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By 2022 the number of Realtors peaked at over 1.6 million. In 2023 nearly 32,000 agents left the field. As the market has shifted and in some ways stalled out, many agents are looking to supplement their real estate earnings before they call it quits. In this chat we give you a huge list of potential side hustles that won’t pull your focus away from your real estate work, but will compliment it.

The popularity of real estate careers can be attributed to flexibility, the love of houses or people, and oftentimes the ability to work part time. Many agents get their footing by easing into their real estate career while working part time and maintaining another job. In this episode we talk about the difference between working part time and full time as an agent and how to avoid possible problems and mindset pitfalls.

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Is it going to be a side hustle or side hassle? I’ve cleaned out many of my friends and family’s refrigerators. Yeah.

Wait a minute.

You’re onto something loving this

a loving it. I did that for free. Nobody ever paid. What’s not really a side hustle? Why is it low with my house is the bed you’re wrong? Hi, y’all

welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alisa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hey, Katie. Welcome. It’s episode 198. And today, we’re talking about real estate specific side hustles. And the difference between being full time and part time in your business.

Okay, great.

Great. Are you so excited?

I’m so excited.

You have been scrolling away from the posts. You were reading off of a Facebook group? Yeah. And before you started that, we had typed out a extensive list of side hustles. So here’s the good news, everyone. There’s no shortage of things you can do to make money, whether they are closely related to real estate or real estate adjacent. I would like to start off by saying, as the market has soften, gotten a little more challenging. We’ve had so many new agents flood into the profession. It’s there’s going to be people who aren’t making money.

Yes, we’ve been getting some emails from those that are struggling.

And a lot of people need to make some some things some money, right. So I just want everyone to know that this is meant to be helpful. Yeah, maybe a good way to spark an idea of something you can do in a slow season to help you get, you know, a little bit of money coming in. Remember, at the peak in 2022, there were 1.6 million realtors in the United States. Okay. Already in 2023, we have lost 32,000. Wow. So we’re on the down like people are going to start falling out of the business. But we don’t want that to be you. So if there’s a way that maybe a side hustle can get you through a season, I think that’s what my hope is, is that we can give you an idea of how to make a little cash and keep working at your business and know get through it.

Yeah. And when we were brainstorming some of these ideas and doing some research, we wanted to keep it to where it could still maybe even benefit your real estate business.

All right. I think we’ve said this on the podcast many times, but what you focus on grows. So if you become like overly invested in a side hustle that is far from real estate, let’s just say you’re selling cars. I don’t know. Like right or, or selling any you’re working at a shoe store. I don’t know, if it’s nowhere near real estate, the more time you spend in that the more time you will spend in that. Correct. So you’re not going to be like, Oh, you want to be a realtor that does something. Real Estate.

Yeah. Right. We also talked about, is it going to be a side hustle or side hassle?

It might be a side hustle, right? Don’t invest in something that has a lot of upfront cost that is going to require you to go to a bunch of monthly meetings, like we’re not looking to get another job. No, certainly not another full time job that we’re looking for a small part time gig or something that is actually like, you know, they call it now the gig economy. A lot of like, I guess millennials and younger will do like a job at like, just like being an Uber driver, right? Yeah. Like I don’t know that I would recommend being an Uber driver as your side hustle to real estate. Yes, it is a cash injection but it is not real estate adjacent. You could do it at nighttime now. You could, but it might become a side hustle, right?

It could because then you’re too sleepy in the day to do real estate.

quickly become a side hustle. At the mind. main note that I wanted to say before we go through all the list is that you don’t want to let your side gig become your main gig, your main focus and the only thing that you talk about, let’s just say you decided you were going to I don’t know sell a supplement. Okay, okay. I don’t recommend that because it’s not real estate adjacent but let’s say is what you’re doing okay. And then you post all of your post on social media and every time you talk to someone, it’s all about this supplement, you’re so excited that you’re selling the supplement, who’s going to remember that you sell real estate? Right? They’re not.

So I had an agent in our marketplace who had started selling something similar. Let’s call it a supplement. Okay, and someone messaged me on the side and was like, are they struggling in real estate? That’s exactly the vibe we do not want to give out correct? Because then they’re like, Okay, they’re there. They’re on their way out,

right? Or maybe they’re not good enough to make it. And so I don’t want to use an agent. That’s not good enough to make it right. As a consumer, this is what we’re thinking.

And it was a consumer that messaged me. Yeah. So it’s like,

you really have to be careful what messages you’re putting out there.

And I never even thought that just because I knew their truth, right? You weren’t worried about but then hearing from like a neutral third party like, oh, wait, that’s what they thought. That’s what they instantly went to.

Because you’re a business. And everything you do is advertising your business, you have to look at your overall, how the world sees you. And that could be in a social media post. But it could also be how do you talk to people when you see them? If they’re like, how are you doing? And you’re like, Oh, great. Let me tell you about this thing I’m selling and it’s not real estate, they’re not going to remember you sell real estate as your primary job. Right? Okay. Do you want to start the list? Or what are what are we going to do? Because it’s so long now?

I feel like we should start the list. Okay, let’s go.

Real Estate adjacent. Very close, that could also become a part of your real estate business, I think would be a good place to start. Okay. So property management, whether it’s a rental Airbnb style, you know, just man doing property management is a lot of agents who are full time and producing, don’t want to do that, or don’t have the time to do that. If they’re doing a lot of sales transactions, that’s a great place to start that you could leave in your business, right? Or you could take rental leads from other agents in your office who don’t want to work a rental lead or take a rental listing, I mean, so I think all of that would be around your property management. The next one’s my favorite staging, either be a stager or do a staging console. If you don’t have the startup funds to go get furniture and fully staged a vacant house? Obviously not. But why couldn’t you? If that’s in your skill set, offer staging consults to other agents who have listings, oh, I’ll come in or even send me pictures. And I’ll give a staging console via email cheap 100 bucks. Well,

we have an agent in our office that has been super helpful with staging consults. And if you’re an agent that feels uncomfortable telling sellers what to do to get their house ready, right? Or you know, you don’t have an eye for it. She actually said she is hired more by male agents. That makes sense because they were like, I don’t know. Like I don’t I don’t know. It looks fine. How do I know to fluff the pillow right? And so she goes and for $175 walks through and suggests what to do I’m commitment

or just per house. It’s 170 baht per house. Okay, so my like our concept professional stager that I used a lot in the past would do a staging consult. I don’t know if this is still her price, but it was a two hour consult for $250.02 hours is a long time. Yeah, you’re really getting into the nitty gritty. Like you’re you’re really like paint color, maybe where exactly to move the furniture. It’s not like a breeze by it’s very specific. Okay, staging, so Property Management staging, I think next would be any type of assisting to another agent. So an assistant, a showing agent, any kind of admin, like in your office, right? Where you’re especially if you’re new, you’d be learning.

Right? So when our office got their new technology platform a few years ago, I mean, a lot of the agents in the office were struggling with it. Yeah, I helped a few. But eventually, the office had to hire someone to say, Okay, let’s sit down individually and get all your people set up and but setting up a new system or in putting people into a database, right? Anything

computer work? Yeah, I love that. I think that a lot of admins, this makes me laugh at our office. Historically, they always even if they start out as just an admin, just a receptionist, just whatever, office assistant, they always end up with their license, because they’re like, Well, this looks like fun or look at these checks coming through. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I just think that’s funny.

Well, then they’re around it and they see it and they’re wrapping up on how we talk and what things happen and certain scenarios that come up. Yeah, so it just kind of falls into place. But it goes to show because you were in that environment that environment expanded, right? You didn’t you did more of that real estate entire try not to leave I think We have that on the list being a front desk. Yeah. worker at your office. Yeah, being the one that answers the phone, or if someone’s dropping off a deposit check to do what you have to do with it. Just being able to learn the questions that people ask on the phone. Yeah, you know, right,

you’ll become comfortable. I love that. Oh, back to the staging. Ish. Just design in general. So what about for new homeowners who were like, I don’t know where to put my furniture. I don’t know where to hang these paintings. I don’t want to hang up these curtains. There’s a lot of things associated with moving, that I think are design related and would be fun and an easy way to make you know, a few bucks pretty quick.

I love to clean out refrigerators who you I do?

Well, you could offer that people would totally pay. Well, now

it just wouldn’t be a smart time move. You know?

You’re right. But like any someone else who wants to clean out or you think you’re the only one?

I’ve cleaned out many of my friends and family’s refrigerators. Yeah.

Okay, that’s a good one, though. Okay, but you know what that goes along with home organizing. Okay. Yeah, I think home organizing is a great side hustle for a real estate agent. You are going to be in homes that are either maybe they are about to move, or just moved. Maybe they will move in the future because they realized they don’t have enough room for all their stuff. But home organizing is a great one.

You could just be the pantry person. Yeah, all you do is pantries you’re the refrigerator or organize your Tupperware drawer. Yeah, something that would just be helpful. You got that card in the mail here recently of the new side hustle that I thought was so cool. I mean, it was a real business it was a real business it yes, it wasn’t a side hustle. But what we

know of I don’t know that guy could have been an engineer for all we yeah, all they

do is they come to your house and clean your patio furniture cushions and your grill.

It was a nice it wasn’t like a wheel pressure washer house. You get those all the time. This was the patio cushions and the grill. like wait a minute, you’re onto something loving this a loving it. And they just sent like an EDDM like an Every Door Direct Mail. So they picked a mail route and sent it to like maybe they wanted to work in the same area. Who sent it to a whole mail route. Brilliant. It was a really smart idea. Okay, so you could start any type of side hustle with a one Mahler situation if you hit it seasonally, right? Like when people need their flowerbeds cleaned out,

or we see so many during Christmas with alcom decorate your Christmas tree right? Hang

your life,

I’ll make you a reef.

There are so many so so many. Okay, let’s go back to in the real estate process. If you’re good at being if you not are good at being if you are a photographer, you could also do real estate photos. You could do photo editing, if people needed that you could take people’s photos and make them into social media content for them, you know anything in the photo realm and then I had also videographer. So maybe they want you want to walk through you know, take videos of listings or whatever, you know, video, realtor headshots, realtor headshots would be good. Or branding photos. Yes, there’s a lot of photography being done in real estate, you

could even reach out to some of the builders and see if you could use some of their model home. Yes, for some branding photo shoot rice.

And if you and I dress for like a portfolio of tires that you can contact a builder and be like, Hey, can I shoot a video of your new house for free? I’ll give it to you. I’m just trying to get some content for my

website was yeah, that’s whatever.

Okay, I also had in that vein, social media manager. So there are some agents who are great at this. They do their social media, they have extra time, they run the social media of maybe another business or maybe another agent. So content creation, social media manager.

We have a few agents in our marketplace that teach, you know, their social media classes. But what I like about that is that everybody has a different strategy. So even if you took all of their classes, yeah, they’re all so different. Right? So whenever I was looking at some of the national realtor Facebook groups, I was surprised and we even have an agent in our market who did this, but I just didn’t realize how many people did it nationwide created a vendor platform, kind of like an Angie’s List or their own their own for their specific city. Their specific

marketing you make money off of that

the vendors pay to be on to be on the list like a monthly fee to be on the list. But they there were so many people that have created some sort of website or app or planner, or CRM or something that they created that works for them they were using in there that they were using that they just made for themselves. That’s it. So they started selling it,

you could look at your whole business and be like, What do I use and love that I created myself? What can I say? There’s a there’s an agent in our market that does closing gifts like, and at Christmas, they do like ornaments that are like, established 2022. And it’d be like a house ornament with a date and it’s you can buy it for all your buyers from that year. And they sell out. Yeah, they sell out. That maybe goes into this one like an ala carte services situation. So maybe it’s like making fliers or putting out signs and lock boxes or going to a termite inspection, measuring rooms, room dimensions, completing MLS sheets, closing gift prep like photo books, like if you wanted someone to order your photo book or do a basket or handwrite letters for your you know, sphere or stuff envelopes or spruce up your top 10 list or listing info or you know, or or well

like with Canva you could make the cutest little ala carte menu of services that you would offer to realtors while you’re just off newer your office

to your own office. Start with be like, Hey, y’all, I have some extra time. These are the services I’m offering right now. Right? Like it doesn’t have to be like this big embarrassing thing where we’re going to advertise it at the Board of Realtors for everyone to see. Oh, well, Katy must not be getting any real estate clients because she’s doing random ala carte service. I

don’t say anytime we have a new agent that’s going around saying hey, let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. You always have something Well, I’ve always like whenever I need to refer something to someone. I’m like that person was there. Yeah. Looking to do that. They want to work. Oh, right. When you have they weren’t in the line. Yeah, if I have like a lease that I don’t want to handle or a new lead that I don’t know at all. I can say you know what? That person was working really hard.

I’ll send them this. Oh, yeah. Right. That’s why you want to keep your side hustle real estate adjacent. Or exactly real estate. What about other skills? You might have like graphic design, or description writing we had? Oh, yeah, but like copywriting so I don’t know if AI will replace you. Because I’m not gonna lie. I sure did do a description the other day with the chat GPT. It was good. It was so good. Now I did inform it very well. You did. You gave it a lot of the whole top 10 list, but it made a bit low sound a great point being if you’re good at graphic design, copywriting those are all services that you could offer to other agents. Okay. Do you have anything pet sitting? I did not have that. I don’t know. I mean, I guess you’re at somebody’s home. Yeah.

And then it’s something that you can do like on your lunch break. You go let the dogs out? Yeah. It’s not like

something that people are always looking for. Yes. It would be so easy. You could pet set up a storm in my neighborhood. They’re always looking. Okay.

Especially if you focus on your area, your neighborhood,

right to where you’re like, here in the neighborhood.

There’s a realtor in New Orleans who rescues dogs from shelters. And he uses them a lot in his marketing, and in his photos and on his social media. But he gets a lot of business from the work. I mean, it’s it’s volunteer work, volunteer, right. But you could find something like that, where if you were making money as a pet sitter, you could still use Yeah, a lot of that as kind of like a co branding as something that you’re passionate about.

I think so it’s probably a little easier to get taken seriously. If it’s a volunteer gig more than a side hustle gig, but there is a way to marry it, I’m sure yeah. Okay, virtual assistant would kind of go into the line of, you know, admin assistant, but there are people who are simply virtual assistants and that opens up the whole world to you. Yeah, you don’t have to find an agent in your office that needs help. It could be anyone, anywhere around the country. There are lots of people in our market and other markets that do virtual assistants that are specifically TCS, so transaction coordinators, and that would be a great learning experience.

Yeah, you would learn a lot from doing that. Especially as

here’s one that is super real estate related house measuring.

Oh, yeah, we so someone recently just made the cutest flyer. And it was kind of like a ala carte measuring, they could do a whole the whole thing. They could give you just the living area. They could give you just the total they could draw the floor plan or you know how like, you get an appraisal and there’s no walls. They could do the whole thing with room measurements. It was like what do you want? How do you want me to measure that for you? Yeah.

Do you remember any of the prices? So I think

that the whole house measuring ticket like living and total was $125. And then it was an extra $25. If you wanted all the room dimensions in that it wasn’t bad. And then we had someone that offered sort of like a listing package. So they would go take your photos, they were a photographer, okay? And do your MLS input sheet. Okay, now in my office, we have a sheet, right? And then the staff can put it in, but you know, instead of just inputting the listing online, okay, so and then that would include all the information you needed the tax information that you have to look up the parcel numbers, the interior dimension, everything that you would need on the input sheet like that. So it was basically the photos and the input. She all the legwork all the legwork, and that was like $300 Yeah. So but then it’s like, you’re done,

right? I mean, it depends on what your time is worth.

And how long was that? And you could add, like, if you wanted to walk through this, what if you were just out of town? They could do all that. That’d be right. $300? Yeah, it was like a one time thing, because you

weren’t having to refer out the business completely. So helpful. Yeah. Oh, I like that one. Hey, Alyssa. Hey, Katie, what do we mention almost every episode, email template, you’re right, we sure do. And after every time, we mentioned an email template, do you know what we get

emails asking if they can have copies of the email template, send me

a copy of that template I ever had would like that. That sounds great. And you know what the good news is, you can get all of our email templates from our course, email templates, one on one, tell the people about it,

our course has all of the email templates you would need to send to your buyers and your sellers and your clients that are buying and selling at the same time. Exactly. To get through every step of the transaction and giving them information that they need for where they are in the transaction. It’s great, because you never forget to tell them something. Yeah. So we’ve already done all the work for you. Yeah, we wrote them. And you can personalize them. Yes. And just feel organized, knowing that you have all the information where it needs to be. And

if you purchase email templates, 101, you do get lifetime access. So occasionally, we like to go in and make updates based on the market or if we find a new best practice. So we put that right into the template and you get that updated straightaway.

It just goes straight to your core. Yes.

It’s already there. It’s just already in there. You don’t have to worry about it. Well, email will say updated.

That’s great. Where can they find these email templates? You

can find the email templates at email templates with an S one Oh, one.com email templates. One Oh, one.com. Yes. Head over for reviews and all of the specifics. Wonderful. Okay, enjoy. Okay, you already did the setting up tech for tech, tired Tech Challenge agents? We did transaction management. That’s pretty common. How about like around the house handyman? I think we’ve had several come through our office that were handy. Men, and realtors. And they would do like, give us your whole inspection. And we’ll tell you like what it would cost to get all these things done. So there’s a lot of space for and your clients need a handyman before they sell after they buy during inspection. There’s a lot of opportunity there. You would probably be so busy as a handyman. You you so busy. You’d have to be careful that that became your full time job. Oh, yeah. Because it’d be easy. But I mean, you can be super niche too. I hang blinds.

Yes, that’s it.

I hang art.

I know someone that’s a picture hanger. There you go. That’s all they do. They measure they make sure it is a nice clean hole. It is where it should be the first time it’s all they do.

That’s it. Oh, so good. Okay, house cleaner. You told me to mention.

Oh, yeah, yeah, we have two agents that Okay, so one agent in our in, in my company, but not in my city. So before she was a realtor, she cleaned houses and she had for her whole life and, you know, have felt like she was kind of at the most that she could do and wanted to do more for her family. And so she got her real estate license and was telling her clients as she was exiting the business, but that’s where a lot of them came from love that and I thought that was so interesting. Yeah. And then I had a few years ago, I had an agent friend messaged me and say she was kind of struggling she was a single mom. She was like if you ever have a listing that you need cleaned, you know, after they move out or something like that, or before they move in like please let me know i’ll do a move in move out clean.

I love that. Yeah, I thought that was good. Yeah, cuz you can meaning to like a weekly cleaning for the same person, right? It’s a side house or a specific purpose. You could turn it on just like your Uber. I’m on the clock. I’m not like, Okay, I like that. What about runner? Oh, yeah,

you know, just here,

gotta get things where they gotta go. Right? And then I had CMAs for money. Like, there are people who need CMAs on the regular lenders who do a lot of reef eyes, which I know aren’t very popular right now. But they’ll come back. The general public, sometimes they just want to know how much their house is worth. But they don’t plan to sell it. Maybe they need to know it for some other reason. What about like a divorce attorney, they need to see amaze all the time successions? Yeah, so Exactly. So there’s all these people in the community who need marquee reports, and it might be easy to get, you know, a one title one attorney like one divorce attorney who’s like, oh, sure, I’ll throw you 25 bucks per hour, I’m gonna need three a week or whatever, you know,

it could also be a good time to look into seeing what you need to do to be certified to list foreclosures for certain banks and things like that, like getting some extra certifications that would allow you to do some things while you’re getting started.

Yeah, that makes sense. What about doing those awful VMAs for agents who do a lot of RELO they’re terrible. But you know what? I paid someone to do mine for me. Oh, yeah. Good money. Yes. Real good money. Because I didn’t want to do that ever again. And you don’t have a choice, right? That was my client from before. They were RELO. I had to do it. It wasn’t like optional, or you just lose

them altogether.

Yeah. Okay. What about do we find out what a property tax appeal is? No. In a lot of these lists, we found property tax appeal. It came up several times. So y’all if you know what it is Google, do that. I don’t know what that is. Okay, and then here’s one that kind of goes with what are you doing in your business? Maybe How can you share, sell that sell templates, like on Etsy? So maybe it’s a home prep checklist? Maybe it’s like, get ready for showings, maybe it’s a my weekly check, whatever. I don’t know. They sell print anything. Everything on Etsy, it literally could be open house sign ins. It could be birthday party shenanigans, anything. Literally anything. packing lists for this place. That place how to prep for your home before you list? Yeah. Okay. We also had all the lists, said remote notary. That came

up a good day. Yeah, I mean, getting your notary license.

I think your license in Louisiana is not the easiest thing. No, I guess you could get it and then you charge per right? transact. It would be an adjacent. Yes, it would be a gig that would be like in the real estate field. But remote notary and then this one was funny to me exam tutoring. So people who are getting into the business like if you just finished and you had

or like yeah, I flashcards Yeah, whatever. A flashcard

some exam tutoring that was on the list. Did you ever have a side hustle while you were in real estate?

Just bartending in the beginning? Yeah, until I let it go.

Okay. And what about cleaning out people’s emails?

I did that for free. Nobody ever paid.

What’s not really a side hustle. They will never come to me and as their fridges in the emails. I just love to do a yeah, you probably could have charged for I know, you probably could have

four kids I had all the time in the world and was just doing all these things for free. I have

the weirdest side hustle story. Oh, this was not while I was in real estate. But here’s a weird thing. When I was in college, I had a part time job in a accounting office of a commercial real estate office. Oh, so it was a commercial real estate office. They rented office space and owned and rented office space. And I worked in the accounting department like balancing a bajillion bank statements every month. It was mind numbing, but they had a interior designer on staff that was in the office next door to me, who did all the space planning for you know, when you get office space, they have to reconfigure it all the time. Right. So she did a lot of renovating office spaces as they released out. She hated paying her she was a single mom. She hated paying her own bills. She paid me what like 50 bucks a month to literally take her stack of bills, y’all. It was 2000 not even it was 1998 Probably 9095 Actually, she would give me her paper bills and her checkbook, she would sign a bunch of checks. Actually, she would even sign them. I would write in the who was to how much what it was for paper, clip it to the paper bill, she would sign it, I would mail it. Oh, wow. I did her accounts payable for her personal life. This is so funny. And I was like, Sure, I don’t mind. This was a great like little cash for me.

Now, back in the beginning, when I was first getting my real estate license, I had my appraisers license first, okay, I was helping my dad after it because his dad my grandpa had passed away and they were business partner, right. Okay, so I had gotten my real estate license, or my appraisers license to help him okay, but I just hated it. I just I wasn’t, you know, you have to be so detail oriented and really have that sort of engineer measuring. Yeah, VMAs it just wasn’t my thing. But I learned a lot and I did it until I didn’t anymore and became a realtor full time dad Don’t make me I don’t want to do it. But it was nice because the CEE usually counted for both. Usually they overlap. How long

did you have your appraisers license? Two years? That’s not very long. No, because Don’t you have to apprentice for like three years? Yeah,

I was still in that stage. Yeah. Like, obviously, we’re a helper. We don’t need to do this anymore. Yeah, this is not my future,

right? You’re like, what? How did you do this? Over and over and over and over and over again, over and over? It’s a thankless job

it is. And you don’t really talk to people. You’re on the computer always. Have you talked to him as when they’re mad? Yeah. Why is it low? What’s wrong with three? My house is the bed. You’re wrong?

Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I’m trying to picture like any agents that I know who like have a good side hustle gig. But you know, the funny thing when I was reading this other article was like, you may find that your side hustle does get you excited does become the thing that you spend all your time doing. Maybe it would be like, for instance, my broker is a realtor, right? She had a brokerage to be a realtor. But she also loved design. And she added in the design part of her business. And now she has so much design business that she doesn’t really sell a lot of real estate because her side hustle became like her the main hustle, right? Yeah. Or they’re just so well married that you could do both seamlessly. Right? Like you could easily be a stager and a realtor at the same time. Right. You know, it’s not hard.

You know, when I had was get certified to teach CEE. Oh, do they pay that sometimes? I would do. Yeah.

Do they pay you for they do. Okay, well, then I like that.

Yeah. And then you’re staying sharp on your education. And kinda like how I said before the podcast kind of motivates me to keep my skills sharp. Like, same thing with C.

Yeah, that makes sense. Any other side? hustles? Yes. Oh, let me hear him.

Professional mermaid. It was in the list. There is a girl to write it down.

Where is she in Florida?

Texas. Why? Why? Yeah, she’s in Texas. And she’s a professional mermaid.


I give kids birthday parties?

Alright, this is not real estate adjacent. Except unless you’re selling the see. It’s

not but but it was in the realtors group. So I had to write it down because I thought, Okay, any others? Someone said that they DJ. And they have gotten so many contacts from that.

I can’t even say it out loud. There was a very prominent agent in our market, who was a DJ and so every time like that correlation comes up, I think of his DJ name, and it just makes me

flat. You’ll have to tell me after after

me. Okay, but you could DJ you could DJ

I mean, if it puts you in front of a lot of people where they’re having fun, right, you could do event

planning. Yeah. Or any kind of like, personal shopping. Well,

I found that when I was bartending unless they were just really snooty and didn’t want a realtor that was also bartending what happened. You know, people wanted a full time agent, but people were so relaxed and they’re having fun and they’re being nice. I’ve

got clients I did yeah, I did. You would get your barista clients now. Yes, I would become a barista. I’m a few weeks ago. Yeah. Or maybe it hasn’t come out yet. Either way, yeah, it’s coming. It’s now I think they’ve heard it, but you would be a barista. Meet the people.

There’s just so many things that you could do if you were struggling that would keep you as a reputable agent.

So you really your reputation during this break phase is very Very important, I would say so. And just because you are measuring houses for money or being a runner or a handyman, doesn’t mean that you have to put that out into the world in any other way other than telling a few people who are going to use you.

Yeah, maybe just target like 10 very busy agents saying no, like, you

just start. Yes, start somewhere. But you really a service is the best way to do something and make quick money that you don’t have startup costs for, right? Because you already have all the costs of being an agent already on your shoulders. So we don’t want to add more costs.

I think the biggest thing too, is to really look at how much money would this make me? Yeah, like, Don’t get distracted by the dollars, when you could be making 1000s of dollars. Right? Right. What did you say? Don’t trip

over $1 to pick up a dime? Yes, yeah. Don’t ignore your real estate business so that you can go clean a house for 100 bucks, correct? That would be a bad choice.

Like maybe if you took a certain amount of time and hand wrote cards or write

off, you know, are you using the equivalent amount of time to grow your real estate business?

Yes, because that’s where the real money is. These are just things that if you were on the verge of having to get out of the business, these are things that could maybe motivate you and save you and get you by until you got your first couple closings. We one of my favorite episodes that we’ve ever recorded is called What to do when you’re new or slow. Yeah, it is so full of ideas. Like if you’re trying to get your real estate business going, Yeah, jumpstart jumpstart right there. So that would be a good one to go back and listen to right now.

I think so. I’ve read the list is very long. I’m happy to share it. But it was eye opening to see how many things you could do that still had to do with houses, real estate, you know, business that we’re not way out in left field, you know, still could keep you in the mindset of real estate. Yeah, because that’s really the key here. You have to stay in that frame of mind. But we didn’t really talk about full time versus part time. No, we did. Is there anything specific you want to say about that? We had

a situation in our market a few years ago, where there was a part time realtor that was also a nurse. Okay, and worked 12 hour shifts, okay. And they missed a contract that came in while they were on their shift. Okay. And it expired. Okay. And they called their seller and delivered it. And then when they called them back, they had moved on. Yeah. And the sellers sued their agent. Oh, because the house had been on the market for a minute. Oh, no. And the buyers just thought, well, I guess they’re not interested. No wonder they’ve been on the market so long. And so I think that the reason that it’s important to be part time goes, um, it important to be full time goes back to, are we conducting ourselves in a professional manner? Are you available to handle the deadlines that the industry has to offer? Because we always say, our goal is to bring professionalism back to the realtor brand. We deserve respect in our industry in respect for how we but if we’re not conducting ourselves in a business way?

Well, it seems like you’re not taking your business seriously. So why should anyone else? And the problem is that I think, sometimes part time agents, I can understand why they get a little defensive, like, until you have the money in the income. If you need the money, you just can’t. Not everyone has the ability to just jump into it. Right? Sure. So it is a tricky time to navigate. But you better make all of your clients and the other agents that you’re working with, if you’re part time feel like this is your primary focus.

Yes, they don’t need to know, right? Oh, I

can’t. Because a lot of times what I find is the ones that I’ve encountered in transactions. They seem annoyed that I that I need things like I cannot do that until after five like I have a job and this is my job. So you’re slowing me down. Yeah, I don’t want to communicate about this after five.

Right when you’re with your family. No, thank

you. It. This is a this is a career this is a real business. This is should be your focus. I don’t think that you should. I don’t think it’s wise for anyone to go into real estate saying I’m going to be part time forever.

Right? Like the goal would be to get there. Right? The goal should

be yes, I have to be part time or maybe I have to do a side hustle or maybe I need to do these other things. But my goal and my desire is to be a professional full time agent. Yes, that would be my hope for everyone. You know, a lot of people get there. They dabble Real Estate is not a place to dabble.

There’s too many There’s big money being exchanged

so many legal ramifications. So many. I don’t I don’t think that people who want to dabble realize that they could be sued if they do it wrong,

right? Oh, yes. And I think the reason people feel like they can dabble is because it is so easy to get your license. Yes. So if you want to get your license in a few weeks and dabble, but what we see happening is they they dabble they make a mess. And then they leave the industry. And then we’re here picking up the pieces being like, No, we are credible people,

right? I take this very seriously. Yeah, I’m sorry, Joe Smith did not write very seriously, right. I know it’s a lot to navigate, I do think there’s a time and place to be part time. And hopefully, the goal is always to be full time. And then no matter if you’re part time or full time, the goal would be to treat it like a business. Correct. So that has to require some of your focus. And

if you’re wondering why you’re not at a certain level, you have to ask yourself, How am I spending my time? Am I networking? Do I have my database up to date? Am I working the database? Am I being intentional? With how I’m reaching out to people go listen to what to do when you’re new or slow? I feel like I could give all the advice. Yeah, that’s the one how to get started. But right. There’s so much that you could do Yeah,

I just I don’t want people to get discouraged. I know this is a difficult time. If you’re new. And you’re like, wait a minute, this is hard. Not that it’s going to be easy. Well, first of all, no, it was never going to be easy. But markets do shift and change. And I promise you there are a lot of agents that got in and 21 and 22. Who were like, well, this is easy, right? Businesses just come in to me. Everyone’s buying a house. Everyone’s selling a house. Everything’s fine. Now it’s like crickets. And then, you know, we just gotta like tread water. Yeah, till it changes. But stay focused. Stay vigilant. It Yourself a side hustle. If you need to remember your main focus is always being a real estate. Don’t

get distracted with all the little things.

No. Oh, okay. Anything else on the side? Hustle front? That’s all I got. Okay, great. Um, one of the ones I saw that I didn’t really get was real estate investment. I’m like, if you’re light on cash, I don’t know how this is going to work. But I think they were like, start out as a wholesaler or buy a partial stake in a flip or a long term investment property again, these all need money. So for maybe wholesaling, which I know Yeah, I know. That’s a lot. But it is a way to do. Yeah, something.

There were some hustles mentioned that required you to be financially wealthy.

Yeah, I don’t get it. Why did I wait? Why? Yeah, that’s just cuz I’m bored. Right. I guess that’s for people who were side hustling out of boredom. I don’t know. Okay, that’s it. Are you ready for toast?

Yeah, don’t let your side hustle become your side. Hustle. That’s right.

I love that. Okay, today’s toast comes to us from Caitlin Cohen in Wilmington, Delaware. I don’t know that we’ve ever had a listener in Delaware where that’s fun. I know. She wants to toast to the Rosie Oh team, particularly Amber Gar neski. I met Amber a year and a half ago at our daughter’s gymnastic class. Love those. I started studying for my license and immediately knew she was someone I wanted to work with and learn from from her positive attitude and charismatic personality to her demonstrated success in the industry. She made real estate seem less intimidating. She introduced me to Kristen what how did I say? Rosie Rosario Rosario oh I’m sorry Rosario, okay. And her team as I was getting ready to take my test a few months ago, and it was not a hard decision to join them. The team is going through some big changes and shifting direction with our brokerage and between these changes and the shifting market. I am so grateful to these ladies and the rest of the team for their guidance. They handle everything with such grace and confidence which eases my mind is a new agent. Love it. I love that. So thank you so much to Caitlin. Cheers to Amber and the entire rose IO team. Love that. Love it. Cheers

everyone. Cheers, everyone.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

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