219: Process Over Outcome, Trusting Your Real Estate Process in Any Market

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When the market slows it can be hard to “trust the process”. Nervous sellers and reluctant buyers asking lots of questions and feeling all the feels can make you doubt your systems and processes. In this episode we dive into what happens when you put blinders on and just focus on the process. We are answering the tough questions like what happens if your listing doesn’t sell? Why should you treat your current clients like gold? What should you do about your database? Should you change everything based on what your clients want you to do? It’s time to talk about standing in a bit of discomfort and finding ways to stay vigilant with your processes. Maybe you’ve been like us and told your clients a time or two to “trust the process” and now we are turning it around on ourselves with a reminder that if you stick to your process the outcome will take care of itself.

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Alissa 0:00
by doing things with that content, and because of that it has already attracted some newer clients. But in a market where every day to them feels like a year, it’s not quite enough. All of that to say the writing it down. It has just made me so much more aware. Sure,

Katy 0:25
the little air quotes working, I’m working. I’m working I posted on Facebook. Hey,

Alissa 0:31
realtor, does anybody need to hire sell house? I’m working. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Katy 0:42
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

Alissa 0:47
The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing

Katy 0:51
yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa.

Alissa 0:56
How are you today?

Katy 0:57
Okay, great. This is episode 219.

Alissa 1:00
Process over outcome? Yes. Would you like me to share with this episode was inspired from please. I have a luxury listing right now in our marketplace. It’s listed for 1.7. And I recently hosted a group of agents in the home. And one of the newer agents came up to me and was like, are you so nervous that you’re not going to sell this house? And I was thinking to myself? Yes. I actually don’t know know that I will sell. But that would be nice. That would be great. I’m not feeling with the way things are going. Yeah, I will be the agent to sell the house. But you’re trying really hard. I am trying really hard. I would also like to share. I am agent number two. Oh, right on this house. So it’s not.

Katy 1:59
It’s not you. It’s not

Alissa 2:00
me. It’s just that luxury homes in our marketplace are tough. They are very tough. And they take more time. Right? They it’s just a matter of time. Right? So if you have a seller that’s giving you a short timeframe before they go to the next agent, it’s just going to be the agent who falls at the right time. Right? That being said, the mindset that they had when they asked me, are you so worried, are you afraid you’re not going to sell this house? Just like was a lightbulb moment for me? Because I think so many people are so worried about the outcome. Yeah, getting to the closing table, nothing else matters. And I think if people focus more on their processes, and the customer service and the level of customer service, that one, I do think the outcome will take care of itself, right. And I also just think that it will make the hope the whole thing it takes away, it takes the

Katy 3:03
edge off. If you’re okay, you have no control over the outcome, you have none, none, not even if you sold it quickly, and everything’s going fine. And then the buyer dies, you know, in a car accident the day before closing, you don’t have any control over whether the house sells or not as much as your seller would like to believe it’s all in your hands, and you can control everything you don’t. But if you’re focused on the process in doing what you know that to be the right things to do, whether it’s for a buyer or for a listing, then you’re right, it will take the outcome will take care of itself. Right.

Alissa 3:41
And the process is really full of a lot of good nuggets. Yeah, for example, because I have this listing, I have gotten tons of great social media content. I’m at the house a good bit, I have to be there for showings, I’m always getting videos and pictures and doing things with that content. And because of that it has already attracted some newer clients, like newer people that maybe weren’t in my sphere, because I don’t typically do this price range. Yeah, but those people are now sort of engaging more chatting with me more. And then when I hosted a neighborhood tour on this house, I thought this was neat, just to sort of see the web. I got the listing agents together that have houses for sale in the neighborhood. Okay, only contacted the listing agents. This was not an open tour. Okay. We got together and we agreed to see each other’s listings and give feedback, right? We love this method. Yes, I love it. It’s like speed dating. You have 10 minutes in each house. And we’re just gonna go as fast as we can, right and give us like, rapid fire feedback. Okay. So we did that and I met this agent They’re that I had never met before. And she was actually owner agent for herself. And so I had never met her before. But through meeting her a few weeks later, she was showing one of my other listings that’s like 700,000. And she called me she didn’t just schedule an appointment there showing time never hear a word. It was like, Oh, my gosh, hey, I’m so excited to be me. Yeah, it’s me. We just, you know, I’m so excited to show what are your listings? Tell me about the house. And I was like, tell me about your client. And she did and like, they’re still thinking about it. So it’s like, I think having that it was just another way to get your feet it was it wasn’t for nothing, right? Because real estate work,

Katy 5:43
doesn’t all that exact activity doesn’t result in that exact closing. No, but if you’re doing it, well, it could have ripple effects, right in your business.

Alissa 5:53
Yeah. And I think sometimes we’re so quick to label things as a waste of time or a failure or a failure. Oh, when

Katy 6:00
expired listing as a failure, I failed, withdrawn listing as a failure, my buyer decided to keep renting, I failed, right? My role with the listing, especially one that has dragged on, and I’m starting to feel like a failure, but I know I’m not, is if I got at least one buyer off of that listing. So if someone has called on the site that I’ve begun to work with, then it’s still a success. And believe me, when I tell you, I have had listings that did not sell that I got a buyer off of that did buy so it, this is okay, it’s all part of the process. Right?

Alissa 6:34
Yeah. And I think that you could maybe even get more excited about the process if you’re really tracking these things.

Katy 6:42
Yeah, for sure. I have another example of that sort of scenario, I don’t do rental listings as a as like a big part of my business, right. But if I have an investor client, they buy something they want to rent, I will rent it out for them really more as a favor, like a service of us being, you know, client, whatever, they’re annoying. I mean, you know, rental listing is a little bit harder, you’re obviously not making the same amount of money, you know, well, whatever work less money, but my role with the with the rental listing was always if I could try to convert one of those rental inquiries into a buyer, then this is worth it right for itself. Or you just keep working this system. And yeah, and then it’ll pay for itself. But the work you’re doing as a realtor every single day, is, as long as you’re working, it’s creating more work and more income for you down the road, whether it’s that house or another house, or posting social media content, because you’re in the agent tour, or like it is working.

Alissa 7:41
On that note to talking about what you do today is your future business. Um, we had an agent in our office who had someone call that wanted to be a renter. Okay. And so it was someone she kind of knew. So they were going to have a meeting to talk about why they weren’t going to buy, where should I look for rent, I need your help. And she was saying she was saying that she’s going to take the meeting, but she doesn’t know that she’s going to, because he may end up in an apartment. So like, no one would be involved in it. Right. But she said, I still want to meet with him to have sort of that consultation to let him know, hey, let me give you some pointers. Let me give you some advice. I would call these places,

Katy 8:25
right? Because maybe in five years, he’s a buyer or two. And

Alissa 8:29
she was questioning if that was a bad business decision. And I said no, because you’re taking that one person, giving them all the tools and guidance they need to find somewhere to live even though you can’t really be a huge help because he wants an apartment now, right? But you are going to put a reminder in your calendar for 30 days. 60 days. Hey, where did you end up finding? What’s your address? They’re going to get the Christmas card from you. They’re gonna get football schedule. Oh, you I’m so glad you found a lease when does your lease in? Oh, it ends in May you put a note in your calendar for March check in see if they want to come get pre approved and buy a house. These are all very easy things. And by being so intentional with that one person, right, that guy is gonna

Katy 9:15
buy with her one. I would think because everyone else didn’t want to have anything to do with him if he asked,

Alissa 9:21
right. And so by doing this, I don’t see it as a waste of time because

Katy 9:26
because because your business is built on building relationships. Yes, you’re building a relationship.

Alissa 9:32
Yes. And I just think that so many people are out there chasing the numbers. Yes, they want to have 15 leads but they’re not treat like imagine if everybody treated every lead they had the way she’s treating the sky. Yeah, setting intentional timeframe based reminders on when to check in with him to see if he’s ready to come get pre approved keeping him up to date in your email list with the current rates are and things like that, like, I told her, I did not think that was a bad business decision, because that’s your future business. Yeah,

Katy 10:05
it’s the same principle as taking care of your transactions that you have. Maybe it’s only one. So you’re nervous and you’re out there wanting to like prospect and find some leads. But if you do like such an amazing job for that one client, with all of the best customer service, all of the best attention, they are for sure, more likely to one use you again in the future, and to maybe now they’re like, gonna refer you, oh, we have such a great experience with Alyssa, we you have to use her as your agent, you know, so following you, but taking it back to process like, what is your process? Do you need to put some in place? Like how do you make sure you are? Well, it sounds easy process over outcome. What is your process

Alissa 10:47
like? And that’s why when this agent asked me, I said, my goal is that no matter what, when he hires the next agent, he realizes, dang, I sure had a good when Alyssa was my real, right. She wasn’t doing such a bad job. She wasn’t doing a bad job. And I do in all fairness, believe he has seen that difference from agent number one, right? For sure. And then he’s gonna see it again, if there is a third agent. So I think that my goal is always to, even if a client decides to pull the listing. I don’t ever want it to be. I don’t ever want to feel like I dropped the ball somewhere. Yes.

Katy 11:25
Can we talk about how you are currently feeling with your listings, as the market here has shifted somewhat and things are not selling quickly? Yeah,

Alissa 11:36
I mean, the last time I came to record on Tuesday, I was so stressed out, not really stressed out, just feeling the heaviness of my sellers. Because they get stressed, they get stressed. And I have like nine listings right now. And I’m about to take a few more. Yeah. And I’m communicating, like I always do. But in a market where every day to them feels like a year, it’s not quite enough, right. So we were discussing how like, I feel like I need to almost step up my communication with my sellers to like twice a week, because this once a week check in thing is, they’re just so anxious and constantly wanting to know, like, what’s going on? How’s it going? And I feel like I’m a good communicator. But I also have to be humble enough to realize they’re reaching out to me, so maybe I need to up it during this time. Yeah, things are stagnant. And we don’t have updates as often as we usually do. Right. So yeah, I think it’s something that everybody is feeling, and the biggest thing you can do, and this is what I told you, I said, I spent all day yesterday, picking up the phone and calling my sellers and letting them hear my voice right still, and asking if they had anything that they have been discussing amongst themselves that they wanted to run a free way to do it. I said, I said, you know, we haven’t really had a chance to talk on the phone. And I just wanted to see if y’all had anything that you have been discussing amongst yourself that you wanted to discuss with me. I just really wanted to have a phone call and catch up. Yeah. And every time I do that, they’re always like, Oh, my gosh, it’s so good to hear your voice and to be able, like, let’s just talk long. Yeah, it wasn’t like I was calling for something in particular, I was just calling to see how they were feeling about everything. And to let them know I’m here. I’m aware. I wish the market was better there. I don’t think there’s anything that you could do for your house better. Yeah. Like, the conditions are all good. So it’s just it’s just one of those things. But whenever we were talking about my realtor friend meeting with the renter, it really made me think a lot about sort of a condensed version of a time audit. Oh, and this sort of was inspired because I just had to do like I’m just doing like my physical I did some blood work and stuff and they wanted me to food journal leading up to the bloodwork oh, five days. Interesting. I was like, everything you put in your mouth goes on this. Someone’s gonna read it. Yeah. So like, if you take a bite at the kids macaroni and cheese, gotta go. I have to write it down. So maybe I would rather not. So I don’t have to write it down. All of that to say the writing it down. has been. It has just made me so much more aware. Sure. A little snack here from the kids. Yeah, a little snack there or whatever it may be. Right. Okay. Same thing instead of you know, we’ve talked about the time audit where you do like 15 minute intervals and really track what you’re doing. Yeah, minutes of your day, but more like, at the end of each day, bullet pointing. Okay, I went to the Monday Morning meeting and then I had lunch with the agent in my office that was at the meeting with me And then I like posted a few things on social media and then it was time to get the kids. But it’s really about like holding yourself accountable that I think the meetings are good. But like, if you’re only spending time with realtors, they’re not going to use you to buy a house now unlikely. So maybe it’s about like, what did I do today? To form some sort of relationship? Right? Did I go through my database? Should I have gone to that luncheon I was invited to, and maybe met some other new faces. Should I have volunteered at the kids school? Should What should I have done today? And it could have been something as small as well, today, I wrote one letter. Or today I checked in with one friend, right, whatever it may be, but at the end of the day, really writing down what you did and asking, is that going to help my future business? Right? Because the thing with real estate is that there are a lot of things that give you a very false sense of security

Katy 16:02
that make you feel like you’re I’m doing my air quotes working. I’m working. I’m working I posted on Facebook. Hey, counter, does

Alissa 16:08
anybody need to hire sell house? I’m working. I went to the office. i Yes. But did you talk to any human beings that were not realtors? Right? Did you look into an open house? Did you go tour some new neighborhoods and take some video or photo content of you actually working and not just begging for the work by saying I’m a realtor call me right. So it’s like, evaluating what you’re doing with your time and really asking the question, is this something that would help my business?

Katy 16:38
Yes. What is the quote that people say? What is one thing you can do today, that future you would thank you for? Right? Like, what is something you could do today that future business? You would be like? Yes, you’ve sent those, you know, football magnets and right people love them. And they reached out or, yes, you sent five new market reports to your database, or whatever it is, like, what’s something you could do today? That future you would would be so happy that you did it? Right, right? Because database work, especially building relationships, these things take time, and they are a process? And if you’re not, you can’t just all of a sudden one day, pick up the phone and be like, I have decided today is the day I’m going to talk to everyone in my database, and surely one of them will by herself? No, that’s absolutely not going to happen. It’s a long game. Yeah, very long game. But all of real estate is whether you’re selling a listing working with a buyer, working with your database for there, it’s all long,

Alissa 17:36
right? And that’s why I always look at each client as if, for whatever reason, the relationship ended, they decided not to buy or the listing expired and they didn’t want to renew. My goal is that they will always look back on our time together and be like she worked really hard. Yes.

Katy 17:53
If someone breaks up with you, for some reason like that we don’t want to buy we don’t want to sell we’re moving to a different plant. Like you’re nodding, where you’re moving to a different market, you should be able to say no problem. No worries, just send me any referrals and them say yeah, I’d be happy to yeah, I’d be happy to send you a referral. And that is more important. So

Alissa 18:13
I have sort of a funny story, at least let’s hear it. There is a builder who I kind of know who he is just from like the market, okay. I’ve never been his marketing listing agent or anything like that. But one of my buyers did purchase one of the homes he built. Okay, his marketing team was delightful. I enjoyed working with the builder. I enjoyed working with his realtors. So I get a call. I closed this thing months ago, okay, I get a call from a girl who needs to sell her house. And I’m like, Okay, do you mind me asking who referred you to me because I was not familiar with where she was or anything and she was like, actually it was so and so the builder and I’m like he referred you to me. And she was like he did he said to give you a call. And I was like well that is so kind I just love working with him. He has realtors that list his property. Yeah. Fascinating and other realtors that he has plenty of relationships with okay, but for whatever reason through that transaction we did together and he did comment throughout the transaction like thank you for being so on top of everything it was your email templates email template, which are a process and I think that he I don’t know he referred being a buyer a real a listing a really good listing. And I’m like,

Katy 19:39
this is really interesting. I had an inspector one time refer me a listing I was like, you know, like all the realtors. Yeah, what would but they could see you working right? Right a builder saw you working like you follow your systems and your process and you were doing a good job and

Alissa 19:58
I think that’s a great Wait, the builders that we work with the home inspectors, the appraisers like they see, did that agent send me an upgrade list of things I need to know about the home before I went and did the appraisal? Yeah. Did they tell me everything I needed to know about the house? The Home Inspectors are watching us with our clients? Do they attend their home inspection and guide their client through the whole process and talk them through what this means and advise them what happens next? I mean, the home inspectors tell me that the ones that don’t have agents and are starting to ask the home inspector like, well, what should we ask for? He has to be like, your realtor handles that part. I’m sorry. They’re not here. Yeah. So it’s like all eyes are on you. And how you run your business? How

Katy 20:42
do you behave in your business? You

Alissa 20:45
never know who’s watching you. Right? And you need to be mindful of how you speak about your clients. It would be they seem too stressed out.

Katy 20:53
Yeah. And you have to use your process and your system with your sister and your mom and your client you just met like everyone should get the same. The same process. Yeah, everyone should get the same you as an agent. So interesting. Funny, the builder sent them to you.

Alissa 21:11
Yeah. I didn’t like call him or anything. But I was gonna, like, whenever it closes, send him a note. They’re like, I know, you know, a lot of realtors. It really meant a lot for this. Yeah, no. Wonder I feel

Katy 21:25
that way. When anyone in my database sends me a referral. Yeah, you have to thank you so much for this, I appreciate that. You have this much faith in me and you want me to work with someone that you know, it’s so important. Okay, let’s talk about for a minute. This is kind of a tangent off of process. But it’s still process. I think that as the market has shifted, we might need to do a whole episode on this. There are parts of the process that were lost, if you will, yes. Like we’re going to we did the whole episode on contingencies recently. It was like a lost art. If you like, this is not happening in the market. We’re just coming out of but the loan process, I think that there are a lot of agents, I’m sure if you came into the business in the last three years, I don’t what am I saying maybe in the last 10 years, you don’t maybe you’ve never had a buyer use an arm, or maybe a to one by Downs is like Greek to you, right? Like you’re like, I don’t even know what all of this means. But your your buyer clients also don’t know what any of this means. And don’t realize that these are options for them to be able to, I think there’s going to have to be this time here where we’re like, Hey, do you remember this part of the process we used to do, right, like we need to get back into this loan creativity. Specifically, I think we should do maybe a whole episode on that. Or open houses. Maybe you never You didn’t have to do any open houses during that time. Right. And now it’s time to put the open house back. Yeah. Do you have a process for that? Is this do you tell the seller I like to wait two weeks, I like to do it right away? I only like to do it once a month? Like what are the what’s the process and then state stick with your process? I just think it’s interesting. Because as the market changes, so too, should your processes. Yeah, it will force them to

Alissa 23:05
just like as the market has changed. I feel like I need to somehow check in twice a week, maybe on Mondays and Fridays,

Katy 23:11
right? Like your listing check in obviously has to be longer or more because your listing is listed longer. Yes, the process changes when the market changes. Fascinating. I have a story. I can’t wait to hear it.

Alissa 23:25
This is another agent that I’m friends with. And she’s been in the business a few years and she’s just really good at focusing on the process. Okay, she wants to wow people with her service. And if it whether or not it here’s the thing, she said it always leads to a closing whether or not she closed that one. It led to either a future referral, okay, something came from it. Okay. Okay. So she got an one of her first listings, and they were only willing to do a three month listing, okay. And she was stressing, she really went all out there as much as she could. And it was approaching expiration, okay. She was feeling frustrated, because a lot of the things that she suggested that they do from the beginning, they didn’t do until like, halfway through Oh, because the feedback started coming in saying what she had told them to do. But they didn’t listen the first time. And she was just really down and out that she was about to lose this listing. She had done so much work. And the timeframe was just running out. And I said, you need to fight your case. Yeah, like call them and say Listen, Mr. Seller, I have worked so hard for your listing harder than anybody else is going to work. We have just recently gotten the house where it really needed to be. Yeah, day one, right. The suggestions that you have made are all things per my email that I told you to do two months ago. And so it just wouldn’t be right if now that the house is ready, you take it and give it to Another agent, right? And then they get to sell it. Please give me three more months. Okay. And they were like, Absolutely. I love that. Yeah.

Katy 25:10
Did they do that via email? They called they called. And they were like, You can’t do this to me.

Alissa 25:15
Yeah, she was like, I just wanted to propose something to give you something to think

Katy 25:20
about. Because they had told them basically, we’re gonna go get another agent.

Alissa 25:24
They were like, well, they had told her from the beginning, you only have three months. And we’re switching? Ah, I see. I see you. She knew that this was not a renewal situation. And she had accepted that, right. And I told her, I said, No, no over tacos. We were eating, you are not going to accept that we’re not going to accept this. I said, I have seen I said, I know more about this listing, because I have seen it all over the internet, you and all the times you post about it, and all the tours you’ve done, all the times you’ve held it. I know about this house. And it’s not even in my city. But I know about it. Because of you. Okay, and I’m invested now and you need to keep this listing. I love it. I know. So it’s still in the mark. We don’t have the end. Know anything. My stories lately manual, they just, they’re,

Katy 26:09
they’re so indicative of the market. There’s there’s no ending. It’s like, well, maybe a buyer will

Alissa 26:15
come along, maybe? I don’t know. But that’s where we are. At least she stood up for herself. Yes. Well, some more time. Okay,

Katy 26:23
this plays right into the next thing I wanted to talk about, which is you have to be confident in the advice you’re giving your buyers and your sellers right now. And you have to trust the process. So you tell the seller do this, this, this and this? And they say, no, no. And you’re like, No, you really have to so they do and then they’re like, Well, you said to do this, but it still hasn’t sold and then you start to doubt yourself. Maybe you weren’t supposed to paint the kitchen white,

Alissa 26:50
maybe podcast therapy right now are because, you know, I’m like super hard on my sellers. Yeah. Right. And yeah, I’m super hard on them on price, like we’re going to be priced correctly. Right. And like, I’ve always felt very confident about the condition and how my listings are. But when they sit this long, and it’s not one of them, it’s all of them. What this is when we’re like the sign is pointing to something bigger than you and your advice, right? But you’re right, the doubts started to creep in like maybe we did start too high. Or maybe they should have done this before or things that didn’t matter. Maybe they do matter now. So I having podcast therapy listening to Okay, well,

Katy 27:32
this is true, you have to be confident because you know that your suggestions are backed by years of data of the market, right? of watching buyers see a house? What did they react to? What do they not like? of you know, pricing houses, many, many, many of them, and your sellers are going to make you doubt yourself. They’re gonna say, Well, you said to do this, and it’s not working, or you said to do this, and it’s not working, I will remind you one of my favorite things to say to sellers is if your house doesn’t sell or isn’t showing, it’s typically price related. If you have lots of showings and no offers. It’s condition related. Okay, if nobody shows up, it’s price or market related, right? Because there is a number by which every house will sell, right? Yeah, I’d be below market value. But your if there’s no one coming, it’s price related. If there’s no one making an offer, but lots of people have seen it. There’s something holding them back with the condition. Right, right. Because the price is what gets them in the door. Yes, obviously the photos but that’s that’s kind of the the general thought process. Right now, again, you have to be confident with your seller and be able to sit you’re not gonna like this in the discomfort.

Alissa 28:44
I’m sitting in it. I know. Amazing. Enter like, Hey, I

Katy 28:47
know it seems like it’s been a while that we’re on the market. But here’s the Market Report. Other listings in your neighborhood in the last three months have taken 90 days to sell. We’re on day 10. These numbers aren’t fictitious. They’re there. It’s remember, throw data at them. Yeah, you have to throw data

Alissa 29:05
at them. So it’s a really good time to remember that you don’t say things like it’s my opinion? No, never or I think that we should you need to No, no, no, it’s all about speaking from a factual place. When they’re stressed you say let’s look at the market. This is what the average day on market is. These are the houses there are you know 17 houses active that meet the same criteria as you right third highest price, right. So

Katy 29:33
if you were the buyer, look through your buyer goggles, which houses would you go see which ones would you make an offer on what what are you like, you have to put yourself in the other party shoes. And I think that you literally have to say to them, they have to trust the process. Like the market is not selling in two days right now. So if your neighborhood said it’s going to be 65 days on day 30 You cannot Haneke, somewhere along the way, the right buyers can show up

Alissa 30:04
a few listings, let’s say it said 65 days and we’re at 110. Yeah, then I just I mean, like, we’re just really analyzing what we need to do. And every house in that situation is different. For sure. What is it going to be? Is it going to be the price? Does it need some staging? Does it need different photos? What is it going to be a little bit of a combination of Yeah, thing, right? So

Katy 30:26
I know, they have to trust the process, you have to trust the process, and you have to try

Alissa 30:31
stuff. And the funny thing is, I only feel stressed. When I know there’s something I need to do. Like when I showed up on Tuesday, a little stressed out, I was really feeling the urge like to call all of them because I could I could sense that it was coming. And I always like to reach out to them before they have an opportunity to reach out to me to be like, hey, Alisa, what’s going on? Like, I always want to be the first one. Yeah. But lately, they’ve been jumping the gun so quickly. And so it’s tough. It’s like James clear said, you know, something that’s been nagging on you and nagging on you can change in a minute. Like, if you’ve been feeling like I need to go run, I need to go run, go run for one minute. And all of a sudden, you’re running again. Yeah, I need to make that phone call, I need to make that phone call. So on Wednesday, I made all this phone calls. And I feel like a new person love it. Like I just had a total reset, because it’s like, we build up so much pressure. And it’s like, I just need to do that thing

Katy 31:30
like impending doom it like, I know, this is bad. But you also were putting you’re putting what you think are their thoughts into your head? They’re so mad at me the house hasn’t sold. Was anyone super mad at you, when you call? No? Well,

Alissa 31:47
at eight? I mean, yeah, but maybe there’s one. Nobody fired you

Katy 31:51
when you called? No. Okay, good call. Anything else on process? It’s a

Alissa 31:57
mindset thing for shocking. Wow, it all goes back to mindset. And I think that if you are feeling stressed or anxious, you cannot carry your sellers burden on your own back. Yep, you have to rest confidently in knowing that you have done your part. Yeah. And that you are doing your part.

Katy 32:17
And look, if your process is I don’t do open houses and you feel confident in that decision. And the reasons you can’t get worked up if there’s another agent who on the listing down the street does open houses every Sunday and your seller starts to get a little like, well, so and so down the street doesn’t every Sunday? Well, again, Mr. Seller, these are the reasons why I don’t do an open house or I don’t do them every Sunday. Not everyone’s going to do it exactly the same. There’s a lot of opportunity, again, for comparison,

Alissa 32:46
absolute right. So it’s really just about if you don’t have processes in place, get a few people together in your office and be like What is something we can do once a week to check in with our sellers. And just make sure that we are serving them well. So that if the time comes when we go our separate ways, they will always remember how hard we worked for sure. Or that is the goal of the meeting. The goal of the meeting is not to get together to be like, how can we sell these listing? Yeah, cuz had never worked. Because if you focus on the process, you have a much better chance that the outcome? Yeah, I think that the process is not just listing. So we’re focusing on that a lot. But even for buyers, when the rates are high, like how, what’s your process for keeping in touch with these people? Like

Katy 33:30
how do you handle it? If they can’t find what they’re looking for? Is there a process where you can go and send a letter to a neighborhood? Or like, yes, you have to get creative when things are a little bit tougher, but what is the process for that?

Alissa 33:42
It’s sort of like Tanner, he’s always like, you know, focus on the process, not the outcome. So like, if you’re like, I want this number to be on the scale, right? And every day you get on the scale, and you check your number and every day you get on the scale, but you’re not really doing anything. You’re just checking the number, that number, I’m gonna really focus on this number and get this number down. If you would never focus on the number and you would only focus on your processes throughout the day. Like what did you eat today? What did you eat today? Did you know I’m gonna focus on drinking more water? I’m gonna focus on going on a 10 minute walk after each meal. If you focus on the process, the outcome just works itself out takes

Katy 34:23
care of itself. I love that. Okay, such good advice. Yeah.

Alissa 34:27
Did you did you get it all

Katy 34:28
out? Yeah. Do you feel better? Do you feel better? Okay, I love that. Okay, are you ready? I’m ready. All right. Today’s toast is from Aubrey delay. Okay, and Aubrey is toasting to Naomi to dark in Arlington, Texas. You may recall we’ve toasted Naomi before. I’m happy to do it again. Every single Monday. Do you know what her processes

Alissa 34:52
she shares us she tags thank you for sharing her stories

Katy 34:57
every single Monday. Love seeing I love it. I mean, never talked about never never Monday think never miss a Monday. Okay, so Aubrey says I would like to toast my previous mentor and now friend Naomi, I honestly don’t think I would have made it through my first year and a half of real estate without her. I’ve never met someone so kind and willing to help others and she deserves all the success in the world. Thank you for all you do. Naomi. So sweet. So cheers to Naomi and thank you to Aubrey. And you know, just get out there and stick to your processes. You’ll be okay recheck them, you’ll be fine.

Alissa 35:32
Bye guys. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

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If you enjoy this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify.

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Find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all of the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week.

Alissa 36:01
This is the good life

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