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Listen to us talk about fostering #communityovercompetition while navigating the often times cutthroat real estate industry. With over 800 homes sold between them and 7 and 14 years each in the business, they have seen it first hand. 

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Standing out in your real estate business using tools, best practices, and great customer service is the key to long term success! You open your mailbox to find the third mailer this month from another one of your agent neighbors. UGH! You shake your head, drop it in the recycle bin and consider moving to […]

225: Standing Out to Succeed! 

Systems & Tools

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Reaching out to your database, building relationships, & growing your business with your real estate database during the holiday season doesn’t need to be hard! You added all your friends, family, and past clients to your database, filled out half of their correct information and just put it on a shelf to collect dust. Well, […]

224: Holiday Business Growth Using Your Database

How To's

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If you do one thing to celebrate Veteran’s Day this year, let it be listening to this episode of Hustle Humbly. Our veterans have selflessly served our country and now we can return the favor by serving them. As our guest says today, “Realtors are the gate keeper’s to home ownership” and we need to […]

223: Celebrating Veterans with VA Home Loans!

Working with Sellers

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Being a real estate broker is a tough job! Managing people for a living requires a special level of patience and care. In this episode we talk about where brokers might have opportunities to improve their businesses and the lives of their agents. From fostering community to mentorship programs to recruiting, we are diving into […]

222: Where Real Estate Brokers Go Wrong


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DISCLAIMER: If you are triggered by death, crime, paranormal activity and general creepy stuff, then this is not the episode for you. We meant no disrespect to the deceased referenced in the show. With that being said we tell some seriously wild listener submitted stories and we have quite a few laughs. We had a […]

221: Haunted House Stories


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We are back again with a list of FREE tools and activities you can be using right NOW to grow your real estate business. What are our favorite free technologies that we are using today? Where can we spend time to get the best results for the lowest cost? What’s the number one free resource […]

220: Free Things to Grow and Run Your Real Estate Biz

Systems & Tools

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When the market slows it can be hard to “trust the process”. Nervous sellers and reluctant buyers asking lots of questions and feeling all the feels can make you doubt your systems and processes. In this episode we dive into what happens when you put blinders on and just focus on the process. We are […]

219: Process Over Outcome, Trusting Your Real Estate Process in Any Market

Mindset Boost

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Whether you are new to the real estate industry or a seasoned veteran, offers contingent on the sale of another home have likely not been on your radar the last few years. When the market was beyond competitive and most houses were getting multiple offers, asking a seller to take your offer contingent on the […]

218: Real Estate Contingencies Explained

Parts of the Process

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What happens when inventory is tighter, interest rates keep creeping higher, house prices are elevated and the real estate market is tougher? Agent behavior starts to show it. It’s time to revisit real estate professionalism and exactly what happens when agents are desperate for deals. This episode is full of stories of recent agent behavior […]

217: Desperate for Deals: Agents on the Edge

Mindset Boost

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