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Are you lost when it comes to tech? Aren’t we all at times? There is always something new to utilize in your business no matter what your business is. In this episode we discuss some of the technology tools we are using currently in our businesses. Many of the apps/systems/software we cover are free and easy and will help streamline your business. Don’t let all of the tech overwhelm you! Come hang out with us and discover it doesn’t take a lot of different tech to run an efficient business.

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Hi, y’all welcome to hustle humbly. It’s Alyssa and Katie and we are two top producing realtors in the Baton Rouge market. We

work for two different companies where we should be competitors. But we have chosen community over competition. The goal of our podcasts is to encourage you to find your own way in business. So stop comparing yourself and start embracing your strengths.

Today, we are talking about technology technology. We’re doing a realtor toolkit series. This is tech tools. Who doesn’t need a technology tool? So we’re gonna start there, you can’t live your life without them, really. And we have a good set for you. Oh, everybody loves a good stuff. Did you write them down? I wrote it down. Oh, thank goodness, because Asher did I have it right here. So the app store opened July 10 2008. Okay, and had 500 apps. Now, there are 2.1 million apps. I mean, it’s really only 11 years, right? And when you think about how many apps, so basically, people there really truly is an app for that there is an app for that. And this this episode isn’t just about apps, but we are going to talk about some of our favorites. most used apps or websites or programs, whatever they are, really there’s not a lot of apps. Now that you say that there truly isn’t. We’re just talking about technology in general. Yeah. And how we use it and what we use. And for the techies out there, let’s hear we hope it doesn’t disappoint. Because we are very simple people. What I yeah, we’re non techie. But and as a millennial, I put millennials to shame. Katie knows this by now, Katie knows true that I shouldn’t be a better tech person. And in my office, people are like, Oh, you’re a millennial, can you fix my phone? And I just don’t have that gene, not in you. It’s not so really up to you. I might have more to say on the technology. I would agree with that. I don’t It’s funny to me, because I am quite a bit older. But that’s okay. And we’re not touching on social media. Really, today? No, we’re not going to talk about social media today. Because it really needs its own space and dedicated episode. And we will for sure get there. But we are going to talk about if these things were using are free or not. And social media is probably the most effective tool you can use to build your business for free. I mean, it’s free people. Yeah, you can use whichever one you like. And we’ll dive deep deep into them in another episode. But please use social media. It’s my favorite. And it’s very powerful. And in the so it’s free. And you can get that in the app store. Yeah, or google play wherever you’re buying your apps. Right. Please, before we move on from that, can you tell the story of the App Store? Yes. So in 2014, I was teaching a class at my office about how to use your iPad to do real estate. And I started the class by saying, Okay, everybody, open up your iPad, right, let’s go to the App Store. And then a few people started, like shifting in their seats to leave. And then somebody raised their hand and said, Where’s the App Store? Is that the store on bluebonnets? Right? Oh, so they were gonna go so they were physically leaving to go to the eye or a door that Yeah, so we’ve gone a long way since since then, what year was that? 2014? I mean, that’s not too long ago, years ago, but things have changed. They might change. Everyone knows where the App Store is now, I would think yeah, I mean, you know, you never know, you never know. But I do think that one of the questions I get a lot is how do you handle the volume? Okay, well, perfect. I would not be able to do it without some of these simple things that I do. Right. And we talked about as we were preparing for the episode, neither one of us are fancy, I would say, you know, we’re not trying to overcomplicate real estate. I think we’re also pretty mindful that not everyone is super tech savvy. And we’re using tools that are making this easier for us. And helping you to be able to to handle the volume. Yes. So no, and one of the questions I get often is, what do I use? And I’m going to cover it all today. And so are you. Yeah, for sure. Okay. What do you feel like is the number one thing you cannot go without Google Mail Gmail and Google ducks. Okay, I know I mean, I look we’re gonna set aside obviously you use the MLS and whatever form that is in your area. So you know, we have Paragon is the company that does our software. It’s sort of required. I mean, yes, I need the MLS to sell real estate, but the thing that’s making my business easier and flow and am able to be tracked is for sure. Google Docs, Google Drive, your calendar, my Gmail, my calendar is Google I would follow up Are you all shut down? Right? We would all be in trouble, he would be bad news. And again, that’s all free. Now I do pay for the upgrade on Google minus $1.99 a month to get extra storage. I mean, my account is pretty old. So it right? I mean, I’m running out of storage, when you start using dots and adding photos, like I say, what do you use your Google Docs for? I use it for any business tracking that I do now. So anything that I used to have in a spreadsheet in the beginning, all of those are now in my Google Drive, okay, because I don’t even have Microsoft suite on my computer anymore. Okay, I don’t have word, I don’t have a spreadsheet, you don’t need it. It’s all in Google Drive. And what I love about it is I’m not a slave to my computer anymore. It’s web based. If I popped into my office, or an office down the street, or wherever the clients house, I could technically just get on the internet and have access to all of those things for I was, you know, saving on my computer. So my database is an Excel spreadsheet. Okay, it I have tried different apps out there a lot of popular apps and programs. And I just couldn’t find anything quite simple enough, right, or what I was looking for. So my database to this day is an Excel spreadsheet. And it works for me, I use it, it’s clean. It’s simple. I’m constantly filtering it, adding people deleting people. Yes. I mean, it just, it just works for me. I did recently change it from an Excel spreadsheet to an Excel sheet in Google Drive. Awesome. So that way, I’m no longer a slave to my computer. I love it. And I can have it on my phone because of the Google Drive app. If I have someone I want to add to my database right now. Yep, I can just open up that Excel spreadsheet and insert that person cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to the Google Drive app on my phone, when I’m going to a past clients house and I just get in my car to drive over and it’s been 10 years. And all of a sudden, I’m like, I don’t remember the address. Like I maybe know the house when I see it. But was it this part of the neighborhood or that that little duck? I mean, I’ll get all the address there. All right. There. All right, there’s it’s very helpful. Yeah. Okay, so you’ve got your spreadsheet. I’m using Google Docs the same way. Yes. What about calendars? Since you’re on Google, your calendar is a Google Calendar. My calendar is my Bible. Yeah, I would be I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow without looking at my calendar. Okay. I want to ask you, how do you set your alerts? What is your alert pattern? As far as when you add tomorrow? There’s a showing, yes. When does your phone alert you about that showing it doesn’t you? I don’t do alerts. Whoa. I every morning and every night? Look at my Well, I look at my week, every Sunday, right? But every morning and every night, like before I shut it down. I’m like, What do I have tomorrow? Is there anything I need to do today to prepare for tomorrow? Yes. I mean, that’s fair. Do I need to go to my office before I go back on the other side of town, do I need to print anything when? And so I kind of just have like my route scheduled. Okay. And then when I wake up in the morning, I know what I’m doing that day because I had looked at it the day prior. Okay. So I don’t set the alerts. It’s just too many things, too many things going off on my phone, right? And then you just start to ignore it. Right. Got it. Okay, I don’t do alerts. That’s fine. You don’t need alerts. I mean, I do them. I do them. They’re automatically set to two hours. And then they also do one at 30 minutes. Okay. But I think that too, is just in case I get engrossed in something. Yeah. It’s like, Hey, you got to drive like 30 minutes out, you might need to be going somewhere. Right. So I guess you don’t happen. depends on the personality. I think. If you feel like you get wrapped up into conversations or appointments, then chop chop, right? You might need something to learn. Yeah, well, for sure. Okay. And so people use paper calendars. I know. And I love a paper calendar. I love my college, and grad school paper planner, and color coding everything and it was so zen until you didn’t have it with you. Yeah. And as I entered real estate, it just was no longer practical for myself, because people ask me questions, if I’m busy while we’re eating dinner. Like I’m not gonna have you know, like, if I’m at dinner with a friend or something and they’re like, What are you doing this weekend? I want to be able to tell them or if they’re like, Hey, are you busy? We’re going to the beach. I want to be able to I don’t I’m not going to be like, let me get back to my car where my paper planner Oh, I don’t have my planner with Me, right, but I always have my phone. So I miss my paper planner. But this is just

what works. So I am although I am good with most technology, I like paper pen and paper and pencil, you see me use my notebook, I just liked the feeling of writing it down. I love feeling acrossing edit to do list, it’s just good for me. So I do have one document that I print every week. It’s a it’s a Google spreadsheet document that’s basically all seven days of the week have spaces. And then I have my current client check ins, I have a list of my pendings and the list of my listings. And it is a single sheet of paper. That is basically my overview of my business for that week. And you do it every week. I do it every Sunday or Monday. Yeah, probably Monday, or if I’m feeling like, if I get a lot organized on Friday, I’ll do it then. Right so that I’m prepared to hit the ground running on Monday. But you know, it’s not a set day, okay. But I like having it. I put it in a spot on my desk at home where I’m working most of the time where I can see it. It’s sort of like the week at a glance, perfect. And it’s good. So there’s that. And that works in conjunction with my Google Calendar. I wish when I was a new agent, I would have put systems into place immediately. Oh, for sure. Because trying to do it three years into the business. I’m still not. I feel like honestly, this last year is the first time that I have been caught up. Okay. And it took a long time for that to happen. So but you’re passionate. So I think it’s because when you’re new, you don’t have any clients really, and I don’t need systems to keep track of my clients. It’s just there. But it helps when you start writing things down how many opportunities you have, and you may not even realize it until it’s all on paper. So you’re three, I was still doing phone duty. And I started just anybody that call, I was writing down their number writing about what they call about. And I was doing that to an extent, but this is when I became intentional, okay, and put them into a spreadsheet. And I had this. And after a month, I was shocked at the amount of people who had reached out who had reached out that I would not even know or remember or realize the volume of it. Unless I was being intentional and writing it down all in one place. Okay, so I wish that I would have done that sooner. Now, my system for that is Trello. Okay, so Trello is a free app. I know that realtors have recently discovered it. It’s not a real estate app, it’s a organization to do lists at the Apple have used it to plan vacations or their grocery lists or their kids because it’s it can be shared. Yes, it can be shared, and there’s so many things that you can do with it. And there’s so many videos online about it, you just have to go check it out. I use it for real estate. And it’s amazing because it allows me to create a card for each person, okay? And if I click on that card, I can make notes, okay, and I can add dates, if I needed to alert me about something, okay, but it’s just so simple. And I have different columns. So I have, you know, pre listing, active listings, active buyers pending, contract closed, but not completed, which means I still need to write them a thank you card, ask them to refer meal, you know, write a recommendation and things like that. Okay. And then it’s gone. Yeah, so that’s nice. And then I also in Trello, have a pipeline, which is where anytime someone comes to me and says, Oh, my daughter is a sophomore in high school, but I think we’re going to move when she graduates, right? I need to remember that in a year and a half yet, so I write those people there. And so the pipeline is so long, and I love looking at it. Because it’s like, I would never remember all of you know, no, people put so much trust in their own praise. Right. And it’s only so good. Yeah, I have to write everything down. I gotta use the technology for that. Yeah. So Trello is my three tracking. Okay, that’s what I use to just have a screenshot snapshot of what’s going on right now. Okay. Now, how do you track a transaction? So we’ll I’ll just tell you why. I use wise agent. Okay. This is not a first of all, this is not an advertisement for any of these things. No, yeah, maybe one day but not today. Right. But maybe one day we’ll get paid to share these. Right, which is a paid app. I think I pay $25 a month for wise agent. It became necessary at the point in time when I had a lot of irons in the fire a lot of pendings and listing and I had an assistant and we needed to know who was doing what tasks. Sure. So she kind of set me up on this wise agent, but the truth of it is it’s so Efficient and helpful. I haven’t really needed an assistant the way I did before, right? Because it’s all lined out there. And I can just log on to the website and say, Okay, what are the tasks that need to be done at this point in time? Right. So it’s super helpful, and I’m not going to lie. A lot of that stuff is autopilot for you once you get this far down the road. Oh, I know that I have three closings next week. I know that that means this week, I better check on people for utilities, or whatever it may be. But I still log on to it. And I’m like, Okay, make sure Did I miss any of the tasks that I normally do? And I think that’s also important so that you are consistently providing the same level of service for sure. Because you don’t want to give some person a great experience, because you’re slow right then. And then when it’s busy, everyone gets a kind of pitiful experience, because you can’t get everything done. Right. So I likewise agent, do you have a transaction management Trello has a checklist. So if I make an active listing card, whenever I get a new listing, I duplicate that card and just change it from active listing to 1234 Main Street, okay. And in it is a template with checkbox, okay. The thing that wasn’t working for me is that it was not automated and that it was not emailing me reminding me, okay, it required me to actually go and check it. And when you get busy, you don’t do that. Right. My office recently implemented a program called Sky slope, okay. And there are several real estate companies that use it. And I am loving it. We’re only a couple months in and it’s amazing. I transferred my checklists to Sky flow. Okay, and you set it up. So you know, check on appraisal 12 days after up pending. That’s how why they do work. Yes, perfect. So it just alerts me and it’s also like a record system. Yep. It keeps all your files. So it’s got it all there. Yeah. So I don’t I don’t know what it would cost because it’s part of our office. It is a paid. It is something you saw before. But I just need something automated sure emails me and says, Hey, this is due today, because it’s gonna sit in my email. Yep. I get it done. For sure. So I have the wise agent. And then we my office uses and provides for us dotloop. And I know, there’s all different sorts of software that will do e signing a document, you know, storage, but we are paperless in my office, which I love. And I’m very happy about because I don’t want those files and folders and shenanigans. And we can’t lose anything really when your favorite list. So we’re paperless, it’s all stored in that loop. Each transaction has its own loop. And that’s also where we can do the IE setting. So someone needs to sign whatever document and offer an agenda, whatever. They’re all there. So we use that would you use. So I serve on my board of directors for the greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors. So I’m a big proponent of wherever you are a realtor, you are a paying member of your local board. Okay. So if there is something free that they offer, and you may not even know the benefits that you have, go educate yourself on your local board. That’s awesome. For example, our local board provides offensive sign through our MLS. So that is a electronic signature form fill out. Yep, website, which is great. It has an app, it’s free. I actually cancelled my DocuSign membership, okay, which was, I think, $39 a month well, to use this new author design, and I love all consign so much. Okay. But the point is, if you have a free resource out there, I think it’s good to explore that, especially when you’re a new agent. You don’t have money to be just throwing things out. Right. So explore your local board, they may have things for you that you don’t even know about. I like that that’s a good point. I never even thought about that. You’re paying for it and your dues. Yeah, you might as well use or you are paying for it. Right. Right. You are paying you are paying for it, use it.

Hello, friends. Hi. All our template course has launched out there and we have been getting some really positive feedback. Yes, I have some great feedback I wanted to share with you guys. We had one purchaser say thank you for these templates. As a new agent, I feel it would have taken me years to create these on my own. That’s awesome. I know. It’s so great. And then I had these are so incredibly helpful. What a great investment. Thank you for your time and efforts putting these together. I think that you guys, this is the answer to saving yourself time. It

helps you put systems in place. It keeps you professional, it keeps you consistent. It just makes everything run so much smoother,

much smoother. You’re never going to forget to tell somebody something, no, this over there. It’s all there and you’re going to edit it to make it sound like your voice if you’d like and it’s going to be perfect for your business. Yeah, so

go check out our template course. Yes, at a soul

humbly podcast.com Perfect. Thank you way enjoy sites

Okay, I have a, I guess a question for you. Or maybe when you started, were people e signing documents? I mean, they weren’t. Okay. So just seven years ago, and when I started the for sure Weren’t you signing documents? We in 2011 people were still faxing? Yes, I had a fax number, my own I have one, I finally got it above. That is amazing. I mean, I remember just sending the forms to people and being like, figure it out coming. You can’t always meet people or they don’t live in the city. And I have to just tell them, the initial the bottom of every page and time left and scan it back and hope it’s right in. Okay, well, that’s kind of where I was going with this. I miss. I love esign. And I love anything that makes life easier and efficient. And as time saving time, that saves a ton of time. But I do miss the standing in front of humans and saying you are going to buy this house, we are going to go and look through every page of this offer. And we’re going to talk about your questions, right. And at the end of it, you’re gonna sign because God loves them. Most of my clients will sign anything I send to them and II sign yet. I don’t honestly think they’re reading all of it. Well, when it says they opened it, and then it comes to you completed 20 seconds later, it’s a nine page offer, you know that nothing was wrong. I know. And it makes me nervous. It makes my broker very nervous. I should yeah. I mean, it really should, because there are things in there that I would cover as part of my normal process when we did them in person. So I missed that part. There’s good and bad parts of technology. I missed that part. But I liked it right. All fast and efficient. Now, technology is good, but people are losing the relationship aspect of our job. For sure. I also like to make a phone call y’all. Yeah, I’m gonna pick up the phone, and I’m gonna hear your voice while we talk about this author. Because we’re losing a lot and a text translation. There’s a lot I mean, our Okay, so that labor talk about our esigning. Okay, you want to do show in time. So your child is showing time. So we are board another, our board is providing that to us, we get our showing them through the showing service Jones on my office used to use centralized showing and once the board started providing that we stopped, but it’s a nice service to have. What’s great about it, Are there features that maybe you don’t realize are there. So you want to go show five houses tomorrow to your buyer, you click them all on the MLS, you hit the drop down menu to showingtime and stick them in the cart. And then you go to the cart, and you hit this delightful little button that says sort of route or whatever it says route me route me up? Yes. And guess what it’ll tell you what order to go to those how long it takes to drive in between the two, I thought everybody knew that knowing so many people did not know that it will give you the best route to take the shortest distance they don’t know. And thank God when I started real estate there was was you know, Google Maps and you know, online, MapQuest, whatever it was 14 years ago, hoping you would have to go to the website, type in all 10 addresses, sorted out, route them, then figure out how long in between, then go back to them, I would print out a million sheets of paper, I’ll be writing all the times, it was so much more time consuming. I cannot even imagine and we’re not really going to talk about lock boxes as technology. But I cannot even imagine a point in time where you would have to go to an office and pick up a key to do a show it I would lose the key. I would lose the keys you couldn’t do 10 a day. No, you have to be like, Hey, guys, you can see three apps. We’re cleaning out our offices right now to do some remodeling. And my office mate has been a realtor much longer than I have. And she found her old MLS book. Wow. And she was saying how it would come out once every month, but you didn’t know what was still available from the time that it was printed on now and how it’s just crazy. It makes me wonder how I wonder what we’ll have to research this what a Top Producing agent was in 1990. Right? Like, how much could you even do what was the top producer in 1990? And that kind of brings up an interesting point. I wonder if that’s why the team scenario was was set up that way with the listing agent like and then the right because it would probably be very difficult to be a top producing buyer’s agent. Yeah, I mean, like you just physically couldn’t get it done. No. I mean, there’s just no way a lot of work. Okay, that’s very interesting. So Shimon prime has good features. I love those. But here’s another piece of advice, whatever software website Whatever your office provides, whatever your board provides whatever, you can get your hands on this free, go like search the features, there are tutorials for days on YouTube, go to YouTube type in showing time and say best features of showing time. And I bet you someone has done a screen grab of every single thing. I know even our REMAX website has tutorials on all different kinds of tech that REMAX provides. There’s there’s probably so many things available to you that you don’t even know about it. Right? Well, and I think part of what we were saying we were writing the notes were we’re not using every tool now. We’re just using enough tools to really make this more efficient for us. Well, it’s okay to keep it simple. Yeah, for sure. Keep it simple. I think that’s fair. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. No doubt, you know, you just need to find what works for you and that you’ll use it. If you’re not going to use it. There’s no it doesn’t matter how cool oh, that’s what they say about all of the CRM, like your your management. Well, whichever one you’re going to use is the right one. Yeah. How many people do you think try one and it doesn’t stick? Do you have a CRM? No. And I’ve tried for, right? I don’t really have that later. The reason I have an Excel spreadsheet is because if you find a CRM that you want to try that how you can just import so you had so it’s easy, yeah, just import export import, and I would do the free trials. And they were just all so complicated and yelled at me and wanted to like, oh, like you were saying that. It was too much. And so then I was like, Wait a minute. I like my Excel spreadsheet. It’s working. And we’re going to do an episode on follow up. Yep. And so on the follow up episode, I’ll kind of explain how I work my Excel spreadsheet and follow up with past clients and think Yeah, well, like dive deep into my fields, the whole operation Correct. Okay, I want to talk about one of my very favorite three websites that I don’t know, an agent in my office turned me on two years ago, it is called Canva. If you have not been to Canvas ca NBA, you must go there. It is amazing for a flyer for social media posts for any kind, if you want to create the template for your Facebook posts that every time you have a new listing, you drop the picture in, and then you’ve got the words that are in there ready to go. It’s perfect, because it’s like full on graphic design for dummies. I’m not a graphic designer, I don’t pretend to be, but I find it to be very useful. And it kind of it has real estate templates already in there. So that was fun. And I like it for my social media. And I like it for fliers and the covers my binders that I put in listings. I do that on there with Canva. Okay, Katie is an excellent tutorial watcher. Oh, well, thank you. Katie loves a good tutorial, I can’t really get things done without my brain is like I can figure this out myself. And then I can’t and then I get frustrated. So if you want to get it become an expert at Canva before you try to play with it, watch some beginner tutorial, and save yourself some time and not lie to you for years. And always my husband is super tech savvy. He used to build his own computers, like literally put the pieces in there. And like I don’t even understand how this works. But that’s awesome. So I have always called him tech support. Like when I get to frustration level because look, I’m not a tech genius. I’m like Jay, help me. I don’t know how to make this work. And last night, I wanted to make the little Instagram posts with a snippet and a sound bite from the podcast. Yeah, this is awesome. I’m gonna post it. I’m so excited. Asher did have to watch a tutorial on YouTube. Yeah, I think I had to watch a couple because some of them were like, 10 minutes long. I don’t have the patience for that. Right. So I gotta get the good ones that just get to the meat of what you need. Exactly. Yeah, technology can be really frustrating. But totally, I agree. Um, the other thing that I use a lot of is email template. Oh, that’s good. All right. Well, we definitely want to talk about that. That’s important, too. When I find that I’m writing an email over and over and over again. I will save it so that way the next time I need to send this email. It’s written, where do you have it saved? I have it saved in my Gmail. Yep. It’s just there labeled. So that I know I can just forward it and make slight changes chemical don’t require any changes. Yeah, but some of them do. Yeah, so those are my favorite. I know you

have some which ones. So the ones email templates came into my life, probably three years ago, right around that same time that I had the assistant wise agent was getting put in place. Now I’m not gonna lie the systems that were put in place that have really made it so that I could do more are in be more efficient and not need an assistant. Right as much. So it’s been really nice. But the email templates that I use almost always seller just listed. So like your home has just been listed what’s going to happen now. And that one lines out kind of the process, you know, right what how to do is showing how to prepare your home for a showing I have a list, you know what to remove from your house during showing safety concerns. So it kind of goes through that when they get listed, and it has the link to their lawsuits, they can check and make sure I got all the information, right. And it sort of talks about when there’s an inspection going to happen and that kind of stuff, then I use the seller under contract. So once we get an offer, this one is real specific, like, Hey, your inspection period ends on this day. This is how what’s going to happen after that. This is what happens during the appraisal. This is why you would get a copy of the appraisal, I am trying to answer as many questions as I can before they’re asked. Right. And I do think in the last three years, I have gotten far fewer questions. It cuts back on text messages, phone calls, emails, because you’re being proactive in covering all the information right? Because there’s a lot of information they get out there so much, even though they’ve been sold houses before. If it’s been more than a year. They don’t remember much of anything. I do the buyer under contract email, and then usually the week outs Before closing, I have a template that I use religiously. Okay, tell me some of your favorite templates. So I have those. And then we live in Baton Rouge. So we had the big flood in 2016. And I always have people asking me questions about flood insurance. Okay, so I have a I have one saved about flood insurance. Oh, that I send my buyers when we’re looking okay, and just explains, you know, that flood insurance can change. It adds to your monthly No, right and it’s just kind of a long thing that I found I was typing all the time. So I just saved it so I don’t have to retype it. I do have a pre listing template. So if I’m going on a listing interview, I like this one and I don’t have this. I love it. And I like it too. Because in it I have the sheet that says getting your house ready for pictures. Okay. And on there it says, remove your floral drapes, put the declutter picture show pictures. All those things got your staging stuff. Yes. And I liked sending it to them ahead of time because when I show up, they know I’m not picking on you. That’s everyone benefits. Everybody. I’ve sent you this. I love that. I’ve sent you this before I ever even saw your your drapes. Were not the drapes we were talking about right. They feel that’s a hard thing helping people get their house ready. You know, one of the things on there is remove all fake floral. You know, the dusty, yes. LAUREL that people use. There’s just things like that on there that when I go to people’s homes, if they’ve never seen this before, they think she hates my house. Right. And they feel embarrassed. Yeah. So I tell them don’t feel embarrassed at all. Yeah, this is just a guide for everybody. And they’re on here for a reason. Yep, they’re on this list because people have this. Yep. And it doesn’t photograph well. That’s why we’re removing it. Okay. So it just kind of helps. And it also has just some things about myself. But I have won several listing interviews, because I was told I was the only realtor that sent them something ahead of time. Okay, I like that. So if you’re in a competitive situation, preparation, preparation, love to do that. I also get a lot of questions about Villo Oh, so home you the Zealand might have a villa even like this. So they have a you know, Zillow, sometimes pools like pre foreclosure, yeah, find it and it’s not there. And it’s not actually for sale. So I have a long email explaining where’s the locals or data from why it’s not super accurate in this style, because we have a brick and mortar clerk of court, not an online clerk of court. So it just educate, educate, educate, if you’re educating your clients, it will make your job so much easier. It really lends itself to client management as well. It goes back to client management and just you know, if they don’t know, they don’t know people get so aggravated with their client, right? It’s like half the stories I hear. I’m like, well, that’s your fault, right? Not theirs. They don’t know. Agree. Yeah. Okay. I like that. Any other email templates that you find help? Those are the main ones that I have? Well, I wouldn’t have even thought of the flood or I do have an after closing. Okay, that has thank you so much. Don’t forget to file for homestead. Don’t forget to transfer the termite. Okay. over into your name. These are the three places that people check for reviews. Okay, please copy and paste one review into all three outlets. Okay, so I get my Facebook I get my realtor.com I get my Zillow review, and they just copy and paste it and do it all love it. So that’s a great one. I do usually send that one post close. One more when I know we have talked about it. My new buyers. Oh, yes, yes, they have a rules email that they get. So once I have someone reached out to me because they want to buy a home and they have an I go to the meeting where they meet the lender. Okay, so usually, especially if they’re first time homebuyers always, um, and then after they are ready, but before we have actually started looking at houses, they get an email from me that says, Congratulations on being pre approved. That’s so exciting. I’m excited to start house hunting. Okay, here are some rules, my rules, don’t go finance anything new, good, you know, kind of the lender rules that they want. And then I encourage them go to open houses. Right. It’s great. It’s a great thing to do tell the hosts that Alyssa Jenkins is your realtor. Right? And that way, that way they’re protected on protected. Right, thanks. Good. I appreciate it. When people come to my open houses and tell me they have a realtor. Yeah, I think it’s wonderful. Yeah. I say, Never call us on if you see a house that you’re interested in, call me or send me the address or send me a picture of the song. Just so they know. Well. We didn’t know we call the sign. Right. One of the rules on there is if you’re looking if you go to a new construction neighborhood, yes. Tell the person in the model home Alyssa Jenkins is your realtor. I love him this email. So it just covers like the top 10 Things you wish every buyer would know. Yes. And it just makes it so much easier. You don’t lose as many clients out there. They know. They don’t know the public doesn’t know. No, they think that they’re doing you a favor if they call the sign because they don’t want to bother you. Right. Well, that is my job is to show you the hell Exactly. Oh, that’s probably my favorite one. It is so good. I it has saved me so much headache. I can say that. The buyers I have lost due to you know, new construction, mainly because that’s the hardest one. Yeah, they can just go to the model home. It just helps you. Yeah, and you get my loss rate is so much better. Well, good for you. That’s also what a good tip. Yeah, I love it. That’s all my tips. I mean, anything else. That’s really all that we have here. Again, we’re simple. We’re not using 100 different apps or websites. It’s pretty easy. Yeah, no, nothing complicated. Lots

of them that we’ve missed. There are so many good apps and tools and resources out there. We are constantly asked what we use. Yeah. So that’s why I wanted to share what we use to let you know there’s nothing really fancy it’s really not very simple. But that is what keeps our our mindset good and clean and easy. Keeps your business low. Yeah, you don’t need to overcomplicate it. Okay, well, that was good. It was I love technology I need to fix to that’s where I was wondering what on earth are we gonna do? You know that we could toast to technology wise is my IT guy. Oh, wait, please tell the story before we chose to leave. Our podcast editor, Jeanette told us that episode three was not anywhere to be found last it was long and in the midst. But that was we had filmed Episode Three a long time ago. Right. So I was very nervous about this. I was stressing this is what I was like, I hate technology. I had to delete the episode off of my computer, so that I could have more space to record more episodes. Yeah. And this was my first heart drop podcast technologies. Wedding I was freaking out. Like that’s such a good episode. If we redo it. It’ll never be that I never be the same. And so I emailed my IT guy at my office is at the office all the time. Yeah. Okay, Julian, since we love Julian love yelling like, I never met this person. But for sure. He’s amazing. He’s really cool. And I said, Julian, I have been working on a podcast, we cannot find episode three. I deleted it several episodes ago, right? And I said, and he said, Well, there’s a few things you could try. And I had empty my trash, which was like the biggest human level I was level deleting. And so he sent over a software that close my computer onto his screen, right? And I was looking at my computer screen watching him do the stuff, do the stuff, move the mouse, open folders, run these programs do these things. And within, you know, an hour, he found it and restored is our hero and it was like oh my gosh, thank goodness for the real tech people, not the people. I mean, you know, the real techies out there he really knew and while we’re saying that and we are going to toast Gilliam I honestly think we should touch j because he is who I call my tech support. I have not techie yo Gillean and j that they’re the tech people. We need tech people in our lives. That’s a good point. Go people, find your tech person, find your type person that can help you. My office sometimes think that that’s me, not just because I’m a millennial, young you should be gushing about these things. And I don’t Oh my god, but so many of the programs now have to 24/7 you can just call Well, yeah, it’s awesome. I love it. All right, let’s do it to Jay and yulia Lee and cheers. And send us in your success stories of the week or if you would like to nominate someone for us to toast to now we would love to hear about it. And that’s it. I think that’s it for today. Thank you so much for tuning in to the hustle humbly podcast. Let us know who we should toast you for the next episode.

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