Build Your Own Business 101

Build Your Own Business 101

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building the most important tool in your business

Does the idea of door knocking, cold calling or working online leads make you question your choice to become a real estate professional?

Would you prefer a business that is fun, easy and most importantly, SAFE?

Building a business based on relationships with people you know and like could be your real estate reality!

In BYOB101 we will take you through the principles and use of our not so secret weapon, our database!

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In Module 1 you will learn the whys behind working with your database and we will teach you exactly how to set-up and organize your database for ease of use. You will receive our database spreadsheet template, so you can hit the ground running!

Wondering where to find people to fill your database? We've got you covered in Module 3 where we teach you how to grow your list. We also give you permission to say goodbye to some friends who aren't a fit for your list anymore. 

In Module 2 we tackle exactly who belongs on your database and what you do with everyone else. We walk you through the difference between a prospect and a database member and give you the qualifying questions that will create a database you love working on a regular basis.

What Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Module 1:
Mindset, Set-up & Organization

Module 3:
Growing & Pruning

Module 2:
Sorting Your People

So many agents have the best of intentions when it comes to their database. They build it and plan to work it, but just can't find the words and are worried about being sales-y and pushy. In this module we share 21 of our favorite templates used to communicate with our database members and prospects.

Module 5:
Prospecting Templates

In Module 4 we take you from the creation, set-up and filling of your database and move into day to day use. How can you reach out to those friends on your list? What has worked and not worked for us in the past? We share all of that and more in this lesson.

Module 4:
Using & Maintaining



“I just wanted to let you know that the database course and template has been life changing!!!! I hate excel, so I added it to my google sheets and have been working on it since yesterday. I keep thinking in my head if I would send them a Christmas card! I just wanted to tell you how much this has changed my mindset!”

— aimee k.

the database course has been life changing

Hey y'all! We are Alissa Jenkins & Katy Caldwell, hosts of the Hustle Humbly podcast and two top producing Realtors in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana market. We decided to start a podcast to help foster #communityovercompetition while navigating the oftentimes cutthroat real estate industry.

With over 1000 homes sold between us and 11 and 17 years each in the business, we've seen it all first hand. We've been teaching about mindset and best practices in podcast form for over 3 years and database work is featured many times.

We truly believe loving your people leads to a successful & sustainable business that is also fun, easy and safe!

We only teach what we've actually done!

and guess what...

Having a clear path for building a business based on repeat and referral clients.

How does this sound?

Knowing how to qualify people for your database, so you aren't overwhelmed when you try to work it.



Let's talk results:

Feeling a sense of peace that your business is built on a solid foundation able to weather market changes.


Possessing the confidence to show up for your clients in a way that they know you are a professional with great value.


Not feeling the pressure of industry "shoulds" like door knocking, cold calling, online leads and using a complicated CRM with all the bells and whistles.


All of this for just $347!!!

5 modules with video

DETAILed Organizational plan

Ideas for best ways to contact your people


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Build Your Own Business + Email Templates 101

All the BYOB 101 goods

3 Modules with Video

29 templates and 6 attachments

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save $100

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We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Have questions that didn't get answered here?

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