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A career in real estate is most closely mirrored by a roller coaster ride. There are super high highs and really low lows. In the valleys of your business you will feel compelled to try and kick start the momentum any way you can. Lots of agents end up choosing to hire a coach. We have received many messages asking us how do you know if the time is right to hire a coach? In this episode we help you decide if a coach is what you need and if the timing is right. We will give you the list of questions to ask yourself before you commit to coaching as well as the list of questions to use when you interview to find the right coach. Coaching like so many other parts of the real estate industry can feel like a good choice and an easy way out of a tough market, but is that truly the case? Let’s talk about all things coaching!

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If you’re soon going to be losing money and not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

It just made me feel better to buy it. Because two months feels like two years at this point.

It’s like one day since

I’ve been to the office one day I made it.

I bought the system and now my business just runs itself. Yeah. Feel the feel the

pain, embrace the pain. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hey, Katie.

Welcome. It’s episode 182. Okay, is it time to hire a coach? No. Over

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. We’re not off to a good start. That is a dare I said. I want to be more open minded. Maybe maybe it is time to hire

a coach. I mean, don’t tell him the answer at the beginning. No. Okay. First of all, let’s do a disclaimer. One. Neither of

us are coaches. No, we are not starting a coaching business,

or are we offering coaching? Nope. People have many times asked us if we will, coach. Yeah. I don’t know why. But even the word gives me a little bit of the heebie jeebies.

I think it definitely got a bad reputation. It

has a negative connotation. Okay. Because I think we’ll get to this, but coaches by merit are really good salespeople. Yeah. Right. Because they’re gonna teach you to be a good salesperson. Correct. The whole point? Yeah. And I don’t think that really is ingrained deeply in either of us. I feel like we’re more service based humans. Yes. Then sales based humans,

right. I feel like if you were, you know, selling something specific, like cars, right, there is actual technique involved. Yeah. To say, you need to be very trained in that, right. We’re not I don’t consider us to be sales people in that way. Right. So coaching for us is, it wouldn’t it would be very different.

Agree. Now, I’m gonna ask you. Have you ever paid for a real estate coach?

No. Okay. Have you?

Sort of Okay. Okay. So, I have done one of Brian Buffini programs called Blitz, okay. I wish I remember the year but let’s call it 2017 18. It’s been a few years. It was one that he runs for either 30 or 60 days. And it is very database focused. Because you know, that’s his jam. Okay. So it was things to do to reach out to your database, things to do to grow your database. And it was very concentrated on building that

up. This sounds more like a class on a specific topic. Right. So

it was a program that was like, you didn’t know, I didn’t have a my own coach.

You didn’t have a coaching call next scheduled time. He

does do that. Okay, he does do you can have your own coach, you can pay the money and you can get a call, whatever, once a month, twice a month, whatever it is. I think we had maybe a couple of like group calls or webinar types, but it was very self LED. Okay. So it was not a coaching program. Okay. It was it was like a selfless. Okay. Sort of, yeah. Okay. So I did that. Also, back when I had online leads. So market leader, they would assign you a coach that maybe had to check in with you once a month or once a quarter or whatever it was okay. To give you like tips and advice on how to use the probe how to use that source, lead source, right. Okay. When I signed up for Zillow, I didn’t do that very long, like less than a year and that was many years ago. They do the same thing. Okay, you get a Zillow person who’s gonna talk to you and coach you about how to turn your Zillow leads. Okay, right. Okay. That’s all the coaching I’ve done. Okay. When you were in Dave Ramsey, though, would you there is a coaching component to that.

Um, yeah, they had quarterly check ins, okay, just to see like, Are you struggling in a certain area, they had all of my statistics on like, where are you doing well, where are you not doing well? How many times are you following up? So we did have quarterly check ins, okay. Yes. Yeah. And when

I had like leads like that there were webinars and things that were associated with how to utilize them, which I did felt like had a coaching angle. Yeah, it Okay, but neither of us have paid a coach to coach us. No. So now, you know, we’re giving you our thoughts on this from that that is our background. Right. Okay. I’m not a coach, and I haven’t paid a coach. Correct. Okay, we’ll see if this is still helpful for people. I think one

of the reasons that we wanted to talk about this is because we are seeing a huge influx in the market where coaches are really promoting themselves. Yeah, pushing, selling lots of coaching. I also think

that the, when the market shifts the actual market conditions, cause agents to then just think of, okay, what do I need to do to grow my business? Or maybe my business has come to a halt? Or maybe it didn’t even get off the ground? Maybe I need to be taking more drastic measures,

right. In some ways. I think some of the coaching industry is thinking now is a good time to really sell because realtors are scared, right? Nervous. Are we going into a recession? Will I ever sell a house? Again? Alyssa, you need this programmed it to you? Yeah. And so I think they’re kind of like preying on that a little bit.

My personal opinion is that they always prey on that insecurity a little Yeah, that I don’t know what to do or not do without them. Right? I’m not doing the right things, or I need someone to yell at me. Yeah, tell me what to do. Hey, look, and maybe you do? Yeah, yeah, there is a total possibility that you have the type of personality that needs someone to really push you in that way.

And I think a lot of what we were going to discuss today is when you’re fearful about what the markets going to do, or your security and your real estate career, it’s probably not the best time to be spending more money, a lot more, a lot more money. You know, coaches have gotten very expensive. Yeah. And there are so many free resources out there that there’s several questions to ask yourself, before paying money. Right.

Right. Do you want to do the questions now?

Yeah, let’s go over some of that. Okay.

So if you’re gonna, if you’re considering hiring a coach, or maybe you

have a coach, and you’re trying to decide if you need to keep them,

right, I think well, first of all, if you already have a coach, you should have been tracking your numbers pre and post coach, right? If your sales numbers haven’t gotten better, and the coach isn’t basically paying for itself, then like, You got to, you got to cut that off. Okay, but here are some questions to maybe ask yourself and help you do an inventory of your business before you spend that money. Okay? Are you already doing what you committed to or are supposed to do? Like, if you feel like I buy into the whole database thing, I know, I’m supposed to work my database, but I’m not doing that, well. If you’re not doing what you’re already supposed to be doing.

You’re You’re soon going to be losing money and not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

This is what’s gonna happen, the coach is not going to tell you to do that thing or a different thing. And if you’re still not committed to doing the thing,

right, you have to have some level of commitment. Right? And if you’re paying money, yes, you have to say yes, I’m willing to do this. Okay. But

here’s the thing. Jenna Kutcher has said, you have to pay to pay attention. Yeah. And I do understand that from like, Look, maybe you’re like, oh, this coaching check that I’m cutting every month, or writing or whatever your auto draft is really hurts like this $1,000 is really a lot of money. And you’re like, I’m gonna do whatever they say, because I’m spending all this money, right? Look, if it motivates you that way. Yeah. Okay, yeah, to lose money, but you really need to take stock of who you are before you make that commit, because they’re not going to let you get coaching for one month. No, it’s usually like a six month commitment, maybe a year like it’s a long term, very high dollar commitment. Right. Okay. Next question. Do you just need accountability? Yeah. So is it possible that you could find an accountability partner? For less or probably no money at all?

Yeah, just someone in your office or in another office that you could say, Hey, would you mind like meeting with me every other Monday we can get coffee and go over our game, plan our strategy, hold each other accountable, get each other through whatever we’re struggling with set some goals.

accountability partners are amazing, and free and free. And it’s a mutually beneficial relationship, right? Yeah. What do they want to work on? What do you want to work on? How can you hold each other accountable? Like where can you check in and look and accountability partner doesn’t have to be another realtor. It could be a friend or a spouse or someone else in business that maybe it’s a lender or maybe it’s like, but I will tell you there’s some keys to picking an accountability partner. You can’t pick someone that your best friend. No, because y’all are gonna not really like be mad at each other if you don’t do the work, right. Like

it always made me a little sad. Like one time I was in this account. ability group briefly and when we would get together someone was like So who did the homework mean? Either Ha ha ha, like, but it’s not funny. No,

you need to pick someone who you don’t know well enough that you would almost feel a little bit embarrassed if you didn’t do the homework. Yeah, it’d be like, I don’t want to be the loser that shows up and didn’t do my homework. Right? Right. So someone that you don’t know, well is a little bit better. I will say the other way to handle this. If you do want to pick someone, you know, well, pick a thing that you’re both doing together and make it super nice and small. Like maybe your accountability partner only checks in with you and works with you on one thing, I’ll give you an example. Okay. Our friend Sarah Becker for the show. Yes, is my current accountability partner for one thing, only your newsletter, I email newsletter that you’ll do every week, we have one phone call it last usually 30 minutes, we both say what our newsletter is going to be about. Or if we can’t think of something we sort of, like, brainstorm together, we either put our zoom on mute and work literally write the email together at the same time, that’s all okay. Yeah. Or we will hang up and be like this, you know, 10 in the morning, checking back in at 3pm. And you have to have your email written, like you have to send it to them to read Yeah, the fact that it is one very small task. And that is not a small task by any means. But it is one thing has made it kept us from getting like overwhelmed shiny thing syndrome. Like let’s talk about this in business. Let’s talk about this in business. It’s just easier if you pick that one thing that you and then once you get in the habit of it, you’re like, Oh, this is always consistent. I have ever been one with an accountability partner other than Chelsea, which we still do our calls, but it is different. And two that I’ve done the thing I wanted to do for this long, like we’ve been doing it since September. So I mean, I’m on five months, and you’re doing it weekly, weekly, wow. weekly deals. So if you want to talk to your database weekly, or plan your social media weekly, you can pick any of these smaller, like things of your business, get yourself an accountability partner that wants to do the same thing, right? And then do them. Yeah, it’s amazing. I think sometimes

where people go wrong is they get really excited in the initial stages of starting a new program, or getting a new accountability partner, and they’re like, Okay, we’re gonna do all the things we’re gonna we’re gonna set these really big goals, and we’re gonna do it together. And then when they’re not met, so I really liked that you talked about like, picking one thing sticking to it. Yeah, keeping it simple. If I could do this one thing, I know, my business would be better, right.

And a lot of coaches I do think zeroed in on one strategy, or one tactic, maybe they’re going to tell you to call expires and next week, or whenever you check in again, you have to have called 200, expireds, whatever the thing is, right? So it’s still that idea of let’s pick a thing, and let’s do it consistently and do it well. And then we can move on to the next thing, or just stick with the thing. Yeah, maybe it’ll work. Okay, so accountability partner might be what you need, instead of a coach, or at least maybe start there, give that three months see how that feels before you spend the money. Whenever Chelsea and I did a systems and social mini mastermind way back in 2020. At the end of it, we taught people how to get their own accountability partner, because in the midst of this mastermind, it became very evident that the part that was really helping people was meeting other agents from all over the country that they didn’t know who were struggling with the same part of their business, and then putting those people together and being like, Okay, you want to work on this me too, or like, I’m afraid to get on video. Me too. And then they kind of held each other accountable, but they didn’t know each other. Sure. And that

is the key. I think that’s a great point.

Okay, so those are our tips on maybe you want to try that. Here’s your next question. If you’re gonna hire a coach, or you’re trying to decide, do you currently have or own a program class or tool that you already already paid for? But you did not complete or use?

Yeah, I think this one is a huge question. I mean, I have a we all have them, there’s things that you thought I just need to make this purchase. And then I’m going to do the class and everything will be fixed. Everything’s going to be magically and sometimes I actually read a study about this where making the plan sometimes satisfies that impulse in the brain and then you’re but then nothing ever happens after you you don’t execute because just the purchase satisfied it like see I did so I did it. I did it. I made progress, but then you never took the course. Okay, so if you bought a class,

if you took a class and took a bunch of notes, and you’re like I’m gonna go home and do this stuff, like go back through your stacks of notes or your notes on your phone and be like, What classes did I take last year? Could I implement anything

before you invest in some thing else, right? Let’s make sure we’re utilizing everything that you already have we

fully fleshed out the things we already have. Yeah, I think that is really something we don’t ever talk about, because we’re so embarrassed that we didn’t finish the thing, or we didn’t do or we paid the money for the thing. And then we didn’t do the thing. Maybe it’s a CRM, maybe it’s like, some type of advertising tool. It could be, you’re like, Yeah, I’m gonna do this. It’s so great. And you pay the money, or you sign up for the subscription, and then you never even do anything with it,

right? No, it just made you feel better to buy it.

That’s not the point. Yeah, you have to actually implement these things. So go back and take like an inventory of what I mean, what do you already have? I literally have a sticky note with an inventory of the things I have paid for. And I told myself last year, I’m like, I cannot buy anything else until I fully go through the full of one. Like I had, right. I mean, just the most

random stuff. I know you took like a handwriting class one time,

I would never finish that. Okay, so that’s one. Yeah, I love the handwriting class Angel. Yeah, we’re in the middle of an art class. Those are like for fun. Yeah, yeah, those Yeah. For business. I had one for like, how to host a retreat. How to, you know, time management is the one I have right now, like a big time management course, I had one that was just like, kind of like about funnels and passive income. But I did actually complete that one. So I was like, I’m gonna go through this. So and I had like, digital course Academy. I went through it. Yeah, like, like you have semi finished, I have semi finished.

But you know what I realized, too, when I think about some of the things I haven’t finished, it’s because like, the information could have been found. If I wanted. If I wanted to take a course on time management, right? I do you know, how many free podcasts there are out there about time manager book books, like the resources is overly abundant, right. And so when I would actually buy it, it felt so good. But then when I started listening, I’d be like, Oh, well, right, look, NASes you know,

here’s the other thing. Um, James clear said this on a podcast I listened to recently, he was like, read a lot of books. But he said, quit as many as you start. Here’s the point. If you get into the book, it’s not working for you. A lot of people just get stuck, don’t finish the book, but they never go on to the next book. They just sit there like they’re stuck on the book, because they’re like, Well, I didn’t finish that one. I’m in the middle of this book.

So does he say don’t finish it just you just move on.

He’s like, if the book isn’t working for you move on. So by the same token, if you have a program or a tool, or something you need to cancel or like it’s not canceling. If it’s not working in your mind, you have to say I tried this and it didn’t work. If you didn’t even crack the book open that doesn’t kill.

I, you are so good at taking courses and like look, liking to learn, I do like to learn I cannot sit still in front of a computer to do it. Now if it was like a podcast course, like a course I could listen to in the car where I didn’t feel like I wanted to watch. If it’s if it’s a video, I feel like I need to sit down at my computer. And this is just me being like, I can’t You’re not the only one like this. So that’s how that’s why I know I’m not personally a good course taker. Right. Even CEE. I even though it’s, it’s hard for me, I would rather go in person. Even though it’s I know, it’s not very efficient. But it’s like, that’s what I need to learn if I’m actually going to like pay attention, right? Whereas if I’m on the computer, I just know, for me, that’s not how I work best, right? But I loved the group that we had the listeners that get together every Monday and discuss the episode from the week before. Yeah. Like, you could find anything where you say, Hey, guys, this week, we’re gonna listen to this thing on this topic. And we’re gonna discuss it next week. Yeah, and just figure out ways to like support each other, keep your brain open to new ideas, and that there’s just so many free things out there so many before you have to jump into purchasing. Yeah, but the question is, are you even going to do it? Right? Connie, my broker is a big advocate about if you come to the trainings, and you need help on the weekend or after hours, she has zero problem taking your phone call. Yeah. But if you’re someone that never shows up and doesn’t come to the training and doesn’t do what you’re supposed to do, and then it’s seven o’clock, and you’re trying to fill out your first purchase agreement. Oh, no. And you’re like, Help Help. It’s like, did you come to the purchase agreement class, right, because now you’re inconveniencing everybody else. And I do think this could be a huge message to the new agents out there. Yeah, that you need to be very respectful of, are you asking everybody else to just take their time to teach it to you? Or are you being a good steward and actually going to the classes Yeah, embracing the training and education. I know it’s hard. Yeah. But it’s the only way for it to really work,

right? I would say that makes the most sense. Okay. Which leads me right to the next question.

Hey, friends, we are here to tell you that we have made you a freebie, a freebie. It’s free. It’s free. Those are my favorite. Why note? Look.

I love a good freebie. And this one is vital. I love it. Now. I will say we have always since episode nine way back then when we had our database episode, the original had our database template for free. Yeah. Okay. It is a spreadsheet. It is the column headers and some instructions on how to use it. It is not difficult. No, but we have amped it up this year. And now there is a Who do you know list that comes with your database template. So

this list will really help you build your database. If you feel like you don’t know who to add, how do I find people this list gets you brainstorming about who do you already know, right? This

even works if you’re brand new to your area. Yeah, so who do you know you’re gonna take a list? And you’re like, oh, yeah, these people, I know them, and you’re gonna put them straight on to that database template, and you’re going to hit the ground running with your database work. It’s an excellent resource. And you just have to visit hustle humbly. podcast.com/start here.

Yes. Because the database is the foundation of your business. It’s where you need to start. Start

there. Perfect. Okay, enjoy. Who is your support system? Okay, so here’s the thing. Yes, your coach is supposed to be your cheerleader. Maybe your teacher, they’re gonna give you like some accountability, right? Your broker should be that person. 100%. If your broker does not care about you, and what you’re doing and isn’t your cheerleader, and doesn’t give you advice, and doesn’t teach you or point you in the right direction of where you should be taught. Maybe you need to reconsider your broker. Yeah, maybe you’re at the wrong place, because they’re more fully invested in you than a coach would be. Yeah, they stand to actually make money if you make money, right? If your broker doesn’t care about what you’re doing, that’s a big red flag for me. Now, you can go back and listen to episode number 56, which is, should you change brokers? And I think it actually will help you ask the right questions of a coach as well. So when you go through that episode, it kind of says, Alright, are you doing the right things? What is your broker actually offer? What are the reasons that you want to leave? These are the same things you want to ask when you want to hire a coach, you know, are you doing the right things? Why do you even want to hire a coach? Like what is making you think that’s going to be the answer to all your problems? Because the coach isn’t going to do the work for you? Right? They’re just going to point you in the right direction and tell you to come back later. So they can shake a finger at you if you didn’t do it. Right. Yeah. So I think your your broker is an important part of this. And I want to tell you a story about my first broker, who’s no longer in the area, or our market. So I will just put that out there. When I was very new at my first broker, which I lasted all of three months at. And I’ll tell you what was maybe one of the final straws and I’m like, I’ve got to move on. One day, I went to the Lunch and Learns I went to the classes at the office, I was you know, I could see you being very tried to like you, I was wanting to learn, I was going at this point in time still to the Board of Realtors in taking all the classes. You know, I’m like, I want to learn I want to be a good agent, whatever, I still have not had a single client. And one day I met him straight. It’s like a while and like two three months and I’m still no client. Nothing, no movement. I am at home probably sleeping too late feeling a little sad that this isn’t working out even though I feel like I’m trying

because two months feels like two years. That’s right. And I got a call from

my broker on the telephone. And I’m like, Oh, what is this? And she says, Hey, I noticed that and I was in a very large office. Okay, let’s call it 200 agents. Okay. I noticed that you aren’t busy or haven’t sold anything yet or said something to that effect that I thought oh my god, she can give me a lead. My broker is giving me a lead. I’m so excited. So I didn’t know if you wanted to like earn a little extra money. I need some errands run personal errands. Oh, would you like to go pick up my dry cleaning type of stuff?

Okay. I was like,

Okay, wow, this is not what I was expecting. I heard this story. I felt so small. Yeah, like you obviously don’t think I’m a realtor, because you just asked me to run your errands. And on top of it, I’m like, Well, I mean, she was like, I’ll pay you Do a couple $100 I’m like, well, I could use a couple $100 Did you do it, I did it. And then I did not work there anymore

than you were like, I feel so degraded.

I was totally degraded. Because I was like, Well, wait a minute, but that that’s when I realized, am I this person who I thought was going to be my cheerleader? And that’s how it felt in the, you know, interview interviewer was like, Oh, you’re not busy. Why don’t you just do some of my like grunt work, and I was just kind of like, wow, this is very eye opening. Yeah, she was never gonna be my cheerleader for real estate. No, that’s not how she saw me. I was just another person who didn’t it wasn’t working out for right. So anyway, I guess my point is,

who is your broker? Yeah. How

do they make you feel? If it’s not a good relationship? I mean, that should be your basic, like, fundamental piece of your real estate support system. Yeah, right. Yeah. Right. Okay. Now, the rest of your support system is important. Very important. We got an email recently about, you know, unsupportive spouse, obviously, you can’t just leave your spouse but maybe you want to talk less about work to the people who are not supportive, but your mom or your friend or, you know, other agents in your office, if they’re making you feel bad, and not like, you know, a good support system, then limit those communications about real estate.

I mean, we all know that there are people out there that are just anti realtors, they don’t think that what we do is real work. And there’s a lot of reason that they believe that there are so many part time agents, it’s very easy to get your license, there are very unprofessional agents. And so it’s easy to get a bad name, but that it takes us the full time working professionals to bring credibility back to the realtor name, right for sure. And to show people that we do work and that I do understand that all realtors are created equal. No, but I’m here to give it my all and be very professional. But sometimes you just have to, you know, not listen to the naysayers, right? Put yourself in a place where you’re excited to do the work. Yeah, and it is hard. I mean, we have heard that, you know, there are several spouses out there that are married to realtors that are struggling, because we are a fluctuating income. And I think going into it making sure that you have that conversation ahead of time that I really want to get into real estate, but I may not make money at first, and it’s gonna take some time, I may make really good money and then things may slow down. It’s Can we do that? Is that an option for our family?

Right? So if you’re feeling a lot of pressure from like, your personal connections, and that’s fueling you towards getting a coach, that’s not good, either. Because throwing more money, like yeah, don’t into the fire is not going to help you like in that situation.

I mean, I can remember when we first like, had gotten back from our honeymoon, and it’s like back to real life. Yeah, I’m officially like living in his house feeling like, Okay, so now we just like do life together. I guess. That’s our and I was a new realtor. I mean, it was 2012. So I was in like, my first year, and I really didn’t have a lot going on. And he you know, was in law enforcement and had very strict schedule. And I found myself at times, like embarrassed like, what, what should I do all day, I’ve got to do something. And it kind of took that feeling instead of like wallowing in it being like, I just have to get dressed and go to the office, go to the board, attend classes, get out, get out so that I can have a productive day. So just get dressed. I read this article about how confusion is actually a good emotion. Okay? Because confusion points to an area that you need to understand better, okay, it confusion points you to something that requires more research, okay? Or confusion points to a turning point. Okay. Right. So whenever you’re feeling like a negative emotion, like, I feel down because I feel embarrassed or I feel confused about what I should be doing. Instead of like, wallowing in that and thinking that’s just how you’re going to feel right. That’s the time to say okay, this means I need to get dressed and go to the office. Yeah, you know, I love how James clear said that. If you feel like you know, I haven’t worked out in three years. The second you go to the gym or go for a walk, you’re back, right? It’s over only takes the five lights. Yeah, like the streak is over. You did it. It was so easy. You got dressed and went to the office and

you did it. You’ve been there. Yeah, day one. It makes it reminds me you know, there was poster boards and like, factories or something. It says blank days without an accident. Oh, it’s like, one day since I’ve been to the office

one day I made it. I did. I’ve been

to the office. Okay. Here are some also things to remember when you’re thinking about hiring a coach. A coach cannot change the market conditions. mens rea, so they’re not going to change what’s going on in the market, they might give you some tips or advice on how to navigate it, but they aren’t going to change it. We kind of mentioned this, but they are great at sales. So if you want to learn to be a Salesman, Great, and if you want to be sold to, yep, they, they’ll get you they can. And I

think knowing that before you go into it, right, if you’re like, Well, I’m just going to call and see, right, they’re going to get you Yeah, and they’ve got the scripts already. They’re ready. They know how to do it. Yeah, you gotta be tough going in.

And of course, coaches cannot do the work for you. So if your problem is that you don’t want to do the work, they are not a magic pill like this is not going to be like I bought the system. And now my business just runs itself. Yeah. Coaches by far are the ones who are going to be like, you have to go and do this, right, you have to make the 100 cold calls, you have to go and knock on the For Sale By Owner door, like you have to do the work. They’re just going to tell you what the work is. Now, if you feel like you don’t have a system, and you don’t know how to work with clients. I don’t know every coaching program, maybe there are some that will help you get that foundation laid and then point you in the right direction. And that’s what you need. But I do have some messages from our, our listeners, okay, about coaching, Oh, where’d this come from? Well, you’d be surprised. But we get a lot of messages in relation to the show coaching, what’s going on in their business? You know, kind of just sharing, I like to share Yeah, okay, so here’s the first one. I wish I would have found you guys, when I started. I still to this day have no systems or routines that are consistent. I didn’t know these things in the beginning didn’t treat it like a business chase the sale more often than building relationships. I’m starting to implement your strategies and tools so that I can climb out of this rut and do better for myself as well as my clients. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing yourselves with the world and giving me an aha moment I have never found I’ve tried and gave up on several different coaching sessions. Wow. got yelled at by one of blank. I’m not going to tell you who but a big huge name coach. So I’ve tried and gave up on several different coaching sessions got yelled at by one of Blanc’s coaches, been bullied into cold calls and door knocking. And it all felt impossible. You ladies get me a switch flipped after a few episodes. And I am just blown away by the motivation and enthusiasm I feel that I wrote really never had. That’s so nice. And I’m not reading these because I want to read reviews of the show. My point is you can listen to the show, right? Maybe what you need is here or somewhere else that’s out there for free. Yeah. Okay, here’s another one. Okay, there’s a lot of noise out there. And it’s hard to know what’s worth the money and what isn’t. As a new agent. I’ve been distracted by a lot of coaches and other products and such. I mean, right. Here’s one that makes me sad. I paid $6,000 to basically be told I wasn’t working hard enough or fast enough. Okay, so sad. I’ve been in the business for five years, and I’ve learned way more from these agents, systems and email templates and hustle humbly than anything other things I’ve done more than anything from any broker and more than coaching from a big name coach.

You know, what really bothers me. One is that I’m a very, like, skeptical person, right? And so many people hire without research, right? There was a pretty big coach that, you know, everybody was just so excited about and I just did not have a good feeling about it. Yeah, it was just not a, I didn’t like it. And like people I knew were paying a lot of money. And I was doing some research and found that he had never, he was never able to make it as a real estate agent, right? He never could do it. Right. Maybe they’re motivational, and they can like inspire, but they never could actually do it. So Right. Like, why would I get you to teach me how to ride a motorcycle when you can’t ride a motorcycle to ride?

Like, that’s probably not the person I’m gonna ask. No, but here’s the problem. It’s not an interview in the way you interviewed your broker, right? The coach is selling you. Yeah, so you’re not there to ask them questions. Now you could if you’re gonna be aggressive, but I don’t know that. So I have these What do you ask your coach before you decide? Yeah, did they or do they sell real estate? Right? I mean with and why don’t you anymore? Right, like, and what qualifies them to coach you? My next one was what will they be teaching you? Obviously they’re not going to tell you but like what is the basis? Is it cold calling? Is it what because I don’t want to cold call right? It’s never going to do that. And that’s what you do. Ah, this isn’t a good fit. Right? So what were they? What are they going to teach you? What kind of results have they gotten before? Yes, they’re gonna give you their six. There’s a success story in there, I’m sure. I mean, that’s how they keep getting people, right? Yes. Always ask if you can speak to a previous client or start asking in the Facebook groups. Hey, have you ever used XYZ coaching? Because what you really want is to find someone who used it who isn’t being sent to you from that program. Right? Right. Like, we don’t want an unbiased review. We want an actual unbiased review. If you haven’t found an unbiased review of the program, one that wasn’t produced by that program, then you haven’t done enough research yet. Okay, maybe you’re gonna find some people who loved it. I you know, it’s possible. Okay, those are my questions on what to ask the coach, do you have any others?

Asking what is including in your coaching contract? Is it weekly twice a month? Is it a call? Is it zoom? Like, what? What is it going to be? Right? Someone said to ask, do you pay for personal coaching yourself? Do you great question. You do coaching? Like like how coaches you? Yeah, who coaches you? Or how did you learn to code? How many agents do you coach now? Okay, and then it says in May I talk with a few that are on my current level. Okay. Do you do any live events or classes? Do you have a system for me to follow? Or will you be customizing one based on my own strengths? Oh, that’s

a good one.

So the biggest thing they were saying was just actually pay attention, take notes and like pick up on red flags, if there’s things that are important to you. And then just understanding are they too busy for me? While I fit in here? I think it would be okay to say what happens if we have a coaching call and I hadn’t completed the homework, right? Because that response, like, right, could let you know how that’s gonna go.

I would also like to say that coaches as people are not bad people. No, they’re just making a living like, usually, if they’re motivational and inspiring, that’s actually great attribute to a person, right? I love the idea of them being excited for you, and like motivational. I did have one more person message us and say, My coach was lovely, great. They just threw so many ideas at you about marketing, before I really knew or understood the components of a sale and listing. They really drive hard and cold calling and Instagram marketing. Personally, I am not planning to cold call ever. And the Instagram was just a little ahead of my time. So see, they were teaching her thing she didn’t. That’s not to do she wasn’t gonna do

it goes back to like Your vibe attracts your tribe, right? Her people her her client base was not on Instagram. No. So that’s probably not the place to be right. We had an agent in my office, she is much older, retired from her career, getting into real estate just to have something to do giving it her all okay. And she was saying that she had talked to someone that was like, you have to be on social media, this and that, this and that. And so she’s like, in our meeting, saying, I’ve been trying to figure it out. And I just feel like I’m, I feel so uncomfortable. And I’m doing it. But you know, it’s just not really who I am. But I’m gonna stick with it. And I talked to her after and I said, Listen, I admire that you’re still trying and you know, maybe keep up with it a little bit. But I think your generation and your friends would appreciate like a real announcement card in the mail. Yeah. And she’s like, I love mail. Right. I love handwriting letters. And I I love picking up the phone and calling my friend I said those are the things that don’t let all these other people out there should on you and say these are the things you should be doing to be successful. Because I even told her, I think you have a very specific sphere. Yeah, that would really appreciate working with you. Right? And they’re probably not going to find you on Instagram. No. And it was almost like I could see the relief like oh, like, because that makes it every agent is just looking for permission to do what they want to do. They are right. Yeah. I mean, that’s the whole point of the podcast. But the point is to you have to work that yeah, if she’s trying to reach her people, she better rewriting a lot of letter writing. And she’s falling and actually going to lunch and attending events like that.

Even if you want to ignore the advice of your coach or other people, you have to pick something that you’re it’s work, there has to be some work involved. The business is not just going to come to you because you exist, right? You have to remind people, you’re an agent and you have to work at it. Does that mean you have to cold call or not going to for sale by owners door? No. But if you’re going to write the letters and make the phone calls, you have to write the letters and make the phone calls.

I feel like we all have that one thing that is in the back of our mind at any given time that we’re like, I know I should be doing that. Right. I know I should be doing that. Sure. And until you do that one thing you really can’t get on to the next Oh, you know, and it’s you they’re stuck in the book. They’re stuck in the book. You’re stuck in the book, Vaughn either push a book or start a new book or finish the book, but you have to do something. Right. Right. I

mean, action is so important, you can’t get anywhere without taking action. Right, right. Okay. I also want to say that some of the numbers I’ve heard in these messages are astounding, I can’t believe and I’m going to say them, because these were real humans who message to us and said things like they spent $26,000 Oh, my gosh, 6000. I just said in $10,000. Like, yes, there are probably coaching programs that are at the least I saw online today, when I was researching was, like, 500 bucks a month. Yeah, at a minimum, right. So it’s like, it’s a pretty serious financial investment. But $26,000

I would like to say, if you’re struggling financially, you do not need to hire a coach. I think that’s a fair assessment, you have to find a way to get some self perseverance in their self and accountability part. Yeah, there are too many free resources out there. If you’re struggling financially, right, having someone else yell at you and tell you what you should be doing is probably the last thing you need when you’re already down. If you’re

exactly yeah, because you’re gonna feel like oh, I, I can’t, I don’t want to I’m paralyzed with fear. I’m not comfortable with this. I don’t that whole we’ve talked about comfort zone before. But I do feel like that’s a big component of being coached is like, get out of your comfort zone, you can do this, you know, you need to be uncomfortable. I just don’t subscribe to that

right at all. Like I spoke on a panel recently, and the speaker before the panel was really telling all these agents, you know, we’re about to go into a very hard time, and you’re gonna have to really get some grit, you’re gonna have to be ruthless. You’re gonna have to do things that cause you pain. And when it was my turn on the panel, I said, y’all, I have never been described as ruthless. And I do not want to have a career that causes me pain. My job i I want to love the people in my life and love my job. And that’s why I’m good at it. Because I love it if I hated it, and was in pain every day, but wouldn’t feel that they would feel that and I don’t want to be that person. No, feel the pain, feel the pain, embrace the pain and like, you’re like, No, thank you. And I understand like, if you really want to do video, but it makes you uncomfortable. The question is, but do you have this like, kind of desire curiosity to do it? Okay,

I’m so glad you said that. There is some amount of push through it that have to do with certain things, right? Like, does it make you feel highly uncomfortable to post something on Instagram? Like, I’m in my car, and this is what I’m bringing with me to my appointment? And I’m like, you weird people are gonna think I’m such a weirdo. Yeah, after you do it the fourth time and realize people think it’s interesting. Yeah. Oh, well, okay, this was fine. Or I can remember everything that I am motivated by people yelling at me and saying, you should be doing this you are in my business. No, not like Coach style, but like, you know, the Guru’s are you’re like, listen, oh, all along my career. I can remember hearing. I hated Facebook. I thought it was the stupidest thing people were obsessed with when I because it Facebook came after I was out of college. Okay, just but like so I have some younger friends who were into Facebook and every time we would get together. Did you see this on Facebook? Did you see this on Facebook? I’m like, This is so stupid. I don’t want to I’m not getting on social media. This is so dumb. And then every with every passing year, I think it was by 2008. I got my license in 2005. And like, if one more real estate person tells me that I need to have Facebook. I just had to do it. I’m like, I don’t want to this is weird for me. But I’m going to do it. Do I love it now? Yes. So do I just feel like you should turn a blind eye to everything that you think you don’t like? Yeah, I mean, that would be crazy.

But if it’s something that makes you go me and that is kind of interesting. I kind of like it but I just feel nervous. Then do it. Maybe you should push through it a little bit and get it to there. But does

it look like someone’s having fun? Yeah, everyone. I’m like, Oh, they do look like they’re having fun on Facebook. Yeah, I’m just like really uncomfortable. The same thing with video. I can remember hearing for years. You have to be on video. You have to be on video. You have to be on video. Like I don’t want to be on video. I don’t like this and then finally I can remember being in my office. And like getting my phone I’m like I’m gonna record this video my these are horrible. I need to go find them. They’re so bad. Am I great on video now? No. Do I freak out just because I want to tell somebody something on video?

No, right? You just do it. Just do it. Yeah, and you get good responses. No one is a bigger critic of you than you. Right?

So if there’s something you want to do, but if cold calling is like the thing that you’re like, I would never like

I don’t want to I don’t want to have curiosity or like

does door knocking sound dangerous? Are you afraid? Yeah. I don’t think you should ever do anything that makes you feel like you’re putting your safety in danger. Oh, Right, like if you don’t want to meet a stranger at a showing from an online lead because they’re strangers from online lead. Yeah.

Don’t Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Yeah,

don’t do that. Okay. Any final thoughts?

I just think you need to be very wise. Very cautious. Yep. Kind of like when I was first doing interviews to choose a broker saying my dad was the one who sat me down and said, Listen, you are interviewing them do not feel like they are interviewing you. You got lucky because nobody really knows that I know. And I was mind blown. You’re like, what? Like, I thought this was a job interview. And he’s like, No, they are all going to want you to sign and you’re like, oh, yeah, it really made me kind of change my perspective of how I was going into these meetings.

And I think that’s a good point. Go change your perspective. Before you go into the coaching sales call.

You can tell them I want to let you know. I’m interviewing a few different coaches. That’s a great idea. That’s how you should start the conversation. Yeah. Or you could just not interview coach.

Listen, I’m not against it. If you feel like you’re the type of person that has to do it like that needs someone to really hold them accountable. Yeah, give it a try. But look at the dollars and cents. And remember, we’re here to tell you to keep your business simple, very simple, and to not spend a bunch of money on it. Yeah. Because especially if you’re not making money, you can’t spend money you’re not making correct please don’t spend money that you’re not you’re not making it don’t spend it. Okay. Anything else you want to say? I think I think that’s good. I hope that I do want to add or stop. closing, I would like to say we were very nervous to make this episode. Yeah. Because we don’t want to feel like we’re

hatin on coaches. Right.

But we have opinions. Yeah. And we just believe in you and think you can do it we do. We totally believe in you and think you can do it. Okay, so let’s do a toast. Today’s toast is from Lauren Goodman. In here we would say Lafayette, right. I wonder what is it there? I don’t know, Indiana, and I can’t even look at it like what is it? How

do you say Lafayette if you’re not from Louisiana? I don’t know. She’s an Indiana and Lauren

Colas from Indiana and leave us a message on how you say Lafayette is gonna toast to Kim Loya, I call her my real estate sister. Oh, accountability partner right? That’s right. We started real estate at the same time and she has always been there for me from the beginning. Even when we were studying for the exam. I’m so proud of her because she recently started her own team the lawyer group and is killing it in her business. I feel very fortunate to work alongside her and navigate this ever changing industry. She is an amazing agent and friend she deserves a big cheers

That’s so great. Perfect for this episode. Perfect. So

to Kim and thank you to Lauren and good luck to all of you good luck you got this you got this. You can do this. You can do it on your own. Okay for free. That’s right for free.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure to

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