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It’s time for another Q&A and this time we are going rapid fire! We were overwhelmed with your recent response to our call for listener questions and we are ready to answer. In this episode we hit as many questions as we can to get you the answers you need quickly! From new agent advice to questions we ask our buyers, we have you covered. We do take some time at the end of the episode to dive a little deeper on some of the questions. Should you be your client’s mailman? Should you hire an admin or a buyer’s agent? Is it time to move from just working with buyers to both buyers and sellers? And so much more!

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00:00:00:00 – 00:00:26:15
Hi, Alissa. It’s episode 236 and I want to say to you, Happy Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras. In fact, it’s Lundi Gras today. yes. You know, Fat Monday, fat month, no young girl. What is the Monday? Well, I’m thinking of Monday. Thursday. I don’t know what you’re saying. What is? Let’s talk about that. What is Mardi Gras? It’s Fat Tuesday.

00:00:26:20 – 00:00:57:05
Yeah, because it happens before Ash Wednesday. Yes. And so after Christmas is over, Correct. I guess Mardi Gras is technically a Christian holiday, but there’s not this Christian thing that been in at Mardi Gras. It’s after Christmas is over. Carnival season began specifically the 12 days of Christmas actually count starting Christmas day. Right. And then on January six, you reach the 12th day of Christmas and that is when carnival season begins.

00:00:57:05 – 00:01:23:05
It is also the epiphany, right? So the epiphany, the Holy Spirit comes down. I think pretty sure that’s what the epiphany with the epiphany. I believe that’s what my Catholic schooling has taught me. Yeah, I was Episcopalian. They don’t know any of the rules. Know that my kids are out of school again for Mardi Gras. So if you live in Louisiana, south Louisiana, Louisiana, like down about you.

00:01:23:08 – 00:01:44:11
Your kids are probably out of school this week because it’s Mardi Gras. Yeah. So we put our beads on. We put our beads, I put on my festive earrings and we decorated the side and just for fun. So, you know, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday is the day where everybody, like, indulges and feasts because they’re about to get their ashes.

00:01:44:11 – 00:02:04:28
On Wednesday, an entire 40 days of fasting for live, Right? Did you ever do live? When I was growing up, we did not do meat on Fridays because that was still and a still, I think I don’t practice Catholicism now, so don’t quote me on anything. But yeah, I think they still do. No meat on Fridays, restaurants in Baton Rouge do like fried fish Fridays.

00:02:04:28 – 00:02:27:16
Yeah. And we’re not going to eat, right? We’re not going to get off on a tangent. But to me, that’s not a sacrifice. Like the point was that you were supposed to be sacrificing, right? Not so, right. Yeah. Total tangent here. So in the south Louisiana, we’re celebrating before we go into that period of time for Lent days.

00:02:27:18 – 00:02:47:22
Correct. So our kids, our school. So we’re going to do a quickie quick little episode. They sent out a email. my gosh y’all, if you are not on our email list, you need to get on it. I’m pretty sure you can just go Hustle Family podcast dot com slash newsletter, but I’ll put the link in the show notes.

00:02:47:24 – 00:03:08:20
You want to get the newsletter? Yes, I tell funny stories. This is when we ask for your feedback and that’s what we did. I sent out an email to so, so many of you and we got so many responses. We got like over 100 questions. Ask for a Q&A episode or a Q&A episode. So obviously we can’t sit that all?

00:03:08:21 – 00:03:33:26
Nope, no way. But in this episode, just as a fun little change of pace, we’re going to answer with 34. We pulled out 34 quickies 34 quick questions. Yeah, you have these. So next week, next week we will do an episode based off of the most popular Q and A’s, which were all market based and lead source based.

00:03:34:02 – 00:03:55:06
So next week we’ll be talking about how the market is shifting, what to do, asking all these questions about getting where to get your business, what do we do during this time? So we’ll cover that next. Yes, So that’ll and then the week after we’ll do the deep dive into the rest of the questions. Why not deep dive but will answer the rest of the questions, Answer them quickly like we are today.

00:03:55:06 – 00:04:13:15
Today, some of these may even make another appearance on the long answer. But for today, we’re going to give you the quick, quick answer you can answer with us when we read them out loud. You just got to answer it. Okay. So I’m going to read the first half and then Katie’s going to read. So I had this is like a lightning round as fast as we can.

00:04:13:18 – 00:04:32:16
Lightning round ready. I’ve got, I think. Hold on. Let me take a sip of water. Okay. Because. where’s the timer? You want me to timers. Yeah. You want to see how long it takes us to do 34 questions? I feel like at some points we’re going to actually have to give more than and no, it’s all one word phrase.

00:04:32:16 – 00:04:50:03
Can I give. No, that’s it. That’s not going to take long at all. This episode, it’s going to be like 5 minutes about this. How about we answer them super fast? Okay. And we can. And then once the timer goes off, you’ll decide. Decide if we want to go back and I’m going to give you stopwatch. Are you ready?

00:04:50:06 – 00:05:13:06
Are you ready? I guess so. For their questions that they have asked 3 to 1 go. Do you get nervous meeting new clients or going on a listing appointment? Yes. Two best ways for lead gen. If you’re in your first two years, meet people. Okay. What is one piece of leverage that gives you the most time back email templates?

00:05:13:07 – 00:05:32:27
Great job. What is a typical day in the life for each of us? There is no typical day. Good. That’s correct. Melissa Do you have any suggestions on investing in your first investment property? Make sure your numbers work. What kind of questions do you ask at a buyer consult? What’s your budget? Great, great one. Okay. What do you like?

00:05:32:27 – 00:05:51:25
Wait, do you have an agent? that’s a good one. What do you like about your sales meeting at your brokerage? I like that. It just gives value. I. I wish I had one. Yeah. Do you guys ask for referrals? Yes. Good. Good. How do you keep motivation up as a new agent when it seems like nothing is happening?

00:05:51:27 – 00:06:07:27
Mindset? Yes. Good job. I put Monday morning meeting. that’s good. Podcast. Yeah. I’m three and a half years into the business. How can I move from lead generation company to something more cost effective but still get 50 leads a month? You don’t want to do a good job. Get your thoughts on NA losing two presidents within six months.

00:06:07:27 – 00:06:22:27
And what do you think this means for the future of Doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t look good. Nothing bothers me down like having to coordinate a seller’s mail after my buyers move in. What should I do? Stop being the mailman. yeah. Elizabeth, How do you manage so many deals at a time while still making time for your family?

00:06:23:00 – 00:06:42:21
I don’t. I just don’t make time for my family. Yeah, I just. If we knew what activities were the most successful for getting your name out. wait. Say that when new? Yes, when you’re new. What activities are the social media? Social media, family? What is one piece of advice you feel is most important to give to a new agent?

00:06:42:23 – 00:07:01:09
I wasn’t prepped for this. To be fast work. Yes, work working is important to work. How are you talking to clients about it in our lawsuit about they don’t care. They don’t care. Does it look to have any place to do another flip or purchase another rental property? No. Which gives her a better return on investment. The Airbnb.

00:07:01:11 – 00:07:21:09
Okay. Okay. Well, you’re moving on now to that was 2 minutes and 6 seconds. You’re moving on to Katie’s questions. I wish I had the answer. It’s like, yeah, it’s hard. Just wait. I know. How important is it to have your own systems instead of using the ones from a brokerage? Very important. Yeah, 100%. I do. The mailers reach out via text, phone and email.

00:07:21:09 – 00:07:42:08
But what’s something you recommend doing to stay relevant? Social media? Yes. Good, good, good. Do you have famous one liners for reframing the picky, unrealistic buyer? If you sleep on it, you won’t sleep in it. Exactly. Does not to make a old house new. There is no such thing as a forever home. Good news. You only need to buy one house.

00:07:42:11 – 00:08:01:24
Yes. Okay. Do you do gifts or things for your preferred partners? Yeah. No. Sorry, y’all. What do you do with an agent when an agent doesn’t respect the rules of a company and clients for viewing properties, report them? Yeah. I am a buyer’s agent. My current brokerage. As I head into my fifth year of real estate. It is.

00:08:01:29 – 00:08:19:25
Is it in my best interest to work at a brokerage where I have the ability to work with both buyers and sellers? Yes. Yes. We’ll dive into that. No. My gosh. I’d like to know what works best to track your expenses and mileage. I use my like you, I like to just use one bank account, like, you know, like you’re.

00:08:20:02 – 00:08:43:29
It’s easy. How is Murphy doing? Grand, right. He’s a very regal pup. How to get over phone call reluctance. either make the call or don’t just don’t do it Maybe you don’t have something valuable to say. What’s your favorite color of media? Is yours really blue? It’s probably blue or purple changes. okay. Outside your database referrals and pass clients.

00:08:43:29 – 00:09:06:24
Is there a lead source or strategy you used to gain new leads? No. No. It’s the market. Too saturated with real estate agents? Yes. Yeah. Do you see many agents retiring over the next few years? Yes. Yeah. When you started real estate, did you always know this was the right career for you? Yes. Yes. I had my highest year in 2023 at 6.5 million.

00:09:06:24 – 00:09:27:06
I’d like to hit 9.5 million in 2024. Would you hire an admin to help with marketing and caring for your sphere of influence or a buyer’s agent? Neither. No. No, no, no. What are your thoughts on the new cloud based firms like Real Purdue? like real broker and no. You okay? How do you find business in a dead market?

00:09:27:09 – 00:09:53:04
Meet people, meet people. That’s it. That’s it. 4 minutes and 30 seconds. And we answered the question. Okay, that was good. It was very good. What which do you need to revisit real quick? Let’s go back to number 18. How important is it to have your own systems instead of using the one from your brokerage? I am not saying that your brokerage is systems are broken or not good a lot of times and I will die on this hill.

00:09:53:07 – 00:10:09:23
There are too robust, there’s too much to them, there’s too many options, there’s too much education, there’s too many features, like back it down to the simplest part of what you need in your business to help you keep up with your people. And that should be all you use. Does do I think that you should have your own systems?

00:10:09:23 – 00:10:47:23
Yes. What if that’s not how you work? I have a story. Let’s hear it. Once upon a time. Back in, back in maybe like 2016, 2015, because I worked for the same company. So I started in 2011 and I’ve never left right. They introduced our new system. You can set up reports, array and CRM and all these things, and they did like I even kick off contests to see who filled it all in, who could get the most people set up on reports for their neighborhoods and hours and hours and hours and hours and two years later they got a new system.

00:10:47:27 – 00:11:09:06
They were like, That didn’t work. They were like, I don’t know. I guess the contract ran out and, you know, corporate stuff that I’m not corporate stuff. Corporate. So then we got a new one and I just never fully embraced it like I did the first time because I knew how much work it was. Yeah. And what if it changed again?

00:11:09:10 – 00:11:30:05
Yeah, that would be my same that’s the same problem. When you switch from one CRM to another to another job, it’s all of the like filling it in, getting it set up, making it work for you. I definitely think your database needs to be stored somewhere that is completely separate from your brokerage 100%. You need to have that ready to go.

00:11:30:05 – 00:11:48:27
That information. Yeah. Backed up somewhere to an Excel sheet and a reminder that if you have all your things in an Excel sheet, any time there’s a new free trial on a new CRM out there, all you have to do is upload your Excel sheet. You’re ready to go, you know, ready to go. It everything. Yeah, I agree with all of that.

00:11:48:29 – 00:12:14:12
Okay, let’s talk about the mail lady. because I think there were a few questions that came up that were really in the world of client management, which I think was episode 18. But you can go there’s a client management episode. My favorite term. I absolutely will orchestrate my buyer or seller getting the mail to or from the buyer, the seller.

00:12:14:13 – 00:12:31:27
One time I’ll be like, Hey, let me get their phone number for you. Or they said, They said, Any time you have extra mail to just leave it on a bag on the front door and they’ll come by for the next couple of weeks, every couple of days, whatever the system is, I don’t need to be calling either way.

00:12:31:27 – 00:12:53:08
Every single time, single time a package arrives. Look, you no longer need to be the intimate intermediary unless there’s some weird reason why they don’t want to talk. In which case, get your mail forwarded and move on. Like, that’s not my job. I think it’s. I. I had a client do it to me this week who moved two years ago.

00:12:53:10 – 00:13:09:01
They were like, Ooh, I accidentally ordered a package from somewhere and it’s going to the old house. So I had to go find the old agent. No problem. Hey, can you just let the seller know it came? She’s going to come by and pick it out tomorrow. Can they stick out front? He says, okay. Yeah, no problem. that wasn’t too harsh.

00:13:09:06 – 00:13:28:08
But like, don’t make it be a big back and forth where you have to be in the middle. Right. Okay. Anything else? I’m being the mail lady now. I think it just, you know, we like to do all the things and be involved, be helpful. I think we’re just so worried about being helpful and valuable that we’re just over the top that we must do everything we got to do with all the mail.

00:13:28:15 – 00:13:46:08
Such a it’s a mom mindset, though. I’ll do it. I’ll don’t worry. I’ll get it handled for you. Yeah. Okay. What about you? Any others you really want to do? A lot of the flip health stuff. I feel like I did too. And one year that was a lot and I just didn’t enjoy the first one. I enjoyed the second one.

00:13:46:09 – 00:14:06:14
It was just. I don’t know. I feel like it just sort of I like the demoing and I love removing old things and I like seeing it come together. But when it gets to the very end of like the tiny little things and you’re having to get your contractor over, like, yeah, it just gets annoying for me. And I was just kind of getting over it.

00:14:06:14 – 00:14:28:28
Yeah, I did well on both of them, but this was also my first year to try to be like a real grown up. And we finally I finally sort of like, Where is this going? I sort of found a financial person. Okay? Spoke in a way that I could understand. I’ve interviewed many and don’t usually understand what they’re saying.

00:14:28:29 – 00:14:47:28
You’re like, No, I found someone. I think it’s going okay. Okay. It’s kind of interesting because like, I invested money there and like, money that I had set aside to purchase a home I put there. Okay. But it’s weird because it’s kind of growing a little and I don’t have to, like, replace a roofer. Yeah. Yeah. This is one way to invest your money.

00:14:47:28 – 00:15:09:11
Yes. I’m new to this side of it. You’re like, Wow, okay, I’m not. I feel a little lost right now. In what direction? I want to go in with your investment. With my investments. The cabin is doing very well, but I’ve had some really big expenses. Like I just did all the new CI. I haven’t even seen a photo.

00:15:09:13 – 00:15:29:26
Okay, I’ll show you. And then a new deck. All the decking is like, just things that, like, the cabin makes more, but it also takes more because guests are constantly checking in and out. Yeah, so it’s like I haven’t heard from my long term tenants in months. They’re just fine. They just auto pay their A set it and forget it.

00:15:29:26 – 00:15:46:18
Yeah, I don’t fish. They don’t call me Right. The cabin I hear about, you know, a couple of times a week. Okay, we just had a freeze. How do you handle that with your rentals where it’s a tenant in there. Do tell them what to do. Do you go over there? They’re built to handle it a little better because they’re.

00:15:46:20 – 00:16:08:22
Well, mine’s. No one’s new and one’s old. Right. Well, only one cabin. No, I mean your, your local ones. I just texted them all and was like, hey, don’t forget to do these things. And they were like, No problem. So, okay, I didn’t get any calls and anything busted. Okay. I’m so far, I it’s not a problem until it’s a problem, right?

00:16:08:22 – 00:16:28:18
I mean, in a perfect world, I would love a place at the beach. I just don’t see it being financially feasible at the moment. Like, numbers wise. Yeah. How things work. Okay. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do next, but no flips for me right now. Got it. What else do you want to go back to the.

00:16:28:21 – 00:16:44:18
All right, let’s do. Is the market too saturated with real estate agents? I mean, there just was an influx, right? And then there’s this market shift, which is we’re going to talk about next week, which is causing there to be less transactions and even more agents, less transactions. I mean, you do the math. It’s kind of hard to sustain yourself right now.

00:16:44:20 – 00:17:13:12
I think that over the next few years, agents will start to retire because they’re going to be like, well, nothing, you know, this is too hard. Yeah, it’s so interesting serving on the board. I’ve shared this story before. When you when we have a new licensee, we have to approve them. All right. So we used to be this really long list of the ends of the ends, and there would be like two or three on the outs that were like giving notice that they weren’t renewing or no longer being in real estate.

00:17:13:14 – 00:17:30:23
Now it’s the opposite. All the outs, there’s a lot of outs and not as many ends. Yeah, so I’m seeing some the door swing in the other way. It is, and some of it was a lot of people lost their job during COVID and now that job is hiring again. Yeah. Like, well, I tried my hand at real estate.

00:17:30:23 – 00:17:52:06
Yeah, well, a lot of people get into real estate and only want to do it if it’s easy, right? And to be fair, regardless of the speed of the market, it’s never easy. It’s a job. It’s work requires work. Yeah. So I think that there are too many. But I also on the flip of that coin is it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful.

00:17:52:06 – 00:18:08:14
Someone is going to be successful at this job just because the market is saturated with agents. And maybe you think there’s ten in your neighborhood and there’s no way you could get business there. That is absolutely false for sure. If you’re it’s like, yes, it’s saturated, but so many are leaving. Yeah, but I’ll be one. You also get out there and.

00:18:08:16 – 00:18:33:07
All right. Well, I don’t know, maybe, but get out there and do a good job for your clients. Put yourself out there. Be available on social media, answer questions for your neighbors, be a resource, be you know, just be there and also be helpful to the agents around you because you never know when someone’s going to leave. I So in the beginning of my real estate career, I was in real estate school with like a handful of people, and I think I’m the only one left.

00:18:33:09 – 00:18:52:07
Okay, a few of them are Send me business. Yeah. Like they’re not in real estate anymore, but people still. I had a friend who got in and promptly back out and she sent me business. Yeah. So when they leave, they do still have people go to them and say, Hey, I’d like to buy or sell. And they’re like, I’m not anymore, but Alyssa can help you.

00:18:52:10 – 00:19:14:23
Is am. So I’d be sure to make that put that out there. Hey agents, I’m always willing to take referrals. Or maybe the retiring agents want to keep their license and you do referrals and they still get like a small check and don’t have to work. Yeah. Okay. Any other revisiting? What is one piece of advice he feels important to give to a new agent?

00:19:14:23 – 00:19:38:18
And we said, You have to work. You’re really like, I wanted to revisit that because you may even want to do a time audit. Yeah, what did I do today that is going to generate future business? Did I go meet any new people? Did I host an open house? Did I What did I do to put myself out there?

00:19:38:18 – 00:19:59:05
Because real estate can be very deceiving. You think you’re working? Yeah, but when you actually look at what you did, it’s great that you went to the meeting at your right. It’s great that you had lunch with your friend after that, your realtor friend after that. But what did you do today that will actually make your real estate business grow?

00:19:59:05 – 00:20:21:18
Did you send any messages to people in your database? What? Right, right. Because you can mix it in. You could have like you’re working a lot, but if you actually looked at what you were doing, yeah, you may not be. And we always say it takes three years before it starts really paying off. Right. But the clock doesn’t start until you’re doing what you’re saying.

00:20:21:18 – 00:20:47:14
Yeah. Creating a logo, picking colors, spending all day on a flier, none of these things are income producing. Right? Right. They seem like work. They seem like they would be helpful. They’re fun. How is that going to put money in your pocket now? So use your time appropriately. Yeah. Mindful of that, I like that one. Any others you feel like you need to go back to?

00:20:47:14 – 00:21:17:15
You’re like, now how do you manage so many deals on making time for your family? yeah, please go back to that. I don’t. I mean, I do. I mean, I don’t know. I just if your systems are in place. And you keep it very simple. It just works well. Right. And some people are going to be at capacity at 20 transactions, some are going to be at capacity at 40, some are going to be like, you know what, I don’t mind like doing 70 to 80.

00:21:17:16 – 00:21:36:14
Go back to your question about the girl that wants to hire because that ties in. she had her highest year ever in 2023 at 6.5 million, but she like to hit 9.5 million in 2024. Would you hire an admin to help with marketing and caring for your sphere of influence or a buyer’s agent? I just feel like that may not be.

00:21:36:16 – 00:21:57:26
Now. If you’re putting a gun to my head, you’re like, Pick one. I’m going to go with the admin person. Yes, right. Because unless the buyer’s agent is coming to you with their own business, they’re bringing in, you’re actually giving away some of your business to feed your buyer’s agent. Right. I think, you know, maybe I’m just thinking about this all wrong and don’t know.

00:21:57:26 – 00:22:24:17
Simple math. Okay. Okay. Well, let’s say there’s a team of two and they do 12 million. That’s about 6 million a person. Yep. So if this sweet lady was doing six, do him six and hire somebody else, she would need to do well to get to nine. She’d have to do 18. She’d have to do 18 million to get to the level of if they’re splitting evenly.

00:22:24:20 – 00:22:48:02
Yeah, but it’s like just generally on average speaking, the numbers never fully made sense to me in that way. The only way it works is if you have a surplus of leads, you cannot handle that you’re not working and that you believe the buyer’s agent is going to come in and work and turn these leads into deals that otherwise would not have happened at all.

00:22:48:05 – 00:23:09:15
So simple, like, I don’t want to train, I don’t want to micromanage. Agent Like my client. Yeah, hard enough. Okay. I don’t want to have to also babysit other agents. I don’t mind if I get a random sign call or something like that, forwarding it to a new agent in my office. Yeah. Like, Hey, work this. And if it closes, just send me a little, like, 20%, maybe even 15%.

00:23:09:15 – 00:23:29:27
Yeah. Something small. Yeah. I don’t mind doing that. I just don’t feel like it’s necessary to hire. Well, it’s a different kind of pressure if you take on a buyer’s agent. Did you guarantee them some amount of business or. Or promise? Even if you didn’t guarantee it and now you feel bad if you don’t like what if the market slows and you’re like, Well, I got to feed myself first.

00:23:29:27 – 00:23:56:00
It’s my business. Yes. So what are they going to do? And I just remember back in my coffee day days, girl coming and she was young and she was so sweet. And I just feel like she could be good. But she started her real estate business by joining a team where they promised her leave X amount of I don’t know really how they said it, but the closings just weren’t happening.

00:23:56:05 – 00:24:19:06
And she said, I’m following their systems. I’m calling these people until they are like hanging up on me and blocking me like no force. She’s like, I’m doing this thing where I’m like following up with these leads that are coming in so many a day, but it’s not going well. And when I approached them saying like, Look, it’s just not what you said it was going to be, they said it was my fault.

00:24:19:08 – 00:24:40:27
Well, you’re not doing it right. You’re not doing enough. You’re not doing it right. You can’t convert the leads. So it’s your fault with maybe the leads they’re paying for are good. Yeah, no good, no good at all. So it’s like, I just think you have to be so careful with what you’re promising. Do you really need to hire?

00:24:40:27 – 00:25:02:14
Like, one of my favorite hires was my friend. We were just, like, in a Bible study together, and she was like, Yeah, you know, it was her mom and just looking for something, maybe like 5 to 10 hours a week I could do from home. She’s not a realtor, okay? And I just approached her after and said, Hey, would you want to just do some of this random admin type stuff?

00:25:02:14 – 00:25:25:15
Yeah, she was. She never met with my clients. And even when I had Whitney for four years as my assistant, she was not my buyer’s agent. Right? I’ve met with my buyers. I met with my sellers. She met the photographer, maybe the termite guy when he was there. So it’s like people want to overcomplicate it so much and maybe you just don’t need all of that.

00:25:25:15 – 00:25:52:16
No. Quickly. Yeah. And you are making big changes. You better be tracking your numbers. Yeah. You need to know if it is working out financially. Absolutely. Yeah. Okay. I love that. Good tips. I don’t really. Do you have any others you feel like you want? Were the main high point that you wanted to dive back into. Okay. I love that we wanted to keep it kind of short.

00:25:52:18 – 00:26:09:06
Wait, we do have to revisit one. Did we go back to a buyer’s agent? Because it falls into what we just said? I’m a buyer’s agent. My current brokerage, as I head into my fifth year in real estate, is it in my best interest to work at a brokerage where I have the ability to work with buyers and sellers?

00:26:09:08 – 00:26:29:06
Five years of buyers only. That’s when the list. that’s when the listings start, because you’re all buyers are going to start turning, right? Where are they going? Like her old buyers? I don’t know, because she said because she’s saying brokerage. So I’m like, is the brokerage structure sort of like that team structure? Someone at the brokerage is obviously doing listings.

00:26:29:08 – 00:26:52:11
Is it the broker? But you would want your people back who look relationship with you. Regardless of that, you cannot What do they say listing is if you’re not listening, you’re losing. Yeah, yeah. Yes. You must take listings. And even more so as the market shifts. And by year five, she’s probably very confident in, you know, in her job and her value.

00:26:52:11 – 00:27:18:13
Like you, you need to give that information to sellers. It helps with burnout. We’re 100% just it’s different, but the same. It’s totally different. And so it just sort of refreshes the other. I like having a 5050. I’ve been pretty 50, 50, 60, 40 the last several years. Yeah, I can’t imagine just working one side. No, not for five years straight.

00:27:18:15 – 00:27:38:22
let’s, let’s get you into a change. Yeah. We, you need, you need to do listings because you’re also doing listings at this point. Isn’t fighting against industry changes. That part’s going to stay. Yeah. The same or here’s my air quotes. Better like that. The sellers aren’t going to be mad. They’re going to be happy to pay you.

00:27:38:24 – 00:28:01:10
They always were. They always were. I just really would like to harp on that. The sellers always had no problem paying you their listing agent. They’re mad about buyer agent stuff. So being a buyer’s agent right now would make me very nervous. Yeah, Especially if that’s all I did. Got to get in there. Okay. Okay. I’m good. Now, you want to tell me you’re laughing?

00:28:01:12 – 00:28:21:14
This is like, hehe, I know what’s next. Now we’re going to do our toast from our next our conference toast. This is such a funny story with this toast. So we’re up in our conference and you know, you think your podcast is well-known until you’re at a booth at the conference and there’s so many people that like, never heard of hustle, right?

00:28:21:20 – 00:28:35:18
I think I really I’m equally I’m not surprised that they don’t know. I’m more surprised if they know know what I’m like, yeah, but but you kind of think maybe they know. I don’t know. I know. Like, what do I expect? Is there going to be a line for our booth or is it going to be crickets and nobody knows who we are?

00:28:35:19 – 00:28:56:27
I feel like it was a good mix. Mix, total mix. We had bursts of people coming by to visit and then we had a bunch of new people. So anyway, I’m standing there and all of a sudden this girl comes up and she’s like, Yeah, like, I know. I’m just responding in the same manner. You’re giving her back what she’s putting out.

00:28:56:29 – 00:29:19:10
I needed it in that moment. It was nice to have a pick me up someone. They were saying there was a photo of you hugging. I have a photo of us. We’ll have to put that on social media. We just hugging it out. And she’s just this is all. And I’m like, Wow, thank you, Leslie. I’m looking at her nametag.

00:29:19:10 – 00:29:40:18
I’m like, This is so nice. She’s like, can we take a picture? Because, yes, every day everybody was taking a picture because we had a photo spot. Yeah, right. So I said, Sure, can you come over and take a picture? This is largely we take a picture. She’s like, thank you so much. And then just like, So how are you guys doing?

00:29:40:20 – 00:30:01:21
I’m like, What? She said, Yeah, it was so good. You don’t. You’re like, Leslie. And she’s like, No, she said, You just look like fun. No, no, I just. I just walked up and yeah, I said, Hi. I’m like, That’s how you say hi. It was so friendly. Imagine if she had known us. anyway, we loved was She’s great.

00:30:01:21 – 00:30:31:28
So she’s going to do your test for today. Recorded a test to be on the pod. She was fully submersed in the fog just before she even knew who saying So. Who are you? Yeah, I was like, well, I’m Alison and this is Katie, and we have a podcast. cool. It’s like, Yeah, welcome. All right, well, all the booths must be so glad to have someone so enthusiastic.

00:30:31:28 – 00:30:43:13
She was so enthusiastic. So. So cheers to Leslie. She’s a North Carolina and she’s going to give you a toast. You can hear from Leslie now by

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