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Get ready to be inspired, uplifted and motivated! This episode is filled with quotes, stories, and tips to get you in the best frame of mind to succeed. We talk about our real estate ‘whys’ and how they have changed over time. We even go through the list of all the reasons being a Realtor is awesome! Our hope is this episode will be one you can go back to over and over again to recover from a bad day or pull yourself out of a funk. Come smile, laugh and feel grateful for this day and this amazing real estate life!

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Connie makes us spit on her gum if we’re chewing gum, like just in life. And we say Yes, Mom, I can’t I can’t go work there. Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, guys, welcome to Motivation Monday. Yay, this episode is going to be so fun. It is episode number 31. Perfect just like Baskin Robbins. And we are going to be all about the motivation. And the hope for this episode is that you would go back to it if you’re having a bad day, or you just need like a little kick in the pants. And this will make you smile and feel motivated and feel positive. That’s the hope for this episode. Right? Correct. Okay, and I had a quote that went with that. Okay. People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar motivation does not laugh doesn’t last. neither does bathing. So you’re gonna have to come back to this episode again. And again. Let’s start off by talking about the perks of our job.

Okay, this is what I wrote on my notes. What’s awesome about being in real estate? Oh, what is awesome about being in real estate.

So many things never

boring. Never. No two days are the same. You do not have to sit behind a desk all day, every day. You’re not in a cubicle, you’re not in a dark room, you’re out on the road, you’re on the open road,

you are more in charge of your schedule than other careers. For

sure. If you I have never missed a say never. I have almost never missed a kid

event. Because you can just book say you’re booked at that times right? In the event at school.

I mean, so I don’t you know, we don’t promote the flexible schedule angle, but the schedule can work for what you need it to

do. Yes. If you need to take off all day to go on a field trip and work at night. instead. You can I love that. It’s really great. Just

like so amazing. Okay, what else is awesome about real estate?


Okay, good point, people, they will pay you to do this. I know it’s hard to believe. But someone is going to pay you

and not just money for money. But like the fact that you control it. Yes. And sometimes that can be viewed as negative. But this is the positive episode where we are realizing that if you want to make more guess what you can

that remember, that’s why I got into real estate. I wanted to work hard. And the harder I worked, the more money I could make.

If you want to dream of a better future. You can do it. Yeah. This is way brilliant goal setting and whatnot. But well, we’ve told you all the how tos yeah, we’re just telling you good news. Good news,

you can be done. It can be done. I love it. Okay, so I had, you get to meet new people. Oh, yeah. And here’s the fun side note, if you have a bad client, if you have someone you don’t like, when the transaction is over, they’re gone.

Or you can even fire them. Or their transaction in You’re the boss. Yeah, that’s, that’s what’s awesome about real estate that if

you’re the boss, you can fire them. Or at the very least, if you get to the end, you could just say thank you very much. And go on about your

way. If there’s a seller that’s making you hate life, you can walk away, you can just say I can’t You’re in control, you’re not stuck you that you have no boss, how many times have you heard friends in corporate America that hate their boss and can’t do anything about it? That’s what’s great. So you say client employed, which I love that terminology, but so you have someone you’re answering to but here’s the good news, you are still in control. You can fire them, you can walk away that has to be a mutual relationship. Yeah. So you can lay your head down at night knowing Yeah, you have an out if you want it. Not everybody can say that.

No, very few people can say that no one is going to tell you where to go. Right What to do where to be. Now, you should probably do what you know to be right, but no one’s going to tell you. And on the other side of the coin of you can get rid of a bad client, you’re going to meet the most wonderful people. I mean, you I’ve made great friends that were just online leads to you know, clients that turned into friends. And here’s a nice little story. I went on a listing pre listing appointment a couple of nights ago. And as the client that I got as an online lead, we just clicked and these years ago, they’ve been in their house like almost eight years. Wow. We just clicked immediately we are friends now she and I go to lunch at least once a month like she’s just very special to me. And so they’re ready to move again. So I went to their house for their pre listing and did the walkthrough of the house to tell them what to do. And and they They fed me crawfish at Fey and gave me a beer and like hung out with me. I was like I never want to leave I want all of my clients to be I want all of my listing appointments to be like this. Yeah. cuz they become your friend. I

know. It’s not that serious.

It’s not that serious. And and in the same token, it’s important to them. So they do like, trust you so much and they become so close to you. And tell me if you feel this at the end of a transaction sometimes I’m sad because I’m going to miss them. Yes. Like it’s your time is coming to an end. No. And you know, you say, well, I’ll come by so I’ll stop by and that’s fine, but you won’t talk to them. Why every day? Yeah. And you had such like you had a 30 day. It’s like the bachelor friendships that you had 30 days when you were tight, like you were together all the time. You were answering questions every day, you were falling in love, right?

And then and then it’s over. And then the show’s over. It’s real life. It’s like oh, man, back to real life, but

you can reach out to those people. So I know you’re really good at that keeping up. I love

that I can just work in coffee shops if I want like different places. Okay,

I love and appreciate that about you. You can work anywhere. Yeah,

I don’t think that I can’t I’m trying to take a you know some notes for know what I need to do my I need to kidnap you. And take me out to New Orleans. Yeah, and we find coffee shops in New Orleans. And we just fun. Just we’re there all day and then drive back.

I think that’s great. I love the attitude that you are just like I can be efficient anywhere. And that’s a good thing about remote stay bird. You can do anything you want. Anytime. All I need is my laptop. Now all you need. You just need the internet. And that’s all I need. I love it. Okay, here’s another thing that’s awesome about real estate. You get to see all kinds of

houses, so many different kinds.

Some of them are not good. Some of them are amazing. Some of them have weird crap. I mean, I’ve laughed on many showing. Oh, yeah, I’ve taken pictures of touristy weirdest wallpaper you’ve ever seen. Like? Yep. Can you think of some weird stuff from showings? Oh my god, I’m not gonna put you on the spot. But i This is the weirdest one I had. Okay. No weirdness, but a weird one. So I had clients that film this gorgeous. I mean, this house was built in the 1800s. It had been moved from downtown Baton Rouge out kind of close to where I live. So further down out of town, like a good 20 miles away. And in the 70s this house, this old amazing like plantation looking house had been moved. And then they rent it like they renovated it then. So the house was like built in the 1800s. But look, some of the stuff on the inside was 1970. Wow. And then the same person had lived there for a long time. It was on this gorgeous like out like three or six acres or it was beautiful property. But we go on the showing. And the house is from outsiders, like wow. Like it needs some love. But it’s so cool. You go inside and it was a state sale situation. Yes. There were dongles Oh no, everywhere. No. And the adults were in cases. Some of them it almost looked like a doll museum. And in some places because you know how weird estate sales are set up where everything’s out on display, right? Well, in some places, the dolls were set up like in the baby’s highchair with like play toys laid out. And you know her price tags because it wasn’t a state sale. But like the baby dolls, everywhere. That is crazy. It was creepy, but it was hilarious and weird. And they bought that house.

One time I was showing a house and we open the laundry room door which is like a big laundry room. And the cutest older golden retriever just like walks out. Like you don’t see me and goes and walk straight and sits on the couch and goes to sleep. I was never here. I was never here. And so I was like, do I put it back? Because if there wasn’t anything in the show instructions that the dog was going to be there. So I texted the agent. I was like, hey, the dog. Sorry, they told me this morning that they would have to just put them in the laundry room. I forgot to tell you I was like well he’s on the couch. Like what do I do that okay, and he was like, Yeah, it’s fine.

That’s that’s the good thing. It’s always an adventure. Yes, in good and bad ways. But it’s amazing. I had like when you look at all different houses. Do you ever go to a house and you’re just shocked by how pretty it is?

There hasn’t really only been one or two houses that I have been like, I want it. You’re like, oh, this

is amazing. Yes.

I had one was in this neighborhood. No way.

I love that. I went to you’ll have to tell me about that. Later. I went to one my biggest listing ever. I knew that it was a high like a luxury listing because he told me on the phone what his appraisal had been recently. So I wasn’t blindsided completely. And then he took me through the house and although it was really lovely, it wasn’t like wow, right? He took me in the backyard. It was like gosh, three acres. I had no idea what’s getting into even though he had described it to me on the phone. Yeah, he took me in the yard. We walked past the pool, which was lovely. We walked down the path which was lovely. And then we turn this corner and I literally like caught my breath. Yeah, I was like oh my gosh, me See, I mean, there’s a waterfall and a pond and a cabin and a water wheel. And it was like I had been transported into some Disney Resort. I don’t know. It was just amazing. And at that particular house, which I had listed for so long, I got to experience in all the seasons. And I had to be present for showings because it was a luxury listing. And I needed to tell them all the 1 million things about it, and you’re like, No problem. I was like, I’ll be there. I’ll be there. Anytime. Anytime I’m coming. I’m going to look at the fish. I’m going to feed them it’s going to be amazing. Every time I got to experience it in all different seasons Wow. So like at that house became so the house became so special to me because it was a special place. Right. So it was kind of a fun. It was hard to let it go even after four years and I really wanted it to sell. It was hard to say goodbye to that house. So you get to see all kinds of houses that I’ve been in someone I was like, Oh,

this is off topic, but you said Disney Resort. And they announced on the news this morning that they’re renovating Cinderella’s castle No way. It’s it’s a anniversary. It’s like its 70th anniversary. Oh, and they they said you can go online and look at the what’s gonna happen happen.

Are they gonna like that’s cool. Get push up, put a bunch of like white subway tile. And

what is the Cinderella Castle update gonna be?

I don’t even know what the inside looks like. Are they updating the outside? They kind

of made it sound like they were going to be doing something. But changes color. That’d be crazy.

That would be wild. Okay, that’s cool. What else is awesome about real estate?

Oh my gosh, your whole list like realtors? You know, most of my really good friends are realtors. They’re just like minded individuals when you find the good ones. Yeah. And like those people, they get me and they we get each other and we understand the struggles. You love the community. I love the community. Like I love my title people. I love my lender. I love my broker. I love my coworkers like it’s just the whole it takes a special breed of people. And I enjoy the workplace. Don’t

you feel like? It’s in a weird way? It’s like everyone’s there by choice. Yes, in just a different way. Yes. Because even people who are doing it part time, like, you just start doing it by choice, you choose to keep your real estate license you choose to participate in that. I mean, I guess you do within that genre, it

goes to the next thing that I had written down was, if you’re looking for motivation, or you’re in a funk, trying to remember why am I doing this? Yeah, what is the point? And because look, this job, you can get bogged down in the details, the nitty gritty details, but when you remember long term what this job can do for you, if you do it, right, yeah, it’s just amazing. It blows

your mind. Sometimes I’m like, Whoa, that I cannot believe they paid me to do that. It was so fun. Yeah. And sometimes I’m like, You should have paid me more. Right? That’s okay. Yeah, I know, it’s so amazing.

I mean, even without the real estate community, we wouldn’t even be able to do or have this podcast now. Oh, my gosh, no. And so it’s just neat to think that real estate allows us to do this podcast. That

is what is awesome about real estate, too, is and I wrote this down, you can wear so many hats. Like if you’re awesome at marketing, you can really lean into that if you’re awesome at social media, you can make that a part of like the biggest part of your real estate business, if you’re awesome at, you know, business plans, or you know, me in meeting in person or whatever, like if you want to do you’re all you’re all things right? You’re the CEO, you’re the marketer, you’re the HR department, you’re all of them. So whichever one you love, you’re gonna get to do it. It’s never boring in that way to like, I have a passion for staging. Well, there’s all these different parts, like I don’t have to be the stager of my listings, you could certainly go hire a professional stager. But if you have a passion for something like that, I could also outsource marketing or I could outsource all different parts of the process that weren’t but you can really lean into the stuff you like. So it’s kind of fun in that way.

Do you feel like why you started real estate has changed to why you’re still in it now for sure. Like I accomplished

what I mean, I learned Yes, I can work hard and make them make money. Yes, like make more money based. But now I think what keeps me there is the parts that I love about it. Like I love the staging like that. And I think that it will transition through time to where I’ll be like maybe I’ll be super listing heavy and just say I want to stay like I want to help you get your house ready. And I want to be part of the staging part. And that’s going to be like what really fills me up or whatever. I think it’s the most rewarding job I couldn’t have possibly known that it would be that rewarding that I because I like to work with people. I mean, like I just and it’s such an important process to the person you’re working with is typically their largest financial instrument. So I mean, like it’s a big deal, right? Literally, it’s a big deal. Yeah. So you are important to them and you can help someone get through it. difficult process with less stress. That’s pretty serious. It is like I just love that I get to have that kind of impact on someone. And I didn’t know that was going to happen. I thought they were going to pay me and I was going to be jazzed about the money. And I was going to be like, whatever. But people are so that’s this is a great time for me to bring out my, my visual aid. Oh, are you ready? You don’t even know what it is. So sorry, to the podcast listeners. If you’d like we do have a house hustle humbly YouTube channel, you can go and check out my visual aid. So I don’t know what made me do this early on like in the first year. Okay, I started with I got a thank you note or a nice email or any kind of like review, I would print them. Oh my gosh, like literally print them. So I have this binder. Like how thick it is. Has this was 14 years. Oh, my binder. I mean, it’s the like literal, thank you notes look like little like handwritten notes. It’s got if they if they wrote a review in Facebook, I would print it up because I wanted it all on this place. And if I’m you keep up with it still. Yeah, I have what I got yesterday that I’ll put in I mean, why not? There’s some in the front that I need like to put in the sleeves. But it’s got every time someone sends me a nice note gives me a gift, something that’s real estate related. Yeah. And it’s just so like life affirming. Because you can be like, Hey, I’m

good at this.

Like, for instance, here we are. Katie was a dream to work with. She was with me at least a year. And she always made sure to keep in contact when we were waiting for the house to be built. She sold my house in less than 30 days, which I thought would have taken six months, I highly recommend her to everyone. That’s all if you get up in the morning and read that and you don’t feel good about continuing. Like, it’s your messed up. Like, that’s all so I can go and so when people ask you that question, what would you I’m gonna show my like, it’s cool, right? What would you get in your house? If it was on fire? I would get my children and my dog and probably my computer and phone and then I would get this book. Yeah, like it’s so important.

That’s awesome. So it just, it’s what you focus on. Right.

So I think that is what’s kind of a fun little.

You know, that’s funny, because I wrote down this quote, When you focus on the good, the good gets better. Oh, I

love that. That’s true. Isn’t it true? Oh my gosh, that’s so nice. So

you focus on grows? Yes, for sure. Is on the good?

Yep. I know. That’s so nice. Okay, anything else awesome about being in real estate? I have some great quotes. Okay, share one. Like get motivated people. It’s Monday get motivated. Is that a quote? No, I’m just saying.

Like, I don’t understand. You’re like,

I don’t get it. All right. Let’s see. I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it. But by working for it. Yes. That was Estee Lauder. I love that. But I mean, you know, you can be motivated and practical

that this one kind of goes with that. Shout out to all the plants growing through concrete. That’s amazing. I just love that one. Well, right. Like it is hard work.

It’s so fun. It gets sprayed with Roundup, you come back, you just gotta keep trying and keep on going. Yep. I like that. You can actually make other agents happy that you can make their life easier by being good to work with. Yes, I like that you can write like really? I like that you can make the process fun. Like core have that power. I wrote

down that something that helps keep me motivated. And this is gonna sound bad. I’m surprised. I’m gonna like say this to the world. I can’t wait. I can be selfish. Okay, very self focused right rein. Like sometimes I have trouble recognizing,

oh, this is another this is a three thing. That’s an Enneagram three thing. Okay, that’s normal. Okay, good carry on.

So if I find that I’m like, in a funk or in a bad mood, I have to be like, okay, Elissa, like stop thinking about yourself. Yeah. And I have to try to be happy for other people I love and at first you’re kind of lightly I don’t want to but then you do it. And you just feel so good. And you just like go look at Facebook and see who posted about their kid winning their baseball and you smile. Yeah. Well, like even just like commenting or messaging people or congratulating them or handwriting them a note being like, Hey, I saw you just got inducted to the Hall of Fame, get her office, whatever it is because like when I get awards, people like title companies and friends and they send flowers right me and I’m like, Oh, am I doing that for other people? Right put it back out there and it takes me effort like to do it but when I do it, it just lifts my mood. It takes the focus off of me on to other people.

Do you know what I say to myself? What? When I get in that especially when it comes to my kids like I’m annoyed that I have to go to school early in the morning and I didn’t have time to get showered and dressed and I’m like, worried about me or whatever. I just say, it’s not about me. It’s not about me, not about me. You know, and you can be like that. Yeah, all the time. It’s not about me, not about me. And then I just like be like, Oh, go like, they don’t care if I show up with greasy hair. Yeah, it was about them. Right. And it’s kind of nice to put yourself in that frame of mind. I think that’s an awesome way to get motivated.

Yeah. And it kind of goes, I wrote down. Let it be. Let it be. I will listen to the song sometimes. That’s good. Yeah. Just let it roll. Go with the flow. Yeah. Accept your losses or inconveniences or bumps in the road and just move along quickly.

I think that’s good. Don’t Oh, wait, I have one that goes with that. Okay, the key to success is to focus on goals. Not obstacles. Oh, so just like what you’re saying. Don’t stop and give it a lot of time. If it’s a problem and issue, you know, move past fix it move past it, but don’t dwell on it. Like, you know, Oh, I lost a client today. Or, oh, you know, someone bought a for sale by owner. Oh, you know, whatever. Know, what was the best thing that happened today? Right? Like, just think about that. Call someone and tell them about it something.

So yesterday, I could have been really ticked off about this. So I had a listing appointment at 10am. Okay, um, by Town Center. Okay. Then I left it and was going to to my office to grab the deposit check for our closing. Okay. Then I had to be present for showing in Willow Grove that I had to go to commerce title Prairieville. So I had it

all mapped out. You were in your route

in my route. And I’m going to have lunch with myself where I work. Yeah. And realize, where’s my laptop? Where was it at the 10am listing appointment by Town Center?

Oh, no, I was just

so mad. I had brought it in, and I put it on the dining room table. And then I just never went back to it. And I was so far away from it. And I didn’t get to eat lunch. But you didn’t feel about I don’t know how you

got through that day. You know how I’m surprised we saw you at closing at all.

And I literally just had to be like it is what it is. Yeah, just go get it. And I had to drive all the way back and then drive all the way to Prairie View. A messed up. But for some reason. I was just in a good mood. And I was like, You know what? It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s not that big of a deal. But you can let the little foxes ruin the vine if you want. Oh, that’s good. But yeah, you’re right.

You gotta just keep going. Yeah. Okay, how about this, if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. Oh, very intentional. Napoleon Hill. If you haven’t read a good book that will help you get in the right mindset. That Napoleon Hill that old classic. What is it called? Now? It’s not going to come to me

look it up real quick thinking Grow Rich. What Think and Grow? Rich? Yeah, girl, you got it? How was like was thinking, grow?

Think and Grow. Think and Grow Rich. Okay, it is all about the power of your mind. And this is super old school. This guy went and interviewed, like the first real, real, wealthy people of America like Carnegie. And he, he saw he went and interviewed all these wealthy people. And they all had similar traits. And the similar traits where they believed like it was all about like, they were able to think themselves that’s amazing thickness into money. Like, they’re the power of your mind is unbelievable. So you guys, it’s not just silly, silly to say I’m going to ignore this obstacle and move on to like the happy thing or something that’s amazing. It will. Whatever you choose to focus on, more of that will come to you, period, for sure it

Hello, hustle humbly friends. Hi, guys, we have an exciting announcement. It’s very exciting. We are going to officially be selling our email template. Yes. And

here’s the good news. It’s going to be in the form of a course. So if you want to tackle making your own template, or if you want to see how we’ve done RS and use them, there’ll be some additional information beyond just the template itself.

So basically, you’ll have all of our templates that we use throughout the transactions that go to buyer’s or seller’s lenders, everything that you need, and then you will be able to edit it to fit your marketplace.

Correct and it will be life changing. You might even fire your assistant, maybe so. Okay, so tell them how they can get on the waitlist for these templates.

You need to go to hustle humbly. podcast.com That’s easy. We have a lot of people on this waitlist.

I know they’ve been asking. Yes, it’s we’re working on it. We’re working. coming very soon. Yes, hopefully March. Stay tuned. Thanks. Goodbye. What about, you’re going to like this one? Okay? Life is 10% What happens to you and 90%? How you react to it?

Or do like that one? That kind of goes to Okay, so one, this helps keep me motivated. I’ve taken up two days though being here with you. I’m so sorry. One day a week I scheduled nothing. Okay? It doesn’t mean I don’t work. It just means I scheduled nothing. I bring haven to school, I come back to my house. You work there, I do laundry, okay, if my phone rings, I answer it like I love this day, because there’s no missed calls on this day, okay, because it’s just me and my phone are available. I’m totally available. But and then like, I’ll work on my laptop. And then when the dryer buzzer goes off, I do the laundry. And then I come back to my computer. And then it’s like, while I’m doing laundry and taking that break, I think of things that I’m like, Oh, I was supposed to do this or email that or, and this Day Keeps me proactive. Yeah. Because I’m staying caught up. And when I’m proactive, I’m like, I’m good at this, like I just do, you’ll, I feel in control. I can handle this because it’s easy to feel out of control. And doing this practice scheduling just one day a week where I just stay home, clean my house, because Lord knows we don’t always have time for that. Yeah. And I use laundry as my break timer. Every time it goes off, you take a break, I get up and then I might even watch like 20 minutes of bachelor while I eat my sandwich. And then I get back on the computer and see what’s new. On this day. The email response time is extremely quick, because I’m just waiting for it. Like I’m ready. Yeah. And then like, by the end of the day, I just feel like I have gotten so ahead.

i That’s exactly how I feel too. And I’m not I need to be more protective of that day, the way you’re saying you protect it. I usually end up with one day a week where I’m home, like just sitting out doing laundry, but doing office work gets on top of things, making it be proactive. And I think that that’s a good practice to reserve the day, you’re still working, but you’re not out on appointments. And the best thing to do is don’t be swayed by a shiny object. Or your friend says, Oh, you want to go to lunch? Like nope, right. That’s my day. I can’t do it.

That’s why I wrote down be off be on the offense, not the defense. Yeah, I like that. Because that’s what this day allows me to do. This day is like my day, all the things that have been stressing me out that I felt behind on Yep, everything is caught up on this day.

I like that. That’s a great practice. What about this practice? Get up and get dressed. So on the on the opposite of that, right? You’re not scheduled today. But maybe you don’t need this day to be not scheduled. Don’t just lounge in your pjs all day, right? Get up, get moving exercise, or at least take a walk do something, then get dressed. Yes. Guess what, if someone calls you last minute and was like, I would like to see your house

the days where I’m like, I don’t feel like washing my hair. Maybe I could pull off the messy bun. Yeah, because I can’t pull off the message. I can’t either. I don’t have the hair for it. And I don’t either. I feel so much better when I just wash my hair or wear it down and get dressed. Yes. Even if I’m like not dressed that well. If my hair is like Dawn, I’m like, Hey, this is exactly how I feel. Do you have to wash your hair every day? Pretty much I hate it.

I know it’s bad man gets this is so off topic. I guess just to

like grease we have similar hair because it’s fine. It but a

lot of it. And then it’s like and then I get these old man bangs like the comb over. It’s like all oily. I don’t know y’all I have to. Here’s the other thing, I

feel better when I do what I’m supposed to do that I

was about to say, I feel better if it’s clean. I know. So I could get up in the morning and be like, I’m gonna make it through this day. And I don’t need it to be clean. Because y’all to be honest. I can come in my office with my pajamas and work hard all day. That’s awesome. And I’m not going to be like, you know, lounging on the couch. But if I didn’t wash my hair, somewhere around two or three o’clock, I’ll be like, oh, like I just this day is the worst. Right? Right. It just I don’t know, mindset. Gotta get your mind. Right. So get up, get dressed. Okay,

I have a quick quote. Let’s hear it. This goes with like, if you’re trying to work from home or do something, don’t be busy, be productive. Yeah, it’s not about being busy and you know, doing stuff that’s just busy work that doesn’t accomplish anything. This goes right

along with that before success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. Oh, so figure out what your things are. That’s a good book. The one thing Yep.

I love that one. Yeah, that’s a popular one.

The one thing is great. It’s it’s a little tough sometimes. to picture it for real estate because your activities are so varied. Yeah, like for instance, if you’re gonna be like, I am referral based, and I’m gonna love my people, then you’re one thing would be like, two hours every day, I’m gonna get on whatever it is Facebook and message my friends and handwritten notes like, but that’s my one thing. And I gotta protect that just like you’re protecting your whole day. If you follow the one thing system, they’re telling you to protect that one thing, that’s what you’ve got to get done. And if you keep doing that every day, it’ll just work. You have

to make sure that your calendar and your friends line up with your goals. Oh, so if you feel like when you look, think of your one thing, and then look at your calendar and be like, Is this in line, right? These things? I’m doing these groups, I’m in these things I have these things I go to do they feed me? Do they motivate me? Do they fuel me? If not, you really need to evaluate what you’re spending your time on and who you’re spending your time with.

Oh, I 100% agree with that. So I have to give a little shout

out. Okay, so there’s an agent in our marketplace, named Danielle Tibideaux.

Uh huh. Oh, she’s a delight. She

is the most delightful person. Yes. I love joy. She’s available. Joy. Love joy. Yeah. And she has Anna Katherine, who is a special needs daughter. Okay, who is a warrior? Yeah, she’s like a trooper. And I went to Daniel’s house. And if you talk to Danielle, like you don’t. It’s not all about. She just talks about her. Right? And it’s not anything like you wouldn’t even know. Yeah. And I went to her house. And I met I met her daughter. And she like, Danielle is just so strong and like, supportive. And I asked her I was like, you know, how are you so positive? Yeah, this has to be such a hard challenge in your life. Yeah, around the clock nursing care, you know, all of this, all this special needs. And she’s like, Alyssa, I am like so blessed. Oh, and I was just thinking like, wow, stay here. And you know, of course, there’s hard days, but she understands that, like her daughter is so far along compared to where she could be and like how strong she is, the advances she’s made. But anyway, when you when you see someone living a life like that, yes. And you’re like, I’m over here, complaining about a wobbly toilet and a listing and negotiating. It’s not a big deal. And I think that her joy comes from the fact that she has a wider perspective on what’s important in life in life. Yes, yes. Oh, that’s amazing. Watch. I watched a Taylor Swift documentary. It’s,

I want to see to see it. Okay, great. I’ll

do it. I don’t even I’m not even a huge jeez. I’m not even a huge fan. Like I like her country stuff.

Ya know, I’m a country music guy now.

But she said that, you know, the thing that kept her grounded because she was so young. When she started Berea was that her mom had cancer, okay. And at the end of the day, she said, it doesn’t matter. What the crowd was how many fans I had all of the publicity. At the end of the day, my mom was sick. Yeah. And it just kept me grounded and rights important. Yes. And I was like, Yeah, people take these things in their life, and turn them around into positive motivation. Yes. And it literally kicks me in the pants and makes me go. Like, really? Everything’s so good. Everything is so good. And how blessed and how wonderful this life is.

Yes. You know what Gary Vee says what he says he doesn’t listen to the cheers or the booze. So if you don’t get high on your own supply, and you’re not like so focused on what they’re saying good about you. Yeah, by the same token, you won’t be affected by when someone says something bad about you. Oh, I love that. Just be clear in your own head. It’s pretty easy to be motivated if no one’s going if no one’s opinion affects you. Oh, holy moly.

I wish I could just flip that switch off. I don’t know how to do it takes fantastic skill. I think you can learn how to

use a skill for sure. Okay, here’s a good one. Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. No one’s gonna do it for you.

If you can’t find the sunshine be the sunshine guy.

I almost wrote that one down. I liked it. So good. Okay.

Okay. Another one that I have is this isn’t a quote. Okay. But this is just about like a mindset thing where you need to always think the best of people. Yeah, because a lot of the realtors that I work with, that I talk with the job is beating them down. Yes. And they’re like, this seller hates me and this buyer is so annoying. And this and that. Yeah. And really, it’s like you need to flip the script and say my seller is so stressed out. They have so much going on. Yep. I even pray for my client. So I like, like, I tried to like pray for them. And it just it’s hard to like, feel negative vibes towards someone when you’re praying for them because it just makes you wonder what’s going on in their life. Yeah. So kind of like when people disappear. I think I shared this story before, but I had a couple who like I met at a open house, and they really liked me. I really liked them. And I was showing them houses and then they disappeared,

like, Oh, shucks,

where did they go? But my brain was like, they didn’t like me. They thought I was too young. They thought I didn’t have enough. I had to get out of my head. Yeah. And not think that way. It’s not about me. It’s not about me. But then a year later, I emailed them again, I never stopped, just knew like I can just do it. And she responded and said, Hey, can we look at this house? And I wanted to be like, Where the heck have you been? Susie missed? Her name? Wasn’t Susie, I know, what’s the name? Karen, Karen or Susan Susan.

It’s either one character Susan, Herod

or Brenda, where have you been Brenda. And I showed up, oh, my gosh, and she had no hair. And she was sick. She had been going through that. And you know, she didn’t think to conduct me because she wasn’t shopping for a house because she was shopping for even though she could have responded at some point. But she didn’t she was otherwise. But the point is that we must get out of our own heads. Yeah, thanks. The best of people wait and pray for them. Think about them. I know. You know, and because when we think about us, yes, that’s when we go into the dark hole. Oh, yeah. We think it’s our fault. We start self loathing, we’re Ariat ourselves for not following up. It was my fault. And I do another. Yes. So think better of people and take it off of you as good

at the If I catch someone, if someone if someone uses someone else buys it for sale by owner, but yeah, then they tell me. I’ll always say okay, was there something I could have done better? And sometimes they’ll say, sometimes they won’t. And I’ll also say, I hope you love your new home. Oh, like with some genuine like, you know what the goal was for you to find a house? Yes, I would have preferred if you did it with me. But quite honestly, there’s no reason for me to be salty with you. Right. Like and yell at

you. Yeah.

I do nothing. It’s not gonna make me feel good. But you know what made me feel good. Be the bigger person. Hey, I hope that works out great for you. Yeah, for all we know, they thought you got paid a salary just like a lot of the public does. Right? Right. Oh, I didn’t know I needed to call you, you know? And that’s okay to just say, hey, hope you enjoy that house. If you ever need anything, let me know. Sure. Do you need a painter for like, I literally be like, How can I help you now? I’ve gotten a referral from those people. Yeah, and it’s not even about that. It’s just about being nice. And not making it about you.

I know. I know. It’s hard for me sometimes.

It’s hard for everyone. It’s not you. Okay, what it brought that that just brought up to me and reminded me so we got a request for a show to be how to deal with burnout. Yes, and we felt that it is a good one. This is basically what we wanted this to be you would be able to if you’re feeling some burnout, come back to the motivation episode. Jessica Harville. Yeah. And summer both requested that how to deal with burnout. And part of what I think we should talk about is like finding your why Yeah. Do you have like a why for what you do?

I feel like when I first started, it was just like money career making this a long term sustainable way. And then once I had Haven I feel like I just the possibilities are kind of endless. Yeah. Like my why is just life as a whole. Yeah, like I want to be able for her to go to college and come out without any student loan. Yeah. And I want to be able to have investment property and I want to be able to travel and retire and retire. I want to can you imagine retiring?

No, we were talking about this this morning. I went to

a lattes leadership and lattes thing this morning and they were talking about the topic was like financial planning and retiring Yeah. And being 30 You know, the thought of not working is nowhere on my radar or

and right. But it has

a whole life to live before you even get there. Yeah, it had me dreaming a little bit rageous about like, I’m not going to be here forever. No. And what’s it am I preparing? Right and what that what life I want? Yeah,

I think that’s awesome. I feel like my why is definitely different than when I started. I mean, I have a whole family now. Yeah, yeah. So like that mean? That’s huge, right? Being stable and having having a career that I like so I’m not miserable at home. Sure, and that I’m able to still go to school and watch Play and do the things. It’s huge. And I like the helping the other people. Yeah. I mean, I like I love that part of it. So that’s really, I didn’t know when I started the Why was the money and the hard work and the freedom and that stuff. And now I know that it’s so rewarding. That’s the My why is more into that? Sure. Like, I like being fulfilled by people being happy with what I did for them. Yes. Like, that’s amazing. It is amazing. I feel like that’s, that’s gonna keep you going for sure. That’s why I get the book out. I’m having a crappy day. I’m gonna get the book out and my book, the book full of my your binder, my binder, my binder full of stuff, and I’m gonna read a couple good reads read some old reviews, right? You help someone? Or if you haven’t yet, you’re going to help someone. Yeah, you’re going to help most anyone.

I have a quote that I wrote down for burnout. What did you write? Because I feel like realtors are not good at this. Okay, let me hear it. If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit. Yeah. So like people when they get that little bit of uncomfortable? No, I was listening to someone talk the other day. I don’t know if it was a comedian or something. But they were talking about Americans and how we have just gotten so spoiled. Yes. And how like, everything’s supposed to be easy. Everything is supposed to be easy. We want a pill for everything we want. They’re like, and she said, my eyelash hurts. Like she was just thinking of Bill petty thing. Yeah, that we do. And then we just want to quit. Yeah. And it’s like, no work.

I’m stopping it. Yes. If

you take care of yourself, yeah. And learn how to do these things properly. You don’t have to quit. You don’t have to quit. You just have to figure out like, why it’s not working and do it more efficiently.

I agree. I have some practical stuff for if you’re dealing with burnout, or you need to get motivated.

Okay, I have two things to add to your list when you go great. Okay,

so number one, we have talked about vision boards before? Yes, they are not hokey, although you may think they are. I think it’s good to find some visual images that portray I don’t even care if they’re pictures of your actual family. Now you’re at the beach or in your house. I don’t care. Put some visual images towards what you want more of in your life. Right, right. You want to go on a vacation to that French Alps? I don’t know. Put it on the board. Yeah, whatever you need, or what is your day to day? Like? Do you just want to feel like light and easy when you go to pay your bills, you have all the money like it’s, you know, not stressful? Great. Put it on the board. So I have that and then learn how to do visualizations. So the vision board is sort of the hardcopy of that, right? Yeah, you’re looking at the things on the board. This is what I’m wanting more of in my life. A visualization would be like maybe you’re having a hard time with something. For instance, when I have this very nice listing for four years, I would have to do a little creative visualization because I’m like, is it really ever gonna end right? Am I just gonna Am I gonna lose this listing? Am I gonna just fail it

for years and not a penny earned?

That’s hard and a lot of time and money spent I mean, it wasn’t cheap or easy to you know, market a luxury home. And you know what I would do you I would picture closing day. What does closing day look like? What are they wearing? What am I wearing? How do I feel in the car on the way there? Picture your hands on the steering wheel? What music are you listening to? Is it cold outside? Is it hot outside? You know, what are you giving them as a closing gift? Like picture these really tangible parts of the process? Yeah, and that can work for anything if you have something scary going on you’re going to public speak you’re going to whatever if you’re nervous about something or worried visualize that’s they tell you this athletes do this a lot. You know, Joe burrow was big into this. Yeah, like visualized the whole game. I think Drew Brees is a visual, all of good quarterbacks are visualized. They can they’re visualizing the whole game all the way through seeing the outcome that they want to have happen. I love that so I think that’s really good. And then find something that you want to work towards. It’s like what you tell

me So a while ago I had a friend say it was she it was actually somewhat of a financial advice type situation the friend you know, okay. And she said it was a financial advice type of financial advisor but she advises on finances anyways. So the question is, if you had to pick a goal that was seemed like it would never happen, but could actually happen. Okay, so not like if you won the lottery because right, that’s not a goal. Right? But like something that if you could, yeah. And she said, I’ll give you an example. Yeah, my goal would be to own a small plane. Okay. Me and my family could use for travel and I can also let our church use it for mission trips are nice. Okay. She was like, That would be my goal. Like, that seems like crazy, right? I’m gonna I’m gonna own a plane. mean? Yeah, but she said, but when you actually like look up planes you can get on planes for like 250, which is like a rental house. Anyways, so she got me thinking like, what what I actually do, right. And I went through a phase earlier last year where I was really going to buy a Beach Condo ate. Yeah. And I never could get comfortable with the numbers. Yeah. Because, like I could, I was just trying to stay under like 350. And I didn’t even want to do 350. But I learned if you want to you couldn’t. You couldn’t find anything that wasn’t like an efficiency. Yeah. And I had a realtor there. I looked. And at the end of the day, I was like, I’m spending this would be a lot of money. And I don’t think my family could come right. space. And so for fun. I was like, okay, like, what would I have to spend? Yeah, to get like a four or five bedroom. Right? Nice. Decent property. Yeah. And it was like 850 to $950,000. Wow, for a nice not right, like a fantastic just just just growing like, mid range. This is for a fine. Okay, condo, it’s gonna work. Yeah, this wasn’t even a house. Yeah, like to get a Beach Condo to get a half duplex was like 1.3. You’re like, oh, look, sharp row. So to be totally detached is. But it makes me wonder if I actually put pen to paper and sent that visual, would it take me 10 years, right?

I don’t know. I don’t know. Either. It would be fun to try.

I know. Wouldn’t it be motivating it would be that’s a good motivation now and like how am I would I? How much would I need in savings to feel comfortable making a plunge like that? Right after? You know what I mean? So it’s fun to think about big huge goals. Yeah, like owning a plane or, you know, million dollar beach house. Yeah. And then ask but then realizing if you actually started now, in 10 years, you might could do that. It could very well happen. I agree. But I wrote down that in order for me to stay motivated. I like to have something to look forward to. Okay, so I like to have a little trip on the horizon. Okay, that could be like, nothing, it doesn’t it doesn’t have to be a big like, you know, I’m going to Italy. It could just be I’m going you know, I’m driving to Mississippi. Well, you’re just been the weekend with my grandparents. Oh, I like that. Just something on the horizon. Right to get you through the every day. Yeah, takes your mind off work. Lets you know a break is coming soon. Time moves a little faster. And then the other thing that I do that helps me my brain stay motivated is checking things off a list. Oh, write it down, then check it off. So sometimes, for example, in the if I’m like getting ready in the morning, and my bathroom drawer is a mess. I say, Hey, Siri, remind me to clean my bathroom drawer. Okay. And look what series doing. She’s doing? She just heard me and she said girl, did you do that last week that okay, clean my bathroom? To remind me and you’re like, check. But anyway, if you do that, yeah. Kind of often, like anytime you think of something. And then like on your day off, right? Well, the lean out one drawer. It’s small, which will

make you feel like a winner. Yeah, like the more small wins you add up. You’re like, dang, I’m getting stuffed up. It’s there’s nothing better than having a long to do list. That’s easy. Yeah. And then you’re just check check. Right? I’m getting it done. I just feel good about it. Me. And you know what’s awesome. Tomorrow, you could get up and do it all again. Yeah, like that’s pretty exciting. That you were alive. Yeah, but you get the choice to like,

get us do it all

again. Yeah. Okay. The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Oh my gosh. That’s a good one. That’s so good. Getting started. Yeah,

just don’t be so in your head. Do something. What I like Done is better than perfect. Yeah, I’ve even got my husband saying it now. Not intentionally, but he’s just like I on recording Yes Have Done is better than perfect. Because you cannot. Don’t hide behind perfectionism. Don’t be procrastinating over things because you don’t feel like you’re ready. Like just just do it.

So this kind of goes hand in hand in that because I wrote that. People get really discouraged on an off day. And this so a diet is a good example of that. Oh, yeah. Say you’re like I’m doing no sugar. I’m doing no harm. But then you go to a birthday party, you eat a piece of cake. You think because you ate that piece of cake. The next day, you’re always gonna binge and mad. And then it’s like two weeks later and you’re still binging and then you’re like, Okay, fine. Monday is the day Monday. They think if they’re not doing it perfectly, right, they just shouldn’t do it and don’t do it at all. And the reality is that you should eat the cake. And then the next day you should just drink your water and eat Yeah, go back. I know it’s just you people are so hard on themselves. Give yourself some grace. Yeah. So that way, you know, when you have an off day at work, that doesn’t mean you just, you know, forget it all. You just keep going. Ahead. Yeah, move on. So don’t get discouraged in the off day.

I like that. Okay, because when you’re moving and going, you can’t get discouraged. Right, personally. Okay, and then sometimes I I get like, you know, in the stride, sometimes it late afternoon, and then it’s like family time and I’m like, Oh, crap, I was just like, hitting my stride. Yeah, it’s okay. cross those things off the list and go back at it tomorrow. Yeah, it’s good. All right. I have a really good like, this is my final thing. Okay, my final point.

I have one final thing, but I can’t read my handwriting on it. So I don’t I don’t have anything else. So

you’re done. Is that what you’re telling me? Yep. Okay, so we’re gonna end on this one and then you can do a toast okay. Do something today your future self will thank you for

gosh, like start looking at planning for a beach house.

Just something today? anything it can be small drink three extra glasses of water? I don’t know. Yeah, just do something today that your future self will thank you for you’ll be proud of small or big. That’s great. I think that’s good. Okay, who are we going to toast to?

Oh, we have an interesting good toast today.

Oh my gosh, really? I don’t even think I know you do. Oh, I do. Oh, that’s right. I

do. Oh my god. Okay, let me go get her actual name spine while

you’re doing that. I just want I hope that everyone really does come back to this episode. More than once and like, feel happy and motivated and uplifted and not burned out. Right. Feel the energy? Goodbye? Yeah, yeah. Our Coca Cola vibes.

Okay, so Maria Troika. Okay from Massachusetts. Love it. Okay. I thought this was cool. She said there is a Facebook group that she’s in have girls who listen to this podcast called Morning toast podcast, okay. And they are realtors and agents. And she says it’s the most supportive real estate networking group that she’s ever been a part of pretty cool. No judgment, just genuine advice and community love it. A few girls in the group introduced Maria to our podcast sweet and she wants to toast to her group. I love that I know. So they’re called the toasters real estate network.

I love it. It’s like our community toasting their community. I just think it’s so cool to toast to the toasters. Yeah. Oh, that’s sweet.

So cheers to them and do your Sumeria is awesome. Love it. Okay. Bye. Bye guys. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure to follow

us on Facebook and Instagram at hustle humbly podcast. If you have an episode, topic or question please email us at hustle humbly podcast@gmail.com

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. See you next week. Bye.

This is goodbye

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