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Join us on a deep dive into the wonderful world of mindset! We talk about how the comparison game leads us to mindset meltdown and tell great stories about how we reset our mindset when it gets out of whack. We give tactical advice on how we keep things in perspective and keep our positive mindset. We have lots of great quotes to share and we touch on goal setting or the lack thereof. Tune in to find out some of the positive voices in our life and see who we toast to this week!

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Hi, y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market. We

work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business. So stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. This is the mindset meltdown. This is my favorite episode. And I like the title. It’s my favorite number. So three, we’re all good.

We feel like it goes perfectly with the first two. Yes, it’s a series, kind of like a series the perfect ending to this series, we’re coming out of perfect ending. So talking about mindset, the number one thing that Katie and I were talking about the most was comparison.

Oh, yes. Comparison. Should is the thief of joy.

It is said that I think it’s like proverbs. Yes, there

you go. It is it is the thief of joy. We it’s true. We didn’t intend to say that. But it is true.

And how do you not compare yourself in an industry that is constantly ranking?

i This is where I’m still struggling and working and trying? I don’t have the answer.

Right. We are not here to preach to you. We are here to tell you that we don’t have the answers either. And that we have areas that we struggle with mindset. And we want you to feel not alone. And we want to hear about your struggles with mindset. Yes. And we’re going to try to talk about how we overcome these things. And I

try to set this right, I tell myself, there are 2200 Realtors below me who are like, I wish I could just get up there. So it’s all relative to where you are and where you want to be. And I’m trying to train myself to pick my goals and just focus on them alone. Yeah, and I think the problem with the industry is that it’s set up for you to know what everyone else is doing. Right all of the time. It’s set up for award ceremonies, and you know, plaques, and, you know, numbers and it’s not, it’s not set up for you to is to keep that quiet. Like even if I didn’t want to receive an award in my office has the award ceremony and I go and I and I get it. And so the comparison is constantly happening, because they give the awards for volume. Most listings, most, you know, buyers, whatever they are, they’re all ranked 12345. You know, right? So that’s, that’s really where I’m at, like, I just struggle with

knowing your office, you fall in the top two or three, like typically in the

top. Yeah. In the top three right now, right now. I’m number one. Oh, and I wish I didn’t know that. That’s my whole point. Like, why do I even know that? So I think that’s where the struggle is like, we all seem like we know and maybe focus on a little bit too much. And that’s when my mindset gets a little wonky. Yeah. And I actually,

you may view one of my quotes, because yeah, so we picked out some of our favorite motivational quotes.

Well, before we get there, let’s just talk about I got the definition of mindset, because it’s sort of like a Yeah, what does that even mean? popular word? Yeah, the established set of attitudes held by

someone. I love that it refers back to attitude. And it’s held by someone, not everyone. Oh, or the collective. Yeah, you’re in total control of that, right? Which is, no mindset is given to you by you. Yeah. But we get into a funk. When we let other people determine what our mindset is,

Oh, yes. And it really takes practice, to control your own mindset. And it’s something that I just find super interesting. So I’ve always, from very early on, in my real estate career have been very mindset focused and tried. You know, I have vision boards, and I have, you know, mission statements, and I have, you know, affirmations and things that just, I can repeat in my mind, because that works for me and kind of sets me right, like, Yeah, I’m getting off the path. But I really liked this one particular quote, which kind of plays into the comparison thing we’re talking about. Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. That’s good. That’s my Angela. Yeah. And I think that if I can stay on that, that success isn’t a number based on volume or transactions, that it’s based on how I feel, then I can like, kind of right, that ship. Yeah.

What about you? I think the area that I struggle with in mindset is like, I’ve made it to the top. And now I feel this huge pressure to stay there. Yes. And I feel like people are watching me, and there are people out there that are like, Oh, I think I’m even gonna beat you this year. And I’m like, Why do you even have to say that I’m good for you. But why does it have to involve telling me that you’re putting me down in the process, right. So sometimes I have a defensive mindset. Hey, and I feel like I’m constantly having to say, I earned what I have. It wasn’t handed to me, I work really hard. Stop trying to figure it out and make make up reasons why when, you know, three people a week want to have coffee to find out the secret, right? It kind of gives you are, you have to be defensive. Right? And so sometimes I have to watch myself and be like, who cares? Right? Like, I have to ask myself that a good bit, because I do struggle with being sucked into what people think you know that just from doing this podcast with me? Because one of my fears is like, what if we offend somebody, right? If we say something somebody doesn’t like, and it’s like, that doesn’t matter, right?

Life, right? We’re not bad people, or we’re not intentionally going to try to offend someone. No,

no, this isn’t a roasting podcast. No, but some of our views are going to be different. And that’s okay. We’re not here to necessarily appeal to every single person, right? Just the discussion. But it is hard to

keep your mind set, right in your case, especially when people are trying to tear you down to make their building taller. So yes, instead of just building they’re building taller, they’re trying to make your building smaller it happen, right, like, I know, it’s very difficult.

And I’m also really hard on myself. Okay, so sometimes, I’m just like, Alyssa, you’re not doing enough.

I find that to be either is enough

business. I mean, for example, I go to this mastermind group, and every week, they have a new topic, and every week I leave, they’re going, I’m not a good realtor, okay? Because they’re like doing all these self videos and drone photography and these crazy newsletters, I don’t have a newsletter. They, they’re doing all these fancy things, right? They’re like, sometimes when I watch you comparison, okay, like on Instagram with all your stories, and like, you’re so good at that. And I’m like, I’m not doing that. I need to step it up here. Like, there’s everywhere you look, you can compare yourself to someone,

well, that’s the problem. It’s very easy to do it and get stuck in that in that lane, where you’re just comparing you’re in the mastermind group because they want to learn from you. And you’re, you’re probably doing more volume than most of the people in the mastermind. And yet you’re leaving the mastermind feeling like a fraud. Like, right, like the comparison got in your head. Yes. And you’re not a fraud.

Right. But sometimes it’s that’s, that’s where my that’s where my mindset goes. When I’m in mindset meltdown. Yes, that’s where I go when I’m struggling. I’m like, You’re not good enough. You’re not doing enough. You should be doing more for the volume that you’re doing. You should be more what do you call it automated, you should have more systems, you should have more assistance. You should. You should. You should, you should. And it just overwhelms me, right. How do you get out of that? Okay, so I go for a drive with my windows rolled down in the in the heat in the heat is funny because sometimes I’ll come home and my husband will go, you smell like outside shot. He knows that when I do that. You’re having a moment of I was having a moment and I had to go for a drive with the windows rolled down and as long as you keep going the heat doesn’t bother. Okay, I want to hear more. Is there music? are you screaming like what are you know, I don’t not really big screamer. But there is usually maybe some music, maybe a podcast. And okay, so for those of you not in Baton Rouge, we have the Mississippi River Bridge. Yes, you go over the bridge and I drive over it. And I

it’s like a reset, but it’s like a reset. But oh my gosh, I am loving this. I drive

over it. Sometimes for five minutes. Sometimes for an hour, like back and forth back and forth. Just no just one time. Once I have gone far enough, I turn around and come back. And when I get home I’m like a new person. I’m like totally level headed. It’s like I’m physically literally driving away from it all and literally I said literally like so many times, but I will get off I will go over the bridge and get off at the first exit sometimes and turn around and come here like that was enough. There have been times where I have driven to Lafayette and you’re like I’m not I’m not fixed. How do you know when you’re fixed? When do you turn around?

I just get this like, click it clicks you’re looking for some sort of clarity or peace or

yes, just something that lets me know. Okay, I’m fine now. Oh, wow. I just need my space. Yes. And it makes me feel like I have physically left where I was.

Just because the only voice here He was right. The only voice you’re hearing at that point is yours. Yeah. And that’s when it gets easier. Right. But the problem is that when you hear the other voices, right, right, I think we all have people in our life that will keep telling us who’s number one, whether or not we want to know who it is. Yeah, or just situation in general, or just the industry in general, like something is going to creep in you. And it’s very hard to block out those voices. Right? Oh, that’s very interesting.

In 2017, I was having my record year, okay. And it was maybe October or November. And our office secretary came up to me and said, Alyssa, did you know that you’re going to be number one this year as of right now? And I’m like, No, I didn’t know that. And I was so happy with my year, right. And now I feel stressed, because you didn’t want to I have two months left. Like I gotta wait up to this, right. Like, I’m so close. What if I don’t make it? Or like, why did you tell me that? But also, like, Who are you fitting

off? And what difference does it make? Exact nine? Makes no difference? Because I laugh when I get really comparison focus. My office is very small. So how many agents are in your office? Gosh,

I don’t know. I would butcher it if I pretended to know. Okay, hundreds, like 200.

Okay, fine. There’s about 20 in mind. Okay. So whenever let’s just say for instance, right now, I’m number one, I just automatically discount that in my mind to like, well, I’m only in this tiny little.

So you finally get to where you want to be. It’s never in your head, you’re like it’s not

because my mindset is messed up. And so I’ve just, I’m trying to resign myself to it completely and be like, I know, my mindset is broken on this. I know that I am never going to be okay with comparison. I know that knowing the ranking is never going to be good for me. And I have to find a way to turn that off. And I haven’t found it yet. And I’m, I’m working on it. I feel like

even just talking about it out loud. On a public platform. Right. That’ll be fun. admitting it is step one. Yes, it is. Right.

We’re gonna podcast therapy.

This is podcast out. Yeah. You guys are really witnessing podcast therapy, right? Because we’re not here with the answers. We don’t have the answers. We don’t have the answers. Would you please email us? Oh, hustle humbly? Podcast? yes@gmail.com.

That would be greatly the answer. Do you have answers? Send them we’ll read them. So we know how you do a mindset reset. Do you have any ways that you keep positive in general? Okay.

So one thing that I discovered was while I was growing, I was I’m a very I am a people person. Okay, so I’m very social. I do thrive off of other people’s energy. Okay, so I love the coffee dates. I would ask people above me to go on coffee dates, well, then you find yourself where you finally made it to the top in your ecosystem. You’re like, Who do I go to now do I go to? So I started serving at the state level. Okay, for the Louisiana Realtors Association. Okay. And then I met people bigger than me. Okay, good. And that was cool. Right? And then our company also does a top 30. So my company is in the Gulf South. Okay. We’re not nationwide, but we’re in the Gulf style. And they do a top 30 trip every year. Okay. I think this year will be my fifth year to go. But it’s pretty consistently the same the top 30 people, and those people have become such an inspiration to me. Like I have a really good friend in Mandeville, who is consistently there. And I talked to her on the phone this week, and like 45 minutes. Oh, and she has inspired me to set a goal to buy a Beach Condo for my family. Oh, fun and as investment property. But it’s like, it’s cool, because I can talk to someone above me about these things, right? It just helps me not feel alone. It gives me some solidarity in where I’m at. And so I think that once you feel like you’re struggling to find people that bring you up, you may have to expand. Yes, you may have to get outside of your bubble, get outside of your bubble. But also, you know, be sure that you’re reaching out to people locally where you are. Yes, I went on a podcast a few years ago. Pat Heibon Yes. I

listened to Pat Hyman. Okay, so I was on his podcast. I listened to that episode. Yeah, cuz I like to hear what you have to say. Because I feel like your insight is especially interesting to me being in the same market.

Right. Right. It’s it’s easier to relate right. The same market? Yeah, you know,

I think because we think that the markets are all different, right? But they’re not the overall culture and the job is the same different

market like housing. Why? Isn’t numbers wise but same mindset problem? Yes, everywhere same problems. Okay, so you’re on the podcast. I was on the podcast and after the podcast, that’s when I started getting phone calls. Oh, and um, yeah, so I got I didn’t get like dozens, you know, but I got a handful of phone calls from people around the country that heard the podcast, and they wanted. Some just wanted to say, Hey, I heard you on the podcast. I had a quick question. Okay. Some were like, Hey, I heard you on the podcast. Great job. Okay. If you ever need a realtor here. Oh, right. Okay. Yes. My good for the heart people. Yeah, hustling out there. Um, so I thought, you know, maybe I need to expand my my reach. Oh, one thing I thought was interesting. Is I recently posted in my story, oil, Instagram. Thanks to Kate Brown. She showed me how to do that. I’m like an old soul millennial, right? I should know these things, but they do not come naturally. I’ve been an old soul my whole life. But I posted a picture that I was Googling how to Instagram story. Oh, right. And a girl that Okay, so 2016 or 2015? I was in the National Association of REALTORS magazine. 30, under 30. Right. So the class of 30. Yes. We don’t have as much about camaraderie as you would think we would like I’ve maybe became friends with some of those people. Okay, but one girl that was in my class replied to the story. Okay. And I have never really communicated with her. Okay, on social media. What did she said? She said, You got this? And I was scolded. And I was like, thanks. Like, it was really encouraging. And I followed her and now and she’s following me. And we have this like, camaraderie.

Okay, this, we’ll get to this in our Instagram social media episode. But it really is a great place to reset your mindset. Go find people that you like, on Instagram, Facebook, whatever your platform is that you enjoy, and go say something nice to them. And follow up how many people come to you and start saying nice things to you and you start having a positive non competitive relationship because when you seek people outside of your market, you really eliminate that competition part

right? You’re not going to compare yourself to someone who’s in California with an average sale price of a million dollars per house and show the the

relationships or even probably going to somewhere like Mandeville it’s not far

away where you have your friend. Yeah, we are in competition direct

competition, you can find someone or some people to that are outside of your market to relate to I think that probably would help with your mindset. It does. It helps with mine for sure. Yeah, I found a few that really have become friends and through the internet.

That’s awesome. It’s nice. Hello, friends. Hi, all our template course has launched out there and we have been getting some really positive feedback. Yes,

I have some great feedback I wanted to share with you guys. We had one purchaser say thank you for these templates as a new agent I feel it would have taken me years to create these on my own. That’s awesome. I know it’s so great. And then I had these are so incredibly helpful. What a great investment. Thank you for your time and efforts putting these together. I think that you guys this is the answer to saving yourself some time it

helps you put systems in place it keeps you professional it keeps you consistent. It just makes everything run so much

smoother, much smoother. You’re never going to forget to tell somebody something no this is always there. It’s all there and you’re going to edit it to make it sound like your voice if you’d like and it’s going to be perfect for your business.

Yeah, so go check out our template course yes at a soul

humbly podcast.com Perfect. Enjoy enjoy

Yeah, Okay,

what else do you have in your quotes? Do you have another good one?

You can do anything but not everything.

Oh my gosh, I remember I heard this one before.

I tried to tell myself this when I first set myself for not having a newsletter and for not delivering Christmas pies to all 600 of my past clients. Whoa, and for not handwriting you know hundreds of letters a week. Anytime that I find myself just really weighed down on things that maybe I could be doing extra just extra things. I listen I say you can’t do it all No, you can you can do anything but not everything right? Because the problem in real estate and probably in any entrepreneurial endeavor, any business. There’s so much more you can always be doing right and maybe that has something to do with our personality type though I feel drawn I want to try and do as much of it as I can, right? Like, what

else can I be doing? What else can I? How can I add value to my clients? How can I reach out to different people? It’s hard.

And I have to tell y’all when we were getting ready for this episode, and I was talking to Katie about quotes, and she pulls out like a legit vision board. Oh, yeah, y’all. So if you are listening to our podcast, we are showing our people on YouTube. vision board,

man frame. Yeah,

you’re good. Okay,

so you guys, that’s the new one. I just finished it like a week ago. And I mean, it really is a super fun activity. But I’m gonna show you the old one because I kept it because I missed downtick like that. This is the old one. I did that one, probably when I was two, three years into the business. And I filled the board with all kinds of things that I just wanted to focus on. And I really feel like I stumbled on, you know, I love a webinar, I love it might have been a webinar. I love an online class, I love a class in person. But I stumbled on to something about mindset that was a class. And they talked about vision boards and affirmations. And some people probably think it sounds hokey. But really, if you choose to focus on things that are good and positive, it makes this huge difference. So I made that board on the backside, early on, and it’s been probably 10, over 10 years since I did it. And I just did another one that feels I’m trying to, you’re always working on your mindset really should be. So that’s one of the ways that I kind of keep it.

I was very impressed just by the clear focus, it’s very intentional, you have to be very intentional. That’s a good

point, any type of mindset where it has to be intentional, like what are you what is your goal is not the same as mine. It’s not the same as yours. And so you really have to figure out what your goals are. And that kind of brings us to goals.

Do you write your goals? Dale,

do you want to talk about that? Okay, so

again, this is not the podcast where we have it all figured out? Because the correct answer is yes, I have a business plan. And I have all my goals written down. And it’s very clear. And I used to and I would say I, I don’t

adopt How long before you were too busy to do it.

I started instead of doing goals, I do a year end evaluation. Okay. And so you see what you’ve done, I see what I’ve done, where it came from, where can I improve? How can I get better for next year, okay, but I don’t pick a number

I was gonna say is improving for you changing how things are going, as opposed to changing the number of transactions because it doesn’t feel like you’re at a place where you need more.

My husband is really big into like, coaching mindset, and always bettering yourself. He’s, he’s very into Michael, it is cool. And one thing he always said is that you don’t focus on the end result. You focus on on the process on the process, and the end result happen. Oh, so if I make it my goal, to communicate with my sellers more frequently. Next thing, you know, I’m getting more and more listings, right, because my sellers are happier, and they are referring more business. Okay, I like it. So if you focus on a part of the bettering a part of the process, yeah, the end goal just happened. This is just like focusing on your sphere and making those relationships grow. Yes. And at the end of the year, regardless of if the numbers are I mean, obviously, if they’re significantly lower, you have a problem. Right? But if they are, or sometimes the goal may be the same number, yes, but to work more efficiently. Okay. So as long as I can maintain that number, but maybe work a little bit less reduce your reduce my hours by working smarter, then that could be okay, so all of that being said, I do think that a business plan is a good thing. Absolutely. I have gotten to a point in my business where consistency has become. I’m sort of on autopilot, right? So that’s when I switched to the year end evaluation of everything. Sure. I do think that I should go back to writing things down on a day to day basis, I have to write down everything right, like I have daily to do list, I have to set up reminders and all of that. So it only makes sense that I should be writing down

your goals. I write my new. So

for accountability purposes and our podcast therapy. We’ve learned today I’m going to try to write down some HARD goals.

Okay. I think writing down your goals also is a little bit tougher if you sort of feel like you’re at a good place. Goal setting a lot of times is when you’re trying to move your business upwards or move the needle in a different way. So yeah, if it’s going fine if it ain’t broke, don’t be Except it’s that’s blasphemy. Katie Well, I mean, look,

I think goals are, the culture says it’s never good enough, you have to have a business plan, you have to have goals and higher goals. It’s not okay to be happy where you are okay to be happy where you are, but I can’t. That’s kind of where I’m at right now at this stage of life. I’m kind of happy where I am. I want to maintain. Okay, so I’m in autopilot. However, I think you can always be working smarter and just cleaning up your effort. Absolutely. So one quote that I had written down was be proud of how hard you are trying. Oh, that’s good. Because those are the nights that I sleep better. Right? When I know that I did what I was supposed to that day. I can sleep good. Yes. When I know I didn’t. And there were things that I wasn’t very productive on and very efficient on. Those are the nights that I lose sleep and feel like anxious. Right? And that’s not a good mindset to be. Yeah, you wake up the next day and drive across the bridge. Yeah. That bridge driving probably happens only two or three times a year.

Okay. So when things compound? Yes. And your mind says way off, right? Okay. I like it. It’s a way to get back there. Let’s see, I had a couple of other ones. You, if you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. Oh, that’s good. And that go? Yeah, so don’t, don’t March someone else’s. Where they say, give me a to the beat of someone else’s drum.

Right? Don’t Don’t march to the beat of someone else’s drum. When You’re your own person that

if you lean into who you are, you’ll find more success, right? Or at least that’s what

I think that’s where all this mindset frustration comes in is that you go back to comparison, you’re looking what other people are doing. You’re saying I should be doing that. But I’m not naturally good at that I’m naturally good at this, right? And if you try to force something that isn’t there, it just leads to frustration and mindset meltdown, probably the

biggest part is figuring out who you are. Right? And being confused about who that is and what you are good at. And it’s something you’re probably not going to get in a personality test.

Yes. And you never arrive. No, you’re always evolving, your business is evolving. I know I’m like at a point where in my business, I’m really wanting to, like totally revamp all my systems every day, just to just to upgrade from where I started shows that the volume. And that’s daunting,

yes. It’s hard to find time for that. It’s overwhelming it is. And then it messes with your mind.

It does. And then you just say forget it. Forget about doing anything. I’m gonna do that right now. It’s too hard. Which leads me to my next quote, oh, let’s hear it. It’s a slow process. But quitting won’t speed it up. Well, that’s true. Very true.

So many good quotes about success and quitting and not quitting patience. I mean, that’s really patience, right. But I think that is part of the problem. When you’re new, or I mean, wanting to move your business, it’s, you have to be patient, you have to put this system in place and give it time to actually work. So you can’t just try it for a month and then give it up. Right? You gotta like really,

I think, given my so I have always had success with open houses. Okay. I get clients from it. It helps me form relationships. Where else are you going to be where a potential buyer walks in and sees you face to face, right. So I have had success with them. I like them. It annoys me when people say, Well, I did you know, to open houses and nothing happened, right?

How often do you do them? Or did you do them in the beginning?

In the beginning, it was every Sunday? Yeah. Now it’s almost every Sunday. Yeah, I use it as a time to reset my mindset, right? Because if I always bring things to do to an open house, so my computer’s with me or book or whatever I have at that time. If I need to hand write letters, they come with me. So that way, I have two hours to just reset prepare for the week. If nobody comes, I was very productive. Yep. If people come, I got to meet people between being productive, right? So it just works out. And then after the open house, I’m like, okay, I can I’m ready to conquer the week.

I’m organized. Yeah. And it’s it’s good to get I also think open houses are sort of no pressure ways to practice talking to people. Oh, for sure. Because they’re going to come and they’re gonna go and they might be neighbors and they might be buyers. But it’s really no harm, no foul if you don’t make that connection with every single person that comes into your open house.

I remember my first open house I had memorized the living area and the bedrooms and all the basic right. And then someone walks in and goes, How old’s the roof? And I was like, crap. I don’t know that one. I have no idea. So open house number two. I know, the roof. I know all of that. And they’re like, it’s just a flood zone. I’m like, crap. I don’t know that. But open house number five. Yeah, I had all the answers. And they didn’t ask anything. They didn’t ask anything. Exactly. Like I

knew it all. I was ready. But but being prepared, well set your mind right to it, because that’s going to help your confidence. Oh, for sure. Every time that you learned another thing you knew I’m not going to look dumb. When they asked me for the roof age. I know it. I’m prepared.

And then I just mastered the, I’ll look into that and get back to you. Yeah, it’s okay. Not to know. I

don’t know. I don’t know. I can find out. But I had to master that. Like in my practice. Oh, my favorite is I can find out I can find out and find out. Let me find out for you. I like it. And then it looks like you’re doing something. Yeah. Like cuz you are you gotta find out. Right? All right, what else do I have? Oh, this is my one of my favorites. This one’s Abraham Lincoln. And this one really does play into this in a big way. And it really is important to me, and I go back to it, and I refer to it, you are as happy as you make up your mind to be?

That’s good.

I know.

To go with that one. I have whether you think you can or you think you can’t. You’re right, you’re right. Those two go hand in hand.

Right? So if you have someone in your life that’s giving you positive feedback and positive messages, call them text them, go see them, take them to coffee, and whoever is your biggest cheerleader, that should be your number one coffee, if you’re especially in a mindset, funk.

And speaking of cheerleaders, I just sat at my mastermind. Yeah, we had the topic this month was on open houses, okay. And we had Laura Buck Smith with Team Smith come and talk about open houses because they host several a weekend. And she was saying how it’s all about mindset, okay, and how, and there’s a new agent in my office that I was like, she needs to come because she’s been doing open houses and you only coach you can only coach so much. Right? You know. And so I made her come to, and the biggest thing that Laura talked about was going into it with the right mindset, right? People are going to sign the sheet. Yeah, people do like me. Yeah, I like it. You know, like, I like people, whereas the average new agent goes into it being like, Oh, nobody wants to sign this sheet. Nobody’s gonna show up. And she nobody’s gonna call? Well, nobody comes, are you gonna be prepared to be productive? Right? Like, are you? Yeah, behind something like, there it is being prepared to be productive, right? Yeah. And the new agent even said, sometimes when they’re signing the sheet, and I see them kind of hesitate at the email, I just jump in and say, Oh, you don’t have to do that part. And it’s like, no, just let them do it. Like, don’t be confident. It’s like discounting your commission before they even before they even ask. And it just that’s a mindset thing, because as a new agent, she is scared to even ask right?

For it for the email. Yeah, it’s tough. That is totally a mindset thing. So it was just interesting that one of my favorite ones, affirmations for mindset, when because sometimes I don’t like to call I mean, I don’t even my past clients, sometimes I feel nervous about making the call. And then you just have to say people want to hear from me. Yeah, I mean, you’re not calling to do like deliver bad news, right? Just say hi, hey, how’s it going? What’s up? People want to hear from people want to hear from me? That’s good. Yeah, it’s very simple. fixing your minds, that can be pretty simple. Like, affirmations don’t have to be long or complicated. And I had showed you earlier, I have a whole sheet of them. Like, whenever I’m feeling in a funk, or I’ve have some sort of limiting belief, I try to get a good affirmation that would help me out of that. And I did that whenever I was doing the vision board early on.

So do you just read them? Do you memorize them? Do you say them but you’re I’m not gonna

I don’t I don’t do them in the mirror. Although they do say that’s good. I don’t know. I guess I just feel weird, but I say them over and over again. In my mind, that’s good all the time. My default blank space. Like if I’m just I have several that I repeat,

daily, hourly, see, I probably need to implement something like

that. If you’ve got something that’s really a thorn in your side, like something you’re really trying to get away from. I mean, competition has been like a big focus for me this year and trying to get out of that comparison and competition. So I have a few that I try to say, Yeah, to get me there where I’m not feeling it.

Well, I think it just goes to show that you have to take ownership of what you’re thinking, yep. And hold yourself accountable for it. And not make excuses about it. Yep. And not have lunch with friends that just amplify it and you have this big pity party and then next thing you know, it’s just way blown out of proportion, right? You actually need to have accountability for yourself and have a plan in place to overcome your mindset? Yep.

Gary Vee is always saying to remove the negative people and add in a positive person, so like subtract, or just less than what if it’s your mom? Like, what if the person who’s negative is someone you can’t get rid of just less than that contact, but add in someone who’s got constant positive messages? Yeah. I think that’s an easy thing to do it is you have any more? Um,

I do. I think the last one is the one that I have found in my business on, oh, let’s hear it. You earn more business in two months by becoming interested in other people, then you will in two years trying to get other people interested in you? Oh, yes. I think that goes back to when I was a new agent. And my broker said the number one thing she wanted me to do first was to find two groups to join. Okay, so she meant she wanted us to join two groups. The biggest thing at the lunch like you can’t just sneak into lunch, and then sneak out right, you may as well not be in the group. And it’s just been a waste of time. Okay. She’s always a big advocate of asking other people for their business cards. Oh, instead of being like, here’s my business card. Here’s and then people are like, but saying, Do you have a business card? A lot of people don’t. And then you say, Well, no problem. Here’s mine. Shoot me an email. So I have your contact info. Okay. So then it’s like, you weren’t being pushy, right? You weren’t saying it’s all about me, me, me. Here’s my business card. And then you’ve just made a connection with somebody and they will likely email you because you asked them to so you will have their contact information. So wrapping up the podcast today, we’re going to do our toast. We are going to do our toast. So we’re going to toast to the people that motivate us via podcasts. Yes, we

love the podcast and there are so many positive messages which are good for your positive mindset out there in the podcast world. And the one that I really love and get so much good positivity from is Gary Vee, so you can go check out the Gary Vee audio experience.

And I’m going to toast to Jenna Kutcher on the gold digger Paco. Yeah, we look that’s how we learned so much about podcast it is yeah, I listen to her in the car all the time. Yeah, it’s good. Why waste time listening to music when you could be bettering your mindset? That’s right. So filled with good stuff to cheers to Jenna. Cheers, Gary. Gary. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure to follow

us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode, topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. See you next week. Bye. This is the goodbye

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