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You got your license and dipped your toe in the real estate pool at first, but now you’ve jumped in the deep end and decided to go full time! Before you start to drown we are throwing you a little life preserver with this episode. Whether you just went full time in your real estate career or are trying to decide if it’s time to make the leap, we are going to give you tips to make that transition a success! Let’s plan your ideal week and month including what to do to get in the right mindset for real estate. We are sharing strategies for how you will get business and giving you tips for getting people you know in real estate conversations without the ick, of course. From database to social media to systems and processes this is a goodie, so kick off your slippers and put on some real shoes; it’s time to go to work!

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It’s not like you’re saying I can never work for someone else again. You just go back. Motion would be putting on your slippers and pretending like you’re gonna go into your office but watching Netflix selling sunset because it’s about real estate.

Well, it’s like logging your food. You’re like I’m not gonna eat this receipt peanut butter, because I don’t want to put it on the list is the poker in it, I could put my poker in the fire. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcast is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing

yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hi, Katie. How are you today? Just great. Wonderful. It’s episode number 204. Your full time, full time full time. Now what? What’s gonna happen now? I’ll say this episode airs on July 3. So I think it’s ironic to have an episode about being full time when clearly people are on vacation. Yeah.

But it’s also time to declare your independence. Yeah.

Oh. You figured it out. Perfect. From corporate America. That’s right. Hey, independent go full time. Do you want to tell us what inspired the episode?

Yeah. So in our community, in the hustle humbly community, we had one of our members last year comment that they had just gotten laid off from their full time job. So this was kind of a forced, okay. And in some ways, I think this is best, right? Sort of like, I don’t know, if you remember, I was bartending and working events, trying to be full time. Set a goal for savings and kind of had to cut it short. When you got a client. Yes, I had a client that realized, well, he was at an event that I was bartending and was very turned off. That his realtor, right was not new. I was moonlighting as a bartender. Yeah. And I was like, Well, if you would buy a house, I wouldn’t have to bartend anymore.

Me. It’s like a chicken and egg situation.

So I took the plunge at that time a little bit before I was ready. Right. And it was scary, of course. And so in this message that we got, it just made me think of how yeah, sometimes people are forced into being full time. And sometimes it

suddenly forced by how miserable I was. And my full time job. I was like, I can’t do this anymore.

Right. Okay, carry on. Okay, so he had been an agent for two years. Okay. Not full time. Right. That’s a long time. That’s a pretty long, I think it was time Yeah, to make it happen. And he had been planning on doing it, you know, you you always plan on doing it. So he was in the group asking for advice and words of encouragement,

because he had been pushed out of the nest, when he was like, helped me fly,

go fly. And it was just so much good commentary. Good advice. Also, just an episode that we thought would be good for anybody else that is yeah, now full time. We have a few other episodes on preparing to be full time. And we know certain things you can do when you’re new, to write down. Yeah, so

what to do when you’re new or slow is episode 17. This was one of our favorites. And then we revisit the topic. And it’s what to do when you don’t know what to do, which is 135. I will say that I’m trying to be mindful to keep the lens of sometimes when you go full time, in that case, like the message probably isn’t super busy. Sometimes when you go full time. It’s because you’ve acquired so much real estate business that you’re like, Well, I don’t I don’t need the other job. I’m too busy in real estate I’ve got so I think we’re gonna give a lot of advice if you’re going full time and you’re not slam busy but but I’m going to try and also bring back in the fact that maybe you’re going full time because you are busy. Like maybe it is, uh, I have so much business that I’m ready. But I think most of us do it. City, right? Like we gotta we gotta put we gotta go all in on this. Right? Right. Because that is I think a lot of this is a mindset thing. If you don’t feel like this is your main gig, if you don’t like look at it that way, then you kind of don’t fully commit and you can do it halfway and be really successful and consistent is I think the most important thing. So that’s kind of how we’re gonna frame this one. I have lots of great ideas of things you should do. Okay, great or could do. Yeah, because you’re gonna have a lot of time.

You are going to have a lot of time and one of The biggest things that I wrote down was that you are in charge of your time, right? There is no boss, no calling you to say, Hey, are you at the office? You should no, we’re where are you? Are you taking time off, or you’re getting your hair done in the middle of the day like, you are held accountable, right for your time.

Yeah, for your own time, it is up to you. It’s so funny, because that’s the first thing I put on my things you should do now. Oh, good plan, your ideal week and your ideal month. And if you’ve ever listened to our time management episodes with Anna kornek, she has a great podcast called, it’s about time, she is the one who teaches all about your ideal week. Obviously, we understand that real estate is flexible and cyclical. And it’s not the same every week. But I do think you need to sit down with yourself and say, Okay, now that I’m transitioning to this being my full time, so let’s just call it 40 hour week, probably won’t be every week, but let’s just call it that. What are you going to do with those 40 hours? Like you got to sit down and think these are the things I like to get done in the course of the week? Yeah. So I think getting out like a calendar and actually thinking that through like, what are your strategies going to be? Do you want to do an open house every other weekend? Do you want to commit to one like you did in the beginning? Every single weekend? Like, what are the things you’re putting on your calendar? The other thing I think you need to put on your calendar from the beginning, especially if you’re busy starting full time is your off day and your office day, like put them on there. So that you know every week I need an off day, I need an office day, maybe I want an open house. I don’t like what are you going to do during the week? Yeah, how would you schedule it? Or how did you schedule it when you went full time,

I can remember when I got back from my honeymoon, I was newly in real estate, not very busy route, newly married newly living with someone that had a pretty strict work schedule. And I remember feeling very inadequate for a minute there. Because now I am not living alone. And someone knows if you’re in your pajamas all day, yes. And I just felt like, okay, let’s say you have to figure this out. You have to plan better. And so what I did was I looked at, you know, my brokerage and looked at the calendar there and committed to the Monday Morning meeting every Monday and the Wednesday sales meeting. I was like if I can get to those two things every week, first thing in the morning. And it was so true. I felt like just after that I would just work in the office. And sometimes people would throw me a lead or I’d hear people talking and just putting myself in the environment energize me, and the business just started happening. What is the saying The harder I work, the luckier I get. Right, right. That’s how it felt for a minute there. And I can remember we had an agent in our office who was leaving, because of like her husband’s job or something. And she had like five listings that were not the greatest listings in the greatest areas. But because she was leaving, we had to reassign her five listings and my broker came to me and I was new. And she was like, you want to give it a shot and a huge boost five at one time, I think like three of them closed eventually with me. But just finding out when am I going to show up? I liked that there was some sort of meeting. If you’re in a company that maybe doesn’t do meetings, you likely do have a local board. Yeah. So looking at that calendar each week and saying what things am I going to do to get me out of the house on this day? Yeah, when you get up and you get dressed and you show up, things just happen,

right? I agree. That was my next that’s exactly what I put put yourself in real estate situations, at home, on your couch watching Netflix, no matter what show it is, is not a real estate situation. Right. And I think that going into your office is how I was successful as well. Like I went physically into the office and watched maybe that day, I literally had nothing to do and I’m listening to people make real estate calls. And I’m watching people do really be in a real estate environment. And that is going to help you to eventually things are going to fall in your lap or just having your mind be on that focus what you focus on grows. We said this a million times so you have to be in a real estate situation. So what about agent tours? Yeah, there. They are happening all the time. I mean, in our market, I assume in most markets and you don’t have to be it’s not just for your office. They come from, like go talk to some local title companies. They’re the ones who do usually sponsor their tour, get on their email list. You’ll know where their tours are. Go drive through neighborhoods. There’s so many ways to put yourself in real estate situations and a real estate mindset. I had sales meetings too, but you got that one. Go to the board and take the classes. There are other agents there. If you go to the board, you’re gonna see postings for other events be around other realtors, especially if you’re in a small office or an office that doesn’t have a physical office, right? Yeah, you got to get in front with some people, right? That are doing real estate.

One of our listeners commented, I wanted to read her comment on his post, and she said, when I started real estate, I kept my original full time job as a consultant, I made the switch to real estate because I was liking my other job less and less. And one day, I was like, That’s it,

I need to do this. It was the best decision I ever made. And once I was only doing real estate, everything just took off, I would definitely stick to the full time real estate schedule. And I was like, that is how I felt. Yeah, once I committed and started showing up. Yeah, things just happen. Oh, that’s a great point. Yes, I was full time from the very beginning. But that’s a joke. Because the first three months when I was at the original broker that didn’t work out. I didn’t, I went to the office a couple of times. And then I just got like, in my head, it wasn’t a fit, there were other things going on. And I didn’t do anything, right. Then when I went to the smaller office, and I showed up every morning at nine dressed and ready to do work. That’s when it took off. Right. So you have to put yourself in that

sort of like how we say, you know, it takes three years to really get established, and I start seeing the repeat and referral business. But the clock doesn’t start until you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. You’re

not really a full time agent until you work full time hours. So

you feel like your first three months, kind of like your clock hadn’t started yet. It did you were lighted into it. But you can’t say oh, you know, he’s giving it my all? No, it doesn’t. It takes three years of giving it your all to see what your business looks like, is this going to work out? Yeah, we had an agent in our office the other day, and she was saying, you know, I’ve joined all these things and nothing’s working. And I’m like, so when you go to these luncheons for the networking group, how many people are you meeting? Are you going showing up late sitting in the back leaving early, no one even knows you were there, you shouldn’t have gone at all, you should have just stayed home in your bed. Right? It’s like you really have to. And I think that’s wise of you to be able to look at it and say, I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. And it was harder to do. I was fully unemployed. It’s like that self accountability to say, I feel like I’m so busy all the time. But what am I actually doing right?

Oh, yes. Chelsea had an episode on marketing by recently where she’s talking about James clears idea of the difference between action and motion. And motion is thinking about something planning something. But action is when you’re instead of writing down a list of all the people you could reach out to in your database. actually reaching out to a person in your database is action motion is just making the list of the people and you know what I mean? Like, you have to take some actions. When you’re putting yourself in those work situations, though in the community with other agents, hopefully, in your office or even at the board or somewhere else. Find the experienced agents and then offer to help see if you can just be near them. Ask them what’s going on. Ask them what difficult transactions they’re working on, like, learn from them. But the more eager you are to learn from someone, the more they’re like, okay, this person wants to work. And then they’re going to give you those extra leads or let you go do their open house. Or you can’t just wander up to a strange agent you’ve never met and be like, I would like to do open houses for you. Right? You’re going to have to build those relationships, too. I think being in an office is so important.

One thing you said about leads and open houses. I had a new agent come to me recently, and she was like, I’m trying to build my database. But it is going so slow. I’m new to the area. I don’t know anybody. I’m doing open houses. I’m doing phone duty, and I just can’t seem to get people in my database. I said, Let’s pause for a second. When I think of open houses and phone duty, I’m thinking of that as leads. Yeah. To follow up on database, not database database is relationships, right? People that would recognize you if they saw you say hello, that you would win your amendment was CarGurus card. Okay. So we had this whole conversation about, you know, what is she passionate about? Where can she go to do something that she loves to meet people that she can form relationships with and add them in the database? Yes. And so she was just saying talking about some of her hobbies and so she started looking at groups that I meet regularly about those specific things. I’m like, Yes, that’s purchasing was stuck, because she felt like she was working so hard. And she was, but she was thinking about it the wrong way, right? She wasn’t also forming the relationships. And in the beginning when you’re trying to get a business started, you have to have your pokers in a lot of different fire like your your early irons. Oh, I call them pokers. Your irons, you know your irons in the fire. Yeah, your irons. Okay. So you have to be able to say like, I am doing this. Yeah. But I think what happens when you’re new? Is you focus on one thing so much. Yeah. And then you think it fails? Yeah. And then you move on? Yes. And you have to be doing you have to have a lot of different things in the works. Yeah. 1000s of real estate agents have purchased email templates, one on one, and we wanted to share some reviews.

Nikki said, Love these templates. I’ve been an agent for a little over a year and have done quite a bit of business. But this was my first time using the email templates from start to finish through a listing transaction. It made it so much easier. And I feel so much more organized with these systems in place.

That’s what they’re there for. Absolutely. Shannon said, I just sent my first seller just listed email, and they loved it. That one is it’s

so good. So so good. Mandy said these email templates were a great investments, they would have taken me years to put together on my own. They didn’t take years, they literally they literally took years. That’s how long it took.

So with email templates, you get 12, buyer templates, 17, seller templates with attachments to guide you through each part of the process. And each template can be customized to fit you check

out episode number 31 For more information, or head over to email templates, one on one.com. You know, also, because we’re such big proponents of your database, and that is a long game play. I think what I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately is it it’s okay, in the beginning and the middle and the end, wherever you are in your career to have multiple lead sources, multiple places that you open house, sure duty, whatever door knocking, you want it whatever one you want to do, or online leads, maybe you have a series of these things, but your database should be that thing that’s weaving through all of them and collecting the people that you end up with a meaningful relationship. Can you build a meaningful relationship with someone you met in an open house? 100%, but it’s not the minute they put their name on your signup

sheet? No, that takes a lot of effort to be intentional about that relationship.

That’s an email list, right? Yes, that’s not a database. But I think that maybe people are feeling like or maybe I’m just starting to see it that way. Like we’re saying, oh, you should work your database and let everything fall by the wayside. No, your database should be the partner to any other way that you’re getting leads. It’s always there should always be there should always be the end goal, though. Like after three years of putting in the time maybe it is the only way you have to find business, right? But somewhere along the way, if you’re a full time agent, you’re gonna go out there and and find the message that tells you you should be dialing, dialing for dollars, three hours every day. Whatever they tell you to do. Yeah, have to do that. But you’re gonna have to do some activities. Yes. Okay, action, action, not motion. Okay. All right. My next thing on my list, if you’re going full time What to do now? You should, which is exactly what I’m saying, have a strategy to get business. So sit down and think I’m going to like you did, I’m going to call 100 for sale by owners. I don’t we don’t we agree maybe that wasn’t the best plan and the end, or maybe you just stopped at 40 But even still, what is your strategy going to be?

What isn’t a strategy is no strategy right? Like I’m just going to sit at home. Wait for the phone to ring. Hope that my family wants to buy a house this year posted on Facebook if anyone needs to buy or sell a house to posted one time but let’s say you posted at one time I post every week that I’m a realtor. Right that was also a good point that we were discussing was what you are posting it is more effective. To post the house you are in the open house right you are holding open house you are touring. Give a tour of a neighborhood like yourself working yes show that you are working instead of posting I would like to work like you want to work right?

If you have no office, no business, no meetings to go to No nothing. You live in a place with neighborhoods. Go drive thru neighborhood every week and be like on your social media. Hey, this week we’re doing this neighborhood. Here’s some you know details. They have a sidewalk they have a walking trail they have a great front entrance Here’s what some of the houses look like drive thru with your walkthrough with your video like. And then people like oh, yeah, you showed us that neighborhood such interest. I didn’t even know about that neighborhood. What are the things that are nearby? Like, for Wow, you’re

a hard worker?

Yeah, you’re out there. You are literally pounding the pavement. Yes. Like, like literally working, you’re gonna, that’s the other thing. If you’re not full time, if you’re not working right, then you’re just unemployed. Yeah, you better be doing something. Alright, so what’s your strategy to get business? I think now’s a good time to create one. Like, if it’s social media, then there’s a strategy for that, like, these things require some thought. Like, also go back to your calendar. Are you going to batch content? Do you have a day you put that on the calendar? When do you engage with people on social media? I think everyone needs to be on social media. But you get to choose how to do it. Okay, what else? What were the other commenters telling us?

Okay, well, going back to database, one of our community members said that they were laid off last year. And it was right before they closed on their new home. And it was actually the best thing that ever happened to me. Just focus on talking to more people about real estate, increase the number of people in your database and provide people with things of value and you will be fine. It is so scary, but it is so worth it. You will be okay.

You know, it’s so funny. The next thing I had on my list was have real estate conversations. That’s exactly what they said. Talk to people about real estate. Like how do you start a real estate conversation? Go outside and talk to your neighbors? Billy? Hey, did you see the house or in the corner was listed? It’s this much. This house around the other corner sold last week. Your neighbors love that stuff. Yeah. send a postcard if you want, don’t have money, go outside and talk to them. But how do you have conversations? Ask people how they are and what they’re doing right now. They’ll usually return the favor and be like, Oh, how are you? What are you doing right now? Oh, well, I’m full time in real estate. It’s going great. But

the end? There you go. Just talk to people about real

estate. And by all means, don’t brush it aside or ignore it. If someone brings it up, or someone asked, you know what? Like, don’t be embarrassed because you haven’t had a transaction?

We actually I heard someone talking that said that they were very shy. Yeah. And it kind of propose I’ve never struggled with shyness. But it’s a real thing. Yeah. And it’s a hard thing, I think in this industry to be a shy person. Yeah. But I also believe that Your vibe attracts your tribe, for sure. And that you would attract the type of person that would want to work with you, you know, think so. On the same note, the advice that she was given, I was in the middle of it. I was watching this conversation.

Oh, you were I wish

was that it’s okay to acknowledge that. But there are still times when you have to do things that are outside of that comfort zone, right? Yeah, right. Sometimes you do have to, if this is what you want, if this is what you really want, you will make it happen, because you’re gonna have to talk to people. Yeah, yeah. So to our introverts out there, it’s something that you just have to be a little bit more mindful of that when you do go to the luncheon, that you aren’t just right, you know, sitting in the back not talking to anyone, like the best thing to do is to maybe even set a goal that you’re going to talk to to people, right, you don’t have to work the room, right? You know, go find that other person that is sitting by themselves and sit with them and say, Hey, do you mind if I sit here, right?

Or if that’s like, really uncomfortable for you start those relationships online before you get there, right? You’re such a good online friend, but it’s pretty easy. If you’re an introvert, if you’re shy to send a message, this is low pain, right? Right. I’m gonna be at the networking meeting on Thursday, I would love to, you know, chat for a minute about x or just send them a message like, Hey, I saw your post or whatever, that was cool. Start building a relationship to where when they see you, they’re warm, and they come to you, and then maybe that will help you open up a little that’s good. So you’re not walking up to strangers. They don’t have to be totally strangers, but right, you know, or just go with a buddy. Yeah, like, why can’t you take someone else? There’s all kinds of business networking groups that are different. Whatever demographics right, like young ladies who are in business what like, whatever, like just find some people that you can go with that would want to, you know, network there as well. I think the word networking is also pretty off putting and nerve wracking if you’re an introvert or if you’re shy like networking. That sounds terrible. So scary or knocking. Yeah, I don’t want I don’t want to do that tobacco. Maybe just go volunteer at the animal shelter and you meet three people. Do you know what like you Hmm, maybe it’s not a roomful of a banquet, right? Like, right, let’s take it down. We just need to get a person or two a week. Like, it doesn’t have to be this big thing where I’m sending a letter to the entire, you know, yeah, community of whatever charity organization you’ve decided to like. Take it back. Take it back a little. Yeah. Okay. My other idea on not my idea, but an idea I’ve read many times in the all over the place, start sending your people, whoever, you know, unsolicited CMAs, this is a great way to start a real estate conversation, even if it’s via email, just be like, Hey, I’m practicing my CMAs. And I looked yours up. And here you go. And let me know if you have questions about the report and have a great day. Bye. Oh, that’s so nice. But if you’re full time, and you don’t know how to fill your time, you can do that for an hour or two a week and really make an impact with your database. Huge impact. Huge. Okay, what else? Yeah. One of

our other community de members said that she had set a goal before leaving to have six months of expenses in savings. But she said that she had a lot of agents in her office who said once they became full time, they doubled or tripled their income. Wow. Yeah. Just from like saying, okay, like, it’s like, sometimes we’re holding on to the crumbs, right? Because they are the sure thing, the short thing? Yeah, we’re there to be there no matter what. And we’re clinging to it so tightly. But if we would just do what we need to do, right? If you feel like that is what you’re being called to do. Yeah, you are opening it up for something double or triple. It could be Yeah, it could be this huge game changer for your family, right?

Like, I remember hearing Jenna Kutcher talk about, like, what’s the worst case scenario, right? So she was trying to work to becoming a full time photographer. But she’s working in corporate America, in her little cubicle job at the target, you know, in like, I think human resources, and she’s like, my little whatever, it was no salary, it was just comfortable. And I felt like I needed to replace it. And then she was like, and then when it was time to go full time into the photography, I’m like, let’s just think through the worst case scenario like that. I go into photography, I don’t book any jobs, I have no money, but I’ve saved up my like, whatever, one year or six months, in six months, it doesn’t work. What do I do, then? I just go back and get another job. Right? Like, it’s not like you’re saying, I can never work for someone else. Again. You just go back.

They say when you’re trying to process something that makes you nervous. You stop at the worst part, right? Like, and then I have no money. Right. But I have no bookings. And no money. Right. And they say the only way to overcome that mental block is to keep going. Yeah, like, push through to the other side. Yeah,

right. Yeah. Just gonna go through the what’s the actual worst thing that’s gonna happen? Yeah. You don’t sell real estate anymore. Everyone knows that you failed, no one cares, no, or will notice. Or because you’re trying so hard as a realtor 10 years deep or more, just to make sure everyone remembers your realtor, trust me, they’re not going to realize that if you stop being a realtor, right, you’re just gonna be like, oh, yeah, it’s okay. You work wherever you are, they don’t care about where you work. People are very consumed

with themselves very, they’re not looking at you as much as you think they are. Okay,

next on my list of things to do when you’re a full time is to fine tune your systems and processes, you’ll know like a system. And if you’re going into it, because you’re busy, you better do this, because you’re going to get overwhelmed and lose control and work seven days a week. But if you’re new, it will also give you a great sense of confidence. When it’s time to work with the buyer or the seller that shows up they’re going to come relatively infrequently in the beginning and you need to be competent enough that you don’t lose the one good you know, warm, hot lead that you get right. You can’t be like worried or confused. So anyway, fine tune your systems and processes know how to work with a buyer seller. watch someone else do it if you haven’t before, know what a closing looks like, like, be like listen to all of the podcast. Yeah. I mean, like, at the very least, be aware of all the parts of the process. All right. Anything else on your comments from the nice people who were helping? Well, when

you were saying that you need to have your systems in place. I can think back to college when we were having to mark open our own business. And we had to think through all the different avenues. Nobody, nobody. Many people don’t do that when they think about becoming a realtor. Good point. They’re just like, I just get licensed, right? But they’re not really thinking about it as an official business. Do I need In a business account, what about advertising? What about marketing? What about a logo and don’t get caught in the weeds on things like logos and whatnot. But it’s nice to be able to quickly brand yourself. Start with what your schedule is going to look like, what you’re going to share how you’re going to communicate to people like actually having a business plan. Yeah. And always going back to the question, if you hired you to run your business, would you fire you?

Right? Are you even show? Are you even showing up for work? Yeah. Have you been to work this week? Like, ask yourself really? I don’t really work this week. Am I working full time? Can you tell call yourself full time? I feel so busy,

but Right. And I like how you do where you have your days, where if you’re feeling like you’re in a funk, or you’re not being productive, where you actually document what you do, right? What how many days you did it for a week.

I did the time audit for three days time audit every 15 minutes, write down what you’re doing. I was not technically in a funk. At that time. I was trying to just sort out how am I spending my time. So one day happened to be a day where I was in the office. One day was a day where I had appointments out of the house, and I don’t know what the third probably the same of the third day. But every 15 minutes track your time, at least you can be aware, I think being aware of how you’re spending your time is the key to unlocking well, how do I want to adjust this? Yeah, you know, and you and a cat, I mean, you are gonna probably be on your best behavior. But trust me, you’ll notice how many times you reach for your phone to go scroll, right? Because you were supposed to be tracking every 15 minutes what you’re doing, and then suddenly, you’re like, you know, well, it’s

like logging your food. Right? You’re like, I’m not gonna eat this Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, because I don’t want to put it on the list is just like that just makes you aware,

it is kind of helpful if you’re transitioning. And look, if you’re a producing realtor that’s going from part time to full time, you are going to have some extra time now, right? Yeah, but you don’t want to fill it up with the wrong things, what you think you should be doing? Fill it up with the things that you want to do based on your business plan and your strategies. You can’t just say oh, well everyone says I have to call, you know, people for three hours on Tuesday. Is that your strategy? Like? Are you comfortable doing that? Do the calls end up positively like what are you like you got to choose what you’re going to do with that time? And this basically block it out. Right right. Number one tip I have on the list though, your full time now what is wait for it put on shoes. Oh, is this atomic habits? I don’t think so. No, this is one of those they say if you work from home that the key is for putting on shoes. Oh so that you aren’t like don’t shuffle around your house and slippers roll into your you know computer for a few minutes with your like, you know, face mask on and like your hair and a messy bone and like pretend like you know you got to put your mind like your body and your mind have to be like oh, it’s work time. Yes. Like I’m in the mode. So even if you are working from home and you don’t have a community to go spend time physically inside of put your dang shoes on and then do whatever you plan to do for your business.

One of my things when I’m working from home is like once I light the candle on my desk, you’ve learned

that you’ve lit in the fire in the fire I use the word poker in it I can put my poker in the fire. In office day we talk about all the tips for working at home I think and that’s episode 78 And we do talk about putting on the shoes they’re okay even if they’re flip flops. I’ve got on flip flops today. I mean anyone else slippers i didn’t have slippers i would prefer not a slipper I feel like that that speaks like sleep to a different time

yeah you’re right it does

why it coffee by the fire like that’s not the vibe we’re going for we we need action not motion okay action right right motion would be putting on your slippers and pretending like you’re gonna go into your office but watching Netflix selling sunset because it’s about real estate that’s not going to work action would be putting on your real shoes and going to tour a neighborhood even if you’re by yourself in your car taking random video. Yeah. Okay,

I got a good one. Oh, because I can’t wait. I left my full time job with little money and saved to work in real estate full time. I sold 35 homes in my first year. failure was not an option we both you felt that way. It was not an optional I felt so I felt I had to make this happen. Plus listen to all of the courses for hustle humbly and the templates until it is natural. Oh, I love that you’ve got this. I like that too. I think the natural thing it does come like once you get into this rhythm. People are like how many can I see all of your checklists and this and that, but most of that is just I’m on autopilot because I do it so many times. It makes perfect practice does make perfect sense. But I’m not having to refer back and be like, Oh, wait, I have a contract, what do I do now? And we look at my

level of confidence that permeates your business and that your clients pick up on. Your confidence comes from not just having the checklist or the template, but in knowing it and it being part of you and you, like really internalizing what’s the process? How do we go through this? What happens next? Being able to answer questions on the fly from a client is huge. When it comes to how confident you feel and how they feel confident in you and how they feel like moving like, you can easily help people feel confident in their decision to buy or sell based on the amount of competence you have in the process in general. Oh, yeah. Right. Did they give any other good tips or that was pretty much

there was one more I’m looking it up if you have anything else

that well, you know, the last thing I had, that we kind of touched on there was to use social media, I think that it would be kind of silly to say, that’s not part of my strategy, because it is a free way to reach everyone, even if database is what you’re doing. Even if online, whatever it is, you have to be online, people are gonna look for you, they’re just like, they’re looking for their houses there. So I think you want to set up your accounts with good bios, make sure you have an account on all the places make sure that the you know, whatever parts of your business are going to be digital, that they look good, and that they’re there and that you you know, have a process to check them every month or so. So

I like the thing that says I wish there was a free way for me to like keep up with people in my life and see what’s going on in their personal life and kind of snoop around and like it’s called Facebook,

right? Like it’s their it’s their go learn about your people.

Okay, is that everything that you have? I did look, I

checked off my whole list.

It will listen. Fun. This is okay. Let me hear it. And he posted in December that laid off right. One of our community members checked in with him two weeks ago.

Love it on the post. I love it. Check it. I know she said was December now we’re okay.

Yeah. Now we’re in May, okay, at the time of this recording on it. And she said, Are you full time now? And how is it going on here? He said, Thank you so much for asking. It has been really incredible. It feels like the universe is telling me that this was the right time. I’m on pace to do double what I did last year, which makes me feel so relieved. Oh, yeah. I love that. He said if I would have stayed at my other job and tried to do this much work. I would totally be drowning.

No doubt. Yeah, you gotta you got to cut that cord. At some point. You’ll be so overwhelmed. Okay, well, great success story. loving that. So if you’re going full time right now or you’re on the fence, I hope this is a motivational type episode. You can do it.

I think just being honest with yourself. Not being afraid to be hard on yourself and say, Hey, I know you felt really busy yesterday, but none of it was work related. Right? You know, like, is it motion? Yeah, you’re just moving but you’re not actually being irrational? Yeah, it’s a good point. Yeah. So

good. Are you ready for the toast? Yes. Okay, this one comes from Lacey Wilson and Oh, two people and Scarlett tion of air and they’re toasting to kin. Capasso Okay. Compasso Capasso. They’re in Casper, Wyoming.

Oh, that’s that sounds like a pretty plate.

Doesn’t it sound like Wyoming I think is all pretty like yeah, that area. Okay, we would like to toast our fearless leader and broker kin Compasso. Ken is super supportive of our businesses and is always available to help us through difficult transactions, and is more than willing to invest in our brand to build up our business. Ken has been a strong support system and advisor to our real estate businesses. That’s great.

That’s a great broker.

I know right? Good job, Ken. So cheers to Ken. Cheers, Ken and thank you to Lacey and Scarlett. Y’all have a great day and you know, take some action. Yes.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

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