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Here’s a fun one to help pass the time during quarantine! Do you love Chip and JoJo as much as we do? Can’t get enough of the Property Brothers? Do you have a favorite Million Dollar Listing location? Or are you tired of trying to explain to your buyers and sellers that real estate TV isn’t at all how real estate works? Do you have a love/hate relationship with real estate TV like us? Let’s talk about it!

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Okay, guess what? We’re recording now. Okay. We were only three minutes and to be fair, okay,

that’s fine.

Can you imagine? No, that’d be so sad. It would be so sad. Would you be like, Oh, would you do it all

again? Hi, y’all. Welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market.

We work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition.

The goal of our podcast is to encourage you to find your own way in business to stop

comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths. Hi, everyone. This is episode 34. Take two couldn’t hit record the first time we’ve just been chatting away over here rockin it up about this episode is all about HGTV and all real estate TV. Yes. So you are going to start us off with the story of you have been on real estate TV.

So in 2012 or 2013, they came to our Board of Realtors and said we need a realtor that can come spend two days with us and film a show with us. And and you were brand new, I was new. I was very new, a year or two in. And so I was like Sure I’ll do it. You I think I paid like $70 Oh, they paid you like 700 Right? Yeah, for two days for two days. Whoa. Um, but it was super fun. And I was like, Well, I don’t really have any buyers that are looking to buy the by you by the buyer, because the show I was on was called buying the bayou. Right? And they were like, Oh, that they’re not actually buying. And I was like what? Like, I’m realizing that these shows are all put on? Yes. Yeah. So I just contacted my two close friends that were fun. Yeah. And ask them if they would want to join and be the buyers. Okay, what’s funny is they were not dating, okay? They were just he was my good girlfriend. She was my good girlfriend. They knew each other. Uh huh. But they were not dating. Okay, but they needed to be for the show. Okay, so we end up dating in real life. No, but okay, they thought about it.

Okay. So they fo date that EVO data house buying was fake and the dating was?

Yeah, they weren’t even together. It ended with him proposal. Oh, my word they were not used at age to proposal. Yeah, this probably is part of your competency. Supposed to be talking about this, probably. But um, we took photo pictures of them with the dog and like, no, like fishing and doing like couples things. And we had all these big pictures that we want to age. Did

they kiss in the phone?

I know. I know. I had

no idea that was going to end that way. Yes. Isn’t that funny.

So then we saw three camps on the Bayou. Okay. And I think one of them wasn’t even for sale. Okay. And then they picked one and they moved on. And then we fo moved in fo and yeah, that was that. And then we did a second

episode. So you were on the same show twice. Same show two episodes with different buyers, or Wow. Or were we following up and looking at their fake

children? Oh, no, no, I just got a different couple. Okay, another friend. These were actually together. Okay. Thank goodness. And, um, we recorded with them. It’s just so funny.

How many cameras was it like a small production?

It was like, a like six guys. Maybe? Yeah, two or three cameras? Okay. I’m like a sound. Oh, yeah. Then yeah. Okay. I

like it. Okay, so do you have do you watch any real estate TV? Do you have any favorites?

I just like it on as background in the house, but I do love fixer upper. Okay, but

does Haven WATCH THE HAVEN likes fixer upper? Okay. Yeah,

my kids love it. And then Property Brothers. I like them. Okay. Those are I really just can’t watch House Hunters and all that. Oh, no, it’s so contrived. Yeah. Ridiculous. And I feel like they kind of make Realtors look stupid. Or lazy.

Right? Yeah. Or like just like they’re not really doing anything. Yeah, my kids love fixer upper. I love fixer upper.

I mean, I don’t know how you can’t love it. Like it’s so great ideas that you get from it and like yeah, see what could be Yeah, for real like about the renovation shows is like you can’t fake tearing down a wall. That’s a great point like they are actually tearing down a wall I will tell you the part that

Jay gets so annoyed with you know, he’s in construction. So he knows but the part of fixer upper that drives him up the wall is when they have the needed dramatic moment where something has gone wrong. You have to make the phone call to the to the person making you know the owner. Hey, bad news, we’re gonna have to change this AC and and it was not an unexpected expense. So we’re not gonna be able to have that fancy fireplace or you know, like it’s always something and they’re always like, okay, yeah, no problem. Like no one ever. Yeah. I mean, I guess they know they’re being recorded, but it’s just like drama for the sake of drama. And so sometimes the problems I’m doing my air quotes People, the problems aren’t even really problems but they needed they needed some conflict to make the show. Interesting, right? Which I think is funny. But other than that look, and I don’t even have a complaint about that because I love watching it like it doesn’t bother me, but he’s just like, well, he’s real. This is so crazy.

I bet it’s it’s just as frustrating for realtors to watch some of these shows as contractors to wow,

yeah, well the other thing about fixer upper and other ones, you have to the renovation shows they’re in different markets. So when they show the price of the house and then the price of the renovation I’m like, well, that’s crazy. You couldn’t and then Jay of course is in the background. You could never rebuild that house for $1,000 I’m like You sure couldn’t hear. But I guess in Waco, things are real cheap.

Well, speaking of budget On Property Brothers, I learned that the homeowners are responsible for paying for the renovation. Okay, HGTV does not contribute to the renovation okay. They do pay I think labor like they paid Jonathan and oh my gosh. Oh, the brother drew Jonathan and drew but anyways like their pay production. Why right. But it’s very it says that in this show. It is actually important for the them to stay in budget. Yeah, because it’s a real people’s real money. Yes. Now on let’s see on. Love It or List It.

Okay. That one is good. I don’t watch it regularly. But you know, my favorite ever bachelorette is on Love it or Alyssa and Coover. I love her. Yeah. So go on. What’s on that one?

The show pays for half of the renovation. Oh, that’s interesting. Yes. Now, one problem is that they record a lot of episodes in one market at a time. Uh huh. So they move the crew around, like as weird. Yeah, depending on the episode. Okay. They have even less some houses like not finished. Oh, no. Yeah. So it’s like you kind of are getting what you pay for like, they’re helping you out. They may not finish. Yeah. Okay. And then they had to start recording two endings. Okay, loving it, or listing it because it goes both ways. Everybody was loving their home, and they would stay and they would stay, buddy. Well, yeah, he actually wanted to leave. That’s funny. Because you’re settled now, like, the majority of your problems are solved, that you were fussing about.

Maybe you want to move because look, people don’t typically move unless there’s a pain point. Yeah. So if you remove the pain points, I mean, you right? That makes sense. And I think it’s funny, and it’s a good time to mention. This happens in real life. When you stage a house, and your sellers are still there. And I go and you tell them all the things to do now, I’ve never had anyone legitimately not list like they all still listed. But a lot of them are like, you know, I would still I would stay here now. Yeah, I’m like, I had no idea. I feel so much better. I had no idea that house could look like this. I had no idea that we could work through these problems. I just didn’t like staging. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Yeah. So I found that to be interesting.

Now with fixer upper. The homeowners already own the home.

Right. But they so yeah, they own the house. And then what happens? They go and pick two other fakies to look at, yes, move all this. They own that house, but it’s not renovated yet.

Right, right. Yeah. But they’re not actually buying something. They’ve already bought it right. Well, I

always wondered about that. Because quite honestly, I bet those houses are in a pretty competitive situation. Yeah, you know what I mean? Like, you’re not going to be able to be tooling around with the TV crew and taking your time, you know, before you actually buy the house. So that makes sense. I’m not as annoyed by that, you know, weird that they go back and fake look, but maybe they’re looking at others they actually looked at but why not just renovate the house? Why

even film that part? I don’t know. I know, because

we all like to hear the part when they call Joanne on the phone and you’re like, we picked her house and she’s like, Hey,

I can’t wait to hear what it is. Yeah, but yeah, why do they have to? I don’t know for fixer upper you know in the renovation shows when they they show you the rooms renovated. But then you’re like, what about the other room? Yes, I Yes. Tell me Okay, so it was I heard the opera they do actually paint the whole house clean. Yes. So like every event that rooms that aren’t renovated or at least painted livable, cleaned up? Yeah. And then the issues air quote that Chip and Joanna fine are not usually a surprise to them. Yeah, it was that they needed the new AC. Yes, these people usually had a home inspection or you mean

the dramatic phone calls are even less dramatic? Yeah, we already knew that. They were.

Yes. Okay. Well, motors do not get to keep the furnishings. Yeah, I didn’t know that. There’s like prices, but they’re for sale. Yeah, they could buy them. How do you not buy the whole house? I don’t know. Yeah.

Can you imagine the price of buying all the things that Joanna put in there?

Wow, that’s a lot. Yeah, it’s all said and then she picked it out like you’re paying for her to be your interior designer. Yeah,

for sure. She’s and she’s so talented. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah. And it’s funny because like you were saying, you put it on the background. My kids love it. And my, my mother in law was so excited one day when I went to pick the kids up, she’s like, oh, yeah, they love fixer upper. We had on HGTV all day. And I’m like, great. I’m so glad that y’all felt something that everyone enjoyed. I think that part of what we talked about as realtors, and I wanted to make sure that we talked about here was HGTV has sort of ruined buyers. It has, I mean, not sort of their ruined. They’ve all seen a show on whichever one they like, whichever their pick their poison. But when they show up at your house to buy it, they expect it to be like walk in with your toothbrush. Yeah, all as well. Yes. And that’s when I think staging really became so important. I know here, and I’m assuming in other markets, because I know there are markets that stage, every single house, they bring in the furniture, it’s all perfect. And then there are probably markets that are just now getting there. And I think that we’ve grown a lot and staging in our market. But in the last, I’ll call it five to seven years of my business. It was almost like a light switch. All of a sudden, all of the buyers were like, I don’t want to paint this room. Yeah, like I don’t, I don’t want to change that counter.

I was watching something and like the girl was like, I don’t like that this rug is here. Like it’s like rubbing up, get it out of there. It does not even come with the house.

Yeah. And the other problem is that buyers, even though they’re watching the show, where the prices are all ridiculously low and wrong, they come into the house with the bad paint and are like, well, it’s gonna cost $5,000 to paint this room. I’m like, no, like, it’s dry, like 500 at the most like what kind of room is this? And like, oh, the carpets bad? Well, carpets gonna cost like $10,000. Yeah, like, they just put the wrong price on it.

Then on the flip side, you also get the people that are like, I want to fix the rubber, there’s nothing to be found, and there’s none to be found. And they think like, oh, well, if my budgets 250 Then I just buy a house for 150. And then I get $100,000 cash to do the renovation? No, like I have to I’m constantly explaining to people that, you know, yes, there are renovation loans, but they have their stipulations, and they have their penalties and fees, and our house has to be worth 250 When it’s done right. And it’s just it’s not that easy to just buy a house and get a loan to renovate. No, it’s probably even trickier. I know it is to be a flipper, where you’re buying a house, do you need enough room in the purchase price to do the renovation, put it back on the market at market value and most of the foreclosures in our market. They are market value they are minus the repairs you need. So coming out right at what it’s worth,

it’s fine if you’re an owner occupant who wants to do a renovation and live there, but if you’re a flipper, no, I know and I think that HGTV and all that Bravo, whatever these different channels that have these flipping shows have really confused people Yes. And to thinking that it’s like so easy. And if you’re handy, you can flip a house and make $50,000 Really quick,

it makes it look low risk. Yeah. And like it’s a lot of fun, right? And it’s actually like dangerous if you get in over your head to do this stuff without the research. I know. But anytime I have someone call me and they say like, I want to I want to invest or flip or whatever. The first thing I do, especially if they’re if they’re new foot. Yeah. I say well, it requires a 20% downpayment. And that usually makes them go, Oh, okay. A lot more or like say you buy a $200,000 house. Okay, you need $40,000 Just for your down payment. Yeah, you need a little bit more for your closing costs, then you need however much money you need to renovate. Yeah. So do you have $100,000? Like ready to go? Yeah. For $200,000. House. It’s just, it’s, it seems exciting and fun to design. But the reality of it is that it’s hard out there. Oh, for sure.

It’s super hard. I think the only way around that if you’re a young new flipper, and you don’t own a home that you live in. You could buy a home. Yes, you could renovate a home, but you’re gonna need to live in that sucker for at least two to five years. And then you could sell it and sort of pseudo flip

it right. If Tanner would let me my goal would be to move every five years. Yeah, and I would find like the prettiest grossest house yeah, and I would just fix it up while I live there. I have no problem living in that Yeah. And then enjoy it for like a year or two let the capital gains time path right. Sell it. Yeah. But again, just keep doing it over and over.

And capital gains is only two years. Yeah. So I mean, you’re fine there and you guys can ask your CPA for tax advice. But we started that way too. Do you want to hear my story? Yeah. So we bought our first house and when we sold it we were going to build for the first time so this is our second house we own together. Well, Jay is handy and could do almost all like he’s worked In every part of construction, and he was getting his contractor’s license at the time, so we built a house. We did a lot of work. Our seller was this one in Maplewood. This was your first one. That’s the first one we built and lived in. Okay. I mean, I owned a house before that, but I nailed it. Right. So we we build the house. We had a ton of equity in it, because we did a lot of the work ourselves. Yeah. And we waited two years. And after the two year mark pass, he looked at me said, Okay, are you ready to sell the house? Because I mean, quite honestly, we had quite a large amount of equity. Yeah, I mean, like, really? So he’s like, are you ready to sell the house? We could do it again. I’m like, oh, no, this is my dream home. And I love it. And I’m like, so mad. And I walked into the other room, like, I can’t believe he wants to sell this house. And I looked down at the floor, and I thought, I never loved this floor. And like, I could build a whole nother house. And I was just like, yes, let’s do it. And so we sold it. make good money, put it into the new house built again. But when we built this house, our neighbors were so great. Yeah, that we couldn’t move. That’s why you’re still here. That’s why I’m still here. We would have built again in two years now. We’ve been here almost six. Yeah. But you never know. What am I my family

lives in here. But you can build another house in here. Right? Exactly.

I know. So it’s crazy. But anyway, you can find ways to invest and make money in a flipping style, but probably not. And just the straight up

flow. You didn’t find the building process to be a nightmare.

No. Okay. But I’m good at making decisions. Yeah. If you are wishy washy or not so great at making decisions, a renovation, yeah, or a or a new build is not for you. You have to be able to make decisions. And as a sidenote, live with them, sure. Because they’re not all going to be right, you’re going to think they’re right at the time, or you’re just going to be forced into picking and you’re going to choose quickly. And then you’re going to be mad at yourself, because not perfect. And I’m here to tell you HGTV watchers, no houses perfect. No, none, not even the one you built from scratch, and you got to pick every single thing. I have

a buyer right now, who can go up to 1.4 million. Whoa. But we have been looking on and off for like two years. He’s the one I showed you, oh, you’re one to our friend. I’ve met him. And it just I like to use him as an example. Because it doesn’t matter no matter what your budget is. Yeah, there’s no such thing as the perfect talent when he can’t find it. And I like to tell like my young buyers that are struggling and are like, I wish that we could go up to 200 or 300 400. I’m like, Listen, I have a $1.4 million buyer who can’t find anything that he thinks is perfect, right? And he can’t find anything. Yeah, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter. And I’ve always I’ve picked up on this early early in my career. No matter what price range you’re in, no matter what buyer you are, no matter what type of person you are, you always want what’s $50,000 outside of your budget. It’s something about that number. Yeah, if you’re just oh, if I could only so you get $150,000 buyer. They’re like, Oh, if I could only spend 200, I’d have the my dream home, right, you get a $300,000 buyer. Oh, if I could only spend 350 out would be in my dream home. Just like your guy. He’s at one four. If I could only spend one five. I would have my dream home. Y’all. Like we just have to here’s the key. Don’t look at anything over your budget. No, they’ll look that’s the worst because then you know what else is out there?

Don’t even look at it’s not there’s no point. Hello, friends. Hi, all our template course has launched out there. And we have been getting some really positive feedback.

Yes, I have some great feedback I wanted to share with you guys. We had one purchaser say thank you for these templates. As a new agent, I feel it would have taken me years to create these on my own. That’s awesome. I know. It’s so great. And then I have these are so incredibly helpful. What a great investment. Thank you for your time and efforts putting these together. I think that you guys, this is the answer to saving yourself time. It

helps you put systems in place. It keeps you professional, it keeps you consistent. It just makes everything run so much smoother,

much smoother. You’re never going to forget to tell somebody something, no, this offer there. It’s all there and you’re going to edit it to make it sound like your voice if you’d like and it’s going to be perfect for your business. Yeah, so

go check out our template course. Yes. At

hustle humbly. podcast.com Perfect. Enjoy. Enjoy

Okay, let me talk about my favorite TV shows. Okay, well, I love fixer upper, but we’re gonna put a pin in them. I will say that when my kids ran across the fixer upper section at Target, they were like, what, this is amazing. They have a whole section of target. And I just been very impressed with their entire like business and that has grown so much and that they try everything and that they’re good at everything and that they’re just like, whatever but we’re gonna stop this is not all about fixed rubber. I love a Million Dollar Listing New York. I do not want to watch the others. I have tried Los Angeles. It is not my jam. I love New York. I just think that they are it’s so interesting. It’s real. I’m not sure How much of it is there are real clients? For sure, okay. And a lot of it, I think is real, because it’ll be like, Fredrik is listing an entire building and you’re watching the developer, he’s meeting with the developer. Okay. So you’re really seeing the listing side, you know, you’re not what occasionally they’ll be doing a buyer on there. And I don’t know how contrived that is, but most of the time you’re watching them take listings, right, what I have found to be the most interesting about the whole thing is they go into a listing appointment, even when it’s like a multiple interview situation. And they are already negotiating with the seller before they’ve even gotten the listing on the price. So the seller will say, I want to sell my talent, you know, my whatever apartment for $5 million. And Frederick will be like, well, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, it’s only we can only do four, and then the seller is like no, and then they go back and forth. And then they settle on 4.25. Frederick’s like, Alright, great. It’s, it’s weird, because, like, the negotiation is starting all the way at the beginning. Yes, with the realtor and the seller, but it makes sense. And I wish that I did it more in my own business. You know, when you have an unreal, realistic seller, yeah, who picks a price based on whatever? And they say, I want to sell my house for 250. And you’re like, but it can’t sell for more than 220. I feel like that does happen, like regular. I know. But I don’t know that. I’m that great at talking them down.

Oh, I am. You’re good. Yeah. I’m just very blunt and honest. No, I just tell them over and over. It’s not my opinion. Right. It’s not my number that I think your health is the house is worth less than you do. It’s the the market numbers like it’s actually math. Yeah. Facts. Right. And I’m not here to get my opinion. Right. I’m here to give you the facts.

I’m here just just for the facts, ma’am. Right. Yeah. I mean, that’s true. So I love that when I think that they have a fun relationship between them. They’re funny, I love to listen to their interviews. I need to go buy my paper, I’ve written down things that Frederic has said because I just think he’s the greatest. I have read his book. And I think he’s so funny. I mean, like, and he’s all about being nice. Yeah, I was like, poured it. Here’s the way to build your business. Be nice to people, right? Just be nice. Don’t Don’t be nice expecting to take a listing or expecting something. But just be nice. Sure. And then it’ll be more fun. And that’s sort of his philosophy. And he’s always having fun. Yeah, I think it’s great. So I like that when I see that they’re bringing back the Extreme Home Makeover.

I used to love that I did to do use.

Yeah. Because I’m like ABC, so I’m like, always so feel good and happy. They’re bringing it back. That’s all and I still don’t know how they build that house in seven days.

How do they do it?

I don’t know. But I think it’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family is the host. Oh, wow. I mean, like I remember as a kid watching TLC and watching Trading Spaces. Yeah, like like the first real estate shows where they go in they that’s weird. The two neighbors they

swap houses. That is weird. It’s so bizarre.

I just, there have been so many good ones. Okay. What did I know? You want to hear this one? This is what Jay told us earlier. He read the mean, I love a good real estate mean, my realtor watches HGTV. He will only show me three homes and I have to buy one. I think that’s amazing. Yeah.

Imagine if you had to show three. I pick one.

Right? How many more people could you work with?

So many, many? How many? Funny is you know you mentioned that HGTV has messed up our buyers expectation? Yeah, but sometimes I think the sellers are also there. Like you’re not going to have a carnival at my house and bring in the petting zoo and the clown and the race I hater. I need the big you’re gonna spend all this money of that themed. Like, it’s just not our market and

also those things are happening in a market with a luxury listing that you’re getting paid $100,000 to sell. Yes, like I can take the risk of a $30,000 party I guess if I’m gonna make 100 Yes, but I can’t spend $3,000 on your party if the commission is four that’s just not gonna work. Che always complain and laugh just crack up. There was this one episode of Flip or Flop was Tarik and yeah, Christina. And they’re, you know, they just got the house because they’re flippers and they buy these things they’ve never even seen before. Like they’ve driven by right? They just get the house and they go and they’re seeing it for the first time and they’re in California right so they’re wearing like T shirt shorts and flip flops. And Tarik starts like tearing down this like cover like this huge paddy like metal roof and Jays like hey this is so real you shouldn’t be doing that this can’t be right like why are you wearing flip flops? I just think it’s funny because y’all it is TV, but are but the the consumers in the world. They think that’s reasonable and now they think it’s real. So we should be how it works aware that they think it’s real. Yeah,

I think that HGTV just makes us need to educate the Consumer more and more, because they don’t understand.

And don’t be afraid to speak to the fact that we’re talking about it. And it’s HGTV like, I’m not afraid to say, hey, to my seller, HGTV has ruined your buyer. Yeah, like we’re gonna have to paint this pink dining room. Now, I

didn’t include this in the templates course, because it’s very specific to me. Okay. But I made the decision, like two years ago that I’m not that good at working with investors. Oh, I just it. The reason is, I invest in real estate, but I’m very conservative. Yeah, I like do things very slow. And I won’t buy it unless it’s an amazing deal. I won’t buy it unless it’s in an appreciating area, right? Like, I have investors that buy houses in places that you don’t want to, I would never ever buy a house. And for whatever reason, maybe they’ll never appreciate or that they’re actually declining, right? And they spin a little bit of money and you know, make a little bit of money, and they’re fine, but I would never do it. Right. And I have trouble advising people. Oh, yeah, buy it. Like, I get a lot of like, it makes me anxious when they’re like, hey, if I bought this, how much could you sell it for? Oh, gosh. And I’m like, I don’t? I don’t know. I would hope based on the numbers. I could sell it for this. But what if you put all this money into it? And then I can’t sell it? Yeah. And so they’re not only do the investors, they are very demanding clients, because they’re sending you dozens of addresses a week, and they want all the market reports. They want all the market reports. And then at the end of the day, they buy something for like $40,000. Right? It kind of goes back to it’s not that I’m, you know, beneath it, but when it comes to actually making a business decision, I don’t have the time to do the sorting and the filtering. So I have a template, I want to hear what it is it basically just says, I want to be honest and upfront with you that I am not the best to work with investors. Right. It is not the area of real estate that I thrive in on and I tell them I own rental property. Yeah, I have flipped houses before. And that is why I’m conservative. And so I have found that I frustrate investors. Yeah. Because I don’t have a plethora of options to send you. Right. And I also have a little paragraph in there about our market. Yeah, how things are not priced? Right the margins to do that. Yeah. And I ended with just saying, if you would like me to refer you to somebody else I’d like to, I’m happy to do that. Yeah, but it has taken so much stress off. Do they respond? They’re so thankful. Do they get referrals? Or do they say maybe you’re right, it’s not one guy recently, young guy never done it before friend of mine in cohesin construction, and I sent him I said, He texted me and said, Hey, Alyssa, I want to get into flipping properties. Can you meet with me next week? And we can talk about it right? And I just said, No, but I’m gonna send you an email because and I told him, I have this email saved because I have so many people that reach out to this. Yeah. And I just want to be honest and upfront. Well, after reading it, he was like, I think you’re right. He was like, I think that the margins like just aren’t there. And he has little baby kids. And he’s like, our family isn’t at a point where we can risk, right? So much savings, or all of whatever to make this dream happen. Yeah, but then I have an investor who has all the money in the world and buys like $40,000 homes and sells them for 100,000 and makes like 15,000 a couple times a year, which is like, fantastic for Hey, I would never do it but he says fine.

That’s so funny. I know. Do you ever in this template Do you tell them about sheriff sale and explain how it works? Yes,

I explained sheriff sale and foreclosure Yeah, I explained how the foreclosures in our market how they’re priced only to include repairs at auctions. You have to have cash sight unseen it’s a pretty good template that has just taken the burden off of me because you’re not going to Yeah, yeah, like my one investor was like Well, I’m just gonna send you addresses and you know, because I tell them I don’t have a lot to send you Yeah, that’s when the investors are like well, I was working with this one realtor Alyssa but she never sent me any. We don’t want to be that first. I don’t want to be that personnel. So I just tell them ahead of time like I’m this is not my area. Right. And you would think it I think people think that it would be my area right? Because I own investment property. Yeah, but there’s a reason I only own four and it’s been right and you don’t you’re not looking to sell them next week for money and the two that I flipped were so stressful. Oh my gosh, like I don’t want to do that again. You only did two Yeah, and we’re gonna have a whole episode about it. But yeah, I just think that the shows they make it look so easy. They well they do make it look too they make it look too easy. And they it doesn’t really explain how they got their cash to do this. Yeah. Or how their financing Yes, you know, there’s just a lot of things so I always

have questions, especially on fixer upper when they talk about the afterwards. innovated value.

Oh my gosh, like, but

how can that be? You’re saying that the comps in the neighborhood were this, you only put in this much money. And then all of a sudden it’s worth like twice as much like, I don’t think I understand. I know. Like, it’s just so crazy. I like this is a good meme that I wanted to make sure I told you. The memes for the HGTV couples be like, yeah, HGTV couples be like, I sharpen colored pencils for a living and my wife names Bath and Bodyworks soaps budget is 14 point 5 million. I mean, it’s so ridiculous. But that’s what the show was. It’s funny because it’s true to us as Realtors Yes. But the public. It’s not true to them that way. No, they think that that, you know, whatever. person working at the burger place and the you know, the wife that’s working at the Bed Bath and Beyond, could buy the, you know, $300,000 house. Yeah, maybe if they saved for a while. Sure. I mean, like, it’s just it’s not realistic. But they’re fun to

watch. But even just trying to figure out like, what is the income in these areas? Well, right versus because like, I know, I just had a client move here from California. And they sold their house there for like $2 million. And it looks like our old ranch style houses that we felt that 200.

Right. Well, right. And so when you’re watching a show based in California, I mean it there’s no reality at all to where your market is. It’s yeah, definitely something that you got to navigate with a realtor if you’re actually going to use this information to make real estate decisions. Right. I think they’re great for entertainment value. Yeah, I love them. Not all of them. I mean, sometimes it’s like, well, I’ve done this all day. I don’t want to do it. Exactly. But if they’re doing a renovation that’s different. Yeah. Like I would never watch House Hunters. No, I mean, there’s no way I mean, it’s exhausting. It’s annoying. It’s like this isn’t true or real. It’s just, it’s really hard to like, find joy in watching that

force. Yes, it’s pretty. It’s so dry.

Oh my gosh. And the realtors are always overdressed. They look ridiculous. They’re, you know, stomping around the beach and heels. Yeah, what is going on? So bad, but I like the renovation ones because I want to see the transformation. Yeah, cuz it’s like the stages. That’s real and true. Oh, love hometown. We didn’t talk about how that one’s do that when they’re in Mississippi and we

like different designs, like, you know, yeah, colorful cabinets. And they

and they’re trying to like really rehab a whole sit like a whole downtown like they’re like they’re they don’t they want to save these old houses that we’re gonna get like bulldoze. That’s amazing. Which is kind of cool. I think it’s fun. I enjoy the shows. I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch them. But be mindful that your your your clients are watching them through a totally different lens. Right. So it’s fun, but you got to be careful.

So there was this article that I found about HGTV and it’s like the five lies oh five lie think that HGTV has caused the market? Let’s hear him. Okay. The first one is that they make Realtors appear lazy sometimes, like they’re not really do like they’re not really working that hard. Glorified door openers. Yeah, that’s all we’re there for. This is the kitchen. Like as if you could figure that out? For heaven’s sakes, a robot could do it. I know. Right? Look out, they’re gonna take over. They overemphasize the importance of new features in a home. Oh, like, my home must have granite. Okay, or this home has surround sound. That’s not the realtor. Just the show in general. Yes. Okay. Like they put it makes buyers go, Well, I want that I have to have that. To have that I need a smart thermostat. I was listening to someone it was like a comedian or something. But they were kind of making fun of some of the shows and how they’re like, it really is kind of like marriage counseling. And you can see which couples are like, how did you even end up together? You know, when, when she’s like, I want a large kitchen because I bake on the side and he’s like, I just want to live in the garage because she’s gonna take over the house. Right? And they were like, I want a man cave. And it’s like a man cave, aka is the fourth bedroom that you don’t use. Right? Like that’s a man cave. It’s an extra wave it up. So the features that they say they must have, okay, are kind of silly. That’s funny. Um, they HGTV downplays the expense of renovations agree already talked about all heartedly. They said you will notice that HGTV doesn’t really talk about location, location, location through, I guess unless you’re watching like beachfront property, your same thing? Well, yeah, but like if you’re buying house for you know, $50,000 there might be a reason my patient might be so delightful that they never ever talk about that. You know, it’s funny because in the intro to fixer upper, they

do say I think it’s that one, you know, buy the worst house the best, the worst house and the best neighbor. You know? And then

also buyers know more than they think is line number five, that’s not the lie. That’s the truth, but HGTV thinks buyers are naive. Oh, stop, yes. Like, oh, it’s fine. You know, we’re just gonna, like they think that buyers don’t understand how much things cost or what they can get.

Oh, like buyers I think are so savvy they are and that’s what this article is

saying is that contrary to what HGTV would like you to believe they’re super educated. Yeah. On the housing market, right. And like what’s like sometimes you go to a listing appointment, and they know what their prices and they’re right. Oh, yeah, cuz they know their subdivision because it’s a lot easier to do the research now. Yeah. As a lay person as a non agent. Oh, okay. I was also laughing because this girl when I was doing research on this was like, I’m just so tired of hearing people say like, I want to make space for entertaining, right? Like, if it was me, I’d be like, I’m a recluse. I don’t want to entertain anybody. Nobody’s

coming here. I hate entertaining. Please do not. But everybody wants to entertain on HGTV.

Everybody. They want to have a name. Yeah. And she’s like, well, what if you’re like a recluse?

I love when people this is sort of sad to that. Or like, I need to buy double ovens for Thanksgiving. And I’m like, but it’s one day. Okay.

So they also in one of the articles, were talking about how buyers in general, this wasn’t an HGTV art. Okay, this was just Pete when buyers are looking for a house. They are so short sighted. Yeah. They don’t remit. They’re thinking long time. Like the ones like they mentioned, you know, someone was like, found their dream home. But only the master was downstairs and they didn’t want their kids to be on separate floors. And they were like, well, in two years, you will want your kids on step. Right. Well, it’s all a matter of time, right? Or, you know, just things like that, like buying a house because of thanksgiving. Yes. One day a year. And just things that long term, right. Maybe you should think more broad about what you need.

For sure. No, that’s interesting. Was that all five? Oh, yeah, that was a mess. Oh, that’s very good. Well, I yeah, I think this we’re good. Okay.

I don’t have any other notes.

I don’t have any other notes. But we do have a toast. Great. Okay, everyone. Today’s toast is brought to you by Cassie. And she is toasting Casey gray. Yes. Okay, so Cassidy y’all. Why don’t they do this to me. Cassie Wilkie is in Oklahoma and she has joined with Casey Gray who was in Ukiah, California. Is that how you say that though? I think it’s like in wine country.

That’s amazing, right? Oh

no, I’ve gotta go visit this chick. Anyway, they have joined up, Cassie started a accountability group that includes the two of them and three other awesome real estate agents. They use the group to test to set weekly personal and work goals to hold each other accountable and encourage each other. She’s so thankful that she found

Casey always hard Casey Kathy. She’s

so thankful she found Casey through Instagram and has made other great friends because of her.

That’s so cool that they’re like in different states.

I love that. That’s amazing. But you know what that is? Community over competition it is because when you’re in different markets, it’s a totally different mindset. Right? They’re never gonna be in competition for a client. No, no, they might actually send each other referrals that’s perfect. I’m I love it. Okay, so we are choosing to

Casey Kathy Casey, Casey, Casey.

Hey, Cheers, ladies. Cheers.

Okay, nice. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast to for the next episode. Be sure

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