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You found the perfect home, made it through inspections, appraisals, the loan process and now all that’s left is the closing. Umm, WRONG! Don’t miss the most important final step of the process, your final walk-through! When do you do your final walk-through? What do you check while you are in the property? What happens if there is a problem? How should the seller prepare? We are answering all of the logistical questions about walk-throughs and sharing lots of stories of walk-through problems and solutions. This episode is a great one for agents and anyone buying or selling a home!

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Speaker 1 0:01
walkthroughs is when I really learned in life that clean is a subjective designation.

Speaker 2 0:09
Look, guys, this is to make sure that the house is still here before we sign paper, right? Refrigerator washer dryer, oven dishwasher, doorknob, you’ve been burned.

Speaker 1 0:22
Right? I’m spackling holes eight months pregnant, because I’ve got to get you to close

Speaker 2 0:27
right? I do have two or three cleaning ladies that I keep on speed dial. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Speaker 1 0:42
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

Speaker 2 0:47
The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

Speaker 1 0:51
comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa, Katie, how are you? Great, wonderful. It is episode number 207. Walk through. Okay. We’re just simply going to walk through today. Okay. You know, this is one of those parts of the process that we’ve not talked about specifically.

Unknown Speaker 1:10
Yeah, but it’s come up dedicated a whole episode. I think

Speaker 1 1:15
it needs a whole episode. Yeah. Because it’s such a vital part of the process that some people skip. Yes. Yes. All right. So let’s start with the basics. What is a walkthrough?

Speaker 2 1:28
Our purchase agreement reads that you have within five days of closing to go do your final walkthrough. It’s really just to make sure the house is in the same or better condition as when you made your offer, right? It is to check for repairs, it is to check to make sure that everything that you agreed upon to stay is there, and that all the terms of the contract have been met. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:55
I assume everywhere they do a walkthrough, I would hope so is the walkthrough a time to do an additional inspection.

Speaker 2 2:02
No. And lately, I mean, I get that I’ve been having more and more buyers bring the inspector to the final walkthrough.

Speaker 1 2:12
If they’re checking repairs, I think this is acceptable. But it is not a time to open a new can of worms by doing additional inspections, right, your due diligence has passed. So even if you found something at that point, if it was the same as it was during your inspection period, you can’t now ask for the repair. Right now, if the AC stopped working, the seller has to make it into the same condition it was in at your original inspection. Right and your original time you wrote the offer, but it is kind of a delicate situation. Would you bring an inspector with you? No. Yeah, no. And how’s it going with the ones that are bringing an inspector with them?

Speaker 2 2:55
I feel like they usually find something to nitpick about. Yeah. Even if it’s a repair that we agreed to and provided a receipt for I don’t like the inspector will kind of make a fuss about it or, and I think that’s where because to me like I’m a very, like it’s either yes or no like black and white person. So if you have a receipt from a company that knows that it was done, there’s really nothing to further discuss. Right? Unless there was something new right,

Speaker 1 3:27
then we’re literally checking how they did the repair. Yeah.

Speaker 2 3:31
And that’s why I do tell my buyers, it is best to ask for money. They always money instead of repairs. If you want to go back and listen to any of our inspection episode due diligence episode. Yes. Those would be good ones on how to handle how to write a repair request. Because you have to be so specific, right? Because sellers will do a repair differently than a

Speaker 1 3:53
buyer, right? And you have to be making that repair request, thinking ahead to the walkthrough, and the closing, and how do we actually get to the closing table? If I asked for 20 nitpicky things, the seller says yes, but then they do them themselves. It’s an ugly repair, it’s not done to your liking. All of a sudden, maybe the list of 20 things is only worth 500 bucks. But all of a sudden it’s becoming a major problem that’s going to hold up closing or potentially cost the whole deal. Yeah, have you ever had one fall through at a walkthrough? Not at a walkthrough but I’ve gotten really close, I’ve had more than one buyer who was like, I will not go in. Here’s the other thing, you really have people over a barrel at this point. Because even if it’s your buyer, and the seller has done something wrong, the buyer just says, Well, you didn’t do it, I’m not gonna go to closing and you got to get them to closing. So when I were going to look at this, I guess from both angles, when I’m representing the buyer, I want to make sure that everything’s done the way they asked it to be done and that they’re happy but I’m not going to let them go to closing with loose ends right Right. So it’s got to be sorted out if there’s something they’re unhappy about, because that’s the only time that you have leverage, once you sign the papers, whether the seller says, oh, yeah, I’ll come back and handle that later or not, you don’t have any leverage after you close, right? We’re talking about a legal proceeding at that point to get them to do something, and especially if they just said it verbally. No, I want it in writing, I want it done. This is the last time that we have any leverage as the listing agent, I want to make sure that my seller is doing all the things they said they were going to do, or I would really prefer them give money, right. And I will convince my sellers and my buyers have that it’s just a lot easier because money is black and white. Same Yeah, either you gave the $500. Or you didn’t give the $500. But it doesn’t mean oh, you repair this piece of wood and the paint doesn’t match. And now we’re mad,

Speaker 2 5:48
especially when it is something a little bit ambiguous. Like, I always think back to you know, the stucco incidents I have had, yeah, you can replace it, you can repair it, you can patch it, you can paint it, like, there’s so many different ways, and every way is going to look a little bit different. And so money in a situation like that is just what it is something like having the HVAC cleaned and serviced to me, I feel comfortable asking for that. Because a AC company has to come out and give a receipt, right? And I tell my buyers look, if you have any problems after closing, call the AC company that the fellas used you know, that’s who this would kind of fall under? Yeah, it just puts it. But if it’s something that a seller could do, right? I’m like, No, let’s just ask for money.

Speaker 1 6:40
I think that happens too. With like electrical issues. It’s either like the light switch works or it doesn’t there’s a GFCI outlet or there’s not like I feel like with a receipt and an actual just testing the thing. It’s done,

Unknown Speaker 6:53
right? There’s not like it’s kind of working like

Speaker 1 6:56
there’s room for interpretation. Yeah, because you can’t put anything back into its original condition. So it is a little bit of a fine line. It’s always more like the rotten wood. A crack in the stucco, something that can be repaired or like a leak in a pipe. Well, yes, it’s not leaking now, but maybe it’s covered in foam, or they’ve done something weird. There’s always something in the attic where it was like, you know, event wasn’t connected. And then the way they connected it was yeah, it was connected. But it wasn’t the way it should have been like, right? Right. Okay, so we know what it is. When do nine, you told us what the purchase agreement says? But when do you like to go do a walkthrough, your final walkthrough?

Speaker 2 7:37
It’s tough, because I really do like to do that right before closing because you kind of want to see it at the last minute possible before you sign everything. Yeah. But if there’s an issue that could hurt you. So I kind of did. It really depends on the house for me. Yeah. So if it’s a vacant house, and we weren’t asking for repairs, I usually like to go before closing like maybe even the morning of closing or the night before? Because I’m not it was vacant when we saw it the first time. We didn’t ask for repairs. We got money. Yeah, there really shouldn’t be anything right there. But if it’s a situation where we need to check repairs, or I have a very nervous, picky buyer, or I have a dad that’s coming and going to critique everything I would like to go at least two days before Yeah, but I do like to wait until the sellers are out. Have doubt Yes. Like if they say, Oh, well, the sellers are still boxing up things just look around. I’m like, No, I’ll just wait till it’s empty.

Speaker 1 8:39
Empty is important. Yes. Sometimes hard to do if there’s an occupancy situation. But in most cases, that’s the same. I would want to do my final walkthrough within 24 hours. Yeah, so typically, afternoon before morning of you want to leave the least amount of time possible for something to change. Yes, you can’t go for days in advance and just assume that it’s going to be okay, at closing. You don’t know you haven’t been there that recently. But I do agree if you have a long list of repairs, that there is room for interpretation, maybe you’ve almost got to do two walkthroughs Yeah, maybe you gotta go check repairs a week out if they’re done and because our says you have to have them done five days out, right. So you go then and then you go right before morning of like, just to make sure nothing flooded or

Speaker 2 9:25
like yes, piped it in bursts. There wasn’t a storm in the area, a tree limb. I’ve had tree limbs, yes.

Speaker 1 9:31
People have, like they they moved, they took I had this myself moved, they took the refrigerator, they didn’t cap off the waterline. And so there’s water everywhere from the refrigerator or they unhooked the washing machine and that started leaking. Like sometimes things can happen because you’ve moved right? So you really do want to check it really close to closing. Okay, so that takes care of the when I think again, you can maybe do twice If you’ve got to check a lot of repairs, I agree you want to go when the sellers are gone or moved out.

Speaker 2 10:06
I also tell my buyers especially for showing house that is really nicely decorated or staged. Because sometimes when they see it empty and sparse the first time with just like a couple of nails on the wall, and you’re like, I

Unknown Speaker 10:19
don’t love it anymore. Yeah,

Speaker 2 10:21
I’m like, listen, when we come back for the final walkthrough, none of this decor will be here, right? So sometimes the final walkthrough is like exciting. And sometimes they feel a little like nervous and disappointed, like, ah, yeah. And so if it’s an occupied home, that looks really good, furnished, I do try to remind them of that during the home inspection. Yeah, like, look, when we come back, it’s gonna be empty.

Speaker 1 10:45
I think another thing I like to do on a walkthrough is get there a minute or two early and get in there and turn on all the lights. There’s nothing worse than walking into a vacant house that’s dark and dreary. And you’re right, all of a sudden, you’re like, I don’t have the warm and fuzzies like I did before. Yeah, now it’s empty, at least open the windows and turn on the lights. And that way, it’s like, Oh, all right, you know, we’re alive. This house is alive. Which brings me to another important point. When it comes to my sellers, they’re things that I’m reminding them, the utilities have to be on? Yes. All the way until closing, especially if the what I mean legally in our contract. That’s the way it’s written. You can the buyer can say I don’t want to close if the utilities are not on, right, because they need to be able to check is everything’s still working. If the utilities aren’t on how can I check? So there’s a lot of reminders along the templates, right? Yeah, telling the sellers leave your utilities on. I had a situation this

Speaker 2 11:41
year where a young first time homebuyer I had the listing, so I had the seller. And we were under contract past inspections, past appraisal, and the buyer’s agent called me and was like he is not comfortable with his monthly note and he wants to cancel it long story short, he didn’t because I let them know that we would be pursuing legal action because it was just a few days before closing. But when I went to get my my sign a few days before closing because I was in the area, I noticed that the electricity had been turned off. And I did not want them to know Yeah, because I didn’t want to give him any kind of possible out Right, right. Technically the purchase agreement reads utilities have to say they’re not alright, they’re not I’m not closing thanks, guys for giving me that out. If you have a nervous buyer, that’s looking for an out the walkthrough is very stressful.

Speaker 1 12:40
Very stressful. I find the walkthrough to be far more stressful than the inspection.

Speaker 2 12:45
When I’m the buyer’s agent. I’m usually not too worried about it. Yeah, because I know that my buyers are usually not trying to get out of it. Yeah, and I can handle most weak if there is something wrong at this point. We’ll figure something out. Yeah, but as a listing agent when I see the final walkthrough has been scheduled, I get a little nervous.

Speaker 1 13:07
Okay, do you give your seller any reminders or like what are you telling your sellers Yeah, so

Speaker 2 13:12
I asked my sellers to please have the house professionally cleaned, ya know that it’s like two 300 bucks maybe. But it’ll help you and me and them and everyone will be much happier. Yeah, our purchase agreement basically just states that it has to be free of trash and debris and like sweat which is not clean toilet No, that’s not clean, clean. But I think that it just makes for a better so I asked them to make the buyers final walkthrough you know, exciting for them. Let’s have it nice and clean. Let’s make sure that if there was anything that happened with the walls that we go ahead and address that while you were moving. Maybe leave them a little note on the counter with some information that they would need to know about the neighborhood neighbors alarm codes and things like that right anything that they can walk in and go wow this is so helpful. Yeah, that’s kind of what I asked them to do get a lot

Speaker 1 14:08
of questions from sellers about things like nails in the wall you know whole like things like that. You know what, what has to stay what goes the nails in the wall? This is I say this a lot are the cleanliness. I’m like, how would you want to find your moving? How do you want to find the house you’re going to leave this house like that sometimes it’d be like well, the house I went to didn’t clean and it was gross. I’m like, but when you held that make you feel like so we’re not going to be that person, you know two wrongs does not make a right. And I also walk through just when I really learned in life that clean is a subjective designation, right. Some people probably thought that that was clean, right, other people I mean, I’ve had clients that were like military and they were like, for their walkthrough they swept their attic. Cellar Wow, they swept The attic like the walkway was like she kept a very tight ship. But clean is subjective. So what you could have eaten off the floor at her walkthrough? Yeah, around the corner, someone else thinks they have cleaned and it is like not clean. Oh, no, this is not clean. So I just have to also remind my buyers. Clean is subjective. Yes, they’re required to remove trash and debris. But we they’re not required to professionally clean, make sure their toilets, you’re going to have to expect to clean it as a house that you are buying that has been lived in. So I think setting the expectation is really important.

Speaker 2 15:39
If they have a ton of pictures hanging on the wall. And they look great. While you’re there for the showing. They may not look great when the photos aren’t there for the final walkthrough and there’s either patches or nails.

Speaker 1 15:50
Let me tell you this. When we sold our last house, we’d been there two years. We built it were the original owners. We have pictures everywhere. That’s how the buyers saw it. I am, you know, picturing myself as how I would want to be as a buyer and what I’ve seen in my business, and we patched every hole and touch it up with paint. And when they came in for the walkthrough, because they were unrepresented. So I was there. They came in, they’re like, You did have stuff on the walls, didn’t you? And I’m like, wow, yeah. And they were like, wow, it looks like the house is brand new. And I’m like, oh, that’s what I want you to

Speaker 2 16:24
feel like, I want you I feel that looks nice. You I don’t want you to walk into work. I

Speaker 1 16:28
want you to be like, I’m so excited to take this over from you. So

Speaker 2 16:33
I do have two or three cleaning ladies that I keep on speed dial because of emergency situation. Yeah. And sometimes it’s like it’s not that bad. Or if I don’t have a great closing gift for them. Yeah, at the closing table. I’ll say hey, my cleaning lady is coming this afternoon. It’s a great closing. Yeah, I love that. So I always have them there as just sort of, you know, they know it. Yeah, it could be at a moment’s notice. And one of the three of them can usually play there. But it just makes it so worth it. Yeah,

Speaker 1 17:07
you want the buyer to have a positive experience. I also like to remind my seller that you have to mow the lawn that comes up more than I would like to it might have you mowed the lawn you have to mow the lawn, especially if they’ve moved a week or two before. Maybe they’ve taken along. I’m like, you have to call a lawn service. Someone has to mow the lawn. And the other thing is packing. Like did you clean out the attic? Did you take the stuff in the storage room? I for whatever reason? Don’t you find that sellers think they’re doing you a service by leaving you all this junk in the storage room. Here’s all my old paint games, and all my old bug spray and all my old. I get that you don’t want to move that. But you can’t just assume that the buyer wants that. Especially if it’s an old crusty paint can I don’t think it’s going to work anymore. I like did you really like it that is inheriting trash. And but I also have to prepare my buyers. Hey, it’s typical for sellers to leave a lot of things in the storage room that belong to the house. Yes. Oh, here’s some leftover tile. Yeah, thanks. What are we going to do with here? I’ve had more times than I’d like to admit. Here’s a package of shingles, shingles.

Unknown Speaker 18:21
What if you ever need them for a roof leak?

Speaker 1 18:23
I guess that’s what I’m like you miss his efficiency. And that doesn’t keep a lot I would think would be like I don’t want this packet shingles.

Speaker 2 18:31
Yeah, the first thing I actually did when we were moving is I had them empty the storage room. It wasn’t our stuff so much. It was just super old paint that I’m like I don’t rusty tools. I couldn’t even read with the names.

Speaker 1 18:43
Exactly. So keep that in mind. Remind your sellers that we don’t want anyone to inherit their trash. Okay, let’s talk about what exactly happens while you’re in the walkthrough. What exactly does Alyssa do?

Speaker 2 18:58
I walk in, have all the lights on I do try to get there early. And I say I remind them. Look, guys, this is to make sure that the house is still here, right before we sign paper, right? Is the refrigerator washer dryer here if we asked for it. What about the window treatments? You know, I actually just went to a walkthrough last week and the window treatments and the hardware was gone. And she said my buyer I said what would you like to do about that? And she said, Well, I really didn’t care for the curtains. I was planning on removing the curtains. But not having hardware is like the curtain rod. That is not exciting for me. Yeah, so we ended up getting like $250 She was happy with it. Yeah, that’s fine.

Speaker 1 19:42
I had a story of my listing it had it was on the market for a while several years ago. Finally we get the thing close the buyer is a nightmare is just difficult. My lady is like a recent divorcee. She’s like I just It’s tough to sell this house, the buyer is the worst. The buyer wants, like, what? On and on and on about repairing the tub, the jacuzzi tub. Oh my gosh, we had to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to finally figure out she just wasn’t pushing the button, right? Like there was some really silly thing going on. And when we finally got it going, she didn’t like something else about it. And we’re like, what is the deal with this Jacuzzi tub? She was like, Well, I mean, when I take people on a tour, I mean, I want them to see everything like are they getting in the Jacuzzi tub? How many people are touring your house? Like the logic was so weird? Well then so she had been nothing but trouble. The agent, the buyer when she takes people on? I guess when she moved in. She was going to be taking all her friends with her. Okay, can I take one can you like tour? You run an over here? Yeah. Okay, well then, my seller, sweet seller had all of her family helping her because she’s now single mom. They take the curtains and the rods and the curtains were supposed to go but the rods are supposed to regardless the rods were supposed to stay I don’t remember both were state whatever. Well of course when are very not happy buyer from the whole process shows up she is losing her marbles about these rods and I feel like she didn’t do a walkthrough because this was happening. After closing. She shows up after closing the rods are gone. She’s so mad on and on and on. I call my my seller and I’m like, Hey, do you have these rods? Do you? You know you were supposed to leave them? I need to get them back to her. She’s like, okay, no problem. You know, my uncle was helping me. I didn’t tell him he didn’t. It was an accident. Sure. I get all the rods. The agent is involved at this point. I’m like, the rods are now at my office. If you can get them anytime you want. They never came to get the rods. Like they didn’t really want them. No, they were just angry about everything mad. And I’m like,

Speaker 2 22:01
It’s not about the right we had a lawsuit recently where the drapes were gone. Okay. And rods were there when the seller would not give them back because they were made by her grandma to match the bedspread. You’re like usually no, I need them. I’m taking them. I’m not partying with them. And the and the thing is, I don’t think that the new buyer really wanted them. What is just the point cute. I mean, my goodness, they were like, if I mean they matched a bedspread if that tells you anything. So those are not it’s not a good sign. And they went to court over it. They sued each other over these drapes. I don’t know how it is other

Speaker 1 22:38
stuff going on there. But you’re right. It’s terrible. So you have to remind the seller over and over again. You know does your fridge need to stay does your washer dryer don’t forget you gotta leave the TV Mel’s like what has to stay don’t because that’s the stuff that’s going to come up in the walkthrough and be sometimes hard to remedy. Yeah, I had an a walkthrough for my buyer, the seller took this giant concrete fountain from the front courtyard. And truth be told, I learned a hard lesson because it was plugged in. And when you unplugged it, it didn’t alter the

Speaker 2 23:11
property right. It wasn’t technically attached to the land.

Speaker 1 23:15
But we were all like this giant, hundreds of pounds felt no one thought it would go right and they again were not in a great place and it had been a bad transaction and they took literally anything that wasn’t nailed down. I

Speaker 2 23:26
got a had to laugh a little bit because I got a purchase agreement from a realtor and it was like you know under things to remain you would usually write refrigerator washer dryer. It was like refrigerator washer dryer, oven dishwasher door knock on like you’ve been burned. Yep, that’s my first thought was you’ve been burned. You’re just covering your tracks here.

Speaker 1 23:44
We’re not gonna let anything we’re not leaving anything up to chance. No. Yeah. And that’s what the walkthrough is for, though, for your buyer to make sure everything is there that’s supposed to be there. So I think you have to remember that’s important. Now, do you do a walkthrough on every single house? I think so. Yeah. Like why would you not? Yeah, you got to do it on new construction. You got to do it because you’re making sure it’s there. It who comes to the walkthrough, but we don’t know we don’t and you’re not taking an inspector, you’re going yeah, just

Speaker 2 24:13
me. My buyers just usually bring their parents like all the people that came for the home inspection are not usually there for the walkthrough. Yeah, I tried to let them know this shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. We’re not going to be there right forever. Like, like, this isn’t the home inspection. This should be a quick walk through to make sure that we check everything that utilities are on and that you’re ready to bring anything with you to the walkthrough.

Speaker 1 24:37
I don’t think so. I like to print my repair list if there is one or a receipt if I need it just so that I have it to quickly look back at and be like okay, well here’s the five things we have to check. And then once we’ve checked them, I’m like, we’re good. I also like to bring the walkthrough form where they sign and say we walked through Yeah, and it was okay great. This is not a required form.

Speaker 2 25:02
I know I think that I almost wish my office would require it. I actually just had an email from an agent I closed with last week asking me for my buyer signed walkthrough form. And I’m like, I didn’t have them signed anything. And I kind of wish we had it as a required. So

Speaker 1 25:16
I will say I am probably 75% of the time good about getting it. And it kind of depends on the situation. If both of the buyers were there if you know, it’s kind of because you know, when something’s optional, you’re not as vigilant right about it. But I will say I’ve needed it more times than I’d like to admit to be like, well, you, you walked and you sat in even sometimes I’ll take it to the walkthrough. And if I forget to get him to sign there, I’ll have him sign him at closing. Yeah. And I’ll be like, because we’re all there then with our pins out. And I’m like, hey, just signing off that you did your walkthrough and everything was okay in the house. And I do think that is a practice that everyone should probably have in their business, because it will cover you in case of a problem later.

Speaker 2 26:01
Another thing to think about is you have to be careful what you write in your listing description. Yeah. And what is in the actual purchase agreement because the purchase agreement, Trumps anything else doesn’t matter

Speaker 1 26:13
what you could have said everything in the listing description.

Speaker 2 26:17
Yes. For example, this was probably my year two, okay. And I had the listing and it was one of my first listings and I wrote in the listing description, to top it off the refrigerator, washer and dryer can remain with the home. It was a very, very old refrigerator washer dryer. Very old, okay. Like, the sellers didn’t want it. They could they even tried to sell them. Nobody saw that. We get an offer. And they did not ask for them in under the items to remain. It was just like in a row. I’m like, Look, they don’t want that. And she was like, Yeah, I figured nobody would want these things. She tried to sell them on Facebook. She tried to give them away she tried to donate them nobody would take them they were just super old. So they had a friend come over and put them at the road. buyer’s agent does not do a final walkthrough. We close everybody at closing is so happy an hour after closing I get a frantic call from buyer’s agent that’s like Alyssa, the refrigerator washer dryer is gone and my heart sank because I’m like was that you couldn’t remember I’m like, what I don’t think I think we talked about this. So I sent her like a screenshot of the contract. I’m like you did not ask for it. Right? She sends me back a screenshot of MLS saying that it can remain and I’m like, that doesn’t matter. And she her broker was like I’m sorry like Unfortunately she’s right like you have to put it in the contract and you want it to be part of the act of sale. She lost all of her commission by and more because it wasn’t a huge house. And she had to buy like new ones. Like refrigerator, washer and dryer. Yeah, I mean I learned I felt so bad for her and I learned so much because seeing her go through that made me go as especially as a new agent I was like oh my gosh

Speaker 1 28:19
that make you now as a listing agent do you ever double check like if your sellers like we don’t want them we’re gonna throw them away. Do you go back now or like hey, did you want them

Speaker 2 28:31
because I do a lot of inspections me too. So like if they don’t ask for it and I know my sellers would leave it I’ll just wait until inspections as

Speaker 1 28:39
well leave the washer dryer fridge yeah I agree with that’s a great way to go with it but yeah, now I double check like more than once right like what happened don’t want that to happen okay, so when I’m in the house we’re we’ve gone in we’re check the repairs I also like to check cabinets drawers, storage room trash and then the attic I don’t go in attics but I do if there if there was a lot of stuff up there I might tell the buyer hey if you want to pop in and just make sure it’s empty that’s when you but I’m not I don’t listen to service I provide I don’t go in your I don’t go in attics, but you might want to look in there because you want to make sure everything is gone. There’s always a kitchen drawer left behind. I know. I don’t know what it happens with people. But there’s one drawer in the kitchen they’re like oh, I just totally forgot that one. Yeah, or a bathroom drawer or whatever. But you know check them all. Do you do any like running of appliances or water or flushing toilet?

Speaker 2 29:37
We do check and make sure that the water is a one that’s a gaff is the one if it has gas that you know but we don’t like run the dishwasher.

Speaker 1 29:45
I you know I usually just turn on all the faucets check to look in underneath the cabinet make sure there’s not puddles of water anywhere I’ll flush a toilet. That’s probably I’m not going around a re inspecting. No, I do think it’s important probably to walk around outside. See if there are any red flags out there.

Speaker 2 30:06
I like to check the mailbox one last time before I head to closing so you can take them if it’s there any other mail any other mail for the old clients last call for

Speaker 1 30:15
mail. Okay, I have a story for you. Okay. I had a client, he was my seller, he was not very nice. In fact, he was not someone that made it on my database. Not very nice at all. He yelled at me many times. And then I had a buyer who probably because the seller wasn’t very nice, wasn’t having a very fun time. And I don’t think they did a final walkthrough or they did the final walkthrough and we’re like, everything was fine. We went to closing hours after closing. The buyer is calling me the listing agent. The buyer had their own agent. Yeah. Okay. So angry at me. Oh, I remember this vividly because it was like a Friday afternoon. I’m like lounging in a hammock on the back porch like days done. Yeah. So angry because my seller left the woodpile in the backyard, like the the firewood. And I’m like, Okay, well, that’s the firewood that he used for the fireplace. You couldn’t use it. Obviously, he didn’t want it. She’s like, I don’t want it. And he needs to come and get it. Oh my gosh. And I was like, he doesn’t really have to come and get it. And I didn’t really care for him. And so I’m like, here’s his number. Good luck,

Speaker 2 31:36
right? You too. Can duke it out. Did they fall in love and get married?

Speaker 1 31:39
Doesn’t matter to me. I never followed up. I was like, No, thank you. I said, Look, he’s not required to come and get it now. But you’re welcome to follow up with him. Wow. That is so fun. Wash my hands. Oh, this

Unknown Speaker 31:49
would that be funny if they were like meant for each other?

Speaker 1 31:53
I don’t know. I don’t think I don’t think so. But I was like, oh my but I have had more times than one when people after closing are like but this and I’m like, But you walked through right. You saw it? Yeah. It’s that we’re done. Okay, I have another one. About holes in the wall. Oh, my cellar. We’re at closing. They have done the walkthrough. I’m trying to remember where it was right. But they do it right before closing. Okay. I am eight months pregnant. The buyer is an engineer. And my clients and one of the bedrooms spare bedroom had some shelving that was hung that was like really removed. I mean, it was like a picture frame. Right? Yeah. They take down the shelves. They’re like a several holes in the wall. The buyer is not going to come to closing about these screw holes in the wall. So upset. And I’m like, I my seller couldn’t go didn’t whatever. I just bought spackle. Eight months pregnant, and went and speckled. The holes. Oh my gosh, it took me five minutes. It was they weren’t that bad. Yeah, weren’t that bad. I took a picture. I went to closing at closing the buyer is still so upset about this. And I’m going I

Speaker 2 33:14
look. It’s done. Yeah, it’s done. Done. We’re

Speaker 1 33:17
not talking about anymore. It’s done. Because they wanted to keep like 100 $300 We’re like, no, no, this is like a $5. Can’t have spackle. We’re not doing this. Right. I’m like I if I could do what you could have handed they let it go.

Unknown Speaker 33:31
They closed? Were they pleased?

Speaker 1 33:33
I don’t not my client. Yeah. But I did the best. I could just solve the problem. Right. But I’m like, we’re not doing this. Yeah. Remember last week with the glamour? This is the stuff you really do. Yeah, right. I’m spackling holes, eight months pregnant? Because I gotta get you to close. Right. And you’re losing your marbles over these. They were it was not that bad. Yeah, it was not that bad. Okay, what happens though? What are our what are our course of action or remedies? If

Speaker 2 34:02
there is trouble? Oh, man, I guess it depends on the trouble. But usually at that point, we’re collecting some money. Yeah. Like, if you’re not happy with something that was or wasn’t done at this point. It’s obviously not going to be done or done to your satisfaction. So we’re going to just right, ask for money. I had a situation one time where I’ve only had one deal ever where they canceled during the final walkthrough. And

Unknown Speaker 34:26
we’re like, No, I’m not coming. What was it?

Speaker 2 34:29
The HVAC was not working? Yeah. And it wasn’t going to work. It needed to be totally replaced. But it was a house that someone had flipped, okay. And my clients were like, younger first time homebuyers. And you were the listing? No, I was the buyer. I had the buyers. And I even felt like from the beginning. They were kind of trying to convince themselves to like this house. Yeah. It checked the boxes on paper with They were looking for but it was just kind of shoddy work. Yeah. And we kept getting not great vibes from the seller. And just the way negotiations were going. And I was trying to keep their head focused on the house and not the seller. But they just kept going back to that. Even at the inspection, I said, y’all, y’all just don’t seem? No, no, we’re very excited. We’re very excited. Like, okay, and so we did the final walkthrough and we walk in and it is hot. And the AC is running. Like you can hear it, we’re struggling and struggling, but it clearly hasn’t been working in days. And so I’m like, okay, it’s okay, this has to be fixed. You know, you don’t have to close it has to be fixed. And so I said, we’re gonna get an AC company out there. And they’re like, we I think we had even asked for some sort of AC Repair, repair or something. And she, and when we got this AC receipt, it was like, sketchy, sketchy. She’s like, I don’t want them to call their AC company. Again, I don’t trust this seller. I don’t trust this AC company. And in my head, I’m thinking me either. I don’t either. I agree. I agree. And so I said, I called the listing agent who had been okay. And I said, Would you mind if I just called like a local AC company to come look at this. And she was like, Sure, whatever. And they were like, it cannot be saved. It is just this one’s dead. It is so dead, like the repairs would call so much alike. And so the seller they did not buy the house. I’m trying to remember what happened. But my buyers did not purchase the house.

Speaker 1 36:47
Obviously, the seller wasn’t going to change the AC, I think that he was

Speaker 2 36:51
willing to, but it wasn’t going to be done in time for closing. And so they opted that, you know, it’s a sign it’s a sign like they would have had to sign an extension. Yeah. And that’s not required of them. No, it wasn’t done within the parameters of the contract behind. So the seller was like, Look, we ordered the new HVAC, it’ll be installed next week. I’m sorry, we’re closing tomorrow. We’re canceling. It was a tough one.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
It’s a hard one.

Speaker 2 37:23
It kept me up. But they and I had to advise them. Because they asked me like, we don’t want it. What did we do? And I was like, I had to be honest and say technically,

Unknown Speaker 37:34
that’s it. You don’t have to you don’t have to.

Speaker 2 37:37
I was not in a good, it was hard. That’s really hard. They ended up somewhere so much better

Speaker 1 37:42
that you know, in their heart, that wasn’t the one I just wish it didn’t take that I think that bringing up extensions, it’s a great time to talk about that with walkthrough. If something bad comes up, you better find a way for all the parties to agree on a remedy that can happen in time for closing because you’re right. No one has to give an extension. The seller doesn’t have to buy or doesn’t have to. Now if the seller didn’t do a repair or did something in bad faith, I think there would be more of a legal battle there. Yes. But let’s say the seller wants to remedy it. Okay, fine. I’ll change that. You see no problem, but I can’t get it done for tomorrow. The buyer doesn’t have to extend. Right. It’s just not required. It’s not legally required. No. Okay. Very interesting. The other thing I wanted to mention in reference to remedies is when we talk about giving them money. Sometimes it’s like, okay, well, this thing can be done, but the person can’t get there right now, you can put money in escrow. Like you could be like the title company is going to hold the $500 until the plumber gets there next week. Yeah, but everyone’s okay with that. And the money will be released when the repairs done. Meanwhile, the closing happens, buyer can move in whatever. Because the other problem with walkthroughs is you’re right, you’re a minute before moving. Yeah. Sometimes it’s like even the buyer feels like they’re under arrest, the seller feels like they’re in duress, everyone is like, we have to remedy this quickly. Because the ship has left the port. Yeah, like we got to do this. So escrow works great for that. Because sometimes the seller doesn’t want to give the money directly to the buyer. They don’t feel comfortable with that. And then you can also reduce price increase closing costs. Well,

Speaker 2 39:23
I was told because of TRID. And what can’t reset it. Yeah, you can’t change any of the loan terms. It was a cash sale I guess though, yeah, only I should do better. Yeah, but if you tweak anything with the loan to escrow really comes into play, you have to do escrow. I know. What do you think about post occupancy when you can’t do a walkthrough because they’re staying living there? And you

Speaker 1 39:46
know, really, in the last couple of years with the inventory situation, a lot of sellers have the leverage to be like, I want occupancy, right. Like I don’t want to have to be out for closing. I mean, I’ve had my own sellers, the majority Do you have them in the last two years have gotten occupancy? So they don’t, because I negotiate that for them? Because that’s what they need. Right? And I’m like, in the buyers are just desperate to find a house. So they’re like, Okay, I, you know, hopefully it’s not so much occupancy that they haven’t packed, right, and that you can kind of get a feel, but it really is, it’s, I do an occupancy addendum every time and

Speaker 2 40:25
try to just get enough of a deposit to where if something goes wrong, right, like, here’s

Speaker 1 40:29
a $2,000. It’s gonna be the deposit if if something is damaged during the move out, but it is hard, because yeah, but if you do the occupancy addendum the way it is done in our MLS, it’s got, you’re providing insurance for your things. You’re like having insurance for liability, like you’re gonna leave the house in exactly the same condition as you were supposed to, like, it’s all accounted for. Yeah. Yeah, but it is a little harder. What do you do you do anything different? Yeah,

Speaker 2 41:00
we’ve that know, pretty much the same thing. We use that Addendum and then sometimes the title company will withhold like $5,000 of the sellers proceeds. Yeah. Until they are out of the house. And the buyer has done a final walkthrough and yeah, told the title company, they can release everything’s okay. Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 41:20
Usually everyone is okay with that. Yeah. If your seller isn’t okay with that, then you have to kind of dig deeper. Are you trying to do something sketchy? Like, yeah, it’s okay, then we have to let everyone be comfortable? Sure. So, but I know it’s rough as a buyer, because you really didn’t have a lot of bargaining chips.

Speaker 2 41:37
I think you have to be careful. Because when we get busy, it’s one of the easiest things to skip. Yeah. Because you assume it’s not gonna be a problem. Everything’s gonna be fine. Until it’s not

Speaker 1 41:48
I net look, I had an investor recently, it was like buying an investment to rent out, she was like, There’s no way I can go, I only barely have time to get to the closing and like, well, someone’s walking through. So I’ll go, I’ll take video. You know, I’ll make sure everything is where it was supposed to be. Do I want to do that every time? No, but definitely someone has to go. Like you can’t. You can’t just not go. Yeah, it’s not optional, as far as I’m concerned. But I have had on a time or two where a buyer is like, I can’t, I’m not worried about it. And I’m like, I’m worried about it.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
Right? I’ll go right.

Speaker 1 42:24
And even then I’ll sometimes still get them to sign a walkthrough saying that everything is okay. Yeah. You know, because you can easily do you know, like a video while you do it, like live, you can take a video and show him later. You can take pictures, whatever. Like,

Speaker 2 42:39
I have an investor who has bought several homes. He’s my only investor that I haven’t fully. I haven’t fired him. Okay. But he also I have, I’ve had to set some boundaries with him. He buys in places that I would not feel comfortable going by myself especially. And so I’ve told him like, I don’t know if I can work with you and help you. So what he does is he he just drives by and he got he always offers sight unseen. Yeah. So I was helping him buy this house. Put it this way, the house had no doors. So he did not need me to get in and they called me out of the blue one day, I was like, Hey, I just saw this house. We write it up, you know, for $45,000. And I’m like, Sure, who showed you the house. He’s like, Oh, no, I just walked in. There’s no doors. I was like, okay, so trespassing. Cool. Yeah. Great, great trespassing. Way to start out on the right foot, right. So I read the offer, I got accepted. Everything was fine. It was a cash sale. Was it a cash sale? Or did that matter? No, not a cash sale. He was getting financing, but it was some sort of investor things. So I had never been to the house. He does. He did his own little walkthrough. New. He’s gutting and replacing everything. He just this is just, this is why I haven’t fired him. Right? Because he’s easy. Yeah, he doesn’t care. And so it was during COVID. And they put a hold on all VA loan foreclosures. Oh, right. And apparently that the previous owner had a VA loan or home and they have to investigate it to make sure that the foreclosure was not COVID related. If it was they were going to make some exceptions. So we had to do like a two month extension, okay. Because this had to be investigate. That’s what it was. I remember the story. It was a cash sale. But it was still on the other it was this Yes, it was on the other end that we had to be delayed. So he’s like, Okay, well, that’s fine. We’ll just wait. We’ll just do an extension, you know, so we do a two month extension. And so I’m not going to do a final walkthrough. He can go do his own. Right, or like, oh, he always does. He just goes and does is on final walkthrough. So I get a call from the listing agent. And she’s like, Alyssa, there’s trouble. Yes. And I’m like, What? What happened? And we’re closing like that afternoon. She’s like, I went to get my sign, no lockbox because there’s no door except there are doors now. And the house has been renovated. And I’m like, what? And she’s like, Yeah, and I’m supposed to send like the VA foreclosure a walkthrough video showing like the house is same as it was. And I’m like, I still don’t understand. So she sends me these pictures. I’m like, wow, it looks great. She’s like, Yeah, I don’t know what to do. So I called him I called my buyer. I’m like, did you tell Miguel? That closing had gotten extended? He’s like, sure, I did well, well, I don’t know. Maybe Maybe I forgot to tell him. He forgot to tell his contractor. And this contractor, he uses him for all of his things. And he lives in them while he renovates them, that’s just like his little thing that he has with my, my client did not get the memo. So the house was done.

Unknown Speaker 46:19
Pretty much even living there.

Speaker 2 46:22
Yeah, I called the listing agent back who was thankfully great, and explained what happened and she was like, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna close as soon as possible this afternoon. Go sod right now. We’re just gonna close this out. I mean, but technically, I guess the VA could have been like, Thanks for renovating this house for us. We’re gonna keep it now. Yeah, we’re gonna hold this foreclosure. Yeah. Now we’ll sell it for way more. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, it was so crazy.

Unknown Speaker 46:57
The one and only time a house was way better than when?

Speaker 2 47:00
Yeah, yeah. Right. The interesting.

Speaker 1 47:04
And people do do the weirdest stuff. I had an instance where the house I was selling my listing had a big workshop in the back where they did like car, they worked on cars. And it had this car lift. And during the repair negotiation, the buyer’s agent said, Well, look, they would like to have this or some not the car left, I might look the guy’s willing to leave. He was taking it with them. Because it was it was worth a couple $1,000. And I’m like, Look, he’s willing to leave the car left, it’s worth at least $2,000 in lieu of repairs, so he doesn’t have to move it. They can sell it or use it or whatever. And she was like, Okay, fine. Like it worked out. A couple of weeks go by, and she’s like, really having some trouble. Nobody wants to buy this car lift, and it’s not really worth $2,000. And you said it was worth $2,000. It’s only worth $900. And I’m like, okay, one. I don’t know anything about Carlos. No. So this is what the seller told me. She’s like, I mean, does he have a buyer for that? And I’m like, I have no clue. Let me find out. So I call him I’m like, Hey, do you know someone that wants to buy this thing? He’s like, No, I was just gonna put it on like Facebook marketplace, it’s really easy to sell stuff like that, you know, blah, blah, blah. He’s not, it’s not the first one I’ve sold on and on. So I tell her, I might look, he doesn’t have a buyer. He was simply going to put it on Facebook marketplace and sell it. And, you know, she says, Well, I have to handle this for my buyer, because they’re very upset. And I told them that it’d be easy to sell them. Like, first of all, I don’t know why she was inserting herself into this deal. But I’m like, Well, you do what you want to do. She’s like, I’m gonna listen on Facebook marketplace and like, Okay, fine. Well, I guess nowhere in my world, and I think she would like go to the house and sell it.

Speaker 2 48:51
They don’t oh, oh, my gosh, one day

Speaker 1 48:54
randomly on a Saturday, she calls and he’s like, Hey, we’re going to be at the house. I’m showing someone the car lift. I might. Fine. Fine. I know you’re trying to sell it. You can show it to them, whatever. Several hours go by and she calls and she’s like, Hey, listen, I just wanted to tell you, we’ll be here a couple more hours is taking a while to take it down. Like oh, no, like, come again. It’s taking a while to do what what did you say? Oh, no. Yeah, we found a buyer for that car lift and they brought a trailer and they came from like an hour out of town. So I mean, they’ve got to get it

Speaker 2 49:27
done. You’re worse. You haven’t closed. I’m like, Okay.

Speaker 1 49:33
How much did they buy the car left for? Oh, for the $2,000 I’m like, okay, great, because that’s what we told the buyer it was gonna be worth but all of this is so weird. Am I okay? Like, what they you can’t just take it like it’s not closed yet. It’s fine. If they want to come back in a week after closing and get it but you can’t know. Well, they’re already halfway through it. I mean, I thought you said we can sell it. I’m like When you own it, when you own it, you can’t sell something that’s not yours. I’m like, This is crazy. She’s like, well, I’ve got the cash right here. And I’m like, Oh, please, what would y’all do? Hold the cash. I call the seller and I’m like, I was so livid about this situation. Yeah, in a really bad position. He’s out of town. He moved out of town. I call and tell him what’s going on. He’s like, Well, I guess get the money. And then we’ll just, you know, like, we can hold it until closing. So I first of all, on like, a Saturday,

Unknown Speaker 50:29
okay, on a Saturday, I have to

Speaker 1 50:31
jump in my car to meet an agent and strangers who are removing this car left, and so I could collect the money. Because she’s like, Oh, I’m so hungry. I wish I could get a drink. I’ve been here all day babysitting them. I’m like, Well, fair enough. You can’t let strangers be run amok at the house and survive. And

Speaker 2 50:51
like, I’ll come back later when y’all finish. I was

Speaker 1 50:54
so mad. She hands me the money. She’s like, Well, look, it really wasn’t 2000 it was only 1800. And I’m like, I can’t let this right now if the seller is upset, I’ll just give him $200 Because this is outrageous. I took the money, praying that I don’t get attacked. Or like I’m like, Just get out of here. And then I leave. I tell them I have the money. We wait until closing day and then I give them the money back. Wow. I was beside myself. I

Unknown Speaker 51:21
was so crazy. Who

Speaker 1 51:25
would even think that was it? But y’all you cannot assume that people have common sense that they understand the process that they understand what it like you do you know, this is exactly why you have to do a walk through. Yeah. Like you have no clue what people are doing or thinking.

Speaker 2 51:42
I’ve had people take toilet paper holders,

Speaker 1 51:46
I had someone take the toilet seat. Oh, did they? It was like when my client my buyer was like a single guy. And we noticed it in the walkthrough. In fact, he did not notice it. I noticed it and I said hey, man, you’re gonna need to run to Home Depot after closing and grab a toilet seat. And he was like, what? And like, they took that green foamy one. You don’t want that anyway? No. And he was like, okay, yeah, no problem. But the truth of the matter is they weren’t allowed to take it right. You should have gotten 30 bucks. But again, this is what I like to call client management. Could I have made him angry about it and been like, irate and like, we need a toilet seat. Yeah, I was like, Hey, dude, you’re gonna have to take 2030 bucks and go to the Home Depot and get yourself a toilet seat. This

Speaker 2 52:29
is not a big deal. Probably for the best. It’s all in presentation.

Speaker 1 52:33
It’s all about the presentation. Yeah. Because buying a home comes with some responsibility. Right? Yeah. It’s not going to be didn’t toss up us at all. I was just like, Hey, you didn’t notice this, but I’m seeing there’s no toilet seat. And he was like, oh, okay, sure. I’ll go get one. Wow. Weird stuff. People take the weirdest stuff they do. But a lot of times they take weird stuff. And the buyers like, Oh, I’m gonna keep that anyway.

Speaker 2 52:59
So thanks, like bathroom mirrors, all the bathroom mirrors, TV mounts. Yeah, what else has become a

Speaker 1 53:08
problem? It’s always the window coverings. And you know, funnily enough, I feel like our purchase agreement says, the window coverings and like all associated heart whatever the wording is, it seems very clear it means curtains blinds. Is it on your window? days, if it’s there it stays. But there’s been a lot of hemming and hawing about this and other and it seems like I mean, no disrespect. Sometimes it seems to be more male agents than not that are like well, I mean, didn’t say curtains, I’m like, that’s a window covering, right? Is this is just semantics.

Speaker 2 53:38
I had a situation where the house had a koi pond. Oh God, they took the fish. They took the fish and the buyers were irate. Like, we don’t want a pond. We want a koi pond with koi fish. And the seller was like, well, these are my pets. These are my pets. I mean, I

Speaker 1 53:51
can kind of see it. Oh, meat weighs me too. It’s not a koi pond without Koi. And those definitely seem like pets. Yeah, they’re expensive. Right? So you really have to walk through to catch all of that. But you also have to sort of think in advance when you’re looking at a particular house. What could be a problem? Yes. A swingset. A fountain. Right. Anything? That’s

Unknown Speaker 54:14
cool equipment.

Speaker 1 54:15
Oh my gosh. Yes. The pool equipment. Like there are a lot of the little up though. appliances that made the washer dryer fridge? Are they staying? Are they not? Were they in the contract? Were they not? Like all these things? Yeah,

Speaker 2 54:27
I’ve had a seller. Take grandma’s rose bushes out the flower bed

Speaker 1 54:31
not allowed. Yeah, unless you tell us right beforehand. I’ve had clients who were like, this was a great one. This was pretty recently. Hey, all of our light bulbs we changed out to those LED Smart bulbs were off to them. And we need to take them all with us when we go but we’ve something and we hadn’t even done the inspection yet. And I’m like, Okay, you need all of your light bulbs to be changed before the inspection because if they come in here and find out what you have, and they want it, they’re gonna want it. But if you change it to where they it was gonna look the same, right? And it’s just a regular switch like they had it programmed to their phone, right? Yeah, I need the door lock. I need the doorbell. I need this. I need the cameras. Okay, fine. But we had to know all of this upfront, right at the walkthrough, where when you’re packing up to leave is not the time for us to discover that you’re taking anything that was installed the dining room light fixture? Yeah. No. And don’t leave stuff behind either. Right? Don’t take things are not supposed to take and don’t leave things behind. You really have to have some fourth, do you do? You do and be like track? This is why are in the templates? Yeah. Again, we have ones that are important for the seller and the buyer in regards to this like, but especially the seller, keep stay in mind. These are the rules.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
The thing with walkthroughs is

Speaker 1 56:02
that typically, they are not a problem, typically, but I find that to be a are a problem. They’re incredibly nerve racking. Yes, yes. Because I’m like, I don’t feel good about it until I’m done. Right? And I’m like waiting to look at the my buyer and be like, are you happy? Are you good? I can’t read you right now. Right? Is everything. Okay? Great? Because I don’t know. And then I just be like, it’s so great. Yes, I love my car. But a lot of times you’re like it’s so dirty. And I’m like, if that’s the number one complaint, I’ll just be like, I’m really sorry. Cleanliness, unfortunately, is subjective. They haven’t done anything wrong per the contract, and you’ll just have to clean it. Welcome to home ownership.

Speaker 2 56:42
I know what I feel. Welcome to home ownership. You hide clean here.

Speaker 1 56:46
I’ve heard stories of like sellers taking all the fruit off of a fruit tree. Oh my gosh, just like the plants. But yeah, anything is possible, right? Anything is possible. And there, it’s usually it is all covered in the contract. But nobody reads that. So you need to be familiar with your contract and be able to paraphrase it for your buyers and your sellers. Yeah. So they know what to expect. But if someone wants to take something like a dining room light fixture, and they tell me on the front end, because I ask, is there anything attached to the house that you need to take when I’m doing my pre listing? I’m like you have to change that now. Yeah, before we hit live, I understand that your light fixture is beautiful. And that is why you want to take it but it might be also the reason why someone sees this dining room and it’s like, I love this house. Right? You got to change it out. Change it out. Now, I had a recent client with like a really cute breakfast room fixture. She said I looked everywhere for it. It wasn’t very expensive, but I would like to take it and the more we talked about, I’m like okay, well you have to replace it before we list because it’s very cute. I think it would draw some attention. So you’ve got to and then she’s like, you know, I’ll just I’ll find another one. I don’t even know if I really needed a lot of times when you push this other and you’re like okay, that’s okay. You can keep it but you have to do it now then suddenly they’re like, Wow.

Unknown Speaker 58:05
Negotiating item, right?

Speaker 1 58:08
Yeah, that’s the easiest way to end up with angry buyers angry agents is take something you’re not supposed to. Yeah, the bathroom mirror it’s always the bathroom mirror now. Why? Why did they want the mirror so bad?

Speaker 2 58:21
Yeah, it’s so weird. When I moved I was lucky to like get everything I needed out. Right was so hard, let alone take extra things.

Speaker 1 58:30
Yeah. Oh, and then of course the furniture brokering we won’t get into but a lot of times people like I want to keep this or I want that. Can I buy this outside of closing? I’m like, I don’t sell furniture. But I have more than I would like to admit. Yeah. Okay. Anything else on walking through?

Unknown Speaker 58:46
I think that’s it.

Speaker 1 58:47
Great. I love it. Just remember it’s important and you must do it. No exception. Yeah, no exceptions. Okay, toast you ready? Jessica price is toasting to Leslie Shin in Savannah, Georgia. Kay, okay. I would like to toast Leslie shin. She is not only the best stepmom but she also but she has also been a good mentor. She has really really encouraged me to pursue real estate and also told me about your podcast sweet. haven’t taken this new career late. Oh, wait, I wouldn’t have taken this new career leap if it wasn’t for her

Unknown Speaker 59:20
that says, I love that mom. I

Speaker 1 59:22
know. That’s awesome. Cheers to Leslie and thank you to Jessica. Y’all go out there and do your final walkthrough.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
Sign your forms.

Unknown Speaker 59:32
Don’t forget your forms. Goodbye.

Unknown Speaker 59:35
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

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