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What happens when inventory is tighter, interest rates keep creeping higher, house prices are elevated and the real estate market is tougher? Agent behavior starts to show it. It’s time to revisit real estate professionalism and exactly what happens when agents are desperate for deals. This episode is full of stories of recent agent behavior we have encountered. Are you seeing more agents behaving badly in this market? Have you experienced frantic, emotional and down right unprofessional behavior lately? We have some bad news… it’s not just real estate agents that are on edge and behaving as such. Sellers and buyers are feeling the pressure just as much as we are. Let’s talk through what is going on in the current real estate market and what we can do to continue to hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism and get through this together!

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.
Alissa 0:01
When agents are operating from a place of desperation, hasty decisions are made and homework is not done. I’m very busy right now. I don’t have a lot to show for we got another offer, thankfully, okay, they canceled. Oh, I want

Katy 0:22
at the end of the story of eat now. Yeah, it’s

Alissa 0:26
and they look at you like you are gold, because they don’t know. They don’t know and they realize I’ve always heard realtors are not very helpful. Hi, y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Katy 0:42
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

Alissa 0:47
The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa, Katie.

Katy 0:56
It’s episode 217. Hey, part of me feels like I haven’t

Alissa 0:59
recorded in a minute. I know. Because we get tired less.

Katy 1:04
Right? We were like no more. Okay, this is agents on edge. Oh, desperate for deals.

Alissa 1:12
There’s a lot of that out there. Right. Right now,

Katy 1:15
market shifts, you know, really change how the business is done. It does. And we’re dealing with some market shifts.

Alissa 1:23
I also feel like this market shift might be a little bit different. Like you’ve been in the industry longer than me

Katy 1:30
18 years, and I’ve never seen a 7% interest rate,

Alissa 1:33
right. But even just so I feel like the last two and a half years during COVID brought in this huge influx of new agents, right? The numbers across all the boards just increased. Yeah, people are leaving their corporate job getting into real estate. And so that combined with a market shift, so it’s like, right, you know, we’ve been in it over 10 years, you’re 18 years. And it’s like we have some experience. And we’re established in our business.

Katy 2:06
I’ve had a listing sit on the market before. Yes. Like, I have seen some of this before, like I and I even got to see like the bubble burst. Right. And that was the beginning of my career. So quite honestly, I started in a place of discomfort and not a great market. Yeah, like it was a pretty good market for the first year I was in right. And then it was pretty bad. You know, like, it wasn’t great. And now I think, unfortunately, bad behaviors will come out.

Alissa 2:37
Yeah, they’re starting to

Katy 2:39
they’re already starting to or so this will be an episode full of stories, I think.

Alissa 2:43
Yeah. And I think also, you know, we’re not trying to pick on people, of course, no, no, no, no, but we want it to be a reminder that professionalism and running your business, like a business has to preside. That has to be the first priority, right? And you cannot want the deal more than your client

Katy 3:02
and more than your life. Because last week, we talked to Jen about safety. And um, that’s episode 216. It, it is more important that you get home every day than that you make that dollar.

Alissa 3:17
Yes. And I think that when you know, money is getting tighter, you don’t have as many pendings or active or maybe you have none. That is when people start really compromising their boundaries,

Katy 3:28
because you can’t afford to lose the buyer. Yeah, you’re like, Well, I can’t afford to lose this online lady that called me and doesn’t want to do a pre approval and won’t, you know, give me their driver’s license or whatever your process is. And you’re like, I have to go like my backs against the wall financially.

Alissa 3:43
That’s not a fun place to be working from. And when you’re working from a place of desperation, or fear or the poverty mindset. That is when your clients can sense that

Katy 3:54
I this is the point in time when I would say I’m leaning more into you know, I’ve always been you have to be full time to be a good agent. But I’d rather you get a part time gig if you have that kind of time. Because because of the market, then you go out and make yourself unsafe or unprofessional in order to try and keep doing this full time. And if

Alissa 4:13
it’s that stressful, if it’s that stressful that it’s making you it’s changing your life and how on edge you are, maybe it’s not the right career for you. Because real estate is full of ups and downs up and downs and it requires some savings.

Katy 4:28
I was never good at savings. So I was like the back against the wall. Like I can totally understand how that feels like when you like or when I’m just devastated if I lose a deal because I don’t know how I’m gonna pay my bills, right? Like I totally get it. And it’s probably hard to set this system up coming from a slower market. But when things get better, and they will and you’re still here like I feel you’re just trying to survive this time. We have to survive. But then let’s start a savings plan. Let’s like yeah, be prepared for the next time or II Then when you get your next closing, make sure that the savings starts.

Alissa 5:03
And I feel like when agents are operating from a place of desperation, hasty decisions are made and homework is not done. And we are seeing so many more cancellations. Yeah, my cancellations lately have been on things that 100%, the buyer should have known. On my listings. I’m like, so you’re telling me your buyer didn’t even know this? Right?

Katy 5:27
I don’t understand. Yeah. Why didn’t that come up? Right? Because they were just trying to get around. Let’s

Alissa 5:32
just make an offer, please. Let’s just get under contract. A contract means nothing if you don’t make it to the closing. Oh, no. So we kind of just wanted to do a refresher to remind you to take a deep breath. Yeah. Don’t let go of your boundaries. Keep your systems in play. Yeah. Don’t lose your systems

Katy 5:53
at this time. Yeah. Be be mindful of your safety practices. Yes, I’ll do it. I’ll, the other thing that I’ve noticed that’s changing so much is agents are going to be sold to even more now. Like, I feel like there’s more, hey, I have this lead source, or hey, like, when you’re feeling desperate for a deal, you’re kind of like, Ooh, maybe I do want to get the x leads. Yeah, or the whatever knew, I think you’re in a vulnerable position. Sure, where the people who are selling things to realtors are like, we can help you get those deals, you

Alissa 6:28
can find the shiny objects are gonna be coming out of the woodwork

Katy 6:32
everywhere, and you’re gonna feel like, and look, maybe some of them are a fit for you. But if you’re not working your database and not doing what you kind of know, are the three things you can do. Yeah, you’re not working on your social media. If you’re not working your database, then you are and you’re like getting that sales pitch. And you’re like, Yeah, I do need the deal. Yeah, I think that’s the other thing that happens in this time. So I

Alissa 6:57
just taught a database class at an office in our marketplace. And we haven’t even talked about this. Yeah, when Great, okay. But I talked a lot about how, you know, I believe the database is the foundation of your business. That’s how you get repeat and referral. And one of the agents at the end was like, listen, I, I do pay for online leads, you know, they do sort of, like, suck the life out of me. But I’m not from here. And I don’t know anyone. And I just feel like, this is what I have to do. And I said, I hear you. But they could also be the reason why you’re not meeting anyone. Because you’re working the stranger so much. Have you joined anything in the community to meet people? Do you have time to get involved in a in a charitable group that you’re passionate about? Do you have time to play tennis? Right? Do you have time to be involved in your church? Where, like, what things about you?

Katy 7:53
Where do you see people? Yeah,

Alissa 7:55
but if you’re always working the leads, you’re never working the real people that you could form relationships with. So I left her with this. I said, I would say, only do the leads. Once you are your database is clean, full scrubbed, like it’s good, good, solid people in there that you have found. You’re actually having time in your business plan to be in front of people. And you are working that well. Yeah. And if you have extra time, take on some leads if you feel like you need them. Yeah. Because that’s the other thing too is if she’s just starting to do the database, you’re not going to get a lead day one. No, it’s It’s a time but over time, it gives you like the healthiest business. Yeah,

Katy 8:49
I agree. My other thing is how did you take the online leads and get them into your database quicker? Like how did you build a relationship? How are you following up with them? If you closed an online lead? How do they make it into your database? What’s the like? You’re gonna have to fill that database with some people that you got probably online.

Alissa 9:07
Yeah. And like if that buyer from the online lead brought their data to a showing, right, add your database, because this is all mindset. Yeah. Like how are mindset? And so one one line lead, if worked correctly, and intentionally and his relationship focus could lead to you being the realtor for that whole family? Yeah, but if you’re just like slinging leads left and right, and trying to keep your head above water. I mean, she even said like, she’s exhausted and doesn’t really like people anymore. Oh, well, that’s not gonna work. No, but that’s where a lot of people since I taught that class, more and more people have come to me telling me they’re at that place. Yeah. And when your attitude is suffering, when your mindset is suffering, it’s very hard to be good at what you do, right? And to make people like, Well, I really like her and this business

Katy 9:59
is it’s all all fun and games until the market shifts. Yeah, like it’s all fun. And you know, look, I cannot tell you how many agent tours are popping in my inbox right now. So many could I’ve been here before. Yeah, I’ve seen it all before. All the lenders start harassing you more, they are looking for the like, everyone is, like desperate for the deals, like where are we going to find them? So you have to find the things that work in your business, though, I guess that’s my point, these things are going to happen around you. They’re going to try and sell you stuff. We’re going to try like your leads are going to run you ragged if you’re just getting these, you know, people who are not quality database, like type of relationships that you want to see. Yeah, it’s just hard.

Alissa 10:42
You’re gonna feel like you’re spinning your wheels a bit. Yeah. And I even feel that way. Sort of, yeah, I’m very busy right now. I don’t have a lot to show for my it’s like my listings. I’m so aggravated with a lot of these buyer’s agents. It’s like, here’s a great offer from my client next day. I’m so sorry, I’m sending you a cancellation and I’m just like, what is happening? You know, there’s no, there’s not a lot

Katy 11:05
for this reason, similar for the cancellations. Yeah, can you share?

Alissa 11:10
Um, so one, I didn’t realize that the home even though I had the documents and everything with the PD, it was on the property disclosure. It required flood insurance. And they didn’t realize I didn’t realize that, even though they signed the property disclosure. So definitely knew, even though the insurance policy was updated was uploaded into MLS. Oh, this is pretty next level. Yeah. And I’m just like, and you know, it’s funny, I got the pre approval letter. And I sent our email template. Yeah. To the lender, the offer received email template. Yeah, I was like, Hey, I’ve received your offer. And I said, all I added to that template for this specific email. I also wanted to make sure that you want you knew as the lender that the house is in a flood zone. So I’ve attached a copy of the policy, okay. And it wasn’t, it wasn’t an astronomical amount, but it was in a flood zone. That required flood insurance. So she responded and said, Thank you so much for letting me know this. I did not realize it was in a flood zone when I sent the pre approval letter, but I just reran the numbers, and they still qualify, okay. Wonderful. But then they found out the buyer was like, I’m not comfortable. I don’t want I’m just going to cancel during my inspection.

Katy 12:29
thing was like a multiple offer situation. No. Why? Why the rush, y’all?

Alissa 12:34
Why the rush? Just, here’s the thing. I think if they had, there are some agents that even if they had all the time in the world, they’re not going to do their due diligence. They’re not going to check things before they write the offer, even if they had a week to write the offer. Because they’re so excited to be writing an offer. Yes. Finally, finally, I can have something on my pie chain. You’re like walking

Katy 12:56
on eggshells with that buyer. Like were they just barely wanting to write an offer? But they said yes. So we jumped on it. And then we’re like, so desperate that we’re like, I’m not going to tell you anything bad about the house because I want you to move

Alissa 13:07
forward. Right. And you know, it’s funny, I have found to in sort of the opposite fashion, that the agents that are really stressed right now they seem to be rushing. Yeah, but buyers are being very cautious. Right. It’s they’re coming back for second showings and third showings, and they’re showing everybody before they put pen to paper. And it’s like, they’re really I mean, and the ones that are being rushed by their agents, I think it’s not really working out.

Katy 13:37
And again, your buyer picks up on the vibe you’re putting down right so if you make it feel urgent and you’re nervous, they’re going to be nervous like it’s there’s there’s going to be another house the problem is that it was a lot easier to find another house before the inventory situation.

Alissa 13:54
The other thing I’m seeing is that I guess what the media and what people are hearing is they think that all sellers are desperate right now. Right? So you should make your offers like 50,000 under list price that is wild. The offers I’m getting. I’m like no, even if she wanted to her mortgage is more than that. She actually can’t take this offer right? It’s not going to work. I’m getting offers again with all sorts of things we’re in in like you know, wash the roof get a new dishwasher, like all online. Oh my gosh, people just because you’re hearing that sell things aren’t flying off the shelf doesn’t mean that you should be looking $50,000 above your price range, right. But that’s what’s happening to so much waste of time.

Katy 14:44
No. Okay. Are you ready for a story? Yeah, while we’re talking about getting the calls and you know, seeing these practices actually, this story relates back to our episode with Nicki and wire fraud Okay, as well, just general fraud and title issues. So two days ago, at the time of this recording, I received a phone call from a number I did not know. Here’s a tip for you realtors in a tough market Answer your phone, most of them will be someone trying to sell you something, then you will have to probably say no thank you and hang up and block that that number. Yeah. But I answered a call from an out of state number. Actually, it was not it was a local number because I wrote it down. Oh, and so that probably made me think this is someone I should talk to. It’s local. The fellow on the other end of the line was of another I don’t know where he was from, but he was from a different descent. Okay, very, super thick accent. In fact, it was a little hard for me to like wade through it, but I got there. Okay. He says, I have a property that I want to sell. Can you help me with that? It is. And I’m like, Okay, sure. And then he says, It is vacant land. And immediately my red flag started going up. Like we’re the this is one of the scams, right? And I know this because we’re well trained over here. And he says it’s vacant land. I’m already I’m like, Alright, let’s see, we can find out. And I’m like, Okay, I couldn’t really at this point. I understand him hardly at all. But he said something. And I’m like, Hey, could you text me the address? He said something about texting. I’m like, Yeah, I can get you some information on their property. But will you text me the address? And because my red flags are up, I’m like, will you text me your legal name, the address and you know, the size and then I’ll look it up and we managed to get out that his name was a very, like, American, John Smith. That is like, okay, okay. Okay. And I, he said, he said he had it for sale by owner, but he couldn’t figure out Zillow and he was having trouble, like figuring out how to do that for sale by owner. So he needed help. Okay, so I was like, Okay, have you had it? Have you had any interest while it was for sale by owner? And he’s like, I don’t I don’t know. I don’t like, clearly it wasn’t really for sale by all right. Okay, fine. Then I said, Well, he said, I need you to tell me what price what price, you know, to sell it for? And I’m like, I said, Well, what price? Did you have it listed for sale by owner?

Alissa 17:17
That’s a great question. And he says, Oh, I

Katy 17:20
don’t know, like 150 to 170. And like, just so many of my red flags are like pinging at this point. But I’m like, Okay, fine. Well, we’ll see this out. I’m gonna get my phone out now. He does text me the address. And

Alissa 17:35
I look it up. It was actually listed. It was on the market

Katy 17:40
in in February of 2023. And it was this was a recent call. He called me two days ago. He had also had it listed. I don’t know if Yeah. And in February, so months ago,

Alissa 17:55
and you know, it’s funny. This is right by my parents and I run on the street.

Katy 17:59
That is pretty funny. I have the listing out, Elissa is looking at it. Okay. This is his These are his text. This is the text exchange. I Katie, this is Steven. That’s all he says after our phone call. So I respond with because now I’m dying to know if this is a scam. Yeah, I’m like, also, I’m not gonna lie. I’m very mindful and how I address everyone because of fair housing. So I also weighed and just dismissed him assuming it was a scam. I had to like work it through. I said, Hi, what is the property address? Then he sends me back his full name, Steven, blah, blah, blah, okay. And the address, and he says 43,560 Square feets square feets is the size. It is a residential subdivision lot. And I’m like one, I now have this listing pulled up from the address he just gave me it is not 43,560 feets, which I will say is a full acre and Zillow rounds everything up to one acre. Okay, they automatically say one acre, right? This is not actually that it’s probably like, less than half of an acre. Okay. Then I’m like, what it could have asked to figure this out. I’m like, How long have you owned the property is my next question. He says over 10 years now. I said, Have you listed it with an agent before? He says no, I have not. And I’m like, well, now you’re caught caught, right? Because this is with an agent. It was only on the market 30 days. And I and I assume it was because it was a scam that they paid it withdrawn. So I texted this agent and I said, Hey, I’ve received your like you’re looking. I said, Hey, I’ve received a call about this property. You had it listed in February. Can you tell me what happened? It seems like it’s a scam. And I will so she says yes. It was a scam. It was listed in removed. She listed it she realized she can with this game. Correct. She confirmed and so this is how I decided to handle it with him because he was because I didn’t respond again. I said have you had it listed before and he said no. I have it so I just kind of went quiet. Then he said, Did you find it yet? And I said, this property was recently listed as part of a scam and has been flagged by our local Board of Realtors. His response? What question mark, exclamation point. When was this question mark, question mark, exclamation point. I did not respond. And he never responded again. He didn’t cut like, if you if you were really the owner, know that happened. You would immediately pick up the phone and be like, Katie, what do you mean? It was listed? Yeah. And I didn’t list Yes. No. He sent one text and then ghosted. And let me see what the age love that

Alissa 20:37
you played this all the way through. I had to do it for y’all. Yeah, I did it for y’all. Like this will be great content. I was like the nurse

Katy 20:42
I had to follow through because of fair housing. I couldn’t just be better. Yeah, you know, I can’t, I can’t not serve everyone the same. But at the same time, I’m like, This sounds fishy. So I asked this other agent if it was a scam. And they said, it was listed by an internet scammer, and we found the actual owner was how she responded to me. So I knew it was a scam. I told him, and I’m like, How can I but I was trying to figure out the words to make him stop doing it.

Alissa 21:09
At least for that platform, flagged by our local board. property isn’t

Katy 21:13
a very nice area is it was listed the time before for 185 vacant land. That’s probably pretty good, you know. And so I sent the board an email, and I said, Listen, this just happened. It’s obviously happened once before this scammer is targeting this property. Is there some way for you to flag this property when you get another listing so that you can at least give that agent a heads up? Right. And they’re like, we’ll put an alert on the message board, which they did. Okay. And it just says, Please, if you’re getting vacant listing? Yeah, we’ve been we’ve been notified of a scam about targeting vacant listing. It didn’t say this list. Yeah. But

Alissa 21:53
did the agent that did list it, say anything else it like, do you know if it was the same guy

Katy 21:59
that had to be? Or a conglomerate? Like they just target addresses? You know, it could maybe he’s an he could be in a call center? For all we know, yeah, targeting these things?

Alissa 22:10
Did you see if the name he gave is the name of the property owner by chance?

Katy 22:14
It is. That’s the thing. They know what they know who owns the property. And they’re saying why he’s giving me a name that didn’t maybe match up with with him who he is right. So there are red flags. My point is not to criticize the agent who took the listing. But y’all, someone took this listing? Yeah. And I don’t know what, because I didn’t get more details, because I’m sure that’s not a very pleasant thing to relive for them. No. So it wasn’t like I got a text with a lot of additional information. I just let her know, like, Well, hey, if you have the number for the actual owner, please let them know this is still happening. We had one

Alissa 22:50
that was listed by an agent that made the news. It was a scam. Remember this? Do we talk about it on the show? I don’t I don’t remember. But I I just know that this is happening more and more and more because doing your due diligence on verifying ownership and making sure that everything checks out correctly and asking the right qualifying questions. A lot of people are skipping all of that. Right. Because they’re desperate for the listing. Yeah, like I can’t wait to put my sign up in the yard. Yeah, that house was being lived in by squatters. Yeah. Who then tried to sell the property? Yes. And an agent listed it and took photos. Yeah, it was horrible. It was horrific. Clearly something is not right. Right. So sign in the yard. And I got on the news.

Katy 23:39
They were on the note. Yeah, not you. Not me. Yeah. Not a good way. No, but so I guess really? Let’s take it back to what’s the point you have to be more vigilant right now because people are going to try and scam still people are going to try and sell you stuff people are going to try and you know, see houses that maybe are not good people or that are not approved or like that could be dangerous to you. We you have to keep to your professional standards, even when you’re needing the business. Yeah, like even when you’re in a place where you’re like, I can’t lose this client.

Alissa 24:11
I have a listing right now that was inherited and it is falling down. It’s that’s my loose there are I like that you’re

Katy 24:19
laughing about it.

Alissa 24:20
There are four air conditioners. One of them is from 1969. Whoa, none of them work. Well, that makes sense. There’s some mold, you know, no AC, it’s just a mess. Okay. It’s been on the market for months. Right? There’s no bidding war going on here. Right. Okay. And I get an offer from an agent that’s like, not as sure I’ll preface this by saying she’s a real agent and her clients are real buyers. Okay. I get a purchase agreement from her $1,000 over list price. And like a conventional loan putting like the minimum down. But what really threw me off is she asked for a home warranty, like a $500. Like one what? It’s all existing conditions? And I’m like, Yeah, I’m like, and so um, I said, Listen, you can’t? I don’t think you understand. Have you been to the property? Because we’ve had over 50 showings because like to be over 50 because investors are coming out the Woodworks. I said, Have you been there? Because this offer doesn’t really make sense to me. And she’s like, Oh, we have we have and I’m thinking, then, you know, you can’t ask for a home warranty because nothing’s working. Yeah, it’s not working. What kind of loan? It was the conventional, but there wasn’t it wasn’t fully filled out. Okay. Okay. It did have a pre approval letter, okay. Who she ended up helping me. But at first I’m like, listen, I, we rejected it. I just felt like

Katy 25:54
I love y’all listen to that you rejected the over 1000 over as I talked to my

Alissa 25:59
seller about it. And they were like, right, you’re crazy. Why would you do that? Like, they were like, No. And the warranty thing, the fact that I had to explain that to her was sort of a red flag for me, like, you’re never going to make it through an inspection on this house. I don’t even think you’ve been here. And she’s like, Oh, I sent her a rejection. I said, Listen, I just don’t think this is the right house for your clients. I don’t think that you’re going to be able to get financing. It really needs a cash buyer. And the fact that they wanted a home warranty just lets me know, maybe their expectations aren’t realistic. And we’ve already had a few cancellations, right? So we’re not interested in going under contract just for the sake of being under contract. We’re really looking for a buyer who understands the magnitude of renovation that has to go on here. And it’s not someone that’s going to ask for a home warranty. Right? Oh, I understand. I understand. I’m like, okay, good. They’re gone. No, I get a new offer. I get a new offer the like, like a week later. Like, I don’t hear from anything, she doesn’t go see the house again. Okay, I get a new offer. Same offer Home Warranty. I’m like skimming it. And I’m like, maybe this was the accident? I’m like, No, the dates are different. Like I thought maybe she I am exact offer until I get to additional terms. She added in all systems to be in working order by closing.

Katy 27:26
Oh, my, we’re gonna pay $1,000 for that. That’s actually

Alissa 27:29
impossible. This house has six bathrooms, and none of them have a toilet in them. Oh, my God, you are kidding. Like, when I tell you this house is in shambles. It is not livable. And so I just I just I didn’t even respond, I did respond. And I was a little less understanding. And I was like, I don’t think you understand this is an as is sale, it’s priced for that. It is priced that way and we are not doing any work. And what you wrote is so ambiguous. I told her broker would you did I did. I was so annoyed. The broker say that it’s an agent that has another job doesn’t come in the office very much doesn’t attend training has been licensed for like two years. But that has never really done. I don’t know if she’s ever really made it to the closing table. And I said, I just wanted to make you aware that I’m rejecting it again. And I also just wanted to be careful because I didn’t want to make it seem like I’m just rejecting her offers, but they’re actually not making any sense to me. Right? And so then I also called the mortgage lender. And I said, Listen, I just received a second offer from these clients. And the agent is not understanding and I felt like in case you have communication with the buyers, maybe you could help me okay, what happened? She was like, oh, that’s the condition that the house is in. I sent her some pictures. She said, Absolutely not. I need a construction loan for that. No doubt. And I said, I know and I’m not trying to like not and my seller is on the same page as me and all I’m explaining to her everything I’m doing what my concerns are. She’s like for sure you know, right? And so the lender was like, I will talk to the buyers. There’s no way I can finance this. And I was like thank you but maybe another agent would have been eager to have their listing pending. Well just tried to make it work like that. And

Katy 29:30
that’s not a service to your seller, no or the buyer No, that is never going to happen so what a waste of

Alissa 29:38
time and so she kept arguing with me the the agent and so finally this agent was gonna let their buyer pay for an inspection Hey, for home inspection that was never going to see the act of sale. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no. And I finally said listen, Miss realtor. I spoke to the mortgage lender who said this cannot be financed you the way that your clients or your clients are looking for a move in ready home and this I understand this might be their price range. This is not the home for them. This is not within budget. It is not livable right now. Please stop sending me offers on this property. I had to tell her. Wow. But it’s like she was so eager, I guess to write the contract, and I am gonna have to look up stats after this. Yeah, it’s just you know, okay,

Katy 30:27
well, look, I, I want to be understanding if you have felt like you are this person, and you’re like, Oh, God, I’ve done this before. Everyone has to learn, right? Sometimes we learn the hard way. And I’m not like if you’re new, you’ve maybe never like next week, we’re gonna do contingencies as new agents. There’s some things that you’ve never seen in the market. Yeah, that I mean, like, you’ve not seen a house maybe in bad condition that is at this, like, everything’s changing all the time. Yeah. So we’re all learning. We’re all trying to figure it out. But you have to,

Alissa 31:00
you have to do your due to thing is the first offer when it came through. I really took a lot of time to educate her. You felt like you were given her the I did. I felt like I was, you know, I’m like, You need to listen to this podcast called hustle. But I digress. And I really tried to be helpful. Yeah, when I got the second offer, like no more, like threw my papers in the air and was like, go away and I cannot help you. You cannot be helped.

Katy 31:27
You’re not You’re not helpful. You’re not teachable. Okay, well, those agents, maybe we’ll get out of business soon. Okay, what else you got on stories for the the bad behavior. I mean, I hate that there’s so many, I do have so many but I only really just had the one I do want to preface or like jump in here and remind people, when we’re taking a safety angle, when we’re thinking about making good choices for safety, you can go back and listen to episodes six and seven, where Carl tells the story and then gives the tips. Episode 161 is where Tanner comes in tells us what to do from the perspective of law enforcement. And again last week was was Jen telling another story kind of really more about the open house angle so important because the houses are bad, like right houses aren’t selling right away. Like we’re not so desperate that we’re going to put ourselves in an open house and also be potentially harmed. Sure we’re gonna make good choices. Yeah, tell us what you tell your kids in the morning like making choices. That’s what I feel like this episode could also be just make good choices. Like I make good choices. My right you need to make good choices. Okay, I also think that this market requires a little bit more patience. I have a seller currently sweet seller, the homes are not moving in their neighborhood at all. Lots of competition. You know, it’s a high price range. It’s hard to you know, get that feedback, but agents are clearly going behind the sign. I’m experiencing that as well. Y’all. That’s not allowed, like it is actually not allowed for you to go to a current listing and call or talk to the seller while it is listed Yeah, so agents are going behind the sign and telling her some random stuff like well, your the for sale sign is not legible enough. It’s too faded from the sun. That’s why your home isn’t selling so maybe you need a different agent. I’m like y’all that is not what is happening here. But I’m having to feel these questions and concerns from my seller, rightfully so because people are putting this in her ear.

Alissa 33:38
Like your sign is why my house hasn’t sold it’s not

Katy 33:41
I mean, look I’m competent enough to I told her I’m like it’s not the sign you know, I’m happy to switch it out. I’m happy to do an open house I’m happy to do a lot of things but it’s not the sign it’s the market and I can’t change the market we can change your price like we can the conditions great so it’s not it but like we can wait it out like we can rent your house instead of selling their options Yeah, but the part of that story that bothered me and it’s the desperate for deals angle is the is a bad agent behavior.

Alissa 34:14
I recently was I got invited to my sister’s in a Bible study and they take turns leading so I only go when it when she’s leaving it. Okay, I’m not it’s not really close to my house. Right? But um, so I had met them once before, like this, this group. They’re super sweet. I kind of wish it was closer to my house. But then when I went the second time, she had just bought her house okay girl who was hosting it. Okay. And so I had met her last time but I don’t like know her well. So she’s telling me Yeah, we used to live next door to your sister and oh, this house and everything. And she was she kept saying like, well, the realtor helped with this. And then so finally I said I have to know who your realtor is. And she said it and I was like, I love that person. And she was like, how do you know them? I was like, I’m a realtor. And she was like, Oh, you’re a realtor. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. I’m like, That’s okay. No, like, I’m not saying it to be like, I’m a realtor. You always have to use me, right? I’ve met you before. Once, right? You didn’t use me. I’m so rude. Guess what? That is how Realtors act? Yeah, it is gross. It makes the consumer like they don’t want to say I don’t want to say that. I just bought a house because I’m going to offend my 27 friends that all have their real estate license, like, be the realtor that’s like, Oh, they’re great. Yeah. How

Katy 35:35
was your sad like,

Alissa 35:37
Oh, you were in good hands. Like I’ve done several transactions with that person. Yeah. I said, I’m in real estate. So these are kind of like my co workers. I know the realtor. Yeah, Baton Rouge because I’m a realtor. Right? And she was like, Oh, that makes sense. That makes sense. And I was like, yeah, like, you were definitely in good hands. I certainly wasn’t asking that to make you feel bad after y’all told me consumers feel bad. And then I hear better. And I realized that first, you know, but then I felt like it was such like a lightbulb moment for me. Yeah, like, yeah, and how many times have you gotten a call? That’s like, Listen, I have so many friends that are realtors and like, I need to sell my house. And I’ve been through that so many times. But yeah, like, I don’t

Katy 36:21
want to choose between them. Can you help me as a neutral third party?

Alissa 36:25
Yeah. Or, you know, you’re my aunt is one, but you’re full time or whatever the case may be, you know, right. I’ve also been on the receiving end where I they were my clients, and now their aunt is a real Right, right, right. Right. They call me to be like, Hey,

Katy 36:42
we’re about to list the house. I can’t make a sushi man. Yeah,

Alissa 36:45
I just I wanted you to know. And I’m like, first of all, I hate that you felt worried position like you. I’m so happy for y’all that this next phase of life? And I’ll certainly keep it in mind for a buyer. I totally understand. And do you know what is so funny why they bought this is a real story. This is a real story. Right? This is a real story. They they did buy that house with Aunt Susie. And then four years later, I listed that house. Where did they go to Aunt Susie is not a realtor anymore. Exactly. But if I would have made them feel like trash, they would have never come back. They would have never come back. But you’re sweet and gracious. And

Katy 37:25
you’re planning to be here for the long haul. I’m not going to these people will come back because sometimes they can’t even remember the person that sold them the house. Yeah. So

Alissa 37:32
when you’re getting bad news, or you feel like you’re taking a blow to your business, like don’t burn the bridges never, never, never don’t burn the bridges. And in fact, whenever she called me all those years, because I remembered like, I remember that. Yeah. And you know, of course, I watched the listing and wanted to see the photos and whatnot. And so then when she called me to sell it all those years later, I just felt like so redeemed. Yeah, because it wasn’t you it was never you. And guess what? It took four years to feel that way. Yeah, you know, it’s again, so much of real estate is a long ride. long game. Yeah, it’s very long game. Yeah. And so if you’re looking for that feel good moment, you may have to wait four years, you might.

Katy 38:14
But if you’re not very nice to the person that doesn’t use you or not to buy at all for now. I mean, there’s so many different.

Alissa 38:23
So speaking of going behind the sign I am also experiencing, I have a lot of listings right now, okay. And it’s they’re sitting there not selling, I am having experience with investors slash wholesalers going behind that. Tell the story. This is another I’m just like so aggravated about it. And you think that these scammers are like ambiguous and operating from another country through the cloud? No, these are real live people in your marketplace. Because at first that was my thought, Oh, this is a scam. You know, everything about it sounds sketchy, but she’s like no backup and tell us what Okay, I have a house that has been on the market for like 200 days. Okay, I think I’ve had it for like 90 they had it listed before we had expired so that the average the day on market is high. And I say that because that is who they’re targeting, yes. They are targeting the listings that have higher days on market, okay. So they went behind my sign directly to my seller, okay, and said, We would like to make you an offer of this amount. And what’s weird is it wasn’t that far off of what we were asking, Okay. And, you know, we’re gonna bring like $140,000 to closing to give you and then we’re going to owner finance the rest but it had all these other terms, okay. And they told her to just cancel her contract with her realtor. And she was like, so obviously, I’m calling you. Why did they Tell her to do this save the percentage

Katy 40:03
so they could get the house for less. Yeah. And who was the buyer calling her?

Alissa 40:10
Yeah, the investor.

Katy 40:13
Okay, so she called you and what next?

Alissa 40:17
So I, what, what really startled me and I feel like this is good for y’all to know is that this is a very strong, independent woman. Yeah, she’s a single mom. She like, works in a heavily male dominated industry. Like She’s tough. She’s tough as nails. I’ve always loved working with her. Right? Like, there’s no BS and fluff. Just tell me what I need to know. Yeah, they frickin got her. She was considering it. Uh huh. And I said, When did all of this happen? Like when did because it you have so much information as it’s been going on behind my back for weeks? And she’s like, No, they just called me yesterday. Oh, my. And the second, she asked for the second they got a glimpse of hope. She was they were all over. Yeah, they have a script, they are giving her all this information. i The title attorney that is partnered with the investor that sets up the owner financing verbiage. And here’s the thing, you think I also was trying to self reflect a little bit and be Alyssa, let’s talk to yourself. Be a good situation for your seller who is borderline financial distress could like could this be a good deal for her? After reading the screenshot text messages of this attorney, who I verified is a real attorney who used to work for a real title company that we know has gone off on his own to do scam or do this work? That is not scam work, but

Katy 41:55
it is okay. It’s not a scam. It’s very unethical. It’s

Alissa 41:59
very unethical. Yes. Okay. And I said, What? Because she kept saying he so he called her on the phone and went through the contract and the terms and how it works and how she’s protected. And this and that, and this and that. So I really was trying to be like, trying to see both sides. Yeah, you know, and I just never could get there. And I said, seller, not to use names, Suzy sellers, the seller. The other thing that makes me very nervous, and lets me know, because she she kept saying I’m protected. I said, here’s the thing. I don’t work for Alyssa Jenkins Realty. Right, I work for this company. Okay. And you’ve signed a contract with this company. And this company has a really excellent legal team. And I’m in no way trying to sue you. And I know you’re not trying, she was never trying to back out of the contract. Right. And I know you’re not trying to get out of the contract. My concern is that he is giving you advice that if you had taken that advice, and cancelled the contract with me to sell it to them, you would be you would be at risk. You have liability and risk of being sued by a bigger entity than me. And that is why I have a problem that lets me know he doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Because he’s giving you poor legal advice. Right? And you know, the more things went on she just I said listen, if this is the route if this is how desperate you are, I didn’t even realize it because you have not expressed to me that you were feel here’s the thing. I don’t think she is in financial distress, right? I think they through their smooth talking made her feel as though she How long can you carry two mortgages? How long are you going to keep the grass cut and the utilities on it all that sound like she’s like, you’re right, I’m wasting so much money. So I said, Listen, we can’t do anything over the weekend anyway. So how about we drop the price to what they’re offering you? Okay, and see if we get a better offer? Because we can’t accept their offer. This was like over Labor Day. I’m like the legal she wanted her attorney to review the paperwork pretty good. Nice. Okay, okay. So that couldn’t happen until Wednesday after Labor Day. So I said it’s Friday afternoon we can’t do anything right now let’s drop the price and see if we can sell this thing by Wednesday. I said I didn’t even know you’re willing to go here this you know Right. And so we did that and we got another offer thankfully okay, they cancelled oh, I

Katy 44:36
want at the end of the story to be no yeah, it’s

Alissa 44:38
not yet we’re back on the market but this morning the date that we’re recording this episode I have gotten another offer that’s how it was just on the phone with me so I’m like, oh gosh, oh gosh, like hurry before she wants to talk to like scammy man again, you know, we’re still working through this right. We’re still working and this is actually actively in front I want

Katy 44:57
to just really quick I don’t want to get too in the weeds on but they were going to bring X dollars to closing and she was going to owner finance. She wanted to hang on to that Shabri.

Alissa 45:07
But the amount that they basically got her to say what she owed, and like, what she would need to like, cancel her mortgage. Yes. So that at least she’s not paying two mortgages anymore. And now you have income each month. I’m like, or you could have $100,000 cash at the closing table. Right? Do whatever you want with right way, you’re

Katy 45:31
still liable for that house? Yeah, you still have to, you’d have to foreclose on these. Yeah, if they didn’t pay you and they want

Alissa 45:37
access to the property. They want to put their own lock before we even close. They want access, they want their own lockbox, they want to be able to go in and make changes and do all these things. Are they trying to flip it? I don’t know. I don’t understand it, flip it somewhere. I

Katy 45:49
don’t know what they’re looking to rent it. They’re just no way it makes sense for them to need a lockbox before closed, I just

Alissa 45:54
thought and so it came down to we were going back and forth, back and forth. She screenshotted me things as attorney said, and they were ugly about realtors, your realtor does not have your best interests in mind. She’s just trying to get paid. Ask her if she’s gonna still collect the fee. Tell her she needs to cut it, like just all this mess. And she finally said, Okay, I think it would really help if we did a three way call. I said absolutely not. I am not three way calling with these people. I’ve read enough what he has to say about me. I have advised you as best as I can. And the advice is not being taken because I see that you still want to entertain this. And I want to let you know, I’m not shaming you for that. Right? But I actually can’t help you because this is not how real estate is conducted. So this is outside of my realm, right? Like if you asked me to sell your car, I’d have to say no, right? Same situation. I don’t work with this sort of car. They didn’t want to use our contract. Oh, no, no, no, everything was a big mess. So through advice, I was told, I have to bow out not from the contract. If you go under contract with these people, let me know. Send it to me, once everything is signed, I will place this pending, I will show up at closing. I will let you sign whatever you want to sign and I will collect my check. But it’s all at your discretion. Like I can’t actually advise Yeah, because you’re making decisions against my professional advice as the realtor and

Katy 47:30
she was becoming a bank. Right, she would be the mortgage. Luckily,

Alissa 47:34
when that other offer came in, even though they cancelled it sort of gave a gave her a step back. Somebody’s like, oh, because I showed her her net sheet. And I’m like, you would get like $100,000 at closing if we go this route, you know. But then when they cancelled, I was so nervous. Like, please don’t because I have a feeling she might have wanted to call the attorney back to say, hey, they canceled if you’re still interested. Yikes. I know. And so, but I share this again, I’m not the only one that has experienced these people going behind the sign and they are smooth talkers. Yeah. They really are connecting on an emotional level with these people. Oh, that’s so gross. It is really scary. And they are just trying to build their real estate portfolio using the desperation of other bundle. Yeah, cuz

Katy 48:26
it’s not just agents who are desperate for the deal. It’s the seller. Yeah. Oh, I hate it. Okay, what else you got? Well,

Alissa 48:36
because of this happening, I have reached out to my other active listings to Okay, listen, sellers, with the market being the way it is. You’ve seen it, it’s slow. We are experiencing more wholesalers going behind the sign which is actually unethical. Because you are under contract and trying to negotiate side deals with sellers. It is not it is using creative financing. That does not actually clear title of the home away from you. I just wanted to make you aware that if you receive any inquiries at all on your property, please direct them to me. Yeah, no matter what is said

Katy 49:18
but you know, I think everyone should be saying that in their listing appointment. Yes.

Alissa 49:21
And I had that in a note is that we need in this market. Our buyer and seller consultations need to be on point Yeah, they need to be up to date. You need to be meeting buyers for coffee to sit down and talk about the market and get to know them before you jump into showing them houses. Yeah. Because they need to understand what the new price ranges for a first time homebuyer right. How long is it how fitting and what do cops look like? What who’s your mortgage lender?

Katy 49:57
Yeah, they also don’t know. So Some of the options and I am super familiar with them from the beginning of my career, but like I went on a showing last week with buyers who they have talked to a lender before, they are aware of what the there it’s a past client. They’re aware of what rates are. But he was really having some struggles about deciding on a house based on the rate. And I said, you know, have you looked at an arm? He’s like, an arm. I’m like, Yeah, arms are very popular right now. You know, like, you could get a five year fix. I mean, in five years, during five years, the rates could change a bunch of times. Yeah. And you could refi or, or your, Are you only going to live in the house five years, then it doesn’t even matter, right? Like, there’s just so and he was like, I didn’t even think about an arm before. And I’m like, Well, I just had another client who had to refi due to divorce. And he ended up like at a 4.99. Doesn’t that I mean, yeah. From a seven. Yeah. And he was just like, oh, like a giant light bulb over his head. And I’m like, but that’s the kind of stuff you have to educate your buyer yet to educate your sellers, about the scams that are how you have to educate your clients. If you can’t educate them, you’re not doing you’re not doing your job, right? Absolutely. They’re paying you to know about this stuff. The times

Alissa 51:13
I have felt the most valuable as a realtor is when I am in that consultation with a client and I’m speaking to the financing aspect of things. Oh, yeah. Like do you know what loan type? Have you thought about doing this for your while you’re buying and selling at the same time? Have you thought about a HELOC? Have you thought about arm? Have you ever heard of a one time recast like you and they look at you like you are gold? Because they don’t know. They don’t know. And they realize I’ve always heard realtors are not very helpful. And you have just given me so much insight into the buying process. And so also like understanding Hey, Mr. Seller, we just got to offer but I don’t know that this type of loan can go for this type of house. Yeah. Don’t want that to be a surprise. 20 days later, right. So confidence, I think, is key attended in this downtime, attending classes. Attending lending classes, yeah. Anything you can do to better educate yourself on what is going on in the market and how we’re supposed to be advising people. We just We can’t take things personally. Yeah. And we need to be keeping the professional hat on and showing confidence when nobody else is.

Katy 52:28
Yeah, I agree. Okay, good tips. Yeah. What about agents who are on edge emotionally we have those all those emotional episodes. Because things are tougher in the market. Maybe you have sellers yelling at you all the time. Do you? Do you want to share the story of the of the incident? I had your showing?

Alissa 52:50
Yeah. Oh, that one. Like she has a lot of story. I do have a lot of trying to work through them because they’re good and important. Um, I showed like four houses all in one neighborhood the other day. And one of them was like, certainly not the one but when we pulled up the garage door, it’s a vacant house but the garage door was open. And I thought maybe the seller had just come by to like spruce things up. Was there a car in the car? Just the no color is like the garage door was open. No car in the garage. doors were locked. Yeah. So I opened the lockbox, I go in it was one of those very quickly, like, I don’t think we didn’t even go in the backyard. Didn’t go upstairs, never went upstairs, just left locked lockbox. I left feedback that night at 830. Tanner’s working on by myself, I get berated with text messages from this agent screaming at me via text of how unprofessional I am and that I need to go back to that house right now and secure the home. And I didn’t even know what she was talking about what show I’m like actually about to cry, because I’m like, What did I do? Did I make it right? I am like, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Like how do you know that the house the neighbors called and said that? I don’t know that. You know, the garage door was open and then I went Hold on. That garage door was open when we got there. So anybody on the street who has any kind of camera? We’ll see. Right? That garage door was open for a very long time and

Katy 54:36
you left the whole house locked? Yes. It wasn’t like it was she says

Alissa 54:40
that. The door to the garage. Like wasn’t locked or something. And I said I have news for you. We did not use that door. We walked in we pretty quickly walked out. I didn’t use the garage door. I didn’t use the back door. I left through the front door that I came in. It’s the only door hunched in the whole showing, but the way and I even told her I said, I have never been spoken to the way that you were speaking to me right now.

Katy 55:06
Where are y’all on the phone at this point? She was just texting me

Alissa 55:10
texting me texting me. I said, I have never had anyone say these things about me, you know? And she was like, take ownership. She just she never would say she was wrong. She and I said, I am not going over to that house. I said, I have children that are asleep. And I’m Well, too bad figure it out. That’s what she said. And I’m like, and that’s it. I don’t know what is going on with you. But I have never been spoken to this way in such an aggressive manner. Check your cameras, because I did not do that. And she was like, How would you feel if someone loved your half million dollar house expose? I said, I didn’t leave it that way.

Katy 55:47
That’s how I looked at how I found it.

Alissa 55:50
She claims that there was also a light left on your like, we didn’t touch it. And you know, if my buyer did leave on a light, I apologize, right. I turned all my lights off. I’m pretty sure right. But again, you don’t. It was horrible. It was horrible. And come to find out she shows some she never apologize. But she had she said while I’m dealing with this huge personal issue. The last thing I need is to babysit realtors that can’t properly lock a house is what she told me. Yeah, and I just said, obviously, this is not going anywhere. I’m not going to the house. Good night. Like that’s how we left it. Oh, I’m sorry. And then she said, Take ownership. And then I just stopped her spot. Again, I think sometimes we hear things. And we totally overreact in the moment. Right. She really thought I left the house the garage door.

Katy 56:53
Do you think we need to take an innocent until proven guilty? Yes. stance on this stuff. Yeah. I mean, hey, Alyssa, do you remember how that like?

Alissa 57:04
Do you remember only one there? That’s what she said.

Katy 57:07
But you didn’t open the garage? So

Alissa 57:10
someone was there before me? Right? Yeah.

Katy 57:14
All right. That’s unfortunate.

Alissa 57:15
It was terrible. Okay, I’m

Katy 57:17
sorry, that happened to you. And you were yelled at one other. Last one. Okay, what’s

Alissa 57:21
a piggy back to this one? Because

Katy 57:22

Alissa 57:24
We’re under contract. I’m the listing agent.

Katy 57:27
Picture this. We’re under contract. I get

Alissa 57:30
the repair request on this quite immaculate house. Okay. It’s not a bad list, but some of it is doesn’t even make sense. It’s so unreasonable. Okay. This isn’t what they asked for. But it’s equivalent seller to change out granite countertops. Okay. Okay. Something like that, like dedic problem, right? Something like, well, you’ve been in the house several times. It’s always like, it was already like that. We’re not this isn’t a Yeah, this isn’t a renovation. Okay. So I went through line by line. Luckily, I have very patient sellers. And he’s an engineer. So in this case, it worked in my favor. He went through the seven items they requested and wrote next to each one. This outlet does actually work. It’s just on a light switch. And attached is a photo of my phone charging plugged in to proving that that work, right. Oh, this is actually this way, blah, blah, blah. This is how you work this. So in the end, it sort of sounded like, so we’re not doing anything. Because everything you have asked, it doesn’t need to be done. Doesn’t need to be done. Got it. And we have provided pictures and explanations. And I wrote it very kindly. And I was like, You have a great email. I’m really proud of this out. Yeah, really proud. Just wait. I’m dropping my kids off at like 745. And my phone rings. And it’s like the other agent, I sent the email like, you know, the evening before. It’s the other agent. And so I’m like, I’m not answering right now. My kids are in the car and carpool line. So he calls again, and I text them. I’m like, I’m in carpool line, like I will call you back. Like what is so urgent. Do you know, I call back at like, 805. And I’m like, Hey, and he’s like, Well, I just got this email from ya. And I’m just like, uh, he is just mad, and he’s someone that I kind of know. So I was like, I’m gonna need you to come. I’m like, sort of laughing because it’s so ridiculous. I’m like, I’m gonna need you to take a deep breath. And I’m gonna need you to tell me what the problem is. Because this was not a bad repair request. And it was not a bad response. And he just kind of like you could hear him like, I know you’re right. I’m sorry. Like, all my deals are falling apart right now. He’s like, I didn’t mean to blast you. I said, Well, you did. Yeah. I said, you certainly did. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Here’s like, I’ll call my buyer. I said I don’t. I said listen, he has an assistant that is a delight. Okay. I said, Do you think it would be better for Suzy to call your buyers because I’m really worried about your delivery right now? I said that. And he was like, no, no, it’s fine. I’m gonna be fine. I’m gonna be fine. I’m gonna, you know, I just need to like, make the phone call. And you know, my buyers are so particular and I’m like, well, they should be happy to hear we’ve given you the answer all everything works, you know. Um, so I said, I think it might be better for her. No, no, no, I’ll call I’ll call so I’m like, Okay. Um, don’t you know they canceled?

Katy 1:00:31
No. I don’t like the end of this story.

Alissa 1:00:35
Horrible endings lately, guys. Oh, and I was mad. Again, you think that not desk was the deal? Because they didn’t really give one? And how did your sellers handle it better than I did? Oh, well, great. Not because I was like it had to close but because I was just freaking mad. Like sometimes our industry like, the way people handle things. If I could have swooped in there and called his buyers on his behalf, like, there’s just people are in such a freakin hurry to get everything done. Yeah. And do you want to meet at the house and walk through these seven items? Like, right

Katy 1:01:14
let’s what are the other options besides just being mad and saying, No,

Alissa 1:01:18
we’re quick to write an offer. And we’re quick to write a cancellation and there is no in between? It’s like, what are the other options, but by the time a buyer’s agent has had their buyer send a cancellation. That’s where their mindset is. It’s over. Okay, agents.

Katy 1:01:32
This is the best client management and I don’t remember what episode it was. But it’s early on, because it’s one of my passions. agents do not understand that you affect your clients mindset, in your behavior, in your suggestions in your delivery of messages in your giving them options for what he could have said, hey, look, this is what they’ve said about these things. But we can run by the house and go try them all. Like give them another option that makes them feel comfortable. Nope. Is the house still on the market? Yeah. Oh, I’m so sorry. To

Alissa 1:02:06
be continued. Oh, God, we’re not showing.

Katy 1:02:10
I’m sorry. So sad out there. It is. It’s not funny. It’s

Alissa 1:02:16
sad. We don’t laugh, we’d cry. I know. That’s why we have podcast therapy. So

Katy 1:02:20
sorry, that happened to you multiple times. Things are really rough out there. I mean, look, I had a random person who didn’t own a lot. Try and get me to sell it this week. Oh my god, I had time. I’m not super like.

Alissa 1:02:32
And again, if the agents are portraying themselves as desperate, it invites these problems,

Katy 1:02:39
y’all. But here’s the bigger picture. What episode did we just do? Is it 214? Where we’re talking about buyer brokerage? Yeah, if y’all don’t get your act together, seriously, as a whole industry, when these things shake out, it’s not going to be good. No. So we have got to be the example and make sure that we’re mining our p’s and q’s. And we better be able to tell our sellers, these kinds of stories about this is why you still want to work with me. Yeah, thereby or that there are bad agents out there. But it’s not me. And I’m going to help you get through this.

Alissa 1:03:14
Right. And I really think that taking a little bit of extra time to sit down for coffee with your buyers and go through the process and have that consultation. You are going to write one contract for that buyer. Yeah. And you will close. Yeah, you’re not going to be running all over town. All these things will save you time. It is going to save you so much time by working smarter, not harder being more efficient. We need to be checking our emotions. Yeah,

Katy 1:03:46
as a listing agent, you’re begging them. Yeah, please have a consultation

with your buyer. I can’t do it for you. Yeah. Anything else today? Oh, when? That’s all the agents on edge. That’s all I have. I was really depressing.

Alissa 1:04:04
Look, my stories will have maybe this offer we got today will work out.

Katy 1:04:08
I can’t wait to hear. I will say that it does the opportunity to be better than others will make you stand out. So the positive side of this is you have such opportunity to stand out to be better to like, you know, it’s not hard to look better than a lot of this behavior. Yeah. And to be knowledgeable, right. Are you ready for your toes? Yeah. Did you see who it was? Oh, I’m so excited. This toast is from Randy Yocum. Okay to her twin sister, Jenna Yoko. Oh, in northern Colorado. Okay, Randy, y’all just a side note. I’d like to toast her as well. She just taught member led class in community Yeah. All about what was her sign in and email funnel it was really excellent. She did a great job branding is so good, but Okay, but Randy is toasting her sister Jenna. Okay, I’m testing my twin sister Jenna because she is the best sister and co worker in the whole world. She got into real estate about four years before I did and she gave me the courage to get my license and jump away from being a CPA. Oh wow, I didn’t even know that. Now. I get to be home with my kids most days and also do something I’m passionate about and bonus we get to hang out together all the time because we work as a two person team that’s great Jenna has caught has taught me everything I know about real estate and constantly impresses me with how much she knows. She takes incredible care of our clients and also treats other agents with respect and kindness. Thank you. I did not play in this. Wow. Cheers sis.

Alissa 1:05:46
Well, that worked out perfectly perfect.

Katy 1:05:48
Thank you Randy. Thank you to Jenna for being the example in the in the industry kind respectful. What a delight. Delight. Everyone go via Jenna.

Alissa 1:06:00
make good choices. Goodbye. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. If you enjoy

Katy 1:06:07
this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify. If you

Alissa 1:06:15
have an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com

Katy 1:06:22
Find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all of the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you

Alissa 1:06:31
next week. This is the goodbye

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