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Real estate headlines have been the norm for decades.

Seems like real estate stories have really exploded into the headlines lately, but this is nothing new. The media loves to shine a spotlight on what is happening in the world of real estate whether they get it right or not. As agents it is our job to know what is happening in the world of real estate headlines and news stories so that we can guide our clients and the public accordingly. The largest financial instrument for most people is their home and when the headlines skew toward gloom and doom the public reacts causing a ripple effect through the market. In this episode we share what is happening in the headlines now and how we can navigate questions from the public.

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Katy 0:00
Hey, listen. Hey Katie it’s episode 228

Alissa 0:02
doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo No, I did not buy a house.

Katy 0:08
No, but today we’re bringing you the real estate news. What

Alissa 0:11
did we just do where we were like the news?

Katy 0:14
Maybe it was the lawsuit.

Unknown Speaker 0:16
Oh, it was no I’m sorry,

Katy 0:18
doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. The news is never happy,

Unknown Speaker 0:21
rarely, rarely happy.

Katy 0:24
So today we’re going to talk about real estate in the news and maybe if you are here you thought I’m gonna get a bunch of headlines and you are you are right there, right? You’re gonna get a bunch of headlines. So why don’t you get us going? Okay, so here. Thank you. Let me do that. Hold on. Remember we said with a newsdesk, you have to get them you have to strengthen the papers on the desk and then I’m going to make because I don’t want you to see the one under.

Unknown Speaker 0:48
Oh, okay. Okay, God, there you go.

Alissa 0:51
Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alisa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Katy 0:57
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

Alissa 1:02
The goal of our podcast is to encourage you to find your own way in business. So stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. All right, real estate headlines. Let’s you’re ready to hear him. I cannot wait. mortgage interest rates begin their relentless climb, prices are beginning to collapse. Creative bankers will enter the market. huge losses in the stock market affecting real estate sales. Mortgage rates have hit a record high, they will have to go even further if the demand for home loans is to be satisfied. The experts verdict is that it cannot be done without making the homebuyer pay more money. The committee says there isn’t any cheap money available to Lin buyers. The mortgage rate is certain to stay the same until at least late summer, early fall. A word to the wise. The great housing boom is over the real estate price explosion has stopped buyers who can pay cash can almost steal real estate. Okay, ready for the last one? I’m ready to get enough money to provide mortgages to everyone who wants one they would have to offer investors much higher interest rates even up to 19%. Wait 19%

Alissa 2:19
Yeah, that’s really high. So everything that I just read is from the last century, right? So like, what years decades ago? Okay, so some of this was from the 40s Oh, gosh, um, a lot of it was from the 1880s. We have 1929 in here. Oh, wow. We have the 1970s in here. Oh, okay. That last one that said, you know, we would have to go up to 19% was from 1980. Okay. But the point is that people love to say, you know, the sky is falling, and how are we ever going to sustain real estate is doing it’s doing gloom, doom and gloom. But this just goes to show history. Right heats itself well,

Katy 3:13
and that no matter what the situation is, I’ll give you one you missed one. Oh, mortgage rates plunge and demand finally inches back, huh. Do you want to guess what year that was? Mortgage rates plunge and demand. Finally, interestingly, nine? No, that was November eighth of 2023. Oh, okay. Mortgage rates plunge y’all. Anyone who’s been around now this is airing on December 18. But I can assure you if you don’t remember last month, mortgage rates didn’t

Speaker 1 3:48
pull in. One day went down some Yeah, they settled but nothing jumps

Katy 3:53
lunch. That’s the point here is that oh, and the other one I had was will real estate ever be normal again. That was that was in November of 2021. Okay. Hey, friend, the industry is changing and we need to adapt. We’re here to help you find the right words to increase transparency and professionalism with your buyers

Alissa 4:15
we have created for you a buyer brokerage agreement cover letter. This will accompany your buyer brokerage agreement and make it more approachable to the consumer as you communicate your value.

Speaker 2 4:26
Here’s what you’ll get inside of the letter your commitments to buyers detailing how you will serve them. The buyer loyalty agreement that explains the buyer rules, transparency on how buyer’s agents get paid, and a call to action to sign the buyer rep

Alissa 4:43
agreement. You can find

Katy 4:44
more information and get your hands on that letter at hustle humbly podcast.com/b be a like

Alissa 4:52
buyer’s brokerage agreement. Cheers to transparency and increased professionalism.

Katy 5:00
Like, no matter when it is, something is going to pique the media’s interest enough in real estate to throw out some kind of doom and gloom. Yeah. Or just sensationalized something that is a stat or a figure. That isn’t the whole story. Right? So home sales are down 37% year over year. That’s a real stat right now.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
Yeah. Well,

Katy 5:30
last year, they were greatly increased like we’re Yeah, above and beyond that we’re not comparing this year to last year being a normal year, we’re comparing this year to last year being an incredibly high number of transactions like it just what are they actually saying? Yeah, and a lot of times, the headlines don’t even then lead into an article that even says anything about that headline in that way. Right. Right. You know, they call that clickbait. Oh, right. They just make a headline that makes but here’s the problem. So many consumers and the people in the public just read the headline, and they don’t click to get all the information, right. So they didn’t even take the bait, but they sure did internalize that headline. And then the next time they see you out at the barbecue, they’re like, Alyssa, what’s going on? Interest rates are sky high, and the sky is falling on the real estate market.

Alissa 6:27
And I think that so I’ve been being asked that.

Katy 6:31
How are you handling that? You know, we’re

Alissa 6:32
coming out of Thanksgiving, where you’re at the table, seeing all your relatives you haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving asking? And they’re like, oh, mark it like,

Katy 6:40
are they hitting you on the shoulder? Yeah, things are rough. How’s it go? And

Alissa 6:43
you okay, we’re there. And I think that, like, my favorite response is to just answer it in a professional way. That almost surprises them. Right? Like, like I like to say, because they always want to say what do you think what do you think’s gonna happen? And I just, again, it goes back to not using that verbiage of, I believe, right, but saying, I’ve actually been following this so closely, right, when the Feds met last month, this was the announcement that they made. And this is how things are looking. And, you know, I’ve been tracking it and just reminding them that you’re a professional, right? But in order to answer it that way, you have to be somewhat up to date and in the know, right with what is going on. Right? So no matter what that is, I’m not a huge news watcher. Me neither. But if you find that source that you like, that gives you the basics of what you need to know or

Katy 7:38
go straight to your like board or MLS where they have stat actual stats for your market. Yeah, the easiest way you’re right to disarm someone is to be like, this is the actual stat of what’s going on in our market, where we live, provide them with the facts. Also, now’s the time to have a really great relationship with your lender. Yeah, so

Alissa 8:00
much of my information comes from the mortgage lenders that I work there

Katy 8:04
usually up on the financial news, yeah, really like because they’ve got to watch the bond market and they’re watching the Fed rates. So if you don’t know what any of this means, talk to your lender, they want to help you because they want you to also send them write your business. I think it’s important as an agent to maybe remember you’re getting overwhelmingly these these articles these topics your brokerage may be sending them to you maybe you get an our newsletter, maybe you get like something from your MLS or like maybe you’re seeing it over and over again. And it’s starting to weigh on you a little, but you have to like take yourself out of that a little bit. And remember that it’s not doom and gloom. People still have to live in houses or live somewhere just because people can’t or don’t want to buy a house today doesn’t mean in two months they don’t change their mind like yeah, it nothing is permanent in the real estate market. And just because the rate is this today, we already know it’s gonna it will change it will change right? So I think that I didn’t get it like you know, because I got into the market and in 2005 the end of 2005 rates were at a six that was low. Okay. Each subsequent year all I ever heard was wow rates are at a historic low at a six right and then yeah, the next year we let’s just say we’re under the high fives rates are at a historic low like refinance now, then the next year rates are at a historic like this, y’all pretty much the span of my entire career was that talking point rates are at historic Rome is

Alissa 9:43
that people say it so much that it’s like now is the time to buy that it loses its effectiveness. Right it’s like the boy who cried wolf. Yeah, so when it’s time to really do it, you can’t be like No really, really rates are at 2.75 now is really the time right?

Katy 9:58
I think too many people Listen to the advice that and that’s how we’re in this frozen vibe, right? Like, oh, we’re stuck because we really like are too. And you know, we don’t want to give that you just told the story about your clients who were like, well, I’m in the I’m in the 2.7. And I write it. I can’t really move. Yeah, why would I move right to what I can afford? Like, yeah, doesn’t make any it’s a lateral move, right, like sell this to buy the same thing? No.

Alissa 10:22
And I think it’s always dumb to be a pop tart agent that runs out and shows property to buyers that aren’t pre approved, for sure. But it has never been more right now than it is right now. Because I have been talking to like past clients who could buy a house who had no idea what their actual budget was. Yeah. And they were basing everything off of when they bought their house with me five years ago, right? And it’s like, it’s not the same thing. It’s not it’s not the same thing. It’s very different now. And as Realtors this is when we need to be so confident talking about money. Yeah, with our clients and saying, Listen, you want to go to this local lender, because they’re doing to one buydown. Right. They’re doing buyer credits, you know, lender credits, like, you need to know those things. Yeah, show your value. You can’t just say, Oh, well, you know, or Yeah, their raise rates. Oh, okay. Well, let me know, when you get pre approved, like, you need to be directing them. Like maybe you were to go to an arm. Here’s my lender that has the best creative options. Yeah, and it’s just we have and I think it’s good. We have even more potential to show our value right now. Yes. It’s almost like the transactions that are the biggest headaches are the ones where you have the opportunity to be the biggest hero. Yeah, to save the day. Same situation where like, that’s the whole market. That’s the whole market right now we have an opportunity to really shine and show our value or not.

Katy 12:03
Right. And I think you need to have some talking points prepared, not just data numbers, but like when someone brings up Oh, I saw on the news, blah. I don’t think it’s wrong to be like, Yeah, you know, the news media really likes to sensationalized these topics. I think it’s okay to, to say the truth like, well, the media wouldn’t want to tell you this, that our market is level that’s not very sexy and exciting, right? Like, like, why would they stable here? Like, everything’s gonna be okay. I actually pulled up for you some Google Trends. So because I guess what I was trying to get at before is we’re surrounded by it, right? Yeah, you are. And your and your ears perked up when you hear the real estate news. But what are consumers actually out there doing? Right? Do they hear at all what’s going on? Are we all going to pretend like they’re not hearing these things? Or do we know that they are? Alright, so the Google trend, and if you ever want to find out what the Google trends are, you just go google.com backslash trends. And then you can type in a keyword. Okay. So I put in real estate, this was in November, late mid November. What does contingent mean? In real estate? That search was up 120%? Oh, that makes sense. What does contingent because they’re like, all these buyers, like I don’t understand or even sellers because they never had to have a contingent offer now and now they do. Right? What is accepted a contingent offer on one of my listings, okay, so what does contingent mean in real estate? Okay. And then I did also real estate commission because let’s, let’s just say it, there’s a lot of real estate lawsuits out there right now, and they are in the news. And I wanted to know what people are googling. And this was, again, mid November, break out. Georgia Real Estate Commission license was the first one that was true. I mean, breakout. That means it was like they didn’t even tell me a percentage. It wasn’t up 100. It was like all of a sudden this search was breaking out. The other breakout was baton to lawsuit. Okay. Okay. And then the top ones were real estate agent commission and real estate commission lawsuit. Okay, so people are googling this. Yeah. Not just feel like people are googling that. Yeah. So I know. When we were going to work, we were going to record a lawsuit update. Yeah. And you were like, I just can’t do it?

Alissa 14:25
Well, it’s almost like when we did our first update. We had been following it for so long, right. But so many people had not been and we wanted to make sure that our listeners were educated. Yeah, we were pretrial. Yeah, we wanted you to understand that this was happening. But I think that what we covered in that episode really just covers the jest of everything right. And what is happening out there is being broadcasted so much, right, that I In your you were reaching your like you have heard it so much. I have heard it so much I get emails from lenders, my office title companies that are teaching classes on how to handle it and like it’s almost like when wire fraud first became a problem and everywhere you looked was wire fraud forms wire fraud, disclaimers, wire fraud classes and it was like we get it and you’re like I know about wired up like that’s how I was getting because I was following it so much that I thought we did our service by bringing awareness so that you need to know about it but I don’t know that it’s worth dedicating a whole 245 Well

Katy 15:40
episode to it. You were like, I just can’t do this again. I’ve been hearing it too much. But But I was like to say this. These things are ongoing and ever changing. Yeah, right. So just because that lawsuit is done on the unfortunate ending was that the plaintiffs one defendants lose which means the real estate industry is in the market for now. A shake up of sorts, right? Yeah. Well, now there are what they call copycat lawsuits. Right? So more lawsuits are coming up. And this Google search that was back in two lawsuit. This is the one where now buyers are suing their agents. Oh, the companies. Okay, so before it was sellers, yeah, now it’s buyers. Okay. And I’m gonna just quick quick give it to you. So you know what it is the scope of Baton two is exponentially larger than seitzer. Burnett, which is the one we just finished. Okay. Or the similar case Mirl, which remember is coming in 2024. Baton two is seeking class certification. So it’s not yet a class action lawsuit. Okay, we’re at the very, very, very beginning. Okay, on behalf of two proposed classes, but this is what I wanted you to hear with the class was a nationwide class. So before remember, we were in Missouri only. Yeah. A nationwide class made up of all persons who since December 1 1996. Through the president purchased in the United States residential real estate that was listed on an in a our MLS so an MLS that was affiliated with the National Association of Realtors, so our market December

Speaker 1 17:25
96, I have no clue. Maybe

Katy 17:29
that’s, you know why? That’s when it went online. I bet Oh, I bet so because our MLS started in 1997. Okay, so that’s probably why Yeah, okay. That mean it was the it was the vehicle by which it was being given out. Right. Okay, but for what it was just like paper books. Yeah. Okay. That’s my best guess y’all. I don’t know that for sure. But that would be my guess for this class. The plaintiffs are asking for injunctive relief, meaning either a court order prohibition or a requirement on the defendants behavior, they’re trying to get a change in the real estate market. Okay. And a damages class made up of all persons who since December 1996, through the president purchased in the indirect purchaser states. So I’m going to give you all the states residential real estate that was listed on our MLS Okay, fine. They’re looking for damages under the antitrust, unfair competition, consumer protection and unjust enrichment laws. Now, are you ready for the indirect purchaser states? Yeah. Okay. Listed in Baton two which is the lawsuit. Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC 35. I guess but you know, who was notably not there. Louisiana. Great.

Alissa 18:57
That’s because we conduct business. On like, that is a lot of state. And I think maybe one of the reasons I’m so like, shocked that all these things are happening and making it this far is it makes me wonder, are all these other states doing business so much differently

Katy 19:16
than we are? There’s got to be a difference. I don’t even know what an indirect purchaser state is.

Alissa 19:22
I don’t either. I’m gonna write that. You better look into that. I need to Google that real quick. Yeah,

Katy 19:26
go for it. I will say this. So that’s coming. There are others. There was another lawsuit in Missouri the day that the verdict came down on seitzer. Burnett immediately filed against basically all of the other big brokerages that weren’t listed in the first one. Yeah. So you know, whatever. Douglas Elliman and I can’t even remember the others, but there were quite a few that weren’t in the first lawsuit that were then noted in the law. It doesn’t matter y’all. I don’t actually care which side you’re on what you agree with or don’t agree with Whether these lawsuits go through appeals and take years to finish, I mean, the judge that when that first one has the right to impose changes in some of the penalties immediately even if it goes to appeal. Yeah, so y’all, this this you needed this thing is happening. Okay, fine. And hopefully your brokers are also keeping you up to show that they are. But I think we all have to just be aware and be transparent with our clients, which I feel like I always was. Yeah, I don’t know. But I also want to point out that I’ve had a few people say, I think even you and I have had this conversation like I just don’t understand the seller sign on the dotted line and they knew what they were paying for and they don’t have to sign anything they could a sale by owner right? Yes, that oh, and I hear like the same we keep hearing that argument right. Which is totally valid. Yeah, they knew what they were paying they didn’t have to hire an agent. I think we’re we’re missing the flip of the coin is that what they were trying to say? Is that on the other side of that these big companies and allegedly NAR, colluded together to sort of price fix what you offered on the buyer side? Okay, so you basically if you if any company had ever trained someone one of their agents to say, Hey, mister missus, seller, my commission is x. But you’re gonna have to offer X amount on the buyer side or else they’re just not going to show your house. That

Alissa 21:21
is where they’re saying is a problem. Yes. But it’s still just frustrating because if you go into any MLS, you will see all different amounts. I

Katy 21:28
see. You know, ours for sure. Yeah. But it was not the case in Missouri. It was very much pretty consistent and consistently higher than it is here. Okay, so I think we’re coming at it from a maybe we’ve been doing it better, or more. Well, we just say are we aren’t fixed. So we are not price fix? We’re not I think then the other thing that really irks my nerves about all of this is that it’s not nor who sells houses. Right. Alyssa Jenkins sells a house. Katie Caldwell sells a house some sweet 60 year old lady in your office is selling a house maybe only two or three that year, maybe it’s not even enough to keep her full time pateley. Nora is not the person who’s going to be in the end, like most affected, right, yeah. And so for whatever reason, they’ve decided to crusade about this. They’re doing it, and the Department of Justice is going to continue with it. And here’s where I got icky sick feelings this week. At the time this recording, I read the lawyer for that lawsuit in Missouri is directly talking to the Department of Justice. So nationally. And this is his quote from our friend, Mr. Catch mark. Remember, this is one of the rare things in our country where regardless of politics, people can come together. Everyone agrees we have to get the National Association of REALTORS out of the pockets of homeowners. It’s not right and the jury exposed it for what it was. And I quote that was the quote the lawyer quote and I’m like, I couldn’t disagree with that more. Right NAR doesn’t get paid out of the homeowners pocket?

Unknown Speaker 23:12
No, we Yes,

Katy 23:15
we pay NAR. Right.

Unknown Speaker 23:17
We should be the

Katy 23:18
like, just a no,

Alissa 23:21
it’s they’re not under, they’re not getting it right. They’re not getting it right. They’re

Katy 23:24
just like, it’s in that though is what the public is in the point of this episode was more of what is the public hearing? Yeah. How can you put it in perspective for them? How can you explain your value, which you always have, should have been able to do or needed to do? And, like? I still think people need a realtor. Yeah, for an agent, if realtor goes away, like I don’t know what’s going to happen, or will maybe

Alissa 23:51
Realtors anymore. Maybe we’re just real estate agents, right? Yeah,

Katy 23:56
whatever I don’t like it doesn’t matter. The service that I provide is still valuable. And I have no doubts that my sellers and buyers need that service. Correct. And if the way it gets, you get paid changes. I honestly don’t know that I’m that. upset about it. It’s just hard because if it punishes buyers, then I’m right then it’s hard. Yeah. Right. If it punishes individual agents who’ve always done the right thing, then I’m upset. Yes. Do you know like, and I think that Brad Inman, you sent me that screenshot of what he had said, Yeah, and it it was very much like, as agents we should feel let down by the industry. And

Alissa 24:33
we are right. Yeah, it was up to them. Well, we are giving them our money to support us. Right. And they did the opposite of that. They didn’t do it. They did not

Katy 24:44
they didn’t do it. Okay, so other things in the news with real estate right now, then

Alissa 24:49
that’s sort of why to doing an update a trial update. It made me realize that well, then we’d have to keep doing updates. Forever. We’re not a news outlet. We’re not a news outlet and it was good to do the first one to bring awareness that you need to be in the know. But we can’t do a we’re not in men do their job of giving you minute by minute. They literally had an article with a minute minute up to the minute update I now I don’t want to we don’t want to do that. Yeah, we don’t want to do we want you to understand what’s going on in the industry so that you can speak professionally and confidently when you are questioned. Right?

Katy 25:31
I did want to also mention because this came up when I was talking to Jay, who is obviously outside of the industry, but has to listen to us blab on about it every week. He was like, I don’t get it. It seems like a lot of money. You know, the award was $1.8 million, which will trebled to 5 billion. And he’s like that’s a lot like for these. I’m like, Well, it’s a class. So it made me go look it up, which I’d never done before. It was 500,000 homeowners. 500,000 homeowners were part of that class. So when you divide it out ends up being like 7500 bucks a person.

Speaker 1 26:05
Okay. You see? Yeah, like it. Right. But that adds up.

Katy 26:09
It does add up, ya know, over the years, it was homeowners over many years. Okay, so let’s move away from that other news in real estate. Right after that verdict came down insights or Burnett, our CEO of the National Association of REALTORS did go into early retirement. Yes, set to retire in 2024 went ahead and did that. So now we have an interim. I don’t know that I have her name here. But she came from like the Chicago Sun Times. I feel like that was kind of cool. Yeah. And then we have, you know, as of a few months ago, a

Alissa 26:46
new president and take this role right now. Bless. I

Katy 26:49
know, I would not, but I think she saved the Chicago sometimes from like, going out of business. You know, papers. Yes. Papers. Yeah. Well, it’s kind of ironic that she come from a paper and we’re talking about yes, yeah. Right. And then Tracy Casper is the current nor president and I did get an email from her like their keep I find now suddenly, they’re keeping us more in the loop. Yeah.

Alissa 27:14
Did you feel like you had a dark? All these emails coming through all of

Katy 27:17
a sudden they Yeah, I’m in the know. Right. And they gave us some talking points, you know, for what’s going on with your clients. I mean, y’all can go search all that stuff. I’m not going to read it all to you. People still have to live in houses. They still have to buy houses. Yeah, I’m not like, but the news is always going to be there. And right now they’ve taken square aim on the industry.

Alissa 27:42
We’ve just had to survive. Yeah, just like we have to survive the interest rate.

Katy 27:48
Yeah, I don’t. What are your other thoughts on this? Anything else you want to share? Any uplifting

Alissa 27:53
feelings? My feelings with the news in general, and every aspect of the news is always that I want to know what is going on. But I also have to figure out what’s for dinner for my family? Oh, yeah. And at the end of the day, is my day today, life now going to be totally disrupted? I want to know if that’s coming. But I don’t want to prematurely suffer. Yeah. Before it is here. Yeah. You know, so it’s like, it is hard. And I read this article too recently about how is the human brain supposed to know every single thing that’s going on in the world all the time? Probably do we actually have the capacity to handle that and to carry that all the time? It’s a big mental load. It’s a huge mental load. And they’re like, the studies on it are a little bit newer. Because media, social media, like were what, like 20 years in 30 years, and maybe in some ways, otherwise, you were relying on a single paper, right? Or a single source or and you didn’t know what was happening. Everywhere else around. Yeah, you have to filter so much now. And I’m always the type of person that’s like, when I’m really passionate about something. It’s hard for me not to do something. Right. So when everything I’m like, I want to help the other nations and I want to help my industry and I want to help America and then I’m like, oh, it’s carpool time to go pick up my kids got to at least get the kid like you still have to embrace like the the tiny things that we have to do and it kind of just brings me back I get grounded by getting back to that quote about like, if you want to change the world, it starts in your house. Yeah. If you want to change the world, put your phone down and look at your kids, right? If you want to change the world all like, actually check on your friends. Yes, that’s a great idea. And we have such as zoom in zoom out view of everything that’s going on. And at the end of the day, I want to just be the best I can be in my profession. Yeah. And continue to strive to bring professionalism back to the real to your brand. You’re like to whatever, to whatever extent I can great. And at least prove people wrong. Right, and how I operate my business. Right. That’s all you can do. That’s all you can do. And at some point, you have to let it go. Yeah. And just understand what you can do what you can control. Yeah. Yeah, don’t Yes. Just don’t let the news cycle control you. Yeah. And if you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed, take a break. Yeah, it’s okay to take a break. You

Katy 30:55
know, when I turned off the news 2020. Yeah. haven’t turned it back on since now. I mean, look, ya’ll, my husband fills me in when I need like important information. Yeah, I’m saying I let Tanner be my filter. But I’m not. I don’t need all the I just can’t Yeah, I just cannot now do I probably no more Real Estate news, obviously. Yeah, I feel like I’m an ambassador of that in some way. But even then, just like you’re you get burned out on it.

Alissa 31:22
So I had to laugh, because I noticed that this like actor that I follow, I didn’t notice. But he popped up today on my Instagram, okay. And it was like, the strike is over, I can finally talk about acting again. And you’re like, I have no idea. It made me realize, wait a second. I haven’t seen him post in forever. And I didn’t realize it when he was gone. Right. And then he makes a post that he’s back back. And it makes you remember, like, we’re the real estate industry. Right? Well, the acting industry and the movie industry has been in strike for weeks and months, months, months. And it’s like a huge deal. disrupting their, their industry. Yeah. Did I even know about it? Yeah, not really. I mean, I heard kind of about it. And then he made that announcement today that he’s that it’s over. But like, I have not been consumed by that. Yeah. And so as Realtors we are consumed by or consumed by this. And we just need to be the voice of reason to educate those who have questions outside of our industry. Right? Right. It was set like the actor strike was not a big deal to me. Right? It really wasn’t I don’t know what’s going on in the nurses union right now. But the nurses know nurses know. Yeah, the realtors know what’s going on. Right. So it’s sort of doing that zoom out perspective. Yeah, of, in the grand scheme of things. What can I do to help? You can just operate in the most professional manner possible, and be honest and right. Be a good person, continue to be valuable. And show your value? Yeah. And be a good person. Great. And don’t let it get you down? No.

Katy 33:13
Because you know, we’re, this is the December, we’re December 18. So we’re about to hit 2024. And you know, what new cycle we’re going to be in this year. Oh, my little election help us. And you know how it gets so wild. So wild. I just, you know, you got to turn that off. I know.

Alissa 33:33
You got to turn that off. Don’t let it dwell in it. Well, Jay and Tanner, keep us in the know. I just I’m like give me the PowerPoint version.

Katy 33:41
Right. You could you don’t need to be riled up about the same thing every single day.

Alissa 33:47
Yeah. And if you are, what can you do? What can you do? What can you do to put that energy to good use and friend of just staying awake at night in your bed? Responding to all the comments? Yeah, don’t do that. Just like busy thumbs. Yeah. What can you do? Yeah,

Katy 34:05
what can you do? Okay, I love that. All right.

Unknown Speaker 34:07
Are you ready for a tone? Yeah,

Katy 34:09
I think it’s good to know what’s happening. Yeah, I want to I mean, like, for sure. I’m not I don’t want to like stick my hand like, Yeah, I think you need to know what is happening. And you need to know what’s happening in your local area more than anything. Yes. That’s the most important thing. So know your local news. For sure. Okay, toast today is from Layton. Horlock to Stevie Earl’s, they are both in Hoover, Alabama. Okay, were they on the state list? I’m like I just said so many states. Nope. They’re

Unknown Speaker 34:40
good. Okay, good job, guys.

Katy 34:43
Okay, Layton says I am so proud of the agent that Stevie Earl’s has become I had the honour of mentoring her and her in her first year of real estate and she has proven to be such a great agent and more. She has even taught me so much as an experienced agent and I have learned so much from her. She makes me a better agent, person and mother and I’m so grateful to know her and work alongside her. Wonderful. That was so nice. So cheers to Stevie. Thank you to Layton and maybe turn off the news. This is a great time to turn off the news. Hello Christmas. Enjoy

Alissa 35:17
your Christmas. Check out your Yeah, check out Happy New Year. Happy New Year. We

Katy 35:24
don’t even care if you don’t show up here next week. Yeah, but you might just want to for a quick laugh.

Alissa 35:29
If you want a quick laugh. Just tune in. Yeah, next Monday morning for sure. Goodbye. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

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If you enjoyed this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or like this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell for notifications.

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