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Reaching out to your database, building relationships, & growing your business with your real estate database during the holiday season doesn’t need to be hard!

You added all your friends, family, and past clients to your database, filled out half of their correct information and just put it on a shelf to collect dust. Well, friend, it’s time to dust off that database and get serious about working repeat and referral business in the new year. The best way to get started is by cleaning up or starting your database and getting at least one contact done this holiday season. There is never a better and less creepy time to ask someone for their address, so let’s do it. In this episode we walk you through the cleaning process and give you a great list of ideas for contacting your people. You can make this happen with little to no money spent, so don’t let your business finances stop you. We also give some great ideas if you’d like to take this a bit further for the holidays and host an event, do a pop-by, or give client gifts. And, in celebration of Thanksgiving we’d like to say how thankful we are to have you as a listener! We are grateful for your continued support and we wish you all the best this holiday season!

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Alissa 0:02
Here’s me and my blazer showing I’m a professional telling you happy holidays.

Katy 0:08
I didn’t say it was the right thing to do it. Yeah, done it.

Alissa 0:14
Sorry I dropped the ball. Happy New Year. This is the only time of year it’s really not creepy to ask for the address. Hi, y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market. We

Katy 0:32
work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alisa. Hey, Katie. Happy birthday. alertly is birthday like the actual day? November The 20th. Today, this episode airs on your birthday. Wow. Thanks, Katie. You’re so welcome. I hope everyone sends you a nice birthday message. It must be hard sharing your birthday with the week of Thanksgiving. Yeah. I kind of

Alissa 1:13
like it. You do because it’s like I like things. It’s like Thanksgiving is my present. Okay, a lot it and like fall and candle and

Katy 1:20
everyone’s off and you’re getting a holiday vibe. It is celebratory. I

Alissa 1:24
think it might be a little sad if it was like on my birthday, right? But it’s

Katy 1:28
hasn’t ever been on your birthday signals around. So you’re just always a little bit before. Okay, I love that. Well, happy birthday to you. It is so if in case anyone missed it. Today is Monday, November 20. Yet, it is Elizabeth’s birthday and we are doing episode 224. Database work for the holidays.

Alissa 1:47
Yeah, I mean, look, we’re just everybody’s busy this week. That’s right. If kids are out of school, you’re hosting your family. Do you host your family? No,

Katy 1:58
I cook something in my oven. And then we drive two minutes to the other side of the neighborhood

Alissa 2:02
to go to my favorite. Okay. Yes, that’s good. So anyway, we wanted to just give you all some quick snippets today. Some good ideas. Yeah, this is a fun episode of

Katy 2:12
shorty episode, if you want to go back and listen to us dive into database for the holidays. Previously, Episode 15. Yeah. How early on was that? Oh my god, golly. So you can go back and listen to that one from 2019. I think it was 18. So yeah, you know, it’s kind of funny, because then there was COVID. And things got all crazy different. You weren’t popping by anyone’s house. Right? We’re kind of back to like that. Maybe the 2019 suggestions will apply. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? Also, the market was different than and it’s different. Now. It’s old, always different. You’re always different. But if you want to hear any of our previous database episodes, they are all on hustle humbly podcast.com/database.

Alissa 2:58
So you don’t have to go dig through all 200 Plus episodes. Yeah. If

Katy 3:03
you want more after this one, if you want more, and trust me, we’re just gonna hit the surface today. Yeah. Okay. So let’s talk a little bit about what we’re doing in community right now. And that’s why we decided to talk about this today. In community, we’re doing a database challenge. Yes. As of the 20th. We’ve already had three meetings. So we only have one meeting left next week is sort of our wrap up. Yes. But we were, you know, making our plans for what we’re going to do with our database and kind of holding each other accountable and cleaning and doing all that jazz. What do you do Alyssa, for your database for the holidays? Like for this time of year? What what’s the first thing you do?

Alissa 3:40
Starting in like October, I’m starting to clean my database. I’m just going through the Excel spreadsheet, checking names, checking addresses, making sure everything is squeaky clean, right? Because in December or end of November, I do my big Christmas card. mailout Yes, every year, every just my that’s the one I do. That’s my thing. I love doing it. It’s fun. And it’s also a way to test the strength of your database. If you have 100 people in your database and you do a mail out, and 20 come back at the wrong address. That means your database was only 80% accurate, inaccurate. Yes. Okay, so the goal, you know, would be 100% obviously, I usually err on the side of like 97 98% Okay,

Katy 4:34
you’re wanting only three have 100 to return to you. Yes. Return to Sender. Yes. That’s a lot of people. It

Alissa 4:40
is my prompt of those people to be like, Hey, I mailed you a Christmas card but it came back.

Katy 4:47
Right. Okay, tell me this. How many people for refresher version are currently on your database?

Alissa 4:53
I hang out at around 350 375 Okay,

Katy 4:57
and I would say that is a large number of people. Building a database, but tell us on average ish how many transactions in a year you’re doing. So I

Alissa 5:05
just had to look this up for that Lafayette thing I spoke at. So I’ve sold about 900 homes in your career in my career, right? It’s, it just goes to show like, there’s plenty of people that aren’t on the database, you basically

Katy 5:18
only have a third of your past clients at best, and they’re probably not all even clients that are on your list. Okay, so we’re not going to dig I think too deep into this. But if you own build your own business, the course on database, we talk about who belongs in your database, and where do they go? Like, obviously, they’re people you want to work with that maybe you wouldn’t also feel comfortable currently sending your Christmas card to, but that is one of the ways we decide do you belong on the database? If I’m not comfortable asking you for your address and sending you my family Christmas card, you’re not there yet. Yes.

Alissa 5:52
And I like that you said family Christmas card, we get a lot of questions this time of year. Should I send a business? I’ve done it before and I wouldn’t recommend No, I just said little cringy Yeah, like, here’s me and my blazer showing I’m a professional telling you happy holidays.

Katy 6:08
I would like to cut in here and say I did not put a picture of myself on my business cards. They even worse. It was just like a plane like a like a stock card like wreath or something. No personal touch none. I didn’t say it was the right thing to do it. Yeah, I’ve done it. Okay, I’m repaired now.

Alissa 6:24
Well, that might be better than like a stuffy headshot.

Katy 6:28
I don’t view I don’t want it to feel like I’m sending a business card. Like an actual business. Regardless, I stopped doing that many years ago,

Alissa 6:37
one Christmas cards to all of your mom and your clients get the same card. Everybody knows you for who you are your true authentic self. Right?

Katy 6:46
Because your database people are the people you’re building a relationship with. They’re not the people you ran across one time and an open house who you got their address for, you know, they filled it out. Not the same day not

Alissa 6:59
your cold online. Lee No, they’re these are people that know you.

Katy 7:04
Yes. And like you and would be like, Oh, that’s Alyssa.

Alissa 7:07
And maybe even if you’re like, Well, I don’t know them that well. They probably be like, Oh, she sent me a car, right?

Katy 7:13
I do feel like my relationships. Even with my past clients started to grow more when I transition to sending my family card, they will be like they just even when you see them out and about or talk to them online later. They just feel more familiar because they’re like you thought I was close enough to you to get a family card. Yes. And it is kind of a signal

Alissa 7:35
and we are in real estate. So you know, I’m sending out a lot more Christmas cards than your average person. It’s probably one of my largest marketing expense it is yeah. And if you are doing it early enough, I know it’s already the week of Thanksgiving, but usually Black Friday they have you need to get it done like now

Katy 7:53
because it’s Shutterfly or mint. They all have deals on Black Friday. It’s not too late. First of all, it’s not too late to clean your database now and send a Christmas card could do it quickly. If it’s taking you a long time send a New Year’s

Alissa 8:04
card. Yeah, I’ve done New Year’s cards where I just dropped the ball and and then it was kind of nice. Drop the ball like literally dropping. Here’s my card. Oh, that would be a cute like that. I dropped the ball. Happy New Year. That’s actually really cute. So cute. Oh man. Now we got her her wheels are turning. I would also like to say that if your professional family photos were a disaster, please like mine were last year story. I was just bad. It was just really bad. Last year, we scheduled family photos the same day that we were doing our hustle humbly brand photos. So sweet. Sarah Becker came to my house first to do family morning in the morning, which I thought would be better because my kids you know, at that time, we’re early birds and I thought we would get some cute ones outside and everything went wrong. Okay. Tanner was in a horrible mood. We got an argument because I wanted him to shave his facial hair. For the photo, the photo not all of it. I was just trying to get him. He was growing it out for something for work. Always looks a little bit homeless job. He does like a little bit homeless for his job. So I wanted him to trim it and he was not pleased with that. And him and Tate through fits the whole the photos didn’t come out great. No, like none of them. Right. Okay, so I cried after because I was so frustrated and embarrassed and felt like Ferrera just you know, just a mom moment you’re like I tried I tried I tried to dress us and everything and then when I wanted them to go jump on the trampoline and get some cute like, fun photos. Everything was covered in do too early. It was too early. Everything was the grass was wet. It was just it was a fail. Okay, it was a fail. We are actually by this time I assume that this airs, I will have had family photos, but they went great. Okay. I think they’re gonna we’re not going to do them at the house. Okay. Tate thought that Sarah was coming like every time I female walks into the house, he thinks we’re leaving, right like a babysitter. Okay. So he just wasn’t having any of it but he’s older. We’re going to have a talk about it ahead of time. I think it’s gonna go way better this year. But of all of that to say, I have done a Christmas card before with just sort of a collage of my favorite photos from that year. I love that like they weren’t professional. I just went through my photos and picked my top five and just made a really cute i love it hard out of it.

Katy 10:43
Okay, but, but you didn’t finish the story. You did use the terrible photos on your Christmas card.

Alissa 10:48
i Yes, I did.

Katy 10:50
What did it say?

Alissa 10:52
Do you remember? It said nothing is calm. All is all is bright. White. All is calm. Yeah. So it said nothing is calm. All is bright. Right, which is accurate. And there was just like this photo. It was a photo of Tanner looking angry. Dante who was not cooperating. Tay is like arching his back trying to get away from me. Havens like trying to sit really pretty. She looks great. She’s like so into Photos. She was great. Yeah, every photo Haven look great. And the rest of the family was just like falling apart.

Katy 11:30
I love that you used it. What? What was the response to that?

Alissa 11:33
I got so many responses. Were they like? Yeah, yes. Thank you for for this. Yes. Because the

Katy 11:42
moms or the parents know like, it is hard to get a family photo.

Alissa 11:47
I hate family photo day. It’s tough. I’m thankful that photographers have started doing mini sessions. You don’t want it to be a long talk. You have 20 minutes. Yeah,

Katy 11:55
just get one good one cut out. Also, we don’t need 100 photos in the same outfit.

Alissa 11:59
Need a good photo? Right? Yeah. Okay, I

Katy 12:02
love that. All right, let’s back up to what does it means to clean your database for like holidays. So you’re excited to send out your clean to list to see if you’ve missed anybody. Right? Yeah. But how did you clean them up? What happened?

Alissa 12:16
So I try to you know, depending on how big your databases, you may need to say, I’m going to try to get through like A through J today. And I’m just going to quickly scan them right. It would also be a good time to when you look at that person’s name, go to their social media, make sure y’all are friends if they have social media. Also make sure they’re still alive. Oh my god, make sure they didn’t get divorced.

Katy 12:37
Are they still married?

Alissa 12:38
Are they still married? Do

Katy 12:39
they have some new kids?

Alissa 12:40
Did they have some new kids? I don’t put kids names I used to and then it just got too much. So

Katy 12:45
now I just do the Johnson family. Yes. Same if they Yes. I mean, because look, even if you got divorced, and you had some kids, you’re still the Johnson family. Right? Well, right.

Alissa 12:53
So it just works. It does. Okay, that would actually probably be better. What do you do? in Selma, it’s sort of a hodgepodge. Like some it says your your names. Yeah. Someone says like Jay and Katie Caldwell, and then someone says Caldwell family. I just make them all say family family. Yeah, I know. I mean, unless I knew it was in an individual. Right. A one singular person. Sure. But most of them are not. Yeah, just a mix. Okay, so I’m just and then while I’m on their social media, and I try to make it a point to comment or like their last thing, kind of just a little pop into their life and let the a logarithm algorithm. Girl Yeah, algorithm know that we know each other. Yeah. So then it’s also like a little pop in. I love that. And so yes, okay, we’re good. That’s correct. We are friends on social media. Everyone’s still married or not edit as needed. Yeah. And just keep going down the list like as quickly as possible, don’t get in the weeds. And then I like to look at my text messages and go through my last several and make sure that everyone that I communicate with in the last few months, is in my database they should be. These are the people that I forget new parents from school, new parents from school, perfect time to copy and paste the text. Hey, working on the Christmas card list. What’s your address? Yeah, this is the only time of year it’s really not creepy to ask for the address. Okay, every other time of year when you’re trying to get addresses for your database or market updates. You’re having to be like, Hi, we’re working on a new market report.

Katy 14:27
Sally realtor,

Alissa 14:28
can they have your address this time of year, you’re just you and you can just add it’s

Katy 14:35
a great way. It’s those two addresses filled out then you use them

Alissa 14:39
as you wish and Lord knows how many group texts are you in? That those people aren’t in your database, right? It’s the perfect time to message that group and say, Hey, I’m working on my Christmas card list. Can we exchange addresses here’s mine, what’s yours? And then all the addresses just flow in and you just add them I love it. All the group needs that you’re in for school or sports, sports or whatever you’re in, hey, I’m sending out Christmas cards. What’s your address?

Katy 15:07
If you if you get to this point, you’re like, I don’t have any new. I’m not in groups. Maybe Maybe if now’s a good time to be like my next year goal is to join a group, a volunteer group of Facebook group, hobby group, some kind

Alissa 15:21
of group Connie suggests that we are active in two to three organizations, groups, volunteer groups, Bible studies, something right. So anything not just a part of it, but like involved Yeah, show up to things right. Like this year. I’m PT effing it.

Katy 15:40
What is PTF you know,

Alissa 15:43
Pts at school, my parent teacher faculty.

Katy 15:46
I’ve never heard the term PT F before have it PT a I think is a no word pts. But we don’t even call it that at our school. Okay,

Alissa 15:54
which is tolerance guild. Parents guild very fancy. Guild guild.

Katy 15:58
It’s the parents guild.

Alissa 15:59
Y’all wear garments? No, no, just regular clothes. The priestly garment? Yeah, right. No, no, no, no. So anyway, yes. Last year, I met last week. So yeah, I’m coming to you.

Katy 16:11
It makes me think of ATF. Yeah, regardless, faculty are involved. I

Alissa 16:15
love that they are. Yes. Yeah. Okay. The sound of you that parent, teacher, faculty, parents, teachers, I don’t know, why would they have to

Katy 16:25
do that regard? We’re moving on from this. Okay. But that’s what you’re involved in. And

Alissa 16:28
what else? So really, that’s like my main thing. And then I’m doing some stuff with Casa. Okay,

Katy 16:35
love. Oh, yeah. Perfect. Wonderful. Are you ready to go through a list of some ideas? Yes. Okay. So in our challenge with community, which you can join community anytime. So if you feel like you want to catch the rest of the challenge, or just see what people are doing, you can go to hustle and we podcast.com/membership This is what we did. We said, Let’s plan for one male out and one additional content. So if you’re going to be, you know, here’s some ideas or holiday card for us as our mailout, right? Yes, yes. Okay. But you could also do a pop by so maybe that’s your additional contact? Do you want to bring by the wrapping paper in the tape with the cute saying, or there’s a million holiday

Alissa 17:16
Pop Eyes? And if that makes you feel overwhelmed, like dropping off something at their house, pick your favorite zip code? Yeah. And if you have an Excel, if you do use Excel like we do, you can filter it by zip code, and then you just sort of like map out your route. And that and you have now delivered something to your favorites. Right?

Katy 17:36
Right. Or pick your favorite refer people who refer you Yeah, so there might be 300 people on your database. But only 10 are like actively referring or maybe only 10. So go back through your transactions from the last year or two years and be like who referred me these people? Those would be a great for a Popeye. So you don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself to reach out to everyone else. Same way database, right? Yeah, not necessary. Okay. We also had pie giveaway. I’ve done this before. This is what they call a reverse pot pie because you do it at your office or some other location. And they have an invitation that says I will be giving away one pie. Yeah, to the to you. But you have to sign up because here’s the trick. You can’t just say I’m giving away apple pies on X day. And the one I did was I followed the method that Brian Buffini does. So it was on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Okay, pie would still be good for Thursday. And they had to come to your office, you give him like a window, whatever. three to seven. Make sure it’s a window includes some after work time. Okay. And then you say don’t just say one type of pie because then they’ll just be like, there’s no need to RSVP. You have to have a choice of pie so that the RSVP is them choosing the pie. I did Apple pecan and pumpkin. Okay. And people would have to respond and be like, yes, I would love to come grab a pie. I want pumpkin. Hmm, got it. Yeah, is a very crucial part of the process. Because you don’t want to end up with well,

Alissa 19:09
you know, who has committed to coming? Yeah, they you know, to order.

Katy 19:13
Right, right. Then you buy the pies. In fact, I don’t remember how many I did. Maybe it was between 30 and 50 that wanted to do it. And then I take a picture with everyone that came that was so fun. How fun was so fun, because they came all during the time. And then I think three ish people couldn’t make it last minute for some reason. I just drove it to their house. Yeah. Misery, Popeyes.

Alissa 19:37
Yeah, but you saw all those people meet

Katy 19:41
and regardless of if they signed up to get the pie, everyone in the database was invited. So it is still a contact even if they don’t want the pie. That’s

Alissa 19:51
like the story where you have you know, football tickets, and you say, Hey, do you want my tickets? And they’re like, oh, no, thank you so much. You got a second person. Oh, no. We have something. Thanks, though. How many times did you give away the tickets? Quite a few. Yes. However, you asked.

Katy 20:05
They know that you asked them. Yeah, exactly. So I think the reverse pop and doesn’t have to be pie. Could be anything. But I think that’s a great one to get them to come to you too. Yeah. So I just sat there and worked. And they showed up. Okay. We like this one is Santa’s pics at the office. Yes. Or like a Christmas photo now that we’ve been talking about Christmas photos, but I have seen some agents do like, mini sessions. Like I’m paying the photographer. Bring your family, you’re guaranteed one family photo, you can use it for your Christmas card or whatever.

Alissa 20:39
Yeah. And I’ve seen agents go really all out on how cute the backdrop is. Oh, yeah. One of our friends is that agent at another company. And I just had to go to her office for a meeting. And I was like, it’s so Christmassy and here it was. She had like someone come decorate her tree. I mean, it’s it’s impressive that it’s what you would pay a photographer to get a picture of Santa with your kids. Right?

Katy 21:02
She was doing Santa photos. I love that’s a great one. You know, because Santa photos are good, too. If you’re just now listening, and it’s the week of Thanksgiving, you’re like I don’t I mean, people already have their family photo maybe. But Santa photos anytime during the season is fun is it’s fine for a Santa photo,

Alissa 21:20
right? I’ve even seen people do like a write Santa a letter, you know, things like that. Get a cute mailbox, right?

Katy 21:27
I love that. Okay, are you ready for another? I love the free coffee code. But, and I have sent an email to our database before with the instructions so y’all can reach out, I’m happy to send it to you. If you want to use the Starbucks,

Alissa 21:42
you shouldn’t say if y’all want to reach out because our email is gonna get out of control. We need to say okay, I’ll just hold 1000s of people to reach out if they want the Starbucks instructions.

Katy 21:57
Well, some of them already have it. If they were on our email list, we post it. We’ll put it on the website, I guess. Okay, slash Shut the front door. Well,

Alissa 22:09
you’re you’re offering something. They ask for things we don’t even offer Katie, they’re gonna

Katy 22:13
walk Hey, don’t email us don’t email, you’re gonna want information. Oh, to hustle humbly podcast.com/coffee. And I will have the instructions there. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Now back to the story. You can use that if you’re in a location with a Starbucks and want to use the digital version. That’s fine. I think the better version of that is to go to your local coffee shop and say, I would like to start $100 tab tomorrow. In the morning, I am going to tell people in my database, they can come get coffee when it’s gone. It’s gone. Can I do that? Yes. Then you’re supporting a local business? Yes. Okay. So what I would preferred for you to do is not go to the website, what I would prefer to you for you to do is to go to your local coffee shop and be like, hey, I want to buy $100 of coffee tomorrow.

Alissa 23:05
Can you start a tab for me? Yes. Then the people go. And then you tell the people tag me with what you got? Yeah,

Katy 23:12
I love doing this on Black Friday is fun, like people are out shopping or even that Saturday or anytime during the holidays. Maybe a Friday? A lot of people seem like they’re off on Fridays during the holidays. Yeah. But like, pick a day and be like it’s free coffee day. And again, how many times did you give away those tickets? Right? It’s every single person who got invited to get the free coffee. Sure. And then tell them take a picture with your coffee and posted I just had people. I have a friends list in my Facebook, that is only my database. Okay. And then I put the code there. So only people that were in that list saw it and then I’m like, Hey, drop in the comments, a picture of you with your coffee. It was the most fun I have you ever had. Because they drop a picture of their coffee. And they’re so excited. It’s interesting to see what people get. Right. I mean, you know, I had moms with daughters. And like it was it was so cute. Super cute. And if you use the Starbucks method, or even probably your local coffee, you can add money to it. So if it’s only been a couple of hours and you feel like you want to make it go longer, you can add to the tab or add to your card your Starbucks card. Okay. Gingerbread House contest. Tell

Alissa 24:24
them what that is. And that can be done virtually. Right.

Katy 24:27
Here’s some free things. Yeah, you don’t want to buy coffee? No, you don’t I like to pay money. Send us your pictures of your gingerbread house. And then you judge them you’ll

Alissa 24:38
know I love houses. Right show me your gingerbread house and then have a price right a good price. Yeah, I love that one. That’s and then they transmit their photos. Mm hmm. There could be even be some different categories. Yo, yeah, you know, for winning, right? The messy ones. Sort of recognition. ones I’d most like to eat Yeah. Ah,

Katy 25:00
I mean, there’s a lot of ways you could go with that. I think coloring page contests works, too. So if you want to digitally send an email like, Hey, here’s a coloring page for your kids or whoever, if you want to color it, here’s an what have you had an adult coloring page? Anyone can submit a coloring page, and then we’ll do a contest. And this is the prize. You know, happy holidays. Send me your home decorations to get featured in the newsletter. I love that. That’s cute. Like, send us a picture of your house all lit up, and we’ll put it in next month’s email newsletter. Yeah, right. Again, free. Okay, we kind of talked a little bit about this, but doing something special for your repeat referral clients. So maybe they get the pot pie? Or maybe they get an ornament. Or maybe they get, you know, some sort of, maybe they get the coffee, maybe you can’t afford to give it to everyone you know, like, but making it special to the people who do refer you. Okay, what about in your neighborhood, we had some ideas for this. Like you could do if you’re partnering with your HOA or even I guess you could run something on your own best decorations or yeah, do like a deco race day. And that’d be cute, or like paralleling like, who wants to get together and do caroling or,

Alissa 26:15
but you’d be the one that organizes that, right? You know, like be and what I love about things like that is you getting in your Facebook group for your neighborhood and organizing something. You don’t have to say anything about and by the way, I’m in real estate. No, like they’re just getting to know you as a leader within your neighborhood. Yeah,

Katy 26:34
yeah. Best case scenario is y’all have to all get on an email thread. And then your, your email signature just tells them what you are. Yeah, right. And

Alissa 26:41
as you meet people, and put faces with names, they’re not just your friend in that group, you are friend requesting them. Now they see your real estate stuff. Yeah. It’s just about forming real connection with people

Katy 26:53
doing real things. Here’s another one forming, connect, organize some type of charity, a coat drive, some type of giving back, go serve somewhere, go to the food, like collect food for the food bank. You know, there’s so many ways that you can volunteer and there’s a lot of charitable opportunities. During the holidays,

Alissa 27:13
I did a coat drive, and I felt like it was great. Okay, it was you personally collected the code. I love that. And then I had a few different options. You could drop them off at my office, I dropped them off at my house. Or if it was a situation where I needed to meet up with you, that could happen to Okay, but what I found because I’ve done a few different like clothing type drives Coats was so helpful because it’s like, people weren’t bringing me all their donated clothes, right? That would be too much. No, it was and then at best. Yeah, and coats don’t really go bad because people don’t wear that much here. But when you ask for donations for other clothes, people bring you all sorts of garbage. Well, you know, even the churches that my sister told me like, they it’s it becomes a burden it does the clothing drop off is a burden. Can I just do like a PSA to be mindful of what you donate, right? If it’s trash, if it’s trash, it’s okay to throw away a shirt that has a hole in it. I know it feels weird to put a shirt in the garbage can but as someone who has worked with charity events and had to sort through garbage be right. It’s okay to just throw it in the garbage. Yeah, we as the volunteers would appreciate it. Be mindful up there anyway. But coats, they they rarely have holes, you know, they coats are just a sturdier clothing item. So that’s a good one to do a coat drive. And if you do one within your neighborhood, right, tell them to bring them by your house or you’ll come pick them up. You know, you

Katy 28:47
know what’s funny, you could actually partner that with something that already exists like you don’t just start from square one so we had I don’t know if they still do pets coats for kids. You know, it was our local TV weatherman. He had this huge event every holiday season or winter really and he would do pets coats for kids. Well, why couldn’t you just get on your you know, Hoa Facebook group and be like, Hey, I’m gonna go bring my stuff to pets coats for kids or next whatever it is. Yeah, I’ll I’ll collect up everybody. So you don’t have to be the one who has to deliver it. Yeah. And then a really great Sure. Every holiday season one Saturday, the fire department in our area, comes around with a Santa’s on the fire truck. Yeah. And collects food for the food bank. So all the kids and they it’s sort of parade ish style. Like they just throw some tootsie rolls off. But the kids run out and they bring the goods but like you can be the collector of things, you know, like it’s not hard. Okay, what about let’s do one more contest. That’s a free thing. You could do an ugly sweater contest? Yes, like submit your ugly sweater photo. I think that one will be fun. And then let’s go back to Let’s talk about your buyers from this year, maybe last year, I like we had an agent locally who did ornaments, it’d be like, you know, established 2023? Or like, take care of that house or Yeah, it doesn’t. Yeah. Because it’s, it’s your first Christmas in that home, whether it’s your first home or not. Right. So those are fun, like a way to honor your buyers specifically. That’s cute. Okay, what about let’s talk about your social media just a little bit. And I will not get deep into this. But I do think you can go follow Chelsea, or modern agent Social Club. In the club. They do the 12 days of Christmas. And it’s like, how do you partner with local businesses in order to, you know, support them and share on your social media and be part of your community? So I think doing like a local gift guide, or something like that is something you could do now. Yeah. And support your local businesses. Purpose is a small business. Saturday is the one after Black Friday,

Alissa 30:58
I think so yeah.

Katy 30:59
That’s sewing coming up. Coming up coming up. It’s not too late to do these things. And if you feel like it is, do something easy, or just pick one thing or do a New Year’s card like don’t overthink it.

Alissa 31:09
I feel like we’ve done is better than perfect, right? That’s

Katy 31:12
right. It doesn’t have to be every single person gets exactly the same thing. Like, yeah, don’t make it so overwhelming. Any other thoughts on your database work for the holidays?

Alissa 31:23
Last year, when I did my Christmas card mail out? It had a QR code on the back? Oh, yeah. That was like if you want to see our year recap scan here, and then they put in their email address, and they automatically got the email that I made. Like, it was like a family newsletter. Yeah, like it was just a one time thing. You know, like a recap of our year Haven started kindergarten Tate is running around now. Dante is Dante, whatever. Just just a quick update on anything. You shared photos from like, the few vacations that we took, and how was the response for that?

Katy 31:58
It was great. It was good. Yeah. So you’re growing that relationship with the people on and you’re collecting email addresses at the same time. I love it. I also would like to say now’s a great time to start back to or start with handwritten notes. Yep. This is the easiest thing to implement, because you don’t have to do eight you could do one a day. Some people like to do five a day, you don’t have to be like, oh, I need to handle a hand write a note to all 300 people in my database. Now you could just start getting in the habit of doing one a day. You know

Alissa 32:30
what I’m gonna do this year why? I’m just gonna print out like a sort of like, post it sighs not a post it though. Maybe you post it. Just like a small little mini stationery that as I’m addressing the Christmas cards. If it’s someone like special, I can just drop them a little note.

Katy 32:49
I think that’s a great idea. I think it’s small. So only the only a little bit fits.

Alissa 32:53
Yeah. And like something like so happy when I got to your card. Thanks for everything you did for my business this year. Right? Because you open a card. You know, everybody got it right when it has something specific.

Katy 33:03
I think that’s a great idea. Like, oh,

Alissa 33:05
it has a little note in here for me. You’re going to print a post it the I’m going to just get like a little like what would it say? Like maybe a little Elsa. I think it might even just have like a little holiday thing around it. Or like little Garland in the corner and you’ll just get it right. I love that. Yeah, it may not even be like, branded to me just something that I can cute that I can write a note on.

Katy 33:28
Okay, just like my No, no, no card. Yes. Your own hand. It’s important that it’s with your own Hey, yeah. And their own thoughts. Right. I love that. What a great idea. Okay, last thing. What else active listings that you have right now you could deliver them some Christmas wreaths or something like jazz in their house for the holiday? Yeah. You know, Lee Brown did the Christmas wreaths for her refers, but remember, she had a max. So it was like, I feel like this was years ago when she was in this class teaching this but it was like 150 people on her database was the max. And obviously, she’d done business with a lot more people than that. But the only way you could stay on the list is you had to send her a referral that year. So those were the people that got the wreath, right. And then other people would be like, Well, I didn’t get a wreath and she’s like, Oh, no problem. Send me a girl next year and I will send you a wreath. Yeah, that’s how you get on the list. Perfect. Okay, so I think a wreath but for your active listings. It’s a great idea. At the

Alissa 34:29
end of the day, if you’re feeling stressed about this, because I can tend to err on that side as well. It’s really about making that connection in some way. Yeah, it doesn’t have to be rocket science. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Last year my kids broke me and made me realize that like I’ll just put this on the car, the car and take that um, but just be you be real. Reaching out is the important part. Yeah. However you’re gonna do it. Just let make sure people hear from you. Yeah. Okay, I

Katy 35:00
think that’s great advice. Hey, are you ready for a toast? Yes. This one short and sweet just like this episode. Okay, so Carol wick in Dover Delaware would like to toast to Misha Raleigh. Cheers to Misha for turning me on to the hustle humbly. Game Changer.

Alissa 35:15

Katy 35:18
That was so short. Thank you to Carol. And cheers to Misha. And thank you to all of you. That’s my thing for this week. Thank you so much for sharing the show. Yeah, every time you share the show, someone else gets to benefit from it. We love that. And so I hope that you all have a lovely keeps us going over here. That’s right. Start to your right. Yeah, it was hard to get her in here today. Cisco, have a lovely start to your holiday season. And happy Thanksgiving. Happy. Happy birthday to Alyssa. Goodbye.

Alissa 35:46
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

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