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It’s Monday AND the first day of the year, so let’s talk growth mindset and what we are going to do with our 52 Mondays!

The foundational piece we come back to and has been threaded through so many different topics one the show is mindset. This week as we start a fresh year, we are focusing on growth mindset specifically. There are 52 Mondays stretched out in front of you. Are you ready to tackle them? We are here to kick the year off on the right foot with inspirational quotes and gentle permissions. We are recapping some of our favorite changes in 2023 and where we are headed for 2024.

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Katy 0:01
Every single year was better than the last always. I didn’t somewhere had to

Alissa 0:06
enter somewhere. Not only did it it would have

Katy 0:10
landed with a thud this year I said no transaction goal and basically no transactions

Alissa 0:20
never miss a Monday I go I gotta start it off on the right foot. Yeah. And if you don’t miss your Monday, the rest of the week is good. He bought three houses with me this year. This year. Oh, wow. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Katy 0:42
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hey, Katie.

Alissa 0:55
How’s it going over there? Fine.

Katy 0:59
It’s episode 230. Okay, and let’s do this together. Are you ready? Yes. 10 987654321

Alissa 1:25
Wow, look at that.

Katy 1:26
It’s even more festive. Here it is.

Alissa 1:29
If you’re not on YouTube, I got confetti on my microphone. I might

Katy 1:33
have missed out. My papers never looked better. Oh my gosh. Okay. Hi, everyone. Welcome to the year 2024. And if we weren’t going to start it off like that with a thing. Why even bother? Yeah, I have just thrown confetti over literally every bit. Are you? Are you brushing off? Yeah,

Alissa 1:53
she didn’t tell me she was gonna do that. That was amazing. Oh,

Katy 1:56
you know, just a little extra surprise for you for 2020 For those of

Alissa 2:00
you that ask us pretty often, how much time we spend prepping for each episode. The answer is as least as possible. I

Katy 2:08
mean, not because we don’t love and appreciate you and want to bring you good product

Alissa 2:12
because we want it to be a surprise for all of us. Like we want you all to see our actual reactions to what each other Hey,

Katy 2:19
say I worked up a sweat just throwing that confetti, so I didn’t even know that this confetti was coming. Do you recognize this confetti? Yes. Okay. It’s from the hotel room. It literally might have come off of a hotel room. Where we took my hair. That’s my question. Okay. It’s beautiful. Um, how are you? Okay. Hi, everybody. Hey, hi. Hi. Today’s Monday. Yeah, the first Monday, first Monday of 2024. Wow,

Alissa 2:48
what an opportunity.

Katy 2:49
I mean, we felt so inspired by the fact that it was not just the first day of the year, but the it’s a Monday like you know that. Yeah, fresh start. Right. Monday morning. Yeah, make it happen. But we’re doing it big,

Alissa 3:00

Katy 3:02
but the whole year. So I’m like, let’s call it you get 52 Mondays, right? And we’ll do like a big mindset episode. Except for how many Mondays are there? Guess what,

Alissa 3:12
guys? 2024 is going to be so good. And let me tell you why. Billy’s not only do you get an extra Monday, because the first is a Monday. So you’re gonna get 53 Mondays. But it’s also a leap year, literally a whole extra day, you get an entire extra 24 hours this year. What will you do? I hope you take a day off what

Katy 3:41
least one? That’s what I’m gonna do. One day off. But here’s the good news. When you’re getting all motivated by this episode, and we’re talking about you get 52 Monday’s it doesn’t even count Today. Today. Why? It’s a holiday. Trying to get 52 more. Right there. 53 total, right. So you’re gonna get 52 additional days. And as we like to say in Louisiana, that’s just a little land Yap. Lamia little extra something extra. So we have a whole extra day. And I said before we got on, what are some synonyms for bonus or extra? And there is only one synonym that really counts in Louisiana. And it’s land Yap, which just means a little something extra. Yeah, I guess Cajun French shirt. Right? So we’re gonna have a little something extra. Okay, this year. It just gives it a little something extra. So don’t you think? Don’t you think? Don’t you think? Okay, where do you want to start? Do you want to start with let’s go back in time. Oh, okay. Because the best place to know where you’re going is to look at where you’ve been. Oh, and I think a lot of us been to some very dark places in 2023. It wasn’t the best market. It wasn’t. We had some pretty unfortunate news stories for realtors for realtors. So I will Say, we’re going to review it. Okay, we’re gonna move on from it. Okay,

Alissa 5:03
I believe it in the past, we’re gonna leave in the past. We’re moving forward, you

Katy 5:07
know, because it’s a fresh start. Yeah. Hope it can’t be worse. One would hope one would. Okay, so do you want to review with us your numbers? Tell us again, because we kind of went over it in a recent episode when we did the number tracking. You know what you’re tracking. But when it’s time to do the numbers? Yes, it is time. Okay. What do you want to share with us about the so I delete holiday mode? Like have you moved on? I’m still

Alissa 5:30
in holiday mode because my children are still out of school minor out until next Monday. Yeah, way too long. That’s

Katy 5:37
a whole nother week. Way too long. Yeah. But that’s okay. We can still read go back over our numbers. Yeah.

Alissa 5:43
So this was the first time that my year was down from ever, from ever.

Katy 5:52
Every single year was better than the last always. I didn’t somewhere had

Alissa 5:57
to enter somewhere. Not only did it in Vegas

Katy 6:01
landed with a thud. It was like, oh,

Alissa 6:06
is down.

Katy 6:07
I mean, minus two very down. I know. And it’s such a weird dynamic for me, because the podcast has become such a huge part of what I’m doing. Yes. Every week, I’m still working. Like, that is my full time job. We

Alissa 6:21
talk about that. I mean, we talked about it a lot with our listeners in California that we met in person. Sure. They’re like, how does this work?

Speaker 1 6:30
Right? Because in the inception of the podcast in 2019, that was my full time job as it was yours. We are just sold real estate. Yes. But when you have a four year old podcast that is growing right into more than we ever thought it would grow, to be totally honest. Right? In order to keep it going. Yeah, quality up. And all of the back. There’s so much back end,

Alissa 6:56
there is so much back end, I just witnessed Katie set up all the emails for the Black Friday. And I wanted to poke this pencil through my eyeball.

Katy 7:08
Right? Luckily, I like to write an email. Yeah. And I do a lot of that these days. Oh, my God spin sometimes three days inside of the house and literally don’t leave the premises. I know. So, point being, I still sell real estate. Yeah, just not as the main mode of my business. Yeah, like it’s the I don’t have time you work your repeat clients. And I will say I am very grateful and thankful and aware of the fact that that has probably saved me from what would have been a really bad rough year. Yeah, I mean, like, it would have been pretty tough. But also I’m not looking for business. So it’s kind of hard to tell like yeah, because I’m I have referred some out. I’m certainly not marketing my real estate business. I will absolutely work with my favorite past clients. In certain areas. Yeah. Close to me, because I have a lot of other stuff I have to get done. Right. So we’ll do your numbers and then we’ll do mine. But mine were down to okay, but I think every one’s we’re maybe down sure most people. Yep. If your numbers were down, don’t fret, do

Alissa 8:16
not fret. So do you want to tell us the number three, the INIA gram three can sit here without crying and tell you how down my numbers were? Then anybody can be okay. Anybody? If I can do it? Anybody can?

Katy 8:29
Hey, do you wanna? Do you want me to tell you mine and that’ll make you feel better? Which way do you want to get you go first? Alright, I’ll give us okay. So as you may recall, in the number tracking episode, I talked about my career overview.

Alissa 8:41
Yes, I updated it this year. Oh,

Katy 8:44
no, no. Oh, that looks like it was every year of the whole I think I have had my license and had sales since 2006. Okay. Okay. So we’re at year 18. This year, I closed the least amount of drag transactions I have ever closed at five. Five houses sold this show five. That’s crazy. Pretty wild. Their average sales price was $333,000. Okay, my favorite number three, so I’ll go with that volume. That was under $2 million in volume, because there’s only five houses. Yeah. That put my commission this is disturbing me a high level, my gross commissions at $40,000 which is the average income of a realtor. Yeah. So you may not even make that and bless you if you don’t. But that’s where I was at the year before. I did 14 transactions. So it was down to a third. Yeah. And my my total commissions that year, you know 2022 was 119 119,000 with $5 million in volume. So big. Big drop. Yeah, huge drop, huge drop. That would have required me to get part time job. Correct. The good news is I have a full time job. It’s called podcasting. Yeah. But like if I had just been my regular old self, I would have had to get another job.

Alissa 10:11
Well, I think you would have done more than that. If you were I know what you do for the podcast, and I know how long it takes. So I have no doubt in my mind, if I put it

Katy 10:23
into the real estate, yes, yeah. A person must agree that that’s correct. All right. Now tell us your numbers. Okay. Well, you tell us 2020 2022

Alissa 10:33
So we have a reference. Yeah. Okay. So in 2022. I sold 70. Homes. Yeah. This year, I sold 41. I am down 41%. Lot. And the quantity of houses number of transactions. Okay, last year, selling 70 homes. My volume was 26 million amazing. That was my best year ever by volume ever by volume. Now, it was not last year, I have sold 99 homes in a year before, right. But the volume never broke 100. But I didn’t get the volume to 26. I think I got it to 24. Okay. Okay. So last year was a record for volume volume. That’s all that matter. This year, my volume will land at about 17 million. Okay.

Katy 11:33
I mean, that’s 9 million less. So

Alissa 11:36
it’s down 38% from last year, you

Katy 11:41
know what’s interesting, and I don’t know the exact number, but our market sales or the number of homes that have sold is down 30% from last year. So I mean, you can’t beat the system. Like if the markets down, right, you might be down. And

Alissa 11:55
I will say considering how hard the year was, I would love to know. So this was also my first year to change some things for the podcast truly. In the past before 2023, we would meet every Tuesday. Correct. That’s all we did. That’s all like, how did we do that? I don’t know. As it has grown. And you know, we have I have just come to enjoy it like so much. And I think in 2023 actually getting to meet our listeners. Yeah, for me, that was huge. Because I struggled to like really connect with people on the internet. So to meet all these people in person was so helpful for me to see like what an impact which validates what you’re doing. Yeah, like, it’s not a waste of time, you are making a difference. So it just sort of was very helpful for me. All of that to say in 2023. I took off two days every week for the podcast. Impressively. So every Tuesday and every Thursday, Katie can testify that it was it worked most of the time, honestly, more than I would have

Katy 13:02
thought. Yeah, I

Alissa 13:03
mean, you know, when I taught those line dancing classes, it did kind of get in the way. I love that you

Katy 13:08
did that though. We have to be well rounded. Yeah, we cannot just be Realtors leading

Alissa 13:12
up to our company Christmas party. I taught line dancing class really Tuesday mornings in the office to prepare everyone for the Christmas party can’t wait to see those videos. So I would come at 1030 instead of 9am on Tuesdays the last quarter. Yeah, well, we prepared. And you know, I thought I would be more upset about it when I saw but I feel okay. And also I made a few other notes. I’d like to stop you right here.

Katy 13:39
I can only imagine the number of people listening who are like, Yeah, I’d feel pretty okay, if I did 26 million in volume. Well,

Alissa 13:46
I didn’t succeed. I mean, 1670 Whatever. 17

Katy 13:50
I never hit 17 once in my whole career.

Alissa 13:52
Yeah, that’s a lot. It is a lot to ton it’s a lot it’s a lot. It is soybean carry on. So this year, not only did I take two days off a week, but it was my first year that I referred business locally to other people and some normally you just do it all I would just do it all make it work. I would do it all sometime and I will say the first like two or three times that I did it felt weird. I hated it. But then when after I did it and they were like thank you so much. I was like okay, and then I kind of got a little too happy with you are like, like I don’t want to like to like do it any of this? No. So sometimes I would refer it out because of it being too far located like I don’t want to go to that parish or county whatever y’all want to call it. We call it parish. I was too far right? Or it was just like a sign call like a total stranger. So I just didn’t have it in me to do it. Yeah, but I I also really enjoyed passing along some of these nuggets to like the agents that were struggling this year for sure. Like I loved doing that you

Katy 15:09
don’t need to sell all the houses and that one referral to them might have made a big difference. Yeah, like between staying with it and quitting. It was like to see them be so appreciative of something. I

Alissa 15:20
was dreading calling this person bad. That was a dumb perspective. Yeah, yeah. It just felt so good. So I referred a lot out this year. Love that. One time I was in the office working and someone called me on one of my listings, and one of my favorite new agents was on phone duty. So I just gave it to her. And she went and showed the house for me for it to that person. But then every time I got assigned call on that house, I just gave it to her because she had been to the house like she knew I had prepped her on everything. So she was like my person for all the liens for that house. And it was just nice. I’m also 2023 I so I used to be a Dave Ramsey endorsed realtor, I am no longer I just wanted, it was great and fine. I just wanted to, I just don’t need it. It was a lot, a lot of work. And so I just cut that out. So you’re not giving your money to Dave. And I’m not giving my money to Dave anymore. And I’m just working my repeat and referrals only. Right. And so I remember what month you quit that it was the very end of 2022. So you didn’t have I had nothing in 2023. Got it. I also did not do a single open house. Well, I did two open houses in 2023 in December and December the end at the very end. So I went almost a whole year. But you hadn’t done one since before COVID. So several years. Yes. This is just so I’m at you know, as the market has slowed down. I’m starting to get back into it. So I’m like, am I down? 40% I wish that it was more stable. So I could really pinpoint because I’d love to try this. I know and it’s so hard to quantify. Well, you didn’t do open house it like yeah, I didn’t do open houses. I didn’t have the Dave Ramsey leads. I took two days a week off every single week when you

Katy 17:18
send the referrals. Did they pay you a referral fee? Were

Alissa 17:22
you tracking that? Sometimes it not. It just calls Had you taken them? You might have turned them right. Like I got it. It just depends. You know, you’ll never really know. I also will notice on my graph that I only have like, a few like I don’t have an open house column. I don’t have because you didn’t work that type of business. Right. Okay, interesting. Right. So of the 41 homes, I sold 20 of them were referrals perfect. 16 of them were repeat clients. So I have sold them a house before. Okay. Two of them were from like volunteering. Okay. Five of them were from other realtors out of town out of town. Okay, that sent me things. Two of them were from the children.

Katy 18:07
The school not not actual children. Your children’s one

Alissa 18:10
but I havens best friend’s grandma. Okay, moved here. Okay. And one was Tate’s best friend from his class. Their current class. Yes. His best friend’s mom and dad bought a house with Russias pressure there. You know, just paying for that school. Well, the kids? Yeah, right. Well look perfect. Seven of my 20 listings that I sold this year, were houses that I sold to them. Okay, so I guess to revisit seven health but they still fall into that repeat car. They do have the 67 of the 16 repeats where I got to revisit the house. Gotta gotta love that. I did not have any listings expire. Really? I had one that I withdrew. That I will relist at a later date, right. Maybe in another episode. Yeah, maybe in the spring. Okay. But I didn’t have any just run out. I had one that I was like, Well, this is this is the one that’s going to expire. And it and it sold just in the nick of time.

Katy 19:11
Was this the one that was under contract? What happened to that one? It’s still active. Okay, but it didn’t expire. Right? You’re still working? I’m

Alissa 19:18
still got it. Okay. Um, people always, always like to ask like, where do you get your business? So I just made a few notes for you, please. Let’s hear them. As I was reminiscing, I really enjoyed this. Okay, I love it. Okay, so my youngest sister is in CRNA school can become a nurse and ethicist. One of her schoolmates was moving here from Colorado. Love it, and I sold her house, okay. The lady who has cleaned my home every Monday for the last 14 years, her daughter bought a health Hello, my cleaning lady called me and was like, Can you help her? And I was like, Yes, of course. Our office secretary has a son. Uh huh. I helped him buy his first home. That’s cute. I was saying

Katy 19:57
the fact that there’s a first time homebuyer out there this year. or I know

Alissa 20:00
that’s awesome. They actually got pre approved for a bond program and got so much money. Oh, great. It was a really cool situation. Okay. One of my sister’s friend’s dad’s okay. I had never met him before, but he was like, You’re her sister. I hear you know, can you I want to buy some investment property. He bought three houses with me. This year, this year. Oh, wow. My repeats saved me this year. Like my. I’ll get into that more. Okay. I sold a house to this girl and her dad came along for every showing, and we close them and I wrote him a thank you card. And he bought a house after. I love that. And then another dad. Oh, I sold his daughter a house last year and I really thought he didn’t care for me. But he actually I don’t actually this wasn’t one of my sales, but he called me in December and we’re gonna list his house in the spring. Okay, so coming soon, coming soon. So I got some business from that. But it’s like, you know, the girl like sometimes when I have an event and want to get a spray tan? My spray tan girl I have her house under contract. It’s going to close. So like

Katy 21:11
everybody. Yeah, everyone you come in contact with is a possibility. Yes.

Alissa 21:14
And people don’t believe that. Like they just they just believe that I’m paying for these leads. But you’re not I’m not that’s why I wanted to share these literally this year you paid no other lead service? No, nothing. Nothing zero. I also was like, super surprised. Like my office secretary. Late. She called me. Yeah,

Katy 21:36
she knows every realtor in your office.

Alissa 21:38
I was just surprised. Like, that was so nice. You know that. Okay, just from every numbers. Yeah, you never know I’m, I feel really good about this year and that you feel proud. I think when I first looked at the numbers and realized how low they were from last year, I did sort of feel like down. But then I was categorizing them. And I was having to go through and like look at them all. And I just got excited again, because like I remember all these transactions. And like, it was a great year. Honestly,

Katy 22:09
it’s a little bit easier also to remember and get deeper and be more available to 40 people then 70 or 90, right? Like you’re you’re doing it I know you’re doing a good job no matter how many it is. But you maybe have a little bit more of an intimate relationship with a smile, like you know, just have little.

Alissa 22:28
Yeah, you’re more available. I feel that.

Katy 22:32
I feel that. Okay. I love that. All right. So that’s looking back. I would like to share we were going to talk about other things that changed this year. I track some different numbers this year. Okay. I sent a email early on in the year I so interesting. It’s the first year of my real estate career that I didn’t pick a number of transactions. I think we can all see how that turned out. It was not my focus. Yeah, if I had even like the last year I picked 12 Because I wanted to do less than the year before to make time for the podcast and ended up doing 14 So for the record, y’all, I have never set a real estate transaction goal that I met even when I was trying to do less I failed. I failed whenever I wanted to do more every year I failed when I wanted to do less this year I said no transaction goal and basically no transactions happened. I mean, five Okay, five, but I didn’t have a transaction goal, but I really had some like health and well being goals that were more important to me. Yeah. So I started counting up. Okay. For the record before my surgery last year, when I had back issues, I never took baths I don’t like baths they’re not my jam. I like a shower in and out. This is what I’m doing. I’m like you know the baths during that timeframe were more relaxing maybe I’ll I need to relax. I need to like you know, take it eat. Like I just need to be more aware of like, stress and all these things. So like, I’m going to take 100 baths this year. Oh my You counted every time. I just made a Google note. Like a note in your phone. This is hilarious. And every time I either did my stretches in the morning, so I do 100 days of stretches. Okay, and 100 days of bass. I figured that’s 200 days if I do it on an opposing days, right. There’s what 360 And then I wanted to do 100 meditations. I blew out the water the baths and the stretches love it easy to put into place. I did them feel great about that. I think I ended up doing like 20 meditation that’s still a lot of surprises. You made it that far year. It’s not that many it was like four or five per quarter and I and I segmented out and I’ll send the email list this if they are even remotely interested but I segmented out the quarters so I could be like, well did I do better than last? So then I was kind of comparing, hey, well I did 20 baths in the first quarter like am I gonna get Yeah. And like you can pick any method of self care or relaxation or what like, is it a walk? If I five minute whatever it is, yeah, I drink all my water that day ever. Yeah, I just picked a few things that I thought would help my health and well being and calm down my central nervous system, which was kind of what I was working with. And that’s what I track. Then I started to track naps, because I’m like, naps are good. Let’s do naps. I wasn’t trying to get to 100. But I think I ended up having like six to eight naps per quarter, which I feel like it’s a couple of nights a month. That’s

Alissa 25:33
pretty nice. Right night,

Katy 25:35
like, made me feel great. I did. I read my very first book for pleasure of my entire adult life. I’m so proud. I’m not a reader. I just would rather not watch TV, look at a magazine but read a whole book, not my jam. It was delightful. You enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much. I traveled much more. And that was that was on my goal list to do a couple of trips for the podcast to have my certain number of family vacations like I, I met every one of those goals. Good. I feel so positive about what I accomplished. It doesn’t always present itself in numbers of your business. Agreed. So I feel like it was a total win. I don’t know what I’m going to do for 2024. Do you know what you’re going to focus on for 2024?

Alissa 26:27
I don’t really I know, that’s not the answer. We should say to all of our people.

Katy 26:33
I think I’m going to work on walking. Okay, because I have the wall, the treadmill under the desk. And I listened to his really great podcast and 2023 it was a Mel Robbins episode about walking with a scientist who has studied walking. And y’all. I hope you’re walking while you’re listening to this. It is so good for you that you can walk it and so good for you. But it was like increase your walking by 5000 steps, whatever you’re doing now just increase it by 5000. So if you’re sedentary just 5000 steps. Yeah. So I might do some walking, but we’ll see. Okay, shall we talk about Mondays? Do you think people are feeling inspired? Because it’s a Monday. Are they feeling like wall wall?

Alissa 27:18
They’re like dang it. We get an extra Monday. I hate Mondays. Everybody seems you know Monday gets a really bad rap. Like,

Katy 27:25
I’ll start on Monday. Yeah, I don’t want to start on a you know, Wednesday. Yeah, diet starts Monday. Yeah,

Alissa 27:30
I’ll start exercising. Monday. It’s always Monday. You always did like a never miss a Monday vibe. So when I when I worked out at this other place. He always said never miss a Monday. Never miss a Monday. And so to me, it was like, never miss a Monday. Like I got to start it off on the right foot. Yeah. And if you don’t miss your Monday, the West rest of the week is good. So I always kind of like I liked looking at Mondays is like a reset. We also have our Monday morning media. You’re checking in I’m checking in. I do feel like the podcast is brightened up some Monday mornings. Yes, we get that message a lot from listeners. Like I hated Mondays, and now I’m waiting for the show. So we’re just You’re welcome. We’re just you’re transforming Mondays.

Katy 28:14
You’re welcome one at a time, one at a time. I mean, I don’t hate a Monday.

Alissa 28:21
I don’t hate Monday. He

Katy 28:22
always said I love it. Because selfishly, it’s when my children go back to school. I know. Yes, I feel that and I can have like, take a deep breath, clean up the common area of the house kind of just like reset everything before. Like, bless them. They don’t make that big of a mess now, but it’s enough, right? I’m just like, I just need that. You know, when I was a kid growing up, I loved my bedroom. I was mostly neat. Like I kept it clean. I love being inside of the four walls of my room. It’s your space that you control. Yeah, right. decorate it however I want. Clean it whenever like the whole thing. It’s all my stuff. Right? Okay. As an adult, I struggle with the fact that I My house is my room, right? It’s the whole thing. Yes. And there’s all these other freaking people in here touching all my stuff, right? They’re like moving into round. Bless them love them all. But it’s not the same. And that’s why I think I love my office so much. Yeah, because even my bedroom, although Jay is doing precious little in there to like mess it up. It’s not the only space that’s mine is my office. Yeah, technically, it’s kind of yours to on two days a week. Yeah. But that’s why I’m like feeling oh, I love your office. I’m like, This is my room. Right? Nobody is allowed to come in here without asking for my permission. Speaking of that, we have a new addition to our room that I know if you’re in the YouTube, you can see our fancy new

Alissa 29:47
neon, this is our neon sign from California. I know we got it for the expo that we did in Anaheim, like my favorite thing and we shipped it back to us here in Baton Rouge.

Katy 29:58
That’s right and it does hold sorts of interesting things like flashing like real neon. Yeah. So bright. So all year, get ready, you can see this neon in our videos. Okay, so you don’t really have goals for the year. Let’s talk a little bit about mindset in general. Okay, okay, because I actually made a note goals are great. But mindset, let’s plan our mindset. Yeah, like what do we want to focus on? How do we want to feel at the end of 2024? How do you feel today? Right? Like, make yourself a little note, this is how I’m feeling today. And this is how I want to feel at the end of the year or the end of the quarter. Like, while it’s I love checking in every quarter. Yeah, I’m gonna read the 12 week year for sure. I’ve heard so

Alissa 30:41
many people reading that book

Katy 30:42
I have always wanted to. And I do think it’s wise to like, instead of putting so much pressure on a whole year being a certain way, why not break it into those quarter chunks? Yeah. And like, kind of make those goals that fit in that bubble.

Alissa 30:55
I don’t know what it is, you know, I’ve talked about this before, but goals have always just overwhelmed me. Maybe it’s my Enneagram three fear of failure, right that if you don’t have goals, you can’t fail. And I, I trust myself enough to like work, like, I know, I’m going to work. So like that’s, that’s just

Katy 31:18
the best I can do. You almost don’t need goals. You need limits. Yes. I

Alissa 31:22
feel that way. You need to be held back in some ways. Yes. Now, I did have a few things. Like for example, in December, my book club and I trained to run a 5k. I saw I hadn’t really been running alright, but I had to train for that. And I ran the whole thing without stopping and I did not think that was going to happen. So I like I want to kind of keep that up. Okay. Like, I feel like I don’t necessarily want to go much further than that. No,

Katy 31:50
but if hey, if your body doesn’t want to either, right? I mean, in general, I feel like

Alissa 31:54
if Haven was like Mom, we’re doing the mile run at school. Can you come with me? Like I would just be ready. Great. Like yeah, I can run a mile you know, like so I think I want to keep that up. I’m excited. And then a few other just like health and wellness things as well this year and working on being a little bit more present them well after people love detail. I know they do love to you to help me by all means keep anything private that you want. For example, take is to and after I finished like nursing him he’s my last kid so I’m like okay, I’m done having kids and I’m done nursing so I’ve like reclaimed my body back. Yeah, I’m just for you. Like I just found like a functional wellness doctor got some bloodwork done and like getting everything back on track and like making sure all the left like just taking care of myself. You know, it was very interesting. No, you know how I always drink like a gallon of water a day. That was too

Katy 32:46
much. Yes. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.

Alissa 32:49
Let me explain. I want to hear it. I was drinking a gallon of water a day and I have for years. I am also like, pretty tired a lot. Okay,

Katy 33:00
causing you to be anemic. Um, what was it doing?

Alissa 33:03
It was draining me of all of my electrolytes. You were just flushing them straight out flushing them straight out just like no no, no. Yeah, so one per your size. You don’t need that much what like You Drink Per your size? Like how much were you supposed to be drinking like point seven gallons of water a day. So

Katy 33:19
are you doing that now?

Alissa 33:20
Yeah, I’ve just cut back a little secondly,

Katy 33:23
I will never have to see you carrying that giant. No,

Alissa 33:25
I haven’t. I haven’t carried it since I met with that doctor. Oh my god, I’m a second thing I have to alternate water and like Gatorade or propel like I use propel you know? Yeah, so that I’m drinking water but I’m also replenishing my electrolyte. Oh, okay, I was depleting my body of nutrients. You were just flushing them right out and I thought I was doing a good thing. What is too much of a good thing.

Katy 33:47
There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, which is fine. If you ran too much for your body. If you drink too much water if you ate only one food group. Maybe it was a great vegetable, but you have to have balance right? There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. When I changed up the water thing.

Alissa 34:06
I noticed the difference by day two. I was like, wow, this is

Katy 34:11
amazing. I feel so much better. When you stop drinking the water. This is very much you

Alissa 34:18
not only cut back on the water, but added in the electrolytes like oh my gosh, I was like a new person immediately. Immediately.

Katy 34:27
Okay, that’s a really great stuff.

Alissa 34:30
You never know. Okay, let’s

Katy 34:33
talk about while we’re on getting your mindset set up. I was on the phone Sarah and she we’re gonna we’re gonna actually tell a story. Are you ready for the story? Yeah. You were there. Oh, we went to California. Yeah, Alyssa is making a grocery order. I tell her that I want the human brand to chop little chunks I want to human chunks. And I’m like, what? How do I even type

Alissa 35:05
this in

Katy 35:06
to the app? To be fair, it never occurred to me that that would be thought of as a part of a human like, like a body part. Like I just like cannibalism. It’s the brain is actually huge. Now that I have been down this road, we

Alissa 35:21
keep in mind, we have been traveling all day. At this point. We are jetlag because we have traveled different times. zines air. The people next to us at this table are smoking a lot of marijuana true story. And I don’t know if we were just extra giggly at this point. But when Katie wanted human chocolate chunks, I was like she was dying. So I had to google it. And I’m like, it’s called Q. H. You

Katy 35:49
there’s more to the story. So I figured out why my mind never even went to the fact that it’d be real human chunks. Okay. I was like chocolate. Y’all got

Alissa 35:59
it? Yeah, human history

Katy 36:00
in our talking. And she’s like, you know, I think Alyssa had just read that book. The choice. Yes. And it’s like holocaust. Yes. And there’s some cannibalism

Alissa 36:10
like to eat is it just survive? However, that just survived.

Katy 36:13
Right? Right. Right. Right. Okay. And she says, you know, that’s just not the culture that she’s talking to me. That’s just not the culture that you’re consuming. Like, it never occurred to me that I didn’t read the book. I wouldn’t read anything probably about that book that because every night I go to sleep listening to friends. And but it really kind of brought me to a place where it’s like, you know, what the culture that you’re consuming, really does. Whether it’s, it’s, it can be positive, and it can be negative. It’s been, it’s a sum total of everything. But if all you listened to are crime podcast, and you’re going to be afraid of crime, or maybe have more incidents of being involved in too quickly, because you’re in you’re going to have more nightmares about crime. Yes, I can’t have a bad dream about the crime product, that podcast that came out today, because I didn’t listen to it. Right. I don’t even know what it’s about. Right. So the culture of what and this is the same for if you’re scrolling through Facebook, and all of your realtor friends are posting all their awards and you’re feeling bad about yourself, or someone’s always telling you how much money they made or what fancy thing they’re buying, and it just makes you feel bad about yourself. unfollow. Yeah, don’t, don’t that’s what is the culture of what you’re consuming.

Alissa 37:26
I have the perfect quote for this. Let’s hear it. You don’t see things as they are. You see things as you are. It’s so true. Yeah. 100% true,

Katy 37:36
though. So true. So going forward, I will be referring to the chocolate chunks is hue hue or human just to be funny. You brand. I mean, you brand new to you, y’all. But But think about for 2024. What is the culture of what you’re consuming? Yeah. And maybe that means you take a day off from social media. Maybe that means you read a light hearted book in between the more serious books if you went, look, I’m not telling you you get but I don’t I haven’t watched the news since 2020. Yeah, if

Alissa 38:05
you find yourself struggling with something, maybe look at where it’s coming from. And I

Katy 38:10
just know myself enough to know that my brain will hit a loop. And if it’s something bad, or I see something bad, it can just loop and loop and loop and I just gotta get off that hamster.

Alissa 38:19
Oh, it’s so funny. Someone when we were in California, one of our listeners, like said something about like, Oh, do you want me to get to a decaf coffee? And I was like, No, yeah, really? What do you do but in in 2019, and 2020. I was I like, I went two years caffeine free. Yeah. And I talked about it on the podcast. So if they listen to those episodes from back, then they may think I’m still caffeine free. But the reason I bring that up is because sometimes I am caffeine free. It just depends on I’m trying to see like, if I feel like I’m more anxious than usual and can’t put my finger on it, no caffeine, rather, it might just be like the jitters or like, I don’t need caffeine in addition to this stressful transaction. Yeah, like I need to. That’s a good point. It’s just about like, maybe I’ll take a week off of caffeine, right? It’s like being mindful, taking the time to check in with yourself to be like,

Katy 39:15
What is this feeling? And do I need to lay off social media? Do I need to unfollow it’s coming from Yes. Because there’s so many different stimuli that are coming in to you. And there’s so many variables, it’s really hard to figure out. Okay, but they’re all adding up to a tipping point, right? Yeah. So maybe it’s not just the caffeine, caffeine plus the transaction plus someone’s sick at home, like all they all add up, and then all of a sudden you reach a tipping point. Yes. So removing one sets back your tipping point, right. All right, that brings up a really interesting principle that my physical therapist taught me. She was like, whenever they were doing all of my interviews and stuff, and this was after my surgery in 2022. They were like Okay, you have a certain capacity, and then you have demand, okay, so your body has a certain capacity of what it can handle. And then there’s the demand. So if you have to stay up late a lot to do some extra work or a project, or you’re getting up early to, like, do something for your kids, or whatever. And it’s more demanding than normal, or you have a transaction that’s harder or something is going on, or you’re bad, or you get sick. These are it’s higher demand. But what we were doing in therapy was trying to increase my capacity. So learning how to relax and call my central nervous system or do like lifting weights, make yourself stronger, so that your capacity is higher. Yeah. So then when the demand gets higher, your capacity to handle that has increased. So like that gets stronger? Yes. So what can you do to increase your capacity? Because sometimes you can’t control the demand of your life, right? I mean, things are happening all the time that are out of your control, but you can control your capacity, and you can impact it and make it bigger. Yeah. So I thought that was really interesting. That is, oh, last thing on the mindset and the culture of what you’re consuming. Think about today. Who are your cheerleaders? Like, who makes you feel better? How do you see more of that? How do you spend more time with that person? Is your mom always like, you can do this? It’s going great. Take your mom to lunch? Like, who is it on? You know, your social media that you’re like, that’s just makes me smile? And maybe it’s something completely unrelated to your field? Or that you have to introduce those positive messages for sure.

Alissa 41:31
I had another quote. Let’s hear it. I really liked okay, it was everybody has two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one. Oh, I’ve heard that before. I just heard that for the first time. It’s really good. Like, Oh,

Katy 41:47
I love it. Yes. A lot of people don’t hit that until they’ve had like a near death experience.

Alissa 41:52
I know. And I’m like, I don’t want to have a near death experience to have to realize that. Yeah, like, I wish I could just realize

Katy 41:58
that way. I feel like I’m pretty good about being cognizant of what’s going on and how it’s changing. Like a lot of people like oh, you won’t realize that you only have this time with your kids until they’re gone. I’m like BS, I’m very aware. They’re getting older all the time. Yeah. And I try to be intentional with how I spend time with them. Yes, it doesn’t make it any less sadder than ever been growing up. You know, like each age. And I try to celebrate and appreciate it’s sort of like living in a sense of gratitude. Yeah, like, and I also try to appreciate the fact that I don’t miss some of the things from when they were little, right. Sure. They were cute and cuddly, but they also ride a lot needed a lot of attention. They were sick a lot, right? It’s not like, we can’t selectively remember just the good stuff and be like, I’m so sad. Yeah, they’re not little anymore. Like but they were also difficult then. Yeah. Can we all good just trying to sell everything called

Alissa 42:48
when you can only see the good when you look back. rose colored glasses. 100%. You forget all the negative thing. Yeah, after they’ve passed. This is the same thing with like, an X or something. Yeah, you’re like, really so great. You’re so great. It’s like no, he wasn’t not so great.

Katy 43:06
I liked this one while we’re being motivational for our Monday. Okay. Some day is not a day of the week. We’re on Monday, that was dummies. Brennan. Nelson. Sunday is not a day of the week. Here’s a good one. If you are serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse. Oh, that was Jen Sincero. And that’s why I was asking you she wrote the book. You are a badass. Oh, sorry, y’all. But that’s enough. Whatever. If you are serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way if you’re not you’ll find an excuse.

Alissa 43:42
That’s the truth. 100%. So in the book that Sarah just mentioned, that I read about it’s called the choice. It’s actually liked the book. It was an excellent book, right there also liked the book. So it’s about a lady that survived, okay, she was a teenager Holocaust, she survived the Holocaust. She was a teenager, lost, everything came out on the other side, she has a choice. Am I going to let this? How am I going to handle this? Okay, and she had a journey for sure. But when she was older, she really wanted to become a doctor. And somewhat she was like, but like, I’m about to be like, I’ll be 50 by the time I finished school, like I’ll be 50 by the time I finished medical school, and one of her friends said, Well, do you want to be 50 and be 50? Or do you want to be 50 and be a doctor? That’s great. And she was like, Well, I guess I want to be 50 and be a doctor. And she’s still alive today when she’s in her 90s and still working right? So she’s had 40 something years of that, of getting to

Katy 44:50
do that and she just had a different way of looking at things. Yeah,

Alissa 44:53
she chose the right. She chose the right way to learn effective for sure.

Katy 44:57
I love that. Okay, how about this, I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it. But by working for it, Estee Lauder, beautiful. I think that for every Monday this year, you should just revisit maybe write something down today that you can revisit every Monday. Your favorite quote from today, go find one or list one of these. Or maybe it’s a you know, just whatever your goals of how you want to feel at the end of the year, just write it down and then read it every Monday doesn’t have to be, you know, a big thing, but just something. Yeah. Okay, the most effective way to do it is to do it. Like that Amelia Earhart, the most effective

Alissa 45:43
way to do it, is to do it goes back to Done is better than her right?

Katy 45:48
I mean, like, just just get out there and do it. Just do it was a pretty good slogan, just do it. Did you see that movie? Air? No, it’s with Matt Damon, you should watch it is a excellent business movie. Oh my gosh, so good. Because that’s really what it is. It’s a business movie. And if anyone hasn’t seen air, I encourage you to watch it. Because you kind of see. I mean, it’s a true story or based on a true story. I don’t know how many The details are exactly right. But like you kind of see where just do it came from and like how Nikes became like this big brand, and how they got Michael Jordan and it’s very interesting interest I would have Yeah, but just do it was really a great. It was a great marketing slogan. And it just isn’t how it started off. But okay, real change, enduring change happens one step at a time. Real chain enduring change, enduring check. Yeah, happens one step at a time. That’s RBG. But that reminds me of atomic habits. If you haven’t read atomic habits, that would be the one I would put at the top of my list for a new year. Yeah, I mean, it’s so good. So good.

Alissa 46:52
I listen to it again. Get his newsletter. Yeah, just the newsletter. Great. So

Katy 46:57
good. So so, so good. Anything else that you changed in 23 that you’re gonna keep with you and 24 that

Alissa 47:05
I’m keeping with me? I’ll keep seeing you on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Great. I’m so pleased.

Katy 47:09
Wonderful. That’ll mean a lot to me. Do you think we’ll do you think we’ll see more listeners in person this year? I

Alissa 47:18
don’t know. I don’t know how you enjoyed it. I did enjoy it. You don’t I don’t know that. I want to do another. I know. There’s so many ways we can see the people. Yeah, I would love to see some people in real life. Yeah, I think

Katy 47:31
that’d be great. I remember added the lemon water. Yes. I’m gonna keep doing it. Good. I enjoyed every morning. Wonderful. And, you know, it’s really, it’s really all I got here. Okay. Here’s another thing that’s going to be new for 2020. For that I am. Over the moon excited about Tell me. I don’t have to read toast this year. Oh my god. Y’all don’t get me wrong. I love your toast. Love them. I mispronounce them. I read them all crazy. I’m staring at the paper. But for at least about three quarters of this year. These types are going to come straight out of your mouths because we

Alissa 48:12
have all of your recorded toasts from California.

Katy 48:17
This is like a gift they have given to me for 2024. Yeah, because I went right before we record on like, Oh, I gotta get a toast and like, No, I don’t or No, no, I don’t sure doubt. It’s amazing. So everyone, I mean, I guess at this point, now we’re going to just start saying goodbye. And then you’ll get the toast. Yeah, because we will play. We don’t have to do the time now a toast from one of our sweet listeners. Yeah. Do you have a word for the year before we get to the toast thrive? I love that. I think I decided on mine today and I’m going with a two word phrase. Okay. Easy impact.

Alissa 48:52
Easy impact. Like keep it simple. Yeah,

Katy 48:56
because I want everything to be easy. Okay. But I also want to make an impact. Okay, but I don’t want it to like, Y’all will see what I mean. Whenever you hear next week works. That works. Yes, yeah. Come y’all. If you enjoyed today, next week with skirts, so good. Next week. We have to tune in next week. Yeah, it’s a neurologist, and she’s taken on this on a little trip in our brain. Yeah, it’s amazing. That’s real good. And I think she’s the one who helped me figure out what I wanted. So like, I want it to be impact. But that sounds like a lot of work. Do

Alissa 49:29
you know what I mean? Right. Impact means like, work harder. I’m

Katy 49:32
doing something. It’s great impact and you like impact aerobics? Like, it’s like high impact. That feels hard. Yeah. So I needed to pair it with something that did not feel feel hard, right. Like, easy impact. Yes. Or simple impact? Yes. No, maybe easy. I don’t know. Stay tuned. Okay. And just remember, you have 52 Mondays this year, and a land yep day.

Alissa 49:57
Great a whole extra day X Your Day 24 hours.

Katy 50:01
I’m pretty sure I wrote a big journal. Oh my God, I need to go find it because for years would be 2020. So it would have been right before COVID was our last leap year year. And I’m pretty sure I wrote like a really lengthy journal entry because I’m like, This day only happens once every four year motivated and inspired by the Leap Year, who could not be inspired by a leap year. Hey, if you have a birthday in the Leap Year, I just want to know, you didn’t really add as DMS. Do you decide when do you celebrate your birthday? Nami beer? Is it March 1? Is it February 28. What would you note 2728? What would you do? I would obviously choose March 1, because my real birthday is March 3. So I’m very partial to the month of March.

Alissa 50:46
What’s your birthstone in March?

Katy 50:48
Like Aquamarine?

Alissa 50:50
Okay, February’s purple?

Katy 50:51
Oh, well, I guess you could pick based on a color color prints,

Alissa 50:55
but I’m fine picking I’m going blue all day. It seems like if you were born on a leap year, your February birthday. I know

Katy 51:02
it does, but I think you get to choose. They just let you pick or you have to my dad has two birthdays. So his birthday is November 29. Per his mother, my grandmother’s were there. But his birth certificate says November 30. She swears they got it wrong. Okay, so technically in the eyes of the law. It’s on the 30th but at home we celebrated on the 29th. Yes. Okay. Just a little extra something there for a little lay on. Yeah. Wow. Okay. And your hums our text from our sweet listener. Okay, great. Hey, y’all enjoy and Goodbye.

Speaker 2 51:40
Hey, y’all, this is Aaron Baker from College Station, Texas. I’d like to chose the Women’s Council at Brazos Valley and just say congratulations on your upcoming 2024 year.

Alissa 51:53
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. If

Katy 51:56
you enjoy this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify. If you

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have an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com

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Find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week.

Alissa 52:27
This is the good lie.

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