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Great news, you’ve decided to get your real estate license!! Are you sure it’s going to be a good fit for you? What do you need to be prepared for? Did you know that you “interview” the broker, not vice versa? Join us for a discussion about how we got started and what we wish we knew before getting our licenses. From understanding needed character traits to what the exact expenses to your real estate business are, this episode will answer all of your questions. If you are a seasoned agent there is some useful information and insight about switching brokers and how to interview a broker at any stage of your career.

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So what kind of questions did we get?

Well, Casey asked us for our age, weight, height, date of birth and social security number.

Hi, y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business. So stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, friends. It’s episode 26. Okay, the who’s who episode?

We have been getting a lot of requests because people are not sure who is who on this podcast. People

are not sure who is who so we’re gonna do our best today to say it’s Katie and I have a bulldog who for the record is in the recording studio today. So we’re gonna just like winging it. If he snores, you now know that’s what’s going on. He was sleeping in the sunshine. If you go to our Instagram, you could probably find a photo of that. And easier english bulldog. 12 years old. There’s my first tip or my first bat

about Katie, Katie. And this is Alyssa. And morally. The Bulldog is sleeping at my feet. And he is in fact snoring through and I deemed him our podcast mascot. You did and from the beginning. Yes,

you take photos of him. I just love him. I know he’s the best. He’s so cute. I know. Well, while we’re on dogs, let’s do dogs. Okay, tell us about your dog. Okay, and your dogs, your past dogs. Okay, and what’s going on in your dog’s life? Because you’ve got stuff happening. We

do. By the time this airs, I will have my new

puppy. I’m so excited. And I forgot to look at the photo. And

so when I met my husband Tanner, he had an American bulldog named Rufus and I had my Rhodesian Ridgeback named soldier got it, Soldier and I lived together. He’s like, my, my dog, you know? And then after me and Tanner had been dating a while Rufus got glaucoma, okay. And we thought we were gonna have to put him to sleep. Right? My husband is an impulse shopper. Okay. And when he realized he might have to put his dog to sleep, ran out and bought a puppy. Like the first one he saw. Yes, someone at the sheriff’s department had a litter of, of French Mastiff puppies, beautiful, beautiful, sweet dogs. And he went and got a puppy and I we weren’t like engaged or anything and I was just thinking, I mean, if he wants that many dogs that’s like to him that’s your pro that puppy became my you love the but my my child. It loved me more than my Ridgeback soldier. Yeah, so that was Roscoe, right? Who we just just lost Roscoe. He was nine. And it was very hard. And now we just have soldier my Ridgeback. Right, who’s getting to ride in the car all the time now is it’s funny because the first day that we didn’t have Roscoe Tanner went to the camp. And I looked at soldier and I was like, This is a weird feeling. It has been 10 years since it was just me and you alone in a house. It’s like there’s the cycle is starting over.

I know. And it’s really not just you and him because now you have Haven but Right, right. Even still. Yeah. Okay. So but in that moment Haven was at school you like it was just us again. And so anyways,

we are going next week, which is January 15. So okay, this airs on February 3. Okay, so I will have had my puppy for like three weeks. I

hope it’s not windy everywhere.

I haven’t had a puppy in a decade.

It’s gonna be hard. I know. I know. I’m

probably going to work at home a bunch. Yeah, like during those early stages. I

think that’s good. Because Are you gonna show me a picture? Oh, my gosh, too bad. This is a podcast because that is one good lookin puppy. Oh, YouTube’s gonna get to see it. Yeah,

I don’t know if they can. Who knows? I’m sure. But anyway, we let Haven pick out his name. And I bet Hannah was like, that’s a bad idea. She’s gonna name him like pickles or macaroni. And we’re gonna have a dog name. Peanut butter and jelly. Right? You never. She said she wanted to name him Dante. Okay, and we were like, that’s an amazing name. Yeah, that’s Coco’s dog’s name. Love it. So if you haven’t seen the Disney movie, Coco, gotta watch it. But before Haven I was like, strictly known for all of the dog photos and being like a dog lover. And I kept saying like, Wait, when you have that baby, you’re not going to love your dogs as much. Do you think you love them less? I think I love them more great because seeing them together. So sweet.

Oh, I have no I am the same. I took all the photos of Marley Yeah. Jay and I got Marley in 2007. So we had him two years before Ainsley. So same. I took all the photos. I still take all the photos. I may photograph this dog more than my children.

I know. Well, they’re so photogenic. We, they just love you so much. I know. So I’m excited. Ken. Dogs are a big part of my life. Yeah,

I Love it. Oh, okay, that’s cool. So we’ve got dogs and we were on Coco. So why don’t you tell me your favorite Disney movie? Oh, by the way, you have to say

this is Alyssa. This is Alyssa. We have to say that periodically. You’re gonna

be like, it’s Alyssa. It’s Alyssa and your favorite Disney movie is Little

Mermaid. I know. I wish. I know that. I know all the words, you know, one time at a National Association of Realtors Conference. I had enjoyed the cocktail hour and so had everybody else on the bus. Oh my word and they were all starting to sing like one person would start a song. I’m like everybody in the bus saying it. And then I just started Yeah, Little Mermaid song and knew it from beginning to end and saying the whole thing. Do

you know what my favorite song and Little Mermaid is? Like Weisel. Love to jab.

It’s so good

Little Mermaid. It’s my This is Katie. And Little Mermaid is also my favorite Disney movie because I didn’t know that. I tell you that marijuana is a close second, because that movie is legit. Amazing.

Well, I have enjoyed having Haven because she’s catching me up on the current one. Like I love tangled.

Oh, yeah. And the rosin is good. Yeah, it’s pretty good. Yeah. So I just it’s been able to honor me that’s where it’s at. It really is so good. Okay, you’re gonna ask me tell us some of the questions that our listeners asked about us personally. No, we’re not going to share our social security numbers. But try some of you.

Okay, well, I Alyssa, this is Alyssa. I am 31 years old. Okay. This is Katie. I’m 42. Okay, I’m five, four.

You know, that is exact average height of a minute of an American. Okay. Oh, because it’s different in different nationalities. Right? I’m five, six and a half and I want that half. Yeah, I’m not I’m not giving it up. No, until a shrink I guess. Yeah. Yeah. Five, six and a half. Okay. Well,

we have a question from Emily ness and Alabama. Kay, love Emily. She wants to know what our biggest challenge or fear in our career is. And you went right for the heart. I

know we’re jumping. Oh, mostly on knows the moving, we’re jumping in shoe What is your biggest fear? Okay, this is Katie. And my biggest fear is that I am still dealing with scarcity mindset. And I think that there isn’t enough for everyone. And I’ve got to be like, you know, competitive and worried that I’m not going to have enough closings and enough money. And, you know, I just I try to I’m working on it.

That is my same exact struggle. I worry that the market is going to crash and I don’t know what that means. Exactly. Because I’ve only been in the business since 2011. Okay, so I’ve never gone through like a recession, if you will. Um, but my fear is that you know, when things are good, you live a certain lifestyle and if the market crashed, what are you going to do? Yeah, you know, Charlie is snoring he really is cornering it’s fine. That’s what we’ve covered his real life. We’ve committed to it he’s on here now.

I mean, like, this is the episode about us,

but that is why I live so conservatively. Right? And that is why I am such a big money hoarder money saver. My husband thinks I’m ridiculous. Yeah, so funny story, right. My husband likes the finer things in life. I love like, what give

us some example kind of bougie okay, I can we point out first while we’re on this, tell everyone Alyssa, what your husband? That’s your bougie husband.

He’s in law enforcement. Right? And he told me that if I sell 30 million, he said pick out a number that’s not really realistic. Okay, like super high. And I was like, 30, you know, and he said, but but could be, like, good realm be possible. Yeah. Not like 100 million. Yeah, no, that so so I said 30 million. And he said, Okay, if you sell 30 million, I get a brand new truck. And he like listed the kind that it was like all the things that it’s going to have. Yeah. But he’s always picking on me because of my four runner. Well, I like I love my four runner, but it’s my third one. Okay, I’ve my whole life.

I’ve had four run. I’m a Honda kid. Like, yeah, all of my cars are Honda’s.

Yeah. I mean, it’s just you kind of find what you like. And then when it came time to get a new one. He was like, let’s go test drive Lexus like the the four runner version. And I was like, I don’t want to okay, what was the point like, I don’t want to and this this is just me, right? Like, I don’t care if people drive whatever you want to drive, but I just love for run, right? So he said, If you sell 30 million, I get my dream truck. Okay. I said okay, here’s the stipulation. If I sell 30 million, you get your dream truck and I get to keep my foreigner and you never mentioned it and I never mentioned again and he was like, That’s so ridiculous. Why would he wants you to go 30 million? Your goal is to keep your old car. Yeah, I

love like, Yes. He was like I understand like

if you sold 30 million you could get whatever you want it because I’m not gonna lie like I love how like the Range Rovers love. Yeah, but I just it’s it’s not a desire of my heart you can write but my my fear like you know I have investment property right. So I just paid off the first one. That’s amazing. It’s a huge accomplishment. We worked very hard to do it, but we still have four. Yeah,

so besides judges with mortgages, that’s nerve racking well,

not right now. Because like, No, I’ve never paid the mortgage myself. Okay, because there’s always a tenant, there’s well, even when they’re vacant, the account that all of our rental money goes into hovers it can cover, right, you’re so good, they can cover vacant and maybe we can do an episode on that one day, but it covers vacancies for like it could at right now they could all go vacant. And we would be okay for like a year. That’s amazing. But I make it that way. But my fear is that and I know this can’t happen. I’ve heard I’ve heard it’s like not even possible, really. But my fear is that they’re going to be like, Hey, we’re recalling all of your mortgages at one time, like you owe

everything changed our minds, right? And that would just good news, terrify a good realtor that can help you sell those properties. That would be so

scary. Problem solved. So that’s why I always keep my reserves really high. And it keeps it keeps the fear away. Like if my if I’m living responsibly and saving. I love it. The fear does not haunt me. Okay, good. I have one more fear.

Share it,

please. My fear is that I’m going to accidentally do something wrong. Oh, you mean like in a transaction? Yes. Yeah. Or like get audited and not have all? Yeah, you know, 5000 Blue pamphlets? Yeah. And they’re gonna be like, we’re taking your license. I have the same fear. You can’t be a realtor anymore. Yeah.

And you’re like, what would I do now?

Oh, my gosh, that’s scary.

I want to while we’re on this, I think that was a great question. We are also doing this episode because it’s coming to me now we have to keep saying our names. Full have. We’ve had some feedback that people are not aware of which of us is which of us

and well, the introduction episode is not highly listened to right. So if you haven’t listened to the introduction episode, it’s actually really got some good information in there went back and real episode two, culture of the real estate one everybody’s on. That is where people start. They love that one. I guess maybe like the intro title. Isn’t that exciting? But if you haven’t listened to it, go back and listen to it. It is good.

It’s good. So that’s why we’re on the who’s who we need to know who’s who. Katie. Hi.

And we have this is Alyssa. And we have a lot of new followers. Yeah, so I Yeah, we I guess that’s how it’s kind of like maybe periodically we just need to read date people in our lives. What I love

when people that’s right, when people are on Instagram or Facebook or wherever they’re like, I’ve got some new followers just wanted to say hi again and reminder. Because you’re right, no one’s gonna go back and listen to every episode or read every post or two. Why are you laughing? So loud

snoring like an old man. Okay, but

what’s funny about that as I am immune to the snoring dog, because this is my life. He sleeps in my room and you in your office, and he’s in the office and he snores, like in this are not actually a heavy snoring Bulldog. Yeah, this is just like an average. snoring. Yeah. Okay, we did. What do you want to you want to do another one?

Okay, so, Chelsea Peterson, our modern life realtor from Wisconsin. She should be. She’s the president of our fan club. Yes, she is. Officially now she’s

official. Let’s send her a jacket.

She wants to know favorite vacation spots. Oh, mine’s

30 A hands down. I love watercolor. But seasides pretty. I haven’t yet stayed in rosemary. But pretty much from end to end. 30 A in Florida. I guess I should tell the people who are not around here. This is Katie. And in five hours, we can drive to the most beautiful beach in the whole wide world. That’s all but the most beautiful houses. I love to look at the same same place every time. We’ve been staying in watercolor the last few times different houses in watercolor, but they have great pools. It’s easy to get to the beach. They have it’s just all it’s really bikable and I like we all get on our bikes and the kids this last time everyone knows how to ride their bike now. Oh my god. So we could all get on our bike with one bag and ride to the beach. That’s exciting. Life changing because you know, when you have babies and you go to the beach, it’s like a million thing. Okay, I

have to tell you the funniest story kids here. So I love my parents so much. They were very, like not very strict, and they’re lucky we all turned out okay. But there wasn’t a lot of the restrictions.

Well, your mom is in corporate America. Yes.

And then You know, my dad is in real estate doing appraisals. Yeah, only. So I don’t know. But one time we went to the beach, and I was probably seven. So my middle sister was five and my youngest sister was three. Okay. And we used to always when we were at the beach, my dad would walk us across the busy highway to this convenience store and we would get ICs. Okay. Well, I don’t fully remember, you know what our brain was thinking. But I’ve heard this story from my parents several times. Oh, man. So everybody’s in the beach house. It’s like the whole family, like, you know, cousins and everybody. So it’s like a lot of people. They just assume we’re with somebody. So we come strolling in with ICS,

seven, five and three. Yeah. Okay.

And everybody’s like, where did you get those ICs and we’re like,

we went to the store. And you were in charge. I was in charge.

You know, they went to the gas station, and we’re like the three little girls. And they just came in and got I see them walked out.

Okay, so no one had been paid. No, we

didn’t know that was that they literally like put my youngest sister and like a little stroller thing. And like, pulled her across the frickin busy highway. And

you almost were not three siblings.

Oh my gosh. Wow. I know. We survived what flavor icy coke and cherry mixed. Wait, tell

us. Oh, I’m so glad we’re doing who’s to tell us how you take your icy

coke first, then cherry thin coke than cherry and then you finish with coke. You have to start and end. It’s layered. Yes. I love it. gotta mix it properly, like a coke ice. I just love them. They’re my favorite. Okay,

I also am one of three siblings. Oh, I also am the I didn’t know this case. Actually, I’m the oldest. You’re the oldest. Yeah, we’re both the oldest of three. Now when I was eight, my sister was five and my brother was born. So I have a pretty big span from me to my brother. Do we need to kick this dog out? No, I just scratched him. Okay, wake them up. And then you gotta like nudge him Elijah over. Okay. Yeah. So there’s three of us. And I’m the oldest, okay, and that is the sibling story. Currently in my house. I’m Katie. Hey, y’all. It’s Katie. I’m back. I’m here. I have two kids. Great. They are seven and 10. That’s amazing to great. Those are great ages. They’re in first and fourth grade. Oh, and I have an older daughter and a younger son Ainsley and Jack.

Perfect. I have Haven who is almost three. Love it. And hopefully another coming

soon. Coming soon. Maybe eventually. When you say you have to train a puppy first. I know. You have a lot going on

there. Okay, so favorite vacation spot for me. Me and my family are scuba divers. Oh yeah. And we used to take a annual trip to Mexico and we would stay at these like boutique hotels like dive dive shops. You know, my bougie has been tattered and always love them because the AC was not always super reliable. Like I enjoy that more like I would rather like the adventure. Yeah, like sleep with the windows open and the breeze blow in and, you know, just kind of it’s more local that way. It’s less chain hotel feeling. I like it. And then we would just eat guacamole and drink Coronas on the B level of that. Like even my family likes scuba diving more than I do like like they could go in on like seven or eight dives a day. Oh my after like two or three. I’m like I’ll hang out on the boat and drink Coronas while y’all Yeah, dive. I’m on the boat. Yeah, but I enjoy the trip. Like it. Sure. Just so, so nice. So that’s my favorite vacation. Okay, and

what was the other part of that? Um, oh, no, just that.

Yeah, just that and another question we got is favorite TV shows?

Oh, can we do something before we go to favorite TV show? Yeah. So we know where your What about like, Do you have a dream destination like a vacation that like your bucket list vacation?

I don’t know. I feel like there’s so many places like I really want to go to Ireland. Okay, um, and then I want to go somewhere that’s like, I don’t even know what the right word would be like Bora Bora. Maybe like somewhere we want to be on the bungalow over the water. Yeah, I’m down for that like that kind of tropic Okay,

so this is Katie and my current dream destination. Y’all are gonna laugh. I want to go to Canada and LIKE TO BAM the National Park and to see like the turquoise lakes. That’s cool. I am

just we have that Canadian listeners. Oh great. They should message us and tell us where we should go.

I know I want to go like I think what I want to do is go to Vancouver and get on the train like that. Remember Jillian? The Bachelorette? Yes, she got on the train and then they went all the way to Lake Lee. We eat and they stay in the hotel on Lake Louise and I’m like, I want all of it. I want says Jay is obsessed. He wants to ride a train. I don’t think he’s ever done it. So does

Tanner Oh my God, that’s weird and I was like you’re not gonna like it. We’re

gonna go to Vancouver. We’re gonna get on the train and we’re gonna ride it to to, I guess Calgary or wherever you go to be. And then you go to Lake Louise. And then we’ll see the beautiful turquoise lakes. Oh my god and the mountains in the in the Canadian Rockies very doable.

Are you going? I don’t know. Maybe this year? Yeah. Let’s see what happens. Okay. When you sell 30 million right? When I sell 30 million, I’m keeping my car.

That’s right. You have big big dreams, big dreams and big goals. Okay, what’s next TV show? Oh, that’s right TV show. Okay, so my favorite TV show this is Katie of all time. His friends. We watch it every night we go to bed. It’s like put the sleep timer on. Let it run. Always friends.

I love a good this is Alyssa. I love a good documentary. Something like real life that just gets my brain thinking and guide me outside of my bubble. Love it like crime stories. Oh, yeah, but if taters hunting or something, I can’t watch them because I get scared and that’s creepy. Right? You don’t have like a favorite like Game of Thrones? You like re watch it okay. Tanner got me liking the wires. Yeah, like all these cop shows. Because yeah, Tanner J

makes me watch army shows. So I watched Navy SEALs which is actually quite good.

Yeah. Yeah. And then I love just like Food Network chops. Yeah, like Trisha Yearwood in her kitchen. Okay, like that’s me and Haven Saturday morning love chopped watch. Yep, that’s cute.

Okay, what about are you like documentaries? I’ll throw this in there while we’re on it. Okay, cuz you’ll like this. I think well, I don’t know. Depends on either way. Go find the Defiant Ones. This is the documentary about with Dr. Dre and Jimmy IV. Okay, it’s the like help Beats by Dre. The headphones were Yeah, started and you know, Dr. Dre is a billionaire. Wow. I’m you know, I’m a kid of the night like I graduate. We should do that. I graduated high school in 1995.

I graduated high school in 2007. Okay, so this is Katy

and I am a child of 90s rap. And I quite love it.

I’m a 90s country gal. Oh, I love listening to

your music and you’re not my people. I know. Get out of here. Okay, I am going to need that pin back at some point. So I just make sure I don’t know what I’m doing.

Okay. Anna kornek. Oh, Anna. Hi. Who we interviewed already has been on our podcast wants to know what your favorite sandwiches from New York bagel.

I like the bar. What is it?

Brooklyn Brooklyn. rahmer. Yeah, same. That was my that’s what I wrote down.

What was the other one? Broadway’s best that’s also good. It’s kind of BS. Yeah. Brooklyn bomber like it all night is dark. But I got the wrong thing. Last time. I want that dark bagel with the dark bagel. I don’t know. Okay, either way. This is Katie. If y’all know what the dark bagel is called, shoot me a message. And then

Rachel Hertzog from Houston.

What did she want to know?

She said, Did Breck dance change your life? So this is Alyssa and I took dance with Rachel Hart’s dog. And this is Kay and Brett.

And I also took breakdance for my whole life. Until like, I think when I was a junior in high school. Wow. Yeah.

No, no, Rachel did it when we were like older like not little kids like older. I mean,

who is your Breck dance teacher? Miss Jennifer. Okay, well, I went with the Pepe route. And I kept meaning to ask Blair if they’re like related.

I also have oh, I can’t remember the other ones name. All right, hustle humbly. Friends, you asked us have asked the news app. You’ve been asking. And so we’re going to do it. We are going to sell our email templates.

Hooray, yay. This is big news coming in March. We don’t have a date yet. But it is coming in March. And you guys are going to love it. And maybe if you’re like me, you can fire your system.

Yeah, as quickly as we can get it done and ready for you. You will be able to purchase it. That’s right. We’ve just had a lot of email requests, asking for it. Yeah, there’s a little bit of a waiting lists. Agree. Yes. If you would like to be on the waiting list, you can email us at hustle humbly. Podcast. yes@gmail.com. Yes. And you will be notified when it is ready for sale. Love it, but it will be in March. Yes. Okay. Anything else? No, that’s it. Okay. Bye. Hey, guys.

Yeah, but didn’t change your life was the question.

I don’t think it changed my life. But I very much enjoyed it. Fun. And I just think it’s funny when so that’s how I met Rachel and Dave and we just became friends. And then years later, she wants to become a realtor and messaged me on Facebook and was asking me all these things and she’s she’s doing good. Now. She’s in Texas now. I love it. Oh, she’s doing awesome. Hey, that

was a good question. That’s

all the questions. Hey, Alyssa,

what’s your favorite color?

Purple. Right now, it used to be blue and now it’s purple.

My Oh, it’s changing minus turquoise. I have an illness and you’ve been in my home. I did it literally everywhere. If there is a neutral color in my house, it is turquoise.

I like it. Okay.

All right. All right. People have asked about our production. Oh, yeah. And we’ve covered it many many times. But let’s do it again.

Okay, go 2019. I sold 93 houses. Alyssa did. Alyssa sold 93 houses. Because Katie cannot refer 23 point 7 million. I love

it. Okay, so in 2019, Katy sold 30 houses and I think it was just shy of 10 million like, oh, man, so close. I’m trying to break 10 million, but honestly, I also don’t care, right. 30 is just perfect. She is 39. And if it’s anywhere between 30 and 40 is perfect. And I’m very consistent. And that’s the story. And we have talked about in previous episodes, what the average transactions for an agent is. And it’s somewhere in the 11 to 12 range. Yeah. So that’s the story there. How and how long have you been in the business? Alyssa?

I started in 2011. Okay,

I started in 2005. Just like one month before Hurricane Katrina. Okay. Yeah, I

remember you shared that in episode one. I Yeah. I think that in the intro.

Yeah. Well, there you go. And then I have been in my office, my REMAX office since 2006. So 2005, I got my license, I went through two offices, one technically closed and went to this REMAX that I’m at, and I’ve been there ever since. Yeah, so how I started? Okay, so you’ve been in the same office, same office since 2011. I don’t know if we should even cover this. Maybe we will later at some point in episode. It brings up an interesting point. Like, I know that sometimes you end up in an office that isn’t the right fit for you. But I don’t know that moving offices changes your business.

No. Have you seen there’s like a meme out there. A meme say it says, I’m changing offices. And then the other person says, You’re not going to sell more houses. You’re not it’s up to you, no matter where you are. It’s up to you. You can’t blame it on your broker. Yeah, I

know a lot of everybody wants to blame ya. Oh, I don’t get enough training at my office. Well, I’m here to tell you there is everything you ever needed to know on the internet? Yeah. I mean, like, you don’t need the office to tell you what or how to train on if you and even if you’re especially if you’re at a franchise or a bigger office, they have webinars and you need to know how to but you know, it’s gonna hold your hand, right. We’ve been down this road before. Okay, moving on. We’ve done our production and we’ve talked about our kids. And we’ve talked about our husbands. How long have you been married? When did you get married? Alyssa?

December 14 2012. Okay. 1214 1212 1412. So seven years. We just had our seven year anniversary. Love it. That’s good. Yeah.

Jay and I got married in 2009. Okay, we’ve been together for five years at that point. Okay, we have it all together. We

already had a dog. Yeah, we did. We had our dogs when we got married

my essay like that. We got married in 2008. It was the end of 2008. And then we had Ainsley and two, that was the end of 2009. Okay, so yeah, that’s the story married for a long time. I like being married. Yeah, that’s nice. Okay, what else do we need to know about our husbands? We know what they do. Does anyone care? Jay? Yes, a podcast? Yes. Katie, today’s my husband. My husband

does not listen to the podcast.

We can say whatever we want to

know his mom and sister. Listen, so we gotta be careful. It’s fine. Totally. So silly. No. And Tanner are two very different very independent people.

Well, he’s the one Enneagram Yes. And you’re the three. Yes.

So we butt heads. Yeah, but not really butt heads. He just kind of does his thing. And I kind of do my thing. And yeah, and he doesn’t. He lets me do my thing. You could not be married to someone that didn’t let me do my thing affair. And like when he goes and does his thing, I enjoy my space. And then we come together over dogs and Haven. I love it and TV shows and scuba. Not. He’s today’s he wants to go on the vacation. He’s gone before but he’s just too big. So it’s all about lung capacity. And he breathes in. He floats up when he breathes out. He floats down. Oh man. So it’s very hard. And when you go scuba diving, you have to be partners, so he had to be my partner. And I always had to go up early because he ran out of air faster than everybody else reason. Big his lungs are too big for him. So yeah, he um He does not love the scuba trips so much that night. Yeah, he enjoys like the social part of it like being in the pool and you know, having dinner and eat and all The guacamole is on a trip. Yeah, but it’s not for the trip. And like one time we went we dove a shipwreck. Oh yeah. And there’s a lot of like tight, tight holes. And he’s like, No, no way, too way too big.

i It makes me a little nervous. It’s a little nerve wracking J. J is also a scuba diver. Yeah, but I’m I love water but I don’t know. It’s

it’s hard for me. I’m not natural at it because it I don’t like it’s an eerie feeling. Yeah, and I never could get used to it. Yeah. And then one time, I had a little baby sucker shark. Oh, wow. And it started sucking on me and I couldn’t like latch it like thought I was it’s mom. Dogs Out. Marley is exiting the room. Marley’s

go on he’s had enough. This episode has lost his attention. Not that it ever had it. Oh, man. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Okay, so Enneagram tell us your number. Again.

I’m a three. The achiever. You are three wing two.

And this is Katie. I’m a two wing three. Perfect.

We’ve just complement each other. So

well. Wing and yang. Yeah. Which the three wing to which you are is the charmer right? When you do it with your wing as a two wing three. What I am is the host. All right. We might have to like take a moment and close that door. There’s your best thing. Okay. Okay,

so the host, I’m the host, you’re the charm and that you are such the host.

I love it. I like hosting. It’s my favorite. I’m trying to be mindful, though. And sit down during parties. Like or talk to people. Yeah, and not constantly feel the food and right do the things. Okay, what’s the next question? Do we have any others people asked? Nope.

Um, that was all that people asked. And I wanted you to tell the story about when you had your son.

Okay. All right, friends. So Jack is my younger child. He was born in 2012. And I have been selling real estate a long time. I needed work. If I don’t work, we don’t pay our bills. And I worked until I was about to have the baby. And I in fact, I had him scheduled. He was due I think on like that October 8, and it was 2012. So I scheduled his induction for 1011 12. Oh my gosh, I wasn’t him. Well, I was like, Oh, he’s gonna have the best birthday. Yeah, so easy to remember. 1011 12. I’m so happy. Well, that is not what happened. When I had showings set with a relocating couple who were moving here from not far out of town, but had not yet been here. And they were coming on a Saturday and we were going to see like a big handful of houses in order to you know, they were going to move like they were relocating. Well, on Friday, I contacted an agent in my office, shout out to summer, and I said, Hey, I have a lot of showings tomorrow, and I am within a week of my due date. And I just wanted to you know, if something happens tonight or whatever, are you available? Can you cover these showings? They they’re coming from out of town, so I really need someone to do them. It’s not like I can just reschedule? Yeah, so she’s like, Yeah, sure. No problem. I’ll just I’ll just I’ll let you know. So I got dressed in the morning. Normally, things were fine. I wasn’t like having contractions or anything. But I had gone to the hospital. That was Saturday. I had gone on Wednesday with contractions. Like I thought I was in labor, which quite honestly, we all now know. I wasn’t labor. Right. But you don’t have contractions necessarily the whole time. Yeah. Anyway, so I get dressed. I go on the showings in Perryville. So not at the time I was living in Prairieville wasn’t far from my house. But we were doing like 14 houses, because they were coming from out of town. And I know that make the most of your time. And I knew the baby was coming on Thursday, if nothing else. Yeah, like I knew, let’s see what we can do. So like, we gotta get this cranked out. So we probably made it through two or three houses, and we are in a house and my water broke. And I was wearing jeans so that you didn’t it wasn’t like some TV gush, not like it wasn’t ridiculous. I just I went to the bathroom. I’m like, Oh, crap, like this. My water broke. And I’m like, okay, it’s fine. So okay, it’s fine. I go out there walking around the house. They have no clue. It wasn’t like I looked at them and said, Hey, My water just broke. I was just like, I’m gonna get the bathroom. They’re like looking at the house. And I go out front and I call summer and I’m like, Hey, she’s like, is this the call? And I’m like, it’s the call. I’m like, I I’m in this house and I have to go like, I

have to go have a baby. Oh my gosh, she’s

like, Okay, I’m coming. I’m not far away. I tell her where I am. I’m like look, we’re gonna leave this house and go the next one. So I gave her that address. Like I literally still did not tell them. Okay, got in my car drove like to the next neighborhood over we got out to do the showing.

Oh my god.

I’m not having contractions and obviously wasn’t. I mean, I was wearing jeans like you just couldn’t tell ya I’m pregnant. Nobody’s paying any attention to me. And this is my couple. They had grown children’s so they were like in their 50s ish. It was a couple and they had brought I think his parents, so an elderly couple Oh, man, and I mean that like they were mobile but like, yeah, for adults for adults, we go into this house. I wait until I see some are like pulling up and then I go and I’m like, okay, hey, guys. So here’s the situation. I just met these people that day was our first set of showing Oh, my never seen them before we had

she they were probably so impressed that you had this all planned out. They

were on they were an online lead. They I talked to him on the phone, but like, This is it. This is our first time meeting.

We’re on house. Or at the last house. My water broke.

I was like, Why didn’t even say it like that. It was just like, hey, listen, Summer, another agent in my office. It’s gonna come take care of you. She’s arriving right now. My water has broken. I have to go. What did they say that it was so funny. First of all, all of their faces. Were just like, Oh, my word. What do we do? And then the older man, the elderly, not elderly, but the older man. He was like, Okay, well, let’s Let me escort you to the hospital. I mean, you got let’s call the cops. Like, you need to get right over there. And I’m like, Listen, friend, thank you so much. But wait, the topper of this whole story was Jay was out in the shop the night before painting like the baby furniture. Yeah. And something happened with his air compressor. And he went to fix it. And he cut his finger really badly, you know? And he was, I guess it was enough to where he got it to stop and went to sleep. But he woke up in the morning. He’s like, this isn’t going to fly. If this had the dang Doctor getting like trying to get the cleaned up and get stitches while I’m trying to have a baby. So I tell the older man, I’m like, Look, thanks for the escort. I’m all good. I gotta go. I got this. I’m not even have contractions I can get. It’s not far. I gotta get home and get my back. I get home. I call Jay while on the way and I’m like, Hey, having a baby, can you he’s like I’m in the doctor’s office. I’m like, we’ll lean your head. Like he’s in the exam room. I’m like, lean your head out and tell them your wife is having a baby and you got to come home. And so I I got home we went to the hospital had the baby it was fine. It was a buy a house. They bought the house that my water

broke. Oh my god, and I got to

resell that house later. And I would memory Oh my gosh. And I had we always had such a sweet like those buyers were so special to me because that was the most amazing, ridiculous story of my real estate career. Yeah. And they bought that house not another house from that day. The one oh my gosh, the one. That’s so great. My story of hustle.

I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time thinking of all the stories because there are so

many. You know what’s so funny? It’s a story every day.

I know. And I wrote one down. That’s one of my favorites to tell hear it. So this is Alyssa. Thank you for giving. Um, it was a buyer that was a good friend of mine. His name is Jeff Owens. Okay, Jeff. Jeff is a really funny lender. He is a local lender in our area. And he’s hilarious. But I believe this was before he was a lender. We just knew each other from school, he graduated with Tanner. And we’re just friends. So we were house hunting. And we come across this townhome that’s like a really good deal. Okay, and I can’t remember if it was a foreclosure or not, I think it was. And so it’s really cute. It’s got like a New Orleans style balcony. We’re like, it’s so cute. We like this house. It needs some updating, but it’s fine. So we’re having the home inspection. Oh, gosh. And the neighbor walks over Oh, gosh. And he’s super sweet, super nice. But he does have something mentally All right. All like, you know, not all there. But he was really sweet. But he stayed the whole time.

Oh, he wanted to see a home inspection.

And we paid like, get him to leave. And I’m thinking Jeff is probably going to be like, I can’t live like this. Like I need my space. Everybody needs their space. And this is like a townhome so you don’t really get a lot of space. Anywho he proceeds to tell us that the previous owner was a lady who got like hauled off to the mental asylum. Like she got committed what and that she kept saying that people were living in her attic and you were like, like, this is just getting worse and worse. And I’m like watching Jeff’s face and I’m like, Is he is he gonna be by it? I’m like, Okay, so after everybody left, and of course we asked the home inspector Hey, can you like really check the add extra Do you see any like sandwiches up there? Is there anyone like hanging out my water? So um, Jeff did look a little anxious. It’s already anxious like buying your first home and now like you’ve met your neighbor, and you’re learning about the, the lady that used to live here that was committed. She and they and then the guy the neighbor even told us about how he remembers the night it happened and they like hauled her out on a stretcher.

Oh, no, it was just horrible. Oh, man,

like him. I’m like, Look, I know that home inspection. The house is fine, right? I’m like, I totally respect if you don’t want to buy this house. Like if you’re just freaked out, right? Like, this is a lot and he was like, I think I’m gonna get a dog. I’m like, that might help this situation, you know? Oh, like he was gonna still buy it. But get it done. Yeah, yeah. Okay, and maybe a roommate? Maybe, maybe I won’t be alone.

Oh, my gosh, safety in numbers. Yeah. So um, wow.

And he said in May. So we’re discussing discussing the repair requests. And he’s like, jokingly says, Maybe we should get a priest to like, Come cleansed. I mean, right. Yeah. So anyways, we get past inspections and whatnot. But I’m really good friends with my priest. Oh, so

you’re like I got this. So

for the final walkthrough. I thought it would be nice and fun and funny to have him come bless the home. Okay, cleanse the hell did he do that? He did. And I didn’t tell Jeff I just showed up with like the priests. And I was like, Jeff, this is Father Psych. He’s going to walk through the home with us and say some prayers. And we all held hands in the living room. And oh, my gosh, but did the

priest also think it was funny? No, he was taking a seer. Yes. So if so Jeff was trying not to

laugh was trying not to laugh. I was trying not to laugh. Oh, I’m trying to not be disrespectful. Well, right. He was blessing the home. Yeah, like it was nice. Yeah. Oh, no. So week after move in? Yeah. Text me like kinda late at night. And he’s like, there’s noises in the attic. Oh, my goodness. Like, calm down. I’m sure it’s a squirrel. Or he’s like, it’s big. It’s like a gorilla. Like human. It’s like no human living. Oh, everything’s fine. He’s like, the lady was right. They haul I’m like, No, the lady was right. Even sent me some video of the noises. So he likes set traps and stuff. When human traps that No, I just like creature traps. And I said, Well, how did it go? He said, whatever it was, like threw it across the attic to the other side.

This is not right. Is he still did he stay there

very long. Okay. Good news. We think it was like squirrels and raccoons and whatnot. There was like an entry hole. The problem is resolved. Okay. It’s been a few years now. Okay, everything’s good to go. Great. And so if he ever needs to sell it, it’s fine. Totally fine. It’s a great place totally fine. It won’t hinder you purchasing it. Love it. But I did have a priest come bless and cleanse. Why not? Yeah, love it. All right. Huh,

do we want to talk about there’s so many on my list, too. I have a lot left and it’s this is already like kind of a long. I mean, we’re at we’re at 45 minutes. Okay, very quickly. We should rapid fire Okay, okay. Go fan. This is Katie. And my favorites are warm chocolate chip cookies, sweet tea, seafood. All of the seafood. Okay, any of it? I do not drink coffee.

I like a hot tea or water or fully leaded regular Coke. Go Oh my gosh. Okay. This is Alyssa. And I love Coke with crushed ice like I games. Yes. I also love sweet tea. I love the chicken alfredo Kelson from Rotolo Oh dangerous I eat that Greek and Lebanese like three times a week through I require a lot of sleep. I should stay away from caffeine it doesn’t do me well. I do work out and I try to drink water. And I think that’s all I have. Okay,

well what else? Is it? Oh favorite restaurant you you have a favorite restaurant? I just like food at me. I can’t pick I love all the food I buy if you force me to I would go to Bistro Byron’s for two reasons one the food is amazing but to the decor is amazing. Oh cute. So cute. I love that place. And if I ever got to make an app This is Katie. I would do an app that is best places to eat outside when the weather’s nice. So you go the app and figure out where the good patios were yeah to eat. Side.

We’re about to be at that weather like February and March. We can do Alka Tatiana. I know. Okay, what else? What’s our time right now? Um,

we are currently at 45 minutes. Oh

my god. Okay, well,

what if you have another Steve stories?

I do, but it’s gonna be too long. Do you think right now is a great time to say. We have a lot of things to tell you about our sign. No, I thought this would be a short episode. Like this is gonna be really short. No, I didn’t even tell my referral episode a minute story. Well, we’ll come back to it. Yeah, well, I’ll

save it for another good news at one at a good And we’re not going anywhere. We’ll tell you some more stories later. This is part one of the who’s who episode.

Yes. Because we were going to do more as the, the, the listeners are growing rapidly. I know. So we’re gonna have to do this every now and then just to connect with our listeners.

That’s fine. Okay, so I’m going to read us a toast. Yay. Today’s toast is brought to you by before we read the toast. Do we want to talk about Tamara and her big life choice? Yeah. Okay, y’all. As we get more listeners, more amazing, wonderful things are happening. And yesterday, we got a message and for the record, send us a message. They’re the best. We love it. I mean, there’s so life affirming. This is the message we got yesterday from dimora. And I don’t honestly know where she lives. And now that I’m looking at it, I don’t. Bolton is her last name. Hi, Tamara Bolton. Yay. Okay, this is the message. I hope she doesn’t mind. But we’re reading it. I wanted to send you a message and thank you for your podcast. It has been incredibly encouraging and motivating to me so much so that it gave me the confidence and right mindset to quit my corporate job. Whoa, whoa. Big deal. Today was my last day. Oh, wow.

We’re making people quit their job ad. I’m so scared.

I have been making real estate and corporate for one and a half years while saving making it work until I got the confidence to leave. It feels like I know you ladies and I’ve taken a lot of the advice and implemented it so far. She’s got it. She’s. She’s good. Thank you ladies and keep up the wonderful work, huh? I mean, that like blew my mind yesterday.

That’s a big life decision.

I know. I felt responsible chelation.

Oh, congratulation. I know, it’s hard to hang in there. It’s gonna be fun things come to those who do what they’re supposed to. That’s right. That’s what I told her. I

said, just if you work hard, you can’t fail, right? If you work hard, okay. But besides that, we’re going to do a toast. Okay. Even though I think that’s amazing. Did you Where did she go? I know what taught me something.

So like her story is it’ll make it like three minutes longer, but I have to tell my story because it goes along with hers. I like it. So we heard the story before where I had the jerk buyer who fired me when he while you were barred while I was bartending. I was like I thought you were a realtor. And I was like, I am a realtor, but I need money. And I know so anyway, that’s the day I quit. Okay, remember, even though I wasn’t super ready, yeah. But I had to right. So now I’m just in real estate. I had told my son my bank account got to $3,000 I would quit bartending. I was and I was just gonna live off. Yes, yep. And my very first closing put me like, right frickin there. Like $3,002 said I would do and I was like, okay, just bite the bullet. Okay, right. So I did and I’m stressed. And you know, the money’s dwindling. And this lady calls my dad, okay? And she’s like, Hey, Johnny, I need to sell my really nice house. And I need a really nice realtor. And I need a honest recommendation of who you think is the best. Oh, my. So my dad calls me he’s like, Hey, Alyssa, I just got this call. I want to be honest with you. Like you’re not the best. Dad. That’s fair. Like you’re new. I can’t give you this referral. No. And he said, Well, why don’t you call? I don’t know. This lady is so humble. And like, not on social media. I don’t want to like, put her whole name out there. I’ll just say your first name. Okay. It’s not a big deal. But I just don’t want to she’s so humble. But I want to just like shout from the rooftops, but I’m with you. So he said, Why don’t you call and and is the best in Baton Rouge, right? She’s in your office? Yeah, she will help you. Maybe y’all can do it together. Or, you know, you can just ask, learn, you can learn. So I said, That’s a great idea. So I call and I’m like, Hey, and a really good friend of my family needs to sell her house, but they want the best of the best. I’m not you are. And she was like, Oh, this would be I would love to you will do it from beginning to end. You know, we’ll co list it. Yeah. So we show up at the house. And this snooty lady looks at me like what are you doing here? Yeah, she did she think you were the assistant? No, she knew I was just like a family friend. Oh, your dad. Oh, yeah, you do? Yeah. Oh, my word so and walks through the whole house and we do the whole, you know, move this, do that. Here’s your list. And we sit down to do lists. This is in 2011. Okay. We sit down to do listing papers, and and has all of her papers and she cancelled at the pen to sign the listing agreement for $575,000. And this is like a big deal to me because I just had my first sale for 99,000. That’s right. So I will service I’m like, This is so exciting. Like, I’m just so grateful. I’m like, I can’t believe I’m sitting here with and this isn’t ideal. And the lady puts the pin down. And she says I just have to say something. Oh god. I asked Johnny for an honest opinion. Because I know a lot of realtors I have plenty of people I could have called, but I called Johnny because I wanted to know who in his opinion was the best. And then you show up with little Alyssa. And I’m instantly like, sweaty and like horrified and embarrassed, and I’m Oh, okay. And I’m like, you know, fit. I’m just trying to keep my cool and not cry. Okay. She’s like an I just don’t feel like, you know, I got an honest opinion and I wanted to in my brain I’m going, lady, this is a Do you know me and talking to ya? Best of the Best. And, and I look over at her, she hasn’t even blinked. She’s just looking at this lady. And she picks up her folder and says, then I think you should call one of your friends. And I’m like, oh, and then my aunt stands up. And I’m like, and I’m mortified. I’m mortified. And the lady is like, no, no, no, wait. I mean, you’re already here. And you’ve already done everything. And, you know, and I never said a friggin word. I was just so embarrassed. You said, I mean, nothing. Sorry. I’m little, I don’t know. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I’m 22. And I look like I’m 15. Okay. So anyway, she signs the papers in silence. And then and gathers up her things and says, Thank you, I’ll be in touch for pictures. And we walk out. And I’m like, and I’m so she just holds up her hand says That was weird. Like, wear that dress. I go, I’m so sorry. She’s like illicit, don’t even worry about I said, and I don’t even want to be involved. You just take the list. She said, That was weird. Alyssa, don’t worry about it. She was like, I’ll handle this, you know, and I was like, I don’t at that point. I was like, I don’t even want it. I’m just so embarrassed. So anyway, right after the house. And I mean,

it’s embarrassing. Just sitting there and having that happen with Anne sitting there.

I know. Yeah. I was just mortified. So I just wanted out of everything. Just Oh, I’m like, I never could talk to either of you again. Yes. And so anyway, and listed it and it was beautiful. It’s old in two days, for like, exactly like for what she was asking. Like, didn’t even have any issues. But anyways, so I’m moving on. And all of a sudden, like, I’ve checked my bank account, and there’s a deposit for $4,312.50. What this and so I call our accounting department. I’m like, Hey, there’s been a mistake, because it said like, you know, I was like the company deposited money into it. And they’re like, oh, no, that’s your commission. I’m like, oh, no, that’s impossible, because I haven’t had a closing. And I’m like, so you can just how do I give it back to you? And they’re like, No, that that’s your referral. I’m like, a referral from what? And she listed the property address, and I went was a man and gave me like, almost all of it. Wow. And I love that story. And I tried to go to her office and thank her. And she was like, held up her hand. It was like, You’re welcome. Like, like, I’m not we’re not, we’re not gonna we’re not gonna go back and make this a thing. So then I even wrote her like a note. Like, a few years later, I realized how big of a percentage she gave me. Yeah. And I was like, humbled again. Yeah. Because like, now I know that this is definitely not the norm. Right, right. Like she, you had no clue then. Right. And I just wrote her this note, I was like, I know, this was like, three years ago, but I just have to tell you what that did for me, because I had just taken a leap of faith. I was living off of savings. I had a little bit left. Yeah. And not her referral not only was enough to match what my original goal was, but to add 1300 more. Yeah. And I say that all to say for our sweet friend that just took the leap of faith. Yes. To get out and just get into real estate. Yeah. Good things come to those who are full time. Yeah. And who know that this is what they want. Yes. And that work that work and humble themselves, and do what you have to do. And I know this is the longest podcast episode. I

know y’all. We didn’t even know it. I just I had to tell that story. My probably my favorite story you’ve ever told me. I love it. I just think it’s

I still get emotional. Like I could cry right now.

It brings a little bit of tear to my eye. I’m gonna lie. Okay, so I’ll do the toasts while you’re collecting yourself. I’m ready. Okay, so Sherry Quinn. Okay. Wants to toast to Kimberly Johnson in Charlotte, North Carolina. Oh, wow. They just closed an extremely tough deal. That took a ton of patience and persistence and Kimberly rocked it. Awesome. Yep. Got to work together.

So we’re choosing to Kimberly to Kimberly. Cheers.

Okay, that is all friends.

See you next week. Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see you later. Bye. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast.

Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure to follow us on Facebook. Look at Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com Be sure

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