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When the market gets you down and you think you don’t have control, make your own luck! In this episode we debunk 3 real estate myths and give you the 9 D’s of real estate motivation. Can’t think of 9 reasons buyers and sellers get into even the worst market? Don’t worry we are telling you ours and giving you ideas for finding this type of business no matter what the market is doing. We are also tackling the myth that you can’t work your sphere when you are new to town. We are giving you tactical ideas you can use today to make your own luck as the new kid on the block. And lastly we cover what to do if your office is small and you think that means you can’t get training or leads. Let’s turn that unlucky situation around and make our own luck with these tips!

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Katy 0:01
Yes, death is correct.

Alissa 0:03
Okay, good. Going to the gold rush in California getting

Katy 0:08
married Alyssa Jenkins. Oh, they’re going to the gold rush. Bless her she needs a cheese. Oh

Alissa 0:17
bless her heart, we should bring a cheeseball striving for success without hard work is like looking at dirt where you planted no seeds.

Katy 0:29
This episode was brought to you by the letter D.

Alissa 0:33
I forgot about that. Hi y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Katy 0:42
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

Alissa 0:47
The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

Katy 0:51
comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Okay, hi, Alyssa. Katie. Welcome. It’s episode 241. Happy St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day. It was yesterday, but I think we should still be wearing green. Yeah, one day later.

Alissa 1:05
Oh, we played that poorly.

Katy 1:09
We’re not wearing green at all. Good thing is the 18th. Yeah,

Alissa 1:13
we have green plants. Yes,

Katy 1:15
that’s it. Oh my God. Don’t pinch me. Today, we’re gonna make our luck though.

Alissa 1:21
Yeah, what?

Katy 1:23
We don’t need a leprechaun. We don’t need to wear green clothes. We’re gonna make our own luck.

Alissa 1:27
The theme of this episode will be the harder I work, the luckier I get in the

Katy 1:33
immortal words of Bruce Springsteen, when it comes to look, make your own?

Alissa 1:37
Yes. That’s up to you out there. When

Katy 1:41
it comes to look, make your own. So we’re going to structured today’s episode with a discussion of three myths in real estate. Okay, so the three myths of real estate and we’re going to talk about how we make our own luck. And we get by these three myths. Okay, let’s just dive right in myth number one. And this was the person who I think requested this episode. Oh, good. My office is small, so I can’t get training or leads.

Alissa 2:07
false false. Yes.

Katy 2:08
So let’s talk about what can we do to get training or leads? Or do you have to just change offices? Alyssa, what happens?

Alissa 2:15
Well, I think that depends. If you have no value in your office, I don’t know why you would be there. Right. So maybe we should revisit that choice. But no matter what office, you’re in the amount of training and resources out there for free, like limitless. It’s limitless, limitless, whether it’s podcast classes at your board, that you already pay for.

Katy 2:41
Oh my god, I’m so glad I thought of this clip, just saw it this week. And this was a couple obviously, we recorded early, but all of 2020 for the entire year. Gnar is providing the ABR class for free. That’s awesome. If you want to get better at your buyer representation, if you want to get accredited the first I guess the main course is literally free, which is normally like at least 125 bucks. Yeah.

Alissa 3:07
And the ABR is my favorite one to take. The information is so good. Great.

Katy 3:11
Good news. There you go. Yeah,

Alissa 3:14
I mean, I just think that there’s always things that you can be doing even in our market. Like there’s groups that get together and do tours. Yeah, you need to be attending those tours to learn. Like there’s just so much to do. Yeah, I thank you so much for you

Katy 3:29
love to join the board committees that’s not limited to a large office, people know you’re an individual, you just show

Alissa 3:35
up. And I think that’s how I got to know so many people in smaller offices,

Katy 3:39
okay, well, that was my next thing, meet other agents, whether they’re in your office or not, if you’re meeting other agents in your market that’s going to help you to find mentors to get advice to like, learn what other people are doing. Learn from others. Right, right.

Alissa 3:53
What about I think we have the whole episode on Facebook groups, and they’re not like our favorite. But there are a few that are worth that. I think if you’re in a small office, and you want additional support, yeah, join our group, you could find a group that fits your needs. But there are lots of real estate groups. Yeah, like a lot. I even like just going into the real estate groups and searching in that search feature for what it is I’m looking for. Because I can usually find many times where it’s already been discussed and just sort of get people’s thoughts from that. Yeah. But all those things are free, free all of them.

Katy 4:30
You could do a mastermind with other agents. So I was in a mastermind locally with like 10 or 12 other agents. They were all from different offices. Someone approached me from another office and was like, Hey, do you want to be in the group? Sure. And there would be like maybe two from one office but no more than that. So they were from all different. Just find yourself accrue. Yeah, just start with one person meet someone do a transaction with someone that it goes well and you liked them try and meet up with them more often. Like we met with each other. Yeah. Okay, so that It really answers the question, of course, whether your office is small or not, you can get training now leads,

Alissa 5:06
I don’t know what kind of like. So, you know, in the beginning of my career, I did a lot of phone duty and I get a lot when I do talk about it on the podcast, we get some emails, like, my office doesn’t have phone duty. Well, does the phone ring sometimes. But as more time goes on, people are so online anyway, that like things like that. But you can still do open houses, go ask

Katy 5:29
the five agents in your office, if they need you to do an open house, then if they then start meeting agents outside of your office that are busy and be like, Hey, I live in this neighborhood. If you ever want me to hold your house open, I’m happy to do

Alissa 5:42
it. I’ve had agents in other companies ask if they can hold one of my listings open that was in a neighborhood they lived in? Yeah, like I mean, there’s just so many opportunities out there, right? You just have to go go out there. Ask ask make your own lots how you make got to ask Yeah.

Katy 5:59
Alright, let’s go into Myth number two. I just moved. So I don’t have a sphere to work with no sphere. So I can’t I’m just I don’t have any business. I can’t do the database. How do you make your own luck when it comes to being in a new place?

Alissa 6:13
Well, you got to find your people find some groups, you got to find people find people look for those four leaf clover. Where are the people? Oh, right. Go on a clover. go looking for

Katy 6:24
them? I think the Who do you know lists? So is a great place to start. Because maybe you had a great sphere or database where you’re coming from and so you just feel like devastated like it’s gone? I don’t know what to do. I knew all those people. Were my family. I went to high school those people? Probably not. Yeah, but if you go get our database template, it comes with the Who do you know list? Right? So hustle humbly podcast.com/start here. And in the Who do you know list? It will just kind of jog your memory. Like when you go to a new place. You get a dentist, right? You get a hair person you meet parents at school, you your kids have friends, you your maybe your spouse has co workers like there are people. You’re not moving to a place of no people. Yeah. But so where do you see the people and it’ll help kind of put you in that mindset of like, Oh, yes, I do know people.

Alissa 7:17
And typically volunteering for anything is free. Yeah. So wherever you can find something you enjoy doing. Join

Katy 7:24
a book club, go to a church, go to a volunteer organization, go volunteer at a school whether or not you have children that go that you know, yeah, people need volunteers all the time. Obviously, meet your spouse’s work friends, we kind of said that. Now. I would also say, I want to think I want to try and get her on the show. But Christine Cooper is in Wisconsin, okay. She’s actually from Louisiana. Oh. So she’s been a listener of the show for a long time. I think I met her through mask. But she was in the Washington State area. And she just moved to Wisconsin like, a year ago, little maybe two years ago. But she was on a podcast Chelsea’s podcast and was saying that she did I think that it’s called meet up. And like, you can kind of like host these events. And then you can go in your area and see what meetups are happening. Oh, that was like, wow. So you can be like, Oh, I like beer. Well, they’re all these brewery meetups, or maybe there’s a meetup on. I don’t gallon times, right during a vision board or all these different things. So I was like, Oh, that’s really smart. And then you could host a meet up, meet other people who are looking to meet people so fun. It’s so fun. So we’ll have to try and get her on because I would love to talk to someone about moving to it. We neither of us have obviously ever moved to another place and tried to sell real estate. But there are ways. And lastly, before we move on from this your social media. If you’re good at social media, no one’s gonna know you just got there yesterday. Nobody, no body, you can beat the locals quickly. Oh, yeah. If you’re good at it, and you’re gonna be seeing it through an outsider’s eyes, you’re gonna be more excited, you’re gonna be trying new things. You’re gonna be able to like, realize what it was like when you move there. Yeah, just not right. Like, you just did that. So you’re more in the know than anyone, especially if it’s a place where other people relocate to Yeah. So I just think I think it’d be so fun to like, move and see

Alissa 9:28
what happened. Who should try? Could we do like a 60 day experiment?

Katy 9:31
Do Boodles move and see what happened? Yeah, right. Sounds like a lot of work. And now for a student you

Alissa 9:37
may at some point because my cousin and her husband live in New York and her husband, when they come visit. He has done all this research. Like have you ever heard of this bread place? Have you ever heard of this? And he’s like, oh, and all these like Baton Rouge GET TO KNOW Baton Rouge like Instagram pages that I don’t even know that those were there because I feel like I know Baton Rouge He tells me more about my city and like hole in the wall things. Yeah,

Katy 10:04
it’s like this is the this is the place you go for bread. Yeah, like I had no idea. No idea. Okay, well, that’s pretty interesting. So if you are that person if you are providing that social media content, I’ve heard of people create a whole Facebook group for things to do in your area. And it’s being hosted by you the realtor and you’re new to the area. And you’re asking people and they’re telling it out along the way, right. Come along with me as I get to know x city. Yeah. Alright, so I think that’s fun. All right. Now, here’s the most important one for today. Myth. Are you ready? The market is bad. I can’t sell anything because the market is down. Right? Marketing is selling so bad nothing. I think this is a mindset problem. 100% First of all, your mindset matters. I remember, you know, because I was here so long ago, when there when the market actually crashed. Yes, I had my license. And I remember reading this article that was about mindset and affirmations specific to real estate. And it said in there, the affirmation was my mindset, not the market determines my success.

Alissa 11:17
My mindset determines my success, right?

Katy 11:21
Not the market, my mindset. Really, that would stuck with me and I couldn’t tell you how many times I said that to myself. When I started to get down my mindset, not the market determines my success. Because here’s the here’s the key. Someone is moving even in the worst market. Oh, yeah. Someone is still moving. Someone still has to move someone still has to buy. There’s a reason. And I’ve seen a lot of this lately. The mention of the DS the DA realistic the DS. Okay, so Glenda Baker, our friend on Tiktok he’s not our friend, but we everyone knows Glinda Britt Glinda Baker. She was talking about the five ds of real estate. And then I read an article in Inman from Jimmy Burgess, the one I like to read the most and his was the ds of real estate motivation. Okay, all these days. Do you want to guess a D? Do you know all the DS

Alissa 12:13
death? Yes.

Katy 12:14
Death is correct. Okay, good. Okay. Number one death. Oh, that was the number one no, I don’t know. I don’t have an order. Oh, I’m giving you one. Death. Your horse Okay. to divorce. Death though. Let’s go back. Let’s list them all and then we’ll go back to them. Dogs. No, no, but people do buy

Alissa 12:33
because of their dialogue. Remember the buyer and I’m adding that from COVID I am 100% Adding during COVID They were moving for their pets

Katy 12:41
dogs. Got to do D Thank you. Okay. You have any other D guesses? We’re at death divorce and dogs. Okay, I’m gonna give you one downsizing. Oh, yeah. For your empty nesters. That’s an upbeat Okay. Displacement. Oh, so job transfer. Yeah, you had to move you didn’t have a choice you were displaced. You had to move that could be a natural disaster like a flood? Correct? Yeah, absolutely displaced right. We put natural disaster on here. Okay. Diamonds.

Alissa 13:18
They’re going to the gold rush in

Katy 13:21
California getting married Alyssa Jenkins. Oh, there Cody to the gold rush. Diamonds. Someone is getting married thinking about like pot of gold. No. Diamonds. Well, okay, fine. But diamonds think about it. You’re getting if you’re getting married. Maybe your partner has a house and you have a house and now we have to sell one. Yeah, we live we’re gonna live in one. We’re not gonna live in two places for a lot of times they sell both and buy one. Exactly. So maybe then we’re talking about three transactions out of a diamond. That is a diamond that is but to be fair divorce. Sometimes it’s the same. Except that’d be for maybe No, yeah, it would still be three. sold one bought two. Yes. That’s hard. You typically only get one person’s though. And now but remember my I remember and they kept my web. They’ve tried to make it work several times. They kept coming back. Alright, there are three left on the DS anyway. Yeah, any more guests. So we’re up we’re up to six right now.

Alissa 14:16
There’s three more diamonds downsizing? distress. Okay,

Katy 14:24
I think that’s gonna go with debt. Debt Debt. So maybe you’re like overextended, you lose your job. You have this house. You can’t afford any more like somehow the debt. We’ll call that distress.

Alissa 14:36
I like to stress Hey, okay. Is the last one positive or negative? One of each?

Katy 14:45
One positive one negative. Why are the reasons that you might sell your house and need to buy another one? All right, you you’ve already got dogs. Yeah. What what’s like Something else you’re taking care of doesn’t start with the D No but diapers does diapers diapers. Okay, so a new a new baby would maybe or some type of family change. Diapers would be a family just using it diaper look. Maybe your old diapers might be taken an elderly parent who needs help. Yes, diapers could work for family change, family change, okay, diapers. And the last day I’m not going to get make you guess because it is a little bit tougher disability of something so maybe something’s happened, right? Someone can’t get up the stairs anymore because they have some sort of problem right? Well, if you can’t get up the stairs and you live upstairs to problem you gotta move right so disability is the last one that’s nine y’all nine reasons even enough to be in my air quotes are coming out bad market. You still might need to move. Right?

Alissa 15:54
I’ve been showing a lot of houses lately to buyers. Okay, which is interesting, because there’s not a lot of houses on the market. So I was confused why there were so many houses to go see. And these houses I just wanted to fire all the listing agents. What was the brand be the the listing agents the sellers needed?

Katy 16:13
What were they doing wrong? Right

Alissa 16:14
houses. Great location. Like no advice on how to get the house ready. Okay, poorly showing poorly showing and like, my buyers were just talking about the stuff in the house doesn’t matter. Yeah. And I’m like, over here, Trump, but I’m, uh, I agree with them. But I know how to look past it. Yeah. I knew and I went through, I spent so much time filling out these feedback forms, because I was like, these houses could sell. Yeah. And they had all been on the market for like, over 100 days. That’s not creating your own look. No, people think, well, because I’m the second listing agent a lot. Yeah, I have been the second listing agent many times when I am the second listing agent, I make so many changes to the house as many as I can you have to find as many as possible. What can we do to make this house look different? When it hits the market? Again, we need it to look better than ever. And then it sells? And they’re like, You’re so lucky. I’m like one I had it priced appropriately. Yeah. And I had them do all the work. Did you give them any advice on what to do? That’s creating your own luck right there. Right. Your listings may need your attention, right? I would argue creating your own luck, as you just described, it is doing your job. Well. That’s it, just just do it well. And reach good.

Katy 17:34
Right? Do your do your job. Okay, and we love all the DS because we love alliteration. And these happen whether you’re in a down,

Alissa 17:43
no market to do right. Um, but what

Katy 17:47
I would also like to point out about the list of nine things we just talked about your nine DS, there are different ways to find each of these kinds of buyers or sellers, right. So maybe if we’re talking about death, we want to partner with like an estate attorney. And you know, offer market reports just like for divorce, maybe we find a divorce attorney, we’re like offering free market reports. They got to figure out the value of these houses in order to go through the settlements. You know, when you’re talking about diamonds and diapers, well, are you on the social media of your sphere and looking to see what are their latest milestones? Those are the things people post, even if they’re not big posters, right? Yeah. So the things are there, go through your people and be like, Oh, congratulations. Now I don’t want you to also then message them. I say you just got engaged. Are you going to need to be buying a new house together? Don’t be that realtor? No, but maybe you want to send them a nice card in the mail. Oh, and I did. I think it was Glenda who also said, if something a big milestone happened and one of her clients lives that she saw online, she would get the photo they put online, printed and framed and send it to them at their home. That would creep me out. And they would put it out on display because they were like wow, no one prints pictures anymore. Yeah,

Speaker 1 18:57
I’m like, you know, it is thoughtful. It is very thoughtful. Very hard to go that far. But you could you could if it was someone you knew, though, could send a message and just be like, Wow, this is amazing. Yeah, congrats. You just have to pop into their life at the right time. I

Alissa 19:12
know you want to be that lucky right time when they need a realtor and they think of you Yeah, or even when

Katy 19:17
you’re going through your database. Oh, another D O your contacts and your database. Maybe you’re on whatever letter and you’re going down as you go down. filter them through the thought Have they gone through any of the DS lately? Oh, that’s a good idea. And then when you and let that inform the way you reach out or what you do, maybe they just had a baby and you send over the meal. Yeah, right. Instead of just being like hey, congrats cute baby.

Alissa 19:43
Need to sell your house for something bigger, right? Better feeling cramped over there. Bring a casserole, right.

Katy 19:51
The cheese ball. Bless her. She needs a cheese ball.

Alissa 19:55
Bless her heart. We should bring a cheese ball. You

Katy 19:56
should bring the cheese. Oh my word. Oh, But look at your database. Think about the DS, how can you? How can you help these people in whatever phase they’re in, right? And then here’s what I want to talk about a little bit. And I don’t know how to make this. It’s the displacement people who are relocating to your area. I had a, I don’t know, a thread in the Facebook group asking about this recently. And they were like, well, I want to work with real close. And everyone’s like, you don’t want to pay too much money, you know, you’re going to give away half your commission just to work with the RELO. And I would like to point out that not every company that relocates people into your area is traditionally relocating in the way where they pay a relocation company who then is going to hire you, right? Some companies relocate people in that they have to move on their own dime, yes. Okay. And that’s the ones you want. Because if you find an HR department or a and this, I kind of fell into this backwards, I just happen to have a client who worked in an HR department, okay, they came to me as a referral, we all work together, it went great. That particular company was frequently relocating people in, she then referred me to the person they were relocating in, who happened to be the new HR manager. So then we worked together, and then someone else relocated in and then they and on the third one, I said, they seem to be bringing in a lot of people, and I’m like, Hey, I’m gonna I put together a little relocation packet for Baton Rouge, would you like to share it with your people who are coming in? Maybe it’d be something that would encourage them to choose you are like, rooting people. And they’re like, yeah, absolutely. And I had another client who was also higher up in a local company that was bringing in a lot of people. And I sent the same thing to him. Hey, we’ve worked together went great. You send me some referrals. I appreciate it. I didn’t know if your HR department would be interested in a relocation packet I’ve put together I’ll send it over. He was like, yeah, absolutely. That’s great. So but those were not me soliciting a real company that’s basically buying leads, right? Yeah. No, I’m just finding the cup. And you

Alissa 22:03
saw a trend here. How can I embrace this trend? Yes. And you provide

Katy 22:08
value, you can contact your local chamber of commerce and ask them because they’re doing all of this research every year, you can ask them, What companies are bringing in employees. And you will find, I mean, maybe the big ones like Exxon or something, or are using a reload company, right. Sure. But maybe there’s some smaller players who are still bringing in some consistent people. Yeah, who don’t use a reload? Well, you

Alissa 22:32
can’t work 100 buyers at one time, but like you could work for Yeah.

Katy 22:38
Right. So I think there is an opportunity there if you want to work RELO, but not what we consider traditional Rilo. Yes. Okay. And that’s your displacement, the displacement peeps. And these would all be great niches. Yeah, you want to focus on wedding people. I’ve heard agents who put up the their booth at the bridal show. That’s cute, you know, if that’s your people, and then you make content for that kind of people, and you are pop up where those people are. Or you go put your cards at the local bakery that does a bunch of wedding cakes, I

Alissa 23:10
mean, and so much of what you’re talking about to people say well, I did that I did an open house, nothing happened. My first year of real estate, I did an open house every single Sunday, I even kept a little binder with every flyer I ever had. I had a agent in my office who I would go to her and say which one tell me where to go. And then I like worked the same area. Consistency has to happen. Yeah, if you it doesn’t happen one time and you’re lucky, like the amount of phone duty calls that I had to go through. But then when I hit the jackpot, I like hit the jackpot. Right? It was just great when it you know, so I say three to six months you have to give something a solid effort. Absolutely. Before you decide if it was a minimum for something’s working if it’s right,

Katy 24:04
if it’s social media, if it’s you know, even your database like three months is not enough. Now three months might be enough if you’re using trying to pay for a lead source because juniors wasted money. Right? But I agree completely that How about this luck is an accident that happens to the competent Oh, that’s Albert Greenfield

Alissa 24:27
that definitely applies in real estate. Yes.

Katy 24:29
Yes, absolutely. I just love that when you really start to think about and people in people in the public like my neighbor friend of it own markets so bad. Are you okay? Yeah, no, how’s everything going? Must be rough. I’m

Alissa 24:45
like, people move all the time that’s going fine people move. And if that’s the message they’re hearing, and then they talk to you and you say no, it’s actually going pretty well. I’m got some things in the pipeline. Things are going on and they go well, that their agent I talked to you must be really struggling. And you seem to be doing mindset pretty well. Yeah. And who would you send your business to? Yeah. Who do you want to work with?

Katy 25:10
The one who’s depressed? And like, yeah,

Alissa 25:12
things are terrible. Like, think about a financial advisor. One is like, Oh, the market is terrible. And the other one’s like, Oh, this is the yield I’m getting. Look how great who you’re gonna give your money to?

Katy 25:20
Exactly, exactly. It’s all perception. It’s all mindset. But you’re putting that vibe out there. And so if you think the market is bad, and that’s what you’re focused on, then the market is bad for you. I promise.

Alissa 25:34
Whether you think you can or you think you can’t. You’re right. You’re right.

Katy 25:41
Yep, did you have some more? I had another quote from Jay Z. And you know, how I feel about my rap. So let’s go with it. Excellence is being able to perform at a high level over and over again, you can hit a half court shot once. That’s just the luck of the draw. If you consistently do it, that’s excellence.

Alissa 25:59
That’s Jay Z.

Katy 26:01
That’s Jay Z.

Alissa 26:02
How about I give you a country quote? striving for success without hard work? is like looking at dirt where you planted no seeds.

Katy 26:14
You know, that makes me that’s a great one. It reminds me of the analogy. Brian Buffini teaches all the time, and it’s sowing the seeds and reference to your database. And he’s talking about sowing the seeds. And then I think it’s if I’m correct, in reference to how you segregate your debt database A’s. Okay, yeah. So DS Well, of course, we want to work with all of you if you want to work with us. So I’m going to put the seeds out right? Sees I know that you’re going to work with me for sure. Well, maybe I’m going to water you a little bit. Okay. Bees, I know you’re going to work with me. 100%. And you might even send me a referral here and there. Well, I want to water you more often. And then A’s you’re gonna send me every single referral you’re gonna yell at your friends if they don’t use me. You’re gonna be like, my number one fan. My A’s right. Well, then I want to fertilize you. Right? Yeah. It’s like you don’t treat every you know, Army more water, whatever. But you’re I’m gonna feed you. Okay. You don’t treat every seed the same. But you still put all the seeds out there. Yeah. I’m so glad that you find this sofa. Like

Alissa 27:23
I realize them fertilize them. That’s a you get in a category. You’re the one who doesn’t want you

Katy 27:29
want to touch you for the railroad. But anyhow, I thought that was a good analogy. That is a good one. How about luck is believing? You’re lucky Tennessee Williams. Okay. But mindset back on the mindset believe it? Yeah. Do we want an Oprah? Sure. Like this one? I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky. Oh, for sure. Right.

Alissa 27:55
I can’t tell you how many times like the girls who like every I have sold so many houses to people that just I come across every day. You were sure? You know, just you’re like it’s the pool guy again? Yes. Yeah. It’s a house sell you a house. You know, everyone has an option for you. It just comes natural. Yeah.

Katy 28:19
I don’t know. No, I like that. Because honestly, some people are like, Oh, well, I know her Ansan agents, so I wouldn’t even bother. But like you just treat everyone like they’re literally a possibility. Yeah. Oh, and now I’m Inspector

Alissa 28:31
because I do get some feedback. They’re like, well, I don’t want to go to every birthday party just to get a client. I’m like, I’m not always doing it just

Katy 28:40
with a T shirt that says I’m a realtor asked me about real estate.

Alissa 28:43
I think it’s fine. If you’re waiting on something to talk to the person next to you to just say

Katy 28:51
Are you a grocery you don’t go in the grocery. So this is a terrible question for your store. You’re talking to people that you

Alissa 28:56
should know. Like, if I get my nails done, I might comment on her color next to me. Oh, yeah, just be like, I like that color. What

Katy 29:03
is it? Alyssa is the queen. You’re striking up a conversation. Hey, what color is that? Nothing to fear here. I love that for you.

Alissa 29:11
I have another country one.

Katy 29:12
Let me hear it.

Alissa 29:14
This is actually from Thomas Edison. opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work. Yes. This brings me back to episodes one through three, where we really talk about my early coffee date days, right before the podcast. And I would just didn’t understand why everybody wanted to go to coffee. They wanted to see credit. Right? But they never liked what I had to say. Because it was work. It was work. You must were really thought like looking back. They really thought there was a secret where you could just make money without having to do anything.

Katy 29:59
I’m not going to lie to you when we met. I wasn’t. I wanted to know your secret, but I was already a hard workers. Yeah. The good news for me was when I realized the secret was hard work. I’m like, fine. Yeah, but part of me also just on the job, like, I’d have to know. Yeah. What is she doing? How was she so lucky? That it wasn’t, it was hard work, hard work. And then I was like, great. Thank God. Great. Great. I can do that. Yeah, I’m already doing that. And most people are like, Oh, I don’t want to do that. Or like they thought you were going to tell them where the honey hole was. Yes. Oh, well, the super secret place to do open houses is here. Right? That’s where I get all my but I only have to do one a year and I get a bajillion li they’re like, every Sunday, every Sunday. I don’t want to do that. No. Do you want to get back through the DS before we wrap it up? Do you have anything else on look? Did you give me all your country quotes? Yeah. Okay, let’s get back through the DS. Let’s start from not so bad to better Okay, number one was death. Death is that like the worst one? Yeah. Dying that we like doing?

Alissa 31:05
Yeah. What’s the worst worst bad should I go the other direction so we know death is going to be at the top and we know dogs is going to be the other end of the spectrum at least probably.

Katy 31:16
Okay. Okay. Death not so pleasant. No. Debt or distress be that not so good. Divorce. Typically unpleasant for us. The participants don’t know what side you’re on. I don’t know. disability. I mean, we’re still here. We haven’t died. But things are not great. Yeah. Okay, I think that’s it on the beds. Oh, good. How many was that? Good news. There’s more good than bad. Oh, okay. Okay, I’m gonna go with downsizing next. This isn’t bad. But no, you know, it just kind of like my sandwich flying wave. Yes. I think that’s positive. All right, then we’re gonna go with who is this tough? Let’s go displacement. You’ve been you maybe you get a job transfer that you don’t love riding? Right. Okay, right. Then we’re gonna go happy things. And this is where you’re gonna have to tell me it’s dogs diapers and diamonds. It’s gonna be diamonds diapers than dogs. Maybe are dogs and in diamonds in diapers diapers at the top. You had a positive family change? Yeah. Right. Yeah. Could be dogs do right.

Alissa 32:28
Wherever you are in life look. Great for it. I just got a new puppy. I know. That’s what’s on your mind. But I didn’t sleep last night. So maybe it’s lower on the list. All I care about is that it starts with the D. Yeah, okay, so we’re good. Alright, so

Katy 32:44
now there you go guys. 990s reasons that people might move even in a bad market even in a bad especially in a bad market. That’s the point. So focus on these don’t focus on Oh no, but see it notice how I didn’t say well I mean, diapers is a move up buyer maybe but like yeah, I didn’t truly there’s all the reasons people move are still the reasons people move even in a down market. Right? Because you don’t typically move unless there’s a pain point Correct. You have to be uncomfortable now. Might you move because you just got tired of your ugly old 9085 house but you’re not gonna do that because the markets not so great. Sure. But all these other reasons people are gonna move either way. Yeah. I love that the I love all the all the 90s all good things all if not all good. Not all good things but always to find business. Yes, yes. All women mindset. You’re good. I’m good. This episodes reminds me of Sesame Street. This episode was brought to you by the letter D. I forgot about that. Here. They like letters. Sometimes it’d be a number two, I feel like okay, that’s it. Let’s hear a toast from our friends at the NAR convention. Perfect. Hey,

Speaker 2 34:04
I’m Kathy Sheets from Kansas. And I’d like to toast my daughter sunny again. So she’s just kind of a big deal. And she’s the greatest. Thank you.

Alissa 34:14
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. If

Katy 34:18
you enjoy this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify. If you

Alissa 34:26
have an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com Find us

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on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week.

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