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DISCLAIMER: If you are triggered by death, crime, paranormal activity and general creepy stuff, then this is not the episode for you. We meant no disrespect to the deceased referenced in the show. With that being said we tell some seriously wild listener submitted stories and we have quite a few laughs. We had a hard time getting through some of these due to general icks and a few cases of the uncontrollable giggles. We learned a lot about our listeners including they are incredibly brave, sometimes to a fault, and are excellent writers. In honor of their writing prowess and the O.G. scary story teller, Edgar Allen Poe, we play a little game of “name that short story”. If Halloween week brings out your love for all things spooky then this episode is for you!

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Alissa 0:01
But even our New Orleans realtors use a lot of sign writers that say not haunted.

Katy 0:09
Also did the click

Alissa 0:12
turn. I don’t know I guess not. Not just any music but the Steppenwolf song magic carpet ride

Katy 0:28
it took me a few steps to realize that those stepping stones were actually tombstones.

Alissa 0:36
Hi, y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Katy 0:42
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

Alissa 0:47
The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

Katy 0:51
comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Okay, we’ll try

that that’s definitely the beginning of that.

Alissa 1:06
We’re gonna believe that Jamie Lee this spooky No.

Katy 1:11
So slowly Welcome. Welcome to episode number 221

Alissa 1:19
Hustle humbly Halloween.

Katy 1:22
Haunted House it hustle humbly haunted houses.

Alissa 1:26
Halloween. Halloween. That’s the humbly haunted houses Halloween episode. Well, whoa,

Katy 1:33
welcome my producer. Alyssa asked me if I had any black

Alissa 1:38
lipstick. I really wanted to wear some black lipstick. I didn’t. If you are not a YouTube watcher. This might be a good one to just hop on over to the YouTube to see our amazing Halloween setup. We

Katy 1:52
wanted to be spooky for Halloween Week.

Alissa 1:55
We’re really excited about this episode. We’ll try to be

Katy 1:58
as creepy as we can. Okay, but first a disclaimer seriously, okay. Yes, this is a serious moment. If you are triggered by death, or crime or creepy stuff, or bugs, paranormal activity, I don’t think this is the episode for you. Yeah, probably. We’re going to retell stories that our listeners so sweetly shared with us and some of them are funny. Some of them are scary. Some of them are creepy. They’re all the things you’re gonna have all over the thing. I did do a lot of laughing so I think it is an entertaining episode. I will also make my own disclaimer. I hate horror movies. None of them made me like freaked out. Yeah, well wanna read candidate. But anyway, I think that there’ll be entertaining. But please, if these things are not your jam, go listen to that thing. Which is free things you can do in your business. Yeah. Go listen to something happy.

Alissa 2:53
Otherwise, this is just a fun episode because we sell houses and sometimes houses have what some states call psychological damage. Yes. Do we? Yes. Psychological defects. We in Louisiana are not required to disclose the psychological defects of a property right? Probably because New Orleans is in our state. And so many of the homes there have been through tragic experiences that there’s no way we could share them all like every house would be haunted. They are there. Yes, there are tours. They are tours actual tour, but even our New Orleans realtors use a lot of sign writers that that say not haunted? Do they also use signwriters that say haunted? Sometimes there are people that

Katy 3:43
that’s a draw in New Orleans? Like yeah, they would be like what a real haunted house. Yeah. You get the Voodoo lady to come over. Okay. All right. So do you want to share one of your personal stories before we dig into theirs? Or how do you want to go?

Alissa 3:59
Yeah, maybe I’ll jump right into my New Orleans story, please do while we’re on it. So Tanner, and I went to New Orleans and did a haunted tour. And I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it was crazy. So you start at the blacksmith bar, okay, and you get a cocktail and you just walk. It’s a walking tour through the quarter through the French Quarter. And they stop at certain places and tell you what happened here. And I guess I was thinking it was gonna be more like whoo Ha, you know, like, No, it was like legit HAUNTED STORIES. Okay. So the first one that we stopped at was the Andrew Jackson Hotel. Okay, I would just like to share with you from their website, the brief history of this place, and then I’ll share the story that they shared with us. Okay, great. The Andrew Jackson hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans. The property saw its share of misfortunes and originally home to a boarding school and orphanage for boys who lost their parents to yellow fever. This

Katy 5:00
is where it all goes wrong. It always starts in an orphanage Does

Alissa 5:04
the site house a grave? A grave tragedy in 1774 fires that consumed many of the buildings in the French Quarter burned down the orphanage with five young boys inside? Oh, it’s terrible. Today, many of many say that much of the building is haunted. With reports of the ghosts, especially young Armand, who likes to wake up guests with laughter or pushing them out of bed. Oh, no, no, my other guests report seeing the caretaker of the orphan boys fluffing pillows cleaning up the rooms. We invite guests to come and decide on their own if it is really haunted. So I’m going to share the story that they told us had just happened somewhat recently to a guest. Oh, okay. So they share that history with us and we’re standing outside and it looks creepy. I can’t believe people really like book a night here. So this young couple came in for just like a couples trip. They decided to have romantic romantic, and it was like in 2010, I guess. So they had gone out all day and dead like a swamp tour and done a bunch of stuff. And the wife had one of those windy roll up cameras. Okay. Like it like a like a winder. What do you call that sound? Digital? Yeah, go no, no. It’s called a disposable Kodiak disposable camera. Yeah, got it. So she had a few of those. Okay, and so they had gone out on the swamp tour, and she had taken some pictures and so,

Katy 6:31
like in 1990, it was 20 tip. I don’t know. Okay, fine.

Alissa 6:35
It was not that long ago. Okay, like right on the verge of people still using these gadgets. Okay. So she gets home that night, back to the hotel has like five pictures left on her roll up camera. And they go to bed. They have a very peaceful night. They wake up the next day and they go on their next outing? No, no, no, no pictures last she goes to take a photo and there’s no pictures left on her camera. Also, did the click Turn. Them altered? I don’t know. I guess not. Okay. So she’s like, that’s weird. I thought I have more pictures left. So she doesn’t give it to thoughts. They get home and like a week later, she picks up her pictures from the Walgreens. And the last five years are of them sleeping.

Katy 7:27
I don’t care if it was a ghost. Or if it was a human.

Alissa 7:31
It is craving so they tried to accuse the hotel. Owners of me breaking in and they actually had this big investigation. But the photos are taken from above. They are taken from the middle directly above these people sleeping where no one could have really done that. And they slept with the chain on their door.

Katy 7:55
Oh my god.

Alissa 7:56
So the photos I believe are at the hotel because this story became so famous like people want to stay at these places. Haunted I believe we may also be a little desensitized to the topic because of New Orleans and how Yes, like it is more. People love that. They

Katy 8:16
think it’s so interesting. They’re like ooh, it’s haunted. Like

Alissa 8:20
I like Halloween Town. They just they just always it’s always spooky

Katy 8:24
leave even think about Tiana What’s it? Yeah, this isn’t a frog. It’s creepy. It is creepy with the Voodoo me. Yes. Yeah. So creepy. Okay, I wouldn’t want this tours to but to the Myrtles Plantation when I was like in the Girl Scouts or something my sketchy Yeah, and they’ve got all these weird photos such it’s always a photo situation. People took a photo of this picture and this showed up and this happened in this room. But that one is like on I think the registrar what is registry of most haunted houses in America. Right? The Myrtles we have a lot of home. We have a lot of haunted places here. Okay. That was it from your tour that that’s that’s the best story after a while. Okay, fine. Let’s dive right in. We’ll come back to a couple of mine in a minute. Okay, so our friend Jay Hanning in Nebraska, okay, buddy Jason from Nebraska. Okay, I was showing an investor properties on a cold winter day. Spooky. Oh, also, before I dive further into this, this is the game I thought we should play. Oh, at the end of each story, we’re going to name as if they were like a short story or a book like a you need a pin. Here I’ll get another pen. So my thought was, you know Edgar Allan Poe style like that was listening. If I was reading a short story like a creepy short story. Yeah. Then we’ll we’ll name them.

Alissa 9:48
What’s the Andrew Jackson?

Katy 9:50
Oh god, it’s GVS voice photos from above.

Alissa 9:53
Oh, you’re so good. Yes, this is fun. I’m better than chat. JpT photos from above. I’m not very creative. So the will probably be a

Katy 10:00
fun game. Okay, fine, Jay here we go. Jase. I was showing an investor properties on a cold winter day. We went to see a house in a very iffy that was air quotes y’all. area of town that is known for break ins and dangerous activity. I met my client at the house. There were a few windows missing or broken, and the remaining blinds and curtains were blowing in the wind. Oh, do you see it? I see it. Sorry. The back door was ajar and trash was strewn about the yard. We went in and walked around the main floor. It appeared long vacant with lots of damage and decay. Then we got to the kitchen. There was nothing in the house except a bag of teeth on the kitchen.

Alissa 10:45
like dentures? No, girl no. Oh my gosh.

Katy 10:50
Wait, wait, this is bad. Hold on. So I told you I laughed a lot about these. We Okay, bye. Bye Good teeth windowsill we probably decided to move on. Both of us creeped out and left wondering who those belong to and why they were the only thing remaining in the fully vacant house. I must admit I watched too many true crime documentaries. I was convinced they were trophies from an unknown serial killer. They were I did take enough time to grab a picture. I love it. I have the photo.

Alissa 11:24
You have the photo. You’re gonna have to share it on Instagram.

Katy 11:28
Thanks to Jay and his quick thinking. We have the photo. Tell me the T. Uh huh.

Alissa 11:34
Okay, well, let me see it.

Katy 11:35
I’m about to scare the pants off to you because I was like, Oh my God, what would you call that? What would you call that story? I have a real estate angle to it. So

Alissa 11:46
when you sell me teeth to Romaine Oh, that is so good. Teeth to Romaine.

Katy 11:54
Now everyone on YouTube. I will try and show you this. We should post them on Instagram. But first and foremost, I’m going to share with Alyssa so you can hear her reaction?

Alissa 12:04
No, absolutely not.

Katy 12:07
I have been disgusted by this for Well, since yesterday. Whenever we can admit as a crown. I don’t think you can post it like

Alissa 12:15
it’s like the roots and everything

Katy 12:18
you write. I can’t post this. I’ll flash it to YouTube.

Alissa 12:20
It will flush it a little longer. There you go. It’s real that those are real tea that clearly not and they saw the rest of the house. There’s just crayon on

Katy 12:30
that one. They just bizarre. Trust me. I agree. Okay. That guy would give me the heebie jeebies y’all because you could see. Like, why why is that the only thing in the house? Okay, so, again, I’ll go back to my disclaimer, if these things creep you out, you should not listen. Because we are also going to make light of these stories. It’s a fun episode. It’s funny. We’re gonna we’re gonna make it have a fun angle. But yeah, okay. I hope no one was harmed. Someone moving on. Do you want to do one? Sure.

Alissa 13:04
This is from Stacey Rogers. Okay, thanks, Stacy. I had the super sweet clients who wanted an old house to renovate. They loved the historic features the high ceilings and the history of course you love the history so much character until you get the history. We spent over two years searching for the right house and in the process. We saw some doozies floors caving in house is filled with junk peeling walls, scary dolls, bad taxidermy, terrible smells. But there was one that was hands down the worst out of all that house came on the market in the perfect area. So we met one morning right at 8am to see it. It was fall and one of the first cool mornings we had in Georgia. It was so foggy that day. Our listeners are excellent writer I would agree. Excellent right they make a book. My clients husband was running late so the wife and I decided to head in on our own never know that is where you went wrong. The house was listed as vacant when I made the appointment. Like many others we had seen it was filled with junk. The lockbox was on the back door so we went around to get in along the portrayal and into the screen porch were signs that said Enter this way. Like a real monster with the creepiest smiley faces. So once the script on once on the screen door, there were boxes stacked all the way to the ceiling. You had to go around the corner to get to the door which had yet another creepy intersol. Through the dirty window, we could see an old lamp and a house full of stuff. Someone might not be living there but they had ordered but they had not taken anything with them. I struggled with the old lock a little but as soon as I opened the door, music started blaring in the dimly lit kitchen. Not just any music but the Steppenwolf song magic carpet ride.

This song started at the line in the song close your eyes girl look inside girl let the sound take you away refroze two feet into the house and we looked at each other and we got out of there as fast as we could. Once back in the driveway, we swore we could see someone looking from the upstairs window. By the time my clients husband got there, we settled down and told him the story. He laughed and said he had to see this. Keep in mind he is six foot five high school baseball coach and I thought, well, we probably won’t be murdered if he’s with us. So reluctantly, she and I walked back up to the back door and it started happening all over again. We we couldn’t hear music on the porch at this point. So we were both looking pretty silly. I struggled to open the door again and then there it was. This time interesting. Enter Sandman by Metallica started blaring. We all looked at each other and ran. Even the husband was like no no. Later that morning, I reached out to the agent and by the time I heard from him three days later, oh my word. After I had started to think maybe there was just a crazy man in the house. He told me the owner had the music trip when someone opened the door to keep away vandals blood and I guess buyers right? Shange. We still swear we saw someone upstairs when we talk about the story today, as they now live in the cutest historic home on the best street within walking distance to town.

Katy 16:41
Oh my word happy ending. Yeah. Oh, okay. Happy the music though. Yeah, he had programmed those particular songs at

Alissa 16:51
those particular time. So we’re so weird, so

Katy 16:55
weird. Okay, let’s do one from McKinsey Brogan in Wisconsin. Okay. She says upon pulling up to the home, it was clear that had been either abandoned or unmaintained for a while the exterior had rotting wood. Loose deck boards, a tree that had fallen on top of the garage roof caving in and peeling pain. I entered the home with my buyer and her dad to immediately find that the kitchen and mudroom. Were in a disarray. The home was probably built in the early 1900s and the kitchen was updated air quotes probably in 1950. Picture lots of yellow and brown accents. Not to mention there were pots, pans, dirty dishes and trash all over. As we rounded the corner to the bathroom. We saw drops of dried blood on the linoleum flooring leaving to the bathtub nope nope. Where the owner had left his toenail clippers

Alissa 17:56

I love that I didn’t read these.

Katy 18:09
I love that you didn’t either. Collect myself grossed out my buyer wanted me wanted to move on. She led the way into the bedroom where the blood dripping continued on the pink carpeting leading to the front of the closet where there was a large dried blood spot. At that point I told the buyer I was disgusted hoping we could leave she her dad thought it was nasty, but wanted to see potential in the rest of the house. So we proceeded to venture through the dusty upstairs attic area and comb through the basement spiderwebs needless to say, we did not submit an offer and I left some strong feedback for the listing agent advising them to make sure their client was okay. Because it sure seemed like something had happened. Is there

Alissa 18:54
something went wrong with the toenail clippers.

Katy 19:00
I called this one the blood stain showing oh my gosh you’re so good I don’t do we do your no we didn’t Okay, obviously that one’s like music came on when you got there like the intro here

Alissa 19:13
creepy signs

Katy 19:17
like like music man inside

Alissa 19:19
Music Man.

Katy 19:22
Okay, all right. I think I need a break. Do you want to do that now layer?

Alissa 19:26
Yes. I just love that the build up and then it was like clever. So

Katy 19:31
really something else happened besides just what go on year term.

Alissa 19:36
Okay, so Maddie Escondido sent us just two little snippets. Okay. The first one. I just showed a house with a tombstone in the front yard. The front yard front yard. Unfortunately, it was a person protected historical landmark so it could not be removed. Needless to say that photo was not included in the MLS. Oh my word like you can’t move it.

Katy 20:04
I too. I know what I want to say at the end of that. Yeah, that’s it. Talk about curb appeal.

Alissa 20:08
Oh my gosh, Katie, you are on it. Oh, that’s so weird. Talk about curb appeal. Here’s my tombstone. I wonder what his name was? Shoot.

Katy 20:18
That’s a good question. Here lies your next home. That’s amazing.

Alissa 20:26
Oh, and someone else? Your lies your next home and Fred. Yeah, you

Katy 20:32
get a bonus. Are you reading her other while read your second one.

Alissa 20:35
I wish I had taken photos of this foreclosed house but I was in a state of shock. I’ve been there. Yeah. Well, who was Jay was not

Katy 20:46
in a state of show he took a moment to snap a photo of the creepiest teeth I’ve ever seen.

Alissa 20:50
Oh my gosh. Okay. Luckily, the buyer showed up shortly after I got there because I was starting to get creeped out. I pushed the front door open. Yes, there was a super lockbox. The entire doorframe was rotted away so the door just swung open when I pushed it. Then walking through the house. It was as if the people who lived there had just vanished one day, there were leaders of pop halfway gone. reoccurred dishes in the sink clothes in the closet but y’all this house was vacant and on the market for 150 days. Nish. The yard was seriously overgrown, which made it look even creepier. Needless to say the buyer wasn’t interested. How does one give showingtime feedback on that?

Katy 21:35
Oh, gosh, do you have squatters here? Yeah, squatters. Okay, we got to name that. Squatters not included. squatters. Not Not that I feel like it’s gonna come up again. Yeah. Okay. Are you ready for Lauren Felder’s story? Yeah. All right. Lauren says, this is funny, I think. I mean, yes, we’re going to break they’re all kind of funny though. But when we move from our house in Texas, we had an old elf on the shelf that my grandmother gave to my kids. Okay, I don’t have time to remember to do the Elf on the Shelf, you know, sometimes little or other clever things. So I hit it when she gave it to us. She’d like just put the Alpha away. Anyway, when we moved out of the house, my husband found the old elf dusty and a bit faded and put it in a corner of the eaves to scare someone in the future.

Alissa 22:25
Oh my gosh. I don’t know elves and dolls, like, just not very good. Well,

Katy 22:32
we’ll lead into that because I have a personal story. Okay. I had a buyer. Okay, who was looking at this home? It was built in the 1800s. Okay, and it was in downtown Baton Rouge and then they picked the house up, you know, on the things that do that in 1970s. Okay, and moved it out out further out of town. Okay, still in Baton Rouge but way on the outskirts and on a big piece of land, like three acres. Now no sound no sister lives in new construction. Okay. Okay, so they moved the house at that point in time and they moved to you know, y’all they saw health and half typically when they move them. When they put it back together, they I’m doing my air quotes, updated it so 1970s like the bathrooms were 70s The kitchen was 70 Shilada, avocado color, orange, whatever. But other parts of the house were very well maintained. Like beautiful woodwork. And it’s just it was built in the 1800s Yeah, beautiful. Okay, fine. Well, whoever had been living there had passed away I don’t know about in the house or not, but they were doing an estate sale. Okay. The and whoever had lived there was also a big fan of dolls. All the adults in every room, there were dolls. And because you know when they do an estate sale, they take everything out. They had set up the dolls in all these positions like there was there was a high chair in the kitchen there was a doll in it like toys like it was then there was a there was a case full of dolls so the whole downstairs was full of dolls. Everywhere you look there was a crib like a real sized crib dolls. dolls were everywhere. It was beyond creepy. It was vacant. So it was already creepy. It was old old house creepy. Upstairs there were there was an attic a walk up attic so you walk up and they were going to actually my clients we’re going to renovate the house and make it into bedrooms. We go upstairs this giant giant attic. There is not a stitch of anything in it. Except for one fur coat hanging in the attic and I’m like this is the creepiest thing that is creepy. Why is this one coat up here? Yeah, they did actually buy this house one and renovated it. Okay, the dolls were not included.

Alissa 24:57
Oh my gosh. Wow. Did they figure out what the fur coat was? No, I

Katy 25:04
don’t know. But I think it just was there. It was the strangest, most bizarre thing. Yeah, that’s really creepy. It was odd. And that wasn’t even the creepiest part of that house. There was a they were outhouses. They had moved other smaller houses out there. And I think one of them was like from an old plantation and had been like slaves quarters. And it was it was, it was all very creepy. Yeah. Okay. Do you want to read one of yours

Alissa 25:26
called like sawed in half? sawed in half. I like that. See?

Katy 25:30
You got it. You’re getting there. I’m getting there. Getting there. You’re getting there. Okay, you go.

Alissa 25:35
Janice, said, old farmhouses have always been the best their secret doors, hidden places to hide and weird dolls. Always at all. Do I swear the eyes follow you? One home that we saw had a secret door. We couldn’t access it from the inside of the house. So we looked outside and I was able to open it from the outside. And it led down to the creepiest room ever. Oh, shoot. I didn’t know. We will have to share this picture somewhere else.

Katy 26:04
There was a picture as a picture.

Alissa 26:05
Can you pull it up on your phone? Yeah. From Janice, it’ll be Yeah,

Katy 26:09
I’m gonna get it. Okay.

Alissa 26:11
She says I have attached a picture for your viewing pleasure. Oh, I love this. There are cisterns and they are cisterns and used to hold water during storms. But I’m sure they are now haunted and used as murder rooms.

Katy 26:27
Oh my I see it. This one. Yep, it looks like a murder row. It does look like a murder room. Ah, YouTube is too far away. I’ll do it on this one. I mean, whoa, whoa, that

Alissa 26:40
is freaky. Okay, Janice was another story. That’s kind of funny. Well, let’s hear it. On a separate note. I had also held an estate sale recently. And my cleaning lady swore it was haunted and yeah, she placed the baseball at the top of the attic stairs and she wanted to make sure it was still there. When I went back. I went back downstairs and asked her where’s the baseball? I was totally kidding. But it completely freaked her out. So mean, but it’s mean no. Okay, wait. Oh, farmhouse cisterns murder room. Oh, three bedrooms plus a murder group. Oh, yes. Yes. Oh, god. You’re there. You’re right. Three bedrooms plus the murder when you do three bedrooms plus office. Yeah,

Katy 27:23
three bedrooms plus murder room is this year. Oh

Alissa 27:25
killer. Be like, oh, let’s go.

Katy 27:29
Okay, now we have a listener Lindsey Carson, who’s going to tell us about her own personal haunted house so well, she says I may have never been in a haunted house, but I lived in a murder house. Okay. When we were just buyers looking for our first home, we found a property that was priced right had a nice yard pretty mountain views and we couldn’t believe our luck that it was also a HUD home that was offering a downpayment grant

Alissa 27:54
too good to be true.

Katy 27:55
They say the catch. He was also the scene of a crime. Okay. Our realtor divulged to us that the husband killed the wife in the master bedroom and was serving a life sentence for it. I googled and found the news article showing the house complete with crime scene tape and a front door that had been kicked in by police. We still really wanted the house though.

Alissa 28:17
Oh my gosh.

Katy 28:19
So after we made an offer, I was still feeling nervous about leaving living in a murder house. I went over to the house by myself and let myself in. We discovered at a prior showing that the garage door would roll up without any trouble. I know I know trespassing blah, blah, blah. And went upstairs into the master bedroom. What I just wanted to feel that’s their quotes again it out see if anything felt off with the vibes in the house. Right and especially that room. By herself. Yes, I didn’t want to sit on the floor because that’s where he smothered her with a pillow and welcome my body while they got their kids up and out the door for school while he got the kids up and out the door for school. This is so disturbing. Gosh, so I went into the bathroom and sat in the bathtub and then proceeded to have a conversation with any ghosts present. But the main one I was intending to address was the murdered wife. I mean fair, she

Alissa 29:11
was Lynn Lindsay, I wonder if she’s like in the bathtub like hello Marie. She’s gonna tell us oh my gosh, I don’t

Katy 29:19
even know if I believe in ghosts. But here’s what I told her. So we want to live here with our family. If you’re here to and you’re nice, you could stay but if you’re not nice, you have to go. Then I set a prayer to cover the fact that maybe I just communicated with spirits and I might not even believe in and hightailed it out of there. We did end up buying the house and we never had anything but happy times there. Never any hint of ghostly activity. I even gave birth to my second baby at home in the master bedroom and commented to my midwives that this room had now seen the whole spectrum of life and death. But they didn’t find my morbid humor as funny as I did. Oh

Alissa 29:58
my gosh, that is insane. mean, right? She’s brave, so brave, and to go back to be like, Listen. Yeah. Wow. Wow, what do we need that one? The Circle of Life? Oh my gosh. Yes, sir.

Katy 30:16
That would y’all I would love to hear your all’s opinion though when you lose, we’re gonna do a call. There’s no way I could we’re gonna do a poll on Instagram. I couldn’t live in a murder house. Would you live in a haunted house, but also I want to this is a great time for us to point out and we will probably do this in a different episode. We don’t have to disclose that here. We don’t in Louisiana. We said at the beginning. There are some states that have to disclose. Yeah, someone mentioned it. I think one of these messages that it’s within a certain period of time, we’ll get to it. Okay. All right. Do you want to go to your next one?

Alissa 30:45
Yeah. Lisa, one of the first times I sold many years ago was an estate sale. The owner had died after living there for many years. The house was also across from a cemetery in London, Ontario, Canada. Okay. It matched my buyers Wish List perfectly. Of course, of course. Then, it was an old fixer upper with high ceilings and a big yard. They were so so happy. About two years later, they called me to come listed. They had renovated it and we’re ready to sell it was beautiful. They did not mention the invisible tenant.

Katy 31:22
Oh my.

Alissa 31:23
The first showing was another realtor. I received an urgent text via pager remember those? Oh my to call her ASAP. The very moment I received this message I happen to be standing in front of the audit office secretary at the front desk and I read it out loud. The message said the alarm was going off and wouldn’t stop. I said to the secretary there’s no alarm at this house. Oh my. I called the other agent right away. And while I was on the phone with her, she realized that it was the doorbell. She said it was like someone had their finger on it and just wouldn’t stop ringing it and I’m thinking oh, my spider fell out my hair ding dong eventually stopped and she proceeded with her showing. On the weekend. I did an open house when I arrived the owners were gone. That’s perfectly normal. What wasn’t normal was that the doors were wide open the back door and the inside door from the mudroom. The field the ceiling fan was spinning at full speed. And the kettle on the stove was boiling and whistling like crazy. The owners did not leave it like this. During the open house. There were several groups that came through. The new stainless steel ceiling fan kept coming on by itself full speed again and again. I kept turning it all happened several times. Um, I finally said it out loud when no one was there. Would you please stop messing with the ceiling fan and it stopped. Once the open house was over and everyone was gone, I went through the house to turn off all the lights. I was in the primary bedroom turning off the electric fireplace switch and when I turned it around there it was a ghost right what a white cloudy, Misty type figure right beside the nightstand.

Katy 33:14
I’m sorry, I quickly went

Alissa 33:15
over to it and wipes my hands through it a few times. And he said, What the hell are you doing here? The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I had goosebumps everywhere. I was so freaked out. I could not believe it had just happened. I got out of there. As I drove home the hairs on the back of my neck kept standing up on and off. I literally had a whiskey when I got home. I was so freaked out I don’t even drink whiskey. One of the homeowners later admitted to me that they have been having some issues. I’ll say they believed the former deceased homeowner was still there. Another day I had dropped in to see the homeowners and he said his keys were on the table a few minutes prior and now they were nowhere to be found. He said that darn Mr. Fred must has taken them. Mr. Fred sounds nice. Why does he keep messing with them? These owners were not crazy. They were very reasonable down to earth people. Oh, and that Secretary put Casper on one of my feature sheets that she had printed off for the open house. Oh, soon an offer was accepted. And the house was sold to a nice young family. Okay, the last time I checked they were still living there.

Katy 34:28
Okay, Happy Ending with Mr. Fred. Well, that’s got to be whiskey problems.

Alissa 34:36
Oh, yeah.

Katy 34:38
If I saw an actual ghost like a real like I saw it with my eyes and like, waved my hand in it. I’d be having a whiskey too.

Alissa 34:46
Yeah, that’s insane.

Katy 34:48
Oh my word. Okay, are you ready? This is this is when we get into the ghost. I think Donna Sylvester is in Minnesota. She says I I’m in Minnesota, while viewing a vacant property in the historical part of Rochester, Minnesota by myself, I had this weird feeling come over me that someone was staring at me. I was standing in the front three season porch. I liked that. I like that name though. The three season porch. Yeah. Okay, with the door open that looks right into the kitchen, there was a glass window that is in a wall above the sink. And on the other side of that wall, were the steps to the limestone walled basement. Okay, so basically beyond the window was then the steps like on the other side of the wall, peeking from the corner of that window was a greenish face man with dark around the eyes. I jumped and he disappeared, and I shut the door fast and left the property. When I had to go back, I brought a friend with me as I didn’t want to be in there alone fair. What do you even go back when I when I went over to look down the basement steps I call my friend over and said look at the distance of the steps to that window, there has to be at least 10 feet. So if anyone is peeking up in the corner of that window, they could not have been standing on the steps. I left the home and said I will never step foot in there again. I have never been so scared to be in a home in my whole life. And this and especially this home being in the historical part of pill Hill area of the Mayo Clinic.

Alissa 36:22
That is so creepy.

Katy 36:25

Alissa 36:27
I wonder like when you don’t believe in that stuff and you see something like how did that change you? I feel

Katy 36:33
relatively changed for reading this.

Alissa 36:35
I know maybe I will. Maybe I’m a believer in ghosts. I

Katy 36:37
don’t know what’s happening here. What do we green face? Green face Gremlin green face. Visitor something with a green face. That’s wild. Green face Gremlin

Alissa 36:48
that is so crazy.

Katy 36:49
Okay, what you got next.

Alissa 36:50
Stephanie? turpentine. Hi Katie. And Alyssa here is a fun not so haunted, but frightful story. Okay, good news. Everyone, not home take a little break. When I was about six months new in real estate, I had made it a habit to tour at least four houses per week to get to know the inventory. A lot of that what a great plan. I usually went alone and I mostly previewed vacant homes. So it’s not to disrupt a seller and make them leave since I was not actually coming with a buyer. It’s not as great of a plan as I thought. Yeah, okay. This helps me see what you get for the value in particular neighborhoods. And if I came across a buyer in need of a house, I was prepared, like I already saw that thing. Yeah, walking into a home was never scary until this one time. And to this day, I can still fear the fear. Feel the fear I felt on that day. The showing instructions for this particular house stated to enter from the backyard. So it was already weird that I had to walk a super long driveway and go through a large metal gate to get to the key in the back door. The house was zoned commercial with a house and some workshops at the back of a lot kind of unusual for the neighborhood. So I was intrigued to see it moving on. All was fine until I opened the doors stepped inside and literally within two feet of stepping in. There was a fear that came over my entire body. I mean a frozen my tracks. There was a heavy, dark, debilitating feeling that rose around me I could not breathe. Oh my I felt like I was being pressed to the ground. I felt my heart start to race as though all of my adrenaline kicked in at one time. After what I felt like an eternity just standing there in the doorway. I was like, No, this is not happening. I backed up and shut the door behind me. My hands were completely shaken as I fumbled to get the key in the deadbolt. I stood there on the back patio trying to figure out what in the world just happened. I’m running to the cache. She’s like, I’m like, come on. You’re just being silly. This is ridiculous. I noticed there was another backdoors so I thought maybe it was just a fluke. I will try to enter from that side of the house and

Katy 38:59
into the wrong door.

Alissa 39:00
Yeah, no, no, you did it. So I slipped the key in stepped inside and wham instant panic attack, there was darkness heaviness a feeling of oppression that consumed the air. To make matters worse, this time I heard what sounded like footsteps creaking from the ceiling above me. But it was a single story home. Oh my word. There was no second level. I never made it any further than two feet inside. Shot. She

Katy 39:26
went to the second door.

Alissa 39:28
I know we have some brave listeners who really need to go listen to our safety episodes. Yeah. I left the house with my heart racing and quickly ran back to my car which felt free which felt freakishly far away or since I was in the backyard of this house to begin with. And the whole time I felt like I was being watched. I can’t explain it. I just did not feel alone. Later when the listing agent asked me for my feedback I fibbed a little and told her some BS because I did not want her to think that I freaked out for not actually previewing it because I feel felt like something was inside the house. But I did ask her the story of the house. Are there any deaths on the property etc? Nope. Original family one owner they built the house husband was a woodworker lived there for like, 40 years, no deaths. But man, if that house did not have some sort of evil spirit attached, and I have no idea what that was, it’s been seven years and to this very day, I can still vividly remember that heavy feeling and the intense fear that came over me that day inside the house.

Katy 40:29
Oh, scary. What would you call that when? pressed for time?

Alissa 40:35
Oh my gosh, Katie. The puns are just

Katy 40:40
Oh, okay. Moving on. Okay. All right. This is wild. This one actually did scare me a little bit. Oh, man. Okay. She says okay, so I was a brand new agent interning under my mom. One day she came home crying. My mom never cries. Because the homeowner was so mean to her. She said he just lost it out of nowhere and was screaming until he was read in the face and basically foaming at the mouth. Hmm, well, lucky me. I had a client who wanted to go see that house. I had never been there before. And of course, I was nervous due to my mom’s unsettling run in with the homeowner. We get there and the house is vacant and looks abandoned. I go in and start turning on the lights when I went to turn on the light for the stairs that led to the basement I almost fell down the stairs and I’m glad we don’t have basements. I know all these scary basement stories I know. At the bottom of the stairs was a life sized Chucky doll sitting in a rocking chair staring at me. I made the executive decision to move the doll

Alissa 41:43
oh my gosh listeners what is wrong with you?

Katy 41:47
Oh the doll out of the way so my clients wouldn’t have the same near heart attack that I did. When I got back upstairs. One of their teenage daughters I guess is the buyers teenage daughters told me this house is haunted. I swear I’m not crazy. I’m just getting a really weird vibe. I didn’t mention the Chucky doll and just went on with the showing. This house was on the lake so when it was time to go check out the duck. We use the stepping stone pathway. It took me a few steps to realize that those stepping stones were actually tombstones with the names of deceased people on them. How they acquired these gravestones are why they thought it was appropriate to use them as stepping stones is beyond me know my clients did not buy the house what shock I went home and told my mom all about it. She is convinced that the owner of the home that screamed at her was possessed by some sort of demon or evil spirit that lived inside that Chucky doll or a ghost of someone whose tombstone was being used as a stepping stone. I don’t know about that theory, but I do know that I will not be stepping foot in that house again.

Alissa 42:54
Oh man. Chucky stepping stones tombstone. Oh, but That’s so creepy. That is so creepy that I would never go down the stairs and move a Chucky doll. No,

Katy 43:07
I think I think you gotta call this like rabbit homeowner or something. It’s the foaming at the mouth. Like really pushed me over the edge.

Alissa 43:15
Like why what so many directions this one could go

Katy 43:18
and we can put a pin in it. What else do you have? You have another one? Make it tricky. Chucky?

Alissa 43:24
Tricky Chucky? Yes. Oh, it’s another tombstone. This is a funny one ready for a little break?

Katy 43:30
Thank goodness. Okay, thanks, Julie Anderson. Thank you, Julie.

Alissa 43:34
I had to sell her a few years back that had her mother’s headstone in the backyard. It was out of sight so I never noticed it but a potential buyer saw it. I got a quick phone call asking why is there a headstone in the backyard there? When I asked my seller about it, she had a good laugh. We all got a good laugh. Obviously no one is buried in the backyard. I’m not even sure how we would have moved on from it except it had actually not been because her mother was buried there. Just had the headstone Okay, that’s

Katy 44:03
strange and I have a personal story about this. I showed a house to my cousin thankfully someone I knew well and her mom so my aunt we were there together we go to this house little house vacant it’s fine it’s on a big piece of property there woods in the back. So we’re like let’s go walk to the back of the property not like all the way into the woods but let’s go to the edge of the woods lawn and see like what’s up we could you know, we can further back there and like, it’s clearly a tomb, like, but it’s broken apart. Like it was as if, like someone had dug up a grave. Okay, so weird. And when I asked the agent about it, they’re like, no, nothing weird, whatever. And my my, my buyer was like, this is definitely great. Yeah. And I’m like, it

Alissa 44:51
really looks fine. Just send me an offer. I was like, No, thanks. Oh, weird. Okay, we’re gonna call this mom is watching Okay, oh, you’ve already named it. Yeah. Okay, let’s hear. That’s the one that Oh, right because mom’s headstone was

Katy 45:06
my mom is watching y’all. Thank you. Okay. Are you ready for Noel Wilson? Yeah, she’s in New York, Pennsylvania. I think there’s a lot of hauntings in the New England area also. Yeah, it is very historical. Right. Okay. She’s always willing and eager to share these stories with anyone who will listen. Oh, she’s two stories. One. Well, what

Alissa 45:27
a platform.

Katy 45:28
I grew up in the small town of Darlington Marilyn, we lived in a Victorian farmhouse that was built in 1860. And our neighbor’s house was part of the Underground Railroad. Oh, I don’t even if I read this part. We had a beautiful carriage barn behind the house with what we thought were slaves quarters in the hayloft, but our house was haunted. We were a family of six and four of us used to see a little girl run from the large maple tree out front up to the big rock at the corner of the house. She was fast like a blur in your peripheral vision. We saw her almost daily. Oh, she was harmless and almost fun to have around. Oh, she was a delight. Our third floor was super creepy. And I didn’t want to be I didn’t want any part of it ever. Neither did our dogs. Oh, they can. And the dogs. Two of my sisters had bedrooms up there. But they were both scared of different parts of the third floor. And my little sister was scared of the balcony at the top of the stair at the top of the steps and the closet that ran the length of that hallway. Hmm, don’t worry. And then there was the large Shadow Man. Oh, yes. Was he is friendly as the little girl. He was scary and ominous. Oh, good. I only saw him twice. But that was enough. The first time I was about four years old. I was playing in the sunroom and he appeared between me and the front door. I ran to get my mother and when we got to the sunroom, he was gone. I didn’t see him for many years until one night my sister and I were feeding the horses. We had waited until dusk to throw hay from the hayloft what, which was a mistake because the light was burned out up there. It seemed to be out more often than not. When I got upstairs in the loft, he was in front of me again. Shadow Man. Remember that? Oh, man. Yeah, I screamed and threw a pitchfork at him and ran down the steps as fast as I could like she was so sure she saw him right. My sister thought it was hilarious until we got to flash until we got a flashlight and I refused to go back up. The horses didn’t get hay that night. And we never waited until dark to toss hay down and blocked again. Yes, wait. There’s more. Several years later, I learned the house was for sale. So I decided to drive by. They happen to be having an open house that day. So I went in. I told the agent that I had grown up in the house. She said there was someone else here today who grew up here. He was from the family that owned the house before we did. Now as I walked through the third floor with the agent I asked so is the house still haunted? She stopped and said the other guy asked me the same thing.

Alissa 48:04
Oh my gosh, I just got goosebumps because it was really hot. And yeah, for sure. You know, I’m

Katy 48:12
freaking out a little.

Alissa 48:14
You didn’t believe in haunted houses.

Katy 48:15
I didn’t really think much about it before these.

Alissa 48:17
I believe in him.

Katy 48:19
Clearly that’s true. Okay, anyway. That was okay, hold on. That was from Noel and her other one is so good. I’m

Alissa 48:29
so excited to share it. Really? That was a good one.

Katy 48:32
That one was really good. I want to shadow me shadow. Horses get no hay is probably what Oh, yeah. The Shadowman says no hay

Alissa 48:41
for you know, for the horses. No hay for the horses. It’s like a little girl like I wonder what’s keeping her there? You know?

Katy 48:47
I don’t know. She just running around plan. Mm hmm. Because part of the Underground Railroad. Yeah. A lot of history there. Okay, so interesting. Okay, but wait for this her next story. You know, she’s in Maryland. This happened after I was married and had kids. I had lived in a large attic apartment in Baltimore County, Maryland for several years before meeting my husband. After we got married. He moved in with me because I had the larger and better apartment. Our landlord was Edgar Allan Poe the third. Oh my I literally am like giddy with the fact that Edgar Allan Poe, the third literally makes an appearance in this story and

Alissa 49:30
SLIS this day hold wait before it.

Katy 49:33
He was a great landlord and I enjoyed living there so much. Sadly, he passed away around Thanksgiving. 2012 Yeah. In the house. Oh, okay. But he didn’t go very far. One night, as I was putting my boys about one and two at the time to bed my two year old kept staring at the corner of the road with a strange look on his face. He wouldn’t tell me what he was seeing. Then the floor lamp started flicker. During this lamp had never had an issue with flickering before. I looked back and forth from the corner to my son to the lamp. Finally I asked my landlord if that was him and if it is make the floor lamp flicker. The lamp flickered Edgar Allan Poe third, right? I asked again the lamp flickered again, I asked her third and fourth time just to be sure and both times the lamp flickered. Then I said, it’s okay that you’re here, but it is not okay for you to scare my kids. The lamp never flickered again, when his wife would travel, I would go downstairs to take care of the cats for her. Whenever I went into his room, I could feel someone with me, I would say hi Pudge, and then all would be calm. About a year after his passing, his wife told me about a dream she had about him riding up to her on a white horse. He was in his Safari clothes, and he looked down at her from the horse and said, I’m okay, and you are too and he rode away. That was when he left the house to

Alissa 51:06
Whoa, these listeners are just speaking directly like hey, stop messing with me. Hey, leave my kids alone. Yeah. Wow. And it works. It’s like the ghosts are like, oh, shoot up and see. Like, oh, sorry. Oh, you know,

Katy 51:23
do you did you like Edgar Allan Poe like when you read it in school? There’s okay. I don’t have a lot of memories. I just always really thought it was like my spider creepy. It was like The TellTale Heart, you know, like, yeah, the floorboards and stuff. I mean, there’s probably a really good Edgar Allan Poe like analogy in here somewhere, but I’m not sure what it is. Wow. Edgar Allan Poe Lucier. Edgar Allan Poe, the third third time’s a charm. The lamp. I don’t know. Oh, yeah. It’d be like, the tail tail lamp. That’s what it’d be. It would be the tail tail lamp.

Alissa 51:55
Okay. Yeah, got it. Y’all. I’ve

Katy 51:59
not I don’t know if I’ve ever had this much fun on an episode. So fun. Okay, your turn.

Alissa 52:04
This is from Oh, DM D and this is so funny because y’all have heard about her in other episodes. She says, Hey, guys, I’m that crazy realtor from Alaska. Forced air quotes to listen to nothing but your podcasts for my entire four day drive on the alkane highway. If we had had this episode, then it would have been slightly more entertaining. Yeah, definitely. She was just learning about how to sell real estate. Yeah, due to the lack of knowing how to properly download music. I was stuck with you too. It felt like became road tripping friends. You may remember my messages to you last October. I do. Anyway, in regards to unusual showings, I’ve had many Oh, I was a realtor in California for over two decades and moved to Alaska where let’s just say things are different. Oh, one of my first showings was early fall and we had a dusting quote unquote two inches of snowfall overnight, I was showing a remote cabin meaning off the grid and the owners had locked it up for the season. This includes covering windows with plywood and much to my surprise putting down bear boards which are planks of wood with nails or screws sticking up to prevent a bear from breaking in a creepy with nothing but my rubber boots on I stepped on the first step of the porch covered in snow out. Let’s just say I gimped my way through the rest of the showing you stepped on a nail and questioned my choice of getting back into real estate in a territory. So unknown. Fair. It’s been a few years and now I carry a weapon to remote showings just in case I ride a snow machine in the winter and a four wheeler in the summer. That’s fun. One of my marketing ads was a photo of me in precarious situations on my snow machine. The tagline was if you ever need a good realtor, I know how to overcome the tough obstacles. Everyone thought it was hilarious and even if it didn’t get me listings, it got me laughs I’ve been known to do a stand up comedy on the side. Job has so much material for good stand up. Oh, and one time I did a showing on a house with no power and it was negative 20 degrees outside. Pretty sure it was not it was much colder on the inside. It was fast. It was the fastest showing on record I met.

Katy 54:22
Oh my word. That’s wild. She stepped on a nail. Nailed it. Nailed it. And there you go. Nailed it. Okay, while we’re on cabins, though, I’ll tell you my last one that I brought. Okay, so you remember my very fancy listing. You went to it? It had a cabin in the back. Yeah, remember I kind of like tucked in the little wooded area. It had a kind of, you know, middle of nowhere vibe to it. It had a waterwheel and I remember Okay, so it’s just the one room and a little kitchenette with bathroom and then there was a door into the skirt. Garage and then there was an a set of stairs in the garage that went up to an attic the attic was very large and floored because they had a huge Christmas display that they would store up there okay to bring down at Christmas, right? So a lot of times people wanted to see this attic so I’m like this is a huge garage and it has all floored attic. These are the stairs. Have you ever wanted to add on out here? I mean, there’s all this space. Well, I was in the like main part of the cab and turning on lights and blahdy blah and my clients with wit I’m trying to remember if they went first or if I went first. Either way, they went in there and we’re going up the stairs. They come out screaming Oh my god like what like running it’s night. Of course it’s a nightfall show has turned dark. They run out from the back from the garage screaming like what is I don’t know there’s like eyes up there doesn’t sound like me to go up there. So I feel like I must have been with them. You like walk up the stairs and I looked at the sides like the stairs are like, let’s just say I’m waist high with the floor and it’s like railing so you can see the room I look in and there’s eyes staring at me.

Alissa 56:09
What was it a possum? Oh my gosh, it was so scary though. That is scary. I must have been first because like there were all like new videos where people like to scare the other person just like screaming and like pointing at something. Yeah, like everyone’s reading.

Katy 56:28
Yeah, just like that. Just like that.

Alissa 56:29
Oh my gosh, pass them around.

Katy 56:32
There you go. Oh my god. Alright. Are you done? Yeah, that

Alissa 56:37
was all my Okay. Well, I

Katy 56:38
have a couple more. Okay, betta and I can’t rock ska. Okay, I’m gonna go with the silent em on that. Yeah, just the best guest. betta said here’s my slightly Heebie Jeebies story from last year, I was doing a showing in Stroudsburg. Pennsylvania, I’m telling you, Pennsylvania is fully haunted. I felt New Orleans was with a family. It was parents with an 18 year old daughter. We went into the basement of the home that we were seeing again, the basement. People only haunted

Alissa 57:08
basements rise cheese.

Katy 57:12
Okay, we went into the basement of the home that we were seeing and as we got through half of the very large basement the daughter abruptly left back upstairs without any word. I did not think anything of it. But as we were walking around, I mentioned to the parents that the energy in the basement seems a little off and they felt it too and agreed. Once we were done with the showing, we went out where the daughter was already waiting for us. And she said that they can’t buy that house as there are two older ladies living in the basement. How do they know that supposedly she sees spirits and she saw two older women sitting in the basement sewing

Alissa 57:45
clothes. They sound sweet. They’re just so great. So I went in the basement. Well, knowing our listeners they would be like Well, hello. How long have you been here to stay a while

Katy 57:56
as long as you sell me something pretty nice. You can stay. Wow. Okay, last last couple of these are not haunted,

Alissa 58:04
but scary. I’m gonna insert one after this next one. Okay.

Katy 58:09
Amy Post said I opened the front door of a house today and a roach landed on my shoulder and then fell to the floor. Needless to say I’ve had the feeling of bugs crawling on me much of the afternoon. No. She also said I showed a property once that was supposed to be vacant. This seems like to be a recurring theme. And based on listing photos and the MLS I opened the front door and there were blowup mattresses, garbage bags of clothes and all sorts of stuff in the living room. Also y’all fearless just walking through a house is supposed to be vacant filled with blow up mattress Leave. Leave now. The kitchen counters were overflowing with trash and food. Each bedroom had at least two air mattresses and trash bags of stuff. I kept telling my buyer that I felt like the house was supposed to be vacant. This was just a couple of months after the 2016 flood that he insisted we finished looking. As we were walking down the hallway, I realized there was not a back door at the end of the hallway. I felt trapped. I was waiting for someone to jump out of a closet. I hurried my client along and we got out of there as quickly as we could. Yes, I realized afterward how stupid it was to go in the house and how blessed you are that nothing happened. Needless to say, I tried to be much more careful these days. Please be careful. Okay, what did you want to tell us? Okay, so

Alissa 59:23
you all may remember that my former life, I was a bartender waitress and at one point I worked for this company where it sounds bad but you could rent me. Yeah, not just me. But anybody and I was rented for like a plethora of occasions. So like if you’re having a baby shower, you just say hey, I need

Katy 59:42
to arrange a seance

Alissa 59:45
to hostesses and a bartender or whatever and so I was on that list. So I and I love the job because you never know where you’re gonna go. So I got rented to be a cocktail waitress at a event At the Myrtles Plantation, which is our haunted plantation here in St. Francisville. While we were getting ready like setting up all the things before some any of the guests got there, one of the girls I worked with was like, Are you freaked out being here? And I was like, no, like, why would I be freaked out? And she’s like, well, it’s haunted. I’m like, I mean, I know. But it’s just fun. Like, it’s not like really haunted, you know. So I was the waitress that had, like, I had like a tray of like, champagne. And I’m like passing it out. So I had one left on my tray, and this lady comes up to me, and she’s like, can you please go put my coat on the bed upstairs. And I’m like, okay, but I thought that was kind of weird. And I didn’t really know what to do. So she took the last glass of champagne and put my tray down and I go up the stairs. And the lights are like not working. Like I flipped a few switches and like nothing’s working. And like, I do see a bed up there. And I just like, I started getting kind of freaked out. I threw her jacket on the bed and like ran. So I was gonna go find her to be like, Look, I put your jacket up there. But I don’t think that’s where people are putting jackets. Like, you may just need to go get it and find out, you know where to put it. So the red this was at the very beginning of the night. I’m looking for her. I’m looking for her the whole night and I find her could not find her. So I’m starting to like, I’m like what is going on? Like, surely, I mean, there was a lot of people there but like I would have found her you know? Yeah. Never found her. So we’re at the end and we’re cleaning up and I’m like, What is going on? And so I see that the bedroom light is on upstairs. And I went up the stairs. No coat? No. And every light that I couldn’t get on was one. So I like ran down the stairs. I didn’t turn off the lights or anything. And then I realized there was this picture on the wall. It was her it was like her from another time. No like old timey hair like petticoat? Yeah, for sure. You knew talk

Katy 1:02:08
to a goat?

Alissa 1:02:09
I think so. She gave you her coat. She didn’t wait with me at the Myrtles it is haunted. I know but I just didn’t really believe in all that stuff. You wait, you save to the end of the show that you actually took a ghost coat? Yeah, I think I did. This is clearly called the ghost coat. How weird that that’s the day that I started believing. Oh, I

Katy 1:02:35
wish that was that was the mic drop at the end. But I have a few more. Okay. You talk to a ghost.

Alissa 1:02:41
I really didn’t. She was like very pretty. Was she very nice. She’s just pushy. Yeah, she just kind of snooty. I think she’s like messing with me like, Oh, you don’t believe she’ll come to my house. Here’s

Katy 1:02:51
my coat. I’m taking your champagne side

Alissa 1:02:53
note. On Mother’s day we went to eat at a restaurant near there. And then they it’s a gorgeous grounds like you can go walk the gardens feed the ducks. So we brought the kids to like go do all that stuff. Well, they were starting like a free tour. And they were like y’all are welcome to join they saw we had kids we had to pull out of the tour because they were like, and then they hunt the nanny by a rope but from the tree in Haven is like and to this day she’s like mom remember when they hung that lady from the tree by her neck and I’m like, oh my gosh Haven like cuz you know what Haven core memory en la? Yes. That has become a core memory Myrtles Plantation like I’m sorry. Oh, my word. So don’t take your kids on the tour.

Katy 1:03:38
Okay, no, definitely not. Karen moat said one time I walked into a vacant house and I could hear scratching noises but it was dark. And there was no electricity. And when I turned on my flashlight app, there were roaches crawling all over the walls. Big ones like Texas. sighs

Alissa 1:03:52
I got out of there as fast as I could. Nope. The walls are crawling. Oh, yeah. Look at all these stories.

Katy 1:03:59
I mean, like y’all, we are the brave. I should have brought water. Because you’re like I’m so part. I’m parched. Hold on, we’re almost done.

Alissa 1:04:09
One more story. Oh, you have a personal

Katy 1:04:11
story. Do you want to slip in my water?

Alissa 1:04:12
Can I please go for it?

Katy 1:04:15
Okay, Misty Taylor in Indiana. You much better? Yeah. Okay. She says so I don’t know if this qualifies as a haunted house story. But my market is very rural area, some places extremely rural. I had scheduled to show an empty home on 128 acre farm to my husband’s business partner on a late Friday afternoon. I get to the house first of course to open the door and check out the layout reminder. This is a vacant home that there is not a neighbor to be seen or heard. First of all, I’ll wait until my buyer gets there then. The lights do not need to be on that bad. No, it’s okay. I was not scared initially. Because I knew who I was meeting in the home is in a familiar area to me. Anyway. As I unlock the door on and step one foot into the house and I hear running water like a shower, so I say hello and nothing by this time. So I say hello and nothing by this time I am nervous. I go back outside but I don’t leave crazy. I know when my client finally arrived I had him go in with me looked all over the house and nothing then we opened the door and head into the base, freaking basement basement to okay and we

Alissa 1:05:29
make it house and

Katy 1:05:30
we open the door and head to the basement and as we turn the light on there is water pouring in the basement from the water main line. Oh no while this entire time I’m terrified the house is filling with water. I was horrified at that point, but not from fear. lol luckily my client just happened to work for the water company at that time and was able to shut the water off to the house. Wow. Well, so calling the listing agent with that kind of news is horrific.

Alissa 1:06:01
Well, what if they hadn’t shown it? Like the whole house would flood? Yeah. Like when if they didn’t actually, the ghost turned it on just as people were entering right. Do

Katy 1:06:10
you remember in home alone, they turn on the water and it fills up the basement. They’re called the Wet Bandits though wet.

Alissa 1:06:15
They end. This one’s called.

Katy 1:06:19
Alright now our friend Rachel Hartsock and Houston love Rachel. Hey, Rachel. You want to do one of hers? Yeah. Okay, well, that she has to

Alissa 1:06:27
Okay. I was showing this house that was vacant. And it had this huge garage slash shed. I think the seller was using it as an art studio. Well, one of my clients got to the shed first opened the door, screamed and ran back towards me with his partner. I walked to the shed and see a full bedroom setup bedsheets closed the whole nine yards. My client had seen someone inside that ran towards the back of the shed. I call the listing agent and asked if anyone was living in the shed and she replied, No. Turns out a squatter had inhabited the shed. Terry,

Katy 1:07:02
you go. Okay, last one, everyone. Also from Rachel, I received a call from a lady looking for someone to sell her grandfather’s home. She lived out of state and her grandfather had passed away on the phone. She tells me that the House still has his furniture, etc. But they’re working on getting everything cleared out. She also briefly mentioned that the carpet is stained but they have but they have had it clean so it’s fine. I go to the house and the neighbor Bob lets me Oh, Bob, Bob. Bob is an air quotes so we’re getting he’s not even really the day. Upon entering the house. I immediately noticed that we have somewhat of a quarter situation. Nothing seems to have been cleaned out. Oh, and there are dead flies all over the floor. As we continue to walk through the house and get closer to the living room. The more dead flies. I see. Dead fly. I’m talking about hundreds of dead flies. We get to the living room and there are what looks like 1000s of dead flies. You

Alissa 1:08:04
know how hard it is to kill a fly? No, no, they’re just dying of natural causes. I know many that many could

Katy 1:08:12
be me exaggerating. lol but it was a lot and a large black stain on the carpet. I asked Bob what the world happened here and he informed me that the homeowner died there and no one found his body for weeks gross. Needless to say the carpet needed to be replaced not just cleaned. Yeah.

Alissa 1:08:34

Katy 1:08:39
That was growing out on a gross note.

Alissa 1:08:42

Katy 1:08:42
when you call that carpet cleaner needed.

Alissa 1:08:46
Carpet allowance provided

Katy 1:08:48
carpet yeesh Alright, my final disclaimer is I’m not trying to be insensitive about anyone’s death. I feel terrible for anyone who was a you know? Or fell to this ill what? Like the teeth guy.

Alissa 1:09:04
Oh my gosh, the tea. I just hope that was a dentist. Why does he have teeth? A bag of teeth. Okay, ready for my last story? Oh, this is you go go. Okay, so I go to list this house and the girl is like I inherited from my dad. I have no relationship with my dad. He was like a PISA Shi, oh, I want to get rid of this house. He left me with like a mountain of debt, all these liens on the property like whatever. So I’m like, okay, okay. She gives me the address. It’s not an area that I would usually like work, but she’s like a friend. I’m like, Okay, let me let me figure this out. You know, she’s like, it’s probably best that we meet in the morning. It’s just better safer. I’m like, okay, so we get there and it’s like a 5000 square foot. It is like covered and like mold and oh, the ACS aren’t like working really well. And she’s just showing me the house totally unattached. She’s like Yeah, my dad like died in here and like you didn’t have any friends and like, none of us talked to him. So he wasn’t found for like a super long time. And I’m like, Oh, my. And so and I’m thinking I’m just okay. So she said that they tried to have it. She was like, do you have to disclose that the house is haunted, and we’re in the house, mind you, and I’m like, knew why. And she’s like, well, he’s still here. Oh, no. And I’m like, Okay, tell me why. And she says, Well, I continuously closed this kitchen cabinet where he kept his coffee cups. And every time I come back, it’s open. It’s open. It’s open. His bedroom door. I also always close and it’s like tight, like it’s still attached, always open when I get back. So it’s like, he still wakes up and goes out of his room and goes to his cupboard. She was like, I thought I was being kind of crazy. But then we tried to have an estate sale. And then after the first day, the estate sale lady would not come back. She said that there are cold spots all throughout the very hot house where she just knows that like something is there. And the girl was like, yeah, that’s my dad, you know. So we go in the backyard and there is like a pool, but it is like totally green cannot be safe. It is so murky, you cannot see into it at all. There is a thick layer, like it almost looks like you could walk on it. Ill like sludge. So I’m like, Well, I don’t think that can be saved. Maybe we should just like drain it. And she’s like, Oh my gosh, I’d love to drain it. I threw his ashes in there.

Katy 1:11:38
I’m sorry. I cannot. I was

Alissa 1:11:41
like you threw him in there. The cesspool pool and it’s still in there. And she was like, yep. And I was like, well, that’s why he’s still here.

Katy 1:11:51
What are you gonna change that? Well, I

Alissa 1:11:53
tried to flush them down the toilet because he was a piece of wouldn’t let me do that. So I threw in the pool.

Katy 1:11:59
Wow. Wow. Yeah. Oh, my.

Alissa 1:12:04
I never experienced any. But I also never really went back. Like, I got what I needed that day did sell a while ago. Yes, I think it did. Okay, disturbing. Yeah, very disturbing. Okay.

Katy 1:12:23
I’m not sure what I would call that. He’s outside swimming. And I’m like, Dad is swimming in the pool. My dad’s dad’s in the pool. Dads in the pool

Alissa 1:12:33
dads and the dads in the pool. Hey, look at all these stories.

Katy 1:12:36
Y’all a lot. So let’s take in there. Okay, so let’s go. We’re gonna like lighten it up. I will tell you this is not a light story. But I did list one house that I felt like the I wasn’t sure if he was still there or not like I knew that the person had gone on there.

Alissa 1:12:57
The person had died in the house. Yeah. Okay.

Katy 1:12:59
Just was like I just pictured myself walking through it alone in a vacant house. You were alone, but it was staging it. Yes. Because the seller who had inherited it was out of town. Anywho. I was like, kind of semi staging it because some of the stuff was still there. I know. This is really disturbing. But I was trying to make it look nice. And I’m like, you know, I just felt compelled. I don’t know why I’m like, I think I’m gonna bring a real plant in here. I think he would really like. Oh,

Alissa 1:13:28
thank you so mindful. I’m

Katy 1:13:29
like, here enjoy this plant. And

Alissa 1:13:33
please, and just be nice. Right? What happened itself? Okay. I thought you were gonna be like the plate was smashed against the wall. No,

Katy 1:13:42
no, it the plant lived the house while we’ve moved on from that. I know. I would love to know how many of our listeners have listed and sold homes where someone died

Alissa 1:13:56
and was possibly still there. Yeah, yeah. But even just it happens more than you realize. Yeah, I mean, our first house the old lady had died in it, but like, Tanner bought it before he knew me and like, there was nothing ever haunted about it.

Katy 1:14:10
Yeah, she just she was just she’s gone. Yeah, just gone. Okay, let’s do a toast. All right, you have the end of this toast. This is going to be perfect. Will tea market Hold on? I gotta find the front of it. That’s where things went wrong. Okay, from Carrie Ringgold to Kendra Anderson in Richmond, Virginia. Carrie says Kendra is a colleague in my office and also a hustle humbly community member. When I got my license and joined the office three years ago, she was so welcoming and willing to share ideas to help me grow my business. She has such a calm and peaceful presence. That’s what we need after all this. She has such a calm and peaceful presence about her and is always willing to share ideas and valuable information, stating, sharing is caring and that we have different spheres we reciprocate. I Diaz

Alissa 1:15:00
offer advice to one another when we have a situation and talk about the hustle humbly podcast. In June we closed our first deal together. It was so smooth and such a pleasure to do business with a like minded realtor and hustle humbly community member.

Katy 1:15:14
Oh, I love that. So cheers to Kendra. Thank you to Carrie. And thank you to everyone who’s submitted a story. Alyssa says she has to go. And goodbye.

Alissa 1:15:27
Late you better go with

Katy 1:15:29
spiders in your hair. Yeah, not anymore. I can wear my shirt. Just bring it back.

Alissa 1:15:33
I gotta get my shirt anyway. Okay, you look fine.

Katy 1:15:37
That was fascinating. Whoa.

Alissa 1:15:40
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. If

Katy 1:15:43
you enjoy this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify.

Alissa 1:15:51
If you have an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com Find

Katy 1:15:59
us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week. This is the good day

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