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After a summer full of traveling, it’s time to discuss what makes a great vacation rental! Find out our take on baby gear, irons, tiny shampoos and more. What are the must haves in an airBnB and what items are just nice to have? Want to know what random kitchen item Jay has vowed to pack himself? Curious why Alissa may have to replace her cabin dishwasher? We are giving you all the dirt! This chat is a great one if you are an owner of a vacation rental or just a user of them. You can also take some of these ideas and build them into your marketing for listings. We loved looking at the vacation industry from both sides: as the guests and what they might want and the owners and what their challenges are.

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Alissa 0:00
I screwed on the wall. I would need to I liked that idea.

Katy 0:07
Okay, well the Hilton seems the thing is working.

Alissa 0:11
So finally I said forget the big companies. I found this lady. For what we paid, we would have expected love shampoo, shampoo. There are certain things I’m not going to do. You know,

Katy 0:29
no iron for you.

Alissa 0:30
You don’t get an iron.

Katy 0:32
You wear wrinkly clothes.

Alissa 0:36
Hi, y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market. We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa Katie.

Katy 0:56
It’s episode 213. And we’re going to talk about what every good Airbnb needs. But first, would you like to put any disclaimers in this episode?

Alissa 1:09
I have a bit of the wine flu. I’m okay.

Katy 1:14
So the people first of all, I saw a group photo of who you were with yesterday, and they all look like lovely people but not like party animals.

Alissa 1:21
They’re party animals.

Katy 1:23
Tell us what you were doing yesterday.

Alissa 1:24
Yesterday, I was on a committee for the Louisiana real estate committee that met for two full days. And we line by line read the property disclosure and the Louisiana Purchase Agreement.

Katy 1:41
I mean, that does requires probably a little bit of wine afterwards. And

Alissa 1:45
we just made it more efficient, tidied it up, cleaned out some places that were causing some legal problems. And it was a long, tedious process. You’re analyzing every word every single word. I learned a lot. No matter how many times you read that thing. You learn some learn because it’s so long, but we finished and we went to celebrate our lair. And I don’t know it just got away from me a little bit. I’m also a little rusty. I have I don’t tolerance is low. The kids man you just you know we don’t go to dinner like we used to and you know mocktails like we used to and yeah, you know, it doesn’t take much and I’m a little ill.

Katy 2:32
Alyssa is not her best self today, but she’s gonna be okay, because I brought the list and you’re just going to answer.

Alissa 2:39
I’m just here Katie is going to talk about the light, fluffy, happy pretty side. Just gonna let her be a dash all of our hopes. And then I’m going to tell you about how your guests will put Don in your dishwasher.

Katy 2:54
Please save that for when I get to that part. Okay, fine. Thank you. Okay, first of all, we are going to let you be sort of the voice of the owner. Okay, so the voice of the Airbnb owner. Meanwhile, I’m going to talk about the amenities and the frills and like how to make your Airbnb better. And after coming off with the summer and staying in a couple of Airbnbs and several rentals. I’ve got thoughts. Okay. I have lots of thoughts about this. And so I started thinking about them. And I’m like, You know what, I bet there’s a whole bunch of information out there and boy was I right? Yeah, I came across an article written on lodgify.com. Okay, all right. lodgify is actually vacation rental software. Oh, and out of Spain. And the reason why I’m telling you where it’s from is when you get to the end of this list. And so they had a really awesome list on their website of all these ways to like have a great Airbnb. But at the end, there’s some words that made me say, Wait a minute. Where are we? In fact, we were in Spain. You lost your home.

Alissa 4:02
It’s okay. Just leave it down there. I can’t get up right now.

Katy 4:07
Her phone has fallen and it can’t get up. Okay, so let’s do this. First of all, I watched a show. Did you ever see the show called stay here is on Netflix? No, it was in 2018. It was with Genevieve Gorder. Do you know who Genevieve is when I say it? You don’t. But she was on TLC Trading Spaces. Okay. You know what that is? Okay. So it’s kind of like the original home Reno show, right? Like two couples from like, there’d be neighbors and they would switch and do each other’s like, redo a room, a dining room or a bedroom or whatever. Okay. And then after a weekend, you’d come back and see what they’d done. Yes, there’s a lot of trust involved in trading spaces. But Genevieve was one of the designers. Okay. Now in 2018. She has a different show now I think but she had a show called stay here. And it would basically go to sounds like a cute show. It was one On season, it was really good. And they would go to all these different Airbnbs and be like, Okay, you’re making this much money now this is what it looks like, we’re gonna come in and like help you make it more appealing. Maybe you would be decor or maybe you will be actually moving rooms around, maybe it would be like, Oh, your outdoor space looks horrible. Or maybe you’ll be like, This is what you need to put in your like, welcome binder like they would give you all these tips. And then they would help you pick a new price. And then they would show you sort of like those home Reno shows where they show you how much you bought it for how much you put in, and then how much you sold it for. They would basically say this is what you were getting before you were rented out 25% of the month. Right now afterwards, you’re getting this much and you rent it out 75% of the month. So it was a before and after like that. Okay. And it was really good. Yeah. So I recommend highly recommend that you go check that one out, especially as an owner. It was entertaining. Yeah. The other good rental home show that I have seen before. Also on Netflix was the world’s most amazing vacation rentals. There are two seasons and I don’t know if are you a Million Dollar Listing fan. Alright, Million Dollar Listing, New York was the one I liked. Okay. Luis was on there for a while. And Luis is actually on this show. So these three people, he’s a realtor, obviously. And then there was a designer and some I think maybe just like a travel expert, and they would go all over the world and one of them would find like a budget rental and one of them would find like a look luxury rental and that one was more just like showing you different rentals all over the world. Okay, but it was very interesting. Yeah. So that’s what, that’s what I recommend. Okay, if you’re in this genre, and you want to learn more, or see some interesting rentals, see, I

Alissa 6:47
feel like that’s what I would want somebody to come in and just you enjoy picking out things and I just don’t have it in me. I don’t know how to do it. I’m not a designer. And I don’t know how to make it. It’s also I feel like with Airbnbs design is different. Like with as realtor selling homes. We’re helping people Declutter. nutralife you’re trying to Villa but you’re trying to give your rental a personality? Yeah. Do

Katy 7:18
you remember what your what the old personnel? Yeah,

Alissa 7:20
the old personality of sweet mountain Haven was bears all bears all the time, but not any bear bears with bonnets. So the bears had to have a bonnet, or an apron on they were clothed.

Katy 7:37
Yes. Always. And they were in every room and on every surface, every shelf, every photo, tapestries, every light switch. Everywhere. They were bears. What was it called? Do you remember? I

Alissa 7:49
don’t remember seeing it. I know. I don’t remember probably

Katy 7:53
barely. Barely there.

Alissa 7:57
And it’s funny because like, when you buy them, they come furnished. I’m like, you really you inherited this stuff? And he’s like, No, we don’t have any place for it. And I was like, every tchotchke was a bear. I’ll have to share photos online. Please give us some

Katy 8:11
pre vejer photos. But your point is

Alissa 8:15
I ripped up the green carpet put put down new flooring, I painted I renovated the kitchen but it’s not special.

Katy 8:25
Right? Is it being rented out? Do you have any point of reference? Did he give you his rental numbers? Is it being rented out? Or now it is being rented out? Way more now? Okay, so just D bearing it? Yeah. Probably

Alissa 8:37
giving it a facelift. I mean, the thing that I also have found my cabin was old. Okay, even if you renovate it, it’s still old. Yeah. Until you get into like, replacing windows and ripping up the old Crown Royal Crown molding and baseboards. Yeah, doing modern. Like, there’s only so much you can do. And I just prefer new. Yeah. So I think that I was really excited about the renovation of the cabin until it was done. And it was fine. It’s fine, but it’s not ever going to be you know, new.

Katy 9:19
It’s not done. Right. Okay.

Alissa 9:21
I mean, can we back up a little tell if we have a new listener today? Tell them where your cabin is. Oh, and like sure how long you’ve had it? Yeah. So if you go back also and listen to episode 5251 or 52 those are investing episodes. One of them I just talked about the cabin. But for those of you who are new I in 2020, January, January of 2020 right before the world shutdown. Yeah, purchased a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, right. It is a great location, I’m going to talk it’s going to come off as me talking negatively about the cabin today. But it’s not. It’s not it is a great cabin, I’m just sharing my great investment. It is the best investment I’ve ever made all that matters yet for me, for me, and that’s why I struggle to go above and beyond like, I got it to a good place. It photographs, well, you would stay there, I do stay there perfect like it. But even when I stay there, I’m hard on it. You know, like, Oh, I really like the baseboards drive me nuts, but that’s just gonna be a whole project. And here’s the thing. It stays book,

Katy 10:42
right? So if you had, you’d have to lose money and spend money to fix them. So it’s

Alissa 10:46
like, it’s not actually worth it to do those. No, see, you know, like, if

Katy 10:51
it ever slow down, yeah, then you can make

Alissa 10:54
a change. And that’s the hard part. If you slow down the incomes not coming in to spend on it to spend, because it’s definite, but you just save it from when it was booked back to back to back. So you have that nest egg to put back in? Well, that’s what

Katy 11:06
you need to do right now. You’re just kind of like setting aside and it’s a future situation.

Alissa 11:11
Yeah. And so it needed total renovation. Okay. And I did most of that how

Katy 11:18
they were renting it. So did they leave you with the towels and the linens and threw everything away? But started from scratch? Okay. Do you want to share with us your biggest challenge which when we were planning for this you said was linens.

Alissa 11:34
linens, stressed me out now as a cabin owner, because every time I go to a nice hotel, I’m like looking for the tag to be like, what kind of comforter? Is this? So nice. It’s so nice and fluffy. But like people eat in their bed on vacation. This is not theirs. Right and like to buy a $200 luxury comforter, right? That you would have to replace monthly every other month.

Katy 12:06
Are you replacing your comforter that often?

Alissa 12:08
Well, no, because I got some that I can wash easily got it like, like a quilt. Yeah, it’s more of a quilt quilt comforter. And I liked the look of a quilt. I haven’t you know, but I do wish that I could have this like luxurious comfy amazing bedding. Yeah, but I have seen what guests do now on the other side. And I as you know, and my cleaning lady loves me because I have told her. I am not the owner that’s like, oh, there’s something on the sheets. scrub it out. I’m like oh no, throw it away.

Katy 12:50
Throw those away. Throw it away.

Alissa 12:52
I will order some more because we’re not going to be like yeah, do you

Katy 12:57
leave their spare sets for every room? Yeah, that’s how they switch up.

Alissa 13:01
We have an owner’s closet. So I used to just keep the closets in my cabin are huge. Okay, so not really needed per se right for a renovation rental but I used to keep the extra ones in each closet at the top. But guests would just go in there and like take them down and use all the extra stuff and so now we have an owner’s closet like lot that is locked that has all the spare towel the spare comforters and sheets so

Katy 13:34
like they can’t just breeze through everything

Alissa 13:36
right got it.

Katy 13:38
Okay, let’s talk about we’ll come back to some of your trials and tribulations but this episode reminds me a lot of the episode about an entertainers house. Oh yeah, like let’s talk about what are some of the things that make an Airbnb good okay, as a guest we’re gonna put a pin in your own or troubles. Okay. This is again from our friends at lodgify who did not sponsor this podcast. Okay, here are the basics this is what they said are the must haves in your Airbnb let’s see if you pass the

Alissa 14:08
tags don’t I’m just about to find it like very self conscious.

Katy 14:11
We’re gonna check you off like a checklist freshly laundered bed linens on each bed. Yeah, yeah check. Okay sufficient pillows for each guest and I had a note on my list. I like pillow choices. Oh, we travel with our pillows because I don’t have to because I can I like a flat pillow fluffy it doesn’t matter that much for a couple of nights but Jay is super specific on his pillow. Yeah. So I think it is wise as an owner or a host to have different types of pillows do you know what I mean? Like yeah, they can be in different rooms but I feel like you got to can just be all be the flattest pillow you could get and then it’s like you either want a flat pillow or you don’t like why can’t some of them be downfield or some of them being right,

Alissa 14:54
right. It’s loving I love like down comforters down pillows. Yeah, but

Katy 14:58
you can’t wash all that stuff.

Alissa 15:00
If you can’t, and then if you’re replacing them

Katy 15:03
nice okay so sufficient pillows for each guest I just mean a number I think it’d be nice to have a lot of extras great. Okay,

Alissa 15:11
extra pillows and blankets just in case I do have ones for the guests to use in the closet perfect.

Katy 15:17
I have been into a rental before where like a kid was going to sleep on the floor with an air mattress and there’s like not an extra blanket anywhere. And then you’re free like it’s what are you going to do? Right? Okay, clean and fresh towels for each guest remember these are must haves. I was gonna say yes, I

Alissa 15:33
have that I perfect railing better. I’m feeling better. Great.

Katy 15:36
Plenty of clothes hangers. Okay, check got that iron and the ironing board?

Alissa 15:42
No. Okay.

Katy 15:43
Oh, not at all

Alissa 15:44
I’ve never ironed in my life. That explains

Katy 15:46
why you wouldn’t put one there. I just this would annoy me as a guest. However, I are making a list. However, I have started traveling with my travel size steamer. I know which is way better than using an iron at a rental or on hotel room. They have an iron. I mean let’s see even in a hotel room they have an iron

Alissa 16:05
do they? Yeah, girl.

Katy 16:09
Okay, moving right alone iron. Fully iron on the list their list the must haves. Oh, yeah. Okay, must haves. The next is the fully furnished kitchen so that the guests can cook their own meals so that I’m not going to list every kitchen tool. But you know what Jay is big complaint is that the knives are never sharp. So he has put on our packing list a knife sharpener, because he’s like, Well, I don’t want to bring a knife. But could you can’t travel with a knife depending on how you’re traveling. But I’ll bring the sharpener and I’ll fix this problem. He’s going to fix this problem. Okay, you’d love to have him as a guest. I’m sure I’ll have fully furnished kitchen. Okay, next washer dryer and detergent. Yes, perfect. This one makes me laugh hot water. Just Just the fact that there is hot water. Yes. And you think that seems ridiculous. But let me tell you about my experience this summer where we went to our beach rental and for two whole days. No hot water broken. As we arrived. The management company was there and they were like, hey, good news. We just replaced your hot your water heater. Like there was just like maintenance that they did when in between guests. Okay, fine. Well, we get there. The hot water is not working. So we’re like maybe it’s the breaker or maybe it’s like needing to heat up this hole. Yeah, if they couldn’t figure it out. It was break all the management company. They sent someone out like 9pm. And he’s like, Oh, I’m going to need another part. Well, then somehow he manages to say, oh, no, they didn’t replace the water heater. When they got the new one here. It didn’t fit. Oh, but it’s still so we have no hot water. It took two days of a bunch of phone, which is the last thing you want to do on your vacation is make a bunch of calls. And these are the simple things. You have to have hot water.

Alissa 17:50
I feel like things always go wrong on a Friday evening. Yeah. And in Gatlinburg. They don’t work on the weekends. They’re like no, call back on Monday, please. Now I have found companies that you can pay, you’re gonna have to and they’re gonna come and I do I pay and your guests are going to expect as much right? It’s not something that can wait because they’re only there for a few days. And here’s

Katy 18:15
the other thing. The last thing you want is a negative review.

Alissa 18:18
I know well, I’ve gotten any night.

Katy 18:21
I mean, like we had no hot water if I leave a negative review about not having hot water that would probably deter me as the next person that wanted to rent. Yeah. Okay, next up on the what you think is obvious, but necessary. Air conditioning and heating? Yep, we got K perfect TV with cable or Netflix. Yeah, I don’t know about the cable. But I think the connection to the internet would be helpful.

Alissa 18:43
I feel like I need to reevaluate my setup. I feel like it’s not user friendly. Like it’s not simple.

Katy 18:50
Yeah, you need just like a smart TV where when you turn it on, they’re all there.

Alissa 18:53
Yeah, it is a smart TV. It’s almost like it’s too smart. And people forget to log out. Yeah, that’s why I’m like there has to be in there probably is okay. This goes to show Do I own an Airbnb? Yes. Am I an experienced like Airbnb or no, like, I have one. And I’m still learning but also

Katy 19:14
goes to show you don’t to be perfect to own one and make money. Right?

Alissa 19:18
Right. Like every time I get overly stressed. I’m like, Oh, wait, it profit

Katy 19:22
it makes no one has left you a bad review right now. Okay, great.

Alissa 19:26
Um, but like, the instructions that I had to write down. I’m like, This is too much. And almost like if it could just be a guest. Netflix

Katy 19:37
or I mean, you could probably build that. Honestly, Alyssa, you could probably use that as a freaking tax write off. You could get your Netflix put it on that TV. And it’s like the Netflix for the cabin. And it’s also your Netflix.

Alissa 19:49
Right. I have a TV in every room with. That’s a smart TV. Yeah. And you just

Katy 19:54
do think Netflix users would be cabin. Right? Right. You’re so smart. Thanks. queue next up wireless internet because you’re gonna need that. Yes, we have Wi Fi Wi Fi. Perfect and the last must have just general is a private entrance to the home. So I think sometimes Airbnb is or an extra room or like, Oh, they’re like how do you get in their your like, of course, it was a detached home. There’s just the private entrance, right? We know. And like, I don’t know what some other type of like configuration situation something they do in Spain, right? Okay, I don’t know. Okay. Are you ready to move on to the bathroom? Sure. Those are your mess. You made it you had an A plus,

Alissa 20:38
I don’t know the iron, say minus five A minus A minus.

Katy 20:42
Before we will we’ll do the bathroom and then we’ll we’ll move on to my personal list. We got pillows done. Okay, next up the bathroom. We’ll do this quick. bathroom toiletries such as shower gel shampoo and hand soap fresh towels. We’ve already been down that road don’t

Alissa 20:59
do shampoo and stuff.

Katy 21:01
You don’t. Okay, I think I would.

Alissa 21:04
And my cabinet or friends don’t either. But

Katy 21:08
here’s the thing. I don’t want you to have little shampoos. I want you to have like just full size bottles.

Alissa 21:13
But then they’re like half empty when you doesn’t

Katy 21:18
matter. It does. In fact, I even stayed at a hotel in the Hilton. It was nice over the summer. And they have now not individuals full sized bottles of shampoo that yudishe and urban body wash lotion. They’re there. They were screwed onto the wall. Okay, and they would obviously refill it makes me feel a little better. So it’s not like I’m gonna take it away. It was screwed on to open

Alissa 21:41
it and put something in it. I’m sorry I’ve seen too much.

Katy 21:44
I mean look by I can’t be sure Okay, here’s my thing.

Alissa 21:48
I’m seeing a guest

Katy 21:51
Well yeah, I mean I guess they could they could also do a lot of gross things in there

Alissa 21:57
I’m screwed on the wall. I would I would need to I like that idea. Okay,

Katy 22:04
well the Hilton seems to think it’s working yeah then because it’s not like they take nothing is perfect all look we’re literally strangers into your space. It but I do think as the host you should provide so maybe even in just one bathroom like what if they forget they get there late one night they can’t even take a shower and be clean your

Alissa 22:25
point. Yeah,

Katy 22:26
I mean, I

Alissa 22:26
know in all fairness in our welcome thing it does say this is what we provide sure what we they shouldn’t so there’s no surprise it’s

Katy 22:34
fair. But I went to this air beat the best Airbnb I have ever been to over the summer. It was in Paducah, Kentucky downtown halfway up to Wisconsin, this is our overnight stuff. Basically all we were going to do was sleep in this Airbnb get dinner like and then be on the road again the next day. Yeah, I would have stayed there longer. It was so nice. And it was so clean and it was so well stocked there was a drawer of snacks and the kids were so thrilled there was a bottle of wine which we did not drink but it was there. There was the full coffee bar. There was full size shampoos there was a bowl in the bathroom had a really nice freestanding tub. I have never in my life thought I’m going to take a bath in a rental. It was so squeaky clean that I took a bath. It was night and they provided bath bombs.

Alissa 23:23
That’s it was

Katy 23:24
it was an expense that Airbnb was an experience. Yeah, if someone asked me, I’m gonna go Reno to Paducah, Kentucky I’d be like you got to stay at this Airbnb. That’s amazing. And when I read the reviews of it I have never in my life read Airbnb or any type of rental VRBO rental reviews that mention the owner by name so many times Jennifer was amazing. I don’t even remember if it was your number. Yeah, we we love Jennifer generous, she drove us to the airport. Like this lady was a host of all hosts and she was physically cleaning it herself so I don’t know if she stays there she might be Yeah, she’s local right? And she cool she was like messaging Jake because he’s the one who booked it and was like if you need anything let me know Hey, I’m gonna be your cleaning so we may cross paths but I just wanted to warn you don’t worry about taking out the trash don’t like do nothing just just roll out.

Alissa 24:20
Oh, I got this. That’s so nice. So

Katy 24:23
what was the point of that? Oh anywho bath bomb the bath bomb. She her bath she had full size shampoos.

Alissa 24:30
So my bathrooms at the cabin. I mean, I would love to at some point just rip them out. Yeah, I did. remove wallpaper and put in like remove the old inserts and put in new inserts that were nice. I mean it’s it’s not a luxurious bathroom.

Katy 24:48
Okay, but you could have luxury look even and not. Not a luxurious bathroom and style. You put in a really upscale shampoo and conditioner. Yeah, and a spa but like,

Alissa 24:59
I wonder Like, I liked the idea of the mounted wall shampoo and conditioners, but I wonder if I should like because I don’t think I could do it in my fiberglass tubs. You know, I may not you would be. So I recently over the summer went to the beach and was very impressed with our Airbnb. Okay, and what I liked is they use these cute little boxes. And like, they were blue. I have a picture of it somewhere, I think. But I wish I could remember the name of the company. But this one said like kitchen, okay, and pretty fun. And it was just a cute box. And you open it and it’s dish pods, a little dish soap, like a bunch of little things. And then you go in the bathroom, and there’s a matching box, you fabric and it’s shampoo conditioner. And I thought this is cute. It’s a subscription program where they send you these boxes, and you just put one in wherever you need. Yeah, ever. Yeah. And I like that. I loved it. And then it’s like, you know, it’s another cost.

Katy 26:01
Right? Well, okay. And I also think that in my fancy Airbnb in Kentucky, she had a basket on the master bed, and in the basket, it had razors, individually wrapped toothbrushes, like a face mask, and this and it had so much stuff in it. And I was so impressed, too, but i i We use one toothbrush, you know what I mean? Like, it’s not like every person that rents is going to I didn’t open a bottle of wine I did. So I mean, like, it was all welcoming, even though I didn’t use everything. But if I needed that thing, like what if I forgot a razor? Do you know what I mean? Like, everyone’s not going to come in like it consume every night. Yes. Is someone going to show up like Ross from Friends and take literally everything? Probably Probably. Yeah, but not every single person. Right? So you’re not replacing it every time you just fill up? You know, a few of the snacks or what so? Just you know, keep that in your back pocket. Yeah. Okay, toilet paper. A few rolls in each bathroom. I agree with this. Nothing bothers me more than when you show up. And it’s like half of one roll of toilet paper. That’s weird. Like, I we always pack it. But I’m like, what if you’re going somewhere that you flew? You’re not packing toilet paper when you fly. Okay, towel hooks. I agree. What are you going to do with your towel? A hairdryer and my note on this is the hairdryer needs to be in every bathroom? Yeah, if there’s a bathroom, there should be a hairdryer and a floor mat. Those were the essentials for the bathroom. Got it. Okay, I think you’re pretty good there. My other bathroom notes would be? Well, first of all, let’s talk about mirrors. Because if you have multiple guests, and the only mirrors in the house are in the bathroom, it is going to become very difficult when a lot of people want to get dressed for dinner at the same time. Right? Every bedroom and every bathroom should have a mirror and somewhere in this home should be a full length mirror. I don’t want to have to jump on the bed to see my shoot light. You know, yeah, you need to see the whole thing. So I think that mirrors are an easy opportunity to be like oh, yeah, that was great. You know the ALMA homes when we stayed in have that nice mirror and the master bedrooms so great. I mean, it really makes a difference. All right, let’s see if there’s any other bathroom tips. Those are my mirror tips. hairdryer. Okay. Chelsea is not technically an Airbnb. Okay. But we did stay in her guest room during the summer. It is so nice. It is set up like an Airbnb. And it has like she has snacks for us on the nightstand. And like you know, perfect all the extra towels and blankets and all this stuff in the bathroom though and all the shampoo and conditioner you could ever want and you know spare toiletries in the closet like it is it is a guest that is not like her stuff that like is a guest setup. Yeah, there is a big empty basket. I don’t even have one as big in this room. Probably like two feet around and two feet like a lawn like a cute laundry basket. Hey, it was so wonderful because it’s not a big vanity. So there’s not a lot of counter space you know what happens with the Damla counter space there’s nowhere to put stuff right so when you go in with like your clean clothes for your shower or your like extra towel or you could just put it in this empty that is let’s say you were staying for a whole week and you wanted to collect your laundry right the bat the the big basket in the bathroom was fabulous. And I’ve never seen that before and we really enjoy that

Alissa 29:27
like you sleep with me to my cabin and happy with you to your cabin.

Katy 29:31
Um, Chelsea also provides popcorn on the nightstand like a bag and like snacks. And then of course we already talked about other other snack stuff but I think it’s nice to have some snacks. Yeah, okay. Do you want to move on to the kitchen? Okay, we’ll try to speed through but basically they’re letting us know that you have to make the whole draw for a lot of people in an Airbnb is that you can make your own food, or else why wouldn’t right you could just go to a hotel. You have the ability to make your own foods We need to make this easy right right. Here are the things that you need your cooking basics pots and pans salt and pepper other long life like you know, basil, oregano, olive oil, no like the staples. Then they said dishware and silverware enough for the number of guests that you have. So if you can fit 12 guests then you better have 12 forks. Sure, right. Okay, fine. Stove. Obviously, fridge freezer, obviously, oven grill, microwave, kettle, cashew and make your tea I guess coffeemaker, tea and coffee, sugar and sweeteners, your sponges, your scour, scours. This is where we get Spanish. I’m like, Alright, scour, dishwashing soap, and a dishwasher and I put that in bold. So now we can revisit your dishwasher story. What? Yeah,

Alissa 30:51
so my last guest apparently put Don in the dishwasher. And we had a steady mess. And I thought the dishwasher was broken. It still might be but we let it sit for like two days, kind of let the bubbles settle. And then we tried again. And it made it through a cycle without leaking. I mean, I opened it and it was steady. I mean, I didn’t open it. I’m sorry. Right out there. But Tina, my clean cleaner. Okay. And it was Sunday after but we she ran it again. And it was like a little bit less. So we’ve been running the dishwasher. She’s having to go there multiple times to run it. Yeah, she lives close by there weren’t people like back to back? No, we actually think God had a three day gap.

Katy 31:37
So she’s gonna run the dishwasher for three days and hope that it works.

Alissa 31:40
It’s the good thing is I think if it’s working Yeah, the dishes might be setting up. I don’t know. It’s getting better. But

Katy 31:49
oh my god. Well, at the very least you can take them out they’re super clean and rinse them off.

Alissa 31:54
Yeah, but I might at some point like, I don’t know. Oh, god.

Katy 31:57
Okay. Other things for your kitchen garbage bags. They always give you the one maybe China and I’m like how what? The people want vacation make a lot of trash. Yeah. Additional kitchen supplies a blender. Then this list had smoothie maker or juicer. I’m going to call foul here. I don’t think you need either of those things. If there’s a blender, okay. Are you juicing something? We don’t need a juice anything. disinfectant, bleach Tupperware and an ice cube tray. Okay? Tupperware is nice, but the lids never match.

Alissa 32:29
Right? And then I’m like,

Katy 32:32
right. But, you know, I’m just in the habit of bringing some of that stuff, right, like a Ziploc bag. And you know, those some things you can expect your your guests to bring, right. Yeah. All right. You want to talk about outside? Yeah. Okay. All right. This says,

Alissa 32:48
I just had my entire top deck ripped off and rebuilt. Is it done? He’s finished aiming it yesterday. It looks to me. I’m so excited.

Katy 32:57
And then you’re going to extend

Alissa 33:00
the I don’t know if I’m going to Oh, you’re just like, yeah, it’s I have to do. I have to do all new signings, so we’re like, no extended patio, deck, and he the deck. I was like, to be honest, you have one of the better decks and I’ve done right, like your size wise square footage. She was like, I mean, if you just have an endless budget, sure, more is always better, but I just don’t think it’s necessary based on all the decks. I do. Perfect. He would know. Yeah. And he could have charged. Right. And you know what’s funny? He fixed my dishwasher. Oh, well, he’s

Katy 33:35
like, I’m busy enough.

Alissa 33:36
He went in there. And like, because I had mentioned something about it. And he was like, well, I’ll look at it while I’m there saving the deck. Thanks. And he took it apart. Oh, no way. Yeah. And like reinstall the stuff and that’s how it was able to get through a cycle. Oh,

Katy 33:52
thank you debt guy. I’m like, Can I be your friend send him a gift basket. She’s she’s taken so many notes from am I love nothing more than you know, it’s

Alissa 34:00
funny when I talked to him on the phone this morning. And if he called me at like 6am because it was 7am Their time it was I was awake because the kids but I was also dying. She was half dead, but she was away dead. Dying at this point. But he said um, and for some reason this morning in Louisiana. So we have been under a heat advisories still are still our room this morning was the first morning that there was just a hint of fall. It was 71 that y’all we haven’t seen the ABS does not even in the morning. No. And it felt so amazing. It just felt like fall and then I was talking to him on the phone while he was at my cabin telling me about the dishwasher and he was walking outside. He goes oh you have some turkeys walking up to your home. But the way he said it, you were like like your home. Yeah, like it is my house. Like maybe I’ll go over there like I never go but for some reason when he said that it made me sick Yeah. Oh,

Katy 35:03
did you should go

Alissa 35:06
for example, I’m making all these notes like a basket on the bed. Acute cleaning supply. I would probably need to go for that initial setup. Yeah, so that I could tell my cleaning lady right and this is how I like I don’t want to send her a list.

Katy 35:25
No have her pick out It sounds so fun to me. Yeah, it’s just getting there. I know I get it getting these sounds so fun to me.

Alissa 35:33
This does sound fun to me like getting it all

Katy 35:34
and then you just go in your owner’s closet and you have like some plastic bins with all the extra toothbrush like all the items so it’s like oh this is the basket supposed to have four toothbrushes if you only see two pop two in there right and make like a little check little inventory check check check.

Alissa 35:50
See that’s what I need some systems in place to make it

Katy 35:53
so that she could she cleans other cabinet doesn’t sound like she would mind she doesn’t

Alissa 35:56
mind but I would just have to set up a system to help her remember that it elicits cabin she likes for toothbrushes in the basket with this, you know? Yeah, yeah. And they weren’t like expensive when we need to go.

Katy 36:09
I’d love to anytime, anytime. We’re moving on to the outdoors. Okay. I love the way they made this note you keep guests entertained and your Airbnbs outdoor space, especially if you own a glamping business. Oh, you sort of are glamping over there, I would guess. Alright, here we go quickly. dorable outdoor furniture. Yeah, we need to sit down somewhere. We’re on vacation.

Alissa 36:31
I have tons of rocking chairs overlooking the Smoky Mountain. Love it

Katy 36:35
clean working barbecue or grill. Yeah, gas or coal and lighters like well, how do we use the grill? Fine. Tidy garden or backyard with mowed lawns? Good news. You just got trees right? Yeah, I don’t have any perfect, neat balcony or patio. You just jazz yours up. Ripto potted plants? I don’t know that. I agree that plants need water. Yeah, we need things planted in the ground. I

Alissa 36:57
would probably do that for me. Like if I got some cute ones that were like, maybe not like maybe something more like a pretty like your purple bush out there in a pot.

Katy 37:09
Okay, fine. We need something that low maintenance is going to survive every season and needs little water. Yeah, I

Alissa 37:15
mean it snows there right? You

Katy 37:16
can’t just be changed. She can’t be changing out the plants all the time. No,

Alissa 37:19
because look, you’d have to live there like your lady.

Katy 37:22
That’s right dude, showing up to a house with a cute potted plant next to the front door is great, but showing up with a dead potted plant is sort of a turn off it has to be done right better than better to have none than a dead one. Right? Okay, fine. Outdoor blankets. That might be cool for yours. Where do you keep probably in the living room though?

Alissa 37:42
I do have a basket in the living room up but if you probably if you place it close to the

Katy 37:46
exterior door kind of like I guess people would figure that out you know, outdoor extras I don’t know what that means. Though. These these are the outdoor extras. Porch Swing hammock a kids play area garden games hot tub or Jacuzzi. You’ve got that and a fire pit.

Alissa 38:05
No fire pit. Yeah, no, you

Katy 38:06
put out fires at my burnout. Okay, now here is something I never thought about a lot. But they gave you some tips if you wanted to appeal to disabled travelers. Oh, so access for all areas, basically. And I don’t know what’s legally do you know what’s legally required? I don’t know. And I think our destination in general being such a rough terrain. It’s not a it’s not super friendly. The environment isn’t so bright just rolling up and down the road or the driveway will be tired all the hard. Okay, so I do think there is a definitely an opportunity here if you’ve never thought about this, but you are in maybe a wheelchair accessible or disabled persons accessible area. You could really make your house prepared for that. Yeah, then they probably just it would. It’s hard to find out we think. Okay, so here are some quick tips. wide hallway clearance for easy wheelchair access, which is 36 inches wide. Step free access to the home. That’s the tricky one. So many rentals are tons of stairs story. Yeah, it’s a lot of stairs. Do you have a elevator at all? No. Yeah. Okay, an elevator that’s 32 inches wide. wet room style bathroom roll in shower bathtub with a chair handheld showerhead grab rails in the bathroom accessible height toilet, which is my preference anyway. Yeah. Like I liked the tall toilet. Accessible height bed wide clearance to bed well lit path to the insurance. That’s probably important for all people. Yeah, we need a well lit path. I do not want to fall down a mountain trying to get in the first time and you would I mean if you arrive after five o’clock your winter it’s dark, right? Okay, why doorway. 32 inches is what they considered wide, flat, smooth pathway to the front door. Just say built or wide parking spot accessible additions accessible pool or hot tub entrance Braille signage that was interesting. Lower closet bars and shelving accessible power outlets door hardware usable with one hand faucets I’m trying to picture door hardware that we’re required to handle and go but there must be I don’t know I don’t know okay, door hardware use will one hand faucets usable with one hand or automatic okay fine. All right. Are you ready for family friendly features for the whole family amenities for the kiddos Okay. Also I have a note on this because these are like consider doing this right in your Airbnb these are not must haves. It’s just like maybe you want to be a family maybe you’re in a location that has like a nylon waterpark or something like Do you have a lot of families or kids nearby? Or that would come? Okay. baby bath, bathtub just a bathtub in general I guess because you got to bathe kids are not getting in the shower like little wise. Like what if your places only showers whatever, baby monitor changing table kids books and toys, I can buy that? Plastic dinnerware high chair stare gay gates. That works too. If you look pets in their you know, crib fireplace guards, childproof electrical outlet covers, table corner guards, window guards and game console. Also babysitter recommendations. I was like that is genius if you know some nearby babysitter’s Okay, extra vacation rental amenities for toddlers would be bibs, bottle warmer, and a portable changing mat. My personal thought on a lot of this as you’re driving you’re you’re you’re bringing this with you.

Alissa 41:44
Yeah, have a baby. You’re packing. You’re bringing your own gear. You’re

Katy 41:48
not to maybe besides a crib, yeah, I don’t think you’re even that you’re not depending on your rental to have a changing table and fireplace guards and I

Alissa 41:59
have a sound machine in every bedroom.

Katy 42:01
I love that that the Paducah lady did too. And it was so great

Alissa 42:06
to see because it’s so quiet. When sometimes

Katy 42:10
it can be loud on the outside. And you just can’t control that. Okay, how about staying safe? This feels like must have a fire extinguisher fire blanket. Car. Also, do you have bedrooms on the second floor? Every floor? Do you have ladders? Fire ladders, like it’s a.

Alissa 42:31
So here’s what’s funny.

Katy 42:33
What do you do?

Alissa 42:34
We’re three stories to go with the mountain. Right? So you need a really big ladder climbed out the bedroom window no matter what floor you’re on. You’re on the ground.

Katy 42:46
Ah, you’re cut into the mail. Yeah, okay, good news. No fire and ladder needed. But if you were on the second floor and the bedrooms were up there, you just throw one in the closet. It’s like one that hooks onto the windows. So okay, and then you just roll it down. It’s like a rope ladder. You know? Okay, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, this seems like a must. Okay, and then first aid kit, and Windows safety locks. Okay. Okay, that’s fine. Also, do you have a binder? Do you like the pace? Do they like what’s nearby the restaurants I stayed in one another one over the summer. That was at the beach. And their binder had restaurants you can show up in your swimsuit and flip flops and then restaurants that you need to change out of your swimsuit? That’s cute. So like cute idea, you know, what are the and they had so many good tips. That one was owned by a realtor. She had her real estate card on the fridge and she said she was local realtor and she was like Do you want to own a rental in this unit like in this complex? What a great way to advertise. That’s amazing. So like if you’re there and like yeah, this must be a great moneymaker. Right? Okay, so location highlights you want to make sure that you share with your guests, especially before they book I guess if it’s beachfront Lake, access ski, in ski out waterfront all these things. Alright, here’s logistics. There are some features of vacation rentals the guest appreciate knowing beforehand Okay, okay. It can save them from inconveniences down the line. What are the luggage drop off restrictions like what if they flew in and the it’s not time to check in? Is there a place that they can leave their luggage? That’s pretty nice. Or is there a safe place you can suggest they leave their luggage long term stays a month or more would you do a long term stay course you’re like I don’t care you pay the price Yeah. At you know they’re allowed if pets live on the property so I guess if your Airbnb being like, what if sometimes you’re there with a pet or other like you have to sort of disclose that right like you don’t want allergic to cats show up and you’re like, oh, normally my cat is here, right? If guests are required to carry out any cleaning tasks Just before departure we have been well actually our Paducah friend it was kind of hard to find the checkout instructions and so finally right before I’m like Jane usually you get in like, right like the day before or whatever and I’m like what are we gonna do? Well it’s because right somewhere right before it was like do nothing right my

Alissa 45:20
nice surprise Jennifer was like my that’s a really nice

Katy 45:23
she said please leave the trash in the trash can because I’ll be adding to it as I clean.

Alissa 45:29
Oh, how sweet No prob

Katy 45:32
that’s how Chelsea Was it her Airbnb? Shoveling do I need to strip the bed bring up the towels blah blah blah. No, no, no, just leave it all there I’m like

Alissa 45:40
and with the cabin we have a lot of same day check in checkout. Okay, so we don’t strip at ask them to strip beds we do ask them to take out all the trash and have no dishes in the sink but the dishwasher can be like started and please use the pods not the dawn

Katy 45:57
right dishwasher pod only if you don’t see a pod don’t start the dishwasher

Alissa 46:04
right right now but we leave plenty can’t fake stupid I mean what can you do? But she needs when the cleaner gets there. She doesn’t have time to let it run let it cycle cycle so it needs to start starts the dishes in the laundry like right when she first First things first yeah while she cleans everything else so

Katy 46:29
it’s like multitasking. Okay, here are some Airbnb amenities that you could charge for Oh you just like extra things that maybe you could increase the price because I don’t think you would charge for them ala carte. breakfast included that’s like old school actual b&b Like yeah, bed and breakfast. Private or shared community pool. Okay, free parking on premises. electric vehicle charger. Okay, gym facilities either in the building or nearby hot tub single level home no stairs beach essentials such as this is where I had to look up where we were y’all wait for the beach essentials. Towels. parasol cool box picnic blanket. Like parasol it’s an umbrella. Oh yeah. A parasol is an umbrella. And then a cool box I can only assume is an ice chest okay. No, they don’t all not everyone calls it an ice chest either. We

Alissa 47:28
forgot our ice chest at the beach. Some

Katy 47:30
people call it a cooler right or what else they call it ice chest cooler. Or apparently a cool box cool box Ice Box picnic blanket. Weather essentials wait for it such as umbrella here we say umbrella on the beach we have a parasol. I don’t know whether essentials such as umbrella waterproof ponchos and Wellington boots.

Alissa 47:51
Specific the wellies.

Katy 47:55
That’s why I had to look it up only where’s this Blaze? They’re in Spain, Barcelona.

Alissa 48:01
Yeah, I feel like I’m sort of at a stopping point. Are you with my cabin? Because the big things are done. And now what’s left would be just the the extras to make it cute. Yeah. Well, that’s

Katy 48:15
easy. Or at least cheaper.

Alissa 48:18
Yeah. I mean, my big projects that I have left is the exterior siding. It’s going to be extremely expensive. I Yeah. extremely expensive.

Katy 48:30
It’s all siding. Every single part of it is

Alissa 48:33
so old right now. Like if you run your finger, we’ve stained it and stained it. It doesn’t matter if it needs to come off. It if you run your fingers on it, it just splinters away.

Katy 48:46
How nervous are you to take the siding off and see what’s underneath?

Alissa 48:50
I’m not because the guy has been so reassuring and confident about the project. Okay, he’s like, we this is what we do. This is what we see. Like we’re reading right now a termite and get and I’m under. They have more of a problem with carpenter bees. Ah, yes. And so there they we have had them you know, and I keep it under a contract, but it’s gonna make a huge difference. But like some of the big things I had to do that weren’t fun. I wrote it has nine sliding glass doors. Yeah, I had to replace all nine. Did you consider putting in some fixed or you were like now I’ll just keep them all sliding. I thought I would just keep them all sliding.

Katy 49:36
Do you think people open them all up when it’s nice?

Alissa 49:39
We did. Yeah. And I mean, that was like, over $20,000 for labor and material.

Katy 49:49
Do you know about how much you’ve put in so far

Alissa 49:51
since 2019. I would guess that I have put in probably close to $130,000 Okay, I have it all itemized by year in my Excel spreadsheet. Obviously, the first two years were the hardest, but, for example, the bottom floor was an addition in the 80s. Okay, so it’s been there a long time, right? But the ceilings were tile like office. Oh, right office like acoustical tile. And I always hated it. I never liked the bottom floor. So we had a an opening. And my contractor here went to the cat and tin. He went and stayed there and put like a bead board. Pretty Yeah, he just Yeah, so the tiles gone. So my next projects that I would love to do would be new baseboards, crown molding doorframes. That’s a big thing, though. That’s very detailed. I would so downstairs, we have a game room. Okay, that has a kitchen attached to it. But the kitchen like nobody uses it has never been used. I know because the appliances are not plugged in. Oh, and in all your testing people. And all these years, no one has ever said the oven doesn’t work or because they’re not using it. There’s never been use and the way that the bar is it makes it hard for the pool table. It makes it like to shoot pool without hitting that. It’s too tight. Okay, so I would like to and then the kitchen is tiled and the room. It connects the floor. Yep. Yes, the floor is would leave Yeah, whatever. I would like to just rip out that whole thing. Get rid of the kitchen cabinets. Throw the oven away, like just make it all one flooring. One big, great room. Yeah, that I could maybe get some other fun arcade games or like if it’s a rainy day. And that’s also the door that takes you to the hot tub. Got it. So anywho those are the things and then I don’t know if how I would ever get to this point, but renovating the bathrooms. But at that point, I feel like I would like to purchase something newer. Yeah. You know, I would love a place at the beach. That would be my dream, right? But the cabin has showed me that, like places at the beach are like over a million dollars. Right. Okay, for what I would want. Right? What I have learned is, if I got something for 500,000 that needed work, the time and money it would take to get it to what I wanted would be close to to that. And it’s still not going to be newer. Yeah, it’s still going to be an older thing that got renovated. Right. So I feel like I’ve learned a lot about what’s worth it. Do you spend a little bit more to get what you want? And sometimes there’s investment opportunities and the cabin has been a wonderful investment. Tell

Katy 53:06
the people how much you paid for the cabin.

Alissa 53:10
So in 2020 2020, January, I pay $290,000 From my cabin, I think Yeah. And it’s a four bedroom plus a bunk bed room. Right. So the bunk bed room would make it so you

Katy 53:28
sleep how many?

Alissa 53:32
I mean, if there’s four bedrooms, two people, like what is your listing site? Do you know? And it has a number of 12 Okay, because like there’s pullout sofas and things but but yeah, I mean, it sleeps a lot. Yeah. It stays booked year round. I have to block things off if I need to get stuff done because it will book Yeah. I mean, it’s been wonderful. And then during COVID and everything I was getting offers for like 900,000 Real offers, not like ribeye homes is calling you like real locals. Were reaching out to me found my realtor that I use to call me like presenting me with real purchase agreement 900. And if I were I would have five more cabins, but I can’t afford them anymore, because they’re all out that way. So just like my cabin, still is old, and I was getting offers of 900 Right. So I don’t want to pay $900,000 for another cabin. You’re like no, that’s not the market I’m in Yeah, but I have friends who started investing there and they’re paying like 600,000 for a one bedroom. Oh my word and they’re they’re doing that the cabin guy told me he’s starting now that the pandemic is over and things are kind of cooling off. He’s seeing people that just really overpaid and the the bookings aren’t covering it

Katy 55:00
right, then you gotta get fancy with your amenities, right, you’re gonna have to stand out.

Alissa 55:06
And here’s what another interesting thing I found. I was so booked, it stays booked. And my cleaning lady is so wonderful. I don’t have a big company. I used to have a big company. I’ve used a few big companies, they never worked out right to do the management to do the management of the cleaning. Okay. It was just not consistent. You never knew who was going within the company. It wasn’t like you had a designated person, right? So finally I said forget the big companies. I found this lady. Okay, so she’s my person. She has a friend that helps for when she’s not feeling well or out of town. Because I have a single lady that cleans the cabin. When it’s same day check in checkout for months in a row. She gets burned out. Yeah, like she needs to rest too, right. So what we did was we tried to raise the rates, okay, to slow it down, didn’t work. It didn’t slow it down. But it was the first time we started getting more complaints. Like really? Yes, like for what we paid that we would have expected a shampoo shampoo. Like all of a sudden they’re wanting more and more for their money more for their money. Okay, so it didn’t slow down the bookings. So it didn’t help it just only changed the price back or I did I changed it back because I was like, well, there’s certain things I’m not going to do. You know, no iron for you. You don’t get to iron me where wrinkly clothes. Snap. I throw it in the dryer.

Katy 56:42
You’re like I did provide you a dryer. Let me give you the wrinkle spray I use at

Alissa 56:46
home right? Yeah. So I thought that was interesting, though. It did not slow down bookings. But people were just like, oh,

Katy 56:54
they were just feistier

Alissa 56:57
and needier. Yeah, okay. That makes sense. In a way.

Katy 57:00
Yeah. Okay. Anything else you want to share us about? Airbnb? S? What do you like when you get to an Airbnb? Did you feel like you agree with the list? Yeah, for sure. Okay,

Alissa 57:11
it always in my perfect world, I would love to have all the special touches done. Yeah. And to make every guest Oh, another thing I had made a note of a big thing now is a photo wall. Yeah, like that. Like that. Instagrammable wall and Instagrammable wall that makes them want to take a selfie?

Katy 57:32
With your house name. Yeah. And then you need a hashtag. And so then they hashtag and you can find all the people that stayed in your cabin.

Alissa 57:38
Yes. Yes. That’s a huge thing, too. I like that. We do have a Christmas tree in the corner. Okay, that we leave up year round, because we didn’t do like people started doing this. People started putting ornaments on it. Oh, really? Yes. And so it never had ornaments on it. Okay, and then it was like one guests left an ornament from like their state where they love cute now all these people have put in have started putting ornaments on it. Oh, I love that. So

Katy 58:12
do you tell them in the booking that you have a tree they can bring their ornament for I think we updated it to say should yeah, that’s so fun, buddy. Bring your own ornament and leave a piece of you on the tree right? Oh, that’s cute. I love that. But yeah, I

Alissa 58:27
was like a photo wall somewhere. I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of walls right?

Katy 58:31
I’ve seen them outside to probably in

Alissa 58:33
the big game room once I do have a big right you know? And even I don’t know just cute things usually like

Katy 58:39
a wall treatment but I’ve seen them outside too Yeah,

Alissa 58:41
I think I I struggle with yes I would love to do all those things. Do I always have the time and energy know if it makes money and is it making money to a want or a need? I know but then like when we do things like this I want to make it nicer I know but you don’t need to make it and if I want to do these things for like that’s what I need. I need to just go up for like a one week revamp. Yeah, where I’m not I really hate when it’s like an ongoing project all the time.

Katy 59:11
But in an ongoing project. Oh, any home is whether you’re living in it or you’re renting it or it’s an Airbnb, they’re all projects they’re not and with every passing day, they get more and more outdated. Yeah, like it’s just not gonna be like it’s ready. It’s done never gonna be perfect for the rest of forever.

Alissa 59:28
So coming up I have to pick like the cabin is going to look totally different with new siding. Yeah, right now it is super old splintering brown siding. Yep. When we rip it all off and go back with Hardy I’m I can paint it any color. I have the rainbow. Yeah, but he said that the black and charcoal gray is what he sees what people are in. That’s what they’re into. And he doesn’t think it’s gonna go away. Well, it’s neutral. Yeah. So I’m kind of excited about that. That’ll be fun.

Katy 59:59
Are you ready for a toast? Okay, great. This is from Hanawon to Kristin Crockett in Virginia. Okay, Hannah said I am so excited to send this toast to you. I need to toast she needs to toast I need to tow Kristin Crockett, my current business partner who introduced me to the hustle humbly podcast about two years ago, before I met Kristen, I had been a solo agent struggling to keep myself motivated and organized. And Kristen was the ambitious and hilarious missing piece to my business, Kristen helped me sell my childhood home. And while working with her, I immediately felt such a sense of relief and support from her follow up skills and her attention to detail. Let’s just say that I am great at meeting and nurturing clients but I don’t always remember to dot all the i’s and cross all the

Alissa 1:00:45
t’s. This sounds like a good honest look, she’s

Katy 1:00:48
not the best I love it. While exploring working together officially Kristen told me about the hustle humbly email templates, and we decided to both invest in them. We have been using them and adding to them to the point where we don’t even need to have a transaction coordinator anymore. Oh, that’s awesome because we have therefore right because we have everything built out of our out for our very for every point of contact. Thanks to Kristen I have so much more time and energy back and I get to use whey man what a partnership. Yeah, and I get to use my creative skills more often. Plus, I have more time to listen to podcast I love that we recently had a seller ask us how to lower ask us to lower our commission and while chatting about how to frame the conversation we were channeling both of you as we found graceful driven reasons why it just wouldn’t work for us. Shout out to Kristen for being fabulous and for helping me create raise the bar real estate. Oh, I

Alissa 1:01:42
love it. How cute is that? Is the bar real?

Katy 1:01:44
No. So cheers to Kristen. Thank you to Hannah. And y’all have a lovely day and I want to hear like DMS or comment on our posts. I want to hear about your good and bad. Yeah, Airbnb. Airbnb

Speaker 1 1:01:56
ease. Yeah, I need to see your links. Oh, Sharon. You know what else I would? Maybe the beach isn’t quite I’m not quite ready. She’s open to location. I’m open to location, but I don’t know where to go. And you want to drive within how much time? Eight hours takes y’all get on the Get on the Google Maps. We’re in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. An eight hour radius like an eight hour radius.

Katy 1:02:20
Let us know. So that’s basically like Texas, people are Arkansas. Little bit of Mississippi. Maybe you could get to the bottom of Tennessee for sure. Yeah. I mean, yeah, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia.

Alissa 1:02:36
Maybe there is a service that someone sent me that lives in Tennessee that was like, Hey, I had to send you this company. She’s newer, but I’ve been following her for a while now. And she’s doing great. But she is a oh, I forget what it’s called. But she provides like happies for your Airbnb. Q So if it’s someone’s birthday when they get there, it’s decorated with balloon. Yeah, like Happy Birthday. That’s really cute. delivers things, whatever. You know, like a special occasion. High level

Katy 1:03:06
experience. Yeah, people will come back. Alright, great. Okay, bye, guys. Bye. Goodbye.

Alissa 1:03:14
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

Katy 1:03:17
If you enjoyed this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify. If you

Alissa 1:03:25
have an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com

Katy 1:03:32
Find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all of the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week.

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This is the goodbye

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