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Email Templates 101

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Take your time back with streamlined client communication.

Here it is! A full episode about our life and business changing practice of using email templates. In this episode we talk about what some of our favorite templates are and how using templates can improve your business. Alissa spills what her secret sauce template is and really leans into the #communityovercompetition message of the show. Today is also release day for the Email Templates 101 course where you can buy all of our templates already done and learn how to make your own to systematize your business. Just visit hustlehumblypodcast.com. We hope the practice of using email templates will take your business to the next level!

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It is episode number 31. Perfect just like Baskin Robbins.

Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcast is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop comparing

yourself and start embracing your strengths.

Okay, yes. Okay. Hi, it’s episode 30. And it’s time for templates. Yay. We are so excited about the template heard. I know but you know, they’re life changing. They are live their life changing. Okay. Do you what do you usually start us off with a store? I you? Yeah. Okay. Um, let’s see, well, I started using templates probably two years ago, okay. When I noticed that I was writing the same emails over and over and you put thought into those emails, and then like to ask the same questions, oh, my gosh, I would write them and rewrite them and reread them and edit them. And then I You’re right, it was about two years ago, when I was like, This doesn’t make any sense. It’s time consuming to type that much I know. So then I started saving them. Okay. And you know, I’m anti folders, but that’s the one folder, you I do have a template folder in my email one folder. Gmail actually has a way that you can set up your templates in a drop down menu and select which one, but I did that one time and spent all this time setting it up, and then they all deleted? No, there. So now just for safety, I keep it in the folder. So whenever I’m needing one of my frequently used emails, I just go copy and paste it there. Yeah. So that’s where I do you keep yours in Google Drive. I keep mine in Google Drive. And I just cut and paste them from there. But I think you could cut and paste them from the notes on your phone from Evernote. Like whatever app you keep notes in. I like your method, you just forward it though, like I just forward it and edit the subject line to delete the forward. I do think that method probably is the fastest? Well, some of my templates have attachments. And they’re already attached. And they’re attached to that email. So I can just forward the whole thing that they need. Okay. And I have the same thing. Some of my templates have attachments, but I would just put in a Google Drive link, like I would have to attach the attachment. Right. So it’s just adding a step. Yeah. So I like your method, maybe I’ll change to your method. And I the subject line is basically what that template is. So I get a lot of questions about flood zones. So I have the template, the flood zone and flood insurance template. Yeah. So I know when I’m scrolling through that folder, right template I’m looking for by object. I like that. Let’s back up. Okay, so we both started using templates about two years ago. Yes. What do you why? I mean, tell, tell me why. I mean, I know why you did it, because you were doing them over and over again. But like, what is the benefit? What is the bonus to doing a template? It certainly saves me time. Yeah. You know, like preparing for a listing presentation, or, you know, whenever you need the templates, it’s usually like in the middle of a transaction, it’s it needs something that needs to be thought out takes time. Yes. And so I just thought, I need consistency I need to be, are you setting our timer? Like, it’s not going to help you because no one will know it’s on. But I knew there needed to be consistency with what I’m telling my clients? Yes. Like they all need the same valuable information. i Well, it’s very easy when you have a lot of balls in the air to forget to tell someone something. Yeah. And if you’re using the template, you can kind of rest easy knowing I got all that information out there. And further, it’s nice proof if you ever have to go back and say, I told you right, that that that I want to do that to my clients, but like, here it is back in the room, whenever I told you that email how we go. I think that what and the note I made was, it keeps your client experiences consistent so that you’re telling everyone the same thing. Everyone’s getting all the right information. You’re giving the same experience, no matter if you’re busy or slow. And when you’re busy templates are the most important, right? Well, y’all know, I try to keep all work related communication via email, if possible, because I don’t want my phone line up. If it’s not, you know, if I’m watching TV or something, right. So the templates also started off as a way to help me be proactive. Yes, because I was trying to avoid the text from clients, then how would it go, right? I would get a text from a client immediately after a showing like I’m not even the buyer’s agent, like the buyer’s agent showed it from 12 to one o’clock, right. And at 115 I get a text message. How’d it go? Yeah, that’s my fault, because I didn’t explain to them how feedback works and all have that so I have that template. Oh, yeah, we’re okay. The buyers have scheduled their home inspection, you know, from 12 to three 315. You get a text from your seller how to go out again? Guess what? I don’t know, right? Or appraisal, how was the appraisal? Hey, guys, the appraisal came in good. What’s the first thing? How? Yeah, how much how to go. And so I was just like all these little if you’re doing if you have 10 to 15, even five pending at one time? Yeah, that’s a lot of people asking you how to go about so many things. How did? How did it go? So this also helps set client expectations. And it’s funny, because when in the class I just taught in Lafayette, one of the girls said, so you don’t ask your clients like, you know, what is your preferred mode of communication? Gosh, now like, no, no, I don’t, because it’s about how I operate and how I run my business. What’s best, and that doesn’t mean I dropped the ball on my clients. If they text me, I don’t respond, right. But there is a, you know, small chance that it might get lost. It’s easy to get lost, right? The templates have come up throughout all of the episodes very frequently they come up because what you were just saying reminded me of client management. And you know, you’re the tarsalis stumps episode. Yeah. I mean, they’re all it comes up over and over again. And so we’ve had a lot of people ask about them. So we’re trying to dive a little bit deeper today, specifically, so that we can say, this is why this is how this is how we keep them. I mean, the goal really is to give your clients the same experience and to keep you organized. And really, templates are free. I mean, it doesn’t require an assistant to send a template, right? It doesn’t require once it’s set up, it’s good. You can edit it, I edit my all my time, mine are always evolving, right? Like anytime there’s an issue. Yes. I’m like, what template could this have gone on? Right, that would have helped? How could we? Okay, so let’s dive into then. Some of the best ones like, I think my favorite one is the seller and the buyer, you’re under contract. Now what? So you’ve received an offer you’ve received or you’ve made an offer? It’s been accepted or as the seller, you’ve accepted a buyer’s offer? What’s going to happen now? Right? That’s the best one. It’s a good one. Well, there’s a lot of important. There’s a lot of important information that needs to, to be told that that those are probably my two longest templates, like some templates are eight sentences, right? But they’re just eight sentences. I don’t have to write and I know when to send it, you know, but those two are definitely the longest because it has the most important information. I have had to add things to those as the questions come up. So I think that it would behoove everyone who’s listening, just get a sheet of paper and for 30 or 60 days, every time someone asked you a question or put it in the notes in your phone, write it down, what are you answering over and over again, I mean, our market is specific to things like flood zone, which may not apply somewhere else, but you might have something that we don’t have to deal with. So write down what people are asking you. And then you’ll know what you need in the template. Some of my favorites are the things that stay with the house we’ve talked about this oh my gosh, so the curtains and the blinds and the you know, TV mount, and you know all the things that somebody took one time I’ve had I’ve had sellers take the curtain rods Oh no. And I’ve been like No, no, put them back. Gotta bring them back right in that template reference the lines in the purchase agreement. I do like like per line 70 through 75 Please read over that. Yeah, remember the things that stay with the home? Yeah, but also it’s just my way of referencing you sign this document right go read this paragraph you need to know lanes to the things that are supposed to stay right and then I you know, I had a I think I’ve shared before I had a wine cooler situation is you bought it I had to buy a wine cooler thing. So I had to go back in the template and just maybe add that to the list of line items of miscellaneous items that we’re not sure about. Yes, I’ve had to add keep your electricity on Mr. Mrs. Seller until closing. It definitely needs to be on for the inspection. It for sure needs to be on for the walkthrough. And it’s very difficult sometimes to get the transfer of utilities down if something has been turned off. Yes. I mean, if you’ve got gas that’s been off for too long, you’ve got to get a plumber to come like clear it. I’m having that on one of mine right now. It’s been hot. It had been off for too long. We’ve been trying to get it on for six weeks. So Exactly. We’re having issues I don’t know how it’s gonna play. Oh, it’s the worst. I mean, so you really like every time something happens added into the right template. I highlight certain things I highlight dates and deadlines and years. Some of yours are in bullet point form and I kind of like that. And so as things happen, you add them to the template, and don’t send out a template for every single thing. But try and combine them together things like turning points of a transaction. Where are we in the transaction. And my other favorite is when it’s just listed, you know, the seller just listed, it’s a good one. Here is the list of how to get ready for showing.

I don’t want to find out that you didn’t turn the lights on and you didn’t put away your dishes and that you didn’t make the bed. I’m going to put it all right here in black and white so that nobody is confused about how to get ready for showing how to remove things for safety concerns. That’s all in there. And then just listed one is good because they need to check the listing. Yes. And make sure that yeah, everything because I mean, we’re looking at their home taking notes than we have to do it on a computer or your staff. Yeah, and there’s so much room for error. You want to catch up pretty quickly. Oh, for sure. I mean, absolutely. I think that one’s good. Because they Oh gosh, so many things can go wrong. So many so many things can go wrong. But I know that people want us to just tell them every word that’s in every template. Yes. And we’re gonna get there. Okay, but we’re not going to we can’t read them. No, we can’t read them. That would be terribly boring. are we sharing? Share it? What we’re doing? Yeah, tell them what we’re doing. Good news people. Good news. Surprise. Okay, so we have gotten so well first of all, this all started with the email freebie template. Oh, yeah. Because the Excel spreadsheet database episode. Yeah, we had a huge response to that. And nobody needs the database because that was episode nine. I know. And here we are weeks later, they’ll sending it getting emails from people that are like, Hey, I just listened to Episode Nine. Well, then people started saying y’all mentioned y’all template so much. So Right. We want your templates. Will you send us your templates? And we thought, you know, y’all we are doing this podcast strictly volunteer. It does cost us money. We are both full time realtors. Correct time, mom. Yeah, full time wives. And, you know, this podcast brings us so much joy, but it ain’t free. No, no, but we thought that it would be a good way to instead of having you know sponsors right now and interrupting your your listening. We will sell our template. Yes. Because we don’t want to have to read them to you. And then you write them all down. Yes, we will just sell them to you. And they’re all their glorious form and fashion. Yes. And so we will be. I think we’re gonna release it today with this podcast. Oh, yeah. Same day. Okay. I know we’re recording this early. So I wasn’t sure if no, no. Okay to happen. It’ll be available for purchase. Hopefully. Yes. And we’ll tell them where later because we’re not sure where yet. No, we’ll figure it out. Okay. There’ll be a link in our profile, okay. to someplace. Okay, where you can go by where you can go back to the woods, like a link at our Instagram or Facebook? Yes. Yes. Both.

Okay. All those things. This is a really fancy launch. To have no idea how it’s even launching. Can we discuss

how we are very humble, and we’re not very fancy. So fancy. I wasn’t even sure we were talking about it. But yes, we will be sharing our template need to talk about it. Because I don’t want people to be listening to this episode and halfway through be like, I just need the templates, right? I don’t want to hear about why or how I’m wanting them. Yes, look, if you don’t feel like you have the time or talents to type out a template, talk about alliteration. That’s fine. We’re gonna do it for you. But if you do want to type out the templates, we’re giving you the tips and the reasons why because you don’t have to come by them. You can make it happen yourself, right? Just go back into your email and see what you sent over and over again, or just search keywords about the transaction under contract or I mean, like we said, you and I have been working on our templates for two years. Yeah, we have a number of them and they have been tweaked and they have arrived and the goal would be you could use our templates to edit for yourself it’s like a jumping off point you want it to sound like you for heaven’s sakes when and just reword things to be more Yeah, what not? No, I think that’s good. So the templates we will be selling them as a package Yes. All of them. So anyway, now that that that’s out of that formal longest shutdown, I didn’t want people to be annoyed halfway through the episode like this isn’t helping me right. I know it’s helpful anyway because they could you know your psycho if they want but we’re happy to share or you can add to maybe that there’s a good group and you we don’t do things that you need, right. I mean, you might need to add to it. I think that’s fine. Okay. i You kind of mentioned it just now but even though we will sell them to you and you can use our words, please add your voice and personality. You are important. I’m very particular like my our templates pretty which say the same thing, but they’re different. I know. And I like some of your stuff and you like some of my stuff. So we’re just gonna try to merge, we’re gonna merge them so that we can take the best of both, and you’ll have it all. But I think that there’s something else you can do with your templates that I’m kind of excited to try in my own business. What? Why I was very excited, I am going to make them into video. Oh, and that way, you know, not everyone wants to read paragraphs of information, or maybe they burn out before they get through all the important stuff. And I’m going to make a video so if they want to see me talking about it, in my you know, normal voice, will it be text and or video? Yeah, I’m missing them both. I’m gonna send the email template and embed the video that basically reads the same thing, right? They could watch or read. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Choose your own adventure. That’s very nice. You want to do you want to watch me tell you? Or do you want think it’s good to see your face and hear your voice and they know you care. And that you’re here as me? Well, the tone of your voice. And the explanation is just sometimes easier. They can get wordy, the templates can get pretty wordy, because you’re trying to relay a lot of information in a in an email. I mean, right? People are not going to read a novel about the transaction, I don’t write I’ve gotten in so much trouble from not reading all the way through the bottom of an email. I’m just kind of good at it. So that’s why I think that if you’re open to it, and you are brave and want to get on video, I think that’s a great way to complement your email template that is and you know what else you can do with those videos, just posting them on to your IG TV channel or on to your Facebook as a series. FAQs for buyers and sellers. You’re so smart. Oh my gosh, thank you, you’re so smart.

Email Template class course is here. All the templates are here and the templates are here. We have put a lot of work and effort into making this course. And we’re just really excited to release it to you because it’s all the information you will need. It should make your business streamline so well. And it’s all editable. So you can make each template sound like it was written by you for your clients. You can add your logo to it branding, brand it to yourself, and it’s just gonna be like,

Yeah, we’re gonna answer your logistical questions on how to store a template, how to use the template, what on earth? Do you need a template for? How do you come up with the ones that may be unique for your market that we didn’t do? And it’ll just really it will change the efficiency and the consistency of your business. Yes,

it’s gonna save you so much time, so much time. And now they are officially finished on you can go purchase. Where do they go get them up?

They’re gonna just have to go to hustle humbly. podcast.com. Perfect. You’ll see where to get it there. And if you don’t, I guess let us know.

Yeah, perfect. I like it. Awesome. I’m so excited. I’m very excited. This has been a long time coming. Yes. And

we had a lot of fun editing and making sure that templates had everything they needed and tried to think of everything. You need to cover your bases. Perfect. I hope you enjoy them. I’m going to enjoy them. Okay, bye bye.

Huh? You had some other notes on templates over there. I know. I’m trying to look, y’all are gonna laugh. YouTube might have seen this, I have all these sticky notes. I don’t have any, this is what I have. You have a sticky note. And I have like 100 Every year, I know, which is not my normal method for the show. We were kind of when we were trying to do the course. We’re trying on the template. We’re working on the templates. So we were like, You know what? Screw it. We’re just going to record an episode about this. So you guys can kind of hear the backstory. We talked about where you store the templates, we talked about how to use them. How I think that it might also help you if you’re going to tackle this on your own, you know, you don’t want ours that’s fine. Make a list of the steps of a transaction buyer and then it steps of a transaction seller and look at those steps and then decide which parts of these have information I would need to share with a buyer or a seller like where where do I need to give them information? I know I’ve dropped the ball when like a buyer texts me and says what do I do about utilities? I’m like, Oh my gosh, I need to send the utility email that they have a clip for that. So like I’m always trying to get to it first. So they don’t even have to ask or wonder Yeah, if you get the information Yes, since I have implemented templates and use them pretty religiously, especially in the just listed and then the under contract ones. I have had to field far fewer questions about a myriad of things, but just so much less, you know, so many less questions because you’re getting answered on the phone. It really helps the workload. Farish Sure. So I think that if you you’re thoughtful about what you put in the template and you don’t also overload them. If it’s an even if you’re using a template, this is a very important piece of advice. Please read it. And keep in mind that transaction before you hit send, if it does not make sense, if they don’t need a termite certificate if they don’t need a home warranty, like if they are buying new construction, like please read through and be thoughtful before you just send blindly. Yeah, I mean, I think on the things that need to be checked or changed, I have them highlighted. So before I send it, I just check those spaces to update the closed date. Yes. Or whatever else needs to be changed. So I’ll highlight sections that I know I want to like change out dates and their name, right, general information that isn’t going to apply to every transaction. Okay, tell me. Tell me some of your templates. Tell me some of your favorites. Well, you know, my favorite. Sorry, I’m laughing is your favorite. My favorite is my pre listing template. I’m surprised you’re even saying this right now. Okay, I know we’re community over competition, but I’m just gonna be real with y’all. Y’all. Sometimes it’s hard. You Yes. Sometimes it’s hard to share everything because this is my pride and joy. This is her secret. This is her secret sauce. My secret sauce is my pre listing template, right? I have been in a multiple interview situation. And they told me and I don’t care if I if I know they’re going with me. And they’re not interviewing anybody else, right? Still get this pre listing template Well, right? It’s, it helps getting you tone on the right foot that I don’t care that you’re my sister or my cousin or my best friend. I’m a professional, and I’m about to show you my professional side. These are the rules. These are the rules, and I want them to be so impressed that wow, I know she’s my sister, but she’s legit and like handled this like a business transaction. Yeah. So anywho, I send it to the sellers once we have a listing appointment set. Okay. It has my resume, I like it. It does have our top 50 And MLS with my name highlighted that may or may not work for some people. Like if you’re new, you can’t use that. Because unless your numbers are there, but probably not if you’re new. But a resume can be for no matter what level of business you’re in. Yeah, we’re seasoned. And if you have to, we’ve talked. I’ve talked about resumes before, not on the podcast, but in my Facebook group. If you need to make a resume, you should I mean, I didn’t make one probably until three or four years ago. And you don’t have numbers yet. Use your office numbers. Yeah, but But put your information on there about you and about you and then add your office steps. It was like your real estate school that you attended. Yeah. You know, like if you’ve taken extra classes, yeah, continuing education certifications. All this so much can fill it without being like overly short or houses. That that’s okay. You don’t have to put that on there don’t Yeah, but anyway, it has things that I need them to have ready for the meeting. So what the other reason this one developed is because I found I was going back to a house like two or three times. Oh, right. for picture day, it’s a time management. Tackett is the time and I just was like, I don’t want the listing interview to be two hours. I want to be in and out in 45 minutes a time management tactic. Yes. And so how many times have you been sitting at the kitchen table with a seller and you’re like, hey, I need to verify square footage. I need to have a copy of an old appraisal. Well, I think I got that appraisal somewhere. Let me go day No, and they are in the spare bedroom digging for you know, 30 minutes and then they can’t find it anyway. So stuff like that stuff that I need upfront. I want this to be quick. I want this to be efficient. I want to answer all your questions about me and my numbers. You have it all ahead of time. Right? Let’s just skip that part. Yeah. And if you have questions, I’ll answer them but you have all the information I think that’s good. So one time it was a multiple agent listing situation, right interview so I sent them my template as always, and I go through the whole interview and I always leave the interviewer saying I know that you’re interviewing multiple agents once you’ve made a decision let me know and we’ll move forward and the seller goes well after we got your email we actually cancelled the other two that were coming because you were the only one that sent us any kind of wild work they were impressed the prep work itself got me the listing yeah and that’s where the that’s where the fear comes in. Because anyone can listen to the podcast. Yes and so now all Baton Rouge goes and does a pre listing email as good as mine then it just ups the idea I’m sharing my she’s given you see baby with my competition there was we are community over competition proud You know, it’s not it doesn’t always feel good. You’re not you just make it works your nerves it does. I don’t know why it’s okay to share it and that’s all right. It’s okay. It’s both things are okay. It’s okay for you to be nervous about it. And it’s okay for you to share it, right? Because it’s going to be fine. Because no one can be you. Everyone needs to hear this. No one can be, you know, numbers or not, no one’s going to be who you are you connected with your listing appointment earlier today over dogs. Some people don’t like dogs, right? Do you know what I mean? Like, it’s not everyone’s different. So I just want y’all to really just be thankful and grateful. of stuff. And that pre listing email is really my, my little baby that I’m like, that’s special to me. I don’t want to share it. But that’s not what we’re about here on hustle humpy. Well, so I share I’m sharing it look, good news. Some people may decide that they can come up with an even better version of that. Yeah. Or maybe there’s some template that they’re going to add because they start thinking about its templates or a mindset. Yes. What can I What can I systematize? What can I repeat what will make this easier? What will help my clients understand, I’m not going to lie, lenders are getting good at this. They have these automated systems where they’re sending you templates for each part of the process. On that note, let’s hear it. I know, we talked about how we wished we could find a software or a program that would automatically send the templates once a transaction has started. Yes. And let’s just talk briefly about why that could not work. Okay? Because if you set it up, and you have all the templates scheduled at certain times of a transaction, but say something comes up in your transaction, right? And you haven’t ordered the appraisal yet, and the template goes out. And they’re like, wait a minute, and then it just causes actual panic, right? Because it looks like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to when really that template just went out on an automated thing. Yeah, automation is tricky. So I haven’t found anything yet that I like that automatically. Does it more inputs and also looks like it’s coming from me from my email, like I sat down and typed you an email at an intentional time, right? Like you’re choosing to send your templates at an appropriate time based on the full transaction. Right? And what’s going on with that, that buyer or that seller that day, you’re not just letting the system choose? Oh, well, it’s been three days since the contract now I’m sending out yes, this action template, right. I think there’s something to be said for being aware of what’s going on in your own. Yeah, transaction. Like you know how if you get a newsletter, it just looks different. It Yeah, not like a typed writing. I like how it looks like my templates look like I sat down, I typed out this email because I basically did. Okay, that’s

a good point. If you’re going to make your own templates, don’t get overly fancy. No, don’t don’t use fancy graphics and fancy fonts, make it look like you typed an email. And that it they know it’s for them, because you want it to look like it’s for and that’s why I’m so hardcore about editing. I mean, I edit teeny tiny words in mine. If it’s a we are a he or she or whatever, like, I want to make sure they know they don’t think that that was a template. Right? I want them to think that I typed it out for you for them. Because I did yeah, I just didn’t have to remember everything I wanted. I didn’t have to type the whole paragraph. To change the pronoun. I think templates can work in lots of different fields in in businesses and I love saying lenders are doing it now title companies are doing it now. They’ve got these little trackers and these little graphics and theirs are a little bit fancier. I think there’s something to be said for it looking like an email that you just typed. Well, I would love to just get an email from a lender that said, hey, update everything’s fine right now. Don’t you mean it? Yeah, I don’t need all Yeah, everything good. Good. Thanks, title back check out the least amount of words possible. I do. I just appraised the back. Good. Right. Thanks. Okay. Closing Friday. Yeah, thanks. Yeah, don’t Yeah, well, I think that’s a good point that you don’t want to get to flower we flower re with your words on your templates. Anyway, loose people. People don’t want to read well, they’re busy, they don’t have time. To tell you what you need. Look, you didn’t have time to write it over and over again, they don’t have time to read it once. We got to make it as streamlined as possible, but get it all in there. Correct. So I think I use highlights within my template. If there’s some things that I’m like, Look, if you’re gonna breeze over the appraisal talk and the inspection talk or if you’re gonna come back to and read it later, that’s fine. But I don’t want you to forget this and I’ll highlight a sentence or two or fill in all that I do try to write them as simple as possible so that I don’t have to go edit much to send it Yeah. Oh, I’m not like spending an hour on that. I know. A couple of minutes. Yeah, just a few thing. Well sometimes. Okay. For instance, here’s a great example. In my, your your home was listed now what? Okay, then I love that subject line, y’all can use that as listed your home listed now what? And I just think it’s cute and funny. Well, not everyone is listing their house for happy reasons. And not everyone put work in their house before they listed and there’s every situation is different but my template says, Congratulations your house is listed. This is so exciting or whatever. Well sometimes I have to delete that. Right? Because that is not a congratulation situation. No, it’s sad, right? So I have to like, be mindful. And then at the end of it, it says I’m so impressed and pleased with all the hard work you did to get ready. Well, if they didn’t do any hard work to get ready, right, delete, delete. I mean, I can’t put that out or impressed for us. Right, so you have to be mindful. Okay, so when you’re adding personality, I think you should say congratulations. I don’t want it to be all business business. But you also have you mindful, just go in and edit if you need to. Yeah, okay. Let’s think about some others. My favorite really is seller just listed and all the under contracts. There is important stuff that happens in the week before closing, that’s the you know, schedule your Yeah, what do we need to know? When are we going to find out how much we have to bring to the closing table? Like what are the questions that you get? Yes, they all need to be in a template somewhere. So that way, you’re not getting so many questions. Will you tell me some of the things because you have a template that you mentioned in an earlier episode that we did not dive deep into and I don’t use but it’s whatever you’re telling new buyers? It’s basically the rules. Sure. Tell us some of the stuff in the rules. Okay. So this is the template I use once a buyer is pre approved. And this developed actually, this was the first template I ever made. Stop. I’m so glad I asked about it. And it’s the first one because it I made it the day after I had a buyer that I had been working with. They dumped you. And I had done everything right. I went with them to get pre approved because they were scared when I hear the end of the week talked about for sale by owner. And then I said hey guys, I saw this house just came up on the market. Do we need to schedule to go see it this weekend? Oh my gosh, I’ve been meaning to call you. We went to a model home yesterday. And they told us there was only one lot less so we signed it. Thank you so much for all your help. They literally had no idea that it would even be something that hurt me. They had no idea someone else was sending you paycheck. They just thought I don’t that they didn’t know as upset as them as I was I had to take a look in the mirror and say why and know that did I forget what did I forget? So I made a congrats on being pre approved email. I love it. I’m so glad you got to come in and learn all about your numbers and you’re officially pre approved. That goes over. You send me houses that you see. I’ll send you houses that I see. Okay, it’s a group effort, right? Um, remember the rules, okay? I love it. Remember the rules feel free to go to open houses. I encourage you to go to open houses if you have a Sunday go look, tell the agent that’s there. Alyssa Jenkins is your realtor. Love it. If you decide to build or if you go to any or if you go to any model home oh gosh Be sure to tell them you have a realtor and don’t sign anything if you’re there they can be pushy sometimes. Okay. If you see a house that you can’t find information about never call the sign No, I am your realtor. I will find all the information for you. That is my job. Feel free. It’s my job. Feel free to text me a picture of the sign or you know whatever. I also sell for sale by owners watch soccer. Yes, if you see a for sale by owner feel free to send me the address. Love it. Those are the main rules. I don’t get into lender rules like don’t open a credit card don’t write because then the rules could just be long and long and long. I feel like the rules so these are my rules so that you don’t end up in a situation where they dump you accidentally correct or on purpose but either way. I’m going to add to it. Oh yes that to schedule appointments many require 24 hour notice. I love it. Oh, I think that’s good, polite. You know, remember that? Just Sadler needs some notice. Right? So I’m need to add that in there. Do you tell them that you need a certain amount of notice? Like you? I just say most appointments required 24 hour notice to be scheduled? Okay, because that’s kind of how I operate. I think that’s fair. I think I can most times I can squeeze you in the next day somewhere. Yeah, if it’s one house, you want to house hunting trip. That’s gotta be like a couple of days. I wanted to tell you let me see if I can find it. Yeah, there’s a guy I who is a realtor? And he is from okay, I’m so excited about this. He is from California, okay. And, and we were emailing. And so some people are always like, do you put your business hours in your email signature? And I’ve always said no, because I haven’t found a tactful way to put it in and your email. I need you to make me a cute one. Like, oh my gosh, it’s y’all. And I mean this in the most loving and wonderful way your email signature is so beyond basically my resume. I need to like laughable. Yeah, it’s like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That’s all the things it just should say. Hashtag all the thing all the things his as long to I’m looking at it and but he has it more. He has been adamant. Does he have business hours in his okay. Yeah. And I liked them. Okay, let’s hear it’s cute. Okay, it says my normal working hours are eight to four Monday through Friday. Hmm. And a lot of other hours to Saturdays and Sundays are by appointment. Look, that’s great. Perfect. And like, in other hours to know a lot of other hours too. That’s adorable, but it just lets you know if it’s after five. Like I’m not here for you may not, you know, but I like I thought it was like playful. Nice. Oh, we need to give him I think about that too. We should toast too. Oh my gosh. Okay. Hang on to that. Okay, hang on to that. Okay, well, I love that idea. That’s really good. Okay. Okay. So I loved your buyer rules. I think that’s really and then also in that email. Yeah, let’s hear a template. I have upfront costs to be prepared for Oh, that’s great. Because I have to answer that all the time. Because they haven’t even gotten into this yet. You know, like, they don’t even know they’re just excited to help. So I need to bring them back down to reality and just say, here are the upfront costs you need to be aware of when purchasing a house. Okay, what you got in their deposit check. Of course, once we find house, you have to have a home inspection. Yep. It can be between XML, right. Termite Inspection. And then after the inspection is over, we will order an appraisal. Love it. I think that’s it. Yeah. I mean, the only because appraisal usually ends up being paid for at closing. Yeah, depending on your lender. I just like to I think that’s fair. Yeah. Those are the main things that I’m like, Hey, we need money. Because sometimes people don’t understand. Yeah, I think that’s great. How many times have you been asked who pays for the home inspection? Does the seller do the home inspection? Or who pays for the appraisal? How

does that get ordered? Do I have to call about that? I mean, these are things just put it in a tunnel. Anything that you repeat, put it in a template? I mean, it’s great. And and the buyers are gonna love knowing a lot of it up front. Oh, yes. They just love having the information sellers saying anytime you have to drop a negative news on them at an exciting time, it just kills the moment. Right? So here, they are super excited that they found the house that they love. And then you’re like, I need $1,000 Check and I need you to pay the home inspector 400 bucks. And then all of a sudden it’s not as fun and you just killed the fun and it wouldn’t have been that way if they were preparing new. It’s all about being aware up front. Yeah, I love that’s proactive. Very, you know, I just really want to stay proactive how we keep ourselves out of sticky situation. It really is. It just makes our job so much easier, much easier. I love it. Okay, so I love the buyer, one that gives them the rules. I think everyone needs that I love all of the under contract ones. I like the listing one, you know what else I love about the listing? One? I tell the seller things like how long an inspection last? That you don’t want to be there, right? Because I’ve had a seller be there the ad? would, you know I explained to them about the appraisal and that no, you are not going to know the value, please. All of these templates are basically Sperry nicely saying here are the answers to all of your questions. Please don’t ask me. Please, if you do, I’ll answer and I’ll add it to a template somewhere I will absolutely answer but it will just help them but then even outside of the transaction say it’s not involved with selling a house or buying a house that’s pending. I have a couple that I just send out that I found I typed this email a lot. So like so like one thing I like to do is send them an updated market analysis. Okay, maybe every other week while their house is for sale. Okay. Yeah, our company sends out like a seller’s report. Right. But it doesn’t look like it comes from me personally. Yeah, I mean, it’s fine. You know, I just like them to hear from me. Alright, so like you’re thinking about it. Yeah. So I just have an email that I saved because I noticed that I was typing it a bunch and it just said As I’m looking for it right now, this is the one where you’re sending them a market report. And they’re listed. Yeah, it’s okay. Anything. It’s not fancy. It’s a short email, right? And it just says, I want to share with you an updated market analysis so that you can see how our listing looks compared to the competition. This is what agents pull to see how a listing is performing in a subdivision. Yes. And then I just go into a short little thing about how to read the chart. Yeah, it’s good to see your address. Yeah, with a bunch of others, and also where you fall. I like that. But it was just an email. I found I was typing a bunch. Yes. So now I just, like once I order the termite inspection, I have a termite template. Oh, you do. And I just forwarded it to them. And it says, The termite inspection has been scheduled, please call this number to pay over the phone and give them the address and blah, blah, blah, right? $55 Blah, blah, blah. Okay, so just things that anything that you might find yourself repeating, repeating, just save it as a template? I think that’s fair. Do you want to know how email templates changed my life? Yes. I mean, it’s, this is for real. Yeah. So I probably couldn’t even tell you how many years ago, I almost always had an assistant. You know, 1015 hours a week, the most I ever had, I think was in 2016, my assistant was working, like, almost 30 hours a week. Wow. And that was great. And she put a lot of things into, she put a lot of my systems into place, or helped to, you know, start my business, Instagram, like just all kinds of things. But once I started with templates, I haven’t had an assistant in over two years, because everything’s pretty much I don’t don’t need it, right, I don’t need it. Now. If I was trying to grow my business more, maybe it would come to a point where I would want or if I just wanted to get some more time back. Sure. But it’s just not necessary anymore. And that’s like the biggest change, I have pretty much always had an assistant, almost for probably five to seven years in my career, I had some type of assistant doing some work for me. No need. Well, this saves that much time. It saves that much time. It’s just crazy how much time it saves. Yeah, it’s good. I’m so excited that we’re going to be able to share it with people. Yeah, I think that it’s just, it can be done. On your own. It can totally be done on your own. But if you just don’t have the energy or time for that, or if you don’t feel like it, right? If you don’t feel like if you’re not we’ll share ours because we are community over competition. That’s right. If you’re not one with the words, we will let you have ours and walk in the walk. And just talk the talk Katie out of you nice the podcast therapy. No, it’s fine. It’s gonna be great. I hope that people enjoy it because you know what the goal is for everyone to be more professional. Yes, for everyone to do a better job for their client every time and a seller interviews realtors, they’re all professional. Right? Not just one of them. Yeah, you right? It’s sad that you can beat people with that. It is sad. I mean, it’s pretty Asian maker. It’s pretty sad that all it takes is an email. Like when Yeah, geez, people. Look how powerful that is. That is all it takes is an email to goodness things. Holy smokes. Oh, that is? It’s really good, though. I think it’s gonna be okay. Do you have any more notes over there? No, I went through my whole little stack. Okay, I think that I hope that this is still helpful in this episode to people, even if they don’t want to buy the templates. I hope that this episode is helped. Well, it certainly is. It’s almost a follow up to our systems episode. Yeah. I just think it’s getting good systems in place. Yeah, just remember, you know, you can do this. I believe in all of you. I believe you all can do this yourselves. I think that you have the capacity. And I understand that if you’re not, you know, wanting to do it, then we’re gonna make it available to you. Very cool. I think it’s going to be great. I’m really excited about it. Yeah. It’ll be our first like, hustle, humbly. Product. Perfect. It’ll be great. I’m very excited to be great. And we’ve already have so many people that are like on a waiting line or these people are asking about it all the time. Yeah. Good news. Are you ready for our toast?

I’m ready for the toast.

Okay, so Dustin? Is it Cheatham C H, e a t h a m? Oh my word sheet I’m sure. Hey, if that’s not right, well anyway, Dustin, we got it. You are from he’s from Chico, California. Oh, I love it. And he is just in a networking group that I’m in love it and so that’s how I met him and I shared one of my templates with him. Oh, and then he emailed me back saying thank you and then under Thank you was his in his his email signature using email was amazing business hours and I thought oh, that’s so well read, you know Just keeps it friendly and casual, like, not too stuffy and rigid. Like if you email me at six o’clock you will not get right spa non aggressive, right? And a lot of other hours too. It’s very approachable. Yeah, so anywho he has a long email signature as I’m gonna look at it after this. Okay. But he has got in Best of Chico, a top producer, quality service producer award 2016 through 2019 Just lots of good stuff on here. I love it. I’m excited to be in this group with him. I love and you know, learn from each other. I might steal his email signature. I might shorten mine. So So mine a lot of other listeners. So thanks, Dustin. Great cheers to you. That’s our template for email signature, right? Oh, yeah. So important. Yeah. I love it. Okay, cheers Destin. Thank you. That’s it. Okay, bye. Okay, bye. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode.

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