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It’s time to take stock of our businesses and priorities and decide if we are living to work or working to LIVE! As we move into the summer months where we are entering our busiest real estate season, it’s the perfect time to make sure we are adding in lots of life too! In this chat we talk about the benefits of having hobbies both mentally and physically. We are digging in on time and how to make sure you aren’t spending all your waking hours working in your business or taking care of someone else. Even if it’s just once a week we want you to add in more fun to your life. Working as a real estate agent is supposed to give you time flexibility that leads to the life you desire. We are breaking down why that doesn’t always happen and giving some ideas on how to bring more of what you want to do into your life.

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Katy 0:00
I did nothing

Alissa 0:02
I get nothing wanna get the ball from me. I don’t want a ball you’re gonna have it by I’m going to, I’m going to work even when you’re still a full time working agent, you’ll have a client leave you I’m not being chased by a bear right now. I’m just trying to write a repair request.

Katy 0:25
Hello. Cheers to them on now for taking the freakin three day weekend like it’s like it’s their literal job.

Alissa 0:36
Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie. And we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

Katy 0:42
We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

Alissa 0:47
The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa. Hey, Katie. It’s

Katy 0:56
episode 251. Today we’re gonna talk about working to live.

Alissa 1:00
Yes. Not living to work, not living to work. Now, this is probably one of my favorite topics. Oh, good. I

Katy 1:07
hope that’ll bring you the free energy to you. Because

Alissa 1:11
you know, I can’t say no to fun things. Oh, that’s true. This is like your mantra. But I can say no to work. If

Katy 1:20
I have to look, I think that’s great. As an achiever, I’m actually pretty surprised. Came

Alissa 1:26
with practice. That’s how I feel

Katy 1:28
about that’s how I feel about working to live. Yeah, it came with practice.

Alissa 1:34
I mean, the moment that I had my first job, I loved to work. Are you a German descent? I’ll have to check my 23 and me I’ve been I’m

Katy 1:46
a German descent. Okay. Partially lots of other things. But apparently that’s a very Germanic like, yeah, and I’m like that too. And my dad values people based on how hard they work. Yeah. And it’s very much ingrained in me like I am a hard worker by nature, right? I think you are kind of born a hard worker, or are you better at the relaxed? I

Alissa 2:11
think there’s a gene component to it. Because, you know, we talk a lot on the show about burnout and boundaries. And it’s like, I have to set boundaries, not because I’ll burn myself out. But because I love to work so much that I could actually like, okay, the week that we are recording this Tanner is out of town this week, a whole week. And I put the kids to bed last night early. And I knew that he wasn’t in town. And so I just wasn’t checking my email all day, because I was like, they go to bed at seven. I’ll just put on a cooking show and open my laptop and just go to town. Okay, so last night, that’s what I did. I just I had a lot. I was actually like, this gotten a little out of hand. And it took me about an hour and a half empty it to get it. Yeah. And there was still like four or five in there by the end of it. But I scheduled everything to send this morning and just got everything taken care of. And I was like, I just felt so great. I really enjoyed myself, right

Katy 3:20
when you love your work. What’s the what’s the quote, When you love your work? You never work a day in your life? Yeah, like I love it. For

Alissa 3:26
example, when I turned 15 I mean, I played soccer in high school. I was never like a star athlete or anything. I’m like, if you want the ball that bad, just take just take it. It certainly is not that important to me. Right? I played soccer like pretty much my whole life. Okay, I mean, some in elementary, middle school, high school, okay. Then I turned 15 and was like, I think I want a job. So my first job was that raising canes, okay, I could not work the register or talk to customers because I was not 16 yet, but I could make like lemonade and cane sauce and whatever. It was right by my house, right? So once I got a job, and I got my first paycheck, you’re like, Whoa, I was like, hooked. I thought this. Why would I ever go to soccer?

Katy 4:20
You didn’t earn money any other way before that? No? Okay.

Alissa 4:24
I don’t really remember life before that. In the finance your license. Your life began as soon as you started working. Yeah, I just don’t remember like the financial sense. Like I don’t I don’t remember having an allowance. I’m sure we I think it was like if we needed something we just asked. Yeah, you know, it was there but I don’t remember like budgeting and allowance and doing all that. Yeah. Okay. I’m also not a big spender. So I don’t think I was like meeting all these things. Right. Well, then I was like skipping soccer practice to pick up extra shifts or like I went. I was like, I am hooked. Yeah, I go to work. I get a paycheck. I go to soccer practice,

Katy 5:01
I did nothing,

Alissa 5:01
I get nothing. Well get the ball from me. I don’t want a ball, you’re gonna have it my I’m going to, I’m going to work. And then I worked at canes for like, two years and then I switched to blue blockers. I was still in high school. blue blockers is like a sandwich place. poboy place burger burgers. They serve beer, though the they have beer. And so I got my liquor license. And I remember being like, wow, this is like $8 an hour. So much better than you know what I was making a case at the time. And then my first shift, right, I remember this the end of my first shift. They came in handed me like $28. Like, what’s this? And I was like in cash. And I was like, what, what is this for? And they were like, it’s your tip out? I was like, I get I get this and I’ll still get my paycheck with $8 An hour and they’re like, yeah. Oh my gosh, I just was a little hoarder. From that point on, worked my way up to working LSU games at sports bars and stuff and just raked it all in and it was very to this day I’ve told you this before if I wouldn’t be recognized. I would still Barton right wait tables, like, I just love you love the work. I love the work. I never really had a job that I hated could for you. When did you like figure out if you like you like to when I started

Katy 6:35
working when I was 12 hardcore. I had a regular babysitting gig at least once a week and I babysat multi times a week like I had a sock drawer full of cash. Yes. Now I remember the drawer. So many years ago, I was getting paid $2 an hour. And minimum wage was maybe four 425 to babysit. I got paid $2 to babysit $2 My best client paid me $5 an hour. Wow. best one. Yeah. Okay. So it took a while to accumulate any cash, right? But I loved I did love working and I didn’t like it was I didn’t even want the money for anything, either. It wasn’t like I was saving to buy a car or

Alissa 7:18
like I just Yeah, well, I’ll just say I had no goals. I don’t know why my goal was to have as much money as I could in my drawer.

Katy 7:26
I can still hear the sound of that door opening. I also remember at some points my mom and be like she needed some cash for something. There’ll be a bunch of IOUs in the drawer because I was the one with like consistent cash right? Anyway. So I did that forever. And then during college I worked at in an office actually a real commercial real estate office like doing accounting hated that. Okay, horrible. I was like hate being in an office hate doing accounting hate this monotony. Hate? No, no love for that. Then I ended up in retail, which is probably more entertaining, right? Like you’re with the people your age. You’re you basically goofing around. Yeah, it’s fun. It’s fun. There’s music. Yeah, yeah, you know, whatever. And then I when I got into retail management, like when I was done with school, and I was just like, oh, this is horrible. Because I’m working very hard. Yeah. And only being compensated as a salary. No matter if I worked extra hours, no matter if I worked harder than everyone else who made the same salary, no matter if the people who’ve been there longer than me, were making a higher salary, which I knew and working not as hard as I was, I’m like this, I need to at least be paid per my work. Sure. That’s how I ended up in real estate.

Alissa 8:42
And I think that that’s why I also love real estate so much is that I know, some people say, Well, I work really hard, and I have nothing to show for it. Right? Have I had moments like that? Sure. You know, I’ve had moments where people are like, are you so busy? And I’m like, busy? Yes. productive? No, I feel like you know, I’ve had seasons where all I’m doing is putting out fires and you know, trying to keep it together. Yes, there are certainly seasons like that. But when you reap it, it’s like it’s really good when you’ve done what you’re supposed to and built the business. All of these stories to start off to say that it’s very easy to lose yourself in real estate. Right

Katy 9:29
because in the beginning you have to work a lot to build up to actually making the money and then all of the like you you do the weekend open house and you do the showings after five and then all of a sudden the it takes off. And then you’re just in the habit of working after five working Saturday and Sunday like you don’t actually have a day off before you had all the days off.

Alissa 9:51
So it sneaks up on you before you know it. I haven’t had a day off in three months. You know like you don’t even realize Is it because you are living and breathing for real estate? Yeah, every day you wake up and you are controlled by your email and your phone and you go to bed the same way. And it’s on repeat until the next thing you know. So we are here today to remind you to check in with yourself. Okay, so

Katy 10:19
let’s Okay, so let’s take this in a different direction. What does it mean to you to be well rounded? Hmm, I’ll give you an official definition. Okay, while you think about it, yeah. Involving, or having experience and a wide range of ideas or activities. That’s what it means to be well rounded. So you can just work right, right. You can’t just work you need to. Ideally, you want to be well rounded. Correct. So you’re having experience in a wide range of activities work being just one of them? Yes. Right. Okay, so let’s talk about hobbies. Do you currently have any hobbies? Yeah. What would you say when you turn off work? Or the things that you’re doing that are the living part?

Alissa 11:02
I love to travel when I can even if it like, right now I’m in a season of life with little kids. So it’s like if I can get away from a Friday through Monday or Tuesday through Friday, like I’m going to do it? Yeah. So as many little trips as I can fit in. I love to do that. I love to read.

Katy 11:21
I love to you have book club every month, every

Alissa 11:24
month. I mean, I love a hard book, like getting in bed, and just turning the pages and being like, what is going to happen? Yeah, when you’re reading a book, you actually cannot think about anything else. Right? Because you’re reading like that it is consuming you. Yeah. When I’m audio booking, I can wander in my thoughts. Yeah, you know, it doesn’t let me shut it off all the way. But I also love to just like, be outside. Yeah,

Katy 11:52
I have the same thing in my notes. I like to be outside. Yeah, but do but see, here’s the thing, you could be outside and start scrolling for sure. So you have to sort of be doing something right. Are you gardening? Are you you know riding your bike? Are you doing some kind of activity? Yeah,

Alissa 12:08
so I like to walk so me and Tate’s thing is picking up sticks. We have an acre and a half. There’s a lot of trees, lipsticks, and if the wind blows, or we have a rainstorm there sticks. And so me and Tate will just go out there and make the biggest pile of sticks that we can. That’s fun. And it’s really fun. And you know what’s even funnier? The first time we were doing it will take just started doing it picking up sticks. And then I’m like, we really do need to do this because like the yard guys gonna come and so I started picking up six. And I instantly remembered when I bent down and picked up my first stick. My grandmother, my mom’s mom was like OCB about picking up six out of the yard out of the yard. And she just passed away last year, so and we were super close. So I’m like, all of a sudden, in the moment, I picked up a stick. I was like she was with me. And I was like thinking of her and I had remembered that she was like that. Oh my god. So now me and Tate pick up sticks. And I do have to have like, something I’m doing like use Yeah, I can’t just like go sit outside and listen to I mean, I’ll swing on the porch swing. I can do that for like 3045 minutes, which is a lot of time doing nothing. Yeah. I can do that. But otherwise, I do like to be doing something I love to work out. Yeah, you know, just, I have a lot outside of work. That is important to me. It’s also like very important to me to be available for like field trips. Yeah. Or volunteer at parties. And this isn’t really about, like outside of the benefits it gives me for work. Even if I was a stay at home mom, that is something that would be very important tonight

Katy 13:51
spent Yeah, spend the time at school where you have the opportunity. Okay, I liked this quote from Stephen Covey. The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. So like, if you really wanted to stick with your picking up sticks be like 5pm every every day, stick pickup, you know, like, even if it’s 10 minutes, you prioritize what’s on your schedule. Yeah. So you have to schedule it. Yeah, okay. I don’t think kids are technically a hobby. I would say they are living though. Like you, you have a family, you want to spend time with them. It is definitely not not your job, right. It’s not your regular job where you’re making money. So spending time with your kids is not a hobby, but is living. Okay, so that’s what our designator is we’re working so that we have the money so that we can spend time at the field trip with the kids. Yes, but also, you need probably a hobby. Oh, yeah. At least one. So

Alissa 14:57
a hobby or things that you do Googe simply for the pleasure of doing that, you know, not because it makes you look better or feel it’s just simply because you’d like to do it is preserving who you are. Yeah, it is your identity at its truest core. Yeah, in real estate and motherhood and anything else that can consume you in such a way as a career and parenting, it is very easy to lose your identity. And remember what you used to like to do and where, what things used to bring you joy before these things consumed you. Yeah, so preserving those things is not just preserving, quote unquote, hobbies, but it is preserving your actual identity with or giving you an identity. Yes. Okay. So I found this great article, I want to read you some of it. It was actually from the University of Valley Forge. It was a study on Hobbies, okay, so a true hobby engages us and what is called active leisure, meaning an activity that requires thought skill, creativity, or movement. Absorbing, absorbing an entire TV series in three days is called passive leisure. Oh, still leisure but passive leisure. And while there’s a time and place for that, too, it doesn’t have the same benefits. Okay, so I’m going to give you some of the benefits of having a hobby. Doing an activity simply for enjoyment is intrinsically valuable, it promotes you

Katy 16:34
stress, eu stress, you stress or good stress allows a break from the mundane and affords a sense of inspiration in every aspect of your life. Yeah, hobbies are also proven to make you think more creatively what you need in real estate for the record. Simply put they alive in you more than just your mind your body benefits from a hobby to of course, if your hobby involves exercise, like if you’re playing pickleball or something, you’ll reap the benefits in full. But even sitting still, and knitting can have a positive impact on your body, hobbies, lower blood pressure, and cortisol and can even shrink your waistline,

Alissa 17:16
don’t you think we all need this in real estate 100 reduction in cortisol Yes.

Katy 17:21
Plus the positive emotions connected with your chosen pastime can speed you can speed your recovery from illness like colds, like you’re like I’m ready to get back out and play tennis or you whatever you do. When you participate in something new, you meet new people, good for real estate, who share the same interest and form connections that would be impossible otherwise, they make you a more interesting person. Your hobbies, people like passion, and they like people with stories to tell. Also a hobby adds new aspects to your identity. Not only do they give you something to do they give you someone to be Oh,

Alissa 17:59
that is so good. Write that down. So

Katy 18:03
I really loved there were so many articles about hobbies and all the benefits. And truly, you know, giving yourself purpose outside of your work or your family life or things that are you know, your jobs, if you will, is really important to your mental and your physical health. Yeah. And then you have more to give to your work or your family or whatever. This is a really good backwards boundaries episode. It is you know what I mean? Like taking care of yourself having a hobby, you’re like, Oh, sure, better. That sounds like a luxury like most people who have especially small children be like that’s a luxury I don’t have but you have five minutes to read. Yeah, you have five minutes to if you choose reading to be your hobby, you have 10 minutes to, you know, garden or water, you’re like water, your plants are dead set, like there’s a pocket of time for sure. There’s always a pocket of time. Well,

Alissa 19:00
my favorite quote that I’ve clung to for a few years now is don’t lose yourself for a career that would replace you immediately if you left. You know, we’re over here giving our all and people think they have to give every single thing they have to leave it all on the table in the name of real estate. And if you were to leave real estate, do you know how quickly they’d be like, Oh, that’s sad. We’ll miss you and Nancy’s a realtor. Yeah, just call Aunt Susie Guess we’ll use her now. I don’t have to make a decision. So what are we even sacrificing ourselves for? What sort of reciprocation here I mean, even when you’re not quitting people leave you? Ie Absolutely. Even when you’re still a full time working agent, you’ll have a client leave you and imagine

Katy 19:47
if all you ever did was work that would be that much more devastating if you couldn’t turn off work and be like, well now I’m gonna go do whatever I think is fun. Right? Like you got to step away and do what’s fun. Here’s a good At Simon Sinek, quote, working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress working hard for something we love is called Passion.

Alissa 20:08
Oh, that’s great. Such a difference such a difference. The times that I have been like the best mother and the best at my job is after a break. Yeah, I miss it. I miss the work, I miss my kids, I’m ready to get back into it and like be the best I can. When I take a step away. I see things so clearly. And I can tell when I’m working with other agents who have probably never listened to the podcast before, right? And I’m like, You need hustle humbly in your life, you know, right. But I can tell I feel so sad for them. Because you can hear the desperation and trying to save a deal. Their frustration at the end of their rope with their difficult climb. Like everything is such a big deal. And that comes when you have just totally lost your perspective. Yeah. So have you seen the meme that’s like, you know, genetically, we’re wired for fight or flight. So I’m trying to convince my body that I’m not being chased by a bear right now. I’m just trying to write a repair request. Hello, yeah, it’s like It’s not that serious. It’s not that serious I am. But our body’s reactions to things without the proper breaks without the proper perspectives. They go into this super burnout mode where your cortisol is just running, running, running. Yeah. And you’re like, it’s just

Katy 21:45
I just want a hug. I’m not even a big hugger. But when I hear these agents that are just you need a hug. I’m like, You need something you need to go for a walk, right? Like it should not feel like a hamster wheel. No, you should be getting off of it. Maybe not every day, but at least once a week, you should really separate yourself. So I had in here. What I would say, if you’re feeling like Okay, you’re right. All I ever do is work or take care of my family. And so I don’t have a lot of me time or hobbies or do anything for fun. Just simply ask yourself. What did I do for fun this week? For me that I thought was fun. What did I think was what did I do for fun this week, and just keep asking yourself that every week, you just need to do one it doesn’t have to look. Ideally, you get to take time off every day and do your hobby and but what just Deuce at least once a week you like take some time and do that. Okay, what’s one hobby you would like to pick up? Alyssa?

Alissa 22:43
Okay, are you ready? I was hoping you would ask him. Oh, God, I’m so excited. It would probably like you know, okay, I’ll just say I would love to take like a photography class and get a good camera. Do

Katy 22:54
you want to go with me? Oh, that’s exactly what I wrote down. Look at you and I want to take a class and get a good camera. Oh, should we go together? Yeah. Well,

Alissa 23:03
I do. I’m worried that I will take too many photos. Like I want

Katy 23:08
to keep them. You could be like, Oh, today I get to pick my favorite three. Yeah. And then the rest have to go to the trash.

Alissa 23:14
I also want to get one there’s a tilt. Okay, y’all know I love my telescope. Okay, right. Oh, that’s true. You have a stargazing hobby? A little bit. Okay. The moon gazing your moon. Yeah, that happened after reading like sci fi books that I never thought I would be into. But then you’re like, oh my gosh, the two I’ve read that I’m just totally hooked on. But it also, when you’re looking at the moon, you’re like, Do you know how small I am too small? Do you know that there is more world out there than just these transactions? Okay, my point in telling you about that is there’s apparently like a telescope with an app and things that will take the picture of what you see in the telescope, who that’s you know, the how it shows like how you see the moon and then how your iPhone sees the moon. Ridiculous. Like, no matter how many times you take a picture of the moon, it never looks good. Also, if you don’t follow NASA on Instagram, you

Katy 24:17
need to it’s amazing. This is taken such an interesting turn. So you want to learn photography, but also you want to you want to photograph from your telescope. Yeah. Okay. I

Alissa 24:29
love that. But I just think having I love to take pictures of my kids, the dogs like they’re so funny. Having a good camera and understanding how to

Katy 24:39
use it. Yeah. I love that. What a great idea. I’d also like to learn a golf. I think Jay would appreciate that. If I was into the golf. And Santa took a painting class and I always want to pick up painting. I feel like it’s such a great creative outlet, but for some reason, it never sticks. So I just don’t know if that’s not my thing, but I would go back to that. So

Alissa 24:58
on that note Oops, I have a friend that was a big writer. Okay. She loved to write, she was actually writing a novel. Oh, well, this is when she was always been a writer. But then after she got divorced, she was like, really into it. Like it was like her outlet. She loved it. She was finding herself. Well, then she met like the love of her life. And they’ve been married for a few years now. And I’m like, how is that novel? And she goes, you’re gonna think this is crazy. But I have the hardest time writing when I’m like, really happy,

Katy 25:32
right? She needed the she’s a tortured poet.

Alissa 25:37
Like that was her and so maybe painting comes to you in times of like, oh, well, I mean, really stressful times. And we haven’t had one minute

Katy 25:47
not stressed. Good for you. I live a very stress free life. It took time. Yeah, it took a lot of time and work. And

Alissa 25:55
back to this plate perspective. Yeah. 100%. Just like,

Katy 26:00
It’s not that serious. It’s going to be okay. Like, if I am coming from a better place, I do a better job. So like, why be all worried about it? If I can’t fix it, like, I’m probably going to mess this up. But I remember reading like, especially when you’re like for children, like if they’re having like anxiety or stress responses. You’re supposed to ask yourself, Am I Am I safe right now? Like, like, look around? Not don’t think about oh, well, what if I don’t have a closing next month? Or what if I, you know, don’t pay my taxes? Or what if I, you know, get into a car accident? No, like, if you’re having an anxious moment, and you’re like, projecting all that type of stuff. Just just say, Am I safe? Right now in my body? Am I safe? Sure. I’m not currently having a heart attack. You know what I mean? Like, I like it. It really does help. Like, if you’re having anxious thoughts. You can you can be like I Okay, well, I’m safe right now. It’s really just you got to work on that. So I’ve been trying

Alissa 27:00
to say, worse things have happened. True. worse things have happened. always true. All it’s always true. Yeah. No matter what it is worse things have happened. For

Katy 27:11
sure. There’s definitely a time in my life when I couldn’t have listed for you a hobby. Like I wouldn’t have been like, yeah, I’ve got all these hobbies. Now when I went to be like, Okay, well, what are my current hobbies? Well, I’m like the sweet peas are right now. So I’m gardening but I don’t garden all the time. But they’re there. They’re playing fetch with a dog. I feel like it’s an actual hobby. Yeah, spending time with your pets hobby. We liked the little pickleball in the driveway. Big fan. Walking. I like walking. I’m not gonna walk for exercise anymore. Like I am exercising but I’m not like just go as fast as we can. Right right. Your power walking. What is my heart rate gonna be? I’m more like not stroll. Yeah. If you’re struggling to enjoy this walk, that’s fine. I’m just going to stroll. I love a bike ride. We like to go in the backyard and play Bochy or cornhole like we play board games like we just play. We just just play right listening to podcasts and listening to more podcasts for fun lately. Yeah, instead of just for business information, which is fun. And then, you know, I like vacation. I like to be outside I want to canoe I want to kayak I want to do but I’m not doing that every day in my regular life now, but it’s more like a vacation hobby. But I could list some things. I feel like, yeah, what’s that you

Alissa 28:23
like to do?

Katy 28:24
I’d like to take pictures with my phone. So when do you feel like

Alissa 28:27
your hobbies started? Because you said there was a time when there was no hobby? Nothing that you like, what were you kids are old. I wasn’t gonna say were you in that? Did you? I

Katy 28:38
don’t have you had little ones potty trained and can be left in a room without me worrying that they might physically harm themselves. Sure. So like, the last six years. I mean, after your kids turned four or five, I feel like you could step away for a moment. I’m almost there and trust them, right? Yeah. Now, like 100 might take me a little later with TJ like he’s a little wild. Yeah, yeah. But I think that, but I do wish I had this frame of mind when my kids were littler. Like, maybe I just needed to be more into cooking or like, something that I had I was doing anyway. Right? What I mean,

Alissa 29:15
because I’m like, Do you know how many times you have to feed these children? Oh, many like, why not make things I know it’s it’s not the most fun thing for me. No, but it could be some people that is their hobby. Yeah,

Katy 29:27
but before we had kids, Jay and I would always cook together try new recipes like it. Cooking is not what I would call my favorite hobby. But we did it together and it was a fun activity. Right? And then when you have kids it’s more like a survival activity. Like they’re screaming I

Alissa 29:42
have to write you know, I was actually thinking about this the other day because Haven is really into reading right now. I love she’s got I got a notes and home from school. Every kid did that was like, congratulations, your child has earned 250 AR points of the required 70 Now I’m,

Katy 30:02
like really into it. She’s my child.

Alissa 30:03
But I remember being like that in elementary school, and then eighth ninth grade hits, and they’re making me read and I don’t get to choose the book. It’s these dry books that I have to read these long, long novels and I have to write essays and then I just didn’t like reading the rest of them. They ruined it. They ruined it because they were many other things in school. Then, you know, once I got out of school, I’m like, Oh, wait,

Katy 30:30
I did enjoy your writing to read when you got to pick the subject matter. Yeah, I know. That’s kind of how it is with there plenty of things that you can have as a short, quick hobby. When you have children that are small. Yeah. Or maybe they like to be in the stroller. Now. You can take your leisurely walk. I think we just are like oh well I have a moment I better go do some more work or I better better get my exercise in or I better do laundry some productive you know something is required. But really take a nap.

Alissa 31:05
Oh my god.

Katy 31:06
I love a nap. I love sleeping be a hobby.

Alissa 31:09
I feel like it can it is it is for me. I agree. Not as much as it used to be right. Even before kids especially before Oh yeah, I was a huge snapper to huge snapper.

Katy 31:21
Yeah, I know. I agree. Okay, I believe that hobbies should require should zero no hobbies should require you to feel guilty. So if you’re taking time for your hobby, whatever it may be, you should not be feeling guilty. You shouldn’t be like, Oh, I should be doing the laundry. Oh, I should be doing this. No, you should not feel guilty if this is your time. Okay, and I have a confession I want to share with you. As I was preparing for this episode, I realized this I have always been slightly annoyed by commercial real estate agents locally. I don’t know how they are in the rest of the country. But I feel like locally it’s sort of a dude gaggle. What

Alissa 32:00
did they call it the good good fellas club? The good boy voice and oh boy. They

Katy 32:04
have that vibe. Thank you that plays right into this. Yeah, they are always hunting and fishing. And they you can basically not find them on a Friday through a Sunday. They are doing their hobbies right? Whatever playing golf. I don’t know. Whatever they are. Are we annoyed by them or I will be jealous. That’s what I thought I was super annoyed about it. Oh my god, can’t you work and answer your phone and now I’m like, oh, geez, Louise. Yeah, good for jealous. Good for you. You just you checked out. checked out from Friday till Sunday. I know I would what you wanted to do.

Alissa 32:37
I have thought before that. I wish commercial clicked with me. I even went through a phase A few years ago where I tried to imitate Me too. And I became you know, Carl, he’s the he’s very involved with CCM and Anywho. I went to some of his classes in New Orleans. Like I traveled I took Intro to commercial I was like I did too. I am made for this because it requires much less emotion more numbers, more facts, data, it is what it is. Take it or leave it. I’m not gonna beg you to buy this house and I’m not fixing a leaky toilet. Like, all the BS just seemed no emotion but the grass seems greener. Okay. I’m not gonna lie. It seemed greener. And it seemed like a good fit for me. Yeah. But I just never could get it to click like I do with residential.

Katy 33:28
Like people and they like numbers I would maybe say is the does like not that you don’t like numbers, but it’s just like you love I think you love taking care of people. Yeah. So it’s you’re not taking care of any that’s an investment. It’s a very black and white business transaction. It there you would feel success, but you would not feel fulfillment, right? There is.

Alissa 33:52
Yes, there is a difference in success and fulfillment. Absolutely.

Katy 33:54
Absolutely. But cheers to them on now for taking the freakin three day weekends. Like it’s like it’s their literal

Alissa 34:02
job. It is. They’re entertaining clients.

Katy 34:05
There are some definite gender roles, patriarchal type stuff that are playing into that, right like as a woman, you don’t automatically say, Well, I must have you know, well rounded hobbies and things are like I care for this family or like my parents or like, the community like you’re, you’re you’re putting that on yourself as a different layer on top of your job. Whereas maybe some fellows seems like they’re like that’s not a layer I’m worried

Alissa 34:31
about. See Tanner has hobbies for sure. But he doesn’t golf. And he does not watch football. Right? Which is a huge blessing for me. Okay. I mean, huge. He played football in college, but I think that’s why he can’t watch it right? If he’s smart, he has to be emotionally invested. Like he has to know someone that’s playing to watch it. So he just doesn’t care to watch it. So it’s like if he wants to go to a jujitsu class, it takes an hour Our attorneys back and I can leave. I can’t imagine him being like, I’m gonna go golf for six hours. I’d be like, what on earth? Imagine if I said, I’m gonna go math.

Katy 35:11
But here’s the thing. There’s a bajillion people golfing who do not feel guilty about it at all good for that. And they’re looking for the next time on their calendar when they’re gonna go. Yeah, and I am all for it now, especially after reading all the studies on Hobbies, like you do you. Yeah, that’s what you want to do. I’m for it. But instead of being jealous, I’m just gonna get my own six hour hobby. Do you not like, I’m just going to I’m just going to have the homies. Okay. What is your plan?

Alissa 35:40
I think I’m good. Where I’m at. I’m proud of myself and the hobbies I have at the moment. I am too. I

Katy 35:44
don’t need to add anything. It’s totally fine. Um, yeah, I don’t need to add anything. I would like to give a piece of advice, because it is my nature. And I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this, like, Oh, I could totally do paintings like that. That looks like fun. Oh, and then I could sell them.

Alissa 36:01
That is your achiever personality kicking in. There’s

Katy 36:04
just this underlying entrepreneurial like, like thread where I’m like, but please, y’all, if you pick a hobby, photography, painting, I don’t care what it is knitting, resist the urge to also make that a business, right? It’s a hobby cannot also be your business. And

Alissa 36:22
it’s not your fault. It’s in our nature, especially if you’re in real estate, we have this way of thinking about things in terms of how can I make money,

Katy 36:31
and this is so funny. My dad is 72 he recently took a woodturning class, which I would classify as a hobby. Now he does work in commercial construction, you know, dirt, concrete, whatever. He has this workshop that he set up in the last few years to play with like to do wood projects. It is a hobby. He goes and takes this woodturning class like the lady who turn up make a bowl, okay, out of wood. He’s really excited about it comes back. He’s learned all these new skills and so happy for him. And he’s like, and then my mom’s like, now, he’s now he’s gonna sell them. And I’m like, but he already

Alissa 37:05
has a business. He works already. This is just for fun. But even he was like, Yeah, I

Katy 37:10
could make this much. I’m like, No,

Alissa 37:12
you don’t need it, though. No, you don’t need it. You

Katy 37:15
have a job. This is your hobby. If you when you cross it over to make it a job. It’s no longer the hobby. Oh, and there’s a fine line. You want it because if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life, that vibe. So I’m not saying you shouldn’t do something you like, but you should also have something you do. Literally just for fun. Yeah. Okay, do you want another quote? Yes. You’re gonna love who this came from. This is my last quote for today. Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life perfect. Do you want to know who said that? Who? Dolly Parton?

Alissa 37:49
Oh, you know Dolly. She knows her stuff.

Katy 37:52
She’s so smart. What a wise lady Dolly Parton anything? Oh, we didn’t talk about word of the year. That was the last thing on my notes list.

Alissa 38:00
That’s more important to you.

Katy 38:01
I know. But I don’t I forgot what mine is. You don’t know what your word is this year. Got it? I had one. Well, so a couple of years ago, I realized that I had a word and I don’t remember what it was that year. Let’s just say it was elevate. Okay, okay. But I’m like, This feels like work, you know, like at work word. And then like in the summer, I’m not trying to elevate anything. I’m trying to like, lay low relax. So I’m like, Oh, I’m going to add play as my summer word. So this year, I have two words. Impact which is like my work

Alissa 38:30
word. Yes. And ease. Ease so

Katy 38:35
like it was kind of have to realize that you need both things you do. You don’t need it to be all go, go go. Sometimes you have to just play. Yeah. And rest. You know,

Alissa 38:48
we’re country music fans in my house. Oh, yeah. I’ve heard and, you know, when a song starts Haven likes to know ahead of time, what is it about? What’s the story telling? So I have to pause it. I tell her what they’re talking about. And then I press play and she listens to it and goes, That was a great story. So this morning on the way to school, Dirks Bentley song living came on. I think it’s perfect for all my country music fans to go listen to today. What the story What did you tell Hey, it’s just about how some days you’re just there. Okay, but some days you’re like really living ah, and he says like, some days. Your heart’s like pounding out of your chest. Some days. It’s just beating. But, you know, it’s like talking about how you can be living. It’s up to you. I like that, but it’s a good song. Did she have any thoughts about she loved it? Oh, that’s cute. Followed by Kenny Chesney Don’t blink. Oh, so I had to pause it and be like, Okay, so now that we’re living, yes, now that we’re living this is about a man who live to be 102 years old. And this is his ad Ice to all the people and what they should do how they should live. And she was like, oh, and he says, and it’s funny because you know, she’s seven. And it’s like, one day, you’re six years old and you take a nap. And the next day you wake up and you’re 25. And she was like, ah, mom, like, I’m going to be 25 One day, and tastes like laugh and he said, I take naps. I said, Yeah, Haven and you used to be three, like Tate, right? And now you’re seven, and then you’re gonna be 17. And she was like, and you’re gonna be 102. I was like, Yeah, I know. But let’s back up. You’re like, thanks. But she gets really into like, what it’s saying. That’s cute. No, it’s fun. Good. Country music has perks.

Katy 40:43
Say it didn’t. That’s funny. This was great. Okay, super. Our toast today is coming from Elizabeth foster in Washington State. Who’s going to toast to her three teenage boys. I can’t wait to hear what she says about Vincent Dominique and Anthony. Vincent

Alissa 40:59
Dominique. And how cute is that? So cute rash.

Katy 41:03
Okay, well here we go. Y’all get out there and

Speaker 1 41:07
oh, no, it makes me think of Shawshank get busy living or get busy dying.

Katy 41:13
Just get out there live. Okay, bye.

Speaker 2 41:16
Hi, my name is Elizabeth Foster. I am from Lakewood, Washington. I am toasting my three amazing teenage boys, Vincent, Dominique and Anthony Foster. They are my why I love them to pieces. They are what keeps me going. And I love all three of them very much. Bye.

Alissa 41:36
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. If

Katy 41:39
you enjoy this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify. If you have

Alissa 41:47
an episode topic or someone you’d like to toast on the show, please email us at team at hustle humbly podcast.com

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Find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast. Don’t forget to find all of the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources See you next week.

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