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Real estate websites can suck up a ton of your time and money while being a source of stress and overwhelm in your business. Technology is constantly changing and it’s hard to know what you need and what you don’t. Do you even NEED a website? Can you just ignore this part of your business? Broker site vs. DIY vs. pay someone to create? Where do you get a website? We are going to tackle these questions along with so many more sent in from our listeners. IDX, SEO, URL, landing pages. It’s enough to make your head explode or to get Alissa to write an impromptu rap song. If you want some guidance in the pursuit of a great real estate website, then this episode is for you. We are sharing the do’s and don’ts including the top 6 things your website needs. We also tell you a little secret about how to collect email addresses from new leads if you don’t have a website. Tune in and let’s turn those website induced frowns upside down.

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You’re like news. Want to

I was like wait, we’re like not my jam you must have one but you don’t have to use it don’t I don’t know don’t you own your own? Sure Damn, no.

Alyssa this new rap song website was coming soon domains

campaigns and content Hi y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hi, Katie. It’s It’s episode 185 website woes.

I told Katie we really needed to come up with the correct name for this because if my favorite podcast did an episode on websites, I probably wouldn’t listen

to news. Want to know. And the funny thing is, we just been placed holding it as website so it did not have a name. Yeah. And then you’re like, I don’t? I don’t know. I think we’re gonna have to name it something better like website was and I said, Wait a minute. That’s what I titled the email when I sent it to the database. Yeah, to get some information from our friends. And in

a way I kind of feel like going through. So you sent out a survey. Yeah, why don’t talk about it. Talk about that just about the response.

Okay. Well, first of all friends, if you’re not on our email list, and how do you get on hustle homeboys email list if you’ve ever asked for like one of our resources, if you’ve bought a course you’re on the email list, okay? If you want to get on now, you just go to hustle humbly. podcast.com/links li N KS is where all the links are. Okay. And there’ll be one that’s joined the newsletter. Okay, fine. Now, here’s the situation. Y’all are so good. I sent out an email yesterday, Tuesday. So it’s been two days. And we received 246 responses

about website, we just had lunch and combed through everything.

I don’t even know if we read all of the responses. First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the little survey.

It was so interesting. It was five questions

and I’m going to six questions and I’m going to share them. I did not tell Alyssa the results. She was just reading the comment and Questions section. Yeah. So we’re going to talk about I think we should just do the Results First, what do you think? Okay, but my point is, that’s a lot of people.

And before we get too far into this, you we are coming to you today as two very successful agents that don’t necessarily have a or use a website. Oh,

why don’t we share Do you want to talk about your website journey before I give you that? Yes, sir.

I think they need some backstory on me

do mine first. Okay. The two of us if we wanted to call someone tech savvy, it would be me.

Yes. Right. Correct. Okay,

so here’s the story. I had a you know, I was at REMAX almost my entire career right okay, started off one company went to a very small boutique brokerage. But within the first six months, I ended up at this REMAX, which provides you a franchise broker provided website, okay, they put a lot of money into technology, as do all big franchises like that. kW has even been quoted recently as calling themselves a technology company. Like the big ones are gonna be like, real baby, the fanciest website you ever saw, well, you know, me, I don’t under cheap. So whenever they’re like, here’s your website, you can do all of these extra things. I’m like, give it to me. I’m gonna do that. Okay, so probably around, I want to say 2008, nine ish. I started to get really heavily invested in my REMAX website, which was at that time provided by what was called Lead Street is what we called it. I don’t know what they do now. Okay, they’re always changing the tech. But you could go into your website and you know, add extra pages about specific neighborhoods and it would pull up that neighborhoods search so what you’re trying to do is basically build what they call y’all don’t don’t lose me already long tail searches. So like if I stopped, Okay, keep going. It’s gonna be okay. Okay. If I go to Google and I google Baton Rouge real estate, I’m only gonna get Zillow, realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, whatever the bad ones. Yeah, the the biggies are going to have all of those search terms locked down, they pay a lot of money to lock down those search terms. However, if I’m went to Google and typed in an actual neighborhood. I could be on the front page of Google, because they weren’t worried about that. They’re getting everyone who just types in Baton Rouge real estate. Sure. So that you the long tail searches are more specific search, okay? Like tennis shoes. It’s Nike shoes that are blue. Okay, follow what I’m saying. Yes. So it’s a very specific search. So I spent a lot of time hired even an assistant and a lot of energy, creating all these web searches that were each a page to a different neighborhood. Okay, so that I could then grab emails from people who come to my website, and how would I grab their emails the way the REMAX site was set up was, they click on the house? This is just a search, like it would just populate the list of houses for sale their sale. Okay? They would click on the house, they would click one photo, and then it would ask for their email address in order for them to see the rest of the photos. Did

people do that? Yes. I’m shocked. People did that. Okay. Okay.

For years, maybe some more some years more than others, but they did not a lot. And did I turn some of them? Sure. But I believe even then, it’s an under 5% Turn on a cold random stranger coming to your website, putting in their info and you turning them so only 5% of the people who even put in their email address. We’re going to turn into a client, how

many would you get, like on a good month?

I mean, five? Oh, no, no, like 30 to 50 Oh, wow. But But again, only 5% will ever even engage with you.

Um, I’m just I’m surprised by that number. But keep going. So I

got leads that way for years. Remember my biggest client ever lead through that site? So that’s the website I use. Okay. Did I think it was pretty? No, I thought it was hideous. The site was so ugly, but it was functional. I could doctor it a little bit. But it pulled all your basic information and you didn’t have control. You could make these extra pages, but you didn’t have a ton of control. Okay, you could pick a theme, you know, they would give you different but they were all ugly. Okay. Yeah. It wasn’t like, it wasn’t like websites today, where you’re like, dang, that’s a good looking website. Okay. I’ve been going there for for several years, I had 6000 People in the database associated with that website when I left. So all those leads. I don’t have them anymore. I just let it go. When I left REMAX, I wasn’t using it. It wasn’t the way I was getting my business. And I left and went to a small, firm and currently no website at all. And you haven’t had a website for a while. Since 2020. Right? So years. It’s a it’s a few years. So I guess my journey has kind of been all over the map. I was very invested in my website, even though I didn’t pay 1000s of dollars to create that it was $35 a month and you invested your time. Yes, so much time and learning and was the average real estate agent at REMAX doing that? No, it’s very tedious. The process was very hard. Even making those pages there were a lot of steps. Like I literally had to hire an assistant to handle it. Sure. Okay. Tell me about your website journey.

Okay. Once upon a time, in 2011 I thought I had to make my own website. I don’t know why I thought that. So I spent like a whole day. Then I realized like our company has a good a website for us.

Right? So So why am I using why don’t I use that?

I think I was doing it to make it look better, right? Because they never looked great. And I thought like oh, I need this. I did not and at that time so I wasted a lot of time but then I did attend some of the trading classes in my office that they give on how to make personalise your web your brokerage website. Okay. I thought it was very valuable information and I can totally see how you could focus there. Yeah, and see some return right? I never did, right. It was not my working hard on my website never really happened. Now, in 2019 I had a friend of mine who made my tree logo right when we did that. She made Alyssa jenkins.com which you have now i it is there. It’s you I guess probably Yeah, it looks really cute. I probably need to go in and maybe like update it. Um, I don’t even know if it mentioned Tate I don’t know if he was born at that time. He did not exist if he did not exist at this time. I probably need to go spruce it up. Yeah. I have not had any goals set to enhance it or use it because your business doesn’t come from it. Correct. No business never never. I have never ever had someone message me through any of my websites broker or personal Okay, that’s

a good point. You have both? Yes, I

have Alyssa jenkins.com, that ladder Blum, whatever. And then I have Alyssa jenkins.com. That’s just like the one I made. The one I made does not have any search, like you can’t start search for houses on that web, right. And

that’s what they call the IDX feed. So if you took the survey and had no clue what I was talking about the IDX feed in order to get it on Elissa jenkins.com, you would have to get your board to sign because ours runs the MLS right to sign off and say that whoever’s providing your website is approved to put the feed from the MLS onto your site. And it’s like, there’s some red tape. Yeah, I guess money.

So there is a place that says like search for homes, but I think if they click on it, it takes them back to my ladder and bloom website. But I don’t know that the consumer would use that one. They probably just use whatever search engine they found best. Yeah, that the money to be in front of their eyeballs. Yeah, I don’t think they’re going to use that for searching. Yeah. So now I will say, I feel like you know, when we had this on the docket to be an episode, I was like, we’re like, not my jam. So why do we have to talk about websites? I don’t have much to contribute. Um, I don’t I was a little bit close minded, because I have been very successful without ever having one. Sure. So I’m like, I’m not going to be the one that shows up on our podcast to say you need a website. And I’m still not right. However, you know, podcasts therapy. While we were reading through these hundreds of responses, yeah. It did get my wheels turning and make me a little excited about like, find, like, ways that your website could help you feel like

email newsletter when we talked about that. Yeah, like, Yeah, I do see some value there. Really good point.

Yeah. Like I, I see it, I see it. Would I use it? I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see if I do anything in 2023. With it.

Here’s my overarching thought I think you will do something. Okay. But we’ll see. Okay, here’s my overarching thought. Do you need all caps need a website? No, no. But you do need a web presence? Yes, people need to be able to Google your name and find you. Whether that is like the most bomb killer Google business page where they can see your reviews and some photos, whether that’s a really nice website that tells about us about you and what you do in your business, whether that’s a social media presence that is active, you need a web presence. Does it have to be your website? No. If your website is just the broker provided one, that’s okay. If you don’t have one at all, that’s okay. It’s just like we tell you to find your own way in business. Are you the type of person that wants to work on a website, then do it? If you’re the kind that doesn’t, then don’t write another letter to your sphere? You know what I mean? Like yes, is that required to have a real estate business?

And it’s so funny, because in the hustle humbly community right now, we’re reading Jenna Kutcher, his book, how are you really, and I wrote down this quote, when I was reading, that she said, We are the gardener of our own lives, we get to decide what we plant and what grows, we get to weed and prune as we see fit. I am not telling you to fill your days with doing do not feel like you always have to be doing all the things but you do need to notice what you are doing and what you aren’t doing and make sure it is what you actually need to do. Oh, wow. And I was like, Wow, that’s so help. Because the biggest thing that we don’t want to do is say, I need to go make a website I should I write I should have a website. And it should it’s another shiny thing. Yeah, that could be a great tool for some. And you need to ask yourself, Is it me? How do I want to use it? Now I will say just sharing like my personal experience. This web, this episode has made me want to go to Alyssa jenkins.com. And just kind of like, spruce it up, update it, like make it a little more like me. I don’t think I would be logging in every week or month to make changes or doing like write a blog. I don’t know, I’m not going to write a blog, right. I liked the idea of some people having like their resources there. But I prefer to email those directly to my client not have them available to the public. So I had some good takeaways and good ideas, but I and I do see the value and I do somewhat have the desire that I didn’t have before to spruce up my personal website.

Well, it’s like I don’t remember who said this, but it’s like your front. It’s like your it’s Like your front porch? Yes. Right? Like you, it’s like your home. Like if someone drives by, they need to be like, Oh, that’s where you live. And now I know about you. I just think that it’s important to have that presence, because even someone who’s referred to you is probably going to Google you. Yes. At the very least, they’re just trying to find your phone number half the time. Right. Okay, so

I someone said, You must have one, but you don’t have to use it. Oh, my God, like, Yes, I resonate with that must

have one. Okay. So if by that token, you’re not a website, person, and you’re not going to spend hours and hours editing, which I don’t think is a good use of anyone’s time. Even if you are a website person. And you have a broker, you know, given one that’s free, then just go edit what you can edit, Madam bio, your picture is current, you have a buy, right? Just edit what you can maybe you can’t change the look of it, but at least make sure the information is accurate,

right. And it’s so funny, because you know, that one person said must have one don’t have to use it. A totally different person said, I think it is 100% necessary, but does not equal success.

So that begs a really interesting question. Why is it necessary

if it doesn’t equal success? I don’t think any of the closings I have had, would have been like, you know, Alissa upon further review, right? You don’t have a website. So even though you’ve been great to talk to we are not using you. Yeah. But you

have to wonder to how many people just not call you because you didn’t have a website? Maybe? I don’t know. I don’t think that’s true. But anyway. Alright, if you were going to lean into social media, and they were going to walk away from this topic, as your web presence, then make sure that you treat whatever your Instagram like you what a website, what do your highlight buttons have in them? Is it you know, how to reach me how to like work with me? What buyers sellers, whatever resources because those are like your page tabs? Yeah. Is it treat it like your page tabs? What? What pin posts do you have at the top? Do you know that you can pin a post on your Instagram? Did you know that?

I’ve noticed that people have been doing it lately? The top three Yeah.

And I think it’s a wise decision. If you’re using your Instagram as your web presence, right? Make sure those pin posts say something about your business.

Okay, so I had a friend that was like, I didn’t know that that’s what she was doing. You know, I’m like, not anyway. So but I saw it was like this random picture, but it didn’t have any caption or anything. It’s like a colors and I saw there was like another one. And then I saw there was another one. So I messaged her and I was like, Hey, I think your Instagram got hacked, because it’s making these like random posts. And she’s like, Oh, no, I’m making things that I’m pinning. And they fit together as a puzzle at the top.

Give me a minute. Oh, things are gonna look good when I’m done. That’s pretty funny, though. But I didn’t understand what it was. Right. Okay. And then make sure that your contact info where you work and your bio are as clear as possible on that on your like social media. Yeah. Okay. We’re moving on from that. Let’s answer the number one question everyone asked, Do you need a house search feature on your website? No. No, I don’t think you do at all. Okay, by I think

the consumer is going to use what is best for them individually. Yeah. And like some people prefer different ways. And so they just, even our buyer rules template says like, use whatever website you find the easiest to use for you. Exactly. Okay, are you ready for the survey results? Can I read really quickly, please, some of these. I’ll do it quickly. Some of the y’all should have seen his reading all of the tremendous responses. And by the end of it, I was thinking they’re going to be rolled disappointed, because we’re not going to talk about okay, well, let’s disclaimer because not disappointed.

We are not website experts know don’t know all of the website services. I think what we wanted to talk about is what do you need? What don’t you need and maybe just get you started on the journey. We’re not going to vet out every type of but I’ll give you a few ideas. Do you want to read your things?

In your in the comments? These are all things that y’all wanted more information on. Okay. Should I write a blog? What about IDX? Integration? Do I even need a website? What about my URL? My domain? What about a landing page? Where does that go? Does it have a CRM? What about organic keywords? Broker responses versus individual? Where do I begin? What about free versus paid? How much is it stock photos? Is it about my personal brand lead gen. capturing leads Google business? What about YouTube? What about setup do I need to create my own? What about adding links to vendors? I think it provides legitimacy reviews, testimonials, social media resource links. What about pre made templates? How about domains campaigns content

based campaigns? Why don’t feel like you’re writing a wrap so

how do I protect my info I get spam leads BIOS ads scammer website builders lead magnets help. Help is right. That was all going oh my god, I have opened the biggest can of worms this this new rap song website was coming soon domains campaigns and content domains and campaign

domains and camp. That’s what we call domains and campaigns. Oh my gosh to help us Hello. Okay, so we’re gonna try and answer some of these questions. Ulisses brain is literally fry just answering any of these questions from reading the terminology. Oh

my word maybe.

Okay. Put a pin in it. We’re gonna go back and read. How are 246 people responded to my question. Okay. Okay. And the questions. were number one. Do you have a website? Do you want to guess what percentage had a website at 87? Oh, okay. 87% had a website. 9% said they didn’t, but they wanted one. And 4% just was like, No, I don’t have one. Okay,

I resonate with these 4.4%. But technically, you have luckily I do have one to be exact. Right? So

you’re twice as many websites. Okay, if you already have a website, did you create it, buy it yourself? Or was it provided by your broker? Okay. Do you want to guess which percentage got it from their broker? At 54%? Oh, so half a little over half and then 46% created their own. Okay, paid someone to do it, but what wasn’t provided to them. Okay. Now, if you have a website, does it have the home search feature? So our friend the IDX feed? Do you want to guess what percentage had a search? 30%? Ooh, 74% have a search feature? Hmm. Okay. And then 26% said, No. Okay. Do you have a way to collect someone’s email or contact info when they visit your site?

I would say yes. By 90% 81% said

yes. Okay. 19% said no. So 19% of our friends with websites couldn’t even get someone’s email if they wanted if they wanted to do that. Okay. Do you get leads directly from your website? This is the one I think people want to know what percentage said yes, they got leads from their website? 2056. I can’t believe it. And then 44% said, No. Okay. Okay, here’s the big final question. Do you feel your website is vital to your success? 55% said, No.

So more than half are like, I don’t feel like it’s not vital for success. The I would have definitely answered no, because I have seen success without it. But I also see opportunity there. I do see opportunity. One of the questions that when I was researching this, you know, because I was kind of falling into the should trap,

right? Like, Oh, I better get on this.

I should have this website. The question was, Do I want to spend my time there? That’s a really great question. I would rather spend my time you’re going to take your face to face with your top referrer? Yes, right. I would rather the coffee dates or volunteering or being like, if I have to allocate my time in a certain way right. Now maybe it could be worth hiring someone to like, but I’m not going to pay my I don’t

think there’s any harm in like your spruce up times. Maybe January and June or whatever, twice a year to pop over to your website. Edit, make sure you have everything current and at least habit. I don’t see any harm in having it I guess is is my number one thought harm. It can’t hurt you. But here’s what I do think your top five website needs are okay. So we’re going to make this as simple as possible.

So if you are going if you have a website or going

I think you need anything you need one, okay, but you don’t have to have one. You must have one, but you don’t have to use it. You don’t have to use it. But I think you need these five things if you’re going to have one. Okay, are you ready? Your current? That’s all caps, my friends, your current photo? Okay. Okay, because this is one of the comments we got from our survey. I’ve never looked at an agent’s website, because they’re usually super cheesy broker develop pages with pages with a 20 year old glamour shot. True. Very true. And if you don’t know what a glamour shot is, Google it, because it is wild. And I had did you have glamor shots when you were a kid? No. Do you know what that is? I do. I had them done. Like when I was maybe 15 or 16 with my friend and I’m wearing like a hat. My hair is really curled up and I’ve got on like this makeup is like a leather jacket. I wish I gotta find it.

No, we were a blue jean overalls and white t shirt and everyone was wearing the same thing. It was terrible. Okay,

great. All right, so you need a current photo. Number one, number two, you need your contact info. And in like your actual email my friends, our friends say

I can’t stand when they won’t just give me the email address they

should be able to see your name contact info and for the love of Pete they should get your direct email address not have to fill out a form and hope you respond later

lenders are very guilty of this because and I must be for what I guess the company wants to track like the incoming leads. But whenever it because when I get a pre approval letter on a listing, I always email the lender, right? Some taught most of the time finding the lenders email address is so difficult like an active KY Google their name and their email, I go to there, it’s never on the company website. It’s like click here to contact Blake and I can’t if I’ve had

the same trouble trying to find an agent’s email before. Like if I wanted to refer someone or I was looking for a commercial agent. I’m like, why can’t I just get your email address? That should not be some sort of secret information, I should be able to easily get your email address correct. Because God forbid something goes down on your website. And someone did put in the contact form that they wanted to talk to you about selling their house and you never even got the email about it. Yeah, like as if that can’t happen. Okay, here’s the next thing you need. So your current info, your current photo, your bio, who are you? And where do you work? And who do you work with? Great, how long have you been doing it? Whatever you want to put in there, love it. Need a bio. Okay? Then you need links to your social media, especially if you’re active there. I think you need them either way, and you should probably have a profile. But if you’re active there, make sure your links are on your web, you can have a real estate website that is a singular page. Yeah, I don’t think you need more than that.

Websites are going very simple these days or so which is making me feel better about doing kind of making me want to have why like we

don’t need all these different tabs and yeah, okay. Next up, very important for your website reviews. Okay, even if you’ve got them on Zillow, or Google or realtor.com, or wherever, Yelp, cut and paste a few onto your website, your favorites, then the info about your company, especially whatever is required by your state, because I think there’s some advertising rules. So you’re going to need your info about your company. And this is easy to change if you switch companies. Yeah, that was the other question. A lot of people this came

up so much, you know, broker versus personal website. Right. Let me tell you my thoughts, please. Hey, friends, we are here to tell you that we have made you a freebie a freebie. It’s free. It’s free. Those are my favorite. Why note look.

I love a good freebie. And this one is vital. I love it. Now, I will say we have always since episode nine way back then when we had our database episode, the original had our database template for free. Yeah, hey, it is a spreadsheet. It is the column headers and some instructions on how to use it. It is not difficult. No, but we have amped it up this year. And now there is a Who do you know list that comes with your database template.

So this list will really help you build your database. If you feel like you don’t know who to add. How do I find people this list gets you brainstorming about who do you already know, right? This even

works if you’re brand new to your area. Yeah, so who do you know you’re gonna take a list and you’re like, oh, yeah, these people, I know them and you’re gonna put them straight on to that database template and you’re gonna hit the ground running with your database work. It’s an excellent resource. And you just have to visit hustle humbly. podcast.com/start here.

Yes. Because the database is the foundation of your business. It’s where you need to start. Start

there. Perfect. Okay, enjoy.

Also, on this, just as an example, my company that I work with, has been in the market for over 100 years. We just had our centennial birthday. That’s wild. A lot. Not as much anymore in 2011 When I started I was definitely like, one of the only younger people but I was also one of the only younger people in the market. There wasn’t a lot of youth. Like there is now do you think there’s more now? 100% Yeah, I

do too. But that’s a thing. Yeah. Because I was useful and I was like 27 When I start that is

use anything below like 30 Probably, um, yeah, I was really useful when I started right. There was not a lot of agents on so Social media, like, none of that was there, right? Whenever I started in 2011. So I was one of the younger people in my office. Whenever I joined my company, which is a huge company, I was given a website that like already had my headshot on it. Yeah, things. Okay, so let’s take the population in my office that was also given that but has never used it, right? That’s why their headshot is the same, right? Because they don’t even know they’re like, it’s not that I don’t want to update it. It’s that I don’t know how I’ve never even used it. It was there. It’s just there. Like, I don’t use it. So they’re not actively using their website, which is why. But I do think that, while my this is what I wrote down about this, that, while my clients aren’t finding me online, and that’s how I’m getting them, right. They’re probably vetting me there. Yeah. So having my broke like I like if they Google Alyssa Jenkins, my ladder inBloom website will come up Sure. which is somewhat up to date, like I purse, I did whatever I needed to to personalize it. However, many years ago,

you might need a new photo.

I think the photos Okay, okay. Um, and then, but that’s it, you know, it has the IDX feature, it’s all the broker information, but then they would also find Elissa jenkins.com, which is more personal, a little bit more about me. Yeah. I like the idea of having both if they’re provided, like, if you have both, it’s fine. Yeah. My, one of my points I was trying to make is that if your broker just gives you one, that means someone’s could find it if they Google you. So make sure, don’t make sure it looks okay, you’re right. You know, don’t just leave it be like, if it’s all I’m gonna find it, someone’s still gonna find it. It’s on the internet. So at least put in the minimum effort or Yeah, or at least put in the minimum to make it look fine. Now, I like the idea of a personal website being personal for me, especially as we have injured podcast world, yeah, like, now I can say, if you’re reaching out to me for something, if you need more information, like I actually have a personal website, not just for real estate, but for whatever My hobbies are, like, you know, it could be for me anything, it could be anything. So I, I kind of was like, liking kind of like when Instagram was like, first a really big thing. And people started taking pictures of their food. And everyone was really weirded out by it like, Oh, why? Why are you taking pictures of her food all the time? And now everybody does. Yeah, I kind of feel like pretty soon. Everyone, everyone there have a personal website.

Okay. Alyssa, I’m so glad you said that and came to that on your own. Yeah. You know, yes. Because here’s the thing. And this is a really, really perfect and valuable information. Like Gary Vee would say, everyone has a personal brand. Yeah, everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. Now we’re talking to entrepreneurs, because they’re realtors, right, but you are you you’re your brand. Are you going to continue to be a realtor? If you switch brokers? Yes, you’re still you. You’re still so why wouldn’t you have Elissa jenkins.com? Or minds? Katie K? caldwell.com? Why wouldn’t you have that? Right? And then if you get do anything, if you change careers completely, if you add a podcast, if you decide you want to sell your art, whatever it is, like you want to start a book club,

what at like, it could just be on your website, you are a brand.

You’re you. Yeah, you are your brand. So why wouldn’t you have your website? So I liked the idea of just making your website be you can have stuff about maybe you run a running club, maybe you like, why couldn’t it just be here I am and all the facets of me. And yes, real estate is one of those facets. Yeah, I think that

that’s kind of where I got excited. Yeah, I still don’t get excited when I asked myself, like, how can I direct sellers to my website? Like when you

start talking about domains and campaigns? You’re like,

oh, yeah, I can use me or like, I’ll tell my sellers that they can go to elicit jenkins.com/vendors and get my vendor list.

Right. I don’t have that. Oh, no, because you’re gonna send it to them and an email or send along the process of you serving them. Yeah, right. Yeah. Like you’re not Oh, just go to my website. You can get everything there.

Correct. Like I would rather one. I would like them to need to talk to me directly to get value, right. Instead of being able to bypass me, I think that’s fine. I don’t want them to be able to bypass me. I want them to have to come to meet to get the recommendation right

now. That’s a great segue into one of our friends commented that their favorite feature was their buyer and seller interview forms and so that they provide all of them I’d also have their situation in one place for me, not while I’m trying. So not while I’m trying to drive or remember. So instead of taking a call, yeah. Okay. And if they take the time to fill it out, I know they’re more serious about my time as well. I think that’s great. Do I think that it’s a nice to have on your website? Sure. It’d be nice for buyer or seller could get a guide or give you their search feature? Would I default to that? No, because I want to have the conversation. I want to develop a relationship with them, I cannot do that via a form. Is it nice to have them put something in the form so that you have that recorded? And you know that they’re serious? Absolutely. There’s nothing wrong with that. I do think that then a call is what you’re trying to lead to. Right? Yeah. So I’m not going to put up a 14 part survey with all of the questions about do you need a garage? Do you need three bedrooms? Like, tell me your whole search? Because that removes that conversation that we would have had. But it’s, it’s okay. If you’re like, are you thinking about buying it what you know, and how many months to click here? You know, give me your email, and I’ll get you some information, whatever, whatever you want the valuable information to be, I think in order to get someone’s email, though, you need to be like, This is what’s gonna happen next. And this is how I’m going to provide you value Correct. Even if it’s like, what happens next is the call, I’ll call you to schedule the call. Right. So I think that those are great features for a website. Someone asked, Do you think adding a section on the website showing local activities would be good? Yeah. But

you got to keep up with it. Right?

I think the way right idea is that what’s your like focus is going to be

because if they go to that page, and it’s like from fall of last year, right, it just, then you lose credibility. Right? That’s the part where I think you have to be so careful.

can once again, it’s consistency, what are the things that you’re going to do in your business? And how can you be consistent at them?

Can I do this consistently? Well, your answer has to be a strong, yes. Right? If I was a techy person, I think this would be a really fun, exciting way. Yeah. I think it could be awesome. I don’t have that in me. So it’s, it’s not my way yet. But I am a little envious of like the more techie tech savvy people out there. Because the possibilities, like there’s so many good ideas, so

many good ideas,

so many good ideas to have like the best website ever. Right? Okay,

so I had a good idea. Piggybacking on our newsletter episode, why wouldn’t you just take So maybe instead of committing to the local events, maybe you take your newsletter every month that you send your email list, and you just post it up as a blog post? On your website? Yeah, maybe it has local events that are. But that’s one time you have to post every month, you’re already sending it. Make it as frictionless for you as possible. If you’re already committed to email newsletter, and you love it, and you’re going to do it, we’ll just take that and make it be the blog post on your website. And now you’re putting up new info, the more you update a site, the better its health is, yeah, in your in your friend, the algorithm, right to say like algo, they like when you You when You freshen it up? When you change things when you put new words on there. That’s all good, right? So why not? Do why not do that? Like? What do you spend a lot of time on your social media strategy? Why can’t you take a photo and the caption, and make that into something on your website? Put it like a blog post, just repurpose the things you’re

already doing? Yeah, don’t reinvent the wheel for every single thing. Or

I strongly stand by a single one page. website that is about you, like a fan basically, like a deeper dive resume is all you need. Yeah, all you need. Okay. What’s what’s next on your list of questions or thoughts?

I was just thinking a lot about why I struggle with embracing a great website. And I think it’s because I connect so much more to real people, like the real people side of it face to face interaction even. And I’m the same way with social media, right, I connect better. I love going to the office and seeing people

who would rather serve on a committee that yeah, then then make a new social media posts and make friends that way.

Exactly. But there’s a ton of people out there who would much rather be behind the scenes and

there’s lots of consumers who communicate that way. Yeah, so that’s

perfect. Right? Writing that’s great vibe attracts your tribe.

Exactly. Exactly. Okay. I do think there is one other nice to have slash almost on the need column for your website if you’re doing it. And we’ve already mentioned it but like how are you going to collect emails or Contact Info.

Would this be the landing page? We’ve

arrived at the landing page. Okay. Do you know what a landing page is?

I do now because of my Christmas card.

Okay, well tell us about your Christmas card so that they understand how you figured this out. Okay,

so for my Christmas card this year, on the back of it, I put if you would like to see our year end review, or see what our family was up to scan this code or visit bitly.com/christmas card, whatever it was, whatever it was, Okay, y’all don’t go to that website. Don’t Yeah, it’s not a real website. And so, so then they could scan and then the second that they put in their email address, they got an email from me with with all the information photos from of the kids, and like every Haven lost her first tooth, they started kindergarten, like all the things of 2022. Okay. And I really enjoyed it. Did the people have a nice response? They did love it mentioned nothing about real estate. That’s okay. But it was kind of a good tester to see like, would people understand? So let’s

back it up. Because they’re like, Well, I still don’t get what a landing page is. Okay. You had the code? Yes. When they scan the code, they had to put in their email address. And then that took them to your info, which was basically the landing page was where they put in their email address. Yes. And then they ended up getting your email.

So the landing page is where you capture capture their information. That’s like when we were talking about in database. How if you wanted to commute if you’re trying to build your email list or build your database by saying, Hey, if you would like a copy of my vendors list, just go to Alyssa jenkins.com/vendors, which is not a real website. And then it would put in your your name and email and you would just be emailed a copy. Yeah. Of my vendors list. Yeah. And it cost them nothing, right. And now they have a piece of real valuable information, you have their email, and you have their contact, we have usually gotten a benefit. You got their email, they got the end of though everyone is happy. Okay, maybe you don’t have a website and you’re like, Oh, dang, but I want one of those landing pages. How

do I get emails? Did you know you could have a landing page without a website?


I’ll tell you two ways to do that. First way do you have an email service providers, so MailChimp or mailer light or whatever, your flow desk, they most of them have the capability to make you a simple landing page. Okay? Okay. So let’s just say your social media savvy, you want to share on your Instagram that you have a buyer guide, you’re gonna say, you know, go to the link in my bio, well, the link is going to take them to the landing page that you set up in your email service provider, so MailChimp, they put in their email there, and then they’re going to get an email from you. That’s the whatever buyer guide. Now you’ve got their email and MailChimp and they’ve got their buyer guide. And next time you go to send your newsletter, they’re already in your database. Okay, so you can do your landing page there. You can also do a landing page I believe for free on Canva I haven’t done the all the steps but Marky was talking about that. And you can set up a landing page that is it’s gonna have like a Canva. gobbledygook link, right? It’ll look pretty though, okay, and they’ll put in their info and it’s gonna, you’re gonna get their email.

Perfect, easy peasy. And then Canva stores the email for you like a date. I guess it

must send it. I don’t know, I don’t know the back end of it. Okay, but you got to get it somehow. So I

use MailChimp for my Christmas card. Right? So it was unrelated to my website. It wasn’t none of that was through my website. I basically just had a landing page for my Christmas card. So when they went and scan the QR code, and it was like, Hi, what’s your email and name? After they entered it? MailChimp just stored it. It’s there now. And so then they got my Christmas card.

I love it. Okay, so that’s interesting. Obviously, we’ve talked about a few of the different items of value you could use but a vendor list is a good one. We can events, new home buyer or home seller guides, how to prep for showings, I mean, any know how to stage your house, you could have a an item of value of anything, right? And if you’re trying to get that certain type, maybe you want more sellers, so maybe your item of value is staging checklist. Easy peasy. Yeah. Okay.

It could be something you already have and use all the time. But you’re just making the public aware of it. Yeah, like, Hey, if you’re thinking about selling and not sure where to start,

right, or like every time I get a new homebuyer, I give them my steps to making a purchase through the eyes of me like in our market working with me. These are the steps Yeah, you Easy Peasy landing page like, yeah, I couldn’t be writing anything. So just

figure out what your item of value is based on what your goals are.

Right? Okay, do we want to try and answer a few questions? There were so many friends and I know that we are not Alyssa was joking and reading all those terms and words and things, we’re not going to get to all your questions. I do want to say that I get bogged down easily and find it very tedious and frustrating to follow a lot of directions and basically edit a website. Yeah, like that is not fun for me. Even when I did it on my REMAX. When I hated it, there was like 50 steps to adding one new page, it was hard. I didn’t like it. Our hustle humbly website is being hosted through show it now. Sh O W, I t.co. Show it. I like it. It took a little learning everything does. But you can drag and drop and move your page. It was easy, it’s pretty easy to utilize. And now you go to show it, I think they’re the main program is $24 a month for them to host your website, you can get a template there. Now they have very good looking templates.

I will say when you were showing me, I was like I like how all these look they

are now some of them are $700. And some of them are $130. So you can get a template for under 200 bucks and host it for $24 a month. Now Jay was like well, you know, Wix and Squarespace will host it for free. So those are other web development apps that you can go and host and build your website on. And our cheap. GoDaddy will do it. We had some responders of the survey, say they use real geeks. Someone mentioned easy Agent Pro, you have a WordPress.

One of the things we noticed when we were looking up all of this is that if you google how to make a website or get a website, the number of services are endless. But the ones that are very real estate specific usually include some sort of CRM, yeah, and which we’ve never been a fan of, or needed, just because we’re very simple, right? We prefer the spreadsheet or just something very, very simple, right? And

if you’ve taken the database course, you know, we basically teach a email collection system. Yeah, like we’re telling you to go get whatever MailChimp, for instance, and have a place where you’re collecting email addresses, and then your spreadsheet template will you can easily do that and get like a cheap free Wix or Squarespace site. That’s a single page, because you don’t need the CRM feature. Right, right. Right. Okay. But there are so many websites out there just for realtors. So it’s like hard to know which one I know and I don’t think you need all those bells and whistles. I don’t either. I just we want you to have a nice home, like front door on the internet, right? Yeah, it doesn’t need to be

welcome to my porch.

This is just the porch. They’re never gonna look inside. They’re just gonna drive by. Yeah. How does it look? Can we find you? Do we know where you are? Yeah. Okay. So one of the comments from our survey, we’re having trouble understanding the value of having a website, I can see where I sometimes have that same feeling. Okay, one person said they got leads from their site, but only because they paid for Google ads. And we had other people ask about Google ads. Friends. We’re not experts on Google ads, no Google Analytics, any type of like, how do you see how much traffic has been to your website? Maybe if you guys enjoyed this episode, we could have a website expert on but I think with everything else that we teach and talking about, we’re not trying to get super in the

weeds here. Yeah, we want to keep it very soon is the easiest way that you could have a web presence in less than 24 hours. Yes.

I don’t look good. I don’t need you to go then. Why? Okay, well, how many people were on my website? How long did they stay on this page? Where did they click after that?

That’s a lot. There are more important things to sell real estate. So I had written down real estate is a people business, right? So getting in the weeds with the behind the scenes, you know, IDX and URLs and domains and campaigns. Back on her rap song like it, you have to at some point, ask yourself, am I using my time wisely? Right? am I enjoying this? Is it helping my business? Otherwise, let’s take a break from it. Yeah, you know, get some space and clarity and direction. You don’t

have to have every bell and whistle. No, you don’t need any of it at all. I guess what we’re here to say is good news. You don’t even have to have a website if you don’t want to. You don’t have to do that. Yeah, you can be a very successful agent. With no website at all.

You really can for sure. Okay,

this person said they had a website provided by their broker and did not see the value. So they cancelled it once it became once it switched to where they had to pay for it on their own. So look, if you got a free site use it if you decide that if for some reason you have to start paying for it, and there was no, like return Well, I

think right? Very wise way to look at it. Yeah, if it’s free, it hurts nothing. Just make sure your content, your profile picture and information is up to date. If you’re paying for it, if you’re not using it, trim the fat. Yeah, rid of it. You know, and I even think you had said, in a lot of ways social media is the new agent website. Yeah, like a lot of people are using that to understand who their agent is. So

if your bio doesn’t show what city you work in, you have a problem, Houston, we have a problem, we have a problem you need they need to be able to be if you’re not using hashtags that are local to you, like Baton Rouge realtor or whatever, like, then you’re it’s make it so that people can find you. And if that’s where people are, that’s where they’re gonna look for you. Okay. This person said, Do I think the website is 100%? necessary for success? No, do I think it’s beneficial as a local agent to be Google? Google playable?

I like it. Yes. My

website is nothing fancy. But I do offer free resources. And I try to make it more of an inside look to my resume. Yeah, well, that features reviews my credentials more about me and my company. You could put that too. That’s perfect. So I think that makes sense. Okay, we’ve already talked about IDX. I will say quickly, there is an amount that this cost, I feel like the years that I had, it was maybe like a couple $100 startup to get it approved. And then there’s like a monthly fee. Okay, okay. I believe our MLS. Y’all don’t quote me on this, it was like 20 bucks a month or something. But you could pay for that indefinitely, until you remove the IDX feed from your website. Wow.

So if you want to take your $20 a month and take your best client to coffee, maybe that would be better for you already the search feature, okay, not when they have so many places that they could search.

Right. Okay, we did have a question asking specifically about their bio, what to add, include and use. It says mine is generic, and I dislike it wholeheartedly.

Wholeheartedly dislike my bio, I

don’t like it. What do you think you need in a bio?

I don’t know. This is your area, like a bio is a whole nother website and a whole nother to it. Yeah, I mean, like an agent systems. So

your bio, I would say here’s some good tips. Because whether you’re new or a veteran or however long you’ve been around, this is great. Why do you sell real estate? Why did you get into real estate? How is it? What is it like working with you? What type of clients do you focus on? Is it second homebuyers? Is it for some buyers? Is it buyers and sellers in a certain zip code? Tell me where you work. In your ideal world? Where would you work? It’s okay, someone might come there and not be that person. But that doesn’t mean they’re not going to work with you. You know, what is your background? Where were you before? Why does your restaurant management experience help you in your real estate career? Whatever? Just like some stuff about you? Do you have kids? Do you like to paddleboard make it feel like I know that you’re a human and not a robot? Right, right. Right. Okay, so that’s some bio stuff. Okay, everyone asked me so many questions. I know. Yeah. Like, is it merely a web presence about me site for lead capture providing resources to send leads listing info IDX. They’re curious what they utilize their website the most for?

I think, for me, my goal will be that my website just shows who I am. I think that’s the best goal. And I think I know Chelsea mentioned this, but there have been several people that I heard like when they were discussing what are the trends for 2023? Yes. And it’s all about the personal brand, right? Like, focusing like hyper focusing on your specific thing. Yeah. Like, you have a corgi, as you know what I mean? Like, it’s very specific to me who you are right now.

Like you’re trying to attract your tribe. Your vibe will attract your tribe. Yeah. Do you want people to say Oh, I have got to work with her. I love corgis. Yes.

And in the same way that they feel that way about social media. It’s the same thing with your internet presence.

I just really think that you have already hit the nail on the head with your you your your own brand. Elissa jenkins.com is going to be Elissa Jenkins dot com, whether you’re at Lateran bloom or some other office are not a realtor at all, like, picture it that way, who were you as an overall human?

And I was even thinking like, well, I don’t I don’t think my broker website matters that much, because I don’t see myself going anywhere. But like they would if they get bought, what if your company gets bought? Or Okay, good, something could happen outside of your control. So

many people asked, well, a couple, at least a few people asked how to protect their information, y’all, if your broker provides your website, and your CRM and the email collection of your website, and basically, if tomorrow, you decided to change brokers and your email address, and all of that was provided by God or work to do. And if you didn’t think it through on the front end, you could lose a lot. You could lose all those emails, you could lose all of like, all of your transaction follow up even what if your broker has control? And and look, that’s a double edged sword, your broker is typically shouldering the expense and providing you these things, right, your website or your you know, transaction management or your CRM, that’s great. But if you’re not thinking that through and you go make a change, or they get bought out, or they switch services, how many times have you heard? Well, they change the tech at a big franchise, and everyone starts like losing their mind.

Oh, I’ve experienced it, right several times on different aspect where they’re

like, hey, guess what? We’re changing the sky slope. Get all your stuff in there. Yep. Yep. So you don’t have control. So it is like, great, you got that for free. I’m doing my air quotes for working there. But it also means you’re at their mercy changes could happen. And if you want to make a change, when it’d be better if you’re like, Well, my website’s fine. I’m in control of that. Yeah, that’s my personal website, my email list is fine. I’m in control of it through whatever MailChimp. You know, like, my database is fine. It’s on my spreadsheet, right? Nobody’s gonna steal anything from or keep anything of mine. When I go somewhere else. Yeah. Just aim. If you’re thinking, Oh, my God, I don’t, I’m not in control of anything. That’s mine. It’s okay. Deep breath might be just fine. Just like when we’re doing Google business profiles. In our in community, people have lost their whole Google business profile and all of their reviews because it was associated with their broker, given email. And when they switch brokers they, they forgot they didn’t change that. Yeah. And it just poof goes away. You can you can pre prepare for this. But if you’re new and you’re just setting this stuff up, you want to own you.

You’re really in the ideal situation. Yes. And you’re your own business, y’all. I

don’t know how many times I could say this, whether you realize it when you got into real estate or not. Your broker isn’t your boss,

I’ve shared this story before. Share it again. I have some clients that have bought eight or nine houses with me, their investors, friends of mine, we went to school together, and they’re hilarious. Okay, okay, but I was trying to prove a point. And I was talking to a friend of mine that knows them too, because she was stressing about I don’t know, like how to brand myself. And should I make a big announcement that I’m switching brokerages? Right right? I said I want to show you something. I’m gonna text Sam. Sam, what company Am I with? Uh huh. I don’t I don’t know. Don’t you own your own? Sure, Sam. No, I would let her bloom he’s like oh yeah, I didn’t know that I didn’t doesn’t matter to them. Doesn’t matter. It does not matter. It’s not a big as big of a deal as we think it is. Well because

in your case which is fun because you kind of got to see that world what because you you went from being a CJ brown to ladder and bloom it was just a change of name.

It wasn’t like you left the company Yeah, so for those who don’t know my company used to be called CJ brown but then on every business card every logo under it very small. It said a ladder and bloom company. Well, it got to where there was too many different names like Vanny and and Romero a ladder and bloom company, right? That they were like y’all we had acquired all these other office Yes. And they acquired CJ Brown in 1928. So in a minute, so we had been CJ Brown a ladder in bloom company for the whole time. The whole time like tedious so nobody bought us the company just said okay, we are just going to go under the ladder and blue umbrella but it changed I got a new email it changed our website, your branding, everything everything. Yeah, but all my Alyssa jenkins.com personal website. All I had to do was go in and change the part that said the name is a ladder and blue I had to do nothing else. Right. It was so easy, right? Thankfully, when they made that switch, they the email change affected me none. If somebody emailed at CJ brown.com, they’ll work they’ll came straight to me like they made it very seamless. I had had broker

change light, because yeah, they were doing it for you. They didn’t want you to lose anything. Now, if you do a real broker change,

yeah. Like if I was leaving the company that would take months and months of figuring out

so some people did ask, is a website that separate from a CRM important? Or should I use this or that they listed a billion different ones? I think that what we’re trying to say here is, you want to own as much of your business assets as you can, under your name. Yes, utilize the things you get for free from your broker, but have a plan in place if you are going to change and remember, okay, well, they were providing my website, I’m gonna go get my own website, they were providing my CRM, I better download all my addresses, they have my eat, like, just you are your own business, you have to pay taxes that way. So you might as well act like it.

Yeah, right. Keep all your stuff. I mean, even when we were doing the Google business in the community, when you said like, you don’t own your realtor.com reviews, no realtor.com shuts down, the reviews are gone. Right. I have since copy and pasted all of my reviews. Document because I was like, I never thought about this

right? And I never did. I always been cutting and pasting them from the jump. So they’re all in one place. But and that’s how you get them onto your personal website. If you’ve got on the dock. Easy peasy. You just go grab them. Okay, I feel like that’s all we have about website.

But what I love is that, at first, I was like, not excited about this topic, then I was very overwhelmed by this time. Right, right. And I was like, Wait a second. I don’t have to let all this overwhelm me, because I was feeling pressure to come on here and add all of this value. But then I thought, you know, I would find it valuable. If someone came and gave me permission to say, Hey, it’s okay. If you don’t want to use your website. And

with this was our favorite thing. Podcasts there. It’s just another Mindset episode. It’s all about your eyes about mindset and consistency. Yeah, it’s always, whatever it is. So you’re right. We didn’t teach anyone what SEO strategies are. Oh, gosh, yeah, no, but we’ve given them permission to figure out what’s right for them as far as their website goes, and hopefully, maybe have a simple answer to a quick easy one. Yeah. Okay.

I can’t wait to see what you do with your website. Oh, that’s a lot of pressure. What if I do nothing? Well, they

won’t know the difference. Okay, but I will be excited to see it. Right. Ready for a toast. I’m gonna go fix mine up. Mm hmm. Because maybe they’re gonna go look at it.

Yeah, this will be if you are in the hustle hobbling community. This week. We do plan to like ask you to show your well we’ll start a thread in the Facebook page to look at each other’s websites. I know we looked at some of yours because you put it in the comments on the and they were good. We

looked at Kohl’s was good. We looked at Robin Bruno’s hers was good. Yeah. So you guys, don’t overthink your website. Don’t overthink. I appreciated

Kohl’s because most mail agents you go to their website and it’s very like suit and tie and approachable and Kohl’s was so friends.

He looked like he was fun and friendly. Yeah, that’s who I would want to help me buy my house. That’s he would be my choice. You’d be like, Oh, that guy looks fun and friendly. Yeah, right. Oh, he’s a runner. Every runner. He gets on my house for the record. I’m not a runner. Up. You’re a runner, not me. Okay, great. We’re on to our toast. Wow, you guys with the big names. Okay. Good news, Jill Smith. I can pronounce it Jill. Thank

you, Jill Smith. I’m

not sure where Jill Smith is. But she is toasting to Tiffany. Cow. M EKKAOU. i Okay, keep going. Tiffany Macao? Sorry, Tiffany. No, that’s not right. Okay. Tiffany is a new agent broker at our office. I have only been an agent for less than two years. So I use her often as a resource. Oh, she’s the new agent broker. Like she takes care of the new agents. Oh, I see. I didn’t know what that meant. Okay. So I use her often as a resource when I encounter something new. She is available to answer our questions and help us every step of the way. I have no idea how she has so much patience, but all of the new agents appreciate her so much. Thank you, Tiffany for being the calm when I feel frazzled. And one of my biggest cheerleaders when I succeed, so sweet. So cheers to Tiffany. Thank you to Jill. I don’t know where they are. But I hope y’all are having a wonderful day. Yeah. Okay, everyone, go, you know, edit your website.

Just make sure your picture is up to date your id like that. Or maybe just

say I’m never worrying about my website again. Now. don’t want one and I’m not gonna I don’t care. It’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, goodbye friends.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode.

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