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You’ve been out there telling everyone that you are ready to help them buy and sell, but how do you SHOW you are in real estate? Shockingly that social media post you spent hours on was probably seen by less than 5% of your friends/followers. Now you are sitting by the phone waiting for the business to roll in and it’s crickets. In this episode we will give you tips on exactly how to show your sphere that you are an active agent ready and willing to help them. We aren’t simply focusing on social media either. We are going to give you ideas for your email list, DMing, texting, calling and even snail mail! We are also issuing a challenge for you to stop saying “call me if you need to buy or sell a house”. And asking an important question: What would you do if you couldn’t post on social media for your business?

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Katy 0:01
Those are all opened at a over 60%

Alissa 0:04
rate. That’s awesome. I know this is a strange, random thing, but I think I would be like, really good at being homeless. Yes, you have said you are an agent, but are you showing you are an agent? The secret you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding. Hard work beats

Katy 0:27
talent when talent doesn’t work hard,

Alissa 0:32
that’s a good one. So

Katy 0:33

Alissa 0:36
Hi y’all, welcome to hustle. Humbly, it’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market. We

Katy 0:42
work for two different companies where we should be competitors, but we have chosen community over competition. The

Alissa 0:47
goal of our podcast is to encourage you to find your own way in business, so

Katy 0:51
stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, Alyssa, welcome. Hey, Katie.

Alissa 0:56
It is episode 257,

Katy 0:59
which is a follow up to last week’s fun episode. He’s just not that into you. Yes, this week we’re going to show that we’re a Realtor with our favorite song as a guide, not our favorite song, just a song as a guide. So

Alissa 1:12
call me maybe.

Katy 1:14
Do you know any other words this? Hey, I just met you. This is crazy.

Alissa 1:20
Here’s my number,

Katy 1:22
so call me maybe,

Alissa 1:24
yeah, but we’re taking it like, you know, realtors, like, Call Me Maybe, maybe my phone’s not ringing, or like, they’re, they’re giving

Katy 1:32
out their number all the time, billboards, it’s, it’s literally everywhere. Facebook, I put it on Facebook, but

Alissa 1:39
my phone’s not ringing, and then when it does ring and I’m excited, it’s Zillow or someone trying to sell me health insurance, oh

Katy 1:49
gosh, for texts, you

Alissa 1:51
get so excited thinking the client is calling

Katy 1:54
this Hello, and you’re like, Oh, Mom,

Alissa 1:57
I gotta call you back.

Katy 1:58
I know we need to come up with a script not mom, but like, for the people selling you stuff, that’s like, if, if you don’t want to buy a house, I don’t want to sell what you

Alissa 2:06
got, maybe, like a voicemail, yeah?

Katy 2:09
Like, if you’re not calling me to buy or sell your home, I’m not buying what you’re selling. Yeah, stop calling me. Okay, so tell me why. Why are we talking about this. Okay, so I,

Alissa 2:22
I have noticed that, you know how people call like, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, the baby boomers like they’re labeling them, right?

Katy 2:31
This has been happening for literally generations. Yes, I

Alissa 2:35
have noticed lately a pattern in the behavior of new agents.

Katy 2:41
Are we calling them Gen Z? I

Alissa 2:43
don’t know what we’ll call them. Okay, keep going, depending on the state of the market when they got licensed. Okay, okay, so like in the beginning when I got licensed, for example, in 2011 I don’t know what I would call myself, but there was social media, but nobody was really like real estate wasn’t huge on social media. So there was also just not a lot of young people, young realtors in 2011 right when I went and interviewed offices, it was, you know, mostly older agents. And I think even at the time, the average age of a realtor was 65 correct, okay, when I started real estate, because I remember hearing that statistic in a class, okay? And you’re like, Whoa. All of that to say I had to do things so differently, right? Than a new agent today, yep, but just in the last four years, depending on when you’re you got licensed, how you had to start was different, sort of like, how you got licensed. And Katrina had just hurricane. Katrina had just happened, and you were kind of like, thrown to the wolves to answer as many calls. Figure it out. Figure it out. Like, hurry, the market’s busy, right? Yeah,

Katy 4:03
well, we’re literally beating down the door. They were Yes,

Alissa 4:08
and so it’s similar to what happened during the covid years, when it was just bidding wars all across the country. You may be like, people were their corporate jobs were shutting down, and their plan B was real estate. I’m gonna get my real estate license. Yes. Okay, you know, the second I got licensed, all of a sudden my phone was ringing, because there’s so many people out there that are trying to buy a house right now or sell a house because buyers are paying so much money, like this is easy. Yeah. Okay, now we’re in 2024 I just listened to a speaker, non real estate speaker, who was just talking about how we’re living in the 20s, right? You know we refer to like the 1920s right? The Roaring 20s, the Roaring 20s. But one day. When we’re older, they’re going to be like, remember when we survived the 20s? Yeah, and 2024, specifically is like, we’re having insurance failure across the country. It’s an election year. Interest rates are very high. There’s just so much going on that one day, this may be referred back to as, like, the decade of the the 20s. Like, remember, covid was hard. It was hard. Maybe we’ll have roaring

Katy 5:29
30s, yeah, but we’ve still got so far to go.

Alissa 5:33
I know we do have a little bit of ways to go. Okay, that’s all my lead up to,

Katy 5:39
okay. What

Alissa 5:40
made me notice? You know, I’m always out and about, talking to talking to agents, yeah, people in my office, people at the board, and the I’m I get, you get so used to hearing the same thing over and over and over again. And just this year, I feel like the narrative has changed. Okay? What is the current narrative? Well, when I’m talking to new agents now, we are back to it’s hard. However, they’re more surprised that it’s hard. Oh,

Katy 6:13
they’re like, wait a minute, yes. Why isn’t this easier?

Alissa 6:17
Correct? Yeah. Oh, because we’re coming out of a time period where selling a house wasn’t the most I mean, put it this way, yes, we still had obstacles to work through. There’s so much to go through within the process of selling a house. But as far as getting, quote, unquote like leads and things like that, those are more sparse right now. So actually getting the client right now is harder, yeah, because there’s not as many people looking to buy. There’s not as many people looking to sell. All these people just bought with their low interest rates, and if they have a low interest rate, they’re probably just going to sit tight for a minute. So when I started in 2011 and Connie told me, Listen, like real estate is hard and it requires a lot of work. You have to treat it like a business. That’s just all I knew. Yeah, so I was prepared for that, but now they’re coming into it after seeing the last three years of just deals blowing and going and, you know, everybody’s on social media talking about sold a house in one day over asking who’s next. I mean, so then they get licensed, and they’re like, wait a minute, this is hard, yeah,

Katy 7:37
because the market does determine how hard it’s going to be sure. I mean, it can make it easy, and it can make it very hard. And on top of that, we’re layering in trip like so much turmoil in the actual field. Yes,

Alissa 7:53
yes. There’s just a lot going on right now. Good

Katy 7:57
news while, while you were giving me the so we’re basically covering the last 20 years of real estate, right? Because I got my license in 2005 so it’ll in one more year, it’ll be 20 years. So the back then the no social media, the, you know, then I had Katrina, then the crash, like the actual real estate crash, we’re gonna call that time frame, the traditionalists, okay? I had just, we did it the traditional way. Yes, maybe a little bit of social media was showing up, but it was just traditional, and the market was pretty normal, and then the market crashed. Okay, okay, 2011 when you showed up. I’m calling you the transitionalist. Yes, it was just in a we’re changing, we’re adding in the social media. I think I got on in like 2009 because if I took one more real estate class that told me I needed to be on social media, and I’m pretty tech savvy, and want to be on the front end, right? So I’m like, okay, okay, I’ll do it. So traditionalist, then we’re on you. You’re the transitionalist. Okay, in 2020s the beginning of 2020 we’re gonna call that the opportunist. The opportunity was everywhere, right? It was relatively easy to get your license. You were had an opportunity where maybe your job sent you home and you had time to do it, right? You’re so good at this. Okay, okay, then in 2024 we’re now the survivalist, yes, like, who’s gonna survive? There’s turmoil in the industry. There’s turmoil in the market. Like, it’s not as easy to buy or sell, like, who is gonna survive, okay, those are my that gave excellent generations names.

Alissa 9:21
I love it great. Because I did not think that forehead, that’s and these are perfect names, perfect. This is exactly what I was trying to verbalize. So thank you. You told me you sold it to me. Thank you. And so I had some conversations with some agents today, and listen, when I say new agent, I don’t necessarily mean young people just new to the business, yes, and I’m talking to people that are young, but I’ve also, I talked to a lady this week that was in her 50s, and this is her second career, sure, and she got into real estate. So this is everybody that I have talked to, and it was such a trend, I thought we. Think we might need an episode on this, because if I’m hearing this much, Surely our listeners are also experiencing this as well, right her so when, whenever she came and sat down with me, as always, you know when you’re new and you have all that anxious energy and you’re excited and you just want things to start happening, and she’s like, I don’t know. I just I’ve let everybody know that I’m a realtor. I have put it on Facebook, and nobody’s reaching out, and I’m going, Okay, well, have you done your announcement cards? So in our office, if you get 250 people on an Excel spreadsheet, they will send out a mailer on your behalf saying we are welcoming Alyssa Jenkins to our company. If you need help buying or selling, please call her. That’s just step one. Okay, so I’m like, Have you done that? And she’s like, Yeah. I mean, I have let everybody know. Everyone knows, everyone knows that I am a real estate agent, and nobody’s calling me, right? And we, and this was after a really good sales meeting. Okay? So during this sales meeting, we got a very interesting insurance update about flood insurance. We got, we just, it was just very informative, yeah, so I asked her, I said, so you’ve been talking to me for like 30 minutes after this meeting, Have you shared anything on your social media or to your email list about what you learned in this meeting? Like, this is fascinating stuff. This is so cool to the consumer. Yes, very helpful. And she was like, Well, no, I haven’t I wasn’t gonna like, I’m waiting for them to call me. Right? When are they gonna call right? And it reminded me, and I know we’ve said this before, but how social media gives you such a false sense of security? Yep, you think that because you posted it and because you told people that they know you are a real estate agent,

Katy 12:02
right? And here’s the truth of it, even if you told them face to face, the as soon as you walk away, no one is thinking about you. Okay, yes, no one is thinking about you. I don’t know if it is summer or what is going on, but my short term memory loss,

Alissa 12:19
I’m just like, Dory over here. I’m like, Just keep swimming. I’m like, if it’s not in writing somewhere, don’t remember. I don’t remember. So if you texted me and I said, Sure, anybody listening? If you have texted me and I responded and did not send you what you need, text me again or shoot me an email. I am just there’s so much going on in the world in general, yeah, that I’m not gonna remember, no, and when the time comes for me to need something, I’m not gonna be like, who was that girl four months ago? Someone

Katy 12:49
might even be like, God, someone just told me they were an agent, but I don’t know who it was, so let me call my mom and get her agent’s name correct, right? Because they’re like, Oh, I wish I could remember.

Alissa 13:00
And how many times have you talked to someone and you said, Oh, awesome. Who was your agent? Um, I don’t know. I don’t remember. They were great. Yeah, she was so good. Loved her. She had brown hair. And I’m like, wow, I have no idea who you’re talking about. Who knew. So it just goes to show that if, if the consumer is not remembering who helped them buy their house.

Katy 13:23
They certainly aren’t remembering if you one time mentioned you gotten into real estate. Yeah,

Alissa 13:27
your one pre printed postcard that you sent out. No. And so I gave her a little challenge. I want you to pretend like you don’t have Facebook or social media anymore. Okay, it is not there. What are you gonna do now? What did she say power, and she looked terrified. She’s like, Wait a minute. Yes, it was like, I removed the only thing that was giving her quote, unquote security,

Katy 13:54
right? But I’m working. I told people I know, but so let’s just say you have 500 friends and follow or followers, 500 people you know on social media, less than 5% see your post,

Alissa 14:07
right? So when I told her that statistic, she was like, what I said, yeah, just because you post something doesn’t mean anyone saw 100% of your friends don’t see

Katy 14:17
it. Now, if she had hand to hand, combated this and was sending a DM to each of the 500

Alissa 14:23
people, different and guess what? That’s work, work.

Katy 14:27
Or if she sent a text, not just a postcard in the mail, maybe the text is like, hey, maybe you got my postcard. You know, I am loving being in real estate. It’s such a change from x, you know, my last career. I am headed to an open house today, if you ever want to just out and chat. I have a different schedule now, and I’d love to talk. You know, I’d love to

Alissa 14:46
see you. So good. Do you know what I mean? Like, yeah, I have a different schedule now, and so I’m available eat for lunch. Yeah? Talk about anything. Yeah, that’s good. But then you sent a send the message. I remember. After I mailed out. You know, it took me a minute to get my Excel spreadsheet in order, in a way that they could send this mailer. So I thought, got that out the way, and Connie’s like, Okay, guess what? Now you need to write 250 handwritten letters to every person that got an announcement card. Wow. What just doing, like the prepaid, pre printed stuff was hard, right? But you know what? That’s what I did. You wrote the letter. It took a long time. Yeah, I would just put on, he’s just not that into you, and write, write the letters over and over until my hand was like, decrepit, because I was like, I can’t, I can’t do it. And then I would have to take a break and start again the next day.

Katy 15:42
Do you have any recollection of what the letters said? Ish, that

Alissa 15:45
I wrote it 250 times. Please recite it. Please tell us it said something very similar to what you just said. You know, hey, Susie, you may have gotten the card that my new company sent out letting everybody know I’m in real estate, but I wanted to reach out to you personally and just let you know that I’m here. I’m available. This company that I have joined is so incredible. I have so much support, and they are a huge leader in our industry. I was trying to because I didn’t have any right. And they see you know you so they know how young you are. They know I’m young, and they know that I don’t have any experience this is these aren’t strangers, right? So I was trying to let them know I have joined a company with a that was a great reputation in the industry, that was a great if I can’t take it, if I can’t rely on my own numbers, I will use theirs and their reputation and just let them know how excited I was about this and that I’m taking new clients. And I said, if you know anybody, please think of me, and I included five business cards back into probably didn’t need that now, probably didn’t need to do that, but I included five business cards inside each letter. You were asking for business. I was asking for business very directly, yeah. But also, I think by saying you may have gotten this preprinted thing for my company, I wanted to reach out to you personally, right? It’s personal, yeah. And the response from that, guess what? Still wasn’t.

Katy 17:15
No one called you like I started

Alissa 17:17
getting some some activity, okay, not necessarily closings at first, right? But, you know, I had one lady respond that was like, Oh, I got your card. Thank you so much. You know, I’m so curious about these condos in Perkins row. I don’t know what we’re gonna do, just it. And to be honest, it never actually led to anything. She never, yeah, moved, but I did all this research on the condos. Got back with her, and so she, when she thinks of real estate agents, she thinks of me. Now, right? And that was the whole point was, not necessarily, are you gonna buy a house, but I need you to know somebody that when you hear it, you think of me, yeah, I think that’s why I have never felt like real estate was, quote, unquote, salesy, right? Because I’m not calling these people that I know to invite them to my house for a party to sell something right? It’s not that type of

Katy 18:22
thing. You’re not calling an expired listing being like, I only am talking to you because I want to take this listing correct.

Alissa 18:29
It was never like that. It was more of a asking for help. Yeah, and people love to help. They do. And when I said, you know, I’m enjoying this. And if you ever hear of anyone, please, just know I’m gonna do the best job. Yeah, that I can. And I have so much support behind me that made them go, oh, you know, like, yeah, she’s, I want to you should call my friend. She just, you know, she is really out there, working hard, and she has so much enthusiasm. And I would tell sellers on my listing appointment, like, Listen, I want to sell your house so bad, yes, and I have the energy and the time I think it’s okay to be honest.

Katy 19:11
Like, I remember, and it was deep in it wasn’t when I was brand new, but when I went to the big listing. So my biggest like, luxury, first time ever luxury listing appointment, and I just told him, I’m like, this would be a big deal for me, yeah? Like, if I take this listing, I will treat it so well, because this is big. It’s a big deal for me. Big deal for me. And I think it’s okay to say to people, I am new, working with you is a big deal for me. Like, thank you. Thank you for trusting me. I

Alissa 19:37
am going to right. I put all my effort into this? Yes, I’m gonna prove you right. Thank you. You, I won’t let you down.

Katy 19:44
Okay, but let’s go back to what would you do if you could not post about it? I think you mentioned the cards and the mail there. Like, do you have an email list? Okay,

Alissa 19:55
yeah. How

Katy 19:55
did, how did these people? Like, maybe you want to shoot an email? Hey. Maybe the email is just the third level of you sent the two things in the mail, and the third one is, hey, maybe you saw my mail, you know, just also wanted to check in this way or say whatever you want to say, Hey, I just, you know, went to this class and learned this about real estate this week, and I thought it might be helpful to you. Hope you’re having a great week, absolutely.

Alissa 20:18
And so when I asked so she said, Well, should I just go? Like, when I asked her, did you post about this? This information we just learned at sales meeting, and she looked so confused. Like, No, I didn’t even think about that. She’s like, should I go post that? And I said, Yes, but if you could just write a short email and listen, I wasn’t telling her, go make a newsletter. No, gosh, and put this pressure on yourself that every month this newsletter, no, but if you have an email list, then you can quickly get into your platform. Say, Hey, friends, I was just at a sales meeting and I learned that they’re going to be decreasing flood insurance by this percent. This is such great news. If you have flood insurance, this is important to you. Let me know if you have questions. The end, that’s like a minute to all of your email list. And even those that don’t have flood insurance are going, Wow, she’s in the know. Yeah, she is so smart. You know, the email list is just such a way to get the information needed out on a professional platform. So let’s give it

Katy 21:25
perspective. If less than 5% of your social media followers or friends see your post, a typical business email open rate is around 30% Yeah, if you’re emailing to your list from any email service provider, it’s going to show you the open rates, right? And you’re going to have to, because if your list is more than 100 people, you can’t individually send this through like a Gmail, okay, if your open rate is probably going to be over 50% when you start. So if you’re consistently sending something people want to open, I will give you a for instance, if you’re on our email list, like our podcast email list, those are all opened at a over 60% rate. That’s awesome, because we’re giving information that people want to receive, okay? And that’s the same thing if, as long as you’re not sending some weird, canned, long, hard to read, if it’s a short like what you just described, and actually useful,

Alissa 22:16
and there was people no graphic, yeah, like it looks like it came just from my email account, right? My email signature was in there. They have no idea it went to all No, however many emails you have, yeah, it’s just an email to you, right?

Katy 22:35
Okay, the other and we talked about DMS already. That was my other thing. If I couldn’t post on the social media, at least I would DM four, shoot him a text.

Alissa 22:42
And here’s the other calls, yes, yes, we Yes. Okay,

Katy 22:46
what’s the other good news? Tell

Alissa 22:47
me that the other good news is that you can post Yes. Social media is great. Yeah, it’s very helpful in business. But what are you doing not to say I’m a real estate agent? Call me. I’m a real estate agent. Call me. You need to be pick a subdivision and go tour some vacant homes. And I don’t know about other markets, but in our market here, we have tons of tours going, yeah, all the time, right? That all agents are invited to everyone’s invited. I wish they had these more when I like, in 2011 because that would have been so great, because I was very poor and hungry, and all of these tours are giving away gas cards and food and lunch, and every house like, oh, there’s five houses, and the first one has a cocktail and the second one has an appetizer and the third one has a sandwich and the fourth one has a dessert. I’m like, Where was this in 2011 when I was starving? Alyssa is

Katy 23:44
convinced that you could be easily homeless and taken care of by just following the realtor of a house.

Alissa 23:52
I told Katie. Well, we were at the beach recently. I said, you know, I know this is a strange, random thing, but I think I would be, like, really good at being homeless. You’re like, I’ve got, I’ve got a plan. I have this whole plan of, you know, all you really need is a shower, right? And, like, one pair of clothes that’s somewhat clean, and you can stroll into anywhere for real estate purposes. I mean, you could go to million dollar open houses and grab a champagne and act one of those, one of those charcuterie cups. Yes, we went. When we just went to the beach. We went to a house that’s great in 30 a that was $6 million yeah, it was just open, yeah. Shout out to the group. Group, yeah, thanks. Strip group. And they had charcuterie and bartenders and, you know, bottled water everywhere. And I just was thinking, like, if and then, like, the house was so big, so big, I’m like, someone could hide in the closet and, like, live here for a week. So I feel like there’s a movie about this, but they’re hiding in, like a Walmart or something, yeah, and they’re just surviving

Katy 24:58
right from the camp. Department of the Walmart.

Alissa 25:02
There’s just so many opportunities, right? But if you side, don’t, yeah, I just know these things. But, um, how did, I don’t know how we got there, okay, but show what you’re doing. You’re going to the you’re going to the tours. Okay, these tours, I think, have so much value when you don’t have much to do. I don’t go on them as much. I don’t ever, probably anymore, because I’m I am busy, right? But I think that they are excellent. If you are looking for content for your social media, go and say, do you know about this neighborhood? Let me show you this house. They have leathered granite. Have you ever seen leathered? Find something about these properties. The goal is, are you? Yes, you have said you are an agent, but are you showing you are an agent? And how are you going to do that? You know, you can do tours, you can share statistics that you get. You can share graphics. You can share the news that you put out in your newsletter on your social media as well. But the question is, is it valuable when the people see I’m a realtor, call me, I’m a realtor. Call me.

Katy 26:10
No value to anyone. There’s

Alissa 26:12
no value, and they likely won’t call you.

Katy 26:14
No, no. I love all these potential posts, and all of this is reminding me of what to do when you’re new or slow, which is episode 17. And then the revisit was what to do when you don’t know what to do, which is 135 so there are lots of tactical items in there on what you can do in those time periods, which I think some people are currently having, and I like that. Just challenge yourself to not say, Call me if you need to buy or sell a house. Show what you’re doing, show how you’re like. And I know saying provide value is very confusing sometimes to people, you have to think, when you’re on social media, value to you is if you laugh, if you’re entertained, if you’re like, Oh, that’s interesting. They could just it doesn’t have to be, oh, that person needs that piece of information at this moment, right? But maybe they’re like, oh, that’s something I’m thinking about. Or, Yes, I did want to know what the interest rates were. Now, yeah,

Alissa 27:08
that’s interesting. Like, just, I know whenever I post the interest rates, I get so much feedback from that, and a lot of times it’s not from people that are in the market. They’ll, just respond and be like, Dang, this makes me happy with my 5% or my 4% you know, or so glad we bought our house when we did. Or even past clients, so glad we bought our house when we did. It’s just engaging, right? And it’s reminding them that I have value. I am still a full time professional agent, right?

Katy 27:41
And because you had that conversation, maybe they’re not buying, but maybe their friend says, ooh, I have to move. And they’re like, oh, call Alyssa. Yes, she knows everything. She’s still out there. Who knows what’s happening? She’s still out there. So you want to show not sell. Okay, so show not sell. Show them what you’re doing. Go out there. Take a picture of a house. Drive. Take the, take a picture of the literal neighborhood entrance sign, yeah? Just driving through some neighborhoods today to see, you know what, what’s going on. It’s

Alissa 28:10
like, what are you doing to show that you are an expert in your field? Yeah, there’s an agent that I’m friends with. Her name’s Lacey, but every time she goes to CE, like, continue, you know, we only need 12 hours of CE, she gets, like, 50 or something. She’s like, she’s learning again to love, and she’s newer. So she is just taking the education part of this so seriously, and she’s picking classes that are what she’s looking for specifically. But what I love about it is, every single time she takes a class, she posts a picture of herself at the class, what the class is called, and says, I’m here for you. Oh, I like that. I love that. Yes, it’s like taking a four hour class on negotiating, I’m here for you. Yeah, I’m doing this for you, right? More than me, yeah, it’s about, I’m doing this to serve you. Well, good, wow. Lacey, that’s awesome. I

Katy 29:07
have a little story. Okay, okay, so I’m listening to Gary V’s new book. It was called day trading attention, all about social media. Day Trading attention day so finding where people’s attention is and actually using that information to market your business, okay? Is what the book is about. Fascinating, okay? And he tells the story of meeting a he meets his fans out in the world all the time. He met this couple. They come up to him at this conference, and they’re like, We are going to change the world versus this is what? And then they tell him kind of about, I feel like it might have even been, like, a nonprofit or something, but like, we’re going to change the world. And he’s like, that’s awesome. How many times a week are you posting? And they’re like, We are working so hard. And he’s like, That’s so great. I love that for you. How many times are you posting? And they’re like, We. We, we just hired a new marketing person, and we’re, we’re so excited to change the world. He’s like, how many times are you posting? And they said, once a week, once a week. And he was just like, okay, okay, I want you to change the world, but once a week, posting ain’t gonna do it, sending one card, sending making one post, sending one DM. These things are not going to stay with people long enough for them to remember you when they need you in a year and a half. Correct. So you can’t just make one post and be like, I did it. I don’t like That’s why showing and being out there doing some work related activities. Makes this easier, because it would be awkward for you to continually be like, Hey, I’m in real estate, call me if you need anything. And then a week later, hey, I’m in real estate, call me if you need anything. Like it feels desperate. It is, but you have to put something out there. It’s desperate, like Gigi. Just right, just like Gigi. So desperate. You’ve got anybody. You got to put yourself out there.

Alissa 31:03
She did a lot. She did, but she just didn’t have any boundaries. And she wasn’t doing it the right way. No, she was spinning her wheels, I know. And once she figured it out, yeah, it worked. It works. That’s right. And something will stick. We’re telling you some help and guidance. And I find, I found, when I was listening to these agents, I was feeling for them so much, because I can see why they’re confused.

Katy 31:30
That’s what’s so funny from this side of it. It’s like, it seems so obvious, and it seems like I’m like, oh, you know, back when I started as a traditionalist, yeah, like, I wish that I knew what an email list was and how to easily speak to it. I wish that I knew how to post when I was at the class and I had zero social media accounts when I started in 2005 zero, not a single one. I never did any of them. I like, just miss when Facebook started in colleges, like I was already out, right? So then, I mean, then it’s like, well, I don’t need to do that. I’m not in college.

Alissa 32:08
But look at you see it all. Can’t

Katy 32:11
you just see it all? Yeah,

Alissa 32:12
it’s incredible. And kind of like you said, I feel like Gary Vee a lot of times in that example, where someone’s going, I mean, I tell and I say, Yeah, but when’s the last time you talk to a human, right? Well, I’m, I made this really cool flyer, okay, when’s the last time you you talk to a human, like a friend or a somebody, you know? Well, look, I spent an hour on this graphic, and I’m Listen to me, right? Because that, it reminds me of that quote that the secret you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding. Oh, that’s so good. Isn’t that so good,

Katy 32:51
so good.

Alissa 32:51
When we everybody wants that secret talk to me. Well, wait, that’s why I had to put it,

Katy 32:57
because I swear to you, the original graphic I made that. I don’t know that if I even ever posted it, but when we started the podcast and everyone, I’m like, we’re gonna people are like, what’s the secret? Like, what’s the secret to success? I’m

Alissa 33:09
like, the secret is hard work. Secret is work. That’s why I think the coffee dates were just like, so disappointing for people, because they wanted to meet with me to figure out the app or the technology or the CRM, the magic CRM, because some there’s something. It’s not them. Of course, they’re not. The reason it’s not happening. Nobody really wants to look within to say, maybe I’m not doing it right. Here’s

Katy 33:43
some great quotes for you. Okay, you can outwork 95% of people by just showing up every day. Yes,

Alissa 33:53
I just, you know, going back to the Generate Jenner generations of Realtors, yes, when I tell you that I went 52 Sundays in a row of open houses, because it was my that was your goal. Goal, you you never miss a goal. You said I had a binder. And every time I at the time in 2011 when you did an open house, the office major flyer for you. Okay, there was no Canva. They would just do your flyers and print them for you for the open house. I would always keep one and put it in my binder so I had all of them. And I did get business from the open houses. But more than that, the amount of experience. I got talking to all these people, following up with all of these people, figuring out what worked to get people to sign in, what worked to get people to feel comfortable, what didn’t work to get people to feel comfortable, what didn’t work when I said this, that didn’t go well. Gotta try different on the next person. Mm. I was always saying, if you need help to meet a termite guy, call me and and today’s generation of real estate agents, there’s, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to say everybody. It is not everybody, because I know there’s two or three on my list that are out there really working, but I will say the majority are like, I’m actually, I just can’t do this or do that. I or they would say, hey, I can help you if you give me $50 right? And I’m like, what? I never got $50

Katy 35:37
because you valued the education that you were getting from doing those activities, yes, and the practice that, and the confidence you get from doing that type of stuff. So you were like, I don’t need $50 I need the practice.

Alissa 35:52
Yeah, yes. And look, I needed the money, sure, but I wasn’t relying on other people for that part, right? I was just doing what I had to do. I knew if I could show some houses to someone, or if I could host the open house or do something new, it would only get me that much closer to my own paycheck. Yeah, I wanted to work to make money, yeah, but I did not want people to just give me money for something that I felt like I should have been paying them for. You were

Katy 36:24
like, This is great. This is an education, real life practice. Okay, here’s some of the really good ones. Okay, okay, Hard work beats talent. When talent doesn’t work hard, that’s a good one. So good that one says Marilyn rule, Heinrich, I don’t know, all right, how about this? Don’t underestimate your opponent, but don’t overestimate them either. Because I think that’s where, like, oh, everyone’s doing better than me. You know? I think that’s really all I have right now.

Alissa 36:56
I think the other good point about that is a lot of the agents, the newer agents I’ve been talking to, feel like they are working hard, but when they tell me what they’re doing, I’m like, that’s just never gonna make you any money, no? And you know, they’re so, they’re just, they’re this episode is to sort of help you gage right, what you’re doing, and is it productive, right?

Katy 37:21
There are money making activities, and there are busy work activities, and then there’s, like, a balance some of the things, these things you have to get done, right? But they’re not gonna bring in business.

Alissa 37:32
I know one different agent was telling me that she spent like, 45 minutes designing a custom sign, like for sale. You know, first she spent all this time making her own logo with her name fancy. But anyway, then once she had said logo, she’s like, trying to get this certain headshot. Then once she gets that, she’s trying to put it all together on this for sale sign. All of this took, like, a week, but there’s no listing to put it in, like, at what point in that process, right before the horse situation, I but she felt like she was working so hard, she was

Katy 38:16
working just At the wrong thing,

Alissa 38:20
dedicating her time was not allocated correctly, right? And that might be a good time to do a time audit,

Katy 38:27

Alissa 38:28
What did I do today, right? What did I do today that could possibly lead to business tomorrow? You know? Yeah, so I was just feeling my heart is going out to so many of the newer agents right now. I would not want to be new today. No,

Katy 38:47
because you do have to survive. You do in a definite season of can you survive this? If you survive it, I think it will be great. But I think a lot of people are not going to survive, not necessarily new, but agents of all

Alissa 39:02
experience levels, yeah, and if you are a hustle humbly listener, you’re ahead. Okay, you are seeking help.

Katy 39:12
You’ve come to the right place, to

Alissa 39:14
the right place, and we want the listeners that survive to have this kind of work ethic.

Katy 39:19
Well, every article you read right now is like the agents that survive are going to be the good ones, like the professional ones, the ones that do the work, the ones that know what they’re doing, that are getting education, that are really serving their clients. Because regardless of what any article says, sellers and buyers still need help. They’re not just going to suddenly turn that off. No,

Alissa 39:42
I’m good, yeah, this was good, great. So I have so many people I want to see call me. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe Call me. Call me. I know I just met you. Kind of crazy.

Katy 39:53
I know I just met you. This is great. I know. Look, wait, we should have made different words. I know I just. Toasted.

Alissa 40:00
This is crazy. Maybe

Katy 40:04
you didn’t see my post or my email, just in case, don’t have you sell yourself house maybe.

Alissa 40:09
Oh, my God, all right, that’s all. Here’s a toast. Here’s a toast. Hi,

Speaker 1 40:14
hi. This is Katie McGrath from Alfonso hicken realtors in Philadelphia. Pa and I want to toast our new agent group, because they listen to hustle humbly all the time. They love it. They really are motivated by it. They are crushing it in our marketplace. And I am thrilled to have met you all. Thank you so much.

Alissa 40:34
Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. If you enjoyed

Katy 40:37
this episode, please go to rate this podcast.com/hustle. Humbly and leave us a review or drop a comment if you’re listening on Spotify, if

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find us on social media at hustle humbly podcast, don’t forget to find all of the free resources at hustle humbly podcast.com/resources,

Alissa 41:00
see you next week. This is the good

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