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What’s the first thing you do when you go to make a big purchase, hire a service provider, or even eat at a new restaurant? Read the reviews! Your soon to be clients are doing the exact same thing and in this episode we get into all the ins and outs of your reviews. Where do you post them? How do you get them? Why do you need them? We are answering all of your questions about reviews including the mindset blocks that are keeping you from asking for reviews from your past clients. Don’t have any past clients? We even have tips for you to get reviews while you wait for that first transaction! In a sea of agents a robust list of reviews will set you apart. It’s time to focus on validating your business and making your future clients comfortable with hiring YOU!

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Oh, can we put that on a little candy heart? That would be perfect. Yeah. So that way it’s not me it’s, you know, this is what all these people Yeah, look at all these people. Would you believe it’s mindset related?

I cannot.

So if this is you, you need to challenge yourself now, to change that stinking thinking. It’s the logarithm.

It’s the algorithm.

I hate that word.

You did quotes because you know how I feel about forever.

Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths.

Hi, Alyssa. Katie. Welcome. It’s episode 184. Can you had the biggest smile on your face? Smile right at the people at YouTube? Like hey, you’re so excited. This episode? is a love letter from your clients.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy

Valentine’s Day. She’s not making a screaming grin at you. I swear. Oh, man. It’s like Happy Valentine’s what do we love more than reviews? Nothing.

So nice to just look back on all the kind words right? I actually kind I

should break out my Delilah voice. You should? What is your love? Question? How do you get more? How do you get more reviews? Okay, so here’s my favorite set. No, gosh, I actually we’ll start with this one. Since we’re talking about Valentina. Okay. 66% of Americans trust anonymous online reviews, more than they trust the recommendation from an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Well, how is that even a stat? I don’t even know that is a very specific and random stuff comes up with this stuff. And we can we put that on a little candy heart?

That would be perfect. 66% of Americans are like, online review. Take it from my ex boyfriend.

No way. Not gonna happen. I don’t care what you say. It’s not gonna be good. Well, they chose them at one point. So you don’t try?

It didn’t work out. Alyssa. It didn’t work out. Well, when we were

talking about reviews, one thing that I started in January, because you you had kind of told me you were doing it is like the numbers tracking? Oh, yeah. I love that. So that’s basically and you could do it. Now. It’s not too late. But you basically just get an Excel spreadsheet or something, write it down somewhere. And any number that you’re just curious, yeah, that you just your number of followers on Instagram. Usually in your database, you fill in your database, whatever, you just write down that number, right? And then at the end of the year, or every six months you update that it’s always growing. Yeah. So you can totally see the rolling total. Are you doing your number of reviews? Yes. Because in the hustle humbly community. We are we did a special on our Google profile. Our business yes sign. So we’re doing a competition competition.

We’re in competition for reviews

the most reviews on Google, right. So as of January 18, when I wrote them down, check mine. Okay. I only had five reviews on Google. Okay. 39 on Zillow. Okay. 52 on Facebook. Oh, interesting. Ad on realtor.com.

Oh, was that the link you were using for a long time? Just that one?

Yes. I think when I was new, like my, my template for after closing has updated and grown because there are you one says became important. Okay. So I think I started off with realtor.com and Facebook. And then I just recently like in December at Google. Okay. So well, I’m curious to see in six months in a year, how these numbers have grown as far as reviews go.

So let’s back up for just one second. Okay. When we were doing the Google business with the community, we started talking, obviously, the reason you’re building your Google business is to have reviews and host a place for that and to be found on Google as a realtor, right? Sure. Then we started kind of getting onto this big review tangent, and I’m like, oh, maybe we should do an episode about reviews. I’m like, How have we gotten this far? How have we not without talking about just reviews and your ad you’re hugely important they are to your business, and really some of my prized possessions of this business. Are the reviews?

Yeah, they hold wonders. So

I thought I brought it here to show you we’ll come back to it. Alright, so where can you put your reviews? You just listed a bunch of places you’ve had yours. I’m gonna go through the list I found. Okay, Zillow. I mean, I have plenty there. Okay, Yelp. That is the kind of go to place for reviews. Like if you wanted a restaurant review or something? Well, realtors can be there to realtor.com where you got the majority of yours, Facebook, Google rate my agent? And also on your own website? Yes. Like you, you should have them on your own. Now. The article I was reading said the three most important being Yelp, Facebook and Google,

Yelp, Facebook and Google, right, because those are

more places people go to get reviews on anything. If you were at Zillow, or realtor.com, or rate, my agent, people would have to go there specifically for a real estate person, you know,

yeah, I was reading an article that I found was interesting, because it described low intensity marketing. Oh, right. versus high intensity, tell me and what that is. Low Intensity would be things like a billboard, or being active on social media. It’s somewhere that it’s always visible. But the people seeing it may not be ready to buy or sell a house like right now. Right? Okay. The goal obviously for you is that they will recall how much they saw you so that you’re top of mind. But it’s very low intensity, you’re not specifically targeting someone who’s ready right now. Okay. When people take to the internet and type Baton Rouge realtor, they are actually doing a high intensity search, because they have a need right now. Right? So you will be populated based on how many reviews you have. How are your profiles up to date, but reviews were the biggest driver to being found? Okay.

That’s important to know. Yeah, your review really is the the most important way to give new clients even if they know you. Confidence in your service. Yeah, like they don’t know, especially if you’re maybe newer. Basically reviews, validate your business and help consumers feel

comfortable 90% of consumers read reviews.

I do. I do too. Right. Yeah. I mean, so I think it’s, this is an important backbone of your business.

You know, we had wit green on as our inspector. And he is really into his Google profile. Okay. And he has 631, five star reviews, holy smoke, but it’s nice, because whenever I’m recommending inspectors and I recommend one or two or three, I’m like, yeah, just go read his reviews. And I have never had every time they’re like, I’m blown away. Yes, this is who we’re using.

That’s a great tip, though. Send them there to check the reviews for your inspector or whatever vendor you’re sharing. Yeah. So that

way, it’s not me. It’s, you know, this is who I’ve always Yeah, look at all these people. Oh, but I have seen it work for him in his business. I agree. He always wins because he has the most reviews and people are like, he must be awesome. And he is he

is but the importance is getting the reviews. Alright. So how do we get the reviews? Alyssa, how we’re gonna get them? Now?

There are two main reasons that people don’t get reviews. Okay. It’s, it’s Would you believe it’s mindset related?

I cannot.

Okay, so the first thing is that they say I don’t have any clients. Okay, I’m new. So I don’t have anybody to ask for reviews. Okay. The second thing is, I’m too scared to ask for a review. Well, exactly. That is where the mindset comes in is that if you are one of those people that says I’m too afraid to ask, you need to now personally challenge yourself because you’re saying I do not believe I’m valuable. Yeah, it is a mindset issue. If you are too afraid to ask like you feel like you stole from them. Yeah. Or do you? Do I do? Good? I don’t know. You don’t have to leave me a review. Really? I don’t, I’m not worthy. Yeah, it is a mindset issue that is false, super false. So if this is you, you need to challenge yourself now. To change that stinking thinking. Yeah, remove the head trash, right, your head trash head trash. And get into a mindset of I do provide value.

Okay, remember what I said? Maybe start by writing a review of yourself. I love that. I like that. But not, don’t be overly critical.

That’s gonna go anywhere. It’s for you.

What did you do during the process? Imagine you were your own client. Write a review?

Yeah. Did you recommend an awesome home inspector? Were you very helpful with the buyer search? Did you help them write their repair request? Well,

did you give them some staging tips? Yeah, there’s where you are He’s available to answer their call. Like, what? There had to be something. Yeah. What What were your strength? Did you bond with their kids during showings? Yeah, so many things something.

Now let’s go back to I don’t have any clients. Okay, if you’re a newer agent, it is not true that you have to have a closing to have a review, right? You could ask your broker to write you a review, you could ask the lenders and title companies that you have been learning from to write you a review the home inspectors, if you’re reaching out to people to say, Hey, I’m just looking to learn Do you mind they could go in on your platforms and write you a review that says, Wow, this agent is so eager to learn always trying to be better educated to best serve their clients, five stars, five stars be in? Yeah, like really? It does not have to be a closing. Yeah, I

also liked the advice of someone said they had a transaction with another agent, and they gave each other a review. Yeah. So like, you’re saying with your lender, though, or your inspector? Hey, let’s trade reviews. I mean,

yeah, I think that’s all I got. You could also if you are going to your office and teaching a little class at your office on Canva. Or teaching them how to best use their online signature platform, whatever it is, if you’re just providing value, it’s okay to say Would y’all mind going to my my reviews and saying, Oh, she’s willing to help others very cooperative, very helpful, you know, the reviews can be, and they can come from so many places, right? It’s a good way to kind of get outside of the box. So if you’re new, really think about the people that you have helped. I also really liked. So you even mentioned to that, whenever you have someone it happens, y’all you’ve been showing them houses showing them houses and they buy a house without you. Yeah, they’re for sale by owner or someone they knew directly. And they say, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. At that time, I would usually say I understand things happen. But you owe me a referral. Right now. It’s you owe me a referral and a review. Right. I’m gonna send you the link right. If

you owe me yes, they’re feeling bad. And they’re trying to apologize be like the the easiest way for you to make this up to me and I will be so happy is with a review. Yeah. And a referral. Yeah, there you go.

I have plenty of people call me a couple times a year to say, Hey, I’m painting my whole house. What color is in right now? And I’ll send them some suggestions. Hey, if you found this helpful, would you mind leaving me a review? Yeah, that just says, Hey, she helped me with, you know, freshening up my house, right gave me some great staging tips.

That’s a great idea. There’s

so many times that we provide value to people that we never close. Agree, and we need to be at least asking them to write a free review. Okay,

I have a great one. Okay. If you’re a new agent, and you’re doing some really good social media work, and you have a strategy, and you’re posting like interesting information, or items of value, if people start DMing, you are like, this is so helpful. I’m gonna buy into yours. Why don’t you be like, Hey, can you just drop a review in my Google? I’m trying to build it up and let them know that you got valuable information from me.

Yeah. The end so many, right? So it’s really, you can really get creative and start having some fun with this on who can leave me a review.

Anyone? Anyone challenge yourself to like, think outside of the box. Okay. 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as the word of a friend. Okay. Okay. So they matter, they do matter. And people are going to check them and they’re going to feel good about using you and even if you’re brand new, if you’re brand new, and have five reviews. I’m going to trust you. Yeah, five good reviews. Like it’s all it matters. Yeah. And it’s it can be the lender and the title company and who act like someone who was following you on social media. That’s great. Yeah. I think that’s perfectly fine. Okay, here’s just my little technical tip for you. Wherever you’re getting your reviews, maybe you’re like Alyssa or me where you’ve gotten them at different places over the years. Go find the reviews and make sure you are copying them to something that you own like I just have a PDF like a document where I keep them because before I had a resume I had my list of reviews at the beginning it’s just two or three and then it’s four or five and it’s just a piece of paper that I would stick in my buyer folder that or seller folder that was like these are my client reviews. Well, it because I was doing that document. It put me in the habit of whenever someone gave me a review on Zillow or Facebook or wherever I cut and paste it to that document perfect but the point is, what if your realtor.com account gets shut down? What if your Facebook goes away? someone

buys realtor.com someone buys Zillow. What have you always done

Oh cars and you lose your Google business? Okay, so here’s a hot tip about Google business though. You have to change your email before the other email goes away, you can change the email associated with a Google business,

you can update your email address, right. But if that email is gone, and you did not update it your Google is so if

you’re starting from scratch, you might want to assign your Google business to your email that you own. Right? Okay, because that’s an important tip. But just make sure you’re making a backup, where do the reviews exist? Because it’s not going to be hard for you to take a review that maybe was left on realtor.com that you saved on a document, cut and paste that into an email and ask that person client to now pay, would you cut and paste this on a Google? I’ve decided to put all my reviews there so that more people can see them? Yeah. And yours was so great. And here it is, you don’t even have to rewrite it.

I know, I think it would be perfect to go through some of your old reviews on other websites, like I have 80 people on realtor.com that I can email right now and say, Hey, this is a copy of the review that you left for me on realtor.com. Do you mind copying and pasting it into my Google profile? That’s one of my goals for this year. I love that. I love that. And if you include a photo on my Google, right, okay, that was on my list, then, you know, maybe I’ll send you a $5 Starbucks gift card, or, you know, I’ll send you a little treat or something.

Okay, so I didn’t even realize that on your Google business profile. If someone left you review, they could include a photo until Anna kornek did it and I was like, whoa, wow. And it looks so nice. It looks great. I mean, they can read like and put a photo of the house, they can put a photo of them at the house, they can put a photo of yellow at closing. But any kind of photo. Yeah, but photos really do help people. And it will beef up your Google. We’re focused on Google. Let’s I guess we should also mention right now our focus is our Google business.

Yes. Because we’re in our hustle, humbly Community Challenge. Because

that is where more people will find you. Yeah, if I go to Google, and I type in Elissa Jenkins realtor. That’s what it comes down to. Yes, yeah, I’m gonna see. So I want the reviews to be there as my primary place. Now, I did read in my article, I was checking out about reviews that they recommend you have a profile at all of these places. So if you don’t have a Yelp profile, you should set one up, even if that’s not the link that you’re going to be sharing. If you have a client who loves to make reviews on Yelp, make it easy for them to like, yeah, you want to be there, right? You want to have a Facebook business page where if people want to review you there they can? Listen, how do you get reviews? Like, what do you do?

So my biggest thing is the after closing email template, right, it reminds them about homestead exemption to transfer termite con, it’s their little checklist. And then at the end, it says, you know, reviews mean so much to my business, if you wouldn’t mind just writing one review and copying and pasting it to these links, it would be greatly appreciated. Yeah. So I want them to know, one review. But please copy and paste it to these places so that I can have credibility in all of the places. You know, realtors are all about content. I need content, what is my content going to be you get one review. And that can be used in a pretty post, putting it on your Google document to save it or wherever you’re saving it. Like you don’t just get a review and be like, Oh, that was sweet. Right? Like also like you lie to it. Yes. So yeah. And in time when you’re deepening that relationship. So on every platform, when they leave a review, you can reply. Yeah. And and you should yeah, even if it’s a bad review, should reply, always reply. So I read that. If you reply to your reviews, it results in 163% More reviews on Facebook. Oh, and 23% more reviews on Google. Okay, so you know how they say on Instagram, like, you should always reply to the people that commented and it needs to be so many words. It’s, it’s the same thing. When I respond to a review. It keeps you at the top. It’s the algorithm. It’s the logarithm.

It’s the algorithm. I

hate that word. I know you do. algorithm, but that’s true. It is it is. So responding actually keeps you at the top. So what we learned was so for example, in our hustle humbly community right now we’re doing the challenge where we’re seeing who can get the most reviews in a month, okay, that’s going to be good because the websites keep you active by two ways. One is by the quantity of reviews, how many do you have? The second way is what they call review velocity. I think this is interesting. And that is how often you get reviews. So they’re saying for that count for that tracker? It’s better to get 12 reviews over 12 weeks. Okay, then 12 reviews in one day, right? So our system right now is one we’re trying to kick start to get as we’re in the cockpit Especially I get a bunch, let’s get a bunch. But then once that challenge is over, we need to make sure that we have a way a system that we are continuously asking for reviews. Yeah, so not only do I have my after closing email template that does ask, but also write something that you copy and paste over and over again for when the friend does ask you what color to paint their house. Yeah. For when you do provide value. Hey, do you. I’m trying to refinance. Can

you just give me a ballpark idea on what my house is worth? Yeah. When you think about how many free services you provide any free services, because you’re there to be there support in anything real estate related for the life of your relationship? Yeah, right.


it’s little things that could make a difference. Hey, do you have

an appraiser that you could recommend, right? Do you have a painter we want to put in a pool? Yeah, don’t you pool beauty do like, hey, look, if this was helpful, do you mind leaving me a review? Yeah, just say that over and over and over again. So the the, it’s just going to become a common practice of sending a link of where you need your reviews, but you have to make it very easy for them. Okay,

I like that. Hey, Alyssa, Hey, Katie, what do we mention almost

every episode, email template,

you’re right, we sure do. And after every time, we mentioned an email template, do you know what we

get emails asking if they can have copies of the email template, send

me a copy of that template? I would like that, that sounds great. And you know what the good news is, you can get all of our email templates from our course, email templates, one on one, tell the people about

it, our course has all of the email templates you would need to send to your buyers and your sellers and your clients that are buying and selling at the same time. Exactly. To get through every step of the transaction and giving them information that they need for where they are in the transaction. It’s great, because you never forget to tell them something. Yeah. So we’ve already done all the work for you. Yeah, we wrote them. And you can personalize them. Yes. And just feel organized, knowing that you have all the information where it needs to be.

And if you purchase email templates, 101, you do get lifetime access. So occasionally, we like to go in and make updates based on the market or if we find a new best practice. So we put that right into the template and you get that updated straightaway. It just

goes straight to your core. Yes.

It’s already there. It’s just already in there. You don’t have to worry about it. Email, I will say updated.

That’s great. Where can they find these email templates? You can find

the email templates at email templates with an S one Oh, one.com

email templates. One? Oh, one.com. Yes. Head over for reviews and all of the specifics. Wonderful. Okay, enjoy.

Okay, what do you do you do with your reviews? Do you?

Not much. Okay. So, you know, this is all kind of new for me as well. It’s something that I mean, you obviously have a bunch of I do I have so many. And I’m actually in the process of going through them and making sure that my@realtor.com reviews transfer over to my Google by asking those people. And it’s been really fun, because I was looking at my realtor.com reviews. And it’s people I closed in 2012. Right. That was I mean, yes, there are some current ones, but they go way back, right. Sure. And so it’s people that I’m like, Hey, you wrote this review about me? And then I like if anyone responded, I know you’re just started. They’re like, Oh, my gosh, that’s amazing. I’d be happy to. They’d love it. Anybody has any problem? No, no problem. Some of them don’t even live in that house anymore. Like Sure, whatever. Yeah, who cares? I’d be happy to Oh, but it’s also just a good way to check in. It is a great way to like update your date. It’s another touch. We’re getting, you know, we want to we want to touch them. It’s just a good way to reach out to your past clients and say, Hey, you did this for me? Do you mind copying and pasting it? How have you been? How’s your house now? What are you doing? Yeah, I do

I have printed mine.

Of course you have. Yes, of course.

Let’s be fair. I did get my license in 2005. It’s not like it was all like the world wasn’t maybe quite. Originally, it was still pretty digital. I just have always printed them. I print every nice email every I keep every card. I have them all YouTube can join me here and see my book to see other than my family and maybe my laptop the thing I would grab if my house was on fire. Okay, really? Yeah, true. I believe you. It’s got every card and every review to have is

really going to enjoy that. I

like it. I love it.

I do have every single card, a client I’ve ever written just

makes you feel good. And I’ll tell you what I do with them. Some days when I’m not feeling so good. You’re

like why am I doing this job? What

is this all for? I just get out a big buck. And I’m like, these are pretty nice messages. Yeah, like I made these people feel good. They did something important. Because I helped them. Yeah, you know, and then you’re like, you know what, this is an amazing career. So good. It’s really hard to feel bad about yourself in this career when you feel so grateful and looking at other people telling you thankful is the quickest way to be grateful. Yeah, for this career. So reviews are like the most fun too, because when you get one, don’t you get excited? Yeah, I do. I got what did they say? Like they did. And sometimes they say things you weren’t expecting.

I had a man from another culture. Leave me the kindest review. I love it. It was nice and long and very detailed. But then he gave me a four star was like, oh, wait a minute. So I’m like, Hey, was that an excellent? No, I just don’t believe anybody deserves a five star because no one’s perfect. True. I was like, fair enough.

But while we’re talking about the five stars, I learned from Lee Brown in a class many years ago, that when you’re sending your email, and I think it’s in our email template, when you’re sending your email request of for a review, you always say, if you can’t give me a five star, please let me know. It prompts them to understand your expectation of them is to leave a five star review. Right? Right. That reason, if given their own devices, she said that’s common. If you don’t tell them to give you five stars, most people would say, well, it was good, but it wasn’t perfect. So for. So you have to say, if you can’t give me a five star review, let me know. Right? If you’re unable to rate my services is something like that. If you’re unable to rate my services as five star please let me know. Right? And that just says to them? Oh, I’m supposed to say five star? Yeah. Yeah, it’s very interesting. That is also it. Someone asked when we were doing our class? How often should you then ask again? So what have you requested after closing, and they didn’t make a review?

I have read different things.

What did you find? You know,

some people say Lucky number seven, seven times. times? That’s not in me. No, I don’t have that in me to ask that many times.

No, but here’s the thing. We send ours I send mine a week after closing. Yes. Or if I’m like, if I know they’ve already moved, or like I know, maybe they’re already settled, I’ll send it sooner or later if they haven’t moved yet, or they’re just in the middle of moving. But this one recommended resending every 30 to 60 days. Okay, y’all remember, just because you asked them once, maybe they want to give you a review. And if they’re like me, they want it to be long and thoughtful. Right. And so that’s a time commitment that I’m not ready to give at the drop of a hat. Okay, so maybe you’ve emailed and they’ve been like, I’d love to give them a review. But I really want to think about and I’m so busy right now, and then they just don’t want to gets buried, you know, not everyone cleans out their email. Right? Right. So, every 30 or 60 days, it’s okay to ask what I asked seven times, no, have I asked seven times? I’ve asked one time in the past. So I think even if I increased it to two or three, yeah, I would get better results. So maybe we could all commit to like a three, two or three times? Yeah. More than once

and think about it, too. If it is an after closing ask, Do you know how busy people are when they’re moving open and trying to unpack hard? It’s a lot. I mean, it is a lot. I do think that 3060 90 day mark when they’re finally getting settled. Right, you know, is is a good reminder

is still fresh enough in their mind? They they know. Yeah. And it’s not like you’re asking them three years later to give you a review for maybe a house they don’t even live in anymore. Sure. But every 30 days, yeah, that’s okay. So let’s let’s do that. Okay. I also read that your reviews help the search engine optimization. So S E O of your website and your Google ranking. Obviously, we’ve already talked about that. But they were saying that having reviews on your website like where are they that’s the place that they are your website, okay, help help your SEO it will impact your site it will help your site grow. Well, they like to

see activity Yep. on your site. You don’t want to every week have to upload a picture, delete a picture, upload a picture, because right you know, but they anytime you get a new review, it’s considered new activity. Yeah, so it pushes you to the top it lets because how many businesses do you think have a website that is not active? Because they are actually not in business anymore? Right. So it’s part of the internet’s job to keep the relevant thing make sure that the top Yes, it makes sense. So the more that you are refreshed, that you get a new review, it tells the internet, this is an operating business, right? If you need a realtor, this one is updated frequently there. She wasn’t getting the reviews. She’s updating. Yeah. How many times do you at the top get

think about all the times you try to find someone to do something and you’re just trying to decide, do they even do this thing anymore. I know like I don’t There’s nowhere on the internet that I can feel like they’re active and alive.

Yeah. To get up to date gotta keep it up to date and no better way than having a review from the public to say this is still an operating business, right?

Did you bring any reviews of yourself you want to read do? Oh, man, I

mean, I could pull some up.

I don’t. I’m just curious. Like, I always love just seeing how people overall see the process from the other side. Right. So now we’re done. How did we view the process? If I had been more forward thinking I would have gotten some that I thought went terribly. Yeah. But then they gave me a good review.

I know. Isn’t that interesting? I’m never afraid to ask for a review. Those are always the one that make me like, Oh, wow. Because

at the end of the day, I sold the house. See, that’s the other problem. I’ve never been good at asking for anyone that didn’t close for a review. Right? So you don’t have to read me one. I’ll read that one. Okay, let’s hear it.

So this is one that actually was going to try for sale by owner first. So let’s hear it. As a first time home seller, my husband and I weren’t sure where to begin. Luckily, we ended up with Alyssa. She made the entire selling process so smooth for us and made sure to go through everything that we needed to get exactly what we wanted for our house. She was able to sell our home in less than a week on the market. Alyssa went above and beyond for us from the day we talked to her up until the days after we sold. She was always available to us whenever we needed and made us feel like we were her only client Oh, my husband and I are incredibly thankful for her. We will tell everyone we know about Alyssa and use her for any future real estate needs.

I love that now in my email template, I do give multiple links. I put Google at the top and it says you know I’m working to get Google is the most is the primary. But I give them a Facebook link and I used to give them and I probably I think is still do give them the Zillow link because if that’s where they are, and that’s where they want to put it. Go for it. As long as you make a review. I mean, put it where you want to. I found one, the one I flipped to ironically, I’m literally working with right now for her to buy an investment property. But she said best realtor ever Katie went above and beyond helping us to find our perfect home. I will definitely do business with her again. And guess what? She is doing business with me again.

Oh, this one. Selling home is very intense. It took Alissa five years of patience to wait for me to decide I was ready. What person could be that patient? Well, Alyssa did wait. And she was always checking in with me and responding to my questions about market movement. After finally finding the perfect home to buy I decided to make the move. She made sure I was ready. And before the month was up the home was sold and I’m now living in my dream home five years later.

Oh, that’s cute. Sweet. So sweet. Do you want me to do another one? Yeah, a perfect fit. We are currently in the middle of our third transaction with Katie. And she continues to work her magic and guide us every step of the way. We first met Katie during our first home search and though we loved working with her and recommended to her to everyone we were certainly would not need to work with her again. Because it was the perfect home. Why leave Why leave ever Fast Forward 10 years blessings in life prompted a move we thought we’d never need to take who better to sell our beloved home than the agent who helped us place us there. Now we are currently under contract to sell our forever home he did quotes because she knew how I feel about forever home and just closed on a wonderful new home with Katie we have all caps peace of mind. She’s been amazing through all of it professional through and through attentive and always available. Katie is a perfect fit for us. And we know she will be for you as

well. That’s really sweet as well.

I mean, y’all if you’re not getting reviews, just do them to make yourself feel. Yeah, I mean, they are just the best the best.

I do see that. Like my home inspector left me a review and I’ve never worked a transaction with him. All right.

So that’s good. Yeah, I love that. Okay, anything else about reviews you want to share?

I just think that you should enjoy them. I think that you should enjoy asking for them collecting them. It should be a fun thing. It should be a fun, it’s a way for you to connect with your people. So if you are struggling with your mindset, just Yeah, make that a personal challenge to say I am valuable. This is a good way for me to reach out right now. This is good. It’s good. It’s good. It’s good. You got good. It’s the best part of the

business. It is really is and if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, they’ll all come back good. Yeah, they’re not you’re not gonna have a bad review. If

you get someone who has something negative to say take that and Learn from it right and respond and respond always, always respond like you’re so good at that. Okay,

are you ready for a toast? Yeah, break out my Delilah voice again. I’m waiting for Delilah to sue me for using her name on our show.

I mean, I don’t think she would do that, but she’s too nice.

She’s too nice. So it’s okay today. Oh, I wish I knew ma ja measure measure measure bacon measure is toasting to Caitlin Fisher. They are both in Somerset, Massachusetts. Oh, okay. Marsha says I am a co chair on a community outreach task force with our local realtor branch and I’d love to toast my co chair Caitlin Fisher. She has been a great leader does so much to give back to the community and has been a delight to co chair with he’s also going to be receiving a local Spirit Award in November for her efforts. Oh and her positive support of others. Congratulations.

She already got it.

She is a breath of fresh air in the industry.

Oh, I love that.

Oh my god. Caitlin, congratulations on your award. Here’s to you.

Thanks for serving on your board.

I know right? And Masha thank you for sending it. Well thank you also to Masha for serving because they’re co chairs and thank you for sending the toast Perfect. Okay everyone enjoy this loving holiday day this holiday. Thank you for listening to our our review talk. Yes, reviews are the best. They’re loved. They are truly love letters from your clients they are they really take care bye goodbye.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure to follow

us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com Be sure

to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. See you next week. Bye. This is goodbye

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