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The struggle is real. You know it. We know it. How do you stay consistent in a cyclical/seasonal business where you’d like a steady paycheck and a little less stress. Well, you’ve come to the right place! On this episode we discuss changes to behaviors and mindset issues that can put you on the path to consistency. It is possible and achievable with some small but CONSISTENT changes. And just for fun come find out what Hustle Humbly was almost named.

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Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Oh

all right. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business. So stop comparing

yourself and start embracing your strengths. We’re here,

it’s episode 19.

This is episode 19. That’s exciting. Oh, what are we going to call it?

Consists consistency in your business.

Okay, I like consistency is key. Okay, perfect.

It doesn’t matter. Like no matter.

System C is key. This This episode is about consistency. Yes. All of a sudden, that word sounds funny to me.

We’ve done it a bunch, but it’s been requested a bunch. This is true. So there’s obviously a need for consistency. People are struggling out there. They may have a really good month, and then they’re back down, you know, the roller coaster of entrepreneurship and really good day

and then a bad week,

right day to day.

It is our to our people, I

wake up in a good spot. And the end of the day, you’re just beat down and those deals fall apart.

Oh my gosh, they fall apart friends. So yes, consistency is a struggle for everyone. And we have had multiple request. It’s not funny, but I don’t know why I think it’s funny. We’ve had multiple requests for consistency, because I’d think I’m laughing because it’s so hard. You can’t.

And this isn’t just new people. No, this is no matter where you are in your business. If you feel like you’re constantly treading water, and you just can’t keep it together. Yeah. How can you find a little bit of regular normal? Yes. Get off the roller coaster for a minute, catch your breath. Right. And I think a lot of it goes back to being proactive versus reactive. Yes. I don’t know if we’ve talked about that. I know me and you have talked about that. But I don’t think we’ve talked about it on the podcast. Let’s talk about it again, whether or not we have. So if you’re always spinning your wheels, and just reacting to everybody, you know, a buyers like I want to see these 12 houses and I want to do this and I want to do that. But you’re not proactive and getting in front of your business, then it’s going to run you ragged,

I would say reactive is probably also treating it very transactionally. Yes. So like once you have a transaction, you’re just in that frame of mind, and you’re putting out fires and dealing with that stuff. Right? Okay, how do you? How do you be proactive them?

I think it takes discipline. Okay, I think that you have to commit to keeping your email clean.

Oh, dang it.

I know. It’s so hard. I know, it’s hard. But if that’s not up to date, because we still need to record my Gmail, or your Gmail as people are gonna like that. I know, it’s been also heavily requested, I actually just taught it recently. So

it’s fresh in your mind is so you know, all I know about the Gmail class is that I’m gonna get in trouble because I have too many folders and too many things in my inbox, and I better clean my refrigerator in closet. That’s all I know.

So that email is supposed to be the to do list that others need from you. Yes, it’s the to do list that others have made not your own to do list. No, no. Anytime someone needs something, they email you. So if a lender says I need an addendum, I need an extension, or a buyer says, What’s the info on this house? Those are all demands on you. And it’s like when you call them demand their demand you every email is a demand and the longer that you go without addressing them, they build up, they build up, they build up and then you’re never ahead of them. Yeah. So my goal is always to clear out my email two or three times a day. Okay, just get it back to where Okay, all of my email is done. That means nobody needs anything right now. Yeah. So what do I need to do to be proactive? Well, all of a sudden, now that my email is cleaned out, I can go through my Trello of my old leads and people that I need to follow up with sellers who I met with a month ago that are working on getting their house ready, right buyers who told me they were going to get pre approved, but I don’t need to wait to hear from them every single time. Right? You need to follow up with people and check on them. And I think follow up is the key to consistency.

I would say that is so true. I think that you’re right. Don’t wait for people to follow up with you. You drive that ship and people are always impressed. When you follow up. They want

to be checked on they need to be checked on it’s scary when you’re okay so if you tell a buyer Okay, well go get pre approved and let me know there scared, they don’t know they and then if you check on them and be like, Hey, do you need any help with anything? Right? They just know that you care, you haven’t forgotten about them, you’re not too busy. And it’s just nice to be the one that calls first versus always being the one that’s being called

Do you want it? This kind of plays into that? The one thing that I think I have ever said that I had a client just, I don’t know, go crazy over. And it’s how I typically answer the phone. If a client, someone specially during a transaction calls me if a buyer or seller calls me, I always say what can I do for you? That’s how you answer. Well, I’ll say, Hey, how’s it going? What can I do for you before I go on, what can I do for you before they launch into like, Oh, hey, then they’re like, instead of coming in like with like, oh, I need something I already prefaced it with. I want to do something for you. So like they’re upset.

I wish my husband would answer the phone that way. What can I do for you? Oh, gosh, anything

that way? But that’s sort of the same vein, you’re going out there and being proactive and saying, What can I do? Yeah, what can I literally what can I do for you in your mind, but we’re just calling to say Hi, people call me that’s what I say. What can I do for you? I love that they love it. They might be the two might be the helper and me. Yeah. What can I do for you? Okay, so you your proactivity involves you thinking ahead?

Right? What do I have coming, reaching out? Sending? Like, if I have a listing appointment? Have I sent them everything they need? ahead of time? Yep. My pre listing email. Do they have that? Is there anything? Am I prepared for that meeting? I don’t want it to be an hour before the meeting, and I’m rushing, you know, I want to be when I am in a healthy proactive spot. That’s when I operate the best. I’m so efficient. I’m I’m caught up and then I’m not just caught up. I’m ahead. Yeah. And I’m like doing I have time to do things that like impress my client.

Right. Okay. So let’s think about it from the mindset of someone who’s struggling with consistency. Yeah, they’re probably thinking right now. Well, it sounds like you have stuff going on. You’re not struggling with nothing at all. So I think when people say they’re worried about the consistency, it’s the ones that are in a place in their business where it drops off completely. Yeah. So they have, like, literally no pendings or literally, no, you know, no buyer’s or seller’s that they’re actively working with. And then they’re asking, What do I do to keep that from happening? And I think that goes back to Episode 17. Okay, what to do when you’re new, for sure or slow? Right.

So if that’s where you are, I think that going back and re listening to Episode 17, and then coming back here, yes. Because there are so many things that you can do to generate business. Yeah, when you have none. Yep. But consistency of implementing all of those things from Episode 17 is key, you can’t just do really well for a week, right, and then stop. And that’s what happens. People finally get someone in the pipeline, or two or three. And they’re like, high on life, because they’re excited to have like a busy week, right. But then everything closes. And they haven’t been doing the follow up and they haven’t read doing the things they’re supposed to be. So there’s nothing new coming in the pipeline. And now you’re back at the low slump,

agree, I wrote down this thing that I I thought in my own little cute brain the other day. And it was and when you just said that it made me think of it. So I had to go digging for my notebook, YouTube zalmi. No consist consistency and behaviors means no consistency in business.

So you, it’s a lot of self reflection here. You really have to look at you,

for sure. If you’re not being consistent in your in your business behaviors, you cannot possibly expect that your business is going to be consistent. I mean, and I know, maybe everyone’s going oh, well, what the heck are we supposed to do like, well, what to do when you’re new, go back to that episode. And I’ll give you some really like line by line. But I also think that maybe it would be a good idea to in your next slump and your next, you know, slow time. Look at how you spend your day and time like look at okay, do you get up at 7am? What do you do for the first like, what do you do?

Yeah, do you need more time? Should you be getting up earlier, right, I need to go to bed earlier and

then time block it out. If consistency means if you work online leads if that means that you need to go follow up for two hours a week on these online leads, then do it if if your business is around your database, and you need to send letters for, you know, 20 letters a week or whatever the thing is, start blocking that out every week to where you are consistently doing that behavior and then the business is going to just come it’s not going to be like Oh, I’m slow. Now I want to do some stuff. Right? And I think just like what you said, just because you have a transaction You get busy? or what have you have three or four transactions and you’re really busy with the regular, you know, inspections and the walkthroughs. And you know, it’s filling up your time, you can’t let that other stuff drop off, right?

Well, consistency does not mean perfect. No, like consistency just means if you have a down day or a down week, you don’t just throw your hands up in the air and say, forget it, I’m not doing any right, you know, you have to constantly be getting back up on the horse and go again, you can’t just stay down

well, you have the ability to complete your task, whatever you’ve created as your normal, you know, time blocks, or your normal tasks you’re gonna do, you can have that win every single day, right? If your goal is to write five letters to your database and use that every day, every day, you when you won, you did what you’re supposed to do, whether you had a transaction or not, or whether you felt like everything was falling apart or everything was going great. The we’re going to talk later when we toast to who requested this episode. But the note I had was that she wanted to know how to combat real estate slumps because they were making her feel like a not dedicated like a slacker.

Well, it goes back to comparison, because we are in such a vein industry where numbers are posted constantly, people are posting about their closings and their success because you have to be successful in this business. You want to stay in it. You have to be you have to be but then it just if you’re not in the right place, it can bring you down and look, what are we back to talking about, again, that we always come back to my fave mindset mind is all about your mindset. And for you to say, You know what? I’m going to do what I know I need to do, I’m going to tune out all of the things that are bringing me down. Yeah, what are those things? Right? Oh, well, look,

and I, early on, got this mantra of affirmation, whatever you want to call it. And it was my mindset, not the market determines my success. And whenever people, especially when you go to a realtor event, and maybe it’s a slower time of year, or things are wonky with your market, you know, everyone’s gonna say, Oh, how’s your business? Oh, it’s terrible. Oh, it’s

slow. Oh, good. Me, too.

The market is so bad everything.

My everything’s sitting there.

And then and I in my mind, you gotta go to this place. My mindset, not the market determines my success. Because honestly, no matter what the market is, somebody’s moving. Somebody’s selling their house today, somebody’s buying a house today, I refuse to believe the whole market shut down just because it’s a little slow. And if you stay in that positive frame of mind, you’ll be the one who’s doing those transactions. Yeah. I mean, somebody’s got to do them got to stay ahead of the game. But when everyone has commiserating on how terrible it is, walk out of those conversations. Just say, you know, I think it’s gonna be fine. Yeah, I am fine. Yeah, I, I find that my business is pretty consistent. You know, I always have sort of the same amount of transactions under contract, typically the same amount of listings, and it will ebb and flow. That might be a hot peak time. But it’s very rare for me to have nothing in the hopper, like,

and I think, you know, kind of going into the financial side of things. If you’re a new realtor, or if you’re an experienced realtor, if you don’t have some sort of savings buffer that allows you to breathe, okay, and sleep okay, at night. Yeah, you’re in for a rough ride with your mindset because you’re scared.

Yeah. And I’ve been there. I so have oh, my gosh, I’ve been there so much. But I think I’m finally getting to where I’m not, I’m there less. How about that. It’s not that I’m never there. There’s still times. And you know, it’s funny, even lenders, I think, fall prey to this because my favorite lender, whenever I see her in December, January, February, because there’s obviously a cynical saying, she’ll have the same she’s like, I know, I know. It’s gonna be okay. Like, I know, because I have years of experience to know, but it’s still every January. I’m like, oh, a lot of fun place to be. It’s it just is nerve wracking. But if you take that time and think, oh, I can work on my systems, I can work on time blocking, I can keep doing the things I was already doing that maybe you won’t have the time to focus on it being slow, right? I mean, that’s what I would do.

And again, if you’re not working your database, if you’re not talking to your people, you’re not working at all, they have to be hearing from you.

Yep. You know what else you just made me think of? When you’re working your database or you’re talking to your database, please do not tell the general public that the market is slow. You think that you can’t create that you are wrong. If you get on Facebook, or you see your friend at the grocery store, and they ask how the market is I do not want you to lie. But I also don’t want you to say EU market is so slow, right? Just, you know, remember that people have to move for all sorts of reasons and at all different times of the year, right? I mean, thankfully Where are we are we don’t have to deal with like a winter slowdown. Like the weather itself isn’t

going to slow us down. The snow is just going to keep us from doing our job.

So is that going to keep us down? I’m sure in some places, it’s even Oh, yeah, fair because of that. But just remember the way you describe the market to anyone. If you’re turning that into reality,

it’s a reflection of yourself also. How’s your attitude if it is slow,

right? Oh, it’s great. I’m having so much fun keeping up with my database. Do you want to go to coffee tomorrow? How are things with you just turn it around on them? If you don’t want to lie? Yeah, Be positive, be positive, please, at least be positive.

All right, and I think to looking at your schedule, what are you doing with your time? If you have a blank day, the night before? Just look at what you’re doing? Are there classes you can go take at the borders? Should you go for a run? Should you do something for you while you have the downtime embrace? What are things that you always wish you could do? But work is in the way should you make a quick three day trip to the beach? Yeah, like you go to the gym. Should you go get your hair done? What do you need? What do you need to do to just get out of your funk? Yep. And then also, it’s about your habits? Yeah. What what is the rule about how long it takes something to become a habit?

Is it seven to 10 days or crazy? Or like 21 days? While you’re looking for it? I’m gonna say this when I’m having a slumpy downtime. Now this is gonna sound ridiculous because I like to go shopping. And that doesn’t seem like it seems counterintuitive to go spend money when you’re worried about money. And I don’t spend a lot of it. I’m not like a crazy like shopaholic. I don’t know that I’ve ever gone on like a slumpy shopping trip where I’m feeling sad and sad about my business and not gotten a call about business while I was out and that funny every time. Do you know what else I do? The Universe listens to me hardcore. Whenever I’m at my desk, this has happened just a couple of weeks ago, had a recent buyer they bought during the summer. So several months later, we had been interacting a little bit on social media, she posted pictures of her fall, you know, front entryway. And just like I do with everyone else. I just had a couple of exchanges with her over social media, not about real estate. And then a couple of days later, I was sitting at my desk. And I was thinking, man, it’s getting kind of slow. I’m feeling like I need some more stuff coming down the pipe. And then I thought you know, I’ve made a couple of contacts with so and so lately. I think I need a referral from her. I am not exaggerating, it couldn’t have been a full hour before she sent me a text message and asked me if I could show her boss I house. Wow. Y’all, your mind is so powerful. Well,

you you get you attract what you’re putting out there. And so yeah, what are you putting out there? Bad negative feelings? Or excited? happy, positive, optimistic? That’s what people want to work with. They don’t want to work with Debbie Downer.

No, no, exactly. And I’m gonna tell you what else. If you feel like you’re gonna go on the beach trip, or go on a shopping trip, or go watch some Netflix to because you’re in a slump and you’re feeling like you’ve got some extra time and you’re like, you know what, I’m gonna go do something for me. Also, don’t like go down, like down the black hole. Right? Don’t stay there. Don’t go on three days worth

shopping? Or your community is so important. Who are your friends? And what are they saying? You can’t have a whole lunch of just sad pity party. Oh, you know, it’s fine to vent and say your piece. But it was something positive. And yeah, a good outlook, because it’s always is going to come back.

Well, I think it’s okay to walk. Yes, I think it’s okay to watch an episode on Netflix. But don’t watch the whole season. Not everyone sitting. That’s what I’m just trying. Just because you’re slow. You better get back to do on a real estate behavior after you shake it off. Like go take a nap. But don’t take four days off. Sure. Like you need to give you want to be consistent. You’ve got to do some activities.

Okay, so on average, it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic. Okay to mom’s 66 days to be exact. Oh, dang, that’s more than tomorrow. They have an exact number on here.

Okay. Oh, you know, we should do like a 66 day challenge next year. That’d be fun. We’ll do some like real estate behaviors, some real estate activities.

It depends on how hard what you’re implementing is. If it’s a really hard dramatic change in your life. It could take up to 254 days, not 255 days. Just 54 to be born into this study, 254 days day, and if it’s something simple, like adding drinking water every day, okay, it could take 18 days. Okay, I like that. So if it’s a simple change range, right? You’re looking at about 18 days.

I think that’s fair. Yeah, that’s easy. Well, just hold yourself accountable. And if you’re not the type that can get an A partner, I think we just covered this in another episode, get an accountability partner. And I know that sounds like even I’m kind of turned off by that. But at the same time, find a friend who wants to do the same things you’re doing and has the same goals and say, Hey, let’s get together and write our notes together for an hour. Sure, or whatever. Well, before the podcast, how often did you and I hang out? Not that often? Maybe once a month, maybe once a month? once every six weeks? Maybe? Yep. And it was just nice to get out of the office into somebody else’s office.

Yeah, not that I came to your office, but you’re with a different company than I am. And just get different perspective. Not that in either one was good or bad. You know, sometimes you need to get out of your bubble that you live in are sure when new? Yep. And spend time with somebody else? Yeah, but I felt like we were very similar and how we handle things were very laid back. Yeah. And work. Very similar. So it just seemed

super laid back and super hard working.

We laugh while we work hard.

We’re working really hard in jeans. That’s that’s what we are. We’re like really sweet,

hardworking, casually. Professional.

Yeah. Was, was that almost the name of the

almost the name I had that written down? As one of the possible names for the podcast. It’s not a bad name, to be honest, casually professional. It just is who I am. In a nutshell. It

may do. Like, it doesn’t have to be that serious, right? But at the same time, friends, it shouldn’t be serious when it comes to your behavior.

Yes. And your income is serious.

Well, that’s right. You don’t. Right at look, we this. It really does harken back to so many of the things that we have talked about before. And you and I before we started this episode, sort of had to talk about how many things do we want to repeat? Like, when is it going to be overkill? And I just want to say to all the people who maybe didn’t hear all those other episodes, and all the people who did hear those episodes? Yeah, we’re probably going to repeat some stuff. We are who we are. We’re not complicated people. No, we think this stuff will help.

Okay, my sister listens. Occasionally. She’s a nurse. So I apply. Yes. And after our database episode, episode nine, which if you haven’t listened to and you’re trying to find consistency in your business, you need to go back to Episode Nine. Yeah, the database because it’s like step one of consistency. Yep. And then I would say episode eight, which is tech tools and systems Yeah. is step two. Okay, getting your systems in place. And then step three is episode 17. What to do when your new flow, and then finish come back to this one consistency, right? Because those are the four episodes I think that are the foundations of continuing your business going and consistency. Okay, anyway, after the database episode. Well, we were laughing because we both use an Excel spreadsheet, right? It’s so simple. My sister sent me this meme. Yeah. And it’s like a Farber.

Can we first talk about the face? podcast will not ever know. Because the face you just made when you said the word meme is so good. Okay, like me? Am I saying it right? Meme Meme. Okay, it’s a meme.

Anyway, it’s a farmer. And he’s like, God is overalls on? He’s like, planting seeds. And he’s like, What did he say? He said something like, it ain’t much, but it’s honest work. My sister was like, after I looked into your database, empathy, and it’s like, it’s so simple moving. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work. That’s, um, that pretty much sums up our

are we going to have to start hiring overall.

They would be handy. They would

be so handy. Oh, my heavens. Okay. So we’ve talked about the episodes that you want to get back

to. Those are just good ones to revisit. If you’re a slump.

Okay. prospecting. We don’t really touch on this a lot, because we are database people. Sure. But I think it’s important that we touch on. If you have a system by which you are prospecting and getting results, I don’t want you to just tell me you have to have online leads because everyone has online leads. If you’re getting results in a prospecting system, that’s the easiest thing to create consistency. Just say every day at 9am from nine to 10. I work my database like that’s or I work my online leads or I work my Open House list or whatever it is. I think prospecting is probably one of those things that you don’t want to drop off when you have a transaction and that’s how you stay consistent. If you’re however you’re getting these leads. Clients, you need to stick on that even when you’re busy,

you can’t disappear just because you got a piece of business will write

and you can’t disappear from social media or whatever it whatever made you visible to the people around you. When you know that I’m for sure I’ll fall victim to this when it gets busy. In my business, when I have many transactions going a lot of balls in the air, I don’t have time to think much less post on Facebook about what I’m doing. And shrew irony to that is the most things you could possibly post is when you’re busy, because you have so much real estate activity got a lot of content, there’s tons of content, but you’re just like trying to just doggy paddle your way through it. So I think that if social media is your thing, make sure that you work it into every day, if you know online, lead your thing, work it into every day, don’t even feel like you have to do it for a four or five or six hour time block, make it something digestible, that you could do every day, 30 minutes of note writing or, you know, Facebook messages or whatever it is.

And I think it’s a good point to start small, make small changes. I feel like when people are ready, especially with the new year, all the resolutions and people are like I’m going to change my life. And I’m not ever going to eat sugar again. And I’m not ever going to eat carbs again. And I’m going to handwrite 10 letters a day. And yeah, I’m gonna like there’s 20 things and you would just die if you did all of them at one time. Agree. And it would take 254 days to make major changes a habit. But we start small. If we start small with small things, you could make it a habit in 18 days. Great and add something else.

Yes, layer it

layers layers,

just like safety. Remember, Carl talks about layers? Yeah, layers of safety layers of behaviors. I think that’s a great tip. Just do a little bit at a time. Right. Okay. Did you know that this episode will air the week of Christmas?

Oh my gosh, I feel like we should talk about something jolly.

We are pretty jolly. And

this episode is not a Christmas themed episode

is not Christmassy at all. Although consistency for Christmas. That’s,

that’s a we’ll call it Christmas consistency, no

consistency for Christmas. That’s what I’m giving all of you friends

consistency. Well,

the holidays will be over. And you’re going to really need to get back on that horse.

We’re gonna have to get back on the horse back to real life back to the grind. Enjoy your holiday. That’s right, you know, but just be ready be rested and rejuvenated and ready to get back.

Agree. Okay, I have a note here that you cannot compartmentalize your work. Okay, so if you’re in a transaction, and you’re in transaction mode, you can’t just be there. Yeah, right. If you’re in prospecting mode, and yeah, man, you got to do it all. So a little bit of everything. In every week. I also like weekly to do list. I listened to that. And something recently, you know, daily to do list will typically be hard to get through. Hmm. Unless you keep it really small, right? But a weekly to do list is better. Because you could say, all right this week, and this is mean how it’s going to play into consistency this week, I need to do 30 minutes a database work? Well, you’ve got five days to figure that out. So wherever you’re going to do it, just get it in there during the week.

You know what I did one year that I liked what? Instead of a Christmas card because honestly, I didn’t do a Christmas card because I got too busy. Well, I forgot. There you go. So I did a New Year card. And it can be sent anytime in January. I like that one. And it’s like the holidays are over people have forgotten about the holidays. And then they get a Happy New Year card. And you kind of pop up not when there’s 30 cards coming in the mail right at a time Dan’s out. And it could be it doesn’t like Christmas cards. To me that’s like your family and stuff. But it would be fun to do a like client appreciation New Year card. Yeah, of a business update or something like that. So that could be something good to add to the to do list for January. I think everybody in your database gets a new year card from you with a market update and how you’re doing and uh, thank you. Thank you for the referrals and repeats out there.

Yeah, to all our friends who failed and my air quotes on their Christmas card this year because

it’s for you. This is for you. If you’re listening to this now and you haven’t done a Christmas card do a

new year late and if you’re feeling like that’s too overwhelming, guess what? Do a Valentine’s card perfect St. Patrick’s Day, but those are your next three. Give them a go. Okay. Okay, I have another one. And it kind of plays into who you talk to what you surround yourself with how positive you’re being. But if you are having trouble with consistency, and I think I even talked to a new agent who maybe had my affliction but worse, she liked to go shopping. Okay, so she would just be like, Oh, I’ve just and shopping for four days. Oh my gosh. Go to your office. If you don’t have a physical office, I don’t know what to tell you make one in your home make space, I guess. But what I like about going to the office is it it very squarely puts you in a real estate frame of mind. Take your computer, go sit in a common area where you see other realtors doing realtor functions, because someone’s working. Oh, yeah, somebody has a transaction, somebody appears slow and you stay in the office long enough, it will just rub off on you. So don’t hide out. Don’t be in your pajamas and your slippers all day long. With your Netflix series,

go to the office. Christmas will end soon. You have to put on real pants. Yes, stop watching those

Hallmark movies. Get on over to the office and like participate with the other people who are working. Ask them if they need help. Right? We’ve talked about that. But I just think being in that place puts you in that frame of mind. Well, if your

brain is in a funk, change your surroundings go somewhere more motivating. You know, go volunteer somewhere, meet new people, add them to your database. Yep. Go to the office. Go to a coffee shop with your computer and work. Take a cute picture of your coffee next to your laptop and then on Instagram. Just put the good vibes out put them

out there. It’s really back. They will come back. Oh my gosh, will they come back? And it’s not hard either. It’s just those are so easy. Yeah. Free. Yeah, I’m not looking to spend money when you’re in a slump.

No, don’t spend money when you’re in a slump. Except you. I guess you go shopping. Yeah, I

look for like an hour. And I might spend 100 bucks on that. Like, I’m not like going crazy. But it also brings up I mean, if you want to deal better with consistency when you’re busy, maybe sock away some

money. Save your money. So when you get into downtime, you’re not freaking out freaking out financially. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m a huge saver. I want that to rub off on my job, everybody to just be a money hoarder and save and invest. I want it to rub off on me. I think it’s all the Dave Ramsey. It probably is.

I don’t know, I guess I’m such a yellow person. Like, I

spend it today.

I live my life. Right? So you know,

and I’m like, I might live to be 300 I have to have enough. That is not where

I’m at. In my mind. I’m like, guess what, I made it to 42 I better go do the things once I

finally got like my savings to where I wanted it to be to make me to allow me to breathe. Yes. When I am in a slump. I just feel so at peace. Well,

not gonna lie. This is my first time feeling that way this year is my cuz I saved I had a good year and I put money into my savings account. It is the largest it’s ever been. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is what it feels like to have

reserves. Right. And I don’t have to be panicking. Yeah. About what am I going to do?

I think this is key. Yeah, it’s critical. And if you don’t have the reserves, and you’re already in the slump, that’s okay. Just do the other day.

Yeah, we we’ve been there to work your way out of it. gameplan to try to prevent it from happening again. You don’t want to go back there.

No, no, I hate to see people who are like, one month away from having to quit the business because they just don’t have the money. Yeah. Oh, it’s terrible. So we want you to have that consistency. And that that brings with it peace. Yeah. I mean, it just makes the whole business more fun. And less stressful. Absolutely. Want to see all all stressed out. Okay. Do you have other notes?

I think I’m good.

I mean, this is kind of a short, little sweet episode for our Christmas gift to you is you don’t have to listen to us for 45 minutes. Yeah,

we’ll short it today.

Today. It’ll be a shorter day. But we’d like to hear maybe your thoughts on how you stay consistent.

I want to hear about people’s goals. We should ask this at the end of the goals episode last week. Well, good news since last week, y’all should have been working on that stuff. Right. So now you can send us in what your goals are. We

want to cheer for you. Yeah, awesome. We’ll all be each other’s accountability partners.

You know, I’m have to fill out that sheet. Yeah, the goal setting sheet and I’m nervous about it.

Please don’t be nervous. I’m going to do it. I think you should. I think everyone should. I think it’s very eye opening.

Well, our toast today is to the two people that actually requested this episode. We had multiple people request the episode but these two people wrote in and we’re very intentional about following up that we would do this. I needed this.

I hope we’ve met their expectations. I hope so. Okay, well, we

have a lot of good resources. Yeah, for sure. Okay, all right. So we have Nikki southern from California who Yeah, that’s exciting. And diamond white from Baton Rouge love it

and you got to go on a coffee date with diamond I got to

go so diamond asked me to go to coffee like the week my daughter was due right she didn’t know Oh, yeah. And I just said, I can’t. I just felt horrible. And I didn’t follow up with it. And now it’s been almost three years. And she reached out to me. It was like, they remember that coffee. And I was like, I’m so glad that you did. And we had the best coffee day. And now she has a little baby love it. And so we’ve kind of swapped places. Oh, right. Yeah. And it was so good. Good. And you could just tell when I met her for coffee, like she was overwhelmed at how much she felt like she needed to be doing. And by the end of it, it’s like, there’s not that much that you need to be doing. You just need to be doing something consistently. And it was like a breath of fresh air. You could see her loosen up in the 45 minutes that we were together. Yes. Good. So cheers to Nikki. Yeah, cheers to diamond. Cheers there six

diamond. Yay. Cheers. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle homely podcast. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode, topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. Don’t forget to send in your wins. See you next week.

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