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Running a family business can be tricky, but this mother daughter duo is navigating co-owning a brokerage smoothly! In this episode we have a lovely chat with Laurie Beischel & Chelsea McDonnell about how they decided to open a brokerage together, how they divide up the tasks that come with managing 70+ agents, and how they do it all with a smile. Chelsea and Laurie share their strengths with us and how they use their specific skills and experience to create a successful brokerage built on great culture. This conversation is for the agents who work with family or have considered bringing family into their real estate business. It is practical and encouraging and is the proof of concept you may be looking for to start your own family business!

Locality Real Estate is an independent, locally-owned brokerage in Arizona specializing in residential real estate. Brokers and Co-Owners, Laurie Beischel and Chelsea McDonnell, bring over 35+ years of combined experience in the industry to their brokerage, Locality Real Estate.

Originally an appraiser, Laurie has been licensed since 2005 and earned her broker’s license in 2010. She has been responsible for thousands of real estate agents throughout her career, working to train, educate, and supervise them while managing day-to-day taskwork and risk management.

Well-known for her kind heart, problem-solving skills and dedication to the industry, Laurie is a passionate real estate professional who knows the industry from many angles, consistently operating with the highest level of integrity. She is a fierce leader who loves helping agents to learn, grow, and reach their fullest potentials.

Chelsea is a residential real estate professional and Valley native – one of the few! She obtained her real estate license in 2011 and earned her broker’s license in June 2020. Chelsea has a strong attention to detail and oversees the many moving parts of the brokerage’s day-to-day needs.

In addition to managing brokerage operations, Chelsea also has the honor of serving buyers and sellers in the Phoenix Metro Area. There’s nothing more rewarding to her than helping clients achieve their real estate goals and dreams of home ownership. She brings extensive market and contract knowledge, strong communication, professionalism and of course some fun to each transaction!

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The following is a rough transcript provided by Otter.ai.

Unknown Speaker 0:02
Is there such a thing as nonworking making it

Speaker 1 0:05
a good idea if you’re gonna do this full time, and you are established in this industry to go that extra level, in my opinion, so, yeah,

Speaker 2 0:13
with more agents comes more issues, right? I mean, not not, not issues, just more things. And so this

Katy 0:18
is the Mo Money Mo Problems. So

Alissa 0:23
well, how many transactions is too many? And I’m like, Well, I don’t I’m not sure like, as long as the system is working, and there’s not any problem. So I’ll keep going. And then once there’s a problem with volume, I’ll have to figure out you have to figure it out what that next step is. Surely

Katy 0:39
your family and friends crossover. So who, who takes Aunt Susie? Like who? How do you decide? Hi, everyone, it’s episode 248. We’re celebrating the mother daughters today with Mother’s Day on the way. And we have Lori and Chelsea here. And I’m gonna let them introduce themselves and tell us about their business.

Alissa 1:02
Yeah. How did y’all come to work together?

Katy 1:05
Well, let them do like a full introduction. Where are you? Are everything give me the whole thing.

Speaker 2 1:10
So I’m Laurie by Shel, and I am co owner of locality real estate.

Speaker 1 1:15
And I’m Chelsea McDonald, also co owner and here in Phoenix. So yeah. And

Alissa 1:21
is it just y’all two that are the owners?

Speaker 2 1:23
It is we are business partners? 5050 business partners? Yeah.

Alissa 1:27
And when did that come to be?

Speaker 2 1:29
So the brokerage started in October of 2020. So close to four years ago.

Katy 1:37
And how many agents do you have in your brokerage?

Speaker 1 1:39
Yeah, so we’ve actually organically grown to about 70 agents, which has been pretty amazing to see the growth over the last few years. So just about 70. Maybe a few more here soon. But yeah, just about 70 right now. That’s

Alissa 1:55
a lot. So before y’all started this team and 22, or this company in 2020. How long were y’all in real estate?

Speaker 2 2:03
So I’ve been in real estate, gosh, I’m gonna say over 2025 plus years ish. I have been in sales. I’ve been in management, I’ve owner ownership and all the things in real estate. So

Speaker 1 2:19
you’ve also forget you were an appraiser. I forget. Yeah, that’s where it started. Yeah. I always forget that when you were like, What 18 or so? Yeah.

Speaker 2 2:26
Well, I wasn’t that young. But yeah, I was, Wow, I appraise real estate for 15 years as well. Yep.

Alissa 2:32
That’s a great skill set to have going into being in real estate. You know, my dad’s an appraiser. Oh, cool. And we actually had him on the show. It’s been a minute since he’s been on the show. But early on, we had him come in to just talk all about appraisals. I had my appraiser license for about a year. And I just, it just wasn’t my thing. I just didn’t care for it. And then my, my younger sister came to me and asked if it would upset me if she got her appraisers license. And I was like, Oh, this is like, beautiful. So now they are both appraisal appraisers together. That’s fun.

Katy 3:10
I have a question for Chelsea. Were you in real estate before locality? Like, were you selling real estate? Were you both in the same office? So

Speaker 1 3:19
great question. I’ve essentially grown up with real estate, right. So naturally, when I was at ASU, going to school, I got my license back in 2011. So I’ve been licensed almost 13 years come in July. And so the intent was for me to get my license start working with my mom who was in sales at the time, she ended up going into more of a management role, like broker type role. And I was only 21 Not really sure that real estate was for me at the time. So I didn’t really take it all that seriously, I’d say, we also had a family restaurant that I was helping to manage and work out at the time. So I had a lot going on. A few years later, I eventually went into a few different roles within real estate. So I worked operations out of brokerage that my mom was part owner of I worked on a team here locally. And then I also worked in like title and escrow for a while. So I’ve kind of had a few different roles in real

Alissa 4:17
estate. Yeah, and I think that’s super helpful to understand all those different aspects of it, only to then go on and open your own company because you know, the back end of all these things, we

Katy 4:31
open the company did you sit down and say, Okay, you’re gonna do this, I’m gonna do this. This is our plan, or did you just kind of like wing it? Tell me about like how it’s set up.

Speaker 2 4:44
So I think we naturally know our strengths, right? Like we’re, we’re good. I am not good at spreadsheets. I will just give her all the spreadsheets all day.

Alissa 4:53
I love spreadsheets.

Speaker 2 4:54
So you know operations, things like that back office marketing branding, because Is your degrees in marketing? That’s not my thing. She doesn’t even let me touch that. So that’s okay. I know my limits. And

Alissa 5:06
you’re so good at Instagram and doing her video. Yeah,

Katy 5:10
you are, she can’t do that for you. You’re in the video. You’re

Alissa 5:13
great at videos,

Speaker 2 5:15
thank you. I’m coachable, I’m learning and she’s taught me a lot. I’ve come a long way. So I stick with the compliance, the training, education, things like that. So we just, we knew what our roles would be.

Katy 5:27
When you get a new agent, do you interview them together?

Speaker 1 5:33
For the most part, say almost 100% of the time, yes, we coordinate our schedules so that we can bring them into the office and meet them, which is kind of unique, because I feel like not always does that happen, where a broker is like, oh, I want to meet you in person, we actually get a lot of agents that we talk to you that are like, I’ve never met my broker in person. So for us, I know, actually is a common thing here. And so you know, it’s important to us to come together and meet these agents that we’re potentially bringing on to the brokerage. So,

Speaker 2 6:03
yeah, and it’s good just to know, like, if we’re like minded, right, like, you can ask, you’re

Katy 6:07
not just taking WARM BODIES, you want fit for your office? Correct.

Speaker 2 6:11
We’re not about numbers by any means. We want the right people on the bus for sure. And just know that, you know, you just know when you meet them, whether it’s going to be a good fit or not. So

Katy 6:21
do you have a cap? Like I have seen, you know, 70 is a pretty big brokerage at this point, like, is there a limit to how many agents you’re going to take? And then you’ll kind of like, slow it down? Or is it already more than you thought it would be? I’m just curious about like that plan.

Speaker 2 6:38
So we’ve never had a number of people ask us that a lot. Like, how many do you hope to have or what is your number, and we’ve never had a number. And I know that sounds kind of crazy. We just again, just to be surrounded with like minded in terms of, you know, everyone wanting to be doing it right and doing it for the right reasons. But I mean, we do have goals where that’s concerned terms of like, you know, how many a year or quarterly? Yeah, but we just don’t

Speaker 1 7:04
really, it’s not as important to like set in stone, we have to have 100 by Yeah.

Alissa 7:08
Not our goal. So and I think that’s consistent too with like, when people are like, well, how many transactions is too many? And I’m like, Well, I don’t I’m not sure like as long as the system is working, and there’s not any problems shall keep going. And then once there’s a problem with volume, I’ll have to figure I have to figure it out what that next

Speaker 1 7:26
step is, and we kind of can feel that because it’s just us like we are it for everything with the brokerage. Right. So we’re coordinating trainings and education pieces, and I’m doing commission authorizations and onboarding and so like, there’s a lot of moving parts, but for right now, it’s working in terms of, you know, us doing those roles right now. So yeah, with

Speaker 2 7:46
more agents comes more issues, right? I mean, not not, not issues, just more things. And so this is the

Katy 7:51
Mo Money Mo Problems.

Unknown Speaker 7:55
Yeah, that’s so funny.

Katy 7:57
Okay. Tell me how you handle being mother daughter, though. Like I know of this one sweet mother daughter team, that the daughter calls her mother. by her first name, not mom, you know what I mean? Like, how do you handle logistically working as a mother daughter, especially in like, a powerful position in your office where you’re both kind of almost seen as equals, right? Like, how does that go?

Speaker 1 8:24
It’s, it’s not challenging. It’s just at times I catch myself like, I’m like, Oh, hey, let me reach out to my mom. Like with agents, I’m more casual. But of course I can more professional settings, I refer to her as Laurie, which is often very

Alissa 8:37

Speaker 1 8:41
But it’s gotten actually easier because my mom got recently remarried last year, so we don’t share the same last name anymore. So it’s not necessarily a given. And so we actually brought in an agent last week, and we’re like, oh, by the way, where Mother Daughter, they’re like, Oh, so you know, before it was kind of just like, Oh, you must be related or family. But now, you know, I’d say it’s a little bit more like, you know, easier in that

Katy 9:05
regards. But what are the tips for working with family? Do you find that ever strains your personal relationship?

Alissa 9:11
Do you how do you shut it off at the dinner table? Like, you know, without always just going there? I

Speaker 2 9:18
mean, I think we’re on purpose with that, right? Like, so there are times when we both like just had enough, you know, days even we all have those, like, we just need to not talk about real estate or the brokerage or whatever. And we can shut it off and just steal like, Hey, let’s go shopping. Let’s, you know, we just do other things. We talk about other things. And I think we’re really good at protecting that. There has to have, we have to have boundaries there. Otherwise, it’s all work all the time. And that’s just

Speaker 1 9:45
not healthy. And we also bring things outside of the office because I find that a lot of times we get so caught up in like we’re not creative and we’re not like it’s just not working sometimes in the office. So we’ll go to a coffee shop like last week we met at a local coffee shop and barista for two hours, and you know, it just worked. We’ve also made, hey, we’re gonna block an afternoon and go to a spring training game just because we can and we need a break. Yeah, I think we’re really, I think we’re really good at doing that. So yeah, like

Speaker 2 10:15
a business planning session, but we happen to stay at a really nice resort overnight. So we got a really nice dinner, and we did a little shopping but also business planning. So we just made time for both. So it was really like, it’s fun

Katy 10:26
to let it cross over, right? Like we’re enjoying it, no matter what you’re doing. Yeah.

Speaker 1 10:31
That’s myself, though a few times where I start getting in the weeds of like certain things. I’m like, it can wait till tomorrow, like, why am I bringing this up to, you know, right now? And so I do find myself sometimes like, oh, yeah, that can probably wait, we should probably talk about that later. So it’s

Alissa 10:46
good that you’re aware, though, and you’re monitoring like, Can it wait, or is it okay to talk about, you know, one of my girlfriends texted me, she’s a realtor close by, but not in our market. She’s like, two hours away. But she said, I have been so burnt out lately, and I’m so busy. And I really need a vacation away from my kids. But I also need to work like, Would you be interested in going to the beach and like bringing our laptops and it being okay for us to answer our phone when it rings, like a working vacation? And I was like, Yes, that sounds amazing. Like, sometimes I want to shut it off completely. And sometimes I’m okay with, you know, that this is the rules for this. You’re allowed to answer your phone. And you know, it’s so fun. We’re just in a different place.

Speaker 2 11:31
Yeah. And is there such a thing as a non working vacation?

Katy 11:36
Not much do both of you sell? Do both of you actually sell? Yes,

Speaker 1 11:41
I still actively sell but it’s more sphere based my friends, family, you know, people,

Katy 11:46
you’re not dt or Laurie, are you listening? And then doing buyers are a

Speaker 2 11:51
little bit I don’t do a lot. And I you know, my first priority is our agents and making sure they’re taken care of. But yes, is their family and friends that I absolutely work with? Because that’s just what we do. We do. And so Chelsea Does a little bit more than I do, but pretty much limited to family and friends. Yeah.

Katy 12:08
Okay. Well, that was my question. Surely your family and friends crossover? So who, who takes Aunt Susie? Like who? How do you decide?

Speaker 1 12:17
I think they naturally will just reach out to one of us. And then really? Yeah, I mean, just based on like, what we’re posting or who’s like you’re friends with family that I’m not necessarily, you know, whoever that may be. And so they’ll reach out to one of us. And then if it’s timing wise works out, I’ll go with Laurie to the listing appointment, or whatever that is. But we pretty much tag team, most transactions that we’re working anyway. So yeah,

Speaker 2 12:42
we team up on most things and cover for each other and what have you regardless, so it just just works.

Alissa 12:48
Yeah, either way.

Katy 12:49
Can you take vacation together?

Speaker 2 12:51
We did last year when I got married. It was kind of crazy.

Unknown Speaker 12:55
Yeah, there’s like offices closed? Who

Alissa 12:59
ran things for you?

Speaker 2 13:00
So we have some, some great folks here that have worked with us from the beginning. And they helped to cover for us, obviously, we’re always available still. Yeah. In fact, she’s like, wait, what time? Are you what it time is the wedding? Because i

Katy 13:16
Oh, my God.

Speaker 2 13:18
Okay, but that was the time when she’s like, I won’t call you then. But no, I mean, we were lucky, we were really fortunate to have that time as a family to get away and do that.

Speaker 1 13:25
So I was gonna add to I think, as broker owners, it’s really important that we’re still actively involved in transactions, I can feel for our agents, I know what they’re going through. And so I think, you know, that’s a big part of selling, like, we just have to actively see what the markets doing. So we can educate and guide our agents through what’s going on. So that’s the main reason to why we’re still actively selling with our clients. So yeah, and

Speaker 2 13:49
I’ve done both sides. So I’ve been a broker of a very large, the largest in the state of Arizona with 1000s and 1000s of agents that I was responsible for, and there was no chance of being able to do real estate. And so getting out to be able to do a little bit of that and be in the trenches with our agents is really valuable, especially with all the things coming. It helps for them to know that we’re dealing with it just like you are you.

Katy 14:12
Okay, I’m so glad that you brought that up. So you have a sweet agent named Haley, who sent me a message about how much she loved you. And she is the one who told me that Laurie is the best at keeping agents informed and ahead of changes. So kind of tell us how you do that. I mean, it makes sense that you’re out in the field actually selling so you see things but like how do you stay ahead of changes?

Speaker 2 14:38
So I’m actively involved in the industry, I serve as the chair of the largest MLS in the state of Arizona with over 44,000 members. So very much plugged into what is going on in terms of the world of MLS, locally and nationally, and muscle on the board of directors of our state association or local association and all the things and so Our agents are very well informed based on all of the volunteering that I do in the industry. We know about them at the

Alissa 15:08
door conference. Yeah, you do all the conferences, right? Yeah. So let’s meet them in person. Yeah, I

Katy 15:13
still have my cactus pin from Arizona. She brought her pen.

Alissa 15:20
I know we were like that cute mother, daughter team. Cactus pen. So cute. We give them to our agents.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
They were a huge hit. They loved them. Hey,

Katy 15:29
they’re precious. But see, I love. I feel like that’s what you’re getting. Right? I feel like you have personality that comes through in your branding. It comes through in your social media. It comes. It just it feels like it is Do you feel like the brokerage is a really good reflection of who you both are?

Unknown Speaker 15:46
I would say so. Yeah.

Speaker 2 15:48
I think we’ve worked really hard to sort of, I hate to say protected, but because sometimes different directions, but we’ve been every now and then we’re like, Wait, that’s not where we’re going. We gotta bring it back. So yeah, we are very much on purpose. I would say with that.

Katy 16:01
Yeah, I like them. That’s good. Okay, so Hayley also said that Chelsea had her strengths. Okay. And she said that you are the positive influence. You’re the cheerleader like you’re, you’re getting everyone hyped up. So tell us a little bit about like, how do you do that? Where does that come from? Have you always been like a positive person? Or do you enjoy that part of your job?

Speaker 1 16:21
I do. I love promoting what our agents are doing because they’re doing amazing things in our industry. Like, for example, Haley, they are like, focusing on the shaver hood. And they are owning their neighborhood that they’re working in. And it’s so fun to like, promote it on social. We love showing up for them for our agents. So we will pop into their open houses and kind of surprise them. We’ve even brought like their favorite Starbucks drink, when they are working on in the field. And what else have we done? We will share their things that they’re doing on social media.

Speaker 2 16:58
But I’ll just say she is like super thoughtful, and always thinking of others. And she’s just amazing in that regard. She’s far better at it than I am. And so it’s awesome that she does what she does. It’s

Katy 17:10
just really nice. And it seems like your brokerage is very new, but I would assume that your turn is pretty low, like for people jumping to another brokerage. Like how would you leave them? Right? Why would you leave that they’re so sweet. So but and thoughtful and like felt like that sounds like the type? You can find your broker, they’re gonna pop into your open house. Yeah, that’s cool. It’s so. And for an office of seven agents. It’s not exactly easy to do.

Alissa 17:35
No. But she’s coming from 1000s. Yeah, there’s nothing I can handle. Great, actually.

Katy 17:44
Okay, so do you ever have conflict between the two of you? Like, how do you handle that?

Speaker 1 17:51
I would say surprisingly, we really don’t have that much conflict. But and I know you’re like, really. But I mean, a few things will come up and I feel like we just are open about hey, what were the tasks that you were supposed to do? Did you do them like today? To do Yeah, okay. So just being open about it and just communicating to each other like, Okay, you need to stay focused, and, you know, get what we need to get done. But surprisingly, we don’t have that much conflict. Yeah,

Speaker 2 18:22
we don’t really. And I think that sometimes, because we’re in this office together a lot. Sometimes we’re like, you know what, I’m just working from home today. And you might like my time and we’re still paying, yeah, we’re doing our work. But sometimes we just need to have our own little space and time. And, you know,

Speaker 1 18:35
yeah, like, one day, I’ll do an office day, and I’ll come in and work and do my thing. And then she’ll stay at home and it works out really well. So we have that own time together. You know, not you don’t have to be together

Alissa 18:45
all the time. Correct. Yeah, it’s actually helpful that there’s two of us that you can divide and conquer and have that time apart. For sure. Yeah, that’s nice.

Katy 18:54
Are there other siblings in your family, Chelsea? Or are you so?

Unknown Speaker 19:01

Katy 19:04
Any interest in real in the business?

Speaker 2 19:06
Well, here’s the thing. COVID I’m like, Hey, you might want to get a real estate license. I’ll even pay for it. Yeah, no interest.

Katy 19:13
What does he do? What is his reason school? Yeah, he’s still

Speaker 2 19:17
Yeah. And trying to decide what he’s going to do. But right now, it’s not real estate that feels

Alissa 19:23
like my day. Tells me that was kind of you like so I also started in 2011. I had just finished college and wasn’t loving some of the corporate interviews that was going on decided to try some appraisal stuff with my dad ended up getting licensed. But you said like, you know, you were you got licensed, but you weren’t sure what you were, what your long term goal was, at what point were you like, this is what I want to do for my career.

Speaker 1 19:50
I think when we just decided we wanted to team up together it was kind of like okay, if you’re gonna use keep your license active, like, are you really going to do it and so I think That was kind of a turning point because I got my broker’s license. And you know, that was kind of a big deal to go to that next level here in Arizona, you can be a salesperson or broker. So I got my broker’s license, I’m like, Okay, we’re doing this. And so I just, you know, committed I’m like, if we’re going to open up a brokerage, I gotta do this full time. So

Katy 20:19
is it so one of you is the designated. So here is the same your salesperson or you’re a broker? And if every office has a designated broker is is one of you that designated broker?

Alissa 20:29
That would be me. Okay, well, you have the experience, and the years behind you have all of those different companies, so salutely. But Chelsea, why was it important for you to get your broker’s license, then you didn’t really have to write?

Speaker 1 20:45
Well, I did so that I could open the entity for the brokerage.

Speaker 2 20:49
I wasn’t quite working together yet. So she she got that going? Well,

Alissa 20:53
got it. Got it. Got it. I love it, logistics.

Speaker 1 20:58
A good idea, if you’re gonna do this full time, and you are established in this industry to go that extra level, in my opinion, so and you’re

Alissa 21:06
positioning yourself as an Owner Broker. So

Katy 21:11
no, I think it’s a great idea. I am a big fan of a boutique firm. I work at a boutique firm, I love an independent firm. I came from 14 years at REMAX. So no, I loved it there too. But were you afraid to go from a bigger environment to have your own smaller office? Like, were you worried about branding? Or like people not knowing what you were when you made up your own? Like, this is a new thing, right? Like, were you worried?

Speaker 2 21:37
Well, I’ll say that. So before I went to work for the large company, I mentioned, I was an Owner Broker before that of a 200 agent office. And so it was a big shift for me going into a very large scale brokerage. And so in as much as it was a wonderful experience, I was kind of wanting to get back to a smaller company again. And so that’s sort of how it just worked that way. And then we started talking about branding and all the things. But no, I don’t think we had any concerns in terms of, we just went with it,

Unknown Speaker 22:09
you’re excited, I just went full speed,

Alissa 22:12
positive, uplifting, because

Katy 22:14
I think a lot of people get stuck thinking they can’t do it on their own, or like, it’s going to be too hard, or I need the backing of a big franchise name or whatever they’re telling themselves. And I feel like they miss out because being your own broker, I think is really nice. And it gives you an opportunity to grow, especially people who grow big team, why wouldn’t you just do that under your own name? Like I still don’t don’t understand. And now the draw of not taking it out on your own? So

Alissa 22:44
if you’re going to have that many people, you know that you’re working with Sure, right? Just Just do you enjoy

Katy 22:50
managing people, because that’s really what you got to do when you go out on your own like that.

Speaker 1 22:55
It’s a big responsibility, for sure. And not every day is easy. I will tell you that. I mean, there’s some challenges, right? Just getting all the things but I think we’re really proud of what we’ve built. And then it’s really like even today when we like if I drive a neighborhood and there’s one of our signs like it is like the coolest feeling I can’t even describe it. So yeah,

Katy 23:18
you’re like proud parents right of your. You’re like you did it.

Alissa 23:25
So motherly.

Unknown Speaker 23:26
I love that. Sweet.

Katy 23:27
I love that. Okay, tell us a little bit about what you see in the future for the business. Do you have any thoughts about the future? You know,

Speaker 2 23:37
I obviously we are in a point in time where we are shifting and some changes are coming. You know, I think it’s all going to be fine. I think that you know, there are forms and things that are going to be provided to agents all over the country to get them where they need to be. But the most important thing, I think for agents out there is to just be ready to show your value and be able to articulate that. And that’s that, for me, I think is the biggest struggle for agents right now. Because as buyer’s agents, those changes are going to be pretty significant. And if you’re not confident, and you’re not able to prove to present that it’s going to be more challenging than ever before.

Katy 24:18
I will

Speaker 1 24:20
say we’ve been talking about these upcoming changes for over a year at this point with our brokerage because Lori’s been so plugged in and it’s like, oh, yeah, that that lawsuit? Yeah, we know about that. And we’re moving full speed ahead. So yeah, sure. They’re prepared and whatnot. So they’re like, this is old

Katy 24:37
news. We can handle this. Yeah, they

Speaker 2 24:39
were ready. They’ve been ready. So it’s encouraging. From our perspective, I just worry somewhat about the industry in terms of what that looks like. I’m not so much concerned about we’re ready. We’re going to be but it’s just you know, now. It’s

Katy 24:53
it’s just so much transition, and you can only control what’s under your roof, right. So it’s just so apart i It kind of feels like you’re just being dragged along in some ways. I’m like trying to stay out of the local Facebook group we have. It makes me very nervous. Yeah,

Speaker 2 25:10
it’s funny, because I told Chelsea like, right when the news came out, I decided to choose to snooze. So I was snoozing all the groups, because it was all the doom and gloom that nothing the sky is falling all the things and I just said, like, news 30 days, I didn’t miss any of it. So

Katy 25:27
are you back in and I’m like, still snoozing.

Speaker 2 25:29
It again, because I just realized I said it to her. I’m like, I guess my snooze is over. Because it’s all falling

Alissa 25:35
you hear, you know, Connie, my broker, you remind me of her a lot in how well you stay informed, and you go to these, you know, you take the time to go to these meetings and learn about all these things where many brokers would say, well, that’s not income producing, like, I don’t want to do those things. But it’s so important. But Kanye was actually like telling us that our Monday morning meeting, like, I don’t want to hear or see any of y’all commenting in these Facebook groups. She’s like, I don’t want y’all to be the ones you know. Oh, so and so with that office said this, like, you can go read and do what you want. I don’t even want you doing that. But I can’t stop you. But I don’t want any of y’all commenting in there. Yeah, I’m like, Yes, ma’am. Mama Kalani.

Speaker 2 26:19
I don’t blame her because I would feel the same way. For sure. Like,

Alissa 26:24
that’s another thing too. Like, you know, it’s so fun. And when you open your own brokerage, you get to start your new Instagram and get cute pens and colors and, and things like that. But then it’s like, what do you do when your agent is like posting crazy political rants on Facebook? To keep these people under control? Yeah, they’re representing you now. So how do you handle not just conflict like amongst yourselves, but within your, your office as representing you.

Speaker 2 26:51
So I’ll say that we have been very blessed that we haven’t had any issues that our agents, we haven’t had those problems. But I also will say that I’m not afraid to have those tough conversations and tell them that that’s not you know, that’s not a good fit for what we stand for. And you know, you never take that hat off, right? As a real tour as an agent for locality, real estate. And so, you know, tough conversation, some sometimes that maybe you want to not be posting using

Alissa 27:17
your interview

Katy 27:18
process that was probably helping you avoid that, right. Like, how much time do you spend with a new agent when you interview? Is it just like, a lunch an hour? Or they come in the office? Like, how do you? How do you research an agent? Will you give me the inner workings? Yeah.

Speaker 1 27:34
Um, well, typically, they reach out to us. So they’ll say, hey, one of your agents told me I should reach out to you or Hey, I saw you on social. We recently had someone that was googling independent brokerages in Chandler, Arizona, and reached out to us and he actually spoke with several brokerages and was like, No, I want to work with you guys. So that initial contact, and then either We’ll bring him into the office, if that makes sense for you know, timing and scheduling purposes. And then it’s about 3045 minutes, it just depends on how deep we go with, you know, getting to know them at that point. Yeah. Yeah, I

Katy 28:10
like that. Me too. Okay, let’s do a marketing question. Chelsea, or Laurie, because Laurie, the videos are so good, so good. You get a lot of agents off of social media buyer sellers off of social media, like what, what comes up that

Speaker 2 28:28
I would say we get both honestly, I think it’s from consistency, they follow our business page, as well as us personally, and then we follow them back and interact with them. But I think that they can just get a really good feel for who we are and what we do and what our brokerage is like. So they would know us by the time we meet them, they’re gonna know what we’re all about, and see

Speaker 1 28:50
what we’re doing. And then they’re like, oh, it works. And so they are encouraged to post on social and be active. So that’s been really fun to see our agents really kind of bring their personality to social media to

Alissa 29:02
really leading by example. They’re like, look right

Katy 29:07
there. Like if, if they can do it, I can do it.

Speaker 2 29:10
So can I give you an example, we sort of off the cuff, I’m like, we’re gonna do a challenge. We’re gonna do a 30 day real challenge with no planning, like, and we did it and our agents. They’re like, Oh, my gosh, I have people reaching out to me. I have people reaching out to me that haven’t reached out to me in a super super long time. So that’s cool.

Katy 29:33
That’s also really nice. If for any of the brokers listening, I think that just giving people the opportunity to find business in that way, like, Okay, this is what we’re gonna do, like, you know, in your mind, it’s gonna work but you’re like, just come along, we’re gonna do the challenge, and then they’re gonna see it work. It’s different than me and like, hey, go to this class about social media. Some gurus gonna tell you what you need to do. You’re like, we’re all gonna do it together. And then when once Everyone sees what’s gonna happen, then they’ll stick with it.

Alissa 30:03
Right? Yeah. And I also think in a model today where everyone is obsessed with leads, you know, and they just want leads handed to them, whereas you’re actually showing them steps on how to do it themselves. Yeah. Right. And like, just to tie it all back to like motherhood. It’s like, if you always make the sandwich, they don’t know how to make their own sandwich. So you’re giving them and equipping them with the tools they need to leave the nest, right? Not that they’re gonna leave the nest, like get your out, get your belly. Yeah, you can get your own business through the tools that we are giving

Katy 30:39
you. I like that. Exactly. Is there anything you’d like to share for other family that are working together? Maybe not necessarily owning a brokerage, but if they’re on a team together, or they work in the same office, or they’re trying to go get started at the same time? Do you need advice?

Speaker 1 30:58
I would just say have open communication. You know, if you’re, if you need help with something, or, you know, whatever that looks like, for you guys, just communication goes a long ways. And so I find that most issues derive from that. So just being open with each other. We share calendars with each other emails. So we’re always plugged in and know what’s going on. So no one really feels left out or not a decision maker. So that’s been really important for us. Yeah,

Speaker 2 31:26
I think that’s a great answer. Look at you. Impressive,

Katy 31:29
I must say, I assume I don’t know. But, Lorie for you to have, like a mother role. Right? You’re the mom and then your daughter to feel like she’s an equal. You had to have done it. Right. Do you know what? Like? What cuz you would just by nature fall back into the role of mom, daughter, you know, but you seem very much like you have navigated successfully that we’re a team. We’re doing this together. We’re co owners like I it’s very nice.

Alissa 31:57
What was Chelsea like as a child? Oh, yes. My dad that when we have my dad on, she asked him that so I’m gonna ask you what was Chelsea like as a child?

Speaker 2 32:07
So Chelsea is obviously the oldest right? And Chelsea is perfection. She wants everything perfect. So we have this conversation a lot about your Done is better than perfect now, right? Let’s just get it done. I would call Chelsea an overachiever. Maybe.

Alissa 32:26
It’s the oldest child thing.

Speaker 2 32:29
And she just wants to make people happy. And she’s a little bit of a people pleaser. And that’s not a bad thing, either. But, um, no, she was a She’s a great kid when she was little.

Alissa 32:39
I love so well. You’re in the right industry for that personality type? Absolutely.

Katy 32:44
Absolutely. Okay, is there anything else you’d like to share with our listeners?

Speaker 2 32:50
Just I want to thank you guys both for this opportunity. First and foremost, we think you’re amazing, by the way and I love what you’re sharing and the things you guys do and I only learned of it because of Chelsea and I just really enjoy following you and I enjoy your podcast. So thank you for all that you guys are doing.

Alissa 33:08
That we got to meet in person.

Katy 33:10
Even better. That’s how you become a real person to Alyssa.

Alissa 33:13
You’re not real till I meet you in person has to see your life. Yeah, real life in real life must

Katy 33:20
be done. Okay, did you bring a toast? Do you know that we toast at the end of every Okay, talk them through it? Okay, so

Alissa 33:27
at the end of every episode, we toast we let our guests toast to someone if we have a guest a shout out to someone who got them to where they are today or has been a huge help in their business a mentor or friend or someone success story you’d like to that you would like to give a little toast to and y’all could each do your own if

Speaker 1 33:48
you would like or you can confirm them to my to my lovely mother next to me. I mean, it seems most appropriate. I’m lucky I get to work with my best friend every day. So yeah. choked up so thanks a lot. No, but she’s really been an integral part of my success in this industry. She’s so knowledgeable and just always willing to just be there for me. So thanks, mom.

Speaker 2 34:17
And I don’t know I have so many mentors I can think of to cheers to Chelsea reminded me this morning of maybe the one who introduced me to real estate 40 years ago when I was 15. And learned about starting about real estate is also a second family to me the mostly family that I’ve known for over 40 years and that’s how I got into real estate because they were in real estate and that’s how I learned about getting into real estate. So

Katy 34:43
such a young really, yeah, it really stuck with her at 15. She was like yeah, okay, well thank you so much for being here. It was truly a pleasure in celebration of moms and family. Time for us to talk. We just love it. We Love it. It leaves. Oh my gosh, take a picture. Oh my god, please. Hold. Hold on, please. Okay. 1230 She’s like, hold. Are you ready? Okay, welcome. We will send you a follow up email when you’re episode. Yours is on May 6, so you’ll get an email with the link and it’ll be out that day and thank you for your

Speaker 1 35:26
other information as well. I know. Okay, great.

Katy 35:29
Are you? Yes, that’s fine. No rush Do you have until then. So at least a week, a week to I don’t know.

Alissa 35:36
Whatever. Perfect. Thank you guys.

Katy 35:38
Bye. Have a good day. You too. Thank

Alissa 35:42
you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

Katy 35:45
If you enjoyed this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify.

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If you have an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com

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Find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all of the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week.

Alissa 36:10
This is the good life

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