can like really make sure they’re aware. Okay, I like it. Anything else about being on the go?

I think it’s just important to take care of yourself. Yeah, don’t drink 15 Diet Cokes a day. No, you know, drink your water. Make sure you’re eating make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. You need to sleep good at night to action, like life on the go. Sometimes I’m just like, man, we are so blessed to be able to work at the cutest coffee shop that we want to Yeah, to go sit at a park and work for, you know, 20 minutes before the next appointment. It can be such a blessing but unfortunately if it is not managed well it’s a curse and it leads to burnout and it leads to failure. Yep, and it is a mindset thing. And it takes practice. And it takes real self evaluation to figure out where the area of improvement is needed. Yeah. And if you can do that, then you’re going to be just fine.

You love being on the go.

I love it.

Are you missing it?

I miss it so much. Yeah, you’re very good at it. So we’ll all towards sitting at home all these weeks. And we Yeah, I mean, I found ways to cope and you know, things to do that were safe and things that I’m able to still do to get me through that time. But I am excited to just, you know, be back out and about and be back home and, yeah, enjoy my time home once my day is over. Yeah. Yeah, it’s good.

I like it. I like being on the go to it’s good to just not have a monotonous every day is the same. I mean, we are super lucky.

So I think it’s very one of the perks of our job if Yeah, appropriately.

Oh my gosh, absolutely. It can be Yeah, it can be the best or the worst. So you just have to like figure it out all about your mindset people. That’s always the case. Okay, I love it. Well, I don’t have anything else.

Me either. That was great.

There we are on the go. Okay. Are you ready for our toast? Yeah. Okay, so Oh Lord, if I’m gonna say this, right. Okay. Shauna corral ski, okay. And Braden McKee are toasting to two people to two people. Wow. are toasting to Amanda night and Stevie Hahn and Amanda is in Dallas, and I’m going to read you what they said. Okay, Amanda night in Dallas and Stevie Hahn in Jacksonville hosts a weekly mastermind and are so generous in helping other agents. They are constantly shine. No, they are constantly showing up and encouraging me to be better and go after my goals. I’m just thankful I met them through social media. Oh, that’s this week. I love it. So cheers to Amanda and Stevie. And that’s amazing to have a mastermind and to share with other people, other agents in different markets. See how positive and lovely that is? It’s very cool. So cheers to them. Cheers. Cheers. Okay, bye. Y’all have a great great, great, great

day. Lovely day. Lovely day. Thank you so much for tuning into the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure

to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode, topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. See you next week. Bye. This is the goodbye

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