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You asked and we answered. And giggled. And were embarrassed. It felt like a great time to have a light episode requested by you! We put out the call to action to find out all of your burning personal questions and you delivered(maybe a little too much). We are tackling the hard hitting issues like pizza and fries plus our favorite vacation spots and skin care products. 🤣 Not to worry, we also get into marketing, taking risks, mom life, and burn out. If you are dying to know what Alissa’s most dangerous yet admirable activity was in high school, then this is the show for you. Want to know the karaoke story? Who married a twin? Or find out our real estate and husband pet peeves? What about dream jobs and childhood memories? Get ready to get to know us on a whole new level and maybe question some of our life decisions. If we weren’t already friends through the air waves before, we are definitely going to be there after this!

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Katy 0:01
So do you see now people why I told you to stop listening to this?

Alissa 0:05
Isn’t this fascinating? Like I got my license revoked. Okay. So around this time I also had had like my first real boyfriend,

Katy 0:17
right? This is where the story gets so good. I’m like, Get your popcorn people.

Alissa 0:24
You could rent me for events. I had a habit of befriending homeless people. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market. We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hey, Katie.

Katy 0:56
Welcome back to the news desk. Today, the news is all about us. Oh, gosh. It’s an Ask Us Anything episode.

Alissa 1:05
I’m regretting it a little.

Katy 1:06
I haven’t even can’t regret something you haven’t started yet. But I do want to have a disclaimer on the front end. If you happen to be joining us for the first time. Number one, welcome. Number two, please hit pause on this episode. And go back to the one of the many episodes filled with really useful information.

Alissa 1:29
This is more just for fun. This is

Katy 1:31
strictly for fun. Elissa has now been giggling for the last 30 minutes just thinking of answers to some. I only gave you a few questions to prepare for Yeah, we did ask the first of all, we are not this obsessed with ourselves. No, we’re not like let’s have an ask us anything episode, we had a listener who messaged and was like, will you answer some personal questions? And I’m like, Okay, sure. So then we asked you guys what you wanted us to answer.

Alissa 2:01
And we have your questions. here. Right here. I have the

Katy 2:04
questions. And I gave a list so only some of them. So she doesn’t know the answers to all of them. But I’ll give you an easy one. And you can start us off with this because I’ll tell them I brought my Coca Cola with me. So real Coke or Diet Coke. Real, right? But now tell them why you don’t drink it anymore.

Alissa 2:24
Because COVID messed up my taste buds and now it tastes like metal. I’m actually really sad for you so sad because it’s such a great treat. And I’m having it as a treat today. I miss it.

Katy 2:35
I very rarely have it.

Alissa 2:36
Coke was like, I don’t know coke and popcorn. Oh, good old fountain co found coke.

Unknown Speaker 2:42
Gotta have lice must have ice. Yeah. Oh,

Alissa 2:45
I miss it. You’re lucky it never got better so far. How does sweet tea taste because that would be devastating. No, it tastes fine. That’s when I will always like tea. And when coke started tasting like metal just TEA TEA became my new thing.

Katy 3:00
Will Tell me this. What is your favorite beverage?

Speaker 2 3:03
Probably tea. Iced Tea. Sweet and sweet. Half and half I go half and half

Alissa 3:10
and half with extra ice from canes.

Katy 3:13
Why the extra ice though?

Alissa 3:15
I just like to eat my ice.

Katy 3:17
I do like to eat the ice but I want enough tea so I really want half a glass of ice but nothing irks me more because the next question was tell us some of your pet peeves. Then when then when they give you burning hot tea so even if they gave you half of ice and melted all the ice right or I got to chew any of it

Alissa 3:34
yes and that seems to happen a lot.

Katy 3:36
So do you see now people why I told you to stop listening to this fascinating go listen to something else that we have talked about. Yes. Okay, let’s do something real estate related. What is your biggest real estate pet

Alissa 3:51
peeve? I think it would be when I have either like a client that can’t listen to me. Okay, like I know this is the answer. But there may be either in denial or fighting the answer.

Katy 4:08
I would like to insert here I overhear especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a lot of your real estate conversations on the phone and you have a lot of clients that do this. i Yeah, you’re being very clear about what the problem is what the solution is what the options are and they are not listening sometimes

Alissa 4:25
they just get hung up on things and I’m like Tesla’s and

Katy 4:29
I’m impressed. incredibly impressed with your patience. I feel like I’m not a patient person comes across by Okay, so that’s a real estate pet peeve. I was going more in the agent direction. Yes, I

Alissa 4:42
know. But I guess because you just overheard my phone call yesterday. It’s bro that that’s what I’m dealing with in the present moment. Yeah, okay, fair.

Katy 4:50
I have so many that it would be hard to pinpoint. But I’ll go a number one. Well, agents who do not answer their phone, ever or a Any message or any email or any method of contact like like the ghost invisible agent, right? Number one pet peeve number two is bad listing photos. It just it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. Like why couldn’t you get someone with a real camera to take photos that were not you with your finger halfway over the lens of your cell phone? Right? Or pictures of some man in the mirror? Yeah, yeah. We could do real estate pet piece all day. We could, but we’re not gonna because we’re gonna keep this light. Yeah. A lot. Keep it light. Oh, let’s go back to lunch fries or tots.

Alissa 5:38
Well, today I had taught from you know where we went, but I think I’m a french fry girl.

Katy 5:43
Um, fries. Have you ever had in the freezer section they have the medallion cones of fries, tots, whatever. They have crowns. Oh, crayons are like quarter size and it’s like a flattened tot where there’s it’s just it’s like a flat top interest site and they’re so good. Okay, in case anyone’s interested and you happen to like Todd’s I would go with crowns but I’m also fries. Okay. Well, while we’re on food, what do you eat in a day? These are not my record. These are not my questions. Okay.

Alissa 6:17
These are questions I came to for breakfast. I like the Kodiak peanut butter chocolate oatmeal. Okay, just in a cup. It goes in the microwave. That sounds efficient. It’s easy. It’s quick. I don’t really have an appetite early in the morning. But I need to eat because I know myself. So yeah, that’s what I do. But I don’t know. I mean, I try to you have to eat lunch. Yeah, usually with

Unknown Speaker 6:39
you. Sometime, but I eat

Unknown Speaker 6:41
salad salad.

Katy 6:44
Salad birthday.

Alissa 6:45
I just like to eat. I do try to keep it somewhat healthy.

Katy 6:49
I’m not super strict, but and you have some weird food habits. Oh my gosh. Like not like weird. Like, whenever I first met you, I’m like, oh, what’s happening? You had like your chicken from the Greek place and you’re like dipping it in oil. And I’m like, What is going on here? I had cheese oil. Yeah, you’re like I have to do this because I have this.

Alissa 7:11
Dish it well. Yeah.

Katy 7:13
Does that not happen anymore?

Alissa 7:14
Yeah, I still do that. So I had you’re like No, I don’t want to work going here. So I forget. I don’t know what it’s actually called. It runs in my family. It’s genetic. I have it. My younger sister has it. My dad has it and my grandpa had it. Well, it is a condition in your esophagus where things get stuck. You can still breathe right through your nose like you you’re breathing you can breathe so you’re not choking but it won’t go down and so you have to slowly drink water until it goes down or you have to get it back up somehow doesn’t know and it’s usually with drier foods like chicken rice jumbo Elia the listeners are like jumbo who? Yeah, jumbo Elia from Louisiana. Right? But when I was in college, I took a mucin x and so basically what happens is it has been described to me by the doctors that the food sort of like passes through the esophagus and the esophagus restricts and you can’t get it to unrestricted as involuntary so in college I took a Musa annex Yeah, they’re big, huge monetary very large dry pills very hard. No, it’s an it got freakin stuck and I could not get it down and I could not get it up and there was nothing I could do. The next day I was in so much pain. I had to go to the emergency room where they discovered that it had attach it had gotten stuck to the side of my esophagus wall and burned a hole because me snacks is made to dissolve in your stomach not in your esophagus. So it burned a hole so I had to have a procedure where they basically went in and put a bandaid in my esophagus is not funny. But it kind of is and while they were in there they stretched it Oh how nice of them yes, now they also have a procedure where they can put like a mesh netting to keep it open we did not do that we just stretched it I have not had a problem that severe since college but I get stuck like once or twice a week container can recognize it if we’re like eating and I get quiet I have to kind of just let it pass and he’s like oh yeah, but like but it’s okay because you’re not going to die. No, I’m not going to die you can breathe

Katy 9:36
Okay, well I’m actually feeling glad that we talked about this again because I have worried about your health. Oh no. And if I know all the rules to the Heimlich but you’re not going to need that. No, it’s not choking.

Alissa 9:45
Thank the Lord is not choking Great. Excellent. I can’t believe you’ve been nervous all these years a little bit.

Katy 9:52
Okay, I don’t do I want to tell you what I eat in a day. I actually do not eat breakfast as a rule now and I love it because you do the inner And it fast. Yeah. Which I mean before I eat breakfast and I would have eggs or whatever. No, no food until lunch. And I like you know what at normal stuff, right? We eat a variety of things. We have our favorite salad. Yeah. At the Maxwells. Yeah. Wow. So my favorite cookie there it’s all about balance people. Yeah,

Alissa 10:19
it’s all about that palette the cookie. Yeah, you

Katy 10:21
know we like to keep it in half sweet and sweet right? What’s your favorite fast food? Do you eat canes? I think that’s yeah, that

Alissa 10:28
was my first job too.

Katy 10:30
Oh, I worked don’t worry we’re getting there. Okay, don’t worry we’re getting there. Okay, we’re gonna move on I mean for dinner we eat like I can’t I wonder why you do all kinds of stuff. Yes, right and I you know my go to at the Trader Joe’s is the coconut chocolate covered almonds. Yeah, and I like to have a handful of those bad boys after lunch. Okay, what’s your go to coffee order or caffeine fix. Okay, are you ready Melissa Jenkins from

Alissa 10:54
CCS. A blended iced latte, which is just a latte. But it is frozen. Okay, they will blend it for you to hit frozen when it’s sweetened in some way with sugar free white chocolate. Oh, I get the sugar free white chocolate in my latte. Got it with whipped cream on top. Oh, well. That’s not sugar free. What cream is just cream. People think cream is bad for you. I have lots of cream in my life. Right whipped cream on it is just cream that is whipped. So unless you add sugar to it. False.

Katy 11:32
But I’m glad that you feel Overeem that I use it can be just cream. But like if you buy whipped cream look at the ingredient a grocery

Alissa 11:41
Yeah, mine has zero sugar or maybe like it has the little lights and with grand. Yes. Like like because you find a fat but it’s not high

Katy 11:49
sugar moving on from I guess fine.

Alissa 11:51
I love whipped cream because it is low sugar even it’s high fat. It’s like keto friendly,

Katy 11:56
fine cream. I agree with you. I’m not sure cream is all whipped like heavy whipping cream like and then you just whip it. Oh, it’s whipped cream. I will give you that. I’m picturing like prepared whipped cream if you look at the

Alissa 12:11
price, so you put on a Sunday. Be surprised. Very little sugar in there.

Katy 12:15
Don’t make me go to the kitchen right now. You have some? Yes. I’m not going to kitchen right now. Oh my god. Okay, fine. Fine. We’re moving on. Okay, but I don’t have a you don’t really I don’t drink caffeine. I mean, I like tea, but I don’t drink it every day. And I certainly don’t have like, I need a caffeine fix. Like I’m just not a coffee drinker. I’m not a yeah, it’s just not happening. Okay. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Alissa 12:38
I wanted to be a few things. I went to college to be a physical therapist. No way to not know. Yep, I took all the anatomy classes and I actually loved it. And I was a really good student. had good grades made it through the biology’s the anatomies. And then I shadowed a physical therapist and was like, I hate this.

Katy 12:59
What was it that you about it that you hated? It was just

Alissa 13:03
the same things over and over and over again, the building I was in was just kind of depressing. Yeah. Oh, doctor’s office. I like the people weren’t doing their exercises at home. Oh, you were mad because they didn’t do their homework. I’m like, do you want to get better or not? Gotta get it together, right? Come on, people like do your equity, you want to get better. You don’t want to get better. So I had, I had like, a total crisis in college where I like, didn’t know what to do. And so I went and talked to the guidance counselor, and they were like, just get a business degree, you can do anything. It’s better than like something so specific, that you can’t do anything with it. go this route. And then I just loved all my business classes. See, that’s the thing is like, I love to work. I love school. I could have you know, I never had a job I didn’t like except going to that physical therapy office. So you’re like, This is a definite no. Yeah, everything else had been a yeah, this is the first time I have not liked work. How did you

Katy 14:09
pick that as a career? I mean, as a major to start with.

Alissa 14:13
I think I’ve always been like, I’m not like a superstar. I’m not like into sports. Like I was not great at a sport in high school. But I always enjoyed, like, physical activity running or working out. Like I didn’t really I played soccer. I wasn’t very good. I’m like, you want the ball? I don’t care. Have it. So I just liked you know, physical activity. And so, I don’t know I just got into physical therapy. I love anatomy classes, like

Katy 14:44
but no one in your family was in physical therapy. Okay.

Alissa 14:49
I know. I feel like when you’re getting ready to go to college, they’re like Doctor, teacher, lawyer, physical therapists, Nurse like they go to your go to Who’s but like, I have a client? Who is so very wealthy? Uh huh. And all he does is manage and process crushed limestone. Yeah. And I’m like, Why didn’t I know about anything like that? Why Did anyone tell me I could crush limestone as a job and make money? Like, there’s so many things out there. I didn’t know how to think outside of the box, because I don’t know what that this

Katy 15:26
is unfortunate. And for our young listeners, they’ve already maybe gone in the path that they ended up not wanting to and now they’re like, I’m, I’m in, you know, I’m going to be a realtor, right? Yeah. Realtors very rarely someone’s first career choice. Right, right. I mean, that’s okay. Or something. If it was your first career choice. Awesome. Yeah. Good for you. But a lot of times, it’s someone comes to it. Because something else didn’t work out. Yeah, right. Right. I don’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I really loved like, architecture, interior design, that kind of stuff. And then when I found out, I never was like, I want to be a nurse or like, yeah, I just don’t know that I really had a clear. I would love to go find some old you know, when you’re a kid, and they make you write it. I don’t know what I would say like, I have no idea what they said. Or, you know, to me furniture teaching. Yeah, that’s not what I wanted to do, though.

Alissa 16:19
But you went to school for as an adult? Well, like you thought at one point you were going to be a teacher? No, never. Oh, well, then

Katy 16:26
what were you when I was a kid? Maybe I did think it’d be a teacher school? Good question. Because everyone says you should go to college. And so I’m like, I will go to college. And I told my parents that I wanted to go into interior design. They’re like, well, that’s a terrible career. Oh, my word. And then I found out it was, and I probably still would have done it. But then I found out it was a five year program. And I’m like, I’m so burned out on school. High school was so hard that I’m like, No way am I going to commit to five more years of school if I had to choose. So then I’m like, I’ll just pick whatever I like. And I guess I’ll pick English. I don’t really know, all of this is very fuzzy to me. But all I knew for sure is that I had no intentions of using my English degree to be a teacher. And that was pretty much the only thing I thought you could do. So what was my plan? Zero plan.

Alissa 17:12
And I loved school, right? In fact, after college, I almost went to law school just to keep learning. Yeah, I was really into business at that time, I had taken a business law class, I was like, Oh, I’m pretty like strong personality. Maybe I could be an attorney. Right? You could. And then I was like, I don’t know, I need to keep my options open. But I want to stay in school. And so I got my MBA,

Katy 17:35
right? I don’t know. Okay, well, what is your dream job if you couldn’t sell real estate, and the other person asked, What would your next career choice be if real estate didn’t exist? So same question. What would you do if you could not sell real estate? Barista? Right. And maybe at the beach? Yeah. You’re like, I’m picking up and I’m gonna be like, gone? Yeah, I would definitely do something. And as in a design.

Alissa 18:01
Yeah. And I thought maybe if I if something happened, and I was not a realtor anymore. Like I got my license revoked. Okay, right. Right. Right. What would happen? I feel like because I’m, I’m not even though I’m not a huge, like math person. I feel like I would be a good mortgage lender. Oh, because I’m so into understanding the loan process. I’ve helped clients through so many situations, and I understand real estate and like, I just feel like I could do that. I don’t want to do, but I feel like that’s just an area that I know a lot about, and would be interested in learning more if I had to. Okay, that is very, and then you’re like working with the client, but you’re not showing houses. Right. And you’re Yeah,

Katy 18:54
I think anything in business consulting marketing would be fun, but I don’t know that I.

Alissa 19:01
Yeah, maybe we could like start a podcast. That’s a good idea. Yeah. Just talk about stuff. Right.

Katy 19:07
I really like talking. I feel like I’m on the path. Things are going okay. All right. While we’re still on the jobs, what were your past jobs.

Alissa 19:17
My first job ever was at raising canes, and they hired me when I was 15. So I wasn’t old enough to talk to customers, but I could make lemonade. And I would come home with pruney fingers as

Katy 19:29
you were just squeezing lemons I had in my hand like okay, like

Alissa 19:32
lemons, and you put them on the machine by hand and it’s a pulpy process. So then I turned 16 and couldn’t talk to customers and I just loved working I would I skipped school a few times to like pick up a shift

Katy 19:49
that’s so funny. You know, I worked at the Smoothie King and college part of it and I skipped a lot of school to work. Yeah, mostly because I needed the money. Right like I I don’t find I don’t need to go to that class, I’ll just keep working.

Alissa 20:02
Then I worked at blue blockers, which is like a sandwich place. And I remember because Keynes was just paid by the hour. And then Brubacher was also paid by the hour, probably like 50 cents more an hour than Keynes was. But I remember after my first shift, that girl came in handed me like $40 cash and I was like, What is this? What is this for? And she was like, tips. moment,

Katy 20:28
this light bulb went off over your head, and you’re like, wait a minute, they

Alissa 20:32
give you extra money on top of what I’m going to be making. I get to take this home today. Right now. That was the beginning. If they gave you one of those

Katy 20:42
giant checks when you want to turn them in, or a charity, you’re like, oh,

Alissa 20:48
have you seen he’s just not that into you. She wins the ice chest. Want anything? That’s how I felt being handed that $40 And I have never been the same sense. And I just was like worker to make these tips and we’re going to be good it was like the the intro into the harder you work, the more money you can make. Yeah, that’s like my Yeah, poor philosophy. Like what can I do that the harder I work, the more money I can make. Okay, so you’re right, then the restaurant then what? And then walk ins which is just another restaurant and bartending? Yeah, I waited tables and then made my way up to bartender. Okay. And then towards the end of that I was also with staff tenders where this sounds bad, but you could rent me for events. Yes. And just one thing. Yeah, like it like they would say and that was the best because there was no schedule. They sent out what they needed was like an Uber driver of yes, you’re like I’m available and they’re like, We need three bit bartenders and a hostess for a wedding. And the first four people that responded got the job.

Katy 21:54
Yeah. Okay, love that. And then you also work there with your dad, I’m sure he must have paid you for like, when you’re doing appraisals, not really.

Alissa 22:02
I while I was getting my appraisers license after my grandpa passed away, and I was helping him. I mean, he paid me in lunches and whatnot. But I was really just learning and trying to like, I was getting my appraisers license to help because my grandpa passed away. But I realized it wasn’t for me, but I didn’t know what to do. Because my dad was kind of excited that one of his daughters was interested in appraisals and I didn’t like it, then you were not excited. No, I didn’t know what to do. And then my middle sister who was a nurse was like, I’m interested in working with Dad and I was like, great, and she has the personality for it. Perfect. So I just saved into real estate and she is now an appraiser with my dad.

Katy 22:41
Okay, I’m gonna go way back in time. The first job I ever had, which was babysitting, and I am going to tell you how old I am everyone. When I started babysitting at the ripe old age of 12. I to the Red Cross babysitting course and then I made a staggering $2 An hour Wow. I have one client who paid me $5 An hour and I was like, holy smokes. This is a lot. Like I need to do more jobs for you. When I was 14 the summer which like between my high school, I guess when you’re 14, maybe freshman and sophomore, but yeah, I mean, I guess I don’t know. I had to get a work permit signed by school so that I could go work with my best friend at her dad’s office which was Baton Rouge Lumber Company, the O zine office okay from there, which is such a weird story but Jay founded in an attic of a house he was renovating and it was my very first real job. Yeah, like with the W two and stuff. Okay, just for the summer. I didn’t work during the school year because except for babysitting lots of that. Because it was pretty hard and then my senior year of high school I did get a job at like LA MADELINE You know, the line? Yeah, like when they opened the one on Jefferson. Yeah, like serving you know, croissants or whatever.

Alissa 24:00

Katy 24:01
I did not know that that you worked in food service. Okay, was that there were no tips short live it was very short lived. The summer my Okay, yeah, no one yeah, there’s a lot of mopping and there were no tip like there was no draw. Okay, then this summer after my senior year I did a camp counselor for a day camp. So like working with little kids that was pretty fun but didn’t carry on and then when I went to college, I got a job in a real estate a commercial real estate office accounting department. It’s like a friend of the family regardless part time job so I learned all about accounting, which I learned I did not want to do right now that I ever thought I would but I’m like no because talking about doing the same thing over and over again for no Holy moly. The worse every 30 days. It just starts again. Yeah, so it didn’t want to do that. And I went to school for English. We caught that already. And I worked in retail after college as and then I ended up as a retail manager Jaren I’m like, well, this isn’t gonna work. No. And then I got my real estate license. Great. I feel like that’s the whole story. Okay, what’s your favorite pizza topping?

Alissa 25:09

Katy 25:09
I think if I had to pick one it would be pepperoni But truly, mushrooms olives.

Alissa 25:15
I want a supreme pizza. Sausage on my pizza. I’ll take pretty much all of it except for like an anchovy or Ham. Ham. Like, oh, Ainsley loves just pineapple. See pineapple and pepperoni is delicious. You have the

Katy 25:29
pineapple with the pepperoni. Okay. I would try it. Oh,

Alissa 25:33
I like pineapple that one day. Maybe we were lunch.

Katy 25:36
Great. Okay, perfect. That was easy. If you could only choose one marketing activity for the rest of your career.

Alissa 25:45
What would it be? Probably just talking with people on social media. Okay.

Katy 25:51
I would choose Email. I know you would. Because it’s just like so impactful. Yeah. And fun. Right. Okay, great. Moving on. That was from Chelsea. She said, Oh, I have to think of some questions. And I will give it given to me. I think

Alissa 26:03
like because I just recently started doing the email thing. And I can’t decide your jury’s still out. I mean, I don’t totally see the value by Yeah, but the jury’s out. Yeah, on if you enjoy it. Yeah, I don’t enjoy it. Really?

Katy 26:17
I know. And that’s kind of the funny thing. The question was simply if you could if you only had to do one what would it be not locked in apple? Yeah. And if it was effective, or you follow what I’m saying? You could design Canva graphics all day if you want to do doesn’t mean it’s working. Okay.

Alissa 26:34
I want to do that though. I don’t think that would make sense. No, marketing should have a permit because like volunteering to meet more people like to me that’s marketing yourself. I would you would network. I would be a networker. Yeah, you’d be professional networker. Yes, that would be good.

Katy 26:48
How did you avoid MLMs? You’re like a professional networker.

Alissa 26:52
I got suckered into one and was like, This is terrible. I didn’t know what they were.

Katy 26:57
Are you willing to tell us what type of item you were selling? Or no,

Alissa 27:02
like health stuff? Okay. But I was I never really sold it. I just got suckered into it long ago was that? Yeah, I mean, many years. Yeah. Before I was married,

Katy 27:12
there’s nothing wrong with that. If you have an MLM that you’re involved in, live it up. I just can’t see how you would be good at it. Because you’re so good at networking. Yeah. And just just using that for your real estate job. Right. Okay. All right. Moving on. What do you do when you get burned out from real estate,

Alissa 27:28
I like to be outside. I like to roll down the windows in my car I like to read. So I feel like reading a book is really the only thing that will turn my brain off because you can’t read a book and be thinking about your real estate transaction. If it’s a good book, like you’ll be sucked into the storyline. With all these in your brain is tied. Yeah,

Katy 27:48
I find that I just don’t get burned out anymore, since I have lessened my real estate work. So now it’s more like a fun hobby. Right? In a way. I mean, it’s work, but I’m like, this is fun. Like after that phone call you overheard? Yeah, it was like, I

Alissa 28:04
needed to go outside. You needed

Katy 28:06
to read a whole book. Yeah, I mean, it but sure it’s still can burn you out. But I’m like, wow, I definitely had that part of my career where yes, sometimes I was burned out. But I feel like I have solved the problem in my elder career age, where I just don’t work with people I don’t want to work with and I just kind of you

Alissa 28:25
don’t know that and until you’re like, I never would have thought this particular client would be this much of

Katy 28:30
who I am. And I guess I don’t take on so much that even that would burn me out. It would make me annoyed. Yeah. I wouldn’t be like I’m burned out. I can’t do this anymore. I

Alissa 28:38
think that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 28:39
I don’t know the other side of burnout.

Alissa 28:41
I love vacations. Yeah, I mean,

Katy 28:44
now that’s a great way you used to do your drives drive away lives. It’s been a minute since I drove over the bridge. I think adding the podcast is was has been a nice change of pace. 100% so that it’s hard to get burned out when you know that you have another thing that you’re doing that’s working, right.

Alissa 29:00
Yeah. And I just feel like the podcast keeps me on my toes for my real estate business. And it’s like podcast therapy. So I’m always getting my feelings.

Katy 29:10
That’s true. All therapy is

Alissa 29:12
working. It is the pocket therapy is working. Yeah, well, so

Katy 29:15
there you go. Listener if you’re getting burned out on real estate, maybe you just need to talk it out with someone talk it out. Okay.

Alissa 29:22
Oh, this is a good one. Oh, no. Oh, no, it’s not scary. Oh,

Katy 29:25
well, maybe I don’t know. It says, Did it terrify you to have kids? I have this awful thought that my life and career will be over. I relate to this. You just said it in the last episode that you were worried.

Alissa 29:39
I think that I was never the person that was like, I can’t wait to have kids. Yeah, like I never was that person. I just assumed like, oh, you get married. You have kids. Like I’ll have some kids. They all probably have kids at some point. But like I was even nervous because when I was pregnant with Haven. I just was like, am I supposed to feel all connected to this thing in there because I don’t even like I thought maybe when I had ultrasounds or saw pictures I wouldn’t be like, wasn’t, I was. And so I was just getting really nervous. You’re like, Oh, I was getting really nervous. All I could think about was my business and my life. And am I ever going to sleep again? Am I going to be able to go out with my friends? Am I going to be able to make money and work? Like, what are we going to do? Like the that was pretty much my whole pregnancy with Haven. Yeah. And then she came and luckily for me, it was like an instant connection. Okay, great, like, life changing moment. The second thing I put her on my chest, and I just understood, okay, I just understood. That’s not to say everything after that was all rainbows. And like, of course, like, I still had certain things that I had to figure out. But I was so thankful that I loved.

Katy 31:01
Yes, we’re all thankful for that. And then

Alissa 31:03
actually, when I was pregnant with Tate, like Haven holds this special place in my heart because she changed me. And like, I know, I could love her. Right. But Tate is different, because it’s like, I loved him. From the beef. Like, while I was pregnant. Yes, from the before times, I because I knew what was coming. Yeah. And Haven. As I mentioned in our last episode, before havan, there was no boundaries. Yeah, it was no routine. She she grew my business. Yeah. Like, not only did she not kill my business, right, but she like, the way that I had to work after having kids. made it so much more. Yeah. And so it’s been quite the dirty, it’s lovely. It’s been like to see, like your wish for 2017.

Katy 31:56
Okay, so she was a couple of years old when we started the podcast. Yes. Okay, I was pretty terrified as well. I mean, you know, like, you share your you have your normal new mom fears. And then if you’re like, in a career that is going well that, like you feel like you’ve just got your hit your stride, right? You’re like, what is gonna happen? Right?

Alissa 32:19
I will navigate this. That’s kind of how I felt like I was just hitting some big numbers when I got pregnant with Haven. And I was like, well, it works out. I just think that it’s all about you giving yourself grace and realizing it won’t be the same and it shouldn’t be the same. Sure. And it can’t really be the same, right? But it’ll be okay. Yeah, right, will be totally fine. It could be better in a lot of ways. A lot of ways. It’s so much but I think the biggest thing I miss is like after closings I used to stay and have wine with Nikki sometimes we go out to dinner the closing attorney. Yeah. And now it’s like, I have to get home by and I miss. And I know like every now and then I’ll like tell Tanner, hey, can you get the kids can I you know, right? But it’s like I do just miss the freedom. I don’t like having to ask for help. And yeah, that’s hard. And I just want to be able to stay like or be spur of the moment. It’s, I can’t do that so

Katy 33:12
much. Right? It’s just a season though. It’s kind of it’s not as long as it’s really not that long. It’s like a 12 year season feels like forever, because at some point they can stay home alone. Right? Those kids and at some point they’re going to drive themselves places. Whoa, wild. Wild. Okay. What do you do when you’re not working? Hobbies, kids activities, husbands careers, so many questions.

Alissa 33:37
You want to go first?

Katy 33:39
What do I do when I’m not working? We like to play fetch with the dog in the backyard. And we like to ride on our bikes. Although I haven’t done a lot lately, but I do like a good bike ride when the weather’s nice. We love to play board games. Well, by we I mean Jay and me. And Ainsley Josh, you have to like really? twist his arm into

Alissa 34:00
the board game not into as they’re boring. Sure. Maybe

Katy 34:02
they’re called board games. She loves them. We all like them exciting. Loves

Alissa 34:07
board games. so narrow. Me and Jack would be like, send her over. So

Katy 34:13
yeah, the he has, you know, basketball because it says kids activities. At some point. The URI is basketball. Ainsley likes to do her silks class, but that’s not really taken a lot of my time. And you know, Jay is obviously here. Yeah, doing podcast things and then he’s picked up a golf and they’ll I wouldn’t mind picking up golf.

Alissa 34:34
I feel like you’d be a good golfer cue I think that I would be 10 I think you’d look cute in the outfit. Perfect.

Katy 34:39
Well, I’m gonna get the outfits and I’ll get better at that. I you know, like, we like to go on some trips every once in a while. At mean, Ainsley. I like to bake a cookie you know, like Yeah, but not like anything. I don’t feel like I have any just like hardcore hobbies like Oh yeah, I’m always fishing like that’s the thing right now. It’s

Alissa 34:58
not the thing. Definitely not Fishing.

Katy 35:00
Do I enjoy an occasional fishing trip? Sure. But do you have any hobbies? Or activities? No, you read that I read a hobby. I like

Alissa 35:11
to work out and go for walks. I like to take quick trips. I like to just put the kids outside and like be inside. Doing something cooking something or like, I don’t know.

Katy 35:26
I like a little trashy TV some Yeah, saying we like to watch movies. Nothing significant TV. I mean, I feel like TV is a hobby. Sure. You know, gotta watch TED lasso. Did you see Ted last? No. It’s a must. Okay, it is and it’s over now. So all four seasons, you can just crank raise it like Ameesha or me and Tanner show both 100% Okay, great. You’ll love it funny. heartwarming. All the things. That was a little shout out to Ted laughs Okay. This is what are your favorite things but I don’t like what are your favorite thing? My laptop?

Alissa 36:07
Of course, my Stanley Cup.

Katy 36:09
Right like what do you these are a few of my four runner. We had a whole episode about our favorite things. Yeah, go back. Go back and check that one out yet for runner. I love that. I do really love my car. Smile. My new car ever was amazed now had a year and it is quite a delight. This is still bringing me joy. Okay, here’s a toughy the biggest pet peeve your spouse does

Alissa 36:34
he doesn’t rinse off the dishes before he puts them in the dishwasher. Okay,

Katy 36:38
well, have we fixed the problem now that you got the sink though, where at least the food is falling into the right. Improved things. Alyssa said that she had a problem with Tanner putting the food in the non disposal side of their compartment sink.

Alissa 36:55
Yeah. Scoop it out and put it in the disposal side or the trash can. So she

Katy 37:00
just said you know what? Instead of fixing you I’ll fix the sink. And she got one one.

Alissa 37:06
Think that everything goes down and then disposal.

Katy 37:09
Oh, I think that’s amazing. What do I have pet paetynn. You know? Yeah, everyone does, right. Jay likes the paper towels at a certain distance from the soap dispenser. Because it’s a it’s like a moveable paper towel thing. And I hate the way it visually looks. But he’s saying the function is doesn’t make sense if there is a function I know and I’m all about the fact that it doesn’t look good. I don’t want this doesn’t look good. Any general pet peeves? Not about your husband just the world in general. I’m

Alissa 37:41
sure I don’t really have any road rage.

Katy 37:45
Ever. No one ever makes you mad on the road? Like go faster. Grandma, please. Yeah. Oh, yeah. No, I don’t like when people are on their phone. Like visibly on their phones. Yeah, driving like that does make me crazy.

Alissa 37:59
I think my biggest pet peeve comes from burning myself out on the coffee dates. My biggest pet peeve is when someone calls and asks for help or advice and then we’ll do nothing with the information. You’re like you just wasted all my time. Yeah, that’s my pet peeve.

Katy 38:15
That’s a fair one. Next question. Can we talk about Murphy? What is he doing right now? He left the room. We did the last two episodes. Now that we’re at the at the desk. We have let him stay in here. And then he’s just wandered out of the room at some points quietly like a little like a little Corgi ninja? Yeah, he’s the best. What is something that makes you proud? Other than real estate or your family?

Alissa 38:46
Okay, I actually thought about this the other day because I forget that it is rare. Okay. I am really proud of myself that I have stayed on top of like, exercise. Yeah, my whole life. That’s really good. I didn’t realize that it was as much of it because I just need it. Uh huh. And so, I don’t know, I didn’t realize it was as much of a struggle like some people are like, I would rather eat nothing but salad as long as I didn’t have to work out. Yeah, like, and I’m the opposite. Like, I would rather workout every day. Yeah, if I could. I would have a harder time. Being as like, good as you were when you were doing your program. Yeah, where you were eating so good. It’s tough. So hard. I just

Katy 39:35
I could like, I think, well, moderation. And like, you can’t just do you can’t be like, all so strict. Okay. I am a very proud gift giver. I think I put a lot of time and energy into my gifts. You do feel like that is a fun skill that I have. And I’m proud of it. I’m also pretty thoughtful. And I feel like I give decent advice. Yeah, feeling PVR like interests. didn’t, but you’re right. Nothing worse than given advice that people also then don’t want to take. can go both, it can go both ways. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Alissa 40:12
So my dad is a real estate appraiser. And there were many times when we had to go to work with him because you don’t go to work with mom as much because she was very corporate. Okay. So he would turn like the back of the car into like a movie theater. You know, he would like plug the little TV into a cigarette lighter, and he actually like, put in our, like beanbag chairs. Wow, there were no car seats at this time. Oh, my goodness, he would get us ICs and Laffy Taffy, and we would just stay in the car and watch movies while he was work and measured how this summer. I guess I left it running because it would have been hot. Yeah. And the TV had to work. So

Unknown Speaker 40:58
Dell were very advanced. Yeah,

Alissa 41:00
he’s like, we joke that my dad is MacGyver because yeah, pretty much like fix and do rig anything. Oh my gosh, also, I have memories of being in his office and I would, I had a large glue stick and I would have to glue the comp pictures and the pictures or report to the report. Nice. And so I remember doing that.

Katy 41:23
That’s so funny.

Alissa 41:24
I don’t know I have a lot of memories, doing things with my sisters that I’m like, Where were our parents? Yeah, like a lot of memories with my sisters like one time me and Lacey locked. Mallory, our youngest sister in this big rabbit cage we had with the rabbit and we were pretending she was a rabbit. Yeah, we’re like feeding her carrots. And then we ran out of carrots and we went inside and left her and we just forgot we were going to get more but then we got sidetracked.

Unknown Speaker 41:54
How old was she

Alissa 41:55
got? She was Little

Katy 41:58
did you get into trouble? Yeah, a lot of trouble. That’s so funny. My sister locks my brother in this little play storage room thing that we had on the driveway. Uh, my room was upstairs. But on the driveway side. I don’t remember if I eventually he’s screaming he was in it for like, over an hour locked in this like storage room, if you will. Yeah, it didn’t go down so well. I mean, I remember that. I remember like, the weirdest. Every incident I had with a rat at the house I grew up in because we lived in an old neighborhood with big oak trees. Our house was old. There was a rat out of a cardboard box and I leaned in to look because the door was kind of like at waist level and like a foot in front of me. This giant rat ran across like the attic. Trauma, trauma trauma. I want to tell you one of my pet current pet peeves, okay. When people use the term, core memory and core memory unlocked, I think it is incredibly presumptuous to assume you know what your children are going to remember? Because I have all these weird rat memories. I don’t remember the first time we went to Disney.

Alissa 43:08
I know. Isn’t that weird at all? Yeah,

Katy 43:12
I remember. You know what I remember about our first trip to Disney. I was in the sixth grade. My mom and dad never checked us out of school early. We I mean, I was like a Attendance Award kind of kid. Yeah, I went every day of school, it was not an option for us to be they checked us out early one day for us to leave for Disney road and my grandparents motorhome because they came with us to Disney. And we stayed at like the Wilderness Lodge or whatever. And I remember playing odds and evens like where you want to three shoot with my grandfather while he drove. I don’t remember a thing about Disney. Those are the two things I remember when I was in sixth grade.

Alissa 43:49
It’s the little things

Katy 43:50
but so my point is all those Instagram posts core memory unlocked. Yeah. Okay, good luck, right? You have no clue what your kids are gonna remember? No.

Alissa 44:01
I do remember. So when we have Monday night dinner still, my grandma is still alive. She still lives next door to my mom and dad. But when I was little it was every Monday and Tuesday. Yeah, so we would just I have a lot of memories with my grandparents because they live next door and whenever I would get mad and run away, I’d run away next door. But yeah, it is interesting, because I always look at Haven now. And I’m like, I wonder if she’s gonna remember these things like she seems so present.

Katy 44:28
How do you not remember? Clearly conscious? Why don’t you remember? Like, sometimes you could show pictures and be like, Oh, I can’t but really, they just remember the like, yeah, it’s so fun. I find that to be fascinating, right? Like, what do you remember? What do you not remember? What do you block out? Right? Why and why? Okay, any silly teenage stories, Alyssa?

Alissa 44:50
Oh my God, I

Katy 44:50
am going to I’m going to guide your answer. Okay, unless you have one you’re thinking of? No. Great. Let’s go back to the canes where you had your first Ah, Willie, will you share with our listeners the strange habit that you developed? Or do we not? I want them to hear.

Alissa 45:08
Oh no, I’m nervous now remember, but

Katy 45:11
that guy, the dumpster and what did you use to

Alissa 45:15
do? Yes, this is terrible. Let me tell you, I’ll be the guy in the dumpster. I had a habit of truly very kind, befriending homeless people.

Katy 45:29
I think that’s very sweet. But you were to you were to Yeah, I was driving, I was able to drive. And you also picked up a lot of hitchhikers. Your dad knows. That’s the only reason why I’m allowing you to say this.

Alissa 45:45
Yes. So my first car. It’s like that country song. My first car was a pickup truck, right. And my first car was a pickup truck. It had a bed in the back. Okay, so I felt safe. picking people up and giving them a ride is the best with it. Because they were the bed of the truck. I never let anyone in the vehicle with me. And I lived. Thank the Lord. I know. But you know, if I ever die from something like that, just know that I was okay with it good as you

Katy 46:16
are being a good Samaritan. Like I’m helping I

Alissa 46:19
had to do it. Okay, you can’t resist.

Unknown Speaker 46:21
I can’t,

Alissa 46:22
I had to do it. I’ve gotten I have to be respectful. See, again, you know, when you’re young, you don’t have kids, you can do whatever you want. Now I’m married. And I have to like be respectful of my husband who is in law enforcement. And he’s like, Please, don’t do that. Like, so I tried to be respectful. And I have changed the extent to which I will communicate with the homeless and I feel like the homeless aren’t what they used to be like things have gotten a little different drugs have gotten way worse and different types of drugs like

Katy 46:54
you were like bringing though extra food and stuff out to the fella that live near the

Alissa 47:00
Yeah, yeah. And then sometimes I would give him like, I would give the lady at Waffle House $20 And I’d be like, he can order whatever he wants. And then whatever the change is left, like you can keep it as a tip or whatever. Okay. And then one time my friend that that lived behind the dumpster by where I worked, he was the one that I often helped with Waffle House told me that he had to go to court right and needed some new like khaki pants or just some sort of pants and like close toed shoes. I went to Walmart and I got them.

Katy 47:32
I mean, it’s really so kind. I’m not surprised about this about you. You’re so kind and thoughtful and generous, but they

Alissa 47:39
just seemed like, like I wasn’t even thinking to myself, Oh, let me hell no, it was just like, hey, man, you haven’t hard time. But what can I do for you? Right? You’re

Katy 47:49
like no big deal. You obviously thought it was no big deal. You’re like what I happened to back up my truck. Okay, so you also, please tell me you will say I hope that you will tell the story. Tell us how your dad found out that you were taking hitch he wasn’t even a hitchhiker because it was your friend from behind the dumpster

Alissa 48:05
the different one different guy.

Katy 48:08
Okay, please tell us the story. So I have the guy who I helped

Alissa 48:11
with pants and shoes and waffle house that was like a regular friend. Whatever he is now, I hope he’s okay. Um, anywho that the other guy. So that was the one from when I worked at Keynes. Okay. The other one was when I worked at blue blockers and I was taking the trash out and we were closing it was like 10 o’clock at night. It was freezing outside and totally freezing. And so I go to take the trash out. And I noticed there is a man sleeping between the dumpster and the fence. Okay, and I’m just like, well, this isn’t gonna work, you know, so I tossed the trash and I’m like, Hey, like, you can’t be here. And he’s like, I’m sorry. Like, I don’t know. Like he thought I meant like, you have to move. Yeah, go away. Yeah, no, I was like, No, I mean, like, it’s actually way too cold. Like you cannot be here. And here’s the thing that I have noticed because I have talked. Hope Tanner’s not listening. I have talked to homeless people. Okay, back then. They were never the ones I spoke to. Were never off their rocker.

Katy 49:19
Oh, they were you mean they were not having mental health issues?

Alissa 49:22
Right. They were not like, totally like on lucid. Yes. All the people I ever helped and talk to we’re totally lucid. Okay, now you try to talk to a homeless person and they think they’re a dog and they start barking. Mental health issues. Yes. But it’s like drug induced all sorts of things. Got it. So it’s just different. It’s just different fare. So anywho I say that to say, I told this guy like, You can’t sleep here. So I’m like, Look, just stay there. I get off work in like, 10 minutes. We’re almost done and I’ll take you somewhere, right? And he’s like, okay, like, really?

Unknown Speaker 49:58
So I’m strange lady. It’s

Alissa 50:00
fine. Yeah. And so he gets in, we finish. I’m like, This is my truck, get in the bag. Get in the back, right? It’s gonna be cool. I’m gonna be watching you don’t do anything. No sketchiness sketchy. He’s like, okay, so he gets in and I’m like watching him in my rearview mirror like, the whole time I’m driving. I’m like, is he gonna? Like, I don’t know. Does he have a gun? I don’t know.

Katy 50:20
Where were you taking him? What was your plan? Um,

Alissa 50:23
I just knew that down the street. There were some like really sketchy hotels. You’re like I can Hotel Motel. I don’t know motel Fine. Whatever. I’m like, I could probably do this without a credit card. It will he would be out of the cold. Yeah. And it was very close by. Right. So I just went in and I’ve poor thing. It was so cold. So when we start driving down Airline Highway, I see him just like shivering back there. I’m like, but he can’t get in my car. I do have boundaries. Yeah. Okay. So we get to thanks. We get to the hotel. And I go in and I’m like, Hey, how much is like two rooms? Or I’m sorry, two rooms, two, nine need to stay. I didn’t need to say two nights, all right, or a night? And they were like, oh, it’s like $35 at night, okay. And I’m like, do I have to put up a credit card or any? And she’s like, No, I’m like, can I just pay you cash and like, not leave my information? And she was like, Sure. That’s what kind of place this was. Got it. So I pay for two nights for $35. And she tells me where to go. So I drive around the building and I give him a key. And I’m like, Look, you have this for two nights. You have to be out by like Wednesday at noon. And I said, Please don’t mess anything up. Right? And he was like, Are you for real? And I was like, yeah, just don’t mess anything up. I’m not coming back. You were like, get a shower. Yeah, I say shower, sleep, but just like, don’t mess anything up. And he was like, okay, so around this time, I also had had like, my first real boyfriend,

Katy 51:48
right? This is where the story gets so good.

Alissa 51:51
And he was like my friend from the eighth grade. And now we’re dating and we’ve been dating. How old are you at this point? And I’m 16 I’m driving. Okay. So

Unknown Speaker 52:03
I’m like, Get your popcorn people.

Alissa 52:07
My dad, I guess was using my truck for something that was sort of like one of the deals was like we needed a truck in the family. So you know, you got to drive it. But yeah, he use it. So he’s using the truck. So he is cleaning out my truck and finds the receipt to this motel. And he’s like, Oh, God, like, oh, no, oh, no. And so he comes to me, and he’s like, Hey, like, we need to talk. And I’m like, okay, about what? And he just holds up the receipt. And I’m like, Oh, God, He knows. He knows that. I have like, taken this home. And he’s like, Alyssa, because I said something like, oh, and he’s like, so this is yours? And I was like, yeah, yeah, it is mine. And he’s like, you know, it’s so awkward because we’re talking about two very different things. Right. He I did not know at the time thought that I had been like sneaking off with my boyfriend. I knew that I had helped a homeless man. So you were in trouble for the homeless? Told you to speak up. Also, Alyssa,

Katy 53:14
why would your dad ever think that that’s what you had done?

Alissa 53:17
Because he knew that I had been it had been a thing we had

Katy 53:22
to have some talks about, about helping the hitchhikers? Yeah, homeless, right. Okay. Okay. So you thought oh, he’s figured figured

Alissa 53:29
out and caught. So he’s like, like, how could you like, what? And I’m like, I’m sorry. Like, I just couldn’t help.

Got it. I’m like, wondering why he’s like, acting so weird. Like, I’m sorry. Like, what we like, like, do you know about these things? Like, we never really had to talk. So I get to try to like back up. I don’t know. But I’m like, I like, he’s just looked at me. So sad. I didn’t know what to do. So everything I’m saying makes sense for what he’s thinking. And it’s horrible. It’s horrible. And he’s just like, oh, gosh, I She’s being very open about this. So finally, we both I realized what he was talking about. And I was like, Oh, my boyfriend. And he’s like, yes. And I’m like, no, no, I did a homeless version to the hotel. Why would I go there? And he was like, Oh my gosh, I feel so much better. I was like, you’re like, yeah, it was very awkward, but

Katy 54:39
you still got in trouble. Yes,

Alissa 54:41
I’m sure. We never really got into much trouble.

Katy 54:44
I think that is a fabulous story. But I also would like to applaud you even as a child for being so thoughtful of other people.

Alissa 54:52
I wish that I don’t feel like I’ve outgrown it. I think just being scared a little more scary. I have more to lose now like I have I’ve had no more negative experiences. Drugs have gotten crazier. Yeah, you just have to be careful but there’s still ways to help so Okay, let’s

Unknown Speaker 55:09
take it light. What’s your favorite skincare product?

Alissa 55:12
Vitamin C?

Katy 55:13
Oh really on your on your face. I like the revision intellia shade. Remember I made we both bars on the BOGO from lashes.

Alissa 55:20
Tinted Moisturizer with SPF. It’s like the best it is the best. It’s got SPF. It’s the only one using vitamin C earlier this year. I have been so pleased.

Katy 55:30
Great. I love that. Okay, would you have a certain brand you like?

Alissa 55:34
I think the one that gave me as Obayashi. Okay, super.

Katy 55:36
What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

Alissa 55:41
Probably just like the snuggles because I’m not really snuggly person. But with the with babies like I just it’s different like taking Yankee hugs. I just love

Katy 55:52
hugs are good. I love the funny things they say. I just like hearing like how they think and like the funny things they tell you.

Alissa 55:59
So yesterday I was like taped. Why are you so be a D? He goes ah, e f g like, oh my gosh, this kid. Do

Katy 56:11
you record them somewhere? Sometimes? Yeah. My favorite thing is my kids say the darndest things. Google doc where since Ainsley was about three and started saying funny things, I’ll just put the date and what they said, Because and now when I go back and read it, I am so thankful that I ever did that. Because you don’t remember those funny daily things. They just kind of like fly out of your brain. But when you go read them as a whole you just laugh and laugh and you can remember and hear the their little voice

Alissa 56:37
Yeah, so fun. Okay, you’re a good recorder. They record every

Katy 56:43
I like to record things every like I’m just you’re like getting rid of your entire digital footprint. And I’m like recording I

Alissa 56:49
know, but you make me want to hold on to certain things,

Katy 56:52
but in in some way, because you can’t trust just like you can’t trust yourself to remember what someone tells you in a client like a lead phone call. You can’t trust yourself to remember your core memories. Yeah, you have to like if you want to really remember something you do need to document it with the photo or the written word or whatever. Okay. Well, yeah, what let’s take us back to now that we’ve left you in high school, what were each of you like in college with a dead face? Is what this question is a dead? You know, like the skull, like a? Why is that there? I didn’t put it there. Dude, this is how they asked the question. Why? What were each of you like in college dead? Oh, like, well, I made it through barely. Okay. In some ways, I’m like, where’s this question going?

Alissa 57:38
I loved college. You did still be there if I could, um,

Katy 57:43
I dated the same guy all through college that I started dating the summer after my senior year. And he was my first ever boyfriend. And he wasn’t the nicest fella. So I do feel like my college experience was somewhat skewed by that.

Alissa 57:58
After college, I had a lot of fun. Sure.

Katy 58:00
And I had fun in college, but it was like, you know, and I didn’t. And I spent a lot of time working because I didn’t have a lot of money. It was very poor. And new college poor. And, you know, it was all right.

Alissa 58:13
Yeah, I worked. I mean, I had classes from 730 till 1030. And then I worked the lunch shift from 11 till two and then I always took a nap because they knew when I went out or bartending out or bartending, yeah,

Speaker 2 58:25
I mean, you know, we went out a lot. I mean, for our listeners and other places, there’s, it’s a lot of drinking here, locally. And so if you could avoid that you were like, You are a unicorn, right? If you like, totally, we’re like, it’s like, in Louisiana. They’re always celebrating something. It’s just part of

Katy 58:44
the culture or the culture. You know, maybe it’s a Thursday night. Yeah.

Alissa 58:47
Thursday, Thursday. Wine Wednesday.

Katy 58:52
Time. Yeah. And I was smoker.

Alissa 58:55
I can’t believe I know that. That was like the detail about me that people are like, Well, why I when you told me that you used to smoke. I’m just like,

Katy 59:02
the age of maybe su 17. Okay, like I was a senior until I started dating Jay and I was 26. So like, for nine years.

Alissa 59:12
I just can’t even imagine it. I

Katy 59:13
know. It’s a terrible habit. I don’t recommend it to anyone. What I do recommend is that I probably should have been tested for ADHD when I was a kid and then I would probably have been appropriately in the right therapy or medication. Because now that I’m reading, I was definitely self medicating. With a cigarettes. Yeah, because then nicotine will kind of right, right, right. Make sense? I know.

Alissa 59:37

Katy 59:38
What’s your most embarrassing story? Other than the time your dad thought you took your boyfriend to the Moto gross

Alissa 59:44
motel? Oh, I just want to hear yours. I’m just like, when we got this question. It’s like it’s embarrassing. So you don’t want to share it right? Look, you’re not required to share anything on the hustle humbly podcast trying to be transparent and authentic. TIG

Katy 1:00:00
fine whenever I got this question, I thought I was struggling a bit because I’m like, I do embarrassing stuff all the time. And definitely as a kid, I was embarrassed a lot because I was very shy. Yeah. So I just don’t have like these big traumatic events that I remember. I guess I blocked them out, rightfully so I tried to be a positive person, but I will tell you, the one that finally popped into my head was, I had met Jay, my sweet husband one time previously, in passing, he was a friend of a friend. And then he went away to the war in Afghanistan after 911. Okay. And I did not see him again until like several like six to whatever. 10 months later, from the first time I met him, and as you may not know, people who listen to the show, he is an identical twin. Okay, meanwhile, as he was away at war, one of my best friends started dating. Chris is identical twin. Oh, so I would see her out with Chris frequently I would see him some free I knew Chris Sure. He was dating my friend. Yes. I had my birthday. At my apartment. We were having like a little party and my friends were coming over. And Katie, my friend came with who I thought and

Alissa 1:01:18
the identical twin brothers were both dating uh, Katie,

Katy 1:01:21
it coming soon after this story. Okay. And married. We both ended up getting married. Okay, it regardless, I walked in to this my party, or he walked in with Katie and I thought, Oh, this is Chris, her boyfriend. But really, Jay was back from Afghanistan. And I like walked up and gave him a hug. Like, Hey, man, how are you doing? And I’m sure he was like, I have met you one time before a weirdo. But I thought it was Chris. Oh, then later that night? No, not that night. But not long after we did start dating. Great. I was pretty embarrassing. I was like, Oh my God. I’m sure he’s huge. Because it is he’s a twin. Right? Right. They get it all the time. He didn’t care. Right. But but he was like, Oh, no. I’m Jay. I’m

Alissa 1:02:07
just getting good to know minds way more embarrassing.

Katy 1:02:10
Let’s hear it. Or don’t hear.

Alissa 1:02:12
I know, I’m just gonna tell it. My most embarrassing moment that I wish I could take back in life. Because I’m so I’m like walking around with like a no regret shirt. Oh, no hair. No, I’m just like, I take this back when we were going over. This is the only question she sent me like ahead of time. And I’m like, Yeah, I don’t want to have to pick from this. Like, there’s so many so many embarrassing moments in my life. I love this for you. And maybe it’s just because I’m an Enneagram. Three, like, I don’t want to your hair will think about me. So when I’m embarrassed if I just remember. Yeah. Okay, so this is definitely this was before kids, but I was married. Okay. And the church that I grew up at with my family, like my sisters, my parents, like they all still go there. I don’t I go to a different one because I live 20 minutes away now. But they were doing a really fun thing where they were going to they were just trying to like cater to some of like, the youth of the church because it’s like an older crowd. So there’s a youth engaged? Yes, yes. And I love the church, it’s Episcopalian and so Episcopalians are allowed to like, you know, drink and you know, whatever. So they’re pretty, they’re fun. loosey goosey. Yeah, I like them.

Katy 1:03:33

Alissa 1:03:37
they’re like, We are going to do Disney karaoke. Okay. And I’m just like, my wheelhouse. I loved it. My middle sister can sing. She sang at my wedding. Oh, yeah, she’s, uh, she could really sing her beautiful singer, like Disney Princess voice if I if I always told her like, you should be one of the princess voices because you have that kind of voice. It’s just, you know, I don’t know. It’s beautiful. So Lacey had like, asked, like if we all wanted to go and our parents weren’t really going to come because they were trying to cater to like the younger crowd. So they were like, you know, we can’t serve you drinks, but feel free to bring your ice chest and data. Well, we just got like really excited about it. And you got a couple of drains. Well, here’s the problem. Just a side note. It took me a minute in college to figure out how to like handle my alcohol fair, because it didn’t take much right like I’m not a huge drinker. Like I love like a beer at dinner or going out but I was I cannot take shot. No, no shots, no shots. No fun. They’re like you’re no fun. You won’t take a shot. I’m like, do you want to see no fun of a throw? Give me a shot. Yeah, you want to carry me you want to peel me off the ground and carry me out of here. No fun. So um, this was one of those times and the thing I remember Are most is that leading up to this during this timeframe? I was trying to be like, super like paleo. So I was not eating a ton. I was probably on an empty stomach and we met at my parents house when we play game by the church to pregame pregame church event for you gave him the charge of it. Why would I do this? And if you know me, I do not karaoke. I’m simply going to like, watch. I’m just like, I want to see my sister. Sure. And we invited my friend Emily to come and she’s pre gaming with us and like, I just drink too much. You didn’t need much no paleo and I didn’t need much and I drink too much. And then you went to the church and then I went to the church. And that was a show it was not good. I was sloppy.

Katy 1:05:57
And did you sing? Yes.

Alissa 1:05:59
What song and I’m just really upset. You know, I want to blame it on everybody else.

Katy 1:06:04
Did you ever go back to this church again?

Alissa 1:06:07
I have I didn’t for a long time. But even when I go back then No, even though it’s been like 15 years I’m like, I remember that. And I’m like super embarrassed.

Katy 1:06:19
Please finish the story. Anyway, I

Alissa 1:06:21
think like I’ve had to have talked with friends around me like Tanner I’m like Tanner if I ever get this way take me home. You are big enough to pick me up. I’m not allowed to. If I am kicking and screaming I don’t care just like throw me over your shoulder and throw me in the car. Okay, like I don’t want to be that way right and so if it happens on accident helped me get it’s all if it happens. It’s an accident, right? I did not mean to do that. I felt like loot school get wasted. No, no, that’s never my intention. But I have had moments where it sneaks up on me or a drink is stronger than I thought or I didn’t eat enough or I haven’t drink and so long that it just hit me harder lair. Take me home and I’m like, even though it’s not their fault, I am mad at my siblings for allowing.

Katy 1:07:10
What did you saying?

Alissa 1:07:12
Oh my gosh. What didn’t I say? You say

Katy 1:07:16
more than one song? Yeah, you just held on to the mic and they it was bad. And nobody like I stopped you because nobody else wanted to.

Alissa 1:07:25
I care like let Alyssa. Like. It was so bad. It was so embarrassing. So sorry.

Katy 1:07:33
That happened. Yeah. And like good news. The Episcopalians don’t kick anybody out. No, but they were very kind at a lesser church. You might have been

Alissa 1:07:45
like, you know, oh, my was so embarrassing. Like,

Katy 1:07:51
I can’t believe I’m sure thank you for sharing that with us.

Alissa 1:07:54
You’re welcome. Well, here’s how much I love you guys. You listeners. I wanted to share my most regretful embarrassing moment. It really

Katy 1:08:02
wasn’t that bad.

Alissa 1:08:03
It was

Katy 1:08:04
I’m sorry I missed it. If you could live anywhere in the

Alissa 1:08:09
world, where would it be and why? I’ve heard Ireland is the happiest place to live. Really?

Katy 1:08:16
I’ve heard that in Sweden. If you go to jail, it’s like a resort. Oh, and they actually rehabilitate you and they don’t have repeat offenders. That’s amazing. That’s not what I’m not going to move to Sweden. Where would you live? You live on 30 The beach on the beach? I gotta live at the beach. I haven’t I haven’t picked my beach yet, but I feel like I have to but I also feel like I have to be dual citizens because I don’t want to be there during hurricane season. Right? Yeah, I feel like that’s putting all your eggs in one basket that could get washed away. Yeah,

Alissa 1:08:46
you need like a Vermont house like there I would need to two places. I don’t know where the other would be but the beach anywhere on the water. Do you like the mountains?

Katy 1:08:54
I love the mountains. Okay, well,

Alissa 1:08:56
that’s your second home. Maybe?

Katy 1:08:58
Okay. Oh, this is hard. Let’s stay on this. What’s your vacation favorite vacation spot?

Alissa 1:09:05
I love a resort like are you like an all inclusive? I do. But you know it’s funny because if what I’m gonna say next is totally opposite. I love roughing it a little bit okay. When I was in college, I backpacked through the Virgin Islands, and we really that’s fun. We stayed at a missionaries house because she was just like, sure and then we get there and it’s like a screened in tent with you shower when it rains. Okay, that type of situation. Got it, but it was great. And we ate at the St. Thomas Virgin Islands University cafeteria. It was $4 Oh, for lunch. And we had no money. Me and my friend Sarah. We went together we backpacked and it was just great.

Katy 1:09:47
Love that. Okay. I like all the beaches. Pretty much all of them tropical. I

Alissa 1:09:51
don’t like cold. I don’t want to be cold.

Katy 1:09:53
I don’t want to vacation cold. No, definitely not. Okay, weird. This is a little tough. I’m like what, how many minutes are we out? Where do you see yourself in 10 years now feel like one an interview? Do you want to skip it? I don’t know, either.

Alissa 1:10:05
You don’t know.

Katy 1:10:05
I don’t think so. I

Alissa 1:10:06
hope that we are thriving with the podcast.

Katy 1:10:10
I love that we’re still here. 10 years from now. That’s great. We wouldn’t be I don’t start crying in the middle of the show. Okay. No, surely we would still be here. Maybe? I don’t know. That’s 10 years is a long time. So long. Let me tell you where I will be in 10 years. On. Three, I will turn 56. My birthday will be on all threes. Wow. That’s cool. That’s 10 years from now. So I’m going on a very nice vacation. Okay, good. Just had put that on your calendar. 33333. All threes? That’s what I’m gonna be. That’s where I’ll be in 10 years. Okay. On vacation. Fancy vacation. Great. That’s all I can tell you for sure. Yeah, I don’t know.

Alissa 1:10:54
I feel like I need like a vision retreat. Because I really don’t know. I would love let’s do that. Yeah, but I don’t want to host one. I just want to go

Katy 1:11:01
on one. No, let’s just go you and I Oh, yeah, maybe someone else can come whoever else wants to be on a vision retreat. But it’s a DIY. Yeah, we’re not doing anything. No, no, no, no. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Okay. Well, we’ll revisit that one at a later time. Do either of you plan on having any more children? Nope,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:20
nope. Okay, great.

Katy 1:11:25
I will say this. Before I had kids, I knew I wanted to have kids. I knew I wanted to have two kids. I am so blessed and lucky and fortunate to have been able to have to and for them to be One boy, one girl thing. I feel like that’s kid lottery. No one ever asked you again. Oh, you’re gonna try for a boy. Or girl? Like if had it been two boys. You know if it had been two girls, you get a lot of those weird comments. So no one has ever really bothered me about are you getting kids? Never. It’s I’m telling you. This is what I call the kid lottery. One boy, one girl. No one ever says boo to you about anything else. Get a dog get a cat, whatever else you want to do. That’s it. But I only only feel like I could handle the

Alissa 1:12:05
two. I am a little sad. Because T is so cute right now. Yes. Like this at

Katy 1:12:10
all ages. Like, oh, this is cute. And then it’s yeah, there’s something else. And there’s some positive there’s a pro and cons to every age. So there’s a nice to focus on. Yeah. But I’m always really impressed with people who want to have a lot of children like for plus, yeah, like, wow, that is a totally different skill set than I have 100% Even the pregnancy part. I’m like, I don’t think I could just keep committing to that over and over again. Yeah, but kudos to the people that can Yeah, and want to

Alissa 1:12:40
get to write special people.

Katy 1:12:43
Have we ever gotten in a TIFF? No, no. What’s the tea the podcast hasn’t heard? Like, you’ve gotten so much today. We shared plenty of tea with you. And we’re also very transparent as a

Alissa 1:12:57
rule. Yes, we

Katy 1:12:58
don’t edit. We’re not hiding. Okay, one

Alissa 1:13:01
time. We did have to edit out a whole section. Because I went off on a nasty tangent about selling Tupperware.

Katy 1:13:12
We’re gonna leave it at that. We’re gonna move on. What’s the riskiest thing ever done besides karaoke at

Alissa 1:13:19
the church? Drunk wasted?

Katy 1:13:23
riskiest thing you’ve ever done? You’ve jumped out of planes? Oh, yeah, that kind of risky. I mean, any kind of risky.

Alissa 1:13:29
I’ve skydive a few times, I’ve scuba dived.

Katy 1:13:34
I’m not like an adrenaline junkie, so I’m not gonna be doing any of that stuff. I feel like I felt like

Alissa 1:13:40
buying the cabin was a huge risk. Okay, paid off. And I wasn’t that worried about it. Yeah, it really paid

Katy 1:13:46
off. Like you could dump that thing anytime. And it’s the biggest win of your real estate. It would be investment career.

Alissa 1:13:52
Yeah, I wish I had 10 more shine. No, I think

Katy 1:13:55
getting my real estate license. Selling real estate was probably one of the biggest risks. I think starting the podcast was a pretty big risk in a way but in a way it’s like, so what if it doesn’t work out? Like they had nothing to lose? Nothing a risk to me feels like there’s to be something to lose. Mm hmm. And that risk averse like risk don’t bother me. I don’t like I don’t like financial risk, right, but I’ll risk my life. You won’t meet me and all that money you saved if you’re dead. Good point. That was the last question. Okay. Unless you want to tell us something else. risky.

Alissa 1:14:31
I don’t want to talk about anything else.

Katy 1:14:35
Fine. I hope that this hasn’t caused you trauma. If Alyssa calls me later, and it’s like, Hey, listen, I just can’t I can’t get her to scrap this. We can. It’s so long. I could just take that question.

Alissa 1:14:47
I wonder if my sisters like if they listen, are they gonna be like You embarrass them? No,

Katy 1:14:53
they’re gonna be like, you still think about that? They probably would because I don’t think it’s that embarrassing, but I wasn’t there. It’s not like you threw up Upon stage, let’s think of all the ways I could have been worse. Did the priest ask you to leave?

Alissa 1:15:05
No, I don’t think so. And they didn’t kick you out. They might have said to somebody else, right?

Katy 1:15:14
They’re very forgiving people. The people are very gracious people. The church are very forgiving heresy. Let’s do a toast. Okay, but maybe you with a non alcoholic beverage. Okay, this is from Julie Harmon to Dana pray. Pra? Why? Pray with Alyssa is problem in Charlotte, Michigan. Yeah, you’re fine. I don’t think it’s that embarrassing. Julie says I would love to toast one of my co agents who shared you all with me. So the podcast, Dana pray. She says thank you so much. I have been doing a few closings about three hours from my office. So I’ve spent a ton of time in the car. And we’re lifesavers and she’s addicted to the podcast. That’s great. So we’re thanking Dana. We’re also thanking Dana for sharing the show. So cheers to Dana. Thank you to Julie. Everyone. Please forget everything Alyssa said. But have a good chuckle. This will be like the most listened to episode. With my look, I think it’s great. People want to know a little bit about you so that they know you know,

Alissa 1:16:28
speaking it out loud. To all of our listeners. That kind of feels a little free.

Katy 1:16:31
Oh, great. It’s like it’s not even. It’s not gonna haunt you anymore. I’m so relieved. It’s not going to haunt you anymore. Maybe you know what story we should have told we’ll save it for another day. The story of the Mexican restaurant bathroom stall situation. Oh, gosh, I don’t know. Yeah. Okay. But let’s still tease that. Okay, bye.

Alissa 1:16:53
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

Katy 1:16:56
If you enjoyed this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify.

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If you have an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com

Katy 1:17:11
Find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all of the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week.

Alissa 1:17:21
This is the good life

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