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Standing out with your own agent resume is a must to attract buyers and sellers and we are going to walk you through how to do it! In this episode we are taking a close look at why you need a resume and how to create the best one to showcase yourself to potential clients. You may be surprised that simply having a resume will put you ahead of much of your competition. We are sharing the stories of our first resumes and how they have evolved over the years. Get ready to walk through our no stress resume worksheet live. We are giving you the 3 required sections you need on your resume, plus the 8 additional categories you can choose from based on your experience and what you want your clients to know about you. If you love this episode and want the step by step process to an amazing resume that we talk about on the show, you can grab 3 Day Resume at hustlehumblypodcast.com/resume.

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Katy 0:05
So it’s like a beauty pageant. I’m sorry, you’re just not what we’re looking forward to. You’re

Alissa 0:08
just not it. You know you don’t fit the position.

Katy 0:14
Earrings do not make dirty hair look

Alissa 0:15
better. They’re like it just shows you run your business like a business. This is your career. What do they say on Airbnb when they’re like a super host or

Katy 0:29
super hosts? Like it’s just super,

Alissa 0:30
super hosts. I’m a super host for the open house. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Katy 0:42
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

Alissa 0:47
The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

Katy 0:51
comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa, Hey, Katie. I feel like we’ve been recorded in a minute. I

Alissa 0:57
know. This is Episode 242, line 242.

Katy 1:00
And today, we’re gonna tackle how to how to resume how to do your real estate resume. This is an interesting thing that came up during the what was the one we just did on value?

Alissa 1:18
Knowing your value value proposition? Oh,

Katy 1:22
I think it was a value proposition, right? But we talked about resume in that as one of the tangible items you can provide to your clients to show them who you are, and

Alissa 1:33
it can go in a buyer folder, it can go on your listing appointments. I’ve only ever brought it on listing appointment like a paper version, or emailed it to them in the pre listing email. Yeah, but now lately, as buyers are starting to interview a little bit more, I have been sending it as well. Okay, I’ve

Katy 1:51
always since I had it, and I didn’t have it in the beginning. But since I’ve had one I’ve always sent it when I had that first email interaction after like, I had an intake, call the buyer and I’m gonna like, I’ll send you my steps to making a purchase. I would also attach it there, here. And before I had the resume back at way up, I always had client testimonials. Maybe they were four, maybe they were 10. They were on a sheet of paper that I would put inside the folder. Because at some point in the beginning, I thought I couldn’t have a resume or I never even thought to how

Alissa 2:21
I was going to ask you what is the history of you in the resume? How did this come to be?

Katy 2:26
That’s a great question. Okay, so I had client testimonials. Yes, on a piece of paper that I printed, not fancy, but I would keep them in the, you know, in the folder. And then I’m sure I must have heard someone say this. I don’t know what. I don’t feel like I created this in my own head. Was

Alissa 2:44
it me?

Katy 2:45
I don’t. I don’t know when I got like,

Alissa 2:49
you don’t remember like the day that you were like, I’m gonna make a resume. Oh,

Katy 2:53
but I hope everyone else remember this day. You make a resume today. Today is the day. I don’t remember but it probably couldn’t have been. So I’ve had my license. 18 years. I was good to eight to 10 years in before how to resume. Yeah. I do not think that you need to be you can be on day zero and have a good resume. Yes. I truly, truly believe that. And we’re actually going to walk you through the how to to do that. And then I had this really sad boring one. Do you see it?

Alissa 3:23
I see it. Wow, you made that? Uh, yeah, I gave it to people.

Katy 3:26
I shared it. I gave this ugly black and white font only No, no logo, no, nothing but looks.

Alissa 3:33
Okay, so my history with the resume is a little bit different. Let’s hear because I went to LSU got my business degree, and then got my master’s in business administration. So I feel like the second I hit college this having a resume was shoved down my throat like I got it

Katy 3:52
many times you had this from the beginning. Yes, I had

Alissa 3:55
to have a resume for like all my classes. We got graded on resume and you were already in real estate? Um, no. Well, not at first, like at LSU when I was taking my business classes, but I started real estate the first year of my master’s writing. So at that point, I was sort of looking at real estate as running it like a business like I’m taking these accounting classes and I’m taking these marketing classes and there was one class that for a grade it was one sort of professional development interview skills. Okay, for this one class, you had to go to class as if you were dressed for a job interview every day every day. No thinks it was once a week. That was a Tuesday Thursday. It was once a week. And you were graded on how you looked in class as if you were preparing for a job interview. How

Katy 4:48
was your grade on your your appearance?

Alissa 4:50
Well, like the first day I didn’t I mean, I thought I was okay, but they said that like the shirt was maybe It sounds like it was wearing like a tight shirt. It was like a more fitted shirt. I can’t imagine that it was like a tight shirt right? Like revealing, but to them for the for the point. Apparently we were supposed to watch something that I didn’t watch. And were based off of that. And so it just wasn’t what they were looking for that

Katy 5:19
day. But I think I’m sorry. So it’s like a beauty pageant. I’m sorry, you’re just not what we’re looking forward to. You’re

Alissa 5:25
just not it. You know, you don’t fit the position. And maybe this is why in the beginning, I wore blazers, right? You know, I was young, I was 22. I looked like I was 14. I’m trying to overcome these obstacles with fellas mostly. So I’m like overdressing, which made me feel uncomfortable, which makes them feel uncomfortable. So I don’t know, I was just really treating it like it was a corporate job my first two years or so, which I think in some ways was fine. And it wasn’t totally fake. Like I do like a good blazer show.

Katy 6:02
You know, it’s really ironic, you should bring up clothes because they’re in my notes. Oh, because as I showed you this ugly black and white font, only nothing showy at all resume, which is the one I started with. And again, not in the beginning. But when I started using a resume. My point is, it worked. I was still better than 89% of agents because they don’t even have one.

Alissa 6:25
So what made me think of going back to college day story is when I saw your resume, this is what mine looked like in college. If I would have showed up with this. It’d be like girl, it’d be like Who were you Elle Woods?

Katy 6:36
All right, giving

Alissa 6:38
it a little something extra. scented? Yeah, that on pink paper? They would be like, what are all these colors? And why is your face on there? Why is it cute?

Katy 6:47
Right. Are you? Are you applying for an acting position? Yes. In college, I had to do it this way. It just had to be the facts. Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.

Alissa 6:57
No fluff.

Katy 6:58
Nothing pretty. For the record, that works fine.

Alissa 7:02
It does work fine.

Katy 7:03
Do you need your picture on it? No. Should you probably put your picture on it now? Yeah, why not? It’s easy to do.

Alissa 7:09
Yeah. Like I feel like when they’re reviewing applicants that can remember your face. It

Katy 7:13
was hard. But you know, that is kind of old school actors. Like they show up. They show up to the audition. And they have the piece of paper and it has their headshot on it. Yeah. And maybe some words, yeah, their resume, but there’s always a picture and they leave it there with them. And that’s how they remember who they were. Well, there’s their photo. Okay, point being started black and white. I think that’s totally fine. And just here’s where we get to close in my notes, just like you don’t need flashy car, or flashy clothes. You don’t need flashy marketing to do your job. Having a resume doesn’t mean that you paid a graphic designer to come up with a logo and do all this other stuff and give you brand colors. It just means you have a document that tells people things about you. Yeah, and why they might want to work with you. Okay, so I just would also like to receive some sort of award for how much I held my tongue on the whole story with a tight shirt, because my inner feminist was really really like, well,

Alissa 8:11
they picked on the boys too. It was I mean, there this was where the boys allowed to wear tight pants. No, I don’t they were like your pants are too tight. Like those tight clothes ever like these. They didn’t want to baggy but they wanted everything fit like tailored sorta like your your three piece suit. Yeah, it was it was looking back on and I’m like that was kind of bizarre.

Katy 8:34
This is fascinating, right? Because your appearance, in fact, shouldn’t have any bearing on if you get the

Alissa 8:41
job and today is the perfect day. I have not washed my hair.

Katy 8:45
They would they’d be like Ma’am,

Alissa 8:47
ma’am, this is not acceptable. Earrings do not make dirty hair look better dangly earrings were like no dangly earrings were a no narrow or you had to wear simple studs if you wore anything at all. We couldn’t expose your toes no exposing of the toes needed to wear close toed shoes that has stuck with me. Like you know I have a thing about and I wear flip flops all the time but if I’m going on a job interview wait

Katy 9:14
a minute now the young people are making me feel self conscious about the toes to not just the old stuffy people the young people are like you know people are looking at your toes why like in a oh you know Yeah, and I’m like ah like a flip flop yeah I sandal it’s freaking hot here. It’s

Alissa 9:33
funny now like being in podcast worlds because when we did share pictures from like our beach photoshoot they were like don’t give those out for free. I’m like, we can make money.

Katy 9:46
Anyway, coming soon. The will tell you next week, okay. All right. So anyhow, black and white works fine. And however you have lovely colors on yours. And here’s good news, everyone. I also now have my phone Oh, no. So literally more graphic appeal, right?

Alissa 10:03
I love yours. Thank

Katy 10:06
you so much. I’m going to tell you this. I love

Alissa 10:07
real lines here, y’all show it to YouTube.

Katy 10:12
Here you go YouTube, that’s probably a little bit far away, but you might be able to see it. And if you’d like a fancy resume like this, you too can go to the free version of Canva and look up resume templates.

Alissa 10:23
Mine is also from the free version of Canva it has not been updated style wise in a minute, but the information is updated every January. Love it. What episode did we do about like, is it spruce up your every step your business so we talked about you need to add sprucing up your resume that needs to be an annual thing, right?

Katy 10:46
I could maybe find the number later. Because it is fun. Okay, I also while we’re on the you don’t need flashy car, you don’t need flashy clothes. You don’t need flashy marketing ad for the record, you very rarely have any hard merch marketing. Yeah, like that’s not even what what you do. Yeah. I’ve worked from extremely basic marketing, I’ve had maybe a little bit more elevated. I’ve never like gotten too crazy fancy. You just have to give the people the information that they need. And ultimately, your client, no matter how pretty your resume is, is reading you your attitude and how much confidence you show up with correct now, do I think having a resume may increase your competence when you show up? Yeah, like super easily because you could spend a week making the best resume ever. I don’t care how long it takes you. When you show up with it, you’re gonna have a little you know, pep in your step a little bit more like, Hey, I’m a professional. Here’s a professional item of value that tells you about me. Yes. And then you know, it kind of does some of the work for you.

Alissa 11:53
Especially when people are interviewing realtors, if you’re the one that shows up with a resume, I just think it sets you apart so much. I’ve been told that one time I had a seller that was interviewing agents. And so I sent them like the pre listing email and was like, attaches my resume and this and that. And they chose me. And later as we became friends I found out they’re like, Oh, we didn’t even read your resume. We just thought it was cool. You had one. That’s a great way it can literally be filled with gibberish and be better than someone with no rose. They’re like, it just shows you run your business like a business. This is your career

Katy 12:26
as you’re asking people to to pay you 1000s of dollars. Yeah. And in the least you could do is show up with a resume and look professional and not. I don’t mean being a three piece suit professional. But you know, have professional behaviors. Yes. Okay, so you started from the beginning, always with it? Yeah. Did you know what to put on? And in the beginning,

Alissa 12:48
in the beginning, I really went off of the company information like I work for this company. This company, I included like the hours of training I had to take to become a graduate of Bob Brooks School of real estate. Okay, took the 45 post our licensing in New Orleans, you obviously put your MBA on there, but my MBA on there where I went to college any accolades like, and then I had some company information. And then as I got designee so I didn’t have sales that first year not worthy enough to put on a resume. Right. But I was putting the designations I have received I could do that. Yeah. So if I want to put on there that I’m an accredited buyer’s representative, once I get that designation,

Katy 13:32
you don’t have to even Well, yeah, do you have to sell a house to get that? Yes, yes, yes. But there are lots of designations you can get without

Alissa 13:39
selling so many designations like anywho there’s so much that you can do outside of how many houses have I sold right to put on your resume? Okay.

Katy 13:50
What do you have on your current one? Will you walk us through it?

Alissa 13:53
Sure. So it starts off with experience 2011 Till the present. You know what’s funny, but I used to have to update it every year because I’d be like 2011 to 2022 or like wait, no, no, that’s not right at all present present. I got corrected in college. Yeah. So you know, realtor flatterer bloom average of how many homes have sold that’s under experience that I was on the board of directors for the board and what year leadership chair what year so just things I’ve done within like the realtor experience in the realtor community. Okay,

Katy 14:29
I love it. Have you ever covered any of your like listing stats on there or no?

Alissa 14:35
No, only because I and I should probably because here’s why. I used to send this spreadsheet showing all my stats like actual stats from MLS. Oh, I see. I would just attach that with this. Okay, so I was like here is a list of the top 50 agents within our marketplace you may want to check and see if anybody else you’re interviewing is on this list. I used to do that

Katy 15:05
like that real passive aggressive like I don’t know that you’re interviewing any other top 50 agents but

Alissa 15:12
now it’s harder to do because everything has merged in I’m still figuring it out but yes, I think it would be a great place to put now I have how many home how many transactions I average per year, but I don’t have specific listing information. Okay.

Katy 15:25
When I started with my first most basic one I had when I was licensed, what company I was with how long I’ve been there, right okay. Then I had just like you designations or awards or whatever. So I had some like REMAX awards, a cooperative spirit, you know, these types of things. 100% Club, whatever REMAX was given out, right, that okay, and I had my CRS designation, whatever, okay, then underneath that, I would do a set of stats, because the first resume I had always client testimonials, then the resume I only gave to sellers. Okay, it was geared towards sellers. So it had listing stats built in. Alright, so the number of listings I sold in the previous three years, because I’m like, Look, even though I’ve been in the business longer than that, I’m gonna give them days on market and list price to soul price ratio. Yeah. And I didn’t need to go back the whole way, because the market does really impact that more than you. I would agree that as a as an agent, anywho it really shows that you’re pricing it right. But I would say this is the last one I had that was done like that. I had my 2020 average sold price to list price. 98.5% 2020 days on the market. 30 then a night 2019 I’d say how many listings? My percentage 98.3 2018 98.5. I mean, it’s pretty freakin consistent. That is. And then like I would put in the days on the market, like in days on the market is probably the one more than your list price to soul price that shows the market

Alissa 16:59
like you can’t Yeah, sometimes it’s a great house, but you just wait right? The

Katy 17:04
right person, sometimes you have an outlier, right? So in 2019, I had 14 days on the market on 2018 was 31. Okay, and then I would just put the number of homes total I had sold, so not just listings, but all of them and then my sales volume. Then I actually had my ranking like you were given them your I had my ranking in the bottom, and it would be like this number top, like in 2019, number 81, top 3% of all agents that’s like the highest I ever got up there. That’s awesome. But even when I was number one or one, top 4% of all agents in the market, that’s yeah, that’s a huge deal. If you do it percentage wise, you’re way up there. I guess. Also my point is, you can choose numbers that are true, but that frame you in a positive light. Hmm, right. So member of the number two team in the, you know, area, whatever. And then I had my bio at the bottom, okay, same bio that I had on like the websites is what I use. Alright, we’re gonna put a pin in that for a second. When

Alissa 18:02
you first made this resume, do you remember how you knew what to put on it? Did you Google it? I

Katy 18:08
love that were questions that I had been asked in listing interviews, okay, so I needed to know my days on the market or like absorb, like, not absorption rate, but like my list price, the sold price ratio people had asked before. And then after I had it if people whether they asked or not, I could be like, that’s what this means. That means I am very conscious about how I price a home and you’re gonna sell within 2% of list price. Yeah, I have proof. And the rest of it. I’m sure I like looked up. And I don’t know why I picked three years. I felt like that was enough data. Yeah, that’s good data. I mean, like, this is enough. We don’t need to go back. 510 What I mean, I felt like enough. Yeah. You know, and I still kept putting the numbers on there. Even though in 2020. I had less listings than in 2019. I just put the number. I’m like that. Yeah, I’m not embarrassed of what the truth is, right? It just is what it is. Anyhow. What would be your recommendations for someone who you didn’t when you were brand new, but what if they’re feeling like they just don’t have anything? They don’t have a designation. They have very little bit of education stuff to do, but then like, what else?

Alissa 19:22
You don’t have one? Get one? Do you know what that’s from? No. Toy Story.

Katy 19:27
Oh, you don’t have one, get one.

Alissa 19:29
He’s like, does everybody have their moving buddy? You don’t have one, get one. Also, with experience, you could put something about hosting open houses. That’s something that you can do to gain experience. You have experience on phone duty within your office or some other sorts of things that you are doing, like what are you doing to work, okay, find a way to translate that into something that would fit on a resume. What did they say? You want to Airbnb when they’re like a super hoster? Super host? Super hosts, I’m a super host for the open house. You should have me

Katy 20:09
a right platinum diamond agent like makeup.

Alissa 20:13
I’m a super host, super host your open house.

Katy 20:16
Oh my god, that would be really funny. I like that. Okay, well, I have a whole three day series right of emails called the three day resume. If you want it and you want to go follow the three days and have a resume at the end of three days. You can go find it on the website, slash courses.

Alissa 20:30
Okay, hustle humbly pockets, calm slash courses. Correct.

Katy 20:34
Okay, but I’m going to walk y’all through day one is information collection. So if I’m giving you the steps to making a resume, you’re feeling overwhelmed. Whether you’re brand new, you’re a veteran, you have a resume, you just need to fix it. Step one. Okay. We’re gonna collect information. Are you ready for the information we’re going to collect? Yes. Where do you live? I know these are gonna be really hard. Okay. How would you describe yourself? Oh, no, don’t. Don’t fret. Okay. Do you have children? A spouse, pets? Like, what? What’s in your life? Okay, okay. We’re just answering the questions without necessarily putting them on our resume. We’re just simply answering questions about ourselves. Okay. Okay. Getting to know one another. Getting to know hey, Sal self. That’s right. What are your hobbies? Favorite Movies, TV shows. Give me one. Give me your favorite TV show.

Alissa 21:23
Right now. We’re both watching suits. Okay, but what else? You have another one? Gilmore Girls.

Katy 21:27
I like Gilmore Girls. What’s your favorite reality TV? Like never miss.

Alissa 21:32
I mean bachelor right now.

Katy 21:34
Yeah. Okay, but I have missed it before. What are you obsessed with? Oh, what are you obsessed with Alyssa Jenkins?

Alissa 21:40

Katy 21:42
Actually, it’s perfect. I wouldn’t put that in there. Water. Okay. And we’re gonna get to the part.

Alissa 21:48
I love emails.

Katy 21:49
But both of those are perfect. Okay, what’s your favorite drink to toast with?

Alissa 21:53
Tea? Okay, great. Real estate. So

Katy 21:55
that first section about you? That was fun. Next section real estate. What year? Did you get your license? 2011. who issued it to you like this commission? What like billboard? Like,

Alissa 22:06
would you put like the Louisiana Real Estate Commission licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission? Exactly.

Katy 22:13
That’s what I put licensed in 2005. By the Louisiana Real Estate Commission. Does that not sound official?

Alissa 22:18
It is and it looks official on there. Looks great. Yeah. All

Katy 22:22
right. So note to self who issued your real estate license? Who was your broker? What years? Were you in that office? Okay, fine. Next section. So y’all might notice we’re breaking these into sections. Focus. Who do you enjoy working with the most? Katie? Your client type? Oh, people in 70817? First time buyers, you people who have dogs? Yes. Who do you? Again, we’re answering the questions. We are not trying to fit all of this onto our resume. Right? Just simply answering questions. Okay. Who do you enjoy working with? What is your favorite part of the real estate process? Like do you like staging? Do you like math? Do you like, you know, I don’t know. Something like that.

Alissa 23:10
Yeah, I like the consulting part. Do you like looking at helping buyers understand their numbers? Do you love that budgeting? Budgeting, okay,

Katy 23:16
if you could sell consistently in one area? What would it be? Okay, so that’s geography. Guess what done with focus next up stats, okay. If you have any soul, if you have sold homes in the last year you use that’s what we’re using. Okay. Last year, average days on the market for your listings list price to soul price ratio of your listing number of homes you have helped clients buy or sell in your career. Great. Next up, do you have any company or team stats? You’re proud of list those here? Okay. Maybe you don’t have any stats, but what are you proud of at your office? Stat wise Okay, next section, recognitions list, any awards you have received here? list any real estate designations you have earned here. Okay? Skills. Now here’s where it gets good for the people who are brand new. Think about anything that you are good at or skills that carry over from your previous job. Okay, so are you tech savvy? Do you love social media marketing? Are you great with customer service? Because you were in retail for years like years as a teacher and always ready to answer questions and guide clients like what did you do before? Or what are your current skill like skills previous or current? Next, education? Where did you go to real estate school? How many hours of education did you complete? Like the public doesn’t know? It took 120 hours of real estate school, put it on there? Or six months or whatever you want to call it? Have you done any education, additional education or training? Okay,

Alissa 24:50
next, you could even put like your continuing education and things like that

Katy 24:54
100% buy the next section is buyer seller philosophies. What are your goals? for your clients, what are you most focused on when you work with a buyer or seller? For example, my buyer philosophy is that I never want to sell a buyer a house that they can’t come to me in two or three years and say I want to sell it. I’m like, sorry,

Alissa 25:15
I was gonna say that. That’s a legitimate buyer that this weekend, I told

Katy 25:20
so many buyers that because it’s the truth, I’m trying to help you make a sound of investment. But I also want you to feel like I want to feel like I’m gonna have no trouble selling this home. In the event you

Alissa 25:31
decide to move. I don’t like it, right?

Katy 25:33
I don’t want to be here. I can’t live here. I have to move one of the DS, one of the days has happened to me. If one of the DS happens to you, I want to feel like I can sell your house. And believe me, if it’s a house that I don’t feel like I can sell, I tell them that upfront. I’m just like, hey, if this is your dream, and this is what you want, I’m not going to stop you. But I am telling you it is going to be difficult to resell it in the future for this reason. Yeah, I

Alissa 25:56
shared a house this weekend. That was so very specific. Like it was cool to see. Yeah, but who’s gonna really purchase it?

Katy 26:04
Tell me something about it? What made it so specific?

Alissa 26:09
I’m upstairs. It had a structural wall made out of vinyl. Your record records? Oh, yes. But like you were DJing needs some work.

Katy 26:27
It’s like, oh, that was good. Thanks. Um,

Alissa 26:32
yes, like you would have to remove like someone put it this way. By the end. I thought it was cool to see but by the end of it, I thought this house is gonna take somebody from New Orleans. Somebody from New Orleans is going to walk in this house. Like this is cool. It had like person some funky wallpaper, some funky backsplash, like you. It’s not my tastes, but it could be somebody

Katy 26:54
you know. Okay. All right. So again, what are your goals by your philosophies for your, you know, buyers and sellers? Like, what are you most focused on when you work with a buyer or seller? Okay, on sellers, I’m like, I want this to be as painless for you as possible. We want to do most of the work on the front end, so you have the least amount of showings with the highest offer quickly. That is my philosophy for you. And I’m going to tell you how to do that. I’m not looking to have your listing on the market for six months. Because you didn’t do the things I told you to do. Right. Okay. Next section client experience. Write a few words about what it’s like to work with you. What do you pride yourself on doing well for your clients? And that can be anything you know, we always do the champagne toast and photo shoot when we close we always do. Coffee runs before showings. I don’t know

Alissa 27:46
like this would be great to say I use email templates that keep you up to date with every step of the process along the way.

Katy 27:52
Absolutely. Last section reviews and testimonials. What are two of your favorite reviews? Okay, and I said bonus points if they’re from your ideal client tight. Hmm. Okay. That’s it, we answered all the questions. Okay. That’s the questionnaire, you kind of think about yourself in reference to these questions. Now kind of journaling for a few days, basically, you may or may not have noticed that these were divided into sections. Now on that’s day one, for the record, if you get three day resume, that is day one, you get this worksheet, you do the worksheet, okay. On day two, we write your bio. Okay, so writing your bio, you have a bio, probably on your office website, your website, your social media everywhere, right,

Alissa 28:39
this episode would probably be the perfect time to update it. Now is a great time to

Katy 28:45
updating. So your bio, basically, we’re going to read that’s why we did the worksheet first. Now you remember all these things about yourself, go pull some things for your bio, be a human be, this is the time when you’re going to humanize yourself. Okay? So you’re gonna go through the worksheet, and then you’re going to craft a paragraph about yourself, try to include something that will humanize you like a hobby or your favorite TV show or what you like to drink, or, you know, something like that. Okay. Okay. So you could be talking about real estate and be like, you know, when I roll up to your listing appointment, I’ll have the biggest jug of water you’ve ever seen. Right? If we get lost in a desert, don’t worry, I got you covered. We’ll be safe. We’ll be safe. Okay, so write your bio. And that’s pretty much it. Just go find the ones you’ve done before. Use the things about yourself write a bio. Okay, and three day resume. I give you a Mad Lib plug and play. So it’s literally what my bio is, but the space is where you fill in. Okay, okay. You know, Mad Libs? Are you a fan of Mad Love mean Haven

Alissa 29:47
do them at night. Do you really? Once upon a time there was a princess and she had a pet? Like,

Katy 29:54
Dragon. Yeah, but true. This is true because that’s how that’s what I’m doing here. True, man. habits are just like noun. It’d be like she had a pet blanket. Right? You know what I mean? Like, it’s like it could be anything. Yeah, but I’m like she knows nouns and verbs impressive.

Alissa 30:11
We’re working on.

Katy 30:12
I love it. Alright, madlib. Are you ready for day three? Good news. On day three, you just make the resume. So here’s what I’m going to tell you. On your resume. You have your contact info, so it’s one section, experience, education and accolades. So you have four sections. All right. On mine, I have an about me. So my bio paragraph everyone needs the bio paragraph. Okay. Yeah, that’s good about me that I have recognitions stats, focus, and real estate, and everyone pretty much needs the real estate section. It’s got when you were licensed where you work, you know, it’s like your where your work section and then I have like, my contact info as a regular resume would have ya. Okay. So 123456 I have six sections on mine. You have four, but yours are pretty big. Yeah, they are. They have a lot of information. Also, mine is in a much smaller font than yours is gonna say that yours looks very nice. Thank you. Thank you very much. Okay, so we went through in our worksheet about me contact info in real estate, the three required sections. Yeah, y’all you already have three required sections, whether you’ve sold a house or not. Okay, done. Three sections done. Now. Then you get your optional sections. Maybe it’s your focus. So on mine, I have I did I put focus on my, here’s what it says Home prep with a focus on staging first time sellers navigating, buying and selling simultaneously. I love that. Tell them who you you focus on it doesn’t mean you can’t work with some like

Alissa 31:46
you’re not out there saying if you’re a first time homebuyer come work with me. We’re just because you’re in a phase of life right now where you love selling to sellers. Yeah.

Katy 31:56
So you can buy yourself simultaneously, you could be a first time seller, or you could be a seller who wants to focus on staging. They all are here on my focus. Alright, so focus stats, recognitions skills, education, buyer seller philosophies, or goals, client experience and reviews or testimonials. Those are the sections that we talked through. Okay, so 12345678, and you only need three more. So do you see I’m saying, pick the ones that make you feel the most proud pick the things that you fit fit in here, you’ve got to keep the about me and your contacts section and your real estate, right. But other than that, you have three sections, you can put whatever you want. Maybe you don’t have any recognitions, then don’t put that on the resume. Right? Then maybe you don’t have any stats, maybe you want to put in your education, like I don’t have education on mine. Right. So I think with that system, you have more options for what you want to do and what

Alissa 32:57
works for you like a plug and play. Where, where what information do I feel good about that? I want to put here? Right? So I

Katy 33:05
think there’s a lot of options for what you can put on there. There’s more than you could ever fit. Which brings me to my next point. What are your feelings on the length of a resume?

Alissa 33:14
I think yours is perfect.

Katy 33:16
I think you have to have at a one page

Alissa 33:18
Oh yes,

Katy 33:19
there should not be a second page to this.

Alissa 33:21
No resumes are a one sheet so you’re gonna

Katy 33:23
have to make some hard choices. I’m sure that in about you paragraph could take the entire page. You’re gonna just have to make a brief. Do you want me to read you my Yeah, about me. All right. I’m a full time realtor using my 18 plus years of experience to reduce my client stress while helping them achieve their housing goals. Beautiful, okay. Finding or selling a home is a life changing event and I feel grateful to participate in that process with each of my clients. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge in the old Goodwood area. I like to like throw in like we’re you know, like,

Alissa 33:56
yeah, like, that’s your girl. This isn’t copy and pasted this you.

Katy 34:00
I currently live in southeast Baton Rouge and I’ve also lived in nearby Prairieville. I’m also like, these are the places I’m an expert in right. I live there, right? I am married and have two amazing children and a feisty Corgi named Murphy in 2019. I started a real estate podcast called hustle humbly dedicated to teaching agents. I am passionate about making all things real estate better for agents and consumers. I can’t get enough of staging sweet tea and warm chocolate chip cookies. I hope we get a chance to work together.

Alissa 34:25
Beautiful. Would you like to work with me? Yeah, hired. Great.

Katy 34:29
So, I mean, if someone got this and they never met me, I feel like they know something about me.

Alissa 34:35
I just use my resume. I had a friend who told me her neighbor was on the fence about whether or not she was going to sell her home. So she said she wasn’t quite ready to make any phone calls yet. But that I should send her a letter, a letter and I was like, Okay, I could do that. So I just wrote a letter. Hey, so in the mail, yeah, weird. Okay, it was but this could also be via email I suppose. owes, just so you could do it in the mail, you could mail this or you could send it an email and just say, hey, so and so told me, you’re thinking about moving. I’ve been in real estate for this long, I’ve attached my resume in case you want to review, it would be happy to meet with you for an interview, something like that, like you can. I feel like I use the resume a lot, sort of in the pre listing Absolutely. When you hear of someone and you want to reach out, but you’re not sure what to say, include your resume in whatever you say,

Katy 35:28
when I include it in an email, I always I’ll do the resume, I might do my client testimonials. And then maybe if it’s a buyer, I’ll put the steps to buy and I’ll be like, attached are my resume testimonials and steps to making a purchase so you can get a feel for me and how I run my business. Right? That’s that’s the wording I use. Like, here you go here for you. Okay, what happened with the lady? Did she respond to your lead? I

Alissa 35:50
just sent it. Okay. I love that. But there has been so many times where I have sent it and at least I feel like I know I did. I put myself out there I gave the information. So yeah, I think it’s a real confidence booster, I think to have a resume that you can share? Absolutely.

Katy 36:06
It just also it helps you guide a conversation. If someone starts asking you about you and your business. If you’re like, Oh, well, here’s my resume, we can go over real quick. You’ve already selected the categories that you want to talk about, right? And it will help you remember instead of them putting you on the spot and being like, well, what are your stats? You can be like, oh, you know, like, here’s my resume, you know, and I think if you’re really new, and you want to have a little bit more stat, just use your office stuff. I mean, it’s really not hard. Pick something that works that resonates with you or your potential clients, we did get a message that said, I know in my head, I’m a good agent. But if we could discuss the real estate resume that you’ve mentioned in the past and what to put out there to bolster our value. So that’s how this kind of started Yeah, like, here it is. Here you go make your own. And these notes

Alissa 36:57
online are just so great. Easy, they’re easy. They’re

Katy 37:01
so easy. All you need to go do is go to Canva get a template that you like and then listen to this episode. And you’ll get I hope, some ideas. Right? Are you going to change? What are you gonna change about your

Alissa 37:12
I’m just going to use yours. Oh, okay. Wow, thanks. Oh, I like your font. I like this font, a lot. Like it looks sort of diploma II but more modern.

Katy 37:24
I agree. I don’t know what that font is. It’s just it’s a beautiful resume. Thank you so much. I really worked hard on it. But I will say I didn’t work hard on it until two years ago. Yeah. In fact, when I teach agents systems, I still show them my old ugly one and the new one because you should do a side by side for Instagram. I always I will. I’m happy to. I’m happy to. Okay, that’s really all I have on resume. I think it’s your easiest way to jump ahead of your competition. Yeah,

Alissa 37:52
absolutely. And it’s so super heart. Yes.

Katy 37:56
That’s pretty much it.

Alissa 37:57
Let’s do a toast, shall we? Oh, my God. Let

Katy 38:00
me tell you something about the chips people. Oh, please. This is from Nora next. It’s Steven Raffaele Jr. And he’s going to test a linear Johnson and they’re both in Alexandria, Virginia. Jay said, Stefan, I’m like, No, this is Steven. Stefan.

Alissa 38:14
It’s Steven.

Katy 38:16
I hope anyway. Anyway, let’s hear from Stephen. Okay. Bye, y’all.

Speaker 1 38:20
Hi, this is Steven Rafi Ellie. I’m from Alexandria, Virginia. I’m toast and Leonard Johnson, my landlord as well as client and friend. can’t thank you enough for the opportunity for being a friend for many years now opportunity to represent you and your most recent homesale On South overlook, as well as our opportunity to always work with the own Sanford Street. Again, I can’t thank Alexander, Allison, Danny, and everybody that was a part of that project and I’m real happy for you. Congratulations again on living now at the landing and the opportunity to work together and continue your friendship.

Alissa 38:57
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

Katy 39:01
If you enjoy this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify. If

Alissa 39:09
you have an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com

Katy 39:16
Find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week.

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