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Are you a fan of introspection like we are? In this episode we talk about one of our favorite tools to decipher who you are and why you do the things you do, the Enneagram. If you haven’t taken an Enneagram personality test, hop over to one of the free ones online. We’ve used this one with success. Now that you know “your number” let’s dive into all the Enneagram fun including Alissa’s favorite list ever, the Enneagram of Disney characters. Can you guess which of us is “the host” and who’s “the charmer”? It’s time to find out!

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Oh my word. I hope this fake tree isn’t giving you an allergy attack.

Like I am a three wing two.

Okay, and I am a two wing three. In this application where we’re recording a podcast, I find you to be very charming.

I find you a great host

Thank you. Do you feel like one is like the most easy to identify in the world?

They will judge your home.

Well that’s sometimes you be running on stress while complaining about it. Tell me that does not sound like almost every realtor you come across.

Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors but we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Do I look natural Do you see like You’re like so Christmassy and I’m like not Christmassy. It feels appropriate. Like hugging. Your love the

Grinch. You pull that closer to you like hugging a tree. Merry Christmas, Alyssa. Okay, thanks,

Katie. Oh, you’re so fast. I made it so people want to have to go to you to

look at me. Katie is just in the Christmas spirit hugging a Christmas tree like holding it like a little baby here. I’ll put it close to you. Oh, thank you. You hold it and I’ll have my Christmas she’ll have her Mary sweatshirt. Super cute. Okay,

wait Do you want to hear the story about the sweatshirt? Yeah. Oh y’all also this is episode 176 Okay. I ordered this from my favorite lifestyle blogger I guess influencer okay Landon living with Landon l a n d y m, shout out Landon. She also has a podcast. She’s in Nashville, Tennessee. Her husband is x. Now Hall of Fame football player. Cool, okay. And she everything she does is beautiful and fun. And she’s hilarious. And I love her. And she made this sweatshirt and so I got it in the mail. It’s so nice that I put it on. And I made an Instagram story about my new sweatshirt and she shared it. Whoa. She has like 300,000 followers. I was in her stories wearing this Mary’s sweatshirt fun. Merry Christmas to me. It’s so cute. I was very proud. I do like a festive sweatshirt. Well, it’s

perfect for Christmas. We I

know it’s Christmas week. So this week we’re gonna replay another fun episode.

I always loved the Enneagram episode.

Do you want to keep holding that? Hold the tray fine. Go on.

I just thought it was a fun light episode in real estate. Everyone loves a personality tests. I love it. And but they’re also boring. This one’s fun if you felt like it was more fun. I liked the Enneagram the most out of all the ones I’ve done. And I liked that we use like the Disney Princess examples in this episode. So fun. Yeah, I mean, what was it originally? What number because this their team? This was so early. Yeah. Such an early episode. Yeah. So what a fun time to play it like three years later, it was close to

Christmas, then because if we started mid August, and it was episode 13. Yeah. But probably in November anyway. Yeah,

I think it’s perfect for this week, and so great as you enter time with your family. Let’s remember that everyone is different once and everyone has a different personality type. And this may just help you understand your crazy

oil. Right? Well, if you can get them to take the test. I remember Jenna Kutcher saying on her show that she got all of her family to take the Enneagram test, like during a holiday or something. And then it was she was like it really opened my eyes to like who they were and how they did that. It really

is accurate. So accurate. I never read anything that was so not true about my type

frighteningly accurate. Yeah. So we’ll tell you what our types are in the episode. We won’t tell you now that good listener, you have to listen. But you can and we’ll share the link to the test because the one I have done is free and was like 20 minutes, okay. And it’s easy. It’s not easy, but it is free. It makes you think you have to think you have to think about your answer. And self like introspective type of person. Like do you think about yourself a lot? Yeah. Yeah, I think that personality tests are fun if you’d like to get to know yourself. Yeah, gotta get to know yourself. Okay, or are we gonna do a toast like a fresh toast fresh toasts for you know, French toast for Christmas. What’s your favorite part of Christmas?

Oh, Oh man, I think my favorite part is when we end at my in laws house. It’s like after all the hustle and bustle, and there’s no extended family. It’s just like a very small array. And they open the presents one by one. And it’s just such a slow setting. I like that. I like that. It’s like a an end. Now.

It’s funny. I remember us posting that you liked going to their house for Thanksgiving morning? Because it’s like Brad says, oh, and she’ll, they’re just chill

people. Yeah, they’re like, it doesn’t have to be a big to do.

Yeah, we can just be I love that. That’s so great. Okay, are you ready for a toast? I

think this tree is making use of the wheel. It’s fake.

It’s all good. Okay, keep going. Oh, and you can see. Target it’s like in. It’s like in plastic. Okay. Oh my word. I hope this fake tree isn’t giving you an allergy attack. Quickly. I’ll read the toast. Okay, this one. Oh. The toaster is Lauren. Mr. Draco. I’m sure I said that wrong. Lauren. I’m so sorry. Lauren is in Cleveland, Ohio. She’s toasting to our friend, Erin O’Brien in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Merry Christmas, Erin and Lauren. Okay, here’s the message. At the start of the pandemic. Eric did a town hall with our brokerage I started following her after that, and she is how I discovered hustle humbly and modern age of social club, to be able to watch an agent be successful and to sing the praises of these tools was and continues to be amazing. She put herself out there. And the result had changed my life and my business what grateful to her and I hope we get to meet in person one day sweet. So sweet. And we love Erin. Erin loves Murphy. So she did for Murphy picks and Murphy video. And she loves j we love Erin. She’s so great. So cheers to Erin and thank you to Lauren and Merry Christmas to all of you. I’m gonna go now before I get attacked by a fake Christmas tree that’s giving Alyssa an allergy.

Okay, bye, guys. This is episode

13 Episode 13.

The Enneagram the Enneagram Know thyself, I like that. Do you know you?

I hope so. I think so. I thought I did until you started researching. Yes. Oh, but that’s

part of my number two. We’ll get into that. Okay, alive. It feels like I thought I knew myself and then

you did it. Right. Okay, you’re down a rabbit hole now? Yes. Well, okay. To be fair, it is sort of all about self discovery. So that’s what it’s all about. Okay, you have some information on I want to preface this by we’re not Enneagram experts, we just find it to be interesting. We thought it would be cool to kind of delve into who we are through this description. Right. Okay, so tell us what you’ve learned about the Enneagram I have

learned that despite its popularity, really the last three years it’s been around forever,

right? Oh, wait, tell the story of your mom.

So when I was doing my research, I was telling my mom that I was studying the Enneagram and that it was this new personality typing system. And she was like that’s not new. Without when I was like a kid I heard you probably just heard about this in the last two years. Yeah, well come to find out it’s like ancient Oh, like it goes back before people nobody’s really even sure where it came from really interesting. Now there is a monk okay, that used it for spiritual counseling. And they think that he created it all those years ago. But the reason that it just became popular okay is because a book called The road back to you. Oh was released three years ago and I guess it went viral via very viral so that is why even though this is an ancient ideology, it is very popular right now and we’re very much in a culture that’s very into like self help self discovery, improving yourself constantly.

One thing that’s good, yeah,

all good thing. So when this book came out, people were like the road back to you.

They really grabbed on to it. Yeah. Okay. And so a lot of our content

today you can that’s a good place to start. Okay, one, two, the audio book is actually really good. Did you listen to the whole thing don’t lie. I did. Aaron Morgan cron wrote it okay. And he reads it. Oh, I like when whoever wrote it reads it. Me too. And he just did such a good job reading good. I took a lot of notes while I was listening to his book because he is considered to be him and his wife are considered to be like the mother and father of the modern Enneagram got it because they kind of revitalized and they had been interested in it for so long that he wrote this book. Very interesting. Right. So basically, it’s an eight Ancient Personality Typing system that is currently trending very, and it’s being talked about in every industry. Okay? And there are nine basic personality rice. Can you tell us what the nine are? Okay? You don’t have to go into too much detail first,

I’m just going to tell you the names to start with. And then maybe we’ll dive further into. Yeah, give it a name and number. I’m gonna give you the name and the real super brief description. One is the reformer. So number one description rational, idealistic type, principled, purposeful, self controlled, and perfectionistic. You’ll hear people call this the perfectionist Yeah. Okay to the helper, the caring interpersonal type, demonstrative, generous people pleasing and possessive. Three is the achiever. The success oriented, pragmatic type, adaptive, excelling, driven and image conscious, the individualist, the sensitive, withdrawn, type, expressive, dramatic, self absorbed and temperamental. That’s four, five the investigator the intense cerebral type, perceptive, innovative, secretive and isolated. Six is the loyalist the committed security IT security oriented type engaging, responsible, anxious and suspicious. Seven is the enthusiast, busy, fun, loving type, spontaneous, versatile, distractible, and scattered. Eight is the Challenger the powerful, dominating type, self confident, decisive, willful and confrontational. Nine, the peacemaker, easygoing, self effacing, type, receptive, reassuring, agreeable and complacent, and I got those from the Enneagram institute.com. Yes, so that was helpful. It has tons of information there. And I listened to a couple of podcasts over the weekend and preparation. One was any agreement coffee, which is a really great Instagram account. Basically, Sarah Jane case runs that Instagram, she became sort of obsessed with the Enneagram and was constantly talking to her family about it. And finally, they were like, can you find an outlet for this? Like, right? We don’t want to hear it anymore. So she created the Instagram and it has gone super viral. Also, I think there’s like 400,000 people following any agreement coffee. So she also has a podcast. And then I actually listen to another Enneagram podcast called typography. And they interviewed Sarah Jane case. So I wanted to hear more of her story. And I thought the best way to do that was to listen to someone else introduce her. And so that’s where some of this information came from.

Yeah, I feel like one reason people are also really latching on to this is because most personalities has put you in a box there, right? This is you, this is who you are. And the Enneagram is more about why are you right? Why do you react to life the way you do? Yeah. And it acknowledges that some things you cannot control, like some things are from your childhood. And the Enneagram is here to help you understand yourself so that you can react better, and be more self confident. And then whenever you’re dealing with other people, you understand them. So it sort of just forces you to have this compassion and grace for yourself. Right? That’s for other people. Yep. Which I think is really important in business. Yeah, for sure. I mean, how many times have you worked with a client that you just didn’t understand? No,

I mean, you can’t expect everyone to be like you. And that’s tough, because you only understand how you would react to a situation, right? So

yeah, we have to stop trying to change everybody to be like you, right?

You got to come ask them where they are. Right, wherever they are.

And that’s what the Intagram is about accepting people.

Yeah, I was they were saying basically, you know, to use it as a tool. It’s more fluid and that you may be one number in one environment, you may be another number and another like, you know, if you’re being healthy, unhealthy. The Enneagram itself. I know, I don’t

know if anyone’s ever seen like the little symbol. It’s because some of you got this in your notes. Okay, good. We’ll get to it. I’ll go over the structure real quick. Yeah, do it. I do think you should google it real quick, just to see what we’re talking about. So you’ll understand. But the INIA gram, literally means nine figures. Oh, and it’s nine numbers in a circle, right? Each number is connected to two others across from them exactly. One number across from them is where they go in their strength. And one number across from them is where they go when they’re unhealthy. Okay, so it’s good to recognize your number and your strength and weakness, right because it helps you recognize when you’re heading in an unhealthy direction. Yes. Am I handling this properly? For sure what traits Am I Yeah, portraying I know, this is me going to my unhealthy space, right? And then the number on each side of you to your right and your left are your wings, okay? And people usually gravitate towards one. Okay, one of the not both. Usually it’s

the adjacent ones.

So if you’re a four, it would be five and three or three. Yes. So that’s kind of the there’s more to it. There’s a lot to it. There’s a lot to it. But I feel like as an intro to Enneagram, that’s a good Yeah,

true. You may hear people describe themselves as a whatever wing whatever, yes, like I am a three wing 2k. And I have a two wing three, which we found funny, that is pretty funny. And I’m going to insert here because it’s hilarious. When I took the test the first time it said to and then I couldn’t remember what my wing was. And I took him both within the last year. So I took it again, like two weeks ago in preparation. And I said, Okay, I couldn’t figure out my wing, I’m gonna take it again and see what I get. Well, I got two again, and then it said, Your wings are balanced. So one and three, but three is just a tiny bit higher than the one. And what is hilarious is there are names for all of the wing types. So if you’re a two wing three, and I didn’t, I’m not going to tell everybody every single name because that would take us forever. But so I’m a two wing three, the host, and you three wing to the charmer. And I think that is perfect. That’s been this application where we’re recording a podcast, I find you to be very charming,

I find you a great host, thank you always make sure that we are ready and that we have our beverage.

How crazy is that? So the like just, I love self discovery, I find it to be very interesting. So this I’m like, totally into because I mean, it really is accurate.

I can’t decide what’s better. I don’t after listening to the audio book, which it’s a quick audio book, okay, it’s not very long. It’s only 12 or 13 chapters. Okay. Um, I can’t decide if I think it’s better to take the test to know your type, okay, and then listen to the book, or to listen to the book, and see what you think. And then take your test. Yeah, and see if it matches what you thought, I guess maybe knowing your type. And then listening to the book would be best because it would just kind of affirm. Right listening to right, but it’s there. See, I relate very much to the number one also. So I could see where but I’ve taken the test several times, and it always comes out through. So it is what it is. But I definitely have some one tendencies. Sure. But that’s what is cool about the Enneagram. Yeah, is that all of us have some of every single short, right, but where do we live? Yeah. And like what is your day to day reaction? Right?

For sure.

What I do have a couple of quotes. This is from Brother Merton, who is very into the Enneagram. Sooner or later, we must distinguish between what we are not and what we are, we must accept the fact that we are not what we would like to be all the time. Oh, right, we must cast off our false exterior self and the showy garment that it is, we must find our real self and all of its poverty, but also all of its great dignity. Wow. So it’s very much about knowing you the good, the bad, the ugly, right? And how can you excel for sure. In your you want

to? Well, you want to lean into your strengths. Yeah. And try to find ways to help yourself navigate through your weaknesses. Right. And that is sort of the whole thing with self discovery. Yeah, some people just want to block it out. Right. I don’t want to I don’t want to address the fact that maybe these tendencies are going to make things hard for me. Yeah. Okay. Do you want me to go through some traits for each one or where What are you?

Let’s discuss number one.

Okay. Let’s do number one. So number one is the reformer. Again, this is the you know, perfectionistic one, healthy traits. They are responsible, they have a fine eye for detail. Loyal, capable partners and friends, active practical people that get things done, they’re natural born organizers, list makers, they’re honest, they are self reliant and seldom run out of things to do. So those are some of the good traits and look I put these others in the unhealthy trait column but I think in some ways they can still be good it just depends on how you’re you’re you’re navigating them workaholics Yeah, I can I can relate some fixed on improvement rule follower and expects others to do so as well. Last one to leave the office first one to return tends people who have a hard time, you know, relaxing and who unnecessarily deny themselves many of the harmless pleasures of life. Yeah, they tend to be emotionally rich. pressed and uncomfortable with their vehicle with expressing tender feelings. They generally see emotionality as a sign of weakness and lack of control. And here are some famous Well, I’ll tell you the famous ones after we discuss it,

okay. Okay, so I’m married to a one. Oh, okay,

tell us how that goes, does this all of this resonate with you

everything except the like, very, because even in the book, they talked about how they have a very strict need for like everything to be in order and clean and to do lists, right. Tanner, my husband does not like to do lists, okay. And and things like that. Now he is somewhat clinically but I get like OCD on the right organized scale. Okay. That’s the only part that he but as far as everything is very black and white, there’s not a lot of gray area. They’re very committed to service and integrity, which makes sense with him being in law enforcement, right, for sure. All about righting wrongs. If it’s not, right, they want to they gotta fix it. If you gotta make a right. These people usually have excellent credit scores. Hey, that makes sense. Yeah, so they’re good homebuyers. homebuyers. Also good home sellers. Like these are the people that

have the great home maintenance. Yes. All the logs? Yes.

Everything is this is your engineer to arraign. Also, just very rigid with not a lot of flexibility, which is why they can struggle. Yeah. And they easily upset others. And they don’t mean to write well, the world is not

black and white. And that’s probably I appreciate this about engineers, it’s probably hard to get through life. feeling like they can’t make sense of things that aren’t that are in the gray. Right? You know, so it’s just tough. Oh, that’s really interesting. Yeah. So

these are the people that get angry when their neighbor leaves the trash can at the road after trash. We all know these people. It’s not right. They want to see like

one is like the most easy to identify in the world. Like when you’re just walking by Oh, well, yeah, it’s pretty easy. I mean, some of them are a little more confusing to me. As far as I don’t think I could pick one out of a lineup but a one right, I think I might be able to. And so

obviously, they have some pretty amazing qualities, but I’m sure on the lookout for themselves in relationships. Okay. Makes sense. They’re not that great at relating to others. You know, okay, want to tell you how they want to coach you. You just want to listen in year. That’s fair.

But okay, let’s think about how ones would work out in the real estate or business owner entrepreneurial sense. I was thinking, you know, the finaI for detail, you know, contracts are things that you need to be really careful with and pay attention to that would be nice. Probably good for preparing a home for sale. Like getting in there and seeing the whole picture.

It will judge your home. Well, that’s sometimes you meet

somebody needs to do it. Yeah. I mean, so I think that’s good. The workaholic thing I can feel that, you know, that’s, that’s my like, I could be one they said, My wings are balanced. So yeah, for sure. working too hard, sort of almost at the detriment of the people around you. Like the work is so important to

you. Right?

It’s hard to like, stop. Yes. I mean, you know, you got a problem. You know, what else? I think there are probably some good affirmations you know, and mindset work you could do to get through the stuff that’s your, you know, unhealthy traits and lean into the stuff that is your healthy stuff. Right. So maybe we’ll come up with some of those when we get to Enneagram. Episode Two. Yeah, if people like this one. Yeah, we’ll see. Second part, right. Hey, Alisa. Hey, Katie, what do we mention almost every episode, email template? You’re right, we sure do. And after every time, we mentioned an email template, do you know what we get

emails asking if they can have copies of the email template, send me

a copy of that template I ever had would like that. That sounds great. And you know what the good news is what you can get all of our email templates from our course, email templates, one on one, tell the people about it,

our course has all of the email templates you would need to send to your buyers and your sellers and your clients that are buying and selling at the same time. Exactly. To get through every step of the transaction and giving them information that they need for where they are in the transaction. It’s great because you never forget to tell them something. Yeah. So we’ve already done all the work for you. Yeah, we wrote them and you can personalize them. Yes. And just feel organized, knowing that you have all the information where it needs to

be. And if you purchase email templates, 101. You do get lifetime access. So occasionally, we like to go in and make updates based on the market or if we find a new best practice. So we put that right into the template and you get that updated straightaway.

It just goes straight to your core. Yes.

It’s already there. It’s just already there. And so you don’t have to worry about it.

Email will say updated. That’s great. Where can they find these email templates? You can

find the email templates at email templates with an S one. Oh, one.com email templates. One. Oh, one.com. Yes. Head over for reviews and all of the specifics. Wonderful. Okay, enjoy.

So who was your celebrity one? Oh, that’s

right. The celebrities Confucius Gandhi, Tina Fey, and Soro Tina Fey, Tina Fey. Oh, she’s got like, I guess she’s gotta get it. Right. Yeah, I know. And look, their lists were very long. Those were not the only ones. Also Laura Bush. I mean, Katharine Hepburn. There’s tons tons and tons. So I

have a little surprise for us. Why? For every number I have assigned to Disney character. I can’t wait. Please,

you did this on your own. I feel

like this. I stumbled across a fish and one person mentioned a Disney character. And I was like, Oh, this if you’re not as history savvy or celebrity savvy as myself,

but you maybe this will relate. Maybe this will help tell me who the one is. Ariel’s father. Oh, yes. King Triton.

Okay, that’s amazing. He’s very black and white. True. He scolds her and focuses her Yes. Trying to reform her. He wants her to be punctual. He doesn’t understand why she’s not. Yes, it runs her off true. But once she’s gone, he realizes itself and has to learn to love her for who she is. Very hard for a one. Yeah. So if you’re in a relationship with a one, or have a family member who is one, give them some grace, right? Because a little even if it doesn’t seem like they’re trying a little bit to them is very hard. Right? Okay. So you really have to just not give them give them some grace and not such a hard time. Okay, I

love it. Yeah. Are we ready for two? Yeah. Okay. All right. Two is the helper. Again, people pleasing, caring interpersonal type, healthy traits. Love is the highest ideal selflessness is their duty giving to others is their reason for being involved. socially aware. Usually extroverted twos are the type of people who remember everyone’s birthday and who go the extra mile to help out a co worker, spouse or friend and need their warm care a great deal about relationships. They are practical people who thrive in the helping professions and who know how to make a home comfortable and inviting.

When you were reading this. Did you feel like you were being exposed? Totally me 100%. I

mean, totally me. The unhealthy traits need to be needed, expect appreciation for their efforts can be bossy, and manipulative can forget to take care of their own needs, check, check, check and all the check. Like that’s true. All the things. And it’s here’s a great example. And I can’t even remember this has happened many times throughout my life. I love to give, I love buying presents, I love to give people things. I’m a big, I just love it. It makes me so happy. But if you take from me, or if I give and you don’t say thank you, I am so mad. So like if I have a bag of chips, or this has happened so many times got my bag of chips. Somebody like reaches in and takes a chip and I’m like, What are you doing?

Taking advantage of it? Maybe.

But I just think it’s like, I want the ability to give it so if you had said, Hey, can I have a chip? I’d be like, Yeah, take the chip, and then you would say thank you, Mr. World would be perfect. It wasn’t that I needed to keep the chip, it was that you didn’t allow me to give it to you. Right, that it’s so so true. It’s ridiculous. Females, though of any type are bound to recognize some of the dynamics of type two in their personalities. As such qualities have been socially reinforced. What do you mean? So like mothering,

you know, nurturing, even if you’re not a two, if you’re a mother, if you’re a female,

you have these societal norms kind of tell you you should be these things. So most women will identify with parts of two because that’s what they’re told as they grow. They grow in that being nurturing, taking care of people, mothering. Yes, I like that. It’s very interesting. Yeah. So that’s the story with healthy and unhealthy traits. I totally agree with all of these. I think it works great in real estate, especially since I’m apparently going to be good at making people comfortable in their home. Right. And that’s probably why I like staging so much. Yeah. Does nesting, you know, well, you’re very

in tune with the needs of others. I’d like to think so they have a need you want to fulfill the need. Yes. Which is our job. Yes. Right. And many the job of many entrepreneurs, right.

The problem I think in business as a two is that it’s hard to say no. Right? It’s hard to say no. It’s hard not to feel sort of emotionally attached to what their goals are. Are I am I have such a struggle telling sellers? That price is too high? Like, I want them to have what they want? I really do I really want to be like, yes, you can ask for an extra $20,000. No, you can’t like so I am always sort of struggling with I can’t just let people do it helps them. I know I no hard. So I think you know, you probably just have to be mindful of, you know, not not letting people take advantage not, you know, not getting to I mean, I’m emotionally invested in my transactions, right, which I think is okay. I think there’s a total place for that. Yeah. Just when I when they need information. I have to be firm. I need to be firm. Yes. Not just what they want to hear. No, not what they want to hear. Okay. Do you want to know the famous people? Yes. Okay. Eleanor Roosevelt. Ann Landers. Stevie Wonder mother, Teresa. Teresa. Obviously, she’s a helper. But they went on and on and I found a couple that were actual two wing threes. And I died. This is for Nikki Besian because one of them was Kathie Lee Gifford and, you know, she said we were like Kathy and Hoda was like, That’s hilarious. One of them was Drew Barrymore. Goldie Hawn, I’ve always felt a connection to those people. When I you know, like, it’s so interesting Barrett, I know. And Richard Simmons who I’m not gonna lie, I also thought he was interesting, and I always feel sort of connected to him. You feel your best. That’s so funny. Tell us our Disney character.

I don’t think this is Disney. But it’s Dory from Finding Nemo. Oh, Dory is the best friend that you could ever have. That’s true. Dory will drop anything to help you. Okay. Follow you across the ocean. Oh, give up everything. Love that Dory. Always ready to lend a hand? Positive encouraging as you’re ready to give up and stop Finding Nemo. That’s so good. Oh, I like to work. You know,

that’s amazing. Okay, so we’re on the three. The achiever I wonder if people are starting to like,

find themselves yet or do you feel like

oh, this is so much like it’s overwhelming. I

think we’re doing okay. Okay. We’re keeping it simple.

It really isn’t that it can be really complicated. Yeah, but I think we can get the gist. Okay, achiever is number three, success oriented. Oh, here this is you. So how pragmatic type adaptive excelling driven. Alright, healthy traits. Efficient, multitasker driven, hardworking, highly focused in the pursuit of their goals. socially competent, often extroverted and sometimes charismatic. Good. networkers. Threes have a lot of energy and often seem to embody a kind of zest for life that others find contagious. Unhealthy traits. Are you ready? Are you ready? workaholic. Yeah, puts work before family does not recognize the needs of others due to focusing on achieving competitive, afraid of being a loser. When unhealthy their narcissism make takes an ugly turn, and they can become cold blooded and ruthless in the pursuit of their goals.

So you can see where a three who cannot recognize the feelings of others married to a one who can not recognize the feelings of y’all have a lot of stuff going on there. It works out. But every now and then we have to be like, hey,

right. We have to figure each other back. Yeah.

But it’s funny that I think the three and one are kind of similar except for the facts, but not they have some commonalities. But the image conscious thing, like as much as I would love to sit here and say like, I don’t care what people think you know, that I do? Well, yeah. And it’s just it’s just hard. But reading it. I mean, I feel like I am a text. I don’t think I read one thing about a three. That is not true at all resonated with you sing Yes, sentence. Yeah, I was like, they had a 50 minute chapter in the book on number three, and the whole fifth, you’re just nodding your head. This is craziness. Yeah. But it felt good to know that these aren’t just things in my subconscious. Right. These are real things. Well, you know, the way

Sarah Jane describe it, as you will feel seen and no, oh, yeah. And like, well, it’s not just me. I’m not like this broken thing. No, this is the thing. I am in there, all these other people that are the same.

Yes. And it’s good. Because like when I am in an unhealthy space, and I’m like working on something and you need something or somebody needs something. It’s not easy for me to stop what I’m doing right? This is horrible. But they said, three if negotiating a business contract, we’ll be in church. And at the time when everybody vows their head will bow their head for appearances, but their brain is thinking about their contract. Well, yeah, you know, it’s just like very, it’s hard to shut it off. Yes, because you’re always like, looking for that next level next level, which is why I think I kind of put my I flipped down in this industry to say I can’t I can’t

because that’s going to be so hard because you’re already doing it.

Well even in any entrepreneur the message in America is always more more more right right and the three is often referred to as the poster child of America. Oh because America is all about live your dream

if America was a purse was a type it would be three

got it, it’s all about achievement and six live your your rank the American dream you can be whatever you want to be and do everything and do what you want to do. And so the threes are like highly embraced and rewarded in America. Which makes it hard right not overdo it because we are constantly reward is reinforced. It’s reinforced. Yeah, until you get to a point where you’re like, when’s the last time I talked to my friends? Right? Or my family? Yeah, when’s the last time that I like sat down and had an intentional conversation right one right. Now threes in their healthy state love to hear about other’s goals which okay, why do you think I went on so many coffee date? You love it? I was just listening because

you want to you want to achieve again through them? Yeah, I’m

like, want hero? Yeah, their goals? Right? excited me and like, I just was excited for them and I wanted to achieve in them achieve. Yes, I want to achieve. So y’all go get the American dream. Just all made sense.

That totally makes sense. Yeah. Okay. Tell me though. In business, entrepreneurship, real estate. Where do you find the strength come from your three and what are the things you have to work on?

I think I’m so thankful for my three Enos. Yeah, because it keeps my email under control. Right. Okay. It keeps if somebody needs something, you’re gonna get it like that day, right? It just keeps me on top of everything. And that seems whenever I hear people complain about their realtor. Yeah, it’s that they weren’t on top. Right. They were never they weren’t very responsive. Yep, took the lack of communication. communica. And like, I might even overdo it sometimes. Right? So I think it as an entrepreneur having some three qualities is beneficial there. Yeah. For productivity, for

sure. Multitasking all these things? What about what about unhealthy? Is it just that the boundaries are a problem?

The boundaries are a problem. The mindset is a problem. It’s really a mindset problem like working. And if I don’t rest enough, I’m overdoing it and burnout. Right? Burnout, right. Very common. This is a real Yeah, because you’re just you don’t know when to stop until it’s too late. Yeah, and giving yourself permission to do nothing. Oh, yeah. Not getting depressed about it.

I look, I totally I sympathize and can relate. I mean, really, these are my wings, too. This is this is where I am. Do we want some famous threes? Okay. Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Tiger Woods. And as a special added bonus. I got you some three wing twos. Okay. Tom Cruise, Cindy Crawford lots. I mean, well, because you they’re doing famous people. So they’re all Britney Spears. Three wing two, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wow. But Oprah and Tony Robbins are throwing three wing twos. Awesome. And that funny Robins right there achieving live in that American dream. Yeah, like next level dream. Absolutely. Okay, that’s Do you feel oh, we need your Disney character.

The Disney character. Hello. Not sure if this is Disney, but incredible. Oh, the mom the mom who is a secret superhero while dancing three kids yeah. The world and doing the dishes and the laundry sheets and making sure her husband say she’s supermom?

Yeah, she’s achieving at all doing all of it at one time. Like I can do it. Yeah. What was her superpower? And Incredibles Is she the one that stretches that? See she’s stretching out can do all

things. Yeah, reach out. We can. We can get it all? Yeah. Oh, yes. Okay.

I like that one.

I was yeah, I relate. Totally.

I love it. So fun. I like self discovery that makes me happy.

It will let me give us self discovery. Let’s see what quotes I have. Self contempt will only do damage. Okay. So sitting there asking yourself, Why am I this way? Right. So you gotta you have to accept it. Right? passion and love for yourself is the only thing that will allow real change. And the only way to achieve self compassion and self love is to understand yourself.

Okay, that makes sense. I always love when people know who they are. Yeah, they’re like, oh, that’s me right now. Or like, they don’t make apologies, but they will talk to who they are. Yeah, I love that. Okay. Okay, number four for Rhonda for the individualist. Again sensitive, withdrawn, expressive. Have a dramatic can be temperamental, healthy traits self revealing and comfortable with emotional expression inspired and highly creative, they are able to renew themselves and transform their experiences. fours are self aware, sensitive and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative and personal, unhealthy traits, fears of somehow being deeply flawed or defective, easily feel misunderstood and unappreciated, under stress tend to lapse into depression. And I made a note on neither of us are fours. Do you feel a four wing at all know that, okay, so neither of us really relate. But when I was listening to some information on it said the fours really loved the journey, which is great, because I mean, that’s what life is. So being able to appreciate it for a journey. And I think that’s great for in business, building your database, any kind of, you know, long term work, where you have to kind of, you know, carry a project through in order to see results. Yeah. So they really liked the journey.

And I think that would be good. Not always about the end goal. No, it’s not. I mean, mankind rarely is it before, right? Because they just enjoy their work. Right? And yeah, the processes. To me, the processes are in my way, right. So it’s nice to know that there’s somebody that just didn’t just,

I just liked the ride just there for the ride. Well, you know, they are with being comfortable with emotion, I think that probably works well, for emotional intelligence, you know, in the workforce, or you, especially in real estate, where you’re dealing with a very emotional transaction, it’s probably good to be able to empathize or sympathize with your clients and really, you know, feel with them so that you can, you know, get them through.

Well, how many times have you seen someone crying? And they say, I’m sorry, I don’t normally cry. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That means you you cry. But what I liked about reading about the fours is that they have emotions and they are not apologetic for them. They’re like, why would I apologize? Right thing that’s natural to I am. I can feel Yeah, something other than happy and it’s okay.

I think that’s good. Yeah. When I was taking a test, they were asking some questions that I thought was very interesting. Like, do you feel like there’s a beauty and sadness? I’m like, Is that is that when a forest says yes,

yeah, probably is the beauty and Sammy. Sure. Yeah. Okay, I

like that. Here are some famous fours. Okay. Edgar Allan Poe, and Frank and rice and Paul Simon. But can you see like, almost like a dark that I pick all people? I mean, Paul Simon’s pretty light. Yeah, but some darkness there.

Any idea on who are princesses?

Oh, god. Are these can it be a bad guy? No, not today. All good, guys. I don’t know. Tell me

Bell. Oh, Bell is a dreamer. Good. Okay. Doesn’t have a ton of friends. She’s kind of an withdrawn. Okay. withdrawn. Okay. She loves to just go to the bookstore. Right and relate to the books. Yes. Last in a good book. Okay. She asks her dad, do you think I’m odd? Oh, right. And he says my daughter odd, right? Oh, yeah. Oh, and she’s like, Okay, I just feel like I don’t fit in here. Mm hmm. She’s just you know, she knows that there’s bigger and better and she’s a dreamer. Okay, fours have dreams. They like adventure. And they the friends that they do have are good friends.

Okay, so that’s good. Alright, Bell. I’m really loving this Disney character operation. Okay, number five, the investigator. Intense, perceptive innovative, secretive, isolated, healthy traits intelligent, well read and thoughtful. And they frequently become experts in the areas that capture their interest, independent, innovative and inventive. Unhealthy traits uncomfortable dealing with their emotions, exaggerated need for privacy and a deep seated fear of intrusion, which this is all very interesting to me. And it will even be more interesting when I tell you the famous people. So I think that if you’re going to become an expert expert in your field, especially if you like your field, so then you’re gonna be an expert that’s got to play and great for business certainly does for real estate, the more you know and have knowledge, you know, the better you can serve your clients. So I think that’s probably a great, you know, attribute to five, right? The emotions probably is tough for them, though, because it is emotional. Yes. So if they’re having trouble dealing with emotions, and then we’ve got people in an emotional operation. Yeah, that probably wears on them a bit. Yes. Kind of to give their clients some grace. Yes. Okay. Any thoughts on are you going to tell me Oh, you want to know the people? Oh, yeah.

Let’s hear the people.

Einstein. Okay, then go. Emily Dickinson. And Mark Zuckerberg why and I think Mark Zuckerberg is particularly interesting now that I’ve read this again because it says exaggerated need for privacy and a deep seated fear of intrusion and I picture Facebook and I’m like you just put it all out there.

Just no privacy put

it all out there. So that’s the famous people. Yeah.

What about your your Okay, your Disney Belle’s father, the inventor? Oh, yeah, he was he preferred to be alone. He did not want people intruding into his workshop into his space. He was highly intelligent to the point where other people you know sometimes thought he was strange. They just didn’t get your yes get him right. He didn’t care. Okay. He was happy right? Doing his work and it was all good. I like

that. Yeah. Okay, so we got bail enter dad. Yeah. Okay. Six is the loyalists. Okay, the committed Security Security oriented type engaging, responsible, healthy traits, reliable, hardworking, responsible and trustworthy, good at troubleshooting. They foresee problems and foster cooperation, stable and self reliant. Unhealthy traits anxiety don’t trust easily defensive, evasive and anxious running on stress while complaining about it. I hear so much about realtors in this one. Do you really like first of all healthy tree are

a lot of realtors here. Well, right. So

here we are hardworking, responsible. That’s great. Good at foreseeing problems and fostering cooperation. I mean, like for real estate transaction, one, you have to be able to cooperate. Yeah, or it’s gonna be a disaster. Being able to foresee problems. I mean, that’s really going to get your people through a transaction. You know, if you can foresee what the possible roadblocks are, and stop them before they happen. It’s going to make the whole thing go so much better. So I think a six is probably perfect for a real estate transaction, like getting your sellers ready for a home inspection like hey, yeah, specters gonna kiss just what? Yes. So I love that. And then I think what’s funny to me running on stress while complaining about it. Tell me that does not sound like almost every realtor you come across.

I mean, if you have a private realtor group, you see Enough complaining in there. Oh my god, so much passive aggressive complaint, lots

of complaining. But my best friend is a loyalist. Yeah, yeah, she sure is. So I’m around. I’m around a six a lot. I think they’ve got great.

I mean, round a six a lot too.

Are you? Do you want to tell us who it is? Are you just gonna giggle to yourself

or in law is a six. Okay. She’s super loyal. And just, you know, I like it. Yeah, she, she’s, I feel like she fits this good. She does. Yeah. And she’s what I liked about the sixes is that they are anxious, but brave. Oh, that’s good. So they have anxiety about cert, but they’re getting out there. Do it anyway. I like that. It’s hard for them to get out of their comfort zone. So like, if you if say it to six that doesn’t like crowds. Okay. And they go somewhere because they were invited. Right. Don’t be down on them because they weren’t the funnest person there be glad that they came. That was hard for them. Okay, so you really have to give them grace to like that. Yeah. Oh, that’s very good. Here. Also very family driven. That’s good. Very family driven. Okay.

I like that. Well, loyal, you gotta keep that family right together tight. Okay, here at some famous sixes. I also crack up how did they decide? Like, I’m pretty sure Mark Twain did not take the Enneagram test that we just looked at his traits and like, I guess someone’s studying. Because the list are so long of all the famous people I’m like, Well, it’s great. But these Enneagram experts must really be taken time to think about how each of these people was behaving either, right? Okay, six is Mark Twain, Freud, Nixon, Malcolm X and a fictitious character, George Costanza. Oh, my gosh. Very cool. So funny. Tell us our Disney character,

Mulan. Oh, okay. And it sacrificed herself to protect her father who was not able to go to war. I love it. She complained about it.

She was a six.

But she went and she brought the family. Wow. I love it. She was scared. Yeah, you know, but she did what she knew in her heart.

He did what she had to do. Yeah, I love that. Okay, seven is the enthusiast. Okay, okay. I’m going to remind me after this. Well, I’ll tell you now. So recently, probably two or three weeks ago, we went to a local art show, and it was based on the Enneagram. Let’s so the artist Chad Schoonmaker. had done a painting for each number, which was really interesting. I think it’s actually on display through Um October but either way it was really cool and that and so he would have a little description of each number with the painting and it was just really fun to like look at it in an art form. Yeah was very interesting. Okay, so seven the enthusiast the description they are busy, fun loving type spontaneous. The Healthy traits extroverted, optimistic, versatile and spontaneous, playful, high spirited, and practical. At their best. They focus their talents on worthwhile goals, becoming appreciative, joyous and satisfied. Perfect. Unhealthy traits overextended, scattered and undisciplined can become distracted and exhausted by staying on the go. Problems with impatience and impulsiveness. So I made a note on this one, if you’re in business, this is the this is probably the shiny new object person. Yes. So we don’t wait to see if our CRM is working. We don’t wait to see if the marketing we’re working is working. Like we just move on where we can’t wait. So maybe they just need to work on not giving up on their systems too early. Oh, they also don’t like authority, which I think would work great being your own boss. Yeah. So good news, you can make your schedule and make your own rules. So that’s, I feel like that probably plays into real estate pretty well.

Yeah. Now in the book, it talks a lot about one of their weaknesses, being struggling to have serious conversations. Oh, like, these are the people that if you’re like, Hey, I just wanted to tell you, you hurt my feelings. They will awkwardly laugh, right? Like they laugh when they’re uncomfortable. Okay, because they’re like, I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable. I’m just gonna talk about it. I just, I can’t talk to you about I’m just gonna laugh it off. Oh, they struggled to connect on a deeper level with people. Okay. And once things get serious, sometimes they, they have to go they have to go. They’re like, Okay, that was fun. It’s not fun anymore. So I now that the fun is over. That’s so interesting, isn’t it? People have to get through life in so many different. I know, people, this struggles that people have are so different, so different. But if you’re not self aware, it’s going to hurt you.

I think this is a great point. If you’re self aware, you can probably navigate some of those things that might make your life more difficult. Yes, for sure. Here’s some famous sevens. Galileo, Mozart, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Wow. All right.

Well, my baby sister has not taken the test but I’m telling you she’s just she’s seven all the way she she doesn’t have the patience for the test. No patient no patients. But she like we will be like where’s Mallory? Oh, I think she’s in Mexico with her girlfriends. Like, what? When

did she get there? Well, she

had four days off of work, so they just found some cheap flight. Oh, that’s so great, though. I know. Do you wish you could live your life that way? I’m pretty jealous of her life. Totally. That’s amazing. But I have tried to have serious conversations with her. Not so good.

Doesn’t work out so well. Alright, who’s our who’s our character?

Peter Pan.

Peter. I should have tried to guess. Dang, that’s so true.

I’m gonna stay young forever. I’m just going to flit around. Yes. Never ever land and we’re just gonna have lost boys and that’s amazing. When he gets too serious. We’re just gonna write her off and no way. Everything’s gonna be fine.

Oh my gosh, that’s great. Okay, eight is the challenger. Yep. Powerful, dominating type self confident and decisive. Good, healthy traits. self confident, strong and assertive, protective, resourceful, straight talking, and decisive. I think we’ve said that use their strength to improve other’s lives. Unhealthy traits can be egocentric and domineering, eights, feel they must control their environment, especially people sometimes becoming confrontational and intimidating. Okay, I feel like I have for sure done some deals with some eights. Yes. You know, it’s hard on a on a client, especially if they’re trying to control that situation, because it’s really tough to control. Yes. Yes. Well, which I mean, self confidence is surely important. You’re gonna meet a lot of people, you know, in a business sense. I think that that would be you know, it’s

good to be direct.

Yes. Straight Talking. I think that’s probably great on listings. Yes. You got to tell those people the true race. This is what it is

you want. This is what it right. This is the data and the facts. Exactly. So that’s good. Yes. They’re not going to tiptoe around your feet. Yeah. They’re just going to be honest with you and tell you it is what it is.

I think that’s good. Yeah. Very bold. Yeah. And assertive. It’s probably a good real estate trait.

Yeah, I like that. I think they have to focus on trying to be compassionate and patient fair. They have to focus on trying to help people see you know, they Have to help you see what people think and okay and relate to them because they just don’t do that. Right. It’s very hard for them. Right?

Okay. We want some famous eights. Yep. FDR, Martin Luther King Jr. Donald Trump. Hemingway.

Very cool. I know. Okay, my my clue for our Disney character is you must control your temper.

Your mascot, Beast. Oh my You are really beautiful.

I love y’all. I’m a Disney fanatic. Oh my gosh. Great all day long. Love it. Okay, so the beast is a he must learn to control his temper he has at his heart. He is loving and positive and he is scared and he just wants to protect himself and towards the end Bell. But he must control his temper in order to be effective. Okay, you can’t control your temper as an eight you will struggle. Okay, I can see that. Yeah. And he was struggling. Yes. Okay, that

was a good one. Okay. Number nine is the peacemaker. People love to be nine. I know. They are. So they’re very proud of being nine. Yes. And that’s fine. We should all be proud of whatever we are. This is the description. They’re easygoing, receptive, reassuring, agreeable, healthy traits, accepting, trusting and stable. They are usually creative, optimistic and supportive. They are able to bring people together and heal conflicts, unhealthy traits too willing to go along with others to keep the peace problems with inertia and stubbornness. So your nines? I mean, they’re great for probably contract negotiation. Yeah, you know, getting through like an inspection repair request or something where you’ve got to get two parties to agree. I think that would probably be great. And healing conflicts as you know, book, you should be proud if that’s something you’re good at. Right. Let me think about how nice your life will be. I have heard of nine saying they don’t ever fight, which can become problematic when you’re in a relationship and you’re trying to get through something. They just literally can’t fight well,

some of the negative sides is that eventually they’ll get to a point where they feel taken advantage of can imagine Yes, and the number one thing that the book said that these people like to hear is you are seen and heard. Oh, okay. And even though you see and hear others, right, we see and hear you Yes. You also have a purpose. I like that. They like to feel purpose. Oh, they don’t always feel it. Okay, that’s important to them. My middle sister. I am 90% Sure. This is her. Okay. She is the Peacekeeper between me and my youngest sister growing up, okay. No one was ever in a fight with the middle sister. Right? Like you. She could fight with her. She was just like, so sweet and peaceful. Right? If you approach her, she would say, I see your point of view. And you’re like, Well, I can’t even fight with you then what a great way to be fight with me. Right? Um, and she’s a nurse. And so she does a lot of Geriatric psychiatric nursing. Okay, Psych. And so patients, understanding people when they’re confused, calming them down. Keeping them around. Oh, yeah, you shouldn’t I mean, textbook. I love it. Yes. That’s good. Okay, here’s

some famous nine’s Monet. Abraham Lincoln. I love that piece. The ultimate Peacekeeper, Ronald Reagan and Walt Disney.

Hey, hey, there. Disney’s a nine. I like it. Well, our Disney Princess is Pocahontas. Pocahontas. She was the mediator between the Indians. Okay. And the white men. Right. And

I love it. Yes. Makes sense. Okay, that’s all of the numbers. And that’s already a really like a lot to take in. Right. We could now dive so much further into it. But I really think that’s a good yeah. Intro got a little information about us. Yeah, we we resonate with our numbers, we would love to hear some other people’s numbers. And when our listeners numbers, for sure. I want to know if if you’re a realtor, what your number is. And if you’re in another field, what your number is, I would love to see if there’s a huge mix, or if you know certain numbers are gravitating. Yeah,

I just like it because there’s so many challenges that you’re born with that you like you have no control over it right cannot Yes. Things People like it’s on wanting to change those things. No, no, the Enneagram is here to help you overcome those things. Focus on where you need to focus. Yeah, and live your best life. Well, it’s a tool and use it to lean into your strengths. It’s used by a lot of therapists rarely Yes, I love that. It’s use it you know, when people are just trying to find out. So many people think that their personality is who they are right. And in the book he was saying that the word personality comes from the Greek word persona, which means is a mask. Oh, so even your personality is not who you are. Right? That’s just who you learn to be to you present as in the world. Yeah, that’s yeah, social Noma. Oh, so it’s just interesting, but we hope that this Enneagram topic will help you change the way you think about marriage. Sure, friendship. Yep. Parenting, your clients, your co worker, right? Because if you can understand everybody, it’s just all about compassion and grace and love for every person, right? We want to give ourselves grace and all the people around us and what better way to win in business? I mean, I mean, this is like the guide right?

To winning B. Right. So good. Okay, well, I think that’s all we have for today. You got it all. This is awesome. If you guys loved it. We’ll dive deeper into it on another episode, but there are plenty of Enneagram resources out there. Yeah. So if you found that interesting, you can dive super deep. Okay. So this week we received we’re so grateful to have received a toast suggestion from someone in our local market, Rebecca Knight, and she, we’re just gonna read her toast because it’s very nice. And it’s talking about working together, which we all need to do.

Yes, exactly. Rebecca would like to toast to Elena, our Diwan with Keller Williams in Prairieville. Elena is the buyer’s agent for a home that she is selling that as part of a domino closing. She called me for something last week while I was in the middle of handling a difficult situation and could tell I was stressed. She called and emailed everyone in the transaction and 100% picked up the ball for me. She reminded me that this is a team effort and there will be a day when she needs help and I will be there for her. She didn’t have to do this but knew by helping me out that she was helping everyone out. If this isn’t community over competition, I don’t know what is so we’re gonna toast to Elena. Yep. And Rebecca.

I love it. Oh, that’s a great idea. Yes. Okay. Cheers.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure

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